Get from barcelona airport to city: How do I get from Barcelona airport to city centre?

How to get from El Prat Barcelona Airport to City Center

Transfer Options from Barcelona Airport to City Center

BCN Airport is efficiently connected to the city center. Both public and private transportation options are available, allowing passengers to choose the alternative that best suits their needs and, of course, their pocket! Thus, the airport public transportation system is being handled by the RENFE train, the subway, the day and night public buses, and the fast Aerobus. On the other hand, Barcelona airport taxis are always waiting outside both terminals, while numerous private transfer and car rental companies operate at BCN Airport.


Options Price (€) Price ($) Duration
Taxi 35-40€ 35-40$ 25 min
Bus 46/N16/N17 2.40€ 2.40$ 35 min
Aerobus 5.90€ 5.90$ 30 min
Train 4. 60€ 4.60$ 20-25 min
Metro 5.15€ 5.15$ 32 min

Barcelona Airport to City Center by Taxi

A Barcelona airport taxi is undoubtedly the most comfortable and convenient way to reach your accommodation in the city center. Barcelona’s black and yellow taxis have a distinctive “TAXI” sign on their roof with a green light on it, indicating whether they are available or not. The official taxi stands are located just outside each terminal building, and airport taxis are always to be found waiting in line.

Barcelona taxis are metered, meaning that the final tariff is calculated by a taximeter, based on the traversed distance. Airport transfers have a minimum fare of 20€/20$, but in general terms, a ride from El Prat Airport to the city center costs 35-40€/35-40$ during the day shift, whereas at night, on Sundays or during holidays, you should expect to be charged approximately 40€/40$. Overall the taxi ride lasts about 25 minutes, depending on the traffic and the exact location of the destination point.

We selected one of the best, most trustworthy and convenient 5-star airport taxi companies for your transfer from Barcelona Airport based on user reviews across various platforms such as Google, Tripadvisor and Trustpilot. Welcome Pickups offers a great experience and safety to its travelers.

  • Local English-speaking drivers
  • Flat, pre-paid fee
  • Flight monitoring for delays
  • 24/7 Customer support + free cancellation

Barcelona Airport to City Center by Bus

If you decide to reach Barcelona city center by bus, then you’ll have two alternative options. The TMB Bus 46 and the Nitbus N16 and N17 offer affordable and reliable transfer services from and to the airport. Bus Line 46 operates from 4:50 am to 11:50 pm, passes every 15-20 minutes from both terminal buildings, and takes about 30-35 minutes to arrive at Plaça España. On the other hand, the Night Bus N16 runs from 11:30 pm to 5:00 am with 3 routes per hour and needs 40 minutes to reach the city center. N17 operates from 10:00 pm to 05:00 am. However, N16 stops only at the T2 bus stop, whereas N17 at T1. The ticket costs just 2.40€/2.40$. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t opt for those buses if you are in a hurry (as they make a lot of intermediate stops), or if you carry lots of baggage.

Alternatively, you can use the fast Aerobus lines. The Aerobus A1 departs from T1 every 4-10 minutes, while the Aerobus A2 has the same frequency, departing from T2B and T2C sections’ bus stops. Both lines need about 35 minutes to get to Pl. Catalunya. Their cost is higher (a single ticket costs 5.90€/5.90$ and a round trip 10.20€/10.20$), but they have plenty of storage space, they offer Wi-Fi and charging ports and they run 24/7.

Our Tip: All tickets can be bought online, via automatic ticket machines, or from the driver inside the bus.

Barcelona Airport to City Center by Train

The RENFE R2 Nord Line connects the airport to the city of Barcelona. Departing every 30 minutes from the Airport Train Station located outside the T2 terminal building, the R2 Nord Line runs from 5:42 am to 11:38 pm. Thus, if your arrival terminal is T1, you’ll have to take the free shuttle bus that connects the 2 terminals. The free shuttle buses are always available at the airport and need about 10 minutes to get from one terminal to the other. The Train R2 Nord needs 20-25 minutes to get to the Metropolitan area of Barcelona and costs 4.60€/4.60$.

Our Tip 1: Line R2 has 3 sublines. Only R2 Nord passes through the airport.

Our Tip 2: The train stations aren’t exactly located in the city center. Thus, you should choose wisely your disembarkation station and either walk on foot or change to another metro/train line.

Barcelona Airport to City Center by Metro

The Orange L9 Sud Line connects the airport to the city center, passing from both terminal buildings. The Barcelona airport metro runs every 7 minutes from 5:00 am to midnight, and from 5:00 am to 2:00 on Fridays, and on public holidays (on Saturdays it runs all night long). Its travel time is about 32 minutes and the ticket costs 5. 15€/5.15$.

Our Tip: Same as the train, the metro stations aren’t to be found at the exact heart of the city. Hence, you’ll have to change lines to reach your destination. Get off the L9 Sud Line at the final Zona Universitaria Station and hop on the Green Line 3, or transit to the Blue Line 5 at Collblanc Station.

Car Rental from Barcelona Airport to City Center 

Do you want to be completely independent? Are you planning on renting your own car and reaching your accommodation in Barcelona city center stress-free, without having to use either public transportation means or a private transfer? As long as you make your car rental reservation in advance, you’ll find out that traversing the distance from BCN Airport to downtown isn’t a demanding task.

Thus, if you are landing at T1, you should head to the highway B-22 and reach the C-31 to Barcelona. After 11km, you should continue to Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes. From that point, you’ll have to use the local roads to reach your exact destination. On the other hand, if your departure point is T2, you’ll have to get to C-31 via C-32B and follow the same route.

Private Airport Transfers from Barcelona Airport to City Center

Private transfers are the most up-to-date transportation method, especially when it comes to airport rides. There is nothing more relaxing and comfortable than knowing that your personal driver will be waiting for you at the Arrivals hall of BCN Airport, escort you to the vehicle of your choice, and drive you to Barcelona city center in peace and ease. Plenty of private transfer companies function at the airport. Hence, the most low-cost private transfer and the best deals are only a web search away.

How much is the train from Barcelona Airport to city centre?

The R2 Nord train ticket costs 4.60€/4.60$ for a single transfer. However, if you are planning on using Barcelona’s public transportation network, you can either buy the T-Casual ticket, which offers you 10 journeys inside zone 1, using any means of transport, and costs 7. 95€/7.95$, or choose the Hola Barcelona Travel Pass, which allows you to travel unlimitedly, using any public transportation mean, for 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours in a row.

How much is taxi from Barcelona Airport to city center?

Barcelona airport taxis are metered, and therefore, the exact fare is calculated via a taximeter. Nevertheless, you should expect to pay approximately 35-40€/35-40$ during the day and 40€/40$ at night, at weekends, or during public holidays.

How far is Barcelona Airport from the city center?

Barcelona Airport is located close to the city center, approximately 15km from the heart of the city. Thus, a taxi ride from BCN Airport to the city center lasts around 25 minutes, while the R2 Nord Train takes 20-25 minutes to get to its final stop. The L9 Sud metro line needs 32 minutes to traverse this distance. Finally, the travel time with Buses 46, N16, and N17 is 35 minutes, whereas the fast Aerobus reaches the downtown area in 25 minutes.

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How to Get from the Barcelona Airport to City Centre

Now that you’ve decided to visit Barcelona, it’s time to figure out the best way to get from the Barcelona airport to the city centre. Thankfully, the Barcelona El Prat Airport (the BCN Airport) is only 15 km from Plaça de Catalunya, a transportation hub in the Barcelona city centre. In this post, we review the 6 best methods of transportation from the Barcelona Airport to the city.

This post about airport transportation is written for all visitors to Barcelona, but if you are visiting Barcelona with a baby or toddler, we also provide the information and recommendations you need to make the best & safest choice for your family. It’s no longer just about cost and convenience, now you need to think about Barcelona car seat laws as well.

This post contains compensated links.

7 Ways to Get From the Barcelona Airport to City Centre

So how do you get from the Barcelona El-Prat airport to your hotel? We have listed your airport transportation options in order of convenience:

1. Private Transfer from Barcelona Airport to Your Hotel

Private transfers are so convenient, we believe they are the best way to get from the El Prat airport your hotel. Instead of getting into a taxi line, your personal driver will greet you at the arrival gate with your family name on a sign. Who doesn’t love that?

Private transfers from the airport to the city need to be booked in advance and will generally cost you a flat fee. The convenience and personal service of a private transfer from the BCN Airport straight to your hotel isn’t as expensive as you’d think. In fact, airport transfers are often the same cost as a taxi from the Barcelona Airport.

Families needing to travel from the Barcelona airport to their hotel with a baby will appreciate the ability to pre-book an infant car seat. This is the safest method of airport transportation for your baby to travel and it respects local car seat laws.

We have booked private transfers several times after trans-Atlantic flights with our kids. After such a long travel day with kids, we simply love the affordable luxury and pure convenience of this airport transfer service.

Welcome Pickups is a Barcelona airport transfer service which provides private transportation from the Barcelona airport to directly to the door of your hotel, all for the same price as getting in line for a BCN airport taxi. Welcome Pickups is baby-friendly and offers complimentary infant car seats if requested at time of your reservation.

In addition to your convenient airport transfer, Welcome Pickups simplifies your trip planning by offering essential products (such as local SIM-cards or mobile hot spots) and experiences (such as tours, day trips, restaurant suggestions, etc.).

2. Barcelona Airport Taxi or Uber

If you aren’t traveling with a baby or toddler, then taking an Uber or Barcelona airport taxi to city centre is simple and fast, though it will likely be your highest cost option. The cost of a taxi from Barcelona airport to city centre could be as high as €30-60 when you include surcharges for airport pickup and for each piece of luggage.

For new parents traveling from the El Prat airport to their hotel with a baby, a Barcelona airport taxi is not a good option. Licensed Barcelona taxis cannot be pre-booked and the odds of randomly finding a Barcelona taxi with a baby seat is virtually nil. Same goes with taking an Uber with a baby from the El Prat airport – you can’t reserve an infant seat.

If the speed and convenience of a taxi or Uber appeals to you, but you don’t want to bring your car seat, we recommend a private airport transfer to your hotel.

3. Take the Aerobus from the Barcelona Airport to the City

Taking the airport bus from the Barcelona airport to city centre is a convenient and affordable alternative to private transfers, taxis or Ubers. The Barcelona Aerobus travels from the El Prat airport to Plaça de Catalunya in the city center in just 35 minutes. This specially designed airport bus has a section for your luggage and offers free Wi-Fi onboard. 

If you are traveling to Barcelona on a budget, the airport bus is one of the cheapest Barcelona airport transfer options. A one-way ticket on the Barcelona Aerobus costs €5.90 per person, while a return ticket costs €10.20. Children under 4 are free on the Barcelona airport Aerobus.

Parents traveling to Barcelona with a baby or toddler will appreciate not needing to bring a car seat on the Aerobus.

We used the Aerobus for our trip to Barcelona with our baby as our hotel was only a few blocks away from Plaça de Catalunya.

Click here for more information on the Barcelona airport Aerobus.

4. Barcelona Airport Shuttle Van

Booking an airport shuttle to your hotel is a good option for solo travelers to get from the Barcelona airport to their hotel. Aside from private transfers, Ubers and taxis, airport shuttles are the only transportation from the Barcelona Airport directly to your hotel. The cost of an airport shuttle typically falls between a dedicated bus route and public transportation.

The trade-off is that airport shuttles can take longer. An airport shuttle van waits until it has collected enough passengers to fill the seats. The driver will then drop everyone at their Barcelona hotels in the most efficient way possible.

We do not recommend this method of BCN airport transportation for families visiting Barcelona with a baby as you will need to bring your own car seat to comply with Barcelona car seat laws.

Shuttle Direct offers Barcelona Airport shuttle services from the El Prat Airport. Prices start at approximately €13 per person, so keep in mind if your group is 3 or more, it will likely be cheaper to enjoy the very convenient service of a private transfer with Welcome Pickups.

Still planning your trip? Read about Spain with a baby (includes, Barcelona, Cordoba, Madrid & Seville)

5. Barcelona Airport Train

The RENFE airport train from the Barcelona airport to the Barcelona city center is a good option for travelers with little luggage.  

Trains depart the Barcelona El-Prat airport train station at Terminal 2 every 30 minutes from 06:00 to 23:30. The journey takes approximately 25 minutes with stops at Sants Station, Passeig de Gràcia and El Clot. Passeig de Gràcia is the most central train station to the city center. 

The RENFE Train is the cheapest airport transportation to city centre at only €4.50 per person one way, with children under 4 for free.

Parents traveling to Barcelona with a baby won’t need a car seat on the RENFE airport train. There are lots of stairs at the train station, so you may need to use a baby carrier or lug your travel stroller up the stairs.

Also, as with everything you do at train stations in Europe, keep an eye on your belongings as pickpockets may be around. You may be interested in our tips to avoid being pickpocketed.

6. Public Transportation from the BCN Airport to the City Centre

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB), Barcelona’s public transportation service, offers a Metro from Barcelona airport to the city centre. The journey on the L9 Sud line costs €4. 50 for a single ride and will take roughly 30 minutes.

Taking the airport metro is best for travelers with hand luggage and without children. The L9 Sud metro line takes you to the Zona Universitària station, which is near Barcelona city centre. From here you’ll need to transfer to another line to get to the city center metro stations (Plaça de Catalunya, Plaça Españya or Estació Sants).

TMB also operates a public transportation bus from the Barcelona airport to Plaça Espanya. The No. 46 bus runs from 05:00 to 00:15.

7. Rent a Car at the El Prat Airport

It’s so easy to get from the Barcelona Airport to city centre without a rental car, that we offer renting a car at El Prat as a last resort option.

For parents visiting Barcelona with a baby or toddler, we recommend not traveling with your infant car seat. As described above, there is a wide choice of baby-friendly transportation from the Barcelona airport to your hotel. Once at the hotel, you’ll find Barcelona is a very walkable, baby-friendly city with good public transportation. Your car seat will take up a lot of space and collect dust in your hotel room.

Get Free Public Transportation with the Barcelona City PASS

If you plan on seeing many of Barcelona’s top attractions, consider purchasing a Barcelona City Pass. This popular discount card includes free admission to over 30 top Barcelona attractions as well as unlimited use of Barcelona public transportation, including the El Prat airport.

Find a Hotel Near Barcelona’s Transportation Hubs

If you choose one of the Barcelona airport transportation options above, staying at a Barcelona hotel near your transportation hub will reduce your need to walk with luggage or take a taxi. We use as we like their lists of family-friendly hotels. See the top family-friendly Barcelona hotels near the transportation hubs on

  • Barcelona El-Prat airport hotels
  • Plaça de Catalunya hotels (Barcelona Aerobus, Barcelona Metro)
  • Sants Station Hotels (RENFE Airport Train, Barcelona Metro)
  • Passeig de Gràcia Hotels (RENFE Airport Train)
  • El Clot Hotels (RENFE Airport Train)
  • Zona Universitària hotels (Barcelona Metro)
  • Plaça Españya hotels (Barcelona Metro)

Are you looking for a baby-friendly Barcelona hotel? Make an excellent choice with one of our 6 baby-friendly Barcelona hotels.

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How to get from Barcelona airport to the city

!!!Attention from January 1, 2020, the T-10 travel card has been abolished in Barcelona, ​​its analogue has become the T-casual and T-familiar travel card. We wrote about these travel cards in the article “Public transport in Barcelona. T-casual and T-familiar travel cards

Anyone who comes to Barcelona for the first time is concerned about the question of how to get from El Prat Airport to Barcelona:
• Which means of transport?
• How cheaper?
• Where to buy a ticket?
• What if I arrive at night?
So, we are going from Barcelona El Prat airport to the city.
Here are all the options and numbers.

Taxi . The easiest, most comfortable and most expensive option. In Barcelona, ​​taxi fares are charged by the city council, so don’t think you’ll be double charged. All at agreed rates. So feel free to follow the taxi signs at the terminals, hop into the black and yellow cars and head out to explore the city. The price of a trip to the center is 30-40 €. Travel time 25-30 min.
Next, let’s talk about more affordable types of airport transfers.

From El Prat airport you can get to Barcelona by taxi, Aerobús, metro, bus or train.

Aerobus . Shuttles that run between the airport terminals and the main squares of the city: Catalonia and Spain. Get out of one of the airport terminals and see the blue buses A1 and A2, respectively, terminals T1 and T2. Three stops and you are in the heart of Barcelona – Plaza Catalunya. Buses leave every 5-10 minutes. The duration of the trip from one end of the route to the other is 35-40 minutes. Trip price — 5.90€ one way and 10.20€ two way. The return ticket can be used within 15 days from the date of transfer to the city. Check the bus schedule on the website

Metropolitan . As it turned out, not the cheapest and not the fastest way to get to the center, but the most understandable for most tourists. This is where the local authorities played! In the terminals, signs with the letter “M” hang everywhere, following which you can easily get to the subway zone. And then the fun begins – buying a ticket.

I’ll make a small remark and tell you about public transport in Barcelona and fares. One trip on any type of public transport will cost you 2.40 €.

But, if you are going to stay in the city and plan to travel by public transport, then stock up on travel cards – this is profitable and saves a lot of money. We offer three travel cards to choose from: T-casual, T-familiar or Hola BCN. They wrote about these travel cards in the articles “Public transport in Barcelona. T-casual and T-familiar passes or Hola BCN Unlimited Pass

Let’s go back to the airport and the subway. At the metro stations Airport T1 and T2, the T-casual and T-familiar travel cards are NOT valid !!! Only at these stations!!! Therefore, you will have to buy a separate one-time ticket for 5.15€ to leave the Airport. Or another option is the Hola Barcelona pass. It entitles you to travel from the airport and back, so if you are coming to Barcelona for 5 days or less and will be traveling by public transport, we advise you to explore the possibilities of these cards! Trains leave every 5-10 minutes. Now attention: the duration of the trip to Plaza Catalunya is 1 hour!!!

If you arrived at the airport at night, you can use the night buses that start running at 22:00.

Bus . Bus number 46 runs from terminals T1 and T2 to Plaza España, another of the main squares of the city. The fare is 2.40€, as in all public transport. Does this bus operate T-casual and T-casual? Yes! But there is no point of sale at the bus stop. Buses depart every 10-15 minutes. The duration of the trip is 35-40 minutes.
If you arrived at the airport at night, you can use the night buses, which start running at 22:00. Night buses N17 and N18 leave from terminal T1, and from terminal T2 – N16 and N18, on which you can get to Plaza Catalunya. Buses run every 20 minutes.

The train is the fastest and most affordable way to get to the center of Barcelona. With a T-casual or T-familiar pass, a trip to the center will cost you a little more than 1€

Train . Another form of public transport. As for me, the fastest and most affordable. Trains depart from terminal T2 and go to Barcelona’s main train station – Sants and Passage de Gracia station, which is a 5-minute walk from Plaza Catalunya. If you arrived at the T1 terminal, use the free airport shuttle that runs between the terminals. How to find a train station? It is located next to the metro station and the entrance to it is at the end of the elevated passage, which starts from the second floor of the T2 terminal. A one-time ticket costs 4.2€, but T-casual and T-familiar operate at this station! That is, having a travel ticket to the center will cost you a little more than 1 €. You can buy a T-casual or T-familiar pass right here at the station in a vending machine or at the box office. Trains leave the station every half hour and after 20 minutes you are at the main railway station of the city, and after 25 minutes – on the main shopping street of the city – Passage de Gracia.

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How to get from Barcelona airport to the city center

Barcelona El Prat International Airport (full name – El Prat de Llobregat Aeropuerto) is located 15 km southwest of the city center. This is the second largest air harbor in Spain and one of the busiest airports in the world. About 45 million passengers are served here annually. Every hour at El Prat airport land and take off 90 airliners from all continents. On airline tickets, in passenger guides and on information boards, as well as in online ticket booking services, Barcelona Airport is abbreviated as BCN.

All ways to get from the airport to the center of Barcelona

Several terminals are built on the vast territory of the airport. Terminal 1 (T1) is located a few kilometers from Terminal 2, which includes three buildings: T2A, T2B and T2C. All terminals are connected by free shuttle buses. You can get from Barcelona airport to the city center by bus, taxi, rented car. However, the most convenient way is to go to the metro or railway stations located here, and quickly, without risking getting into a traffic jam, reach the central regions by metro or train.

Low price calendar for air tickets

By bus

Buses depart from the airport to Barcelona with enviable regularity, you can choose between scheduled transport and express buses. After midnight, you can take the night bus to the center of Barcelona.

Shuttle bus

TMB city bus no. 46 runs from the airport to Plaza España in the center of Barcelona. The stops of these buses are located at the exits of all passenger terminals. The ticket will cost inexpensively – 2.20 €. Luggage is transported in the cabin.

The first regular bus takes passengers at 04:50, the last one departs at 23:50. Car departure intervals are 40 minutes. You can find the exact timetable at the bus stops.

The peculiarity of this transport: there are many stops on the way to the city, but the driver will slow down on them only when requested.

Express bus

The express bus with the “Aerobus” sign on the board will cost a little more. The color of these cars is light turquoise, they are larger and more comfortable than ordinary city buses, they have special compartments for luggage. Each seat is equipped with a USB port for charging smartphones, Wi-Fi and CCTV cameras are free of charge in the cabin.

Travel time approx. 35 min. The fare is 5.90 €. Children under 4 years old can be transported free of charge. If you will be flying home from the same airport within two weeks, it is convenient to buy a round trip express ticket. It is valid for 15 days and costs €10.20.

Tickets are sold at automatic terminals at bus stops. The terminals are colored blue, payment can be made in cash or by credit card. The machines do not have a menu in Russian. Tickets are also sold by the driver, but only for cash. He will not accept large bills, it is better to exchange money in advance.

Aerobus buses leave for Barcelona at intervals of 5-10 minutes, from 05:00 to 00:30 according to the schedule posted at the stops.

Expresses go to Plaza España and from there to Plaza Catalunya. Here is their final stop, located near the El Corte Inglés shopping center. This building will serve as a good reference when you return to the airport.

On the way back, be sure to pay attention to an important nuance: Aerobus express trains depart from the city from the same stops, but bus No. A1 goes to Terminal 1, and express No. A2 will take you to Terminal 2. There are two queues of passengers lining up for them. A bus company employee is usually present at the final stop. Show him your plane ticket and he will point you to the express you need. If you still make a mistake, take the free shuttle bus, scurrying around the clock between the airport terminals. Shuttles are highlighted in light green, they appear at stops every 5-6 minutes. Keep in mind that in this fuss you will lose at least half an hour, or even more.

Night buses

Night buses (NitBus) run from Barcelona Airport to the city center between 00:00 and 05:00. This is the cheapest way to get into the city at night. The fare is 2.20 €, tickets are sold from the driver. Travel time – 1 hour. Luggage is transported in the cabin. The NitBus N17 bus stop can be found at the signs at Terminal 1. NitBus N16 buses serve passengers arriving at night at terminals T2A, T2B and T2C.

The terminus of both routes is in Plaça Catalunya, on the corner of Ronda Universitat.

By taxi

Black and yellow taxis are waiting for passengers at the exit of the terminals, signs will lead you to the car parks. You can get from Barcelona airport to the city center around the clock. During the day, a trip to the center lasts 25-40 minutes, city traffic is intense, and “toffee” is not uncommon on the streets of Barcelona. At night, a taxi will take you to the center in 20 minutes.

The fare from Terminal 2 to the center of Barcelona is within 30 €, from Terminal 1 – 35 € (it is 4 km further). As a rule, the estimated cost of a trip to the center is indicated on a bright sticker in the corner of the rear window of a taxi, payment is by the meter. There is an additional fee for taxi passengers at the airport. This amount is indicated separately on the sticker.

You can compare prices and order a taxi on the KiwiTaxi website.


If you do not have heavy or bulky luggage (surfboards, bicycles, etc.), it is very convenient to get from the airport to the center of Barcelona by metro, the ticket price is 4. 60 €.

Since 2016, the Barcelona Metro has its own stations at the terminals of El Prat Airport (line L9). Interestingly, the trains on this line are controlled by a computer dispatcher, the trains move without drivers, and approach the platforms every 5-7 minutes.

The station at Terminal 1 is called “Aeroport T1”, and at Terminal 2 the metro station, respectively, is called “Aeroport T2”. The operating hours of these stations are from Sunday to Thursday – 05:00-00:00, on Fridays the operating time is extended until 02:00, and on Saturday the trains run around the clock. Opening hours may change during holidays.

By train

El Prat Airport is connected to the center of Barcelona by rail. The RENFE train station is located next to terminals T2A and T2B, so passengers arriving at Terminal 2 can walk to the train platform in a few minutes. If you arrived at Terminal 1, free shuttles will take you to the electric train station in 10 minutes – the same green buses that run between the terminals. The schedule of their movement is coordinated with the schedule of departure of commuter trains RENFE.

Train tickets are sold at vending machines, the fare is 4.20 €, travel time is 25 minutes, trains depart every half an hour. The journey is quite cheap, but the main advantage of electric trains is that they will take you right on schedule, because there are no traffic jams on the railway. Almost all electric train stations are conveniently connected to metro lines and ground transport stops. Station layouts are posted on platforms and in train cars. The map will help you choose a stop in the city center, which will be more convenient to get off. We recommend two stations where the routes of all types of public transport intersect – Estacio Sants (railway station Sants) on Avenida Roma or Passeig de Gràcia (railway station Passeig de Gràcia). Both stations are located in the city center, from where you can get anywhere in Barcelona.

By renting a car

You can get from Barcelona Airport to the city center on your own by renting a car. In the buildings of all terminals of Barcelona Airport there are car rental offices of international companies Europcar, Herz, Enterprise, Avis, Solmar. Renting a car at the airport will cost more than in the city, there are special fees. The rental price starts from 50 € / day, prices vary depending on the season. Car rental offices are open from 07:00 to 00:00.

It is better to choose a suitable car in advance using the service. Here it is convenient to compare the cost of rent in different companies, get acquainted with the conditions and insurance obligations.

Exit the airport following the road signs for the junction and turn onto the motorway towards Barcelona. Please note that it is very difficult to find a free parking space in the city center. For stopping in the zone of prohibition signs, you face a decent fine. In addition, you run the risk of not finding a car left in the wrong place – a tow truck will take it to the penalty area. This will bring you great expenses and problems, and they will be greatly aggravated if you do not speak a tolerable one of the common European languages.