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There are many ways to get your car connected to Metro Cruise!  From being at the most elite event, to being along our famous Collector Car Row, to parking at your favorite establishment, to simply cruising 28th at your leisure, there are many ways to enjoy the event.  



Metro Cruise is unique in that it’s up to you how to enjoy the event.  Some collector car owners prefer to continually cruise 28th Street during the event, some cruise and make stops along the way, some buy a reserved Collector Car Row spot and stay parked during most or all of the event.  If you do NOT own a collector car, which most of our attendees don’t, visiting the Main Event sites, setting up a blanket and tent along 28th, or viewing from your favorite location on 28th Street is a great way to take in the cars without having to buy one!

NEW addition starting in 2022 – the Metro Cruise Dream Wheels event!  This exclusive red-carpet event features very rare, pristine, museum-quality cars.   This is a live televised event in partnership with WKTV and has popular show hosts, owner interviews, full catered meals, and more.  Date and time for the 2023 event is: Saturday, August 26, 2023 at 7:00p.m.  Do you have a car that may qualify?  Email us now!  Here is a link to the 2022 show: 







If you have a classic or collector car of any type, and would like to apply to park it at our Main Event sites (Rogers Plaza & Woodland Mall), please complete the form below.  Our Main Event sites are where the majority of entertainment is for Metro Cruise, including our live bands, 25+ food vendors, kids entertainment tent, Dyno car testing area, and much more.  Please note that these locations are in high demand, and some locations and times sell out very quickly.

Apply for YOUR car to be a featured car along our famous Collector Car Row at the 2023 Metro Cruise Main Event!


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Friday 8-25-23 (2pm-9pm)

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Saturday 8-26-23 (3pm-9pm)


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Ex. next to another car owner, near the east end, not near the Main Stage, etc.

PLEASE READ: For the safety of our staff, volunteers, and attendees, you agree to remain parked at your assigned space for the full length of your allotted time. If you are a no-call/no-show, or arrive more than 30 minutes late or leave more than 30 minutes early, you may risk forfeiture of future reservations. We do make exceptions, please contact us ahead of time.(Required)

I agree

The Fee is $20 per car, per slot at Rogers Plaza, Woodland Mall is $10 per car. We will notify you by phone or Email ONLY if you are selected. Please do not call or email asking for updates – we do not have any – you will be notified right away if we select your Application. Your Fee is then due within 15 days (cash, credit card, electronic payment).(Required)

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For your application to be considered, please submit 1-2 pictures of your car to: [email protected]. Please be sure to include the applicant’s name you used on this Application. (Required)A map of these reservable parking areas can be found on the website under the News menu, Collector Car Row 2023 Application. If you have any further questions, please contact our office at: [email protected].(Required)

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Frequently Asked Questions – 28th Street Metro Cruise

What are the dates for Metro Cruise® in 2023?

Dates for the Metro Cruise “Main Event” are set – August 25 & 26, 2023.  Our event series actually start with our “Dust Off” event, Saturday May 6, 2023.

What is Metro Cruise®?

The Metro Cruise Main Event weekend is 2 day celebration of cars, local business, great food, and family and friends.  28th Street is 13 miles long with hundreds of private and public events happening throughout.  There are many ways attendees can enjoy the Metro Cruise weekend.  You may visit the Main Event sites at Rogers Plaza or Woodland Mall.   You may set up chairs, blankets, and tents on the grass along 28th Street to view the classic cars, which can be seen at all hours during the 2 day event.  You may simply visit a restaurant or bar on 28th Street, many of which will have extra entertainment like outdoor beer tents, DJ’s, live bands, car-themed entertainment, and more.  There are dozens of car group meetups to bring your show car, or to just view the others.

By far, the busiest spots of Metro Cruise® are the Main Event sites located at the Rogers Plaza mall parking lot in the city of Wyoming, and Woodland Mall in Kentwood.  At those locations you will find the famous Collector Car Row, over 25 food trucks and concessionaires, 10 top local bands on the Metro Main Stage, Official Metro Merch, Miss Metro Cruise® competition Finale, the 160mph+ Dyno testing area, and more!  This Main Event site also features a free shuttle service courtesy of the Rapid.

What time is the Metro Cruise?

Metro Cruise® is different than other car cruises – it is a 17 hour event over 2 days.   Collector cars cruise on 28th Street continuously during Metro Cruise® weekend.  The most popular spots are the Main Event sites at Rogers Plaza in Wyoming, and Woodland Mall in Kentwood.  Here, the show cars are stationary and attendees walk around and view them.  Open hours are 2pm-9pm on Friday, 11am-9pm on Saturday.

Metro Cruise® does have an Official Cruise time.  For 1 hour, we encourage all classic, muscle, antique, modified, and sports car owners to do a cruise on 28th Street – starting and ending where they choose.  This will create an opportunity for spectators to see a high concentration of collector cars in a 1 hours time frame. The official Cruise time has been set for 4:00pm on Saturday 8/26/23.  Cars may enter and exit wherever they wish as 28th Street is very busy.  Spectators can continue to enjoy classics during all other hours of the event on Friday and Saturday.

Where does Metro Cruise® begin and end?

The Metro Cruise is unique in that you can enter and exit 28th at any location you desire, and at any time.   28th Street is 13 miles long and goes through 5 cities, each with different events happening.  You can cruise up and down 28th street as normal, the road is not closed or diverted for the event.  The MAIN EVENT sites of Metro Cruise are at Rogers Plaza in Wyoming, and Woodland Mall in Kentwood, which have major attractions and the famous Collector Car Row.

How do I register my car for the Cruise?

If you’d simply like to “cruise” 28th Street – no pre-registration is necessary!  You may cruise anytime during the 2 day event.  The 28th Street Metro Cruise® is unlike other car cruises – you may cruise your own car anytime.

If you’d like to show off your car and grab a prime parking spot, we do offer reserved spaces at both Main Event sites.  The famous “Collector Car Row”, our lineup of 200+ stationary show cars, is highly desirable and some areas are on a waiting list.

Click the Register! menu tab above for all information on obtaining a reserved car spot.

How can I get involved / what volunteer roles do you have?

The Metro Cruise® relies heavily on volunteers!  We have multiple needs to make an event of this size possible.

In the off-season, we meet year-round to discuss, plan, and manage the next event.  If interested in joining as a committee member, please direct message us.

During the event we now have over 14 different roles to fill.  Please visit our VOLUNTEER page (click the menu tab at the top of this page) to check out the numerous roles and shifts.  A FREE T-shirt, snack, and drinks are provided to all volunteers working a 3 hour shift or longer.

Can I reserve a place to park my classic car at Rogers Plaza?

Collector Car Row, our famous lineup of 200+ show cars right along 28th Street at the Rogers Plaza Main Event site in Wyoming, are reserved spots during Metro Cruise® weekend.

Metro Cruise® accepts applications for their Collector Car Row show cars year round.  Please understand we receive hundreds of applications a year.  Find the Application under our “Register!” menu tab.

We do now offer 2 Hour Collector Car parking!  We are allocating one full row of parking (24 spots) on the east end of the Rogers Plaza Main Event site to any collector car.   Woodland Mall will have a 2 hour parking area as well.  These are not reserved spots and will be open to any cruisers.  There will be an orange cone with a sign that reads “2 Hour Collector Car Parking ONLY”, please replace upon leaving the spot.

Can I leave my car parked there overnight on Thursday or Friday to save our place?

Overnight parking is not allowed at Rogers Plaza or Woodland Mall Main Event sites.  Any cars left in the lots after the event closes (9pm Friday, 9pm Saturday) will be towed at the owner’s expense.  Other lots may also be subject to overnight parking prohibitions, please be sure to ask the property owner.

Will there be a Program available?

Yes – we produce a professionally printed, full color Official Program each year for this event. It contains the Schedule, Venue Map, What’s New, and original articles.  View our Program digitally!  Click the NEWS menu tab and view the previous or current official Program, when available.

Free copies are also handed out each year at the Main Event sites – stop by the Metro Cruise Information Tent.   They are also distributed before the event at multiple sponsor businesses along 28th Street.

How many years has the cruise been held?

2005 was the event’s inaugural year.  Metro Cruise® was started the year the M-6 bypass highway was built, out of a desire to keep local businesses along 28th Street operating, and continuing the car culture known in this area.  Except for 2020, Metro Cruise has been held every year since.

How many cars do you expect, and how many visitors do you anticipate?

Metro Cruise annually attracts 15,000+ Collector/Sports/Antique cars to the greater Grand Rapids area.  An estimated 200,000 people participate in Metro Cruise® related events throughout the area!  At the Main Event sites alone, 80,000+ people attend the 2-day event, enjoying the famous Collector Car Row, food from 20+ food vendors, 5 bands, Community Awards presentation, Miss Metro Cruise Finale, Kids entertainment tent, antique fire truck display, freebies and giveaways from 40+ vendors, and more.

If I come to the Cruise, where can I find a place to stay or eat?

One thing that you’ll love about the Cruise – in addition to all of the awesome classic cars – is the multitude of businesses along 28th Street.  There are dozens of hotels and restaurants throughout the area – lots of them right on 28th Street!  Many of them have great specials for Metro Cruise visitors – be sure to ask.

Where river cruises depart in St. Petersburg. Pier Utkina Zavod

  • Tours to St. Petersburg
  • River cruises
  • Tours in Russia
  • For schoolchildren
  • Corporate events
  • Out-of-town holidays

Free buses run from the Proletarskaya metro station to the Utkina Zavod ship berth.

Berth address:

Oktyabrskaya embankment, 31.
Metro: Proletarskaya.
The berth is located on the opposite bank of the River Station, upstream of the Neva.

At the pier for tourists:
  • WiFi
  • waiting room
  • toilet
  • storage room
  • ATM
  • souvenir shop
  • paid parking

The boarding pass to the ships is regulated by the port security service. The passage of tourists to the berths on a boarding pass and an identity document.
Passage to the ship is carried out through special inspection points, where baggage is examined (scanned) and passengers pass through the metal detector frame.
In order to avoid being late for the ship, we recommend coming to boarding in advance.

Free transfer

Express bus on the route: metro station “Proletarskaya” – berth “Utkina Zavod” (board of the ship).
Please note that boarding the bus will only be possible upon presentation of a guest card or cruise boarding pass to the driver.
Due to the ban on parking in the Proletarskaya metro area, the Vodokhod bus will only stop for boarding and alighting passengers for a period of no more than 2 minutes.

Express bus schedule on non-drop-off or pick-up days:

Utkina Zavod m. Proletarskaya
09:30 09:30
10:00 10:00
10:30 10:30
11:00 11:00
Break 11:30
Break Break
12:30 Break
13:00 12:30
13:30 13:00
14:00 13:30
14:30 14:00
15:00 14:30
15:30 15:00
16:00 15:30
16:30 16:00
17:00 16:30
17:30 17:00
18:00 17:30
18:30 18:00
19:00 18:30
19:30 19:00
20:00 19:30
20:30 20:00
21:00 20:30
21:30 21:00
22:00 21:30

On boarding days with an evening departure (19:00, 20:00), an express bus runs from Proletarskaya metro station at intervals of 15 minutes, starting 3. 5 hours before the ship’s departure.
On the days of landing with the morning registration of tourists provided for in the program, the express bus runs from Proletarskaya metro station at intervals of 15 minutes, starting at 6:00 in the morning.


Buses and fixed-route taxis No. 476, 119 run from the Lomonosovskaya metro station to Utkina Zavod from 07:00 to 23:00.
In the morning, upon arrival of the ship, it can be difficult to order a taxi.
In the evening there are big traffic jams near the Volodarsky bridge

Tours on Ladoga:

Excursion to Valaam in 1 day

Valaam for 2 days

Excursion to Konevets

Valaam – Konevets for 3 days

Valaam for 3 days

Tour to Valaam 4 days


Motor ships to Valaam:

Petersburg – Valaam – Petersburg

Petersburg – Valaam (2 days) – Petersburg

Perm – Kazan – Samara – Perm

Petersburg – Valaam – Sortavala – Staraya Ladoga – Konevey – Petersburg

Petersburg – Shlisselburg – Kizhi – Valaam – Petersburg

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Radisson Royal cruise itinerary and cruise schedule

E-tickets from 2720

Current timetable
The schedule is updated in real time

Up to 60% discount on e-tickets
Special price when buying on the website

Guaranteed seats
With an electronic ticket, the walk will not fail due to lack of seats

  • All walks
  • adult (with dinner): 3650


    children (with dinner): 1800


    Dinner or lunch cruise on the Radisson Royal yacht from Gorky Park



    Departure from Park Kultury berth 908 0016 Walk duration 2 hours 30 minutes

    We invite you to go on a cruise with dinner or lunch on one of the ten yachts of the Radisson Royal flotilla from the pier in Gorky Park. A gastronomic cruise through the center of spring Moscow with restaurant service on board awaits you. Spend an unforgettable time on a snow-white yacht, enjoying the romance of traveling along the Moscow River, delicious food, historical views of the capital’s center and a cozy atmosphere on board!

    Radisson Royal yachts
    projects RC-TV2008 and A44212

    capacity 200 people
    audio system

    air conditioning

    017 warm blankets

How to get to the Gorky Park pier of the Radisson Royal Moscow Flotilla

Krymsky Val street, 9, building 64
Yakimanka district

Park Kultury and Oktyabrskaya stations
Circle line

  • Metro
  • By car

  • Station “Park Kultury” or “Oktyabrskaya”

    By metro to the station “Park Kultury” of the Circle Line (exit No. 1), after exiting the metro lobby, turn right, cross the underpass of Komsomolsky Prospekt and Krymsky Proyezd, cross Moscow – the river along the Krymsky bridge and go down to Gorky Park along the first stairs, then walk along the embankment about 400 meters to the pier.

    In addition, you can use the Oktyabrskaya metro station of the Koltsevaya line (exit No. 1), after leaving the lobby, take a left and move along the Garden Ring for about 500 meters to the main entrance to Gorky Park, then go along the alleys of the park to the embankment and the pier .

  • Krymsky Val Street, 9, building 64

    The berth is located in Gorky Park, entrance from the outer side of the Garden Ring, turn to the parking lot immediately after the Krymsky Bridge.

    Parking is possible at the main entrance to Gorky Park, weekdays: 200 , weekends and holidays: from 9:00 to 23:59: 300 per hour.

The Gorky Park Berth of the Radisson Royal Moscow Flotilla was built in 2010 specifically for icebreaker yachts and is located on the right bank of the Moskva River in Gorky Park.