Hotel barcelona map: BARCELONA HOTEL MAP – Best Areas, Neighborhoods, & Places to Stay

BARCELONA HOTEL MAP – Best Areas, Neighborhoods, & Places to Stay

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Updated: November 21, 2022

My Favorite Hotels in Barcelona

• 5-star: El Palace
• 4-star: Mercer
• 3-star: Sixties Ramblas
• For Couples: Hotel Bagues
• For Families: Grand Central
• Hotel Pool: Grand Central
• Near Beach: Hotel Arts
• Airport: Sleep&Fly
• Cruise Port: Grand Marina
• Kitchen Suite: Citadines Ramblas
• Best New Hotel: Casa Sagnier

Best Hotels on Map: Gran Hotel La Florida • ABaC Hotel • Casa Fuster • Sir Victor Hotel • Claris GL • Majestic Hotel • Mandarin Oriental • El Palace • Cotton House • Ohla Barcelona • Hotel Bagués • Citadines Ramblas • Hotel Neri • Grand Hotel Central • Aparthotel Arai • Mercer Hotel • Hotel Arts • Hotel Miramar • W Barcelona

Affordable Hotels on Map: Barceló Sants • Generator Barcelona • Hostal Oliva • Praktik Rambla • Itaca Hostel • Chic & Basic • Sixties Ramblas

Best Places to Stay in Barcelona

The Hotel Arts is the best Barcelona beach hotel.

  • Best Luxury Hotels in Barcelona
    Mandarin Oriental • El Palace • Cotton House
  • Best Boutique Hotels in Barcelona
    Hotel Bagués • DO Placa Reial • Mercer • Hotel Neri
  • Best Cheap/Midrange Hotels in Barcelona
    Praktik Rambla • Chic & Basic • Itaca Hostel • Hostal Oliva
  • More Recommended Hotels
    W Barcelona • Gran Hotel La Florida • ABaC Hotel • Casa Fuster • Sir Victor • Claris GL • Majestic Hotel • Ohla Barcelona • Grand Hotel Central • Hotel Arts • Hotel Miramar • Barceló Sants • Generator Barcelona • Sixties Ramblas

TripAdvisor Hotels (Best Value)

*Note: The top-rated hotels on Tripadvisor are selected by an algorithm based on location, price, cleanliness, service, and amenities. This produces good-value, safe, and reliable hotels but often not the most interesting or unique places to stay in Barcelona.

TripAdvisor Hotels on Map: Seventy Barcelona • Corner Hotel • h20 Madison • Hotel 1898 • Hotel Rec • Duquesa de Cardona • Colón Hotel • Hotel Jazz • Serras Barcelona • Casa Camper • Europark • NH Barcelona Podium • Arc La Rambla • Majestic Hotel & Spa • Barcelona Universal • B Hotel • h20 Casa Mimosa • Midtown Apartments • Casa Gracia • Hotel 1882 • The One • K+K Picasso El Born • Hotel Apolo • Hotel Continental • Petit Palace Boqueria Garden • Pulitzer Barcelona

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Map of Hotels in Barcelona, Spain

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Map of Barcelona in Russian

What country is Barcelona in? Show Barcelona on the map. Detailed map of Barcelona in Russian. Map of the metro, roads, streets with houses, attractions, hotels, restaurants and cafes on the interactive map of Barcelona.

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Where is Barcelona located on the world map?

Barcelona is beautiful, unusual and one of the most visited cities in the world. It is located on the Mediterranean coast in southern Spain. Geographical coordinates of Barcelona: 41°23′00″ s. sh. and 2°11′00″ E. d.

Barcelona on the world map

Where is Barcelona located on the map of Spain and Europe?

On the map of Europe, Barca is located in the southwest of the mainland, 120 kilometers from France.

Barcelona on the map of Europe

On the map of Spain, the city can be found in the south of the country in the region of Catalonia, 351 kilometers from Valencia, 623 kilometers from Madrid and 990 kilometers from Malaga.

Barcelona on the map of Spain

Districts of Barcelona

Administratively, Barcelona is divided into ten districts, while all the most interesting is concentrated in three: in the Old Town (Gothic Quarter) – the historical center of the city; in the New City (Eixample), where the main masterpieces of Gaudí are located; and in the Montjuic area, which occupied the slopes of the hill of the same name.

Interactive map of Barcelona with streets, hotels, restaurants and cafes

Various tourist and civil objects are marked on the interactive map: streets, squares, hotels, museums, sights, places of food and much more. The map can be reduced or enlarged, if necessary, opened in a new window.

Map of Barcelona attractions

There are a lot of amazing things in Barcelona, ​​and a whole article is not enough to list them all, but there are places that simply cannot be ignored: this is the famous Park Güell, the unusual Sagrada Familia (Sagrada Familia), Mount Montjuic (singing fountains, art museum , the fortress and tower of the same name, the Museums of Joan Miro and Picasso), which have bizarre forms of the Batllo house and the Mila house, the Gothic Quarter and much more. You can see all the most famous sights of Barcelona on the map provided by Barcelona City Tour, which conducts tourist bus tours of the capital of Catalonia.

Map of Barcelona with attractions

Barcelona metro map

There is definitely a lot of walking to do in Barcelona, ​​but if you want to get around all the main sights of the city, you can’t do without the metro. It is a convenient, fast and relatively inexpensive mode of transport, and most of the famous sights are close to the subway exit. From Monday to Thursday, the Barcelona metro runs from 5:00 to 24:00, on Friday until 2:00, and on Saturday all night. Opening hours on holidays may vary, in this case, the opening hours should be clarified on the spot. The fare starts from 2.15 EUR for 45 minutes, and is valid for all types of public transport. The Barcelona metro map is from the official website of the Metropolitans de Barcelona.

Barcelona metro map

Barcelona airports on the map

There are three airports near the city: El Prat Airport at 15 km, Girona Airport at 95 km and Reus Airport at 105 km.

El Prat Airport is the largest and busiest in Catalonia – the annual flow is about 20 million people. The airport has two terminals: T1 (serves most international and domestic flights) and T2 (serves low-cost carriers). The map of the airport in Barcelona is presented by the official website of Barcelona Airport.

Barcelona El Prat Airport Card

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Map of Barcelona in Russian: cities, tourist, center, metro


On the map of Barcelona (in Russian or English) you can see many unique natural places and historical attractions that attract vacationers and tourists. Each district of the city represents a certain historical era, which fully describes the picture of the development of the region. The streets filled with sights make their individual contribution to the history of events, creating an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Barcelona City Center Map

Barcelona Gothic Quarter Map

Barcelona Coast Map

Barcelona Tourist Map

Barcelona Metro Attraction Map

Barcelona Metro, Public Transport Map

Barcelona Tourist Bus Map

90 Barcelona Parks Map

Barcelona Zoo Map

Barcelona is the city of dreams!

The map of Barcelona (in Russian) is replete with many interesting places where any tourist can go. But in order to have at least some idea about this city, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with its basic concepts.

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, located in the northeastern part of the Iberian Peninsula on the Mediterranean coast. Permeated by the mouths of the Besos and Llobregat rivers and bordered by the Serra de Collserola mountain range, it has an attractive maritime climate interspersed with mountain air.

The unique beauty of the city is complemented by a unique architecture, which includes both ancient buildings and modern buildings that harmoniously fit into the overall appearance of the capital.

As one of the central maritime transport hubs, Barcelona has become an indispensable port city of international importance serving more than 4 tens of millions of tourists a year.

A powerful flow of passengers and goods led to the development of numerous high-speed motorways that allow you to easily get to any nearby cities in Spain or France itself.

According to statistics, about 1.6 million people live within Barcelona, ​​but if you include the surrounding areas, the number increases to 4.7 million. This elevated the capital of Catalonia to the sixth largest metropolis in the world.

In its composition, this city united 16 districts, each of which has its own traditions and foundations:

  • Sants;
  • Glitter;
  • Montjuic;
  • Barceloneta;
  • Villa Olimpica;
  • Poblenou;
  • Barrio gothic;
  • Raval;
  • Eixample;
  • St. Marti;
  • Sant Andreu;
  • Orta Guinardo;
  • Gracia;
  • Sarria Sant Gervasi;
  • Les Corts;
  • Pedralbes.

Map of tourist sites with streets

There are several districts in the city.


The oldest industrial area in Barcelona is Sants. It is located on the outskirts of the capital and at present is a residential area with its own individual image and style. A measured and calm life here is spent by most of the natives.

Despite its remoteness from the city center, Sants is equipped with a quality transport infrastructure that allows visitors to easily reach the pedestrian Las Ramblas and other regions.

The main destination for passengers from El Prat airport is the main railway station in this part of the city. You can also visit the Parc de l’Espanya Industrial park or the stadium of the Barcelona football club of the same name called Camp Nou.


Those who want to experience the true spirit of the Catalans, plunge into their traditions and rituals, feel the true folk flavor, should definitely visit Poblesec. It is located at the foot of Montjuic, south of Plaza España.

Barcelona’s peaceful residential area abounds in cozy squares and Laribal gardens. And open-air traditional trade markets provide a wide selection of folk art and souvenirs.


This area of ​​the Spanish capital is the most visited by tourists. This is due to the presence on its territory of a hill in the form of a hill, from the highest point of which an unforgettable magnificent view of the whole of Barcelona opens. Montjuic in translation into Russian means “Jewish Mountain”. This name arose due to the cemetery of ancient Jews existing in those places.

Also open to tourists are such sights of Montjuic as the National Palace, located on the Plaza de España, the magnificent castle El Castell, the Museum of Art of Catalonia Poble Espanyol, which means “Spanish Village”. It presents reconstructions of architectural structures of various regions of Spain from different times.

In the evening, the colored musical fountain La Fuente Magica (“Magic Fountain”) enjoys special attention of many tourists. Beautiful lighting, changing its colors to classical or modern music, fascinates tourists with its play.


The map of Barcelona in Russian includes the former fishing coastal part of the capital, which in modern times has turned into a prestigious beach region. The area is buzzing with life around the clock. On a sunny day, there are numerous entertainments on the water and relaxation on clean sandy beaches.

A visit to a huge aquarium with many fish of all sizes will delight not only children. Tourists interested in the history of the city are advised to visit the Museum of the History of Catalonia, also located in the Barceloneta area.

And in the evening and at night, the multi-colored illumination of numerous and diverse restaurants lights up, in which fish of all kinds and seafood are cooked with special glamor and sophistication. Bright and inviting signs of establishments invite you to enjoy the unique dishes of the national cuisine of Barcelona.

Villa Olimpica

The region looks like an Olympic village prepared especially for the Olympic Games held in 1992. For this, the local port was restored, which later became the concentration of maximum entertainment and shopping for young people.

Next to each other are Maremagnum (an entertainment center for young people), an international marketplace and a modern cinema of the future Imax.

The restaurant industry is also at a high level in this part of the city, replete with many delicious national dishes for any choice of visitors. Clean sandy beaches with clear water will provide an unforgettable holiday at William Olympic.


One of the main industrialized regions of Barcelona, ​​which is currently actively “requalified” as a region with the latest European technologies. Along with many bars, cafes and restaurants, the architecture of the area is low-rise buildings, from which the same free spirit of the Barcelona people breathes.

The main activity in Poblenou is cycling and footing. And clean beaches with soft sand will be an excellent haven for those who like to take a dip and sunbathe.

Who likes coolness and peace, the shady parks of this area will help you escape from the bustle of tourists and enjoy the peace and beauty of the surrounding nature. Thanks to the well-developed transport infrastructure, moving around the area is not difficult.

Barrio gothic

The map of the Central District in Russian represents Barrio Gothic. This was facilitated by the historical events of antiquity in Barcelona. Numerous narrow, intricate streets have been preserved here, and the buildings are buildings of a strict Gothic form.

On the site of the once existing Roman village, as an echo of the past, there is a part of the collapsed wall. And the Cathedral of La Seu Catedral (Cathedral) is the basis of the buildings of Gothic Spain.

According to legend, it is in one of several chapels of this building that 13 snow-white geese live, personifying the purity of the patroness of the state – Saint Eulalia, who died at the hands of barbarians at the age of 13.

The beauty and majesty of the gothic buildings of the Barrio gothico area constantly attracts a large flow of tourists. Also for their visit are the Jewish Quarter, La Rambla and the Market Square (Plaza Reial), surrounded by a wide variety of restaurants and bars.


For high-quality shopping and searching for exclusive things, you can visit the non-traditional tourist area “Raval”. During the day, numerous private boutiques with single unique products open there, as well as the San Antoni marketplace awaits guests.

In addition to clothing stores, the area is home to a large number of second-hand bookshops and art studios.

For lovers of history and architecture, the doors of Sant Pau del Camp, the oldest church in Barcelona and the Palace Güell, are open.

Saturated with restaurants and drinking establishments, “Raval” will not leave any visitor hungry. A variety of dishes will satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated gourmets. But guides recommend that tourists be as careful as possible when visiting the area in the evening and at night, as it is considered unfavorable among other regions.


This region of the capital of Spain was formed by expanding the boundaries of the city at the beginning of the 19th century. The life of those times, everywhere subject to the trends of modernity, was reflected in the architecture of this region. Fanciful buildings, smooth streets, located strictly at right angles to each other, personify orderliness and ease of movement.

A special contribution to the development of this architectural direction in Barcelona was made by the world-famous Catalan master Antonio Gaudí. Its 18 unique buildings surprise with their originality and imagination.

Casa Mila is also located on the Barcelona attractions map. Mallorca, 401, which is the hallmark of the Eixample. Its majestic view and numerous towers fascinate with fantastic invention and execution.

A. Gaudi worked on its construction for more than 40 years, but left it unfinished. His work is continued by his contemporaries to the present day.

Within walking distance from the symbol of the city there are several more unique creations of the great architect. This is the Casa Batlló, built in the early 19th century. at the address st. Paseo de Gracia, 43. Over time, he needed a reconstruction, which Gaudi took up and successfully completed.

The result is a magnificent building, similar to a fairy tale, with colored mosaics, ornate windows, balconies, a roof made of tiles in the form of fish scales.

House Mila (“La Pedrera”), which is an unusual building, reminiscent of the movement of sea waves with bizarre figures. Residents jokingly call it “The Quarry”. At this time, the top floor of this masterpiece houses the museum of the great master Antonio Gaudi, and the rest are inhabited by wealthy citizens.

Also in this area are high-end boutiques of famous brands, where you can buy exclusive branded goods.

Sant Marti

For those who are looking for a quiet and cozy holiday without the bustle of tourists, the area of ​​Sant Marti is exactly the place. Located in the northern part of Barcelona, ​​it is replete with numerous quiet parks and squares, entertainment venues and shopping areas.

Originally a middle-class urban region, on the eve of the World Cultural Forum in 2004, the region underwent reconstruction and modernization of many urban facilities, which led to an influx of tourists.

Sant Andreu

This area of ​​Barcelona is a large residential area with almost no outstanding sights, except for the church of the same name and the Bac de Roda bridge. Before joining the city, Sant Andreu itself was a small town with its own identity and traditions.

The hearts of true Catalans beat here. But this region also has its own individual peculiarity. Coffee prepared in local drinking establishments cannot be found anywhere else. And you can enjoy it in the shady parks of La Massana and Pegasus.

Shopping at La Maquinista shopping centre.

Orta Guinardo

This area is the third largest among the rest and is a concentration of 19th century aristocratic estates, as well as medieval fortresses and farms. A quiet, agricultural region in the past, has now turned into a residential part of the capital of Spain with its own oasis in the middle of a large metropolis.

The presence of the Laberinto park provides a calm, relaxing holiday for all visitors. In addition to the Olympic cycle track, there are no attractions in Orta Guinardo. But it is in demand among visitors due to the low cost of rooms. A well-developed transport infrastructure makes it easy to get to any place in the city.


Having joined the capital of Spain only at the end of the 19th century, Gracia was a separate city with its own identity and independence. Even modern residents consider themselves residents of Gracia, not Barcelona. This part of the city has become famous thanks to the Fiesta Mayor festival held annually in August, lasting 5 days.

At this time, the streets of Gracia are transformed into beautiful multi-colored venues filled with music and dance with general fun and numerous abundance of foreign restaurants.

Sarria Sant Gervasi

A map of Barcelona in Russian cannot do without one of the prestigious regions of the city. This is Sarria Sant Gervasi, formerly a Roman colony, and later home to several villages. The quiet and measured life of the countryside has survived to the present, despite numerous elite housing developments and entertainment venues.

This part of the city is full of upscale hotels, apartments, nightclubs and gourmet restaurants. The Cosmo Caixa Science Museum, a unique observatory and Tibidabo (amusement park) are presented to the attention of tourists.

Les Corts

This part of the Spanish capital is the “heart” of finance and economy. Numerous and high-quality transport infrastructure ensures the convenience of movement of visitors and citizens to all parts of the region. Due to the large flow of tourists, Les Corts is saturated with an increased number of luxury hotels, restaurants and entertainment facilities.

One of the most popular is the Elephant Club, a nightclub designed for high income visitors. Also in this region are the stadium and museum of the Barcelona football club, which are unsurpassed in popularity among fans.


Pedralbes, located in the western part of the capital, is considered the most prestigious region of the city. Its quiet and peaceful life attracts wealthy clients to purchase luxury housing on its territory.

Here is the monastery of the same name, founded in 1326 and to which the district owes its name, the royal palace, where the daughter of the current president of the country lives, as well as a large shady park and a polo club. The doors of the monastery are always open for those who wish. It houses an art gallery containing about 70 paintings by artists of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Transport Card

To ensure a comfortable stay, as well as save some of the financial costs, experts in the travel business recommend that visitors purchase the Barcelona Card transport card.

Its advantages over a regular ticket are enormous.

  • It gives you the opportunity to travel free of charge by any type of transport in zone No. 1, which includes the main tourist places included in any excursion program.
  • The transport card does not have a temporary restriction on daily trips.
  • It can be used to get discounts on certain attractions in the city, on shows at certain venues, concerts, restaurants, and when buying souvenirs from the official Barcelona Turisme store.
  • The Barcelona Card provides a free ride to the airport at the end of your stay in Spain, which is not the case with the travel card.

A transport card is purchased for a different number of days, depending on the duration of the trip. Once activated, the action continues continuously for the selected amount of time. It will not work to use it periodically, that is, on certain days at will.

The cost of the transport card also depends on the number of days of stay. For example, a two-day Barcelona Card for an adult can cost around 20 euros.

Metro map

A map of Barcelona in Russian, indicating the movement of metro trains in different directions, can be found at any metro station in the city, as well as at the airport. Designated by a certain color, they are simple and understandable for tourists.

There are 12 lines on the Barcelona metro map. It also shows all the sights of the city, the names of which are located on a yellow background. Therefore, tourists can accurately determine the desired destination. When buying or printing a city metro map, it is better to use color options.

The schedule of the metro of the capital of Spain is as follows:

  • from Sunday to Thursday, the movement is carried out from 5 am to 24 h;
  • Fridays and holidays are extended from 5 am to 2 am;
  • on Saturdays and public holidays the traffic is carried out continuously 24 hours a day.

When planning a route for traveling around the city on a holiday or weekend, one nuance should be taken into account. Although the movement of metro trains is carried out around the clock, the number of flights remains unchanged. Therefore, the time interval between trains increases significantly.

Barcelona Metro Card

To travel by metro, you need to purchase a travel or regular ticket and use a tourist card. To carry out this operation, you must refer to the electronic scoreboard located near the entrance to the metro. It will offer the most common ticket option, but if it does not fit, you can choose a more suitable option yourself.

To visit the main attractions of the city, you should use the following metro stations:

Property name Metro station
Sagrada Familia Sagrada Familia Sagrada Familia 903 L 903 9

Cathedral, Boqueria market Jaime I (line L4)

Drassanes and Liceu (L3 branch)

Camp Nou Les Corts (L3 branch)
Parc Güell Lesseps
Casa Batlló and Casa Mila Passeig de Gracia (at the intersection of the L2, L3 and L4 lines)
Montjuic funicular Paral-lel (connection of the L2 and L3 lines).


Depending on the purpose of the trip, visitors choose hotels that best suit their purpose.

The following hotel establishments are especially popular among business circles and tourists:

Name Address Destination
El Palace For business meetings and tourist trips
Hotel 1898 La Rambla 109 For business and leisure travel.
Granvia Gran Via Corts Catalanes 642 For business meetings, tourist trips, ceremonies.
Catalonia Catedral Carrer dels Arcs, 10 For business meetings, tourist trips, leisure.
ALMA Barcelona Mallorca, 269-271 For business meetings, tourist trips, ceremonies, banquets.
Neri Hotel Sant Sever, 5 For business meetings and tourist trips.