Fast food in barcelona: 7 Fast-Casual Eateries Barcelona Locals Love

7 Fast-Casual Eateries Barcelona Locals Love

In a hurry and wondering where to eat in BCN? The girls from Things to do in Barcelona have you covered with these 7 terrific fast food Barcelona restaurants loved by locals and tourists alike!

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Fast Food Barcelona

With tapas bars and paella restaurants on almost every street corner, Barcelona has some amazing Catalan cuisine to offer. Sometimes, though, you just want something quick.  Rest assured, there’s also plenty of options for good – very good indeed – fast food in Barcelona. 

Insider’s Tip: If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona, I highly recommend adding a food tour to your itinerary! I ate my way through El Born, Raval, and Gotico on a Savor Spain tour and loved every minute of it.

A Tu Bola

‘Bola’ means ‘ball’ in Spanish, so it’s no surprise all food at A Tu Bola is shaped round. You can choose between ‘balls’ filled with beef, chicken, shrimp, or vegan options like chickpeas or sweet potato – all made with local products. The food is freshly made in the open kitchen of the (small) restaurant and served as a platter, pita or tapa with salad, hummus or cheese.

Feel like something sweet afterward? Then you shouldn’t miss the bolas de chocolate. The homemade lemonade is also worth trying!

Where: C/Hospital 78, El Raval

Cost: Around €8 for a pita, drink, and dessert

El Pachuco

Looking for the best nachos in Barcelona? El Pachuco is the place to go. This tiny Mexican restaurant within neighborhood El Raval is always crowded. Reservations aren’t possible, but the wait is worth it for sure.

A plate of nachos includes beans, cheese, jalapeños, crème fraiche, tomato sauce and chicken (if wanted) and easily serves as a lunch or dinner for two. There are also other Mexican classics on the menu, like tacos, quesadillas, and antojitos. And they serve delicious ‘micheladas’, or Mexican beers.

A perfect place to end a day of crawling through the city center or to start your party night in Barcelona.

Where: Carrer de Sant Pau 110, El Raval

Cost: Nacho’s for €12, drinks for €3-5

Parking Pizza & Parking Pita

This former parking lot in Eixample is now a popular restaurant where both pizza and pita lovers will be very satisfied. When entering the restaurant you can take a place at the long table for a pita filled with falafel (the best!), chicken or beef – make sure to order the French fries as well. They are absolutely amazing. In the back of the restaurant, there’s a big space with separate tables for whoever prefers pizza.

It’s not possible to reserve your spot and, especially during weekends, you probably have to wait.

Where: Passeig de Sant Joan 56, Eixample

Cost: €14 for a pizza, €3 for drinks

Tucco Real Food

One of the best fast food restaurants in Barcelona to have fresh pasta. Choose the type of pasta, sauce, and ingredients at the counter, take your drink and wait at your table for the food to be served. Everything is made fresh in the small ‘pasta factory’ upstairs.

The vegetable lasagna, as well as the ravioli with ricotta, pine nuts, and spinach, are to die for. For dessert, don’t miss the dulce de leche. The owner, Juan, is from Argentina so he knows a thing or two about dulce de leche!

All those carbs, cheeses and creams may not be the best idea for your ‘operation bikini’, but for your instant happiness, they are.

Where: Carre Codols 27, El Gotico

Cost: €10 for a menu including pasta, bread, drink and dessert

Koku Kitchen

Ramen, dumplings, Vietnamese Phô, curry, and buns. Koku Kitchen – with two locations in Barcelona – serves all kinds of Asian favorites.

The restaurant in the gothic quarter is famous for its ramen (Japanese noodle soup) – with chicken, beef or veggies and available from clean to spicy. The one in El Born has more variation and also serves Thai curries, dumplings, and Chinese ribs.

Where: Carrer del Comerç 29, El Born & Carrer d’En Carrabassa, El Gotico

Cost: Count €15 for a starter, noodle soup, and a drink

(More things to do in the Born neighborhood)

Bacoa Burger

There’s a hamburger and there’s a hamburger. The Spanish fast food chain Bacoa has 5 locations in Barcelona and this may well be the best hamburguesería in town.

There’s a wide variety of burgers (beef, pork, chicken, vegetarian and vegan) and additional ingredients and salsas, like the home-made pickles, truffle mayonnaise, caramelized onions, and the famous sherry mustard. Ask for some patatas bravas as well and you will leave the place oh so satisfied.

Where: Carerr del Judici 15, La Barceloneta & Avenida del Marques de l’Argentera, El Born, Carrer de Ferran 10, El Gotico, Ronda Universitat 31, Eixample.

Cost: €10 for a burger and a drink.

Makamaka Beach Burger Cafe

What’s not to like at Makamaka?

This beach bar serves salads, hamburgers (both meat and veggie) and probably the best garlic & parmesan fries you will ever try. Apart from the food, there’s also great cocktails and ultra-healthy juices on the menu. And above all, the bar is located just a step away from the beach and has a big and colorful terrace.

On sunny days there’s always a line outside from people waiting for a table. In winter they organize fun activities like pub quizzes, where you can win everything you eat/ate for free.

Where: Passeig de Joan de Borbó 76, La Barceloneta

Cost: €15 for a burger, fries and a drink

One of the most enjoyable things I did in Barcelona was take a cooking class. Learning to make paella is an unforgettable hands-on culinary experience! Pre-book your paella cooking class in Barcelona now.  

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¡Hola! We are Annebeth, Carola, and Carlijn. We live and work in Barcelona as journalists and tour guides, and we want to share the best this wonderful city has to offer.

More Barcelona Deliciousness…

Best Fast Food Restaurants In Barcelona

The venues for fast food in Barcelona are not just limited to McDonalds, KFC and Starbucks, plus a few local chains such as Pans&Company or Viena. There are instead many local holes-in-the-wall and bars where you can get delicious (and even healthy!) fast food where you’ll want to go back again and again.

And the truth is that when you are sightseeing, you don’t often have time to seat down for a 1-hour Spanish meal. That’s when fast food is so convenient! So today we’ve compiled our favorite fast food restaurants in Barcelona, so you can maximize your sightseeing time but also enjoy a delicious fast meal. Enjoy!


These are our favorite venues for fast food in Barcelona:​

Sandwiches: Conesa​

If you happen to walk across Plaça Sant Jaume on a Friday evening, you’ll see a long line of youngsters coming from a tiny sandwich place: This is Conesa, the best place in Barcelona to eat delicious hot sandwiches.

They are prepared on a grill specially designed by the owners and they are cooked without fats. So, in addition to exquisite, they are healthy. And they also have gluten-free bread. The fast food barcelona scene wouldn’t be the same without Conesa.

Pizza Al Taglio: La Fermata​

Near La Pedrera there’s a great place for pizza by the slice. In La Fermata they use organic flours and fresh produce, and the dough is hand-made. I love their gourmet toppings that entice  you to try new combinations. 

However, ordering is tricky: you can choose the size of your portion but it’s not standardized, so you never know how much you’ll end up paying. Beware: they are quite filling so you probably can do with a smaller portion than you were thinking!

Street Food: Boqueria Market​

These last years, more and more market stalls have started serving food to go in the market, so it’s become the place that concentrates the biggest variety of fast food in Spain. In the right section of the Boqueria you’ll find crepes, empanadas, tex-mex, vegetarian and pizza stalls.


Instead, in the left hand side there is a Greek shop, and towards the bottom left you’ll also find a couple of Asian food places and our favorite: Ramon, a small counter serving Catalan and Spanish food to go.

Don’t miss their skewers and their croquettes! BTW, that’s just the stalls, but the Boqueria tapas bars are the best fast food Barcelona has to offer.

Hot Dogs: Frankfurt Pedralbes​

This another mythic fast food Barcelona places. A must for hotdog and sausage lovers. Their secret? The high quality of the meat they use. From outside, it just looks like one more fast food place, but once you start eating, you really feel you are in an authentic place. It’s different and great! Locals often take their hotdogs away to enjoy at home. It’s one of our favorite places to eat near the FC Barcelona Stadium!

Meat and Veggie balls A Tu Bola​

This is probably one of the most surprising fast food places you’ve ever been to. Really, a meatballs place? But try them, and you won’t forget them. They prepare them with many different ingredients (even some veggie ones), at a really good price. And guess what: they make some great chocolate balls for dessert!

AND BONUS! What about burgers?


You won’t find a better hamburger in the whole city. The quality is the most important feature of this place, that offers many different varieties of burgers. You can choose the type of meat, the extra ingredients, the type of bread buns… Hamburgers with a touch of modernity AND hand cut fries and homemade sauces!


Need more ideas? Take one of our Barcelona food tours!

What are your favorite fast food Barcelona places?​







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