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Camp Nou, also known as the Barcelona Stadium, is a must-visit attraction in the city.

Two million tourists take the Camp Nou Stadium tour every year.

As part of this tour, tourists also get to visit Barcelona Football Club Museum inside the Stadium.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know before booking your Camp Nou Tour.

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Table of contents

  • What to expect
  • Camp Nou tour tickets
  • Guided tour of Camp Nou
  • Why online Camp Nou tickets are better
    • 1. Avoid the queue
    • 2. Ticket prices are discounted
    • 3. Avoid the wait for your time slot
    • 4. No need to do research on match days
      • For Champions League matches
      • For La Liga & Copa del Rey matches
      • How booking online helps
  • How to reach Camp Nou
    • Camp Nou access gates
    • By Metro
    • By Bus
    • Camp Nou parking
  • Camp Nou tour hours
    • Camp Nou tours on Match days
    • When is Camp Nou closed?
  • Best time to visit Camp Nou
    • Camp Nou in winter
    • Best time for photographs
  • How long does Camp Nou tour take?
  • What to see at Camp Nou Experience tour
    • 1. 3D presentation at Camp Nou
    • 2. Away team dressing room, Camp Nou
    • 3. FC Barcelona’s Chapel
    • 4. Players’ tunnel and the dugout at Camp Nou
    • 5. FC Barcelona Museum
    • 6. Press Box at Camp Nou
    • 7. Artwork of Miro at Camp Nou
    • 8. The Messi Zone, Camp Nou
  • Camp Nou tour reviews
    • Really interesting tour
    • A must for any football fan!
  • Camp Nou audio guide
  • Restaurants in Camp Nou
  • Souvenirs at FCBotiga

What to expect

Check out the video to get an idea of what to expect on the Camp Nou tour.

There is only one way to see and enjoy the greatness of Camp Nou and FC Barcelona – by going on a tour.

For visitors 11 years and above, the Camp Nou tour ticket costs €26 per person, and kids aged 4 to 10 years can get in by paying a discounted price of €20.

Buy Tickets Now

Camp Nou tour tickets

This Camp Nou tour ticket lets you access everything there is to see and experience at the premier Barcelona stadium.

Camp Nou tour ticket’s inclusions are:

– Away team dressing room
– FC Barcelona’s chapel
– Player’s tunnel
– Player’s dugout
– FC Barcelona Museum
– Camp Nou’s Press Box
– The Messi Zone

These tickets are timed – while booking, you must choose one of the many half-hour time slots available.

These Camp Nou Experience tickets are smartphone tickets, which means they get delivered to your email, and you don’t need to take printouts.

On the day of your visit, show them the ticket in your email and walk in.

Camp Nou tour price

Adult ticket (11+ years): 26 Euros
Child ticket (4 to 10 years): 20 Euros
Infant ticket (up to 3 years): Free entry

Buy This Ticket

Read Reviews

You can get fantastic discounts when you buy tickets for these attractions together –

Camp Nou + Sagrada Familia

Camp Nou + Barcelona Zoo

Camp Nou + Barcelona Aquarium

Visual Story: 12 must-know tips before visiting Camp Nou

Guided tour of Camp Nou

If you prefer a FC Barcelona guide to take you around, check out this guided Barcelona Stadium tour.

Why online Camp Nou tickets are better

You can buy Barcelona Camp Nou tickets online, or you can buy from the ticketing window at Gate No. 9 of the Stadium.

For the best Camp Nou tour experience, we recommend you buy the tickets online.

There are four distinct advantages of booking your Camp Nou Stadium tour online.

1. Avoid the queue

If you decide to buy tickets for the Barca Experience from the Stadium, you must stand in a queue at the Gate No. 9 ticketing counter.

Depending on the season and time of the day, you may have to wait anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours in the line.

In the foreground you see the Barcelona Stadium tour ticket you can buy at the venue. In the background you can spot the long lines, which is a waste of your precious time. Image: VisitCampNou on Flickr

You can avoid this waiting time if you buy your tickets online.

Bonus: If for some reason, you didn’t heed to our advice and are now standing in Camp Nou’s ticketing queue, check out these interesting Camp Nou facts


Ticket prices are discounted

Yes, you read that right – if you buy your Camp Nou tickets online, you get a discount on the ticket.

When you buy Barcelona Camp Nou tickets at the venue, you get charged 2.5 Euros extra for every ticket.

This ‘extra’ you end up paying is called the handling charge (also known as the window surcharge).

When you buy online, you don’t pay this surcharge and hence end up with a 2.5 Euros discount on every ticket.

Save money, buy Camp Nou Tour tickets online.

3. Avoid the wait for your time slot

Tickets issued at Camp Nou have a time mentioned on them.

And you can only start your Tour Camp Nou at the time specified on your ticket.

If you don’t purchase your tickets online, these timed tickets result in additional waiting time during crowded days.

Let us explain how:

Let’s say you reach Camp Nou Stadium at 2 pm.

You stand in the queue at the ticketing counter for a half-hour and get your tickets at 2. 30 pm.

But because of the crowd, the next available time slot is 3.30 pm (this time gets printed on your tickets).

Now, you will have to wait for an hour before you can start the Camp Nou Experience tour.

When you book your ticket online, you can avoid this waiting by arriving at the Camp Nou entrance in time for your tour to start.

4. No need to do research on match days

Camp Nou tour gets affected when matches are scheduled at the stadium.

For Champions League matches

When a Champions League match is scheduled, the Camp Nou tour gets affected on two days – one day before the game (for preparation) and the day of the game.

On both days, you can visit the FC Barcelona Museum, the Trophy Room, and Messi’s Zone till 3 pm.

But this is only half the experience, so we don’t recommend visiting on match days.

For La Liga & Copa del Rey matches

The Camp Nou tours get canceled when La Liga and Copa del Rey matches get scheduled.

How booking online helps

When you buy Camp Nou tour tickets online, you can’t book on match days.

Thus, you don’t have to do your independent research on match days.

You also won’t land up at the stadium’s Gate No. 9 to buy tickets on a matchday only to be turned away.

Save yourself a lot of trouble, buy Camp Nou tickets online.

How to reach Camp Nou

Camp Nou has been FC Barcelona’s home since it was inaugurated in September 1957.

The Camp Nou stadium is in the Les Corts neighborhood of Barcelona.

There are many ways to get to Barca stadium.

Camp Nou access gates

Here is a map showing all the Camp Nou entrances –

Map Courtesy:

If you are near the Barcelona Stadium, you can walk the distance.

You should reach Gate No. 7 or Gate No. 9 on Avinguda de Joan XXIII if you have booked a Camp Nou tour.

By Metro

Two Metro Lines take you close to Camp Nou – Line 3 and Line 5.

If you are taking Line 3, get down at Metro Station Palau Reial or Les Corts.

If you are reaching Barcelona Stadium by Line 5, the closest Metro stations are Collblanc and Badal – you decide.

From each of these Metro Stations, Camp Nou is approximately 10-minutes by walk.

By Bus

Bus numbers D20, H6, H8, 7, 33, 54, 56, 57, 59, 63, 67, 68, 70, 75, 78, 113, 157 & L12 pass through Camp Nou.

Camp Nou parking

During Camp Nou tour hours, free parking is available for all visitors.

You must enter the Stadium via Access 14 (Carrer Arístides Maillol).

On match days, parking is available only till four hours before the kick-off time.

If you have booked your Camp Nou tour on a match day, opt for public transport.

Save money during your Barcelona holiday. For free rides on public transport, get Hola BCN card

Camp Nou tour hours

During the peak season of April to October, the Camp Nou Experience tour is available from 9. 30 am to 7.30 pm every day.

During the rest of the year, the Barcelona FC Stadium and Museum open at 10 am and close at 6.30 pm.

Period Day(s) of the Week Time
2 Jan to 8 Jan Daily 10 am to 7.30 pm
9 Jan to 24 Mar Monday to Saturday* 10 am to 6.30 pm
25 Mar to 14 Oct Daily 9.30 am to 7.30 pm
15 Oct to 16 Dec Monday to Saturday* 10 am to 6.30 pm
17 Dec to 31 Dec Daily 10 am to 7:30 pm

*During the lean period from 9 Jan to 24 Mar and from 15 Oct to 16 Dec, on Sundays the Camp Nou Tour is only available from 10 am to 2.30 pm.

Camp Nou tours on Match days

On Matchdays, Camp Nou Experience tours get canceled.

That’s why match days aren’t the best time to visit Camp Nou.

However, depending on the type of match, certain parts of the Camp Nou Stadium tour are open to the public.

When is Camp Nou closed?

Camp Nou remains closed on Christmas and New Year.

Best time to visit Camp Nou

Visitors enjoy the hardware at FC Barcelona Museum. Resul Muslu /

The best time to visit Camp Nou and start your Barcelona Stadium tour is before 11 am.

The queue is short, and you can spend as much time as you want to explore the exhibits at the FC Barcelona stadium and Museum.

If you can’t make it before 11 am, the next best time is by 4 pm.

But then, you only get two and a half hours to make the most of your Tour Camp Nou.

On all days of the week, the period just after lunch sees the longest queues.

If you want to avoid the crowd, it is best to book Camp Nou tour tickets online.

Visiting this attraction close to the match days isn’t advisable because the Barcelona Camp Nou tour gets canceled.

Camp Nou in winter

You won’t experience long lines at the ticketing counters and the other attractions on tour during winter.

However, during these months, the Camp Nou stadium feels a bit colder than usual.

The self-guided museum tour, which is indoor, doesn’t get affected in winter.

Best time for photographs

Inside the FC Barcelona Museum you can take close shots of trophies and other memorabilia all through the day.

However, if you want to take good photographs of the stadium, the best time to visit Camp Nou is before 5 pm.

Shadows start to elongate and darken up the photographs after 5 pm.

Hint: If you plan to get photographed on the pitch, don’t wear green. You don’t want to merge with the lush green Camp Nou grass.

How long does Camp Nou tour take?

The Camp Nou Tour, which includes both FC Barcelona Museum and the Stadium, takes two hours.

Serious Barcelona FC fans are known to spend even up to four hours on tour.

Most of this time goes in viewing the Barcelona FC’s trophies, the various other exhibits on display, learning the club’s history, and soaking in the stadium atmosphere.

There is no time limit on the Camp Nou tour ticket – once inside, you can stay and explore till it is closing time.

What to see at Camp Nou Experience tour

Camp Nou Experience tour is a self-guided tour that takes you through everything there is to see at Europe’s finest soccer stadium.

This experience is also known as the Barcelona FC tour.

On non-match days, the Camp Nou Experience tour includes everything on offer at the world-class stadium.

1. 3D presentation at Camp Nou

This 3D show provides images and scenarios of famous football matches.

If you are visiting with kids, stop by here because they seem to love this 3D show more than adults.

This 3D show has no audio – perhaps, to cater to tourists from all nations.

2. Away team dressing room, Camp Nou

You get a peek inside the away team dressing room where Ryan Gigs, David Beckham, Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard, and many other legends have discussed team strategies before facing the mighty FC Barcelona.

3. FC Barcelona’s Chapel

Gods of football come to worship the real God at this Chapel before entering the pitch and facing their opponents.

The Chapel is right next to the dressing room.

4. Players’ tunnel and the dugout at Camp Nou

This part of Tour Camp Nou is sure to give you goosebumps.

It is the same tunnel through which players such as Maradona, Johan Cruyff, Ronaldo, Romario, Ronaldhino, Xavi, and Messi walked to the pitch.

You will be standing on the spot graced by their stud-laden feet.

You can also sit on the dugout benches and do a fake warm-up as if you were going in next.

However, this part of the tour remains closed on match days, and you can only enjoy a panoramic view of the stadium.

5. FC Barcelona Museum

At the Museum, you can see all the 5 Champions Leagues, 3 FIFA Club World Cups, 24 La Liga titles, and 29 Spanish Cups.

Many interactive walls take you through the glorious history of the club.

A video presentation showcases some of the biggest wins of Barcelona FC.

6. Press Box at Camp Nou

As part of the tour, you can explore the elegant 29-cabin Barcelona press box, which stretches for about 35 meters above the ground.

The view from the press box is one of the best.

7. Artwork of Miro at Camp Nou

The famous artist Miro was a Barcelona fan, and as a tribute, he has made a beautiful lithograph displayed at the club.

The painting is bound to catch the attention of art-lovers visiting the FC Barcelona stadium.

Read more such Camp Nou facts.

8. The Messi Zone, Camp Nou

Messi’s Golden Boot which you will see in Messi’s Zone during your Camp Nou Experience tour. Marco Rubino /

The club hero! The legend! The magician! No words are enough to describe this footballing maestro who grew up in this club.

In Messi’s Zone, you can see his three Golden Boots and five Ballon D’ors.

If his trophies and the prizes overwhelm you, get ready to be blown away by the continuously-running big screen display of Messi’s legendary goals.

Camp Nou tour reviews

Camp Nou is a highly rated attraction on TripAdvisor.

Its 4.5 rating makes it a top 10 tourist attraction in Barcelona.

We have selected two of the most recent Camp Nou reviews for you –

Really interesting tour

As a football lover, I was always going to love this, but my wife who is not really into football also enjoyed it.

The Museum was fascinating. The Museum is not only about the team but the part they played in Catalonian history and the differences between Catalonia and Spain.

Being able to go pitch side, see the change rooms, media boxes and walk up the tunnel to the pitch was all part of the exciting experience. – h4005MGjohna

A must for any football fan!

I have been to Barcelona twice now and both times I have visited Camp Nou.

I honestly cannot describe how amazing the stadium is, I still enjoyed the tours and experiences even though I had already seen them. – Avigeektraveller

Camp Nou audio guide

The Camp Nou Experience tour is self-guided.

You will see enough directional arrows, information boards, bright yellow barriers, etc., to direct you all through the tour.

Besides, there are security guards and attendants to guide you if you get stuck.

However, if you love lots of information, we recommend you purchase the Camp Nou audio guide.

Working the Camp Nou’s audio guides is easy.

It has two parts – a device where you can input numbers corresponding to the exhibit you are standing next to and an earphone that relays the info.

Barcelona Stadium tour’s audio guide costs 6 Euros per person, and you can buy it at the venue.

These audioguides are available in Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Dutch.

Restaurants in Camp Nou

If you prefer you can break your Camp Nou tour for some good Spanish food at ‘Tapas 24’, or the popular Spanish fast food joint ‘Pans and Company’ or ‘Ice Rink’.

All these restaurants serve local fare.

You can’t be a soccer fan and not have a beer at Camp Nou.

That’s precisely why ‘Estrella Damm Hall’ dishes out beer and snacks for the tourists who walk in.

Souvenirs at FCBotiga

FCBotiga stores are the official merchandise store for Barcelona FC.

The largest of the FCBotiga stores is at Camp Nou.

At the end of the Camp Nou Stadium tour, you will be ushered into FCBotiga to pick up souvenirs.

These FCBotigas also exist in other parts of Barcelona and are excellent places to pick up gifts for friends and relatives.



The travel specialists at use only high-quality sources while researching & writing their articles. We make every attempt to keep our content current, reliable and trustworthy.

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Who are Barça socios and how to become one [GUIDE]

I received tons of messages from you asking about the topic of FC Barcelona socio and how to become one. So here’s the most up-to-date guide where I will show you step by step how to become a socio (or soci in Catalan, you can use both forms).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: the article has been updated on 14th April 2022 after the Club opened a new way to become a socio: by an online petition.

So who exactly are socios?

FC Barcelona is a unique club. It’s a club with a specific philosophy, deeply rooted in the local identity of the city and autonomous region of Catalonia and at the same time, it’s a global brand and one of the biggest football corporations in the world. A club that has its football academy La Masia as a symbol but at the same time burns money on overrated foreign stars. Also, the owners of FC Barcelona are unique.

Catalans love to meet, gather and do stuff together. Going to a restaurant or a bar by yourself is considered a bit weird. Gossip and chit-chat are a part of everyday life so after nearly five years of living here I understand why FC Barcelona doesn’t belong to just one person but socios – members. Currently, in 2022, there are around 143,000 socios but this number changes every year.

Members have also an influence on the functioning of FC Barcelona. First of all, it’s because of them there can be no sheik who comes to Catalonia with a bag of gold to buy the club. It’s a good thing. Also, if we’re run by a horrible president like Bartomeu, socios can prepare a vote of no confidence and get him out of the club.

So if FC Barcelona is a democracy then logically we need elections to choose our Presidente. And that’s exactly what happens every few years. The current president is Joan Laporta who won the last elections in March 2021.

Finally, if there is a crucial decision to be made regarding FC Barcelona’s future the board can call for a referendum. The last two were about the change of the club’s crest (dismissed, thank God) and the construction of Espai Barça (approved). There is also a General Assembly (Asamblea General de Socios) to which you can be randomly chosen if you’d been a socio for at least 5 years.

How to become an FC Barcelona

socio (member) in 2022

It’s quite easy actually. The 3-year waiting period introduced by Sandro Rosell has been scraped and it has been permitted to become a by filling out an online form, not just in person, as it used to be (voted in favor by Asamblea General de Socios on Oct 24th, 2021).

ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS FILL OUT THIS ONLINE FORM. After a couple of days, you’ll get a confirmation to your email and the Club will send you the welcome package via mail.

You can also do it on the spot once you’re at Camp Nou. To become a socio in person you need to go to OAB (Oficina de Atenció al Barcelonista). It’s a building on the corner of Travessera Les Corts and Aristides Maillol. If you go through the gate ACCES 15 with a BENVINGUTS photo turn right behind the tapas bar.

All you need to prepare is your Passport/ID and your bank account number (although you can also pay by card).

And that’s it! Congratulations, you’re now a socio!

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A post shared by 9CAMPNOU (@9campnou)

follow me on Instagram for more than 700 unique Barça pictures!

FAQ (frequently asked questions):

1. Is it worth it to become an FC Barcelona socio?

I think it is. Apart from being a club member and having a real influence on FC Barcelona politics, you will get discounts for tickets and the ability to buy them in a pre-sale for the most anticipated games like El Clásico. After a few years more you’ll have the ability to vote in the referendums and you can get elected as a socio compromisario).

Members have also Barça TV + for free in addition to some local discounts like in the Catalan theme park Port Aventura.

Recently with the introduction of online voting, you don’t even have to live in Spain to make an influence.

2. How much does being a member cost and what are the required documents?

Currently in 2022, the socio membership fee costs 195 EUR per year, paid in full in December or January of every year. Regarding the documents like I wrote above you only really need your ID and a bank account number so that the Club can charge you automatically like with every subscription in the world. If there’s a payment error don’t worry, you can always pay the fee manually via your socio panel.

As soon as you become a socio you’ll get a welcome pack for starters which is a nice gesture. In this video below you can see what I got.

3. How to get FC Barcelona season ticket?

If you are a Barça socio you can also try to get your own season ticket (asiento). Currently however it takes around 10 years in total. You can sign up for lista de espera 2 years after having gotten your socio card. You have to sign up for the list in person at the OAB office at Camp Nou. For the first three years, you have to renew your application at this office so be prepared to travel to Camp Nou at least once per season. Which is what you’d do anyway, right? You can then consult your position on the list here.

As for prices we say that Barça has one of the most expensive tickets and one of the cheapest season tickets in the world. Season ticket prices start at around 250 EUR per year for seats around Gol 1 and include all the competitions. So once you have it, no need to pay extra for any games. The most expensive asientos located at the prestigious Tribuna cost around 900 EUR. This might however change after the Nou Camp Nou is finished and its capacity is expanded to 100,500 seats.

It is now also possible to get a season ticket from someone if they transfer their card to you. It is supposed to be free but of course, there are many offers online with prices starting from around 2000 EUR.

4. Is there an age limit on becoming a socio?

No there isn’t. You can even sign up a newborn if you wish. Also, children younger than six years old can register for free and children from 6-14 years old only pay some of the yearly fees.


As you see the topic of becoming an FC Barcelona member is quite complex and I wanted to create the best and most up-to-date guide you’ll find on the internet. Luckily, after Laporta took charge of the office the 3-year waiting period is no longer required and you don’t have to be at Camp Nou in person unless you want to. I hope you found my guide helpful and who knows, maybe you’ll take part in the next elections?

Personally, I would like to have more foreign socios. If you have any questions drop a comment below!

If you found this article helpful… Buy us a coffee, maybe? 🥺 We don’t have any ads on the blog and we are supported by donations only. Thank you!

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There is 1 airport in Barcelona ✈️ , so you don’t have much choice 😊 and if you are going to fly by plane, then this is the only way to get to your hotel and the airport “ Barcelona-El Prat Airport ” you can not avoid

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20. 01.2024


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24.06.2023 🇧🇪Brussels 2h 2 558
06/07/2023 🇫🇷 Lyon 1h 20m 9018 2 65 9

05/15/2023 🇱🇺Luxembourg 1h 55m 2 674
05/10/2023 🇪🇸 Vigo 1h 45m 2 717
04/25/2023 London 🇬182

19h 5m (⇵1) 2 826
11/08/2023 🇩🇪Berlin 2h 40m 2 951
03/04/2024 🇸🇪Stockholm 3h 40m
24. 04.2023 🇵🇹 Faro 1h 55m 2 994
14.06.2023 🇩🇪Cologne 2h 15m 3 013
25.04.2023 1h 35m 3 018
11.07.2023 1h 55m 3 030
19.05.2023 🇫🇷Nantes 1h 39m
3h 25m 3 122

🇲 0181

2h 25m 3 217
02/05/2023 2h 30m 3 257
06/04/2023 🇮🇹Pisa 52h (⇵1) 05/16/2023 🇩🇰Billund 25h (⇵1) 3410

🇩🇪Düsseldorf 20h 55m (⇵1) 3 501
05/10/2023 🇪🇸Gran Canaria 2h 55m 3 510
22. 05.2023 🇬🇧Bristol 2h 10m
25.05.2023 🇷🇸 Belgrade 2h 45m 3 593
05/15/2023 🇮🇹Alghero 21h (⇵1) 3 607
08.05.2023 9018 ari 19h 15m (⇵1) 3 696
07.06 .2023 🇮🇹Skating 11h (⇵1) 3 713
23.11.2023 🇵🇱 Wroclaw
05/03/2023 🇩🇪 Karlsruhe 9h (⇵1) 3741
22.05.2023 🇩🇪Nuremberg 38h 15m (⇵1) 3 797
06/08/2023 🇮🇹Palermo 2h 3 909
19. 05.2023 🇲🇦Tangier 3 946
000″> 05/09/2023 🇪🇸San Sebastian 1h 5m 4 000
16.05.2023 🇲🇦Agadir 15h (⇵ 2) 9018 4 0 18 188

08.05.2023 🇨🇭 Basel 1h 45m 4 041
05/23/2023 🇲🇹 Valletta 6h 5m (⇵1) 4 077
0m (⇵1) 4 137
05/10/2023 🇩🇰Copenhagen 11h (⇵1) 4 138
06/22/2023 🇲🇪Podgorica 2h 285m 4 224
06/07/2023 🇧🇬 Sofia 21h 55m (⇵1) 4 272
02. 05.2023 🇸🇪Gothenburg 25h 15m (⇵1) 4 272

3 🇴Iasi 13h 10m (⇵1) 4 280
06/14/2023 🇨🇿Prague 13h 5m (⇵1) 4 341
28h 25m (⇵1) 4 385
06.06. 2023 🇮🇹 Brindisi 9h (⇵1) 4 392
04.10.2023 🇩🇪Frankfurt am Main 11h 25m (⇵1) 4 403 9040 9046 20188 2023 🇩🇪Hamburg 19h 5m (⇵1) 4 416
03.05.2023 🇮🇹Florence 1h 45m 4 466
🇵🇱Warsaw 17h 20m (⇵1) 4 478
000″> 09. 05.2023 🇱🇻 Riga 25h 50m (⇵1) 4 491
14.06.2023 🇵🇱Krakow 5h 50m (⇵1)
06.05.2023 🇬🇷Thessaloniki 25h 15m (⇵1) 4 547

05/23/2023 🇨🇭Zurich 1h 45m 4 658
06.06.2023 🇦🇱Tirana 17h 20m (⇵1) 4900
) 4 913
06/01/2023 🇪 🇸Granada 1h 30m 4 937
04.05.2023 971
17.06.2023 🇦🇹 Salzburg 14h 15 (⇵1) 5 034
06. 06.2023 🇸🇰Bratislava 18h 20m (⇵1) 5 069
yunchen 2h 10m 5 082
20.06.2023 🇵🇱Katowice 18h 15m (⇵1) 5 162
16.05.2023 🇭🇺Budapest 5 191
000″> 05/09/2023 🇩🇪 Leipzig 26h (⇵2) 5 238 9Tallinn 15h 20m

🇨🇾Larnaca 29h 15m (⇵1) 5 254

The most popular destinations

from Barcelona

And here we tried to show the most popular destinations from Barcelona airport, but at a low price! Most often there are round-trip tickets, one of the frequent cities where planes fly is Istanbul, Moscow, Paris, Helsinki and Rome

  1. To Istanbul42 120

    25. 04.2023


  2. To Moscow174 853

    5002.0 6 11.05.2023

  3. To Paris9 585


    16.05. 2023

  4. Helsinki21 361



  5. Rome21 492

    2023 007


  6. To Yerevan69 562



  7. To Malaga10 569



  8. Palmu de Mallu2-5



  9. To Madrid16 997



  10. Algeria34 459




    To Marrakech43 056



  11. Tenerife41 499



  12. Milan14 749

    04/28/2023 9005 23

  13. In Alicante11 563



  14. To Brussels30 332

    14. 07.2023


  15. To Dakar124 504

  16. 7

    3006.05 1.05.2023

  17. To Lisbon20 285

    25.04.2023 9To Ibiza 006 29.04.2023


  18. To London32 591

    06.06. 2023


  19. To Amsterdam30 541



  20. To Seville 3
  21. 07



  22. To Tel Aviv54 246



  23. To Vienna 0006 To Warsaw42 131



  24. To Venice46 to Vilnius

  25. Accra127 276



  26. To Dubai66 453



  27. To Kutaisi24 442

    19.05 5.05.2023

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