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GetThere is designed to manage the most complex travel programs while remaining simple and intuitive for both travelers and travel managers.

Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and corporations are challenged with monitoring multiple factors in order to achieve a sustainable travel program. From cost control and expense management all the way to contract negotiations and duty of care, there’s a lot to supervise.

Managing Corporate Travel requires streamlined processes with advanced supplier and contract administration. It needs a corporate booking tool to help seamlessly manage employee travel.

It Matters How To GetThere

GetThere uniquely enables TMCs and corporations to deliver an unbeatable travel experience. By providing access to Sabre’s industry-leading platform, it allows managers to control costs and deliver a higher ROI to make every trip a success.

Evolving requirements from travelers for the user experience when booking travel, new content, and distribution needs, demand a robust product like Sabre’s GetThere. Build on many years of experience, yet with the ability to adapt to new realities such as with the intuitive storefront, Sabre’s online booking tool is well-positioned to continue to fulfill our travelers’ needs.

Geert de Boo – General Manager and Vice President of Global Business Travel, JTB Business Travel  

Product features

Broad Content

Connectivity and policy filtered aggregation of multiple content sources including NDC.

Consumer-grade UX

Intuitive easy to use interface options including branded fares, and multi-fare displays.


Relevant sustainability info at the traveler’s fingertips.


Curated offers and recommendations based on content preferences.

Tailored Corporate Travel Content

GetThere empowers Travel Management Companies to fulfill, ticket and service NDC bookings through Sabre Red 360.

A Proven Partner for Business Travel

With an average monthly uptime of 99.9%, travel managers can depend on GetThere. No wonder it has a 90% adoption rate with our top 10 customers.

If you have additional questions about GetThere or would like to learn more about Sabre, please contact us.

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How to Get There | The Betweenlands Wiki

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(This article is only about reaching the Dimension. For tips getting started in the Betweenlands itself, see the Basic Guide to Survival. For a guide on installation, see Installation)

Getting to the Betweenlands is not an easy task. Decent gear is recommended (preferably good armor, a bow, arrows, optional feather falling boots, etc) in order to obtain the Talisman needed to create a portal.

The Druid Circle

Obtaining a Swamp Talisman

The first step is to locate a Swamp biome in the Overworld. There, you may find a Druid Circle, a small circle of runed stone spires with a mysterious altar in the center.

Be careful when coming close to this structure, it continuously spawns Dark Druids. The druids attack by throwing you into the air, dropping you to cause fall damage. This is why feather falling is useful, although you can also use the Swamp’s water to break your fall. Druids also cannot attack players that are swimming (not standing) in water, which can be a useful vantage to attack from with your bow.

Each Dark Druid has a chance to drop a Swamp Talisman Piece on death. There are 4 unique pieces that must be collected. Once each piece has been obtained, the player can optionally break the Dark Druid Monster Spawner below the altar to prevent further spawns. It can be recreated if need be by placing any 4 saplings in the altar.

Finally, right-click the altar and place the 4 pieces in each corner slot. The altar will then combine the fragments to create the Swamp Talisman, the key to creating a Betweenlands portal. After that, simply right-click the altar again and claim the finished talisman.

The Portal Tree

Creating a Portal

From there, creating a portal is easy. Place any sapling in a flat, wide area (remove nearby tall grass too), and right-click the sapling with the Swamp Talisman. The Portal Tree will generate around the sapling, complete with four portals to the Betweenlands. (Note that the Tree is quite large, so don’t create it near anything too important)

Once the portal is created, you can begin your journey! You can go in as prepared, or unprepared as you’d like, but keep in mind that non-Betweenlands food, potions, torches, and weapons don’t work as well in the Betweenlands. Weapons receive a severe damage penalty, torches extinguish when placed, and food and potions become completely rotten, so you will likely have to craft Betweenlands equivalents anyways. You can get a slight head start by using the floor of the Portal Tree to make basic Weedwood tools.

All that’s left is to dive into the portal to start your adventure in this dark, swampy, terrifying dimension!

(For tips on getting started in the dimension itself, see the Basic Guide to Survival)


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Antarctica: how to get there and why you should plan a trip now

If you have always wanted to get to Antarctica and arrange a polar expedition, for now we suggest at least dreaming – this season trips there are impossible due to the general situation with the coronavirus in the world. The continent has been specially protected from the possible penetration of the virus, according to White Desert, the only company that arranges trips to Antarctica in a five-star travel format. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to contain the epidemic. However, there is every chance to go there in a year, in the 2021-2022 season, and it is worth thinking about it already now. We tell you how to do it and what you have to see for those who decide.

Itinerary and details

You need to book a trip six months in advance or even earlier. First you have to get to Cape Town, from where the White Desert fly to their destination – the journey to Antarctica on a comfortable private plane will take five hours. There is a visa-free regime for Russians in South Africa; a visa is also not required for trips to Antarctica.

Make sure you have time to spare: you need to arrive in Cape Town two days before flying to Antarctica – it is also important to leave two days after returning to South Africa in case of bad weather (which is possible).



The White Desert offers an experience different from traditional camping expeditions. At the head of everything – comfort, as if guests arrived in a five-star hotel, as well as environmental friendliness. This is what Antarctic explorers and adventurers alike, Robin and Patrick Woodhead, have been guided by since the company was founded in 2005. At the heart of her mission is the desire to positively influence the future of the continent, develop ethical tourism and support scientific activities. Only it is allowed here – not a single state in the world owns Antarctica. Its management is carried out under an international treaty 1959 years, which is currently signed by 54 countries, including Russia.

Since 2007, White Desert has been a carbon neutral company and has been actively promoting the work of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), of which Robin Woodhead is a member. In addition, the company helps transport researchers to their research base in Antarctica. In total, there are now about 70 bases here, including the Russian year-round station Novolazarevskaya.

How it all works

Travel is only possible when it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere, ie from November to February. The main temperatures at this time are favorable and stay on average from -5°C to -15°C. According to the White Desert schedule, the first guests arrive on the mainland in mid-November, and the last ones leave on February 1st.

If you wish, before or after the expedition, stay in South Africa to go on a safari, meet tropical nature, go around the entire capital rich in boutique hotels and restaurants, and visit the Zeitz MOCAA museum. In Cape Town, you have to go through a briefing about a trip to Antarctica – before you go to it. After a five-hour flight, you will first enter Queen Maud Land, with the only private jet-optimized Wolf’s Fang Runway. You can also arrive on your own jet. Another short flight – a matter of half an hour – and you are at Whichaway Camp, where you will stay.


Whichaway Camp

Where to live

Surrounded by a collection of spherical kilometers of freshwater lakes and roughly a capsule of freshwater lakes from the ocean with the comfort of a five-star hotel. Moreover, they are very environmentally friendly: you can dismantle dwellings at any time and without harming nature. All solid waste is collected and disposed of by the White Desert team at the end of the season in Cape Town, and solar panels are used for heating and generating most of the electricity. Attention to the environment is also shown in the choice of cosmetics – natural, without components that leave a harmful biological trace.

Whichaway Camp

Kelvin Trautman


All residential capsules are designed for two, equipped with a heated bed, work area, toilet. The kitchen and shower are located separately. In addition, several capsules combine the reception, dining room and living room, and in the 2021-2022 season they promise to build a yoga sphere here. Food here is prepared from South African products, if necessary, taking into account the dietary requirements of guests. The chef’s three-course menu offers wine or champagne, fresh bread is always baked.

Whichaway Camp

Important about Antarctica

  • Antarctica was discovered on January 16 (28), 1820 by a Russian expedition led by Thaddeus Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev, who on the sloops “Vostok” and “Mirny” approached the area of ​​the modern Bellinghausen glacier .

  • Its territory is almost completely covered with ice, which in some areas of the continent go 4. 5 km deep into the earth.

  • Up to 80% of the Earth’s fresh water reserves are located here. And at the same time, the last rain fell in Antarctica almost two million years ago. Of precipitation, only snow is possible.


What to do on the continent

pole. In November, the largest representatives of the penguin family, living only in Antarctica, can still be found as chicks – in a children’s gray color. In adults, it resembles a tailcoat, which gave the name to the species. Most of the emperor penguins live near Atka Bay, which is a two-hour flight from Whichaway Camp – and only White Desert arranges excursions there.


The South Pole, located 2400 meters from the camp, requires a long flight: after the first five hours there is a stop for refueling, then another two hours – and you are there. The average air temperature in summer here is -25°C. You can consolidate your impressions not only with pictures, but also with a special stamp in your passport. The return trip with a comfortable overnight stay at the station will make you feel like a real polar explorer before returning back.

Expedition to the South Pole

Kelvin Trautman

Tours do not involve difficult trekking routes or extreme ascents. All programs are individual, often include contemplation of nature, and yoga, and meditation, as well as walks – including to the ice tunnels – barbecue, rock climbing and more. It is also possible to organize a wedding: if you suddenly decide to choose the coldest, windiest, driest and most mountainous continent of the planet for this, White Desert already has experience in organizing.

Other things to know

No special physical training required – guests live in comfortable conditions at sea level. Children over 12 years old can be taken on trips, since White Desert does not organize complex expeditions. Both trips are possible in a mixed composition, up to 12 people, as well as family and even single trips. Active recreation programs are developed for each guest or group, all accompanied by professional guides.


The organizers will help you with suitable clothes for – ask for available options, and if you don’t have time and desire to choose, ask to make the necessary pre-order according to your measurements. When traveling, you will need ski windproof clothing for low temperatures: hats, jackets, trousers, gloves, trekking boots, a ski mask, rubber-soled uggs, stockings, fleece trousers and jackets, thermal underwear.

Marko Prezelj

Important to bring 1-2 packs of SPF cream suitable for sports and with a wear of at least eight hours, an expedition bag, a wide-brimmed hat, a special Buff windproof tube scarf.

There is no single time zone in Antarctica. White Desert use official time of Dronning Maud Land UTC+03:00 (coincides with Moscow time) to coordinate all events.

There is no cell service and no Wi-Fi in Antarctica. You can only come with a satellite phone or use the White Desert satellite connection for an additional fee. There is also an option to arrange a digital detox for yourself. You will probably be so mesmerized by what is happening that you don’t even remember about the phone.


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How to get there

How to get to Nikola-Lenivets


The road from Moscow, depending on the route, is from 20 km0 which you choose. There are two main routes: along the Kievskoe or Minskoe highway. On the map, we marked in red two sections of 4.8 and 10 km, where drivers should not accelerate.


By car from Kaluga the road is about 60 km. Places undesirable for high speeds are marked on our map.


by taxi: From the station Maloyaroslavets, Kaluga-1, Kaluga-2, Kondrovo (Govardovo) to Nikola-Lenivets you can order a taxi. for small companies it is possible to order a minibus.

Taxi Nikola-Lenivets:
+7 919 034 19 00
+7 903 812 40 08
+7 920 612 61 51
Book in advance!

Child seats and restraint triangles are available.


The bus runs in the direction Moscow — Kaluga and back. More than 80 buses depart from Moscow per day in this direction. You can find the full schedule, place of departure and cost at the link below.

From Kaluga you can get by bus to Kondrovo, then you can order a taxi from Kondrovo to Nikola-Lenivets.

For those who have previously traveled by bus Moscow — Kondrovo, we regret to inform you that this flight has been cancelled.

Bus schedule Moscow – Kaluga.
Bus schedule Kaluga `- Kondrovo.


From the Kievsky railway station by electric trains of the Kyiv direction to the stations Obninsk, Maloyaroslavets, Tikhonova Pustyn or Kaluga-1, Govardovo. Then take a taxi to the village of Nikola-Lenivets.
Ticket price from 450 rubles.

Electric train schedule Moscow – Kaluga.


The average cost of a trip from Red Square in Moscow to the art park Nikola-Lenivets on UberX will be about 5000 rubles.

Download the Uber app in the AppStore and on Android.


One of the most common ways to get to Nikola-Lenivets is using the BlaBlaCar service. If your fellow traveler does not stop at Nikola-Lenivets, but passes any nearby point on the way from Moscow or Kaluga, then you can use the services of a local taxi, whose contacts are listed above.

Go to the BlaBlaCar website.


Citydrive Citydrive cars will allow you to travel from Moscow and back. for a trip to Nikola-Lenivets, package rates from 1 to 7 days are suitable. it will not be possible to complete the lease in the park, because there is no green zone, but it will be possible to put the car into standby mode via a mobile network or using bluetooth.


Delimobil operates both in Moscow and Kaluga. For carsharing, we recommend that you contact this or another company that you are going to use in advance – this will help you avoid unexpected overlaps (for example, we are told that sometimes it is not possible to complete a trip, despite the fact that other users get there without problems).


On Yandex.Drive, users can get to Nikola by taking a package tariff from 1 day to 7 days. It will not work to complete the trip on the territory of Nikola, there is no zone for completing the lease. In order to put the car into standby mode and close it, you need to take a car with a Bluetooth door tag, turn on Blth on your phone and the application will prompt you to close the car by Blth


Kaluga has an international airport.