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  • 2022
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Three siblings return to their mother’s estate for a few days after she recovers from an illness.Three siblings return to their mother’s estate for a few days after she recovers from an illness.Three siblings return to their mother’s estate for a few days after she recovers from an illness.

  • Director
    • Ignacio Rogers
  • Writers
    • Ezequiel Díaz
    • Esteban Lamothe
    • Ignacio Rogers
  • Stars
    • Cecilia Roth
    • Dolores Fonzi
    • Daniel Hendler
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    Top cast

    Cecilia Roth

    • María Paz

    Dolores Fonzi

    Daniel Hendler

    • Sergio

    Ezequiel Díaz

    Maitina De Marco

    • Muñeca

    Margarita Israel Gurman

    • Carlita

    Rafael Solano

    Florencia Bergallo

    Lucila Mangone

    Carla Grella

    • Clienta Bar
    • (as Carla Grela)

    Ema Torres

    • Clienta Bar

    Andrés Rasdolsky

    • Hombre 1

    Azul Lombardía

    • Empleada

    Lorena Rogers

    Manuel Caponi

    Pedro Merlo

    • Charly
    • Director
      • Ignacio Rogers
    • Writers
      • Ezequiel Díaz
      • Esteban Lamothe
      • Ignacio Rogers
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    • Release date
      • January 5, 2023 (Argentina)
    • Country of origin
      • Argentina
    • Language
      • Spanish
    • Also known as
      • The Parties
    • Production company
      • Tornado Cine
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    Technical specs

    • Runtime

      1 hour 29 minutes

    • Color

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    Las Fiestas de San Fermín

    “Pamploneses, Pamplonesas, Viva San Fermín!”

    It’s an image familiar to many Americans: daredevils dressed in all white with a dramatic red scarf and belt run alongside, and in front of, massive bulls through the streets of Pamplona, the capital of the Autonomous Community of Navarre, in the north of Spain. The runners, called mozos, are trying to get as close as possible – sometimes close enough to feel the bulls’ breath on their backs – while steering clear of their thick horns. Onlookers cheer and scream as the bulls stampede through. When it’s all over, the wounded mozos are attended to, and everyone else breathes easier that they escaped unscathed. 

    El Encierro, or the Running of the Bulls, may be the most famous moment of Las Fiestas de San Fermín in Pamplona, but the festival itself is an entire week of celebrating. It begins at noon on July 6th, when el chupinazo, a rocket, is launched from city hall in Pamplona to start the festivities. There are parades through the streets, like the one featuring Los Gigantes and Los Cabezudos, the Giants and the Big Heads, large figures that are marched through the town. Basque sporting events, including wood chopping, stone lifting, and jai alai, are held throughout the region. Bands play in Pamplona, including for Las Dianas, when the city’s municipal band marches through the streets at 645 am to wake everyone up and alert them that El Encierro is approaching. 

    The running of the bulls occurs every day at 8 am and lasts for little more than two minutes, during which time the animals destined for the day’s bullfight are corralled to the city’s arena. This tradition is more than 600 years old, and dates to a time when the bulls would be brought from their pastures to the city’s center for the bullfight. Townspeople started to help guide the bulls during this journey, which became the thrill-seeking run that we know today – made famous to an English-speaking audience in Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, an account of the author’s visit to Sanfermines in the 1920s.

    The menu during Sanfermines features local Navarrese specialties and Spanish favorites. Before El Encierro, during Las Dianas, the mozos drink warm broth to fortify themselves for the run, and afterwards they eat churros and hot chocolate to recuperate. The rest of the day is filled with eating and drinking – the most popular dishes include fried eggs with chistorra, a local sausage; estafado de toro, or bull stew; ajoarriero, a dish of salt cod, garlic, and tomato; and pochas, a typical Navarrese dish of fresh shelling beans. And everything is washed down with local wine or kalimotxos – a favorite Basque combination of red wine and cola (see the recipe here).

    While there won’t be any bulls running down 10th Avenue or through the Vessel at Hudson Yards, you’ll still have a chance to experience a taste of Sanfermines at Mercado Little Spain. Try some churros and chocolate at the Churros Kiosk, fried eggs with chistorra at Spanish Diner, and pick up some preserved vegetables – a Navarrese specialty – at Colmado. 

    And wherever you are when el chupinazo is launched, feel free to cheer along with the revelers: “Pamploneses, Pamplonesas, Viva San Fermín! Gora San Fermin!” – “People of Pamplona! Long Live San Fermín!”

    Las Fallas and other fiestas and celebrations in the city of Valencia, Spain

    Page Content

    Las Fallas Festival Flag Bearer

    Valencia is a city where people know how to have fun, and there are plenty of reasons to do so. Throughout the year, saints’ days and various local traditions are celebrated here – each holiday has its own unique character. Definitely the biggest holiday is Las Fallas. This fiesta is internationally famous – people from all over the world come to this spectacle. This page contains information about the festival: the history of the origin of the tradition, a description of what this fiesta is like and what celebrations take place on certain days of the festival.

    There is also a link to a page describing public holidays in Valencia, plus a brief description of some other events in Valencia.

    Transfer to/from Valencia Airport

    How to arrange private transport to/from Valencia Airport

    Las Fallas in Valencia

    Las Fallas is the biggest fiesta in Valencia. It takes place within a week, its essence is to make and then burn large papier-mâché figures (see below). The festival is an incredible spectacle as huge, colorful, intricately crafted figures flood the city. In this article, we will talk about the history of the origin of the Las Fallas festival, what it is like and what events take place on certain days of the festival.

    Caricatures during the Las Fallas Festival
    Birght colored figures during the parade
    Caricatures during the Las Fallas Festival

    History of Las Fallas

    The tradition of Las Fallas appeared when on spring evenings, back in the old days, it was already possible not to work at night. When this happened, the “parrot”, the traditional lamp that illuminated the workshops on winter evenings, was burned at the doors of all the workshops. All craftsmen collected sawdust left after work and threw it into the fire. People from all over the area brought old furniture and various unnecessary rubbish, throwing it into the fire.

    Over time, they began to attach arms and legs to the “parrot” so that it looked like a person. People began to dress him up, put on hats and other decorations. This is how the figure was born, which the Spaniards call Ninot (doll-like figure). Every year these dolls became more diverse and colorful, at some point they became comic, ridiculing the most topical topics that occupied local residents at that time.

    This tradition is still alive today. These days, Ninot can portray anything from fairy tale characters to Barack Obama.

    What happens during the week of Las Fallas?

    Fire crackers to be set off at the end of the festival

    The Las Fallas celebration program is centered around the competition for the best doll. At the end of the week, Ninot Indultat is selected – this is the winning doll, the only one that will not be burned. This is a recognition by the inhabitants of Valencia that Ninot can become a real piece of art that does not deserve to be burned. If you want to take a look at the winning dolls in previous years, they are on display at the Fallero Museum in Valencia.

    Gunpowder plays an important role in the celebration of the festival. The whole festival is accompanied by an explosion of fireworks and firecrackers that launch “falleros” (falleros). Amazing fireworks and fire shows await you at the festival.

    It is worth noting that fireworks laws in Spain are not as strict as in other countries. During the festival, you can constantly watch firefighters tirelessly trying to control the fire and clear the remains of the fires. Keep in mind that if you are very impressionable, then you may be frightened by the noise of firecrackers and the proximity of the fire.

    What activities are held on the individual days of Las Fallas?

    15 March
    This is “planta de la falla”. Festival opening. At this time, you can see how in all areas of the city they are preparing for the festival and making Ninot (huge dolls). In Valencian, the word “ninot” means doll.

    Ofrenda Procession March 17 – March 18
    Each district of the city chooses its “Fallera Mayor” (Queen of Fallas) and Fallera Mayor Infantil (children’s Queen of Fallas). Juries from different areas gather in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, in the heart of the old city, where the awards are presented. During the festival, judges will award prizes to various Ninot dolls.

    The “Ofrenda” procession also takes place on this day. This is a procession in which the participants of Las Fallas pass through their neighborhoods and head to the Plaza de la Virgen. They bring flowers to the patron saint of Valencia, the patron saint of all the defenseless. Flowers are laid at the wooden statue of the Madonna and Child, which is drowning in bright colors. The procession starts at 4:00 pm and ends at dusk.

    La Crema (burning ceremony)
    19 March

    This is the climactic day of Las Fallas. This is the day of “Crema” – the day of the burning of Ninot (huge dolls). Celebrations begin with powerful fireworks. At 10:00 burning begins, children’s Ninot are burned. After that, full-size figures are burned.

    As soon as the inhabitants of all districts burn their Ninot, they rush to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento to watch how the figurine prepared by the City Hall is being burned. She is burned at 01:00 at night. This figure symbolizes the arrival of spring.

    Our Lady of the Forsaken decorated with bright red and white flowers

    The full program of Las Fallas events can be found on the official website of Las Fallas.

    During the Las Fallas festival, Valencia is flooded with tourists from all over the world. Therefore, if you are going to visit the city during this period, then get ready for the fact that housing prices will be inflated. Be sure to book your accommodation in advance, as hotels fill up very quickly. For information on housing, see our article on housing in Valencia.

    Other important festivals in Valencia.

    Other major holidays in Valencia include the following:

    • Feria de Julio (July Fair): a whole month of bullfighting. fireworks, concerts and shows. At the same time, the famous flower battle takes place (details at the link below).
    • Maritime Holy Week: Easter week celebration on the coast – processions and ringing of bells (details at the link below).
    • Patron saint of all the defenseless: on the eve of this festival, a concert and fireworks are set off in the old bed of the Turia River in Valencia. Various religious processions take place during the festival (details at the link below).

    For complete information on the main holidays in Valencia, dates and descriptions of events, see our Guide to Valencia Holidays.

    Valencia is a city where tradition is strong, which is reflected in the wide variety of festivities. If you haven’t bought a holiday ticket to Valencia yet, then buy it so that the dates of the trip coincide with the dates of one of the festivals in Valencia. These are the days when Valencia comes alive and you can see the city and its people in the best possible light.

    Fiesta Rancho Hotel & Casino in North Las Vegas, USA – Yandex Travel

    Fiesta Rancho Hotel & Casino in North Las Vegas, USA 2400 North Rancho Drive View on map

    5.7 km to city center




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    • Internet access: in rooms

    Services and facilities

    • Express check-in/out
    • Dry cleaning
    • Currency exchange
    • Safe
    • Luggage storage
    • Car rental
    • ATM
    • 24-hour front desk
    • Laundry
    • Room service
    • Heating

    Room amenities

    • Soundproof rooms
    • Hairdryer
    • TV in room
    • Refrigerator
    • Iron
    • Non-smoking rooms


    • Restaurant
    • 9012 8 Bar

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    • Sports: golf
    • Casino
    • Pool type: outdoor
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    • Conference room
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    General information about the hotel

    • Date of construction: 1999
    • Check-out time: 12:00
    • Renovation date: 2012
    • people with disabilities
    • Vacation time: 15:00


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    USA North Las Vegas 2400 North Rancho Drive

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