Luggage storage at hotels: Hotel Luggage Storage: The Ultimate Guide For 2023

Hotel Luggage Storage: The Ultimate Guide For 2023

We’ve all been in that tricky position. You’ve booked a vacation, but your hotel check-in time is hours and hours later than the time that your flight lands, or there’s a ton of time for you to wait after check out before it’s time to head back to the airport. You don’t want to waste a moment of your trip because you’re watching over your suitcases, so the question is – how can you make the most of hotel luggage storage?

Because we know how frustrating it can be to be stuck with your bags, we’ve created a list of our top tips to help you find hotel luggage storage options while you’re away – even if you’re not actually staying in the hotel yourself (if that’s you, check out our guide to luggage storage for Airbnb guests, too).

If you’re staying at a hotel

Ask if you can leave luggage at the hotel

Most hotels offer luggage storage to their guests because they’re are aware that you’ll probably be arriving in the city earlier than your check-in time, or have a few hours after check out to finish making the most of the city.

When choosing a hotel to book, send the hotel staff a message and ask whether they offer luggage storage services in the form of an early luggage drop-off option or a secure place to keep your bags after check out. Even if you have to pay an additional fee, it’s well worth it if it means you can spend some extra time exploring the city.

Ask for a late check-out

Many hotels will extend check-out time for their guests if their guests request it. Plus, keeping hold of your room longer also has additional benefits beyond providing you with your own left luggage facility. If you’re on a business trip or you’re a digital nomad, for example, extending your check-out time is a great way to create a private workspace for yourself, especially if you need internet or even just some peace and quiet.

Use luggage storage services near your day’s activities

If neither of those solutions sounds useful to you, have you considered checking out the other luggage storage options in the city?

If you’re taking a train out of the city and looking for a short-term luggage storage facility to use while you grab a quick bite to eat before the trip, take a look at the station’s website before you go – many offer luggage lockers that you can rent out for a few hours. Just make sure to check whether you need to book in advance and if you need to pay with coins, cash, or card so that you’re prepared.

Alternatively, in most cities, luggage storage facilities (like Bounce) partner with local shops to provide luggage storage space for travelers and tourists looking to be free of their bags for a little while. If you’re planning to see some more of the sights, or want to enjoy your lunch without your bags, find a convenient luggage storage location nearby and book online via the Bounce app or website.

Explore the city without your bags to weigh you down

Enjoy the freedom to explore while waiting for your Airbnb to be ready

Safe luggage storage for just $5.90/day.

Find locations near you

How to store your luggage in a hotel you’re not staying in

Of course, you might not have booked yourself into a hotel (take a look at our Airbnb luggage storage tips here), but fear not – you can still find a way to make the most of hotel luggage storage!

Ask a hotel if they’ll store your luggage for you

If a hotel already stores luggage for its own guests, the chances are it’ll store luggage for you, too, if you ask them.

You’ll probably have to pay a fee (and if you don’t, then leaving a good tip will go a long way), but this can be a really simple solution to what could turn into a frustrating problem. Simply search online for hotel luggage storage near you and call in to ask.

Book hotel luggage storage through a luggage storage app

Of course, the problem with just walking into local hotels to ask if they can store your bags is that there’s always a good chance they won’t – and you don’t want to have to drag your bags from one hotel to another until you find one that will.

However, did you know that many hotels partner with luggage storage companies to provide non-guests with bag storage solutions? It’s true, and not only does this make finding a hotel that offers a luggage storage service easier, but it can also mean that your luggage benefits from added security measures, such as insurance and security seals.

What’s a luggage storage app?

Simply put, luggage storage apps are a great way to find the right location for you. If you download the Bounce app, you’ll be able to see the nearby hotel luggage storage locations by looking for the hotel sign at the top of the location title card. Simply choose the location that suits you best, book online, and show the hotel desk your booking confirmation when you arrive.

Do you run a hotel?

If you run a hotel and you’d like to make some additional revenue by providing tourists and travelers with convenient luggage storage, then you’ve come to the right place. As a Bounce partner, you’ll earn commission on every bag you store through the Bounce platform.

Explore the city without your bags to weigh you down

Enjoy the freedom to explore while waiting for your Airbnb to be ready

Safe luggage storage for just $5.90/day.

Find locations near you

Hotel Luggage Storage Guide 2020

Imagine this: You land with your morning flight at 8 am in London, but your hotel or Airbnb does not allow for you to check-in before 3 pm. What do you do with all that luggage? The best option would be to find a place to store it so that you can enjoy your day luggage free and explore the city on your own terms.

In many cases, luggage can be left at a hotel before check-in or after check-out, but sometimes that option is not available or happens to be very expensive. In those cases, your best option would be to turn to a luggage storage service like LuggageHero.

We did some research on leaving luggage at hotels and are glad to present to you our findings right here. Here is what we found:

1. Look for hotels that are partners with a luggage storage company.

The luggage struggle of a non-guest at a hotel is real– unless it doesn’t matter if you’re not a guest! We know hotels are great for luggage storage but it is even better if you try to find those that are doing it in a secure way. Being partners with a luggage storage company often means that your luggage is insured rather than at your own risk.

If you happen to choose a hotel that is a partner with LuggageHero you should know that they make for some of our best LuggageHeroes.

Why hotels and hostels are great LuggageHeroes

  • Great opening hours! Mostly open 24/7.
  • Friendly staff that can help guide you if you’re new in the city
  • A lot of luggage storage capacity!
  • Food, drinks and restrooms are available at most places.

2. You don’t have to be a guest to store your luggage at a hotel.

If you are willing to give a tip, it is quite possible that hotels will not only agree to store your luggage but also be glad to do it. However, in that case, you have no insurance or a guarantee for what happens to your luggage so always keep that in mind when you choose this option. Even if you trust the person to keep your luggage safe remember that they will not be constantly monitoring it as they are at work.

3. Consider your AirBnb as an option.

While most AirBnbs do have an after 2 pm check-in policy, early luggage drop-off might be available at the location. Always make sure to inquire into that with your host as you can save a lot of money through that option. On top of that, if there is no guest after you, you might be able to leave your luggage after check-out as well.

4. Leaving luggage at your hotel might be risky.

While there are many hotels that will safely store your luggage, having no insurance and security might be a bad idea in certain cases. Considering other options is therefore always a good idea.

5. These days travelers have alternatives to hotel luggage storage.

LuggageHero offers storage options in over 120 shops all over London which means you can stow away your belongings for hours or even days if you need to.

Perks: easy, quick, budget-friendly

  • You will only pay for the time you actually store your luggage. You don’t pay anything if you don’t show up for your booking.
  • Book online and receive your directions. No app download is needed.

Safety is our no. 1 priority

Don’t leave only your bags behind, but also your worries. Remember next time you need to leave luggage in London – each piece of luggage left in one of our LuggageHero locations is insured for up to £2200 per bag, the highest insurance coverage in the industry.

How it works

Freeing yourself from luggage in 3 steps. 

Step 1: Book online and receive                     Step 2: Drop off the luggage                   Step 3: Enjoy your time directions towards your location.                at a LuggageHero stop.                     without the weight of your

We further have some suggestions on what to do until check in:

  1. Use the hotel spa.
  2. Access the hotel business center.
  3. Locate the guest lounge or lobby and relax reading a book.
  4. Exchange currency so you’re ready to shop as soon as you check-in.
  5. Go to the park and enjoy the nature nearby.
  6. Check out the cafes nearby and grab a cup of coffee.
  7. Talk to the hotel staff and learn about the place.

Download LuggageHero’s free luggage storage app

For even more comfort and ease, you can download LuggageHero’s bag storage app. There you can see all our locations around you.

Use LuggageHero anywhere with the official app for iPhone and Android.

Where to store valuables in a hotel and hostel

When we travel, we relax as much as possible – after all, it’s a vacation, but we shouldn’t lose vigilance at all. We told you what to do if you lost your passport on a trip and if your luggage did not arrive with you, and today we will tell you how to store things in hotels and hostels. Yes, obviously. And yes, repetition is the mother of learning!

What items are most often stolen*

  • Appliances and jewelry — in any country there are purchases where they don’t ask unnecessary questions about the origin of goods and don’t ask for any documents.
  • Money.
  • Bank cards – the prey of the most advanced thieves who know how to withdraw money from the account.
  • Documents – thieves who specialize in stealing documents, usually extortion. Without a passport, the victim will not be able to fly home, and in a state of stress, not everyone can figure out how to restore documents in a foreign country. The thieves take advantage of the confusion, get in touch and offer to return the passport. Of course, for a fee.

* According to a survey conducted among subscribers at the end of 2018.

Forewarned is forearmed. Below we will take a detailed look at how to avoid losses and be prepared in case something went wrong.

Where to store valuables in the hotel and hostel

The first step is to carefully read the reviews and find out if the hotel has experienced unpleasant incidents. Sometimes money or things are stolen little by little in order to gain time until the owner discovers the loss.

When it comes to security, safes at the reception and in the room, luggage storage rooms and lockers (lockers) with locks immediately come to mind. Safes seem like a guarantee of security, but do not forget that they can be opened with a universal manufacturer code or a key. Not all hotels, and even more so hostels, pay enough attention to security: any guest and even a person from the street can enter the luggage storage room, and locks on lockers can be easily opened if desired.

Safe at the reception

  • Cost: most often paid.
  • How it works: you pay for the storage, get the key to the safe deposit box, put things in it, sign the register. Some hotels issue a receipt or receipt.

Fairly safe option. For your own peace of mind, you can even shoot a video of the transfer of the envelope.

Of course, you are unlikely to rush to count everything to the last cent as soon as you get things out of the safe. You may not even remember how much money you had left. In this case, it would be useful to make a note somewhere about the amount of cash. In a wallet or envelope with money, put a piece of paper on which the exact amount is indicated.

General rules

  • Do not leave anything on the balcony, especially if you live on the first floor or in a bungalow. When you leave, make sure that the balcony door is tightly closed.
  • When leaving the room, make sure that you close the door tightly (pull the handle right here).
  • Do not leave things unattended in the common areas of the hotel or hostel (lobby, restaurant/kitchen, lounge areas, swimming pool, etc.).
  • Do not leave valuables on the bed, table or nightstand. When the room is cleaned, the door is usually open. It is possible that some dodger will have time to sneak in and take something out.

Safe in the room

  • Cost: paid and free.
  • Types: depends on the model. Some safes are equipped with instructions for setting a passcode yourself, to activate others you will need to contact the reception staff or get a key if the safe is locked. The hotel card on contains information about the safe. It is located in the “All Services and Amenities” section.

Video is of little use here. Where is the guarantee that you yourself did not pull things out of the safe? Therefore, there is only one way – in case of loss, immediately contact the hotel manager, and then to law enforcement agencies. Call the police or go to the nearest station (Google maps will help you). It is not so difficult to explain in English that you have become a victim of theft: phrase someone steal my camera/money/stuff (someone stole my camera/money/stuff) will be understood in any country.

Marina, teacher, traveler, passionate lover of Asia

“I decided to make myself a trip through the Thai outback. Rented a bike, traveled from city to city. Stopped at a guesthouse. A little later I found out that the guesthouse has a bad reputation. I had quite a lot of cash and there was no safe. I began to frantically think about where to hide them. Reminds me of The Stolen Letter by Edgar Allan Poe. Hiding in plain sight – for sure! And I came up with this: I imperceptibly put a few bills into a package of paper handkerchiefs and put them near the pillow, shoved a couple more under the lid of the dezik and casually threw it on the table, I also had an ending hygienic. I ripped out the part that had leftover lipstick and stuffed a small roll of money into the case.

Luggage storage room

  • Cost: paid and free.
  • What it is: is most often a room with shelving near the reception, where suitcases and bulky luggage are stored. The door is locked with a key, which can be obtained from the administrator.

Check out at 12:00 and the flight at 22:35 – very familiar, right? During this time, you can walk around the city, but you won’t run away with luggage. You can leave it in a special luggage storage room, but almost all over the world there is a rule – do not leave valuables there. Therefore, you will have to walk with a laptop, a camera and other valuables.

The hotel is not responsible for valuables, as other guests have access to this room. You can’t put a guard on every suitcase. It’s worth using a luggage lock (or a combination lock) to calm the soul, but remember that most of them open in a jiffy with paper clips, pins and other improvised means.

Anton, motion designer, freelancer, crazy about Portugal

“Once I came up with a way for super paranoids to hide money or bank cards in food. For example, you can buy cookies in an opaque jar or something like that and put the valuables at the very bottom. Of course, generously sprinkled with these cookies, so that it does not catch the eye that the box is with a surprise. I can’t guarantee that this method works 100%, but it calms me down to think how cleverly I came up with everything.


  • Cost: paid and free, sometimes you need to make a deposit, which will be returned if you return the keys on time.
  • What it is: cabinets or drawers with locks.

Lockers are used to store things in the common rooms of hostels. Several people live in the room, each with their own sleeping place (by the way, hostels also have separate rooms with amenities, but such that not every hotel can compare with them – read more about this in a special instruction).

Leaving things on the bed, tables or nightstands in a hostel is a bad idea. Photo: Radiokafka/Shutterstock

You will have 6 to 12 roommates in the common room. Leaving things on the bed, tables or nightstands is a bad idea. They can “play” in two counts. Of course, the administration cannot be responsible for the actions of your neighbors, so in many hostels you can rent a locker (locker) or a padlock to close a special luggage box. In the case of a box, you can use your own lock.

As mentioned above, luggage locks are easy to open, but in hostels, oddly enough, what saves is what creates danger – the room is always full of people. Neighbors may notice suspicious fuss near someone else’s box and stop the attacker.


  • Make photocopies of all documents, and add them to your smartphone e-wallet (like Wallet in iPhone) and banking application (now many banks support this feature). If you suddenly lose your documents, the recovery procedure will be a little easier. These copies will allow you to quickly identify your identity.
  • Do not take a lot of cash on a trip – pay for purchases with a card. Small things for souvenirs and a small emergency reserve is quite enough. If you lose your card, you can block it and keep your money. You can say goodbye to lost cash. Be sure to read the article on financial literacy while traveling. You will learn everything about conversion, cashless payment and cash withdrawal.
  • Take several bank cards with you or connect payment with a mobile device to one of them (Apple Pay, Google Pay). On one card, keep the main budget of the trip, the other can be completely empty. If the card with money disappears, you can quickly transfer money from it to the second card. Or block the missing one, and ask friends to transfer money to the second one. Just warn them about such an idea in advance, otherwise each of us was asked to throw off money from hacked pages. You can even agree on a passphrase so that your friend is completely sure that it is you.

As you can see, no paranoia, just basic safety rules. Agree, it’s better to spend an extra five minutes studying the safe in the room and removing the iPad and passport from the bed than biting your elbows and shedding tears later. We wish you never miss anything!

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