Guided tour in barcelona: 🇪🇸 Best Barcelona Tours with Local Experts

Guided tours in Barcelona

With our guided city tours, which you can book here, you can get to know Barcelona in many different ways: go on a journey through time in the old town, explore unique sights such as the Sagrada Familia, learn more about important modernist buildings or go on culinary adventures Trip.

All of our city tours are conducted by qualified guides and in small groups. Have fun browsing through our offers.

Why book a guided tour

Do you think a tour is boring and the tour guide bombards you with dates that you soon forget? Or is it all in a travel guide?

Sure, the Gude will tell you one or the other year, the guests should also receive well-founded information about the sights. And you can certainly find some things on the Internet.

But it’s the stories about the history that make the tours so exciting, the trappings, what you see when you turn the corner or take a very close look. This applies to an entire district as well as to a single sight.

Or you can take part in a city or themed tour on a very specific topic, such as “Barcelona at night”: eerily beautiful stories from Barcelona at the time of the Inquisition, when people were still afraid of witches and ghosts. How about experiencing the Spanish way of life with an evening tapas tour?

Are you interested in the book “In the Shadow of the Wind” and want to see the places that inspired Carlos Ruiz Zafón? Or are you interested in Modernisme? A guide will show you. Your children can also experience exciting tours under the guidance of experienced teachers and they will talk about it for a long time.

Enjoy the time during a guided tour – either in a small group with other guests, or in private. You will receive a lot of background knowledge from the tour guides, which is presented in an entertaining, entertaining and exciting way. You will learn important facts about the history and development of Barcelona, ​​but you will also get many insider tips as to which places and bars are currently “in”.