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This blog post was originally posted on May 13, 2016 and was updated on November 26, 2017.

Barcelona is known around the world for its amazing food, from delicious, mouth-watering tapas to modern gastronomy. Discover our favorite must-visit restaurants in Barcelona!

Furthermore, with blocks and boulevards lined with restaurants and bars, with thousands of restaurants, it can be a daunting task to choose! Take our advice and check out some of these can’t miss restaurants in Barcelona!

Traditional Catalan restaurants

From incredible seafood and paellas to hearty, Catalan countryside eats, what’s not to love. However, these traditional Catalan restaurants in Barcelona are the place to go for comfort food at its finest.

Delicious fideua, one of our favorite traditional Catalan dishes!

Can Sole

Top-notch seafood, rices, and fideuas made to perfection can be found at Can Sole. It has the admirable reputation of being one of the best restaurants in Barcelona. Endless framed photographs line the walls of this white tablecloth, seaside restaurant. Unsurprisingly, making it the perfect, soulful setting for a memorable paella in Barcelona.

Address: Carrer Sant Carles ,4

Step behind the scenes at Can Sole and discover the secrets of a perfect paella in the video below!

[mv_video key=”r86eghtqbsjj5flmn8yh” title=”Behind The Scenes: Making an Authentic Paella in Barcelona” thumbnail=”https://mediavine-res.cloudinary.com/video/upload/r86eghtqbsjj5flmn8yh.jpg” volume=”70″ doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” ratio=”” jsonLd=true]

El Glop

The original restaurant in Barcelona to bring countryside fare to the city, Taverna El Glop is a classic in La Vila de Gracia. You can also find it’s sister restaurants in a few other parts of the city. Choose from calçotades (spring onion barbecues) to hearty grilled sausage and white beans. El Glop will transport you to the rustic Catalan countryside in no time.

Address: Carrer de Sant Lluis, 24

Can Culleretes

Dating back to 1786, Can Culleretes is one of Barcelona’s oldest restaurants. This traditional Catalan restaurant is right in the heart of the old city. Furthermore, it is also quite the experience of Barcelona’s hidden past.

Address: Carrer de Quintana, 5

Want to know a little bit more about some typical Catalan restaurants in Barcelona? Look no further than this great little video. Our expert guide fills you in on how to enjoy the best Catalan food in the city!

Modern tapas bars

Barcelona is famous for its modern tapas scene. Check out these fantastic restaurants and tapas bars to get a taste of it!

The famous spherical olives of Ferran Adrià!

Bar Del Pla

A fantastic tapas bar in the heart of the Born neighborhood is the place to go for classic Spanish tapas in a modern atmosphere. With a buzzing atmosphere which truly is unrivaled, it’s one of our favorite tapas restaurants in Barcelona. Make sure to order the delicious secreto ibérico for a truly decadent treat.

Address: Carrer Montcada, 2


Suculent, is a tiny little tapas bar and restaurant in the Raval neighborhood. It has been making waves in the modern tapas scene here in Barcelona. Choose from dishes like steak tartar in bone marrow and other rich, creative tapas. Furthermore, try one of their different casserole tasting menus for 50, 60 and 70 euros. Trust us—this is one of the restaurants in Barcelona not to miss visiting!

Address: Rambla de Raval, 43


For true foodies and adventure-seekers, don’t miss out on Ferran Adrià’s famous thematic tapas bar, Tickets. One of the fathers of molecular gastronomy, expect to find plenty of foams, flames and also edible flowers. However, it can be very difficult to get a reservation as bookings are only accepted at midnight every two months! Goodluck!

Address: Ave. de Parellel, 164

Local’s Tip: Check out our favorite tapas bars in Barcelona for inspiration on even more places like these to visit!

Traditional tapas bars

Not all tapas are modern in Barcelona! Check out these wonderful, timeless tapas bars around the city.

La Plata

There’s a lot to love about La Plata! From its lovely tile-lined walls and marble countertops to the wonderful Pepe and David behind the bar! Not to mention, the four tapas that they’ve been serving since 1945! It’s no wonder why we include this Barcelona gem on our Tapas, Taverns and History tour!

Address: Carrer del Mercè 28

Pepe, owner of La Plata, runs one of the most iconic establishments in the Gothic Quarter.

Cal Pep

Cal Pep is undoubtedly one of the most classic traditional tapas bars in Barcelona. There’s no menu, though you won’t need it. Just tell the waiter, perhaps even Pep himself, what you like, and they’ll handle the rest!

Address: Plaça de les Olles, 8

El Quim de la Boqueria & Pinotxo Bar

Lastly, there’s only one thing better than eating market-fresh, and that’s eating it inside the market. Barcelona’s food markets are not only a place to shop, they are also some of the best eats in the city. Yes, that’s right! Some of the best restaurants in Barcelona can be found at La Boqueria. Discover small bars inside, nestled among fruit stalls, fishmongers and the like. El Quim de la Boqueria and Pinotxo Bar are both classics for a hearty tapas-style lunch, rubbing elbows with fellow diners at the bar. Finally, get the most of this emblematic place with top tips from our guide Victoria below!

Address: La Boqueria Market, La Rambla 91


The Best Restaurants in Barcelona to visit in 2023

October 3, 2022updated Oct 27, 2022

With an impressive number of Michelin starred restaurants, Barcelona’s fine dining scene is a force to be reckoned with.

Kim Ayling

Barcelona, famous for its golden beaches and great nightlife, is also very well-known for its gastronomic scene. From street food on its narrow side roads to renowned Michelin-starred restaurants, visitors can rest assured that there will be no shortage of excellent culinary options.

Barcelona’s position on the ocean ensures that the quality and freshness of the produce, especially seafood, remains unmatched – not to mention the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean sea to complement the experience.

All the best restaurants in Barcelona offer a culinary journey, characterized not only by amazing food but also by breathtaking views and interiors.

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Under the guidance of head chef Romain Fornell, one Michelin-starred Caelis is driven by a passion for innovation – be it pioneering techniques, abstract flavor combinations or unusual ingredients. As you would expect in a Michelin-starred restaurant, Caelis’s plating is immaculate, with bright colors and perfect symmetry combined to create dishes that are nothing short of works of art.

Caelis offers three tasting menus: Land and Sea, Celebration and Vegetarian, all of which can be accompanied by an expertly selected wine pairing. For a truly one-of-a-kind experience, book the Caelis Privé room, where diners can enjoy a bespoke menu served to them by one of the chefs. The exclusive private dining room is dominated by a large screen showing the happenings of the kitchen in real-time, promising an immersive dining experience.



Alkimia proudly showcases the very best of Catalonia’s rich culinary traditions, but with a twist. The restaurant’s head chef, Jordi Vila, is not afraid to experiment with tradition, and it’s this innovation that has won Alkimia a well-deserved Michelin star. Seafood fans will be pleased to hear of chef Vila’s affinity with the ocean, which ensures that the eclectic menu is fish and crustacean-heavy.

The restaurant’s futuristic décor complements the innovative menu, with the beautifully frescoed ceilings thrown into stark contrast against the modern seating and wall art. But that is the nature of Alkimia: experimental meets traditional. With a name that translates into alchemy – the process of taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary – you would expect nothing less.

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alkimia. cat

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Cinc Sentits

As is common on Barcelona’s fine dining scene, Cinc Sentits is a tasting menu-only restaurant, with a choice between the Tasting Menu or the Light Menu (which, despite what the name suggests, still offers an extensive eight courses). Both menus are coupled with a wine pairing that celebrates Catalan specialties, as well as bottles from the rest of Spain.

Cinc Sentits changes its menu regularly to reflect the ever-changing seasons, with head chef Jordi Artal committed to only working with artisan suppliers who hold the same level of respect for ingredients as he does. It is undoubtedly this level of sensitivity for produce, coupled with the restaurant’s ability to offer a dining experience that envelops all five senses, that has earned its two Michelin stars.



Moments has been awarded an impressive two Michelin stars for its imaginative take on Catalan cuisine / ©Mandarin Oriental

As is expected of any restaurant housed within one of Mandarin Oriental‘s stunning hotels, Moments is a feast for the eyes. The restaurant’s design comes courtesy of Spanish architect Patricia Urquiola, who has created an elevated yet relaxing space through a golden-hued color scheme mixed with dark wood finishes.

However, this isn’t to say that the restaurant is style over substance. Headed up by Raül Balam, son of Carme Ruscalleda, Moments has been awarded an impressive two Michelin stars for its imaginative take on Catalan cuisine. Balam successfully strikes the perfect balance between traditional flavors and contemporary techniques, while taking inspiration from global cuisines to create a dining experience that shouldn’t be missed. For an elevated gastronomic adventure, book the private Chef’s Table, which gives a front-row seat to the kitchen action.


Els Pescadors

Located in a district of Barcelona that is historically associated with fishing, Els Pescadors’ menu is seafood heavy – as you would expect of a restaurant whose name is Catalan for ‘the fishermen’. Dating back to the late 19th century, Els Pescadors has garnered close relationships with the local ‘pescadors’, who bring the restaurant the best fish and seafood on offer each day.

The menu is crafted each day depending on what the sea offers, but will always feature specialist rice dishes, as is Catalan tradition. Although not situated in one of Barcelona’s trendiest areas, Els Pescadors is well worth the trip to experience some of the finest seafood in the Mediterranean.



Disfrutar is the brainchild of three senior chefs from the former culinary institution that was El Bulli, which was famed for its pioneering molecular gastronomy. This passion for food science has found its way onto Disfrutar’s menu, with all-star guest favorites including crispy egg yolk and liquid salad – although the chefs do recommend that you select a menu without seeing it detailed, as the joy is in the surprise.

A meal at two-Michelin-starred Disfrutar promises to be daring and fun while remaining welcoming and accessible. In English, Disfrutar translates to ‘enjoy’, and with the choice of four highly inventive tasting menus, diners at Disfrutar will do just that.


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Restaurant Gaig Barcelona

Restaurant Gaig’s family history is a long one, dating all the way back to 1869. However, in testament to the Gaig family’s culinary skill and commitment to serving excellent dishes, Restaurant Gaig remains one of the best restaurants in Barcelona to this day.

Championing a philosophy that focuses on bringing out the best of every ingredient, Restaurant Gaig hand selects its produce to ensure quality and freshness. Although now running restaurants around the world, chef Carles Gaig is still known to head to market himself to select the day’s ingredients to create dishes that still hold true to his family’s culinary beginnings.


Restaurante Lasarte

Lasarte is routinely noted as being one of the best restaurants in Barcelona (if not the whole of Spain), and not without good reason. Since opening its doors in 2006, the restaurant has gone from strength to strength, with 2017 seeing it awarded a prestigious third Michelin star.

Led by renowned chef Martin Berasategui, Lasarte’s menu is responsive and agile, adapting as when the seasons call. In the chef’s own words, “nature knows best and we follow its rules.” The result is a gastronomic experience like no other, filled to the brim with culinary delights such as wagyu ravioli and pickled oysters. An à la carte menu is available, but as always, the expertly crafted tasting menu is the best way to navigate this restaurant.



With an impressive three Michelin stars to its name, you can be sure you’re in safe hands at ÁBaC. The menu is the culinary vision of head chef Jordi Cruz, who skillfully marries both traditional and avant-garde techniques – and having received his first Michelin star aged 24, there’s no doubt that he does so remarkably well.

Diners have the choice between two extensive tasting menus, but we’d recommend the longer of the two at 19 courses for the full ÁBaC experience. The restaurant’s atmosphere is intimate, with space for just 56 diners per serving, with the unfussy service style allowing the food to take center stage. To wash said food down, diners can choose from the ÁBaC’s well-stocked wine cellar, boasting nearly 1,000 different bottles.


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Best Restaurants in Barcelona – Top 10 Restaurants in the City

Barcelona is one of the most rewarding places when it comes to food and wine. Few cities in the world can rival the Catalan capital in terms of gastronomy, from iconic small tapas bars to award-winning restaurants.

The locals are incredibly proud of this, and year after year culinary experts reward the city’s establishments with all sorts of distinctions. We bring to your attention a list of the 10 best restaurants in Barcelona for every taste, occasion and budget.

La Fonda del Port Olimpic

Charming traditional restaurant located in Barcelona’s Olympic Port. It is loved for its classic yet simple style and friendly service. There is a large terrace where you can dine al fresco while enjoying the atmosphere of the port.

La Fonda serves Mediterranean cuisine with a focus on rice, fish and shellfish dishes. There is also excellent grilled meat and wonderful homemade desserts, complemented by an extensive wine list. Set menu del dia (menu of the day) includes salad, second course, dessert and a drink (including a glass of wine or beer) and costs only 12 €.

Specialties include paella with lobster, monkfish and shellfish (22 € per serving), grilled tuna and seafood soup “according to grandma’s recipe”. And what is important for a tourist, compared to most restaurants in Barcelona, ​​the prices here are quite affordable.

  • Address
  • Prices
  • Map
  • Chart
  • Website

Moll de Gregal, 7, 8, 9

Daily 7:30-01:00


Xiringuito Escriba

Established in the city 192 culinary attraction now 192 among the best restaurants in Barcelona on the waterfront. The basis of the menu is rice cooked in all possible variations, and, above all, paella. Since the opening of the Xiringuito Escriba restaurant, its quality and taste have remained at their best and have attracted more and more new guests.

The menu includes paella with chicken, mushrooms and asparagus, and traditional black rice with fish, shrimp, cuttlefish and scallops. Price – from 19.50 €. A 4-course appetizer for 2 people costs 28 €, and a jug of branded sangria (1.2 l) costs 24 €. It is better to book a table in advance, as the place is very popular.

  • Address
  • Prices
  • Map
  • Schedule
  • Website

Av. del Litoral, 62

Restaurant menu Xiringuito Escriba

Daily 13:00-17:00 and 19:00-22:30


Other top waterfront restaurants include: Merendero de la Mari, Platja Ca la Nuri, Bestial, Salamanca.

Mabel The Granja

This small family run restaurant is one of the places to dine side by side with the locals. The interior is simple, even Spartan, but the menus and showcases are bright and colorful. The food concept is a set menu prepared with love and good ingredients, guaranteeing fair value for money.

For 11.50 € on weekdays and 14. 50 € on weekends, here you will get a full and delicious lunch in the best Spanish traditions. The menu differs from most restaurants in Barcelona and changes daily. Dishes are bold and original: duck confit with truffle puree, chickpea cream, homemade burger with caramelized onions. At non-lunch time you can try cream soups, carpaccio, sardines or wasabi salad. Service here with a smile and fast.

  • Address
  • Prices
  • Map
  • Schedule
  • Website

Carrer de la Marina, 114

Restaurant menu Mabel The Granja

Mon-Fri 06:00-160, 22:08


Torre d’Alta Mar

One of the best panoramic restaurants in Barcelona. It is literally located between the sea and the land – at a height of 75 meters, in the premises of the former cable car station. From above, a circular view of the sea harbor, coastline, beach, mountains and the city itself opens. The Torre d’Alta Mar restaurant is recommended for visiting by the City Hall of Barcelona itself, the Government of Catalonia and the Ministry of Tourism.

Along with breathtaking views, creative cuisine awaits guests from two chefs who appreciate new techniques but respect the country’s culinary traditions. You can choose from two tasting menu options (priced at 82€ or 98€) or more traditional a la carte meals like Creamy Seafood Rice. The cost of the main course is from 25 €. The restaurant is recommended by the Michelin guide for attentive service, exquisite food and an exceptional location.

  • Address
  • Prices
  • Map
  • Schedule
  • Website

Passeig Joan de Borbó, 88

Restaurant menu

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Tue-Sat 13:00-15:30, and 19:30-23:30, Sun-Mon 19:30-23:30

torredealtamar. com

Omm Hotel Terrace

One of the features of Barcelona is the terraces – view restaurants on the roof (usually of a luxury hotel). Great views of the city, delicious al fresco dining and a casual atmosphere make rooftops a favorite evening out for Barcelona residents and visitors alike. The terrace season opens in early June and lasts all summer.

On the rooftop of the Hotel Omm, located just off Gracia Boulevard, there is a luxurious terrace with snow-white sofas where you can dine and drink while enjoying a jazz concert or DJ performance. The menu includes light snacks, several hearty dishes and classic cocktails. The average check is 35-40 €.

  • Address
  • Prices
  • Map
  • Schedule
  • Website

Carrer del Rosselló, 265

0 Restaurant Menu Omm3 Roof Terrace 901 159

Daily 13:00-01:00


In addition, you can enjoy beautiful views of the city in restaurants: Xalet de Montjuic, Mirablau, El Cangrejo Loco, El Corte Ingles, Terrat, La Terrassa del Duquesa, El Tunel del port , Emperador, Abrassame, Miramar Restaurant Garden & Club, Martinez.

Dans le Noir

One of the most unusual restaurants in Barcelona, ​​his idea is to dine in total darkness. Unlike other establishments, this restaurant is completely devoid of fuss and calls for a sensory experience that awakens the inner senses of smells and atmosphere. Dans le Noir restaurants around the world have only visually impaired or completely blind waiters.

At the entrance, guests are introduced to the concept of the establishment, offered a choice of one of three “surprise menus” (price from 37.90 to 64.90 €) and escorted to the table. Throughout the dinner it is forbidden to use phones and lighters. At the end of the meal, the lights are turned on and the secret of what they ate is revealed to the guests. Only 10% of visitors guess what food was on the plates and what wine was in the glasses.

  • Address
  • Prices
  • Map
  • Schedule
  • Website

Passeig de Picasso, 10

Restaurant Menu 900 03 03 Dans 03 03 2 Tue-Thu 20:30-22:00, Fri-Sat 20 :00-22:30

barcelona. danslenoir.com

Other fancy restaurants in Barcelona: La Posada Maldita, El Teatre mes Petit del Mon, Enigmatium, El Banquete Medieval.

Les Quinze Nits

This elegant restaurant in the center of Barcelona attracts crowds with creative dishes at reasonable prices. From 9 am, breakfast is served here: eggs Benedict, smoothies, sandwiches and several varieties of excellent coffee. The best Mediterranean cuisine is served mid-day and in the evenings: black rice with cuttlefish, roast lamb with rosemary and potatoes, crispy cod with stewed olives and onions. On weekdays there is a del dia menu at the price of 11.95 €.

The owners practice a first-come-first-served basis, so sometimes you have to wait for a free table. In good weather, you can sit on the outdoor outdoor veranda.

  • Address
  • Prices
  • Map
  • Schedule
  • Website

Plaça Reial, 6

Restaurant Menu Les Quinze

Nits Daily about 09:00-23:30

grupandilana. com

Cal Pep

Legendary tapas bar in El Born. Behind a long bar counter, on the one hand, food is prepared, on the other, it is enjoyed. The menu is impressive – more than 70 types of tapas, fish, meat, soups and salads. All dishes are light, refined and extremely varied. In addition to tapas, be sure to try the famous Catalan sausages butifarra with beans, salad with salted cod, and for dessert – crema catalana – custard with a crispy crust.

The place is very popular, it is better to come to the beginning of dinner (19.thirty). If you arrive later, be prepared to wait in line – you can brighten it up with a glass of Spanish wine at the bar. Prices in Cal Pep are quite moderate, the average check is from 30 € per guest.

  • Address
  • Prices
  • Map
  • Schedule
  • Website

Plaça de les Olles, 8

Restaurant menu Cal Pep 03 Mon 9001 -Sat 19:30-23:30 and Tue-Fri 13 :00-15:45, Sat 13:15-15:45

calpep. com

La Bombeta

This is possibly one of the best tapas bars in Catalonia, and one of the real non-tourist restaurants in Barcelona. The place is cult and authentic, not listed in the guidebooks, respectively, and the prices here are very affordable.

The slogan of the restaurant is: “We don’t speak English, but we make awesome bombas (bombas are deep-fried Catalan specialty potato balls with minced meat inside). The dish is really excellent, and the price of a serving of 2 pieces is only 4.50 €.

We also recommend ordering grilled vegetables (escalivada), grilled prawns (gambas a la plancha) and mussels in wine sauce with garlic and spices (mejillones a la marinera). These dishes are washed down, as a rule, with homemade sangria, Spanish beer or sparkling wine.

  • Address
  • Prices
  • Map
  • Schedule
  • Website

Carrer de la Maquinista, 3

Restaurant Menu 90 La Bombeta 90 La Bombeta 90 La Bombeta 90 La Bombeta 90 Thu-Tue 12:00-00:00

facebook. com /pages/La-Bombeta

Casa Leopoldo

Barcelona has an abundance of Catalan restaurants, but Casa Leopoldo is worth a visit first. The institution opened in 1929 in the heart of the city, next to the El Raval district, and in 2017 the owners completely renovated it: they restored the old finish and restored the decor. Everything is sparkling clean, the kitchen has new utensils, but you feel that you are in a place full of history.

Traditional cuisine has been preserved in the restaurant – excellent oxtail and fish dishes, shrimp omelet and Cap i Pota spicy stew with veal, pork and chickpeas. For dessert, choose fresh Catalan cheese with honey. For €34.95 you will receive two items from the a la carta menu, a dessert and a drink. Great vintage place for a casual dinner.

  • Address
  • Prices
  • Map
  • Schedule
  • Website

Carrer de Sant Rafael, 24

Casa Leopoldo Menu

Wed-Sun 13:00-16:00 and 19:30-23:00

casaleopoldo. es

A few more worthwhile places with Catalan cuisine: Fonda Gaig, 7 Portes, La Llavor Dels Origens, Taverna El Glop, Petit Comite, Ferrum, Can Valles, Restaurante Barceloneta.

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Top 10 restaurants in Barcelona with home cooking – Barcelona (Barcelona)

List of the best restaurants in Barcelona with home cooking. Addresses of the best restaurants in Barcelona with home cooking. Where is the best place to eat in Barcelona.

Catalan cuisine is an amazing gift for gourmets. But if you want to try dishes made with full respect for traditions, it is worth going to those restaurants in Barcelona that serve dishes with home cooking. For readers, we have prepared a special selection of the best home-cooked restaurants in Barcelona

Restaurant Morryssom, Barcelona, ​​Spain

For dining like Cuenca you don’t have to go there, you can just visit this beautiful place run by Pedro Sausor and his family in el Ensanche of Barcelona, ​​more than enough.

There you can taste high quality tapas as you used to cook in a small cozy room; You can choose from five first courses and five second courses for lunch, which is why this place is such a success. All those who love good food should try gazpacho, Russian salad and a dish called el ajo arriero del Morryssom.

Address: Carrer Girona, 162 Ensanche derecho

Restaurant Brisas Do Sil, Barcelona, ​​Spain

After everyone found out that O’Retorno served very well cooked Galician octopus, this place became very popular. And in the end it was not easy to get there. And octopus lovers rushed in search of a new place, where they are well prepared.

And Brisas Do Sil was the best replacement, which is located in Plaça Navas (Poblesec). The concept of cooking is the same as at O’Retorno, a family that has been cooking and serving for years, all food is made with love from lifelong recipes and combined with good prices.

Sometimes closed for holidays, so if you want to visit it’s better to do it now or wait until September. The mussels at Brisas Do Sil are the best in Barcelona.

Address: Carrer de Jaume Fabra, 16. Plaça Navas, Poblesec.

Restaurant Malandrina, Barcelona, ​​Spain

This is a small restaurant, at first it was opened in a small room, but due to its popularity it gradually began to expand. The restaurant was recently expanded and there were many imitators who wanted to appropriate someone else’s success.

Uruguayan cuisine is prepared here: grilled beef, tenderloin, salads, pies and the best thing about all this is that the menu is designed to suit any budget. They don’t accept credit cards, but it’s still worth looking for an ATM to enjoy a sandwich in this lovely little place that you’ll never forget.

Address: Carrer d l’Almirall Cervera, 5. Barceloneta

Restaurant Ciudadela Parc, Barcelona, ​​Spain

There are a few things you need to learn to live in Barcelona so that there are no surprises later on. You should avoid eating on the Rambla and stay away from restaurants in hotels less than five stars.

In the case of the Hotel Ciudadela Parc restaurant, it’s completely opposite. Rice in this place is exceptional, especially black. At very attractive prices, plus there is a lunch menu. You can also dine on the terrace overlooking the park, where you can enjoy a wonderful summer day.

Address: Passeig de Lluis Companys, 2. Arco del Triunfo

Restaurant Casa Alfonso, Barcelona, ​​Spain

Not so long ago this place turned 80 years old, this restaurant lives up to its name: having lunch or dinner here is equivalent to eating at your best friend’s house. Alfonso García today runs this restaurant, which was founded by his grandfather and was originally a diner in 1934 year.

Arriving at this restaurant you feel a family atmosphere and plus all the waiters are in a good mood, many of them have been working here for many years. The food is simple and no frills, good jamon, good cheese, good products and wines.

Address: Roger de Llúria, 6. Ensanche

Restaurant Trentasis, Barcelona, ​​Spain

Sebastian and his assistant have been running this restaurant for years: the people who work here enjoy what they do. One cooks in the kitchen and the other serves the meals. They offer a menu for lunch for 5.95 euros, there are few such places at such prices in Barcelona.

Menu of the day: the first includes two options, usually a very good soup or salad, and the second one can choose from two options, these dishes change every day, and also includes water and dessert. The menu is very extensive and the prices are very good. Duck breast, hamburger and much more are cooked very well here.

Address: Carrer Margarit, 36. Poblesec

Tarannà Cafè, Barcelona, ​​Spain

This is a small place that has a wide variety of lunch menus. It prepares dishes that surprise everyone every day, and these are fried dishes and breaded dishes.

Exquisite creams, tasty salads and main courses are so inviting that it’s hard to choose between one or the other. It is better to order one different dish for everyone so that you can try everything.

Address: Carrer Viladomat, 23. Esquina con Parlament. Sant Anthony

La Taverna del Suculent, Barcelona, ​​Spain

Carles Avellán’s celebrity chef prepares appetizers at this tavern, offering a choice of simple appetizers from high quality ingredients on the Rambla del Raval. El Suculent, this diner is even more relaxed than its predecessor.

There are no chairs and snacks are often served without plates, and some snacks are served in paper cups. The waiters create a very good atmosphere, you just need to relax in order to feel at home.

Address: Rambla del Raval, 39. Raval

Wakasa Restaurant, Barcelona, ​​Spain

This principle is repeated all the time, in this case by a Japanese couple who offer simple food made with love. Wakasa is the benchmark for Japanese cuisine in Barcelona.

Despite the fact that the location of this restaurant has already changed three times, still people continue to follow where they move. Most of their products come from Japan and are of the best quality. Simplicity and boldness of tastes are all that you can try there.

Address: Nàpols, 287.