In barcelona song: 7 Barcelona songs that will make you fall in love with the city | bizFlats

7 Barcelona songs that will make you fall in love with the city | bizFlats

Unmissable Barcelona songs? Whether you’re creating a playlist for your next trip to Barcelona or simply missing the Catalan capital, these songs about the magical city will inspire you to dance around and sing about your love for it.

Barcelona has been visited by many a creative, singer and songwriter over the years on the quest for inspiration. Many have found it in its charming cobbled streets, quirky bars and buzzing cultural scene.

So, what are you waiting for? Turn the volume up and don’t be afraid to sing along!

Table of Contents

7 Barcelona songs that you will love


La Rumba de Barcelona – Manu Chao (2002)

Rumored to own a bar in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, Manu Chao is a French-Spanish singer who performs in a large variety of languages. His song about Barcelona will take you straight to the heart of the city with its catchy beat and lyrics. We guarantee you’ll be singing it as you walk down Las Ramblas. 


Barcelona – Giulia y Los Tellarini (Vicky Cristina Barcelona Soundtrack) (2008)

The Catalan-Italian band Giulia y Los Tellarini never dreamed their song ‘Barcelona’ would be chosen for Woody Allen’s film Vicky Cristina Barcelona. This song was featured on the trailer for the film. 

As the song lyrics go “Barcelona is powerful” and we couldn’t agree more!


Barcelona – Freddie Mercury and Monsterrat Caballé (1988)

Barcelona is the title song of the audacious collaborative album by Freddie Mercury and soprano Montserrat Caballé. With Mercury’s second solo album he fulfilled one of his life-long dreams to combine opera and rock.

The Queen lead singer put his life and soul into his work and unfortunately died several months before being able to open the Barcelona 1992 Olympics with this Barcelona song.


Barcelona Hechicera – Peret (1992)

This catchy rhythmic song is dedicated to the city of Barcelona and its main sights. It’s one of our favourites and always puts us in a good mood.

It was written in 1992 for the closing ceremony of the Barcelona Olympic Games to the tune of Catalan Rumba. This music genre was developed in the gypsy community of the city in the 60s, influenced by Flamenco Rumba, Cuban rhythms and rock and roll.


Barcelona – Ed Sheeran (2017)

The young 25-year-old singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran penned this song out of love for his dear Barcelona. This upbeat tune will certainly get you in the mood to visit the Sagrada Familia and Las Ramblas. The singer decided to include some of the Spanish words he knew, despite them not making much sense, to capture his perspective of the city.


George Ezra – Barcelona (2014)

The song Barcelona is taken from George Ezra’s album ‘Wanted On Voyage’.

The story goes that George was struggling to deal with his rapid fame and needed to sort some things out in his head. His answer was to move in with a stranger in Barcelona and spend some time reconnecting with the real world. Thus this song was born!


We’re from Barcelona – I’m from Barcelona (2006)

The name of this Swedish group is funnily enough “I’m from Barcelona”. It’s said that the band’s inspiration for their name and this song came from Manuel the waiter in Monty Python’s Faulty Towers.

The video features all 29 band members – we bet you can’t resist singing along with them!

So, there you have it. Enjoy these Barcelona songs! They will make you dance and feel the Barcelona vibes for sure!

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So push the play button and start doing your suitcase, we are waiting for you!

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15 Best Songs About Barcelona For Your Holiday Playlist

Barcelona is a thriving city best known for its lush beaches, art museums, sports culture, and towering architecture. It’s no wonder many artists love writing songs about it.

Some common song motifs include emphasizing Barcelona’s cultural side or expressing a desire to return to the city to find love.

Thankfully, you don’t have to visit the city to enjoy its musical atmosphere. Check out our list of 15 of the best songs about Barcelona if you’re looking for some new favorite tracks. Have fun reading!

Table of Contents

1. “Barcelona” By George Ezra

What better way to start our list than with a song with Barcelona in the title. George Ezra’s “Barcelona” has a slower folk-like tempo with a subtle melancholy feel enhanced by its guitar accompaniment.

The song’s lyrics describe the feelings of lost love, partially inspired by Ezra’s time in the titular city. The song’s nostalgic vibe might resonate with many listeners.

It was a featured track on Ezra’s 2014 album, Wanted on Voyage. The album ranked first on the UK Albums Chart four weeks after rising from its third spot. It also got nominated for a Brit Award for “British Album of the Year” in 2015.

2. “Barcelona” By Ed Sheeran

The next song on this list, “Barcelona” by Ed Sheeran, is an upbeat tribute to the city’s bright atmosphere. Many of the song’s lyrics reference specific areas around the city, such as La Sagrada Familia. It’s the perfect song to listen to while dancing with someone you love.

We consider it one of the most atmospheric songs about Barcelona on this list because of its Latin pop sound and Sheeran’s Spanish vocals.

The song peaked on the UK Singles Chart’s 12th position and 96th on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. It sold over 600,000 copies in the UK and over 500,000 copies in the US.

3. “Barcelona” By Jonah Kagen

It’s natural for a person to get jealous of another person. But to be jealous of a certain place? That’s what Jonah Kagen‘s “Barcelona” is about. It embodies the looming heartbreak a person feels when separated by distance.

The lyrics describe the narrator’s feelings about how Barcelona is making his love forget him after moving away. These words might resonate with listeners craving to see the person they love again, no matter how much time has passed.

Despite the song’s sad, relatable lyrics, it has a subdued yet upbeat bossa nova beat. This is further enhanced by the acoustic guitar accompaniment. It’s a catchy song you can listen to on a quiet summer day when you’re alone.

4. “Barcelona” By Freddie Mercury Ft. Montserrat Caballé

Rock and opera come together in this wonderful song with “Barcelona” in the lyrics. Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé provided the vocals of “Barcelona.” This is a featured track on the 1988 collaborative album of the same name.

The alternating English and Spanish vocals give it a majestic vibe, enhanced by the piano and string instrumentation. It’s a song that praises Barcelona, with lines that say, “Such a beautiful horizon” and “Like a jewel in the sun.

Mercury and Caballé initially produced this song as the opening anthem for the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. It ranked eighth on the UK Singles Chart when it was released. But it rose to the second spot in 1992, a year after Mercury’s death.

5. “Rumba De Barcelona” By Manu Chao

French-Spanish singer Manu Chao‘s song about Barcelona has an upbeat and festive vibe. Its guitar, percussion, clapping, and trumpet accompaniment emphasize this. “Rumba De Barcelona” is the type of song you might hear at a parade or block party.

Like many of his songs, Chao’s lyrics in this song reference several different languages. The song’s title references rumba, a popular upbeat music style stemming from flamenco. The lyrics don’t tell an extensive story, but they’re as addictive as the song’s beat.

This song was featured in Chao’s live album, Radio Bemba Sound System. This album ranked in the Top 20 of several international weekly charts.

6. “A Song For Barcelona” By Jackson Browne

The 2021 song “A Song For Barcelona” is an excellent tribute to the vibrant city. The slow yet upbeat guitar solos have a pleasant sound that enhances the piece. Likewise, Jackson Browne‘s vocals have a rough yet subdued vibe that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

The lyrics of this song reference several things related to Barcelona’s culture. The song mentions its architecture and football team, and areas like La Rambla and Gràcia.

The words also describe how people from around the globe come together in this place. It’s either to discover themselves or to have fun. Either way, it points to Barcelona’s reputation as a cultural hub.

7. “Barcelona” By The Rentals

This upbeat alternative rock song was written when The Rentals‘ vocalist Matt Sharp stayed in Barcelona. The rough guitar work gives “Barcelona” a signature late-1990s edge. Did you know that this song is a reworked version of the group’s demo song “California”?

The lyrics describe several things that the titular city is known for—particularly art museums showcasing work made by Pablo Piccaso and Salvador Dalí.

The singer’s desire for love in Barcelona is depicted perfectly as the song’s tempo slows down toward the end. You can tell just how high he looks at Barcelona, even calling it “my sweet angel” and “the last angel.

8. “Barcelona” By Bill Newman

Can’t find any songs about Barcelona with a bittersweet undertone? Consider listening to Bill Newman’s “Barcelona.”

In this interview by comedians Rhett and Link, Newman says he fell in love with the city the first time he went there. He was amazed by the city, its people, the food, and everything about it.

What Newman came up with is a song that describes how the narrator reminisces about a woman he met and fell in love with in Barcelona. He wishes he could go back to the city and confess his feelings. Its guitar accompaniment gives the song a sentimental touch.

The lyrics’ imagery of walking through the tourist-filled streets, looking at Spanish artwork, and enjoying local cafe cuisine might resonate with music lovers who love to travel.

9. “Barcelona” By Twin Atlantic

Many would say that Barcelona is a romantic city. No wonder many artists like to write songs revolving around Barcelona and love. The Scottish band Twin Atlantic‘s “Barcelona” is no exception to this common music motif.

From the lyrics, we can say that the song is about believing in love. Barcelona is mentioned in the line, “Barcelona, how can I be lonely?” Notably, Scottish couples choose to spend their first holiday together in the city.

The song’s guitar instrumentation blends well with its synthesized beats, giving it a catchy, modern sound. This track was featured on Twin Atlantic’s album, Power, which topped the Scottish Albums Chart and ranked 11th on the UK Albums Chart.

10. “Barcelona” By Andy Burrows

Sometimes, a place becomes more meaningful because of a person you met there. That’s what Andy Burrows wants to tell us in “Barcelona.”

In the lyrics, we discover that the singer remembers a time with a girl on a beautiful summer night. He wants to “call her and talk about Barcelona.” We can assume that they spent that night talking about life and how the girl wants to live in Barcelona.

Despite the song’s nostalgic lyrics, it has a slightly uplifting vibe. It’s the perfect song if you want something nostalgic to add to your playlist.

11. “Barcelona” By Jo Amar

For those who are into international music celebrating Barcelona, check out Jo Amar‘s hit, “Barcelona. ” It’s sung in Hebrew, but it’s as catchy as other songs about the great City of Counts.

The string and guitar accompaniment enhance its traditional vibe. The song also incorporates a blend of Sephardic, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern music. Amar’s vocals have an upbeat, folksy sound, giving the song a timeless touch.

The lyrics describe the story of the narrator visiting Barcelona, entranced by its beauty and music. The song captures the feeling that musicians experience when traveling to new places.

12. “Barcelona Is My California” By Baaldo

Another catchy song we recommend checking out is Baaldo‘s “Barcelona is My California.” Its slower tempo is a nice change of pace from the faster songs on this list.

It opens with the sounds of crashing waves and the call of gulls by the beach. Then it goes to a piano backing track with electronic beats as the song moves on. One can interpret the lyrics as the narrator asking someone he loves to take him to Barcelona.

The singer is saying, “Barcelona is my California,” and points out similarities between these two popular places. For him, Barcelona gives him the feeling of freedom.

13. “Barcelona” By Max George

Summer romances can be an exciting yet bittersweet experience. That’s what Max George‘s first single, “Barcelona,” is saying. He released this single during the hiatus of his band, The Wanted.

The song begins with how a man met a woman “on the beach in Barcelona. ” They hit it off as they find themselves talking until the sun’s up. Sadly, they have to part ways as the woman is going back to California.

During this period of their separation, the man can’t stop thinking about her. He waits for her and counts the days until he sees her again. The reference to Barcelona’s beaches emphasizes the distance between him and the woman in California.

14. “Barcelona” By Jack & Jack

Our next song, “Barcelona,” was initially featured on Jack & Jack‘s debut album, A Good Friend Is Nice. It is one of their top hits because of its relatable themes about missed opportunities for love. It definitely resonates with many avid music lovers.

With an upbeat tempo and pop and rap-inspired beats, its lyrics tell the story of someone meeting a girl in Barcelona. He falls for her and misses her, despite not knowing her name.

The lyrics emphasize how the narrator wishes he could go back to reconnect and hopes she feels the same way for him. Thanks to both vocalists’ performances, it gives the song a bittersweet flair.

15. “Barcelona Beat” By Martin Chiesl Ft. Miki Speer

You can’t go wrong with songs that mention Barcelona that want to make you dance the night away. “Barcelona Beat” is a catchy Martin Chiesl and Miki Speer song featured on the 2020 album I Don’t Play Guitar.

The track has a rhythmic vibe that embodies traditional Spanish music through a contemporary lens. And with the singer saying, “Everybody on the street, do the Barcelona beat,” you can’t help but sway your hips.

The song’s lyrics have a positive vibe and reference several things emblematic of Barcelona’s culture. There’s the tapas and sangria and the trendy beachfront Pacha Barcelona dance club. No matter your mood, you can count on this song to cheer you up.

Summing Up Our List Of Barcelona Songs

As you can see, there are plenty of immersive songs about Barcelona worth listening to. Whether you’ve been there or not, these songs will make you feel transported to the place.

Each song on this list incorporates music styles and tones to suit everybody’s tastes. So we hope you found some new tracks to add to your playlist about this gorgeous paradise.

Have we included all your favorites? We definitely hope so. Have fun listening to the songs while dreaming of everything Barcelona.

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The most famous songs dedicated to Barcelona. Spain in Russian

Songs have been and will be dedicated to Barcelona. Let’s remember some of them to make a playlist for walking around the city or for a nostalgic evening if you are far away.

Barcelona (Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe)

Residents of the city over 30 years old with warmth in their hearts remember this song of two famous performers, which was performed at the opening of the Olympic Games 1992 years old

“Mediterráneo” (Joan Manuel Serrat)

The famous Spanish songwriter, performer and musician João Manuel Serrat was born in Barcelona and loved his native city and the Mediterranean coast with tender love. It was about the Mediterranean, to which Barcelona also belongs, that he sang the song “Mediterráneo” every time.

“I am a singer, I am a deceiver; I love gambling and wine; I have the soul of a sailor … What can I do if I was born in the Mediterranean Sea? ”The lines from this song say.

Barcelona (Giulia & los Tellarini)

The world learned about this song thanks to the film “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”. “It gets hot, which makes me cold inside; with this flaw to live in a lie; how beautiful your sea would be if I could swim, Barcelona.”

“La rumba de Barcelona” (Manu Chao)

The famous song praises the most popular street – La Rambla. Rambla here and Rambla there… After all, it’s true, walking in the center, from time to time the road leads to it.

“Noches en BCN” (Nach con Zpue)

The wayward character of Barcelona is the main theme of this song. She can fall in love at first sight, or maybe repel forever. She always decides.

“What does she have? It’s a tough, boxy city that loves you or hurts you when it wants to.”

“Barcelona es bona” ​​(Rudy Ventura)

We can’t help but mention this famous song in Catalan, which is considered the funniest song about Barcelona. She is often described as being similar in style to “New York, New York”. Broadway-style swing, in a nutshell. You can and should sing along!

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