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It’s an exciting time to be an innovator at HP.

More than 2,300 employees collaborate to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere.

Since 1985, HP Barcelona has been a center for research and development, serving as the headquarters for both our 

Large Format Graphics and 3D Printing businesses.

Everyone is a leader at HP

We provide programs and learning opportunities to help our people stretch their skills and get to the next level.


A globally connected community:

A large network of employees provides diverse views and backgrounds to challenge your assumptions, widen your thinking, and spark insights.


Business Impact Networks (BINs):

Our BINs—including the Women’s Impact Network, Pride Impact Network, and Multicultural Network—help us broaden our leadership skills and build community.


Support and flexibility:

Both managers and employees are deeply invested in helping everyone thrive, grow, and perform at their best.

We have fun

At HP, you can tell that people are excited about the work they do. Everyone is better at their job when they get to work with brilliant people and have fun. There are many sitewide and after work activities, onsite indoor and outdoor sports facilities, and other ways we connect with each other.

Students and graduates opportunities


Interns develop exciting and meaningful projects, and have access to personalized mentoring and coaching. They also 

have opportunities to broaden their networks and learn from hands-on experience. Are you ready to make an impact? Start here.

HP Business Graduate Program

The HP Business Graduate Program is a two-year experience, where participants will understand HP’s businesses and culture and tackle a real-world business challenge.

HP Tech Graduate Program

The HP Tech Graduate Program is a two-year experience that unlocks opportunities to be part of our labs, contribute your ideas in an innovation challenge and understand our culture.

Experienced opportunities

Be part of a collaborative workplace by contributing your unique perspective. HP offers a culture that empowers employees to thrive in their career. Work with top industry leaders and innovators. There are opportunities available in engineering, finance, legal, marketing, operations, research and development, sales, and more.

This is what it’s like to be a part of HP

Meet some of our employees who have reinvented what matters most in their careers, across the company,

and for people everywhere.


Where did I take my career?

Straight to the top.


Right out of high school, I worked as an ambassador for 3D printing trade shows. But I always had big ambitions. My managers saw this and gave me the encouragement and opportunities I needed. Now, I’m running those trade 

shows—showcasing technology that signals a new era in manufacturing.


What have I learned as a gamer?

How to find strategies for success.


You might be surprised by how much gaming helps me as a software engineer. Gamers know how to use bugs to their advantage. That’s why I vigilantly seek out every bug and eliminate it from our code—providing the best possible security for our products.


Where’s my professional path taking me?

To a place where I can help others grow.


While leading my supply chain team, I also have the freedom to inspire curious young minds as a teacher at the university level. I have the support of my managers and the flexibility to stretch my skills. This lets me mentor talented individuals while also shaping the success of the company.

HP Madrid and Lisbon

Las Rozas, located in Madrid, is the main sales site for Iberia. Lisbon, Portugal supports the local market. If you are a strategic sales, marketing, finance, or support professional, we look forward to speaking with you.

Follow HP Careers

HP Business Graduate Program

You can work with cross-functional teams in an international environment, allowing you to gain experience in one or more of the 12 businesses and functions available at the Barcelona site.

  • This two-year experience gives you a chance to:
  • Join one of the multiple HP’s businesses or functions to apply your academic learnings
  • Understand our culture and values
  • Acquire practical skills working with interesting, international teams
  • Gain knowledge and coaching from experienced professionals
  • Contribute with your ideas and perspectives to the business challenges and success

If you have completed your degree in the past two years in marketing, business administration, engineering, economics or similar disciplines and want to make an immediate impact, apply today.


This year’s application period has ended. You may check other graduate opportunities following the link below.

HP Tech Graduate Program

Seize the opportunity to work with top industry leaders and innovators who contribute to technological advances and solve challenges for our customers, partners, and employees.


This two-year experience gives you a chance to:

  • Be part of HP’s labs and latest technologies, including 3D Printing
  • Understand our culture and values
  • Apply your academic learnings
  • Gain practical skills in challenging assignments with international teams
  • Gain knowledge and coaching from experienced technical mentors
  • Contribute with your ideas and perspectives in an innovation challenge

If you have completed your degree in the past two years in computer science, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, math, mechanical engineering, physics, telecommunications, or similar disciplines and want to make an immediate impact, apply today.


This year’s application period has ended. You may check other graduate opportunities following the link below.

HP’s Largest Office Outside the US – Abdi Ismail – 2019 Spain IBUS 3033W



2 Minutes

HP Barcelona Campus: all3dp.com

Hewlett-Packard Co. or HP the American technology company relocated its printing division from San Diego to Barcelona in 1985. The division started out as the large format printing business but has really expanded over the years. Now they include R&D, Marketing, 3D printing, Graphics Business, Customer Support and much more. HP’s campus in Barcelona has become the largest and most important location outside the United States. The workforce is Barcelona is also large. HP has more than 1600 employees from 61 different countries. The fields of study are even diverse, they have scientists, engineers, and even economists which HP believes is critical for the company to keep developing new technologies in order to stay ahead.

Center of Innovation for HP

HP Jet Fusion 3D Printer: 3dprint.com

The Barcelona campus prides itself as an innovative center, trying to always be ahead of the market needs and trends. Unlike any other the field, the technology field requires constant innovation. That’s why HP Barcelona has more than 500 research and development engineers continuously evolving products. This campus alone produces more than 150 patents every single year. That’s truly perpetual innovation. One innovative product the Barcelona campus has produced is the HP Jet Fusion 3D Printer. This was considered a game changer in the 3D printer market. A market worth over 7 billion in 2018. The HP Jet Fusion 3D Printer was launched in 2016. HP claimed the printer was 10 times faster than existing 3D printers and would cut manufacturing costs in half.

Challenges of Changing Consumer Expectations

Some of the challenges that HP faces are similar to most technology companies. Consumers standards constantly change and a company like HP has to keep up or else a competitor will take advantage. Consumers are always looking for low prices and high quality. Unfortunately, HP’s products suffer from Moore’s Law so things like speed have to double and cost must keep going down. So, HP must find ways to satisfy their customers with newer and better products.

Questions for Visit

  • Why did HP choose Barcelona over the other Spanish Cities?
  • When do you see 3D printing becoming a common consumer product?
  • What do you think is the best product you ever worked on?
  • As the world becomes more digital do you think printing will be as important in the future?
  • How often do you collaborate with HP workers in the US?

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