Goldfish and sculpture: Goldfish and Sculpture by Henri Matisse 1911 Painting by Henri Matisse

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oil paint on canvas ; 116 x 101 cm

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Matisse, Henri





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  • Matisse, Henri



  • Museum of Modern Art (New York, N. Y.)

    New York, NY, United States

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Physical Description

oil paint on canvas ; 116 x 101 cm


Gift of Mr and Mrs John Hay Whitney


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  • Fauve


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  • oil paint on canvas
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  • 1912

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  • Sculpture “Goldfish” | “My Obolon”

    01. 11.2015

    1. Main
    2. Sights
    3. Sculpture “Goldfish”

    The tale of the goldfish is well known to every child and adult. And many, regardless of age, probably wanted to catch her. Now you don’t need to do this, because in 2014 the famous fairy-tale heroine “settled” in the Obolonsky district – on the embankment. And although the Obolon “Goldfish” does not always grant wishes, this wonderful sculpture always evokes positive emotions, both in children and adults. To do this, it is enough just to see it in front of the house on Vladimir Ivasyuk Avenue (formerly Heroes of Stalingrad), 12-E.

    Sculpture “Golden Fish” on Obolon

    The sculpture “Golden Fish” depicts the heroine of the fairy tale in full accordance with her traditional description – with a crown on her head and shiny, although not golden, but bronze scales. The sea dweller “floats” along three waves, symbolizing the three wishes that the one who catches her could make. Entirely made of bronze, the sculpture is set on an unfinished, rounded brown granite block, and is located sideways to those who stroll along the embankment.

    Since this sculpture is mainly designed for little Kievites, it was thought out so that children could see and touch it well, as well as take pictures nearby, sitting on a low base. The inhabitants of the Obolonsky district owe the appearance of the “Golden Fish” to the former chairman of the board of MZhK Obolon LLC and the ex-head of the district administration – Vasily Antonov. And this creation was created by the Uzhgorod architect and sculptor Aleksey Shamshura, who made a series of sculptures for the embankment and the project of the “rock garden”.

    All photos: “My Obolon” ​​ 9003 9002 9002 017 Sculpture “Goldfish” on the map of Kiev

    New materials


    Russia’s war against Ukraine – a chronicle of events in the Obolonsky district (updated)



    22. 03.2023


    How to correctly place crowd links to the promoted site?


    New football club Obolon – appearance and achievements


    The history of the tram in the Obolonsky district

    New video

    Redkino morning lake

    New photo

    Historical photographs of the Obolonsky district

    Monument to the Golden Fish from Vladislav Sitnikov

    My name is Vladislav Sitnikov. I study in the 1st grade of the MKOU Gymnasium in Slobodsky. I am 8 years old. I am happy to participate in your competitions. I am especially happy to create a sculpture of my favorite fairy-tale character, which I have been dreaming about for a long time. This character for me was the Empress Golden Fish. It must be strange that I, a boy, and I choose the Golden Fish. But I have my own reasons for this. And this is the backstory. Last summer, I had surgery on my legs, and I spent half a summer in bed, being in a cast. I watched from the window how the guys walk, play, frolic, ride a bike, and I’m sitting in a stuffy room and I can’t even get out of bed. Even with my little sister, whom I love very much, I can’t play, mess around with her. It was then that I had a dream of a Golden Fish, which would help me heal my legs and be on the street with the guys. I even famous “The Tale of the Fisherman and the Rybka” by A.S. Pushkin read more than once. I also learned that, perhaps, the plot was borrowed by Pushkin from the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm “About the Fisherman and His Wife”.

    The goldfish is a folklore and literary character. A fish that can speak human language and grant wishes. In fairy tales, she usually plays the role of a magical helper, offering and performing a certain service (fulfillment of a wish or coming to help in a difficult situation) in gratitude for the fact that the one who caught her will let her go. In this case, the greed of the benefactor, as a rule, is severely punished.

    Also in the role of a magical assistant capable of granting wishes, Goldfish is a character in such cartoons as:

    Motherland of the Golden Fish

    Golden Rybka as a Russian folklore hero has two “homelands” at once:

    “Beloozero – the Kingdom of the Golden Fish” in the Vashkinsky district of the Vologda region. The birthplace of the fairy-tale hero is the administrative center of the district – the village of Lipin Bor, which is located on the shore of the White Lake. In the village, the House of Fish and Fisheries with a museum exposition was opened, the Terem of the Golden Fish was built, masters of art crafts work. Every year on June 16 in Lipinoy Bor the Golden Fish Birthday celebration takes place.

    In 2011, Alexei Kozlovsky, coordinator of the Fairy Tale Map of Russia project, declared the village of Bolshoe Boldino, Nizhny Novgorod Region, where A.S. Pushkin, according to him, wrote his famous fairy tale, the “Home of the Golden Fish” as the “Homeland of the Golden Fish”.

    Golden Fish Monuments

    Since ancient times, people have believed that sculptures and monuments live their own, special life. Also in the world there are many beliefs that many of them have healing powers and even fulfill cherished desires.

    I did my research and found out that there are monuments to the Golden Fish in the following cities:

    Monument to the Golden Fish in Astrakhan (Russia):

    Monument to the Golden Fish in Donetsk (Ukraine):

    Monument to the Golden Fish in Kemerovo (Russia):

    Monument to the Golden Fish in Abakan (Russia):

    Monument to the Golden Fish in St. Petersburg (Russia):

    Monument to the Golden Fish in Moscow (Russia):

    Monument to the Golden Fish in Kaluga (Russia):

    Although there are already many monuments to the Golden Fish, I decided to create my own, which would be different from others. Here’s what I got.

    There is a lot of evil in our world, but, probably, every person in his soul dreams of good. Golden Fish is a kind fairy-tale character who helps kind people and punishes the greedy and evil. Therefore, it should be given a place in the main square. In my view, a wish-fulfilling Golden Fish should be bright, brilliant, kind, but at the same time, a lady. The monument should be in the fountain so that the fish feel comfortable. But people who come to the Golden Fish for help should feel comfortable and calm, so there should be a comfortable chair in front of the monument to the Golden Fish next to the fountain so that anyone can talk to the Heroine alone, talk about their problems and ask for help. My Rybka is noble and fair, therefore, it fulfills the desires of only those people who have good intentions, are not greedy and do not bring evil to people.

    If a kind person approaches her, then the scales of the Fish sparkle brightly, but if an evil person, then it dims. So that people can enjoy the view of Rybka at night, illumination is provided with special lamps installed at the base of the pedestal. I called my sculpture “Monument of Desire”.

    You are on the main square of the city. Please note that on the right side of the square there is one of the most interesting sights – the “Monument to Desire”. It is made in the form of a sculpture of the Golden Fish – the heroine of the famous fairy tale by A.S. Pushkin “The Tale of the Fisherman and the Rybka” The goldfish is a folklore and literary character. The personification of goodness. A fish that can speak human language and grant wishes.

    The sculpture of the Golden Fish is bright, brilliant, radiating kindness and hope, but at the same time, we see a lady in front of us.