Excursions from barcelona: THE TOP 20 Barcelona Day Trips (w/Prices)

16 Best Day Trips From Barcelona Spain


Barcelona is a fantastic urban destination, with so much to see and do. But if you limit yourself to staying within the city, you’re missing a lot of what Catalonia has to offer. Within a couple of hours of Barcelona city, there is a myriad of seaside villages, pretty hillside hamlets, stunning secret beaches, beautiful historical towns, cultural and natural attractions, and even giant theme parks!

The list is seemingly endless. So make sure to schedule in a few extra days to get acquainted with this special part of Spain, and enjoy the best day trips from Barcelona!

Barcelona Day Trips

When planning your day trips in Barcelona it’s best to think geographically and potentially batch some of these amazing destinations into a full day’s exploration.

We’ve plotted all of our day trip suggestions onto the map below to make this process a little easier for you.   In order to get the most out of your holiday, we’d also suggest renting a car in Barcelona.

While it’s possible to visit many destinations near Barcelona with the aid of public transport, transit times and timetable restrictions could potentially inhibit your options. With a hire car, you can set your own agenda, and make the most of your side trips from Barcelona by visiting many places in a single day.

Perhaps plan a one-day excursion from Barcelona up North to take in the coastal towns or cultural wonders at Girona and Figueres. One day to visit Montserrat and La Colònia Güell. And one day down south to visit Tarragona, Sitges, or to take the family to PortAventura.

Whichever Barcelona day tours you choose, you’re bound to have a brilliant time. So let’s get exploring!

Ruins of Empuries

When we first stumbled on the Ruins of Empuries, it was like stepping back into Knossos in Crete. These much less famous Greek and Roman ruins are located near the pretty beachside village of L’Escala. The low-key entrance contradicts the size and scale of the treasures within.

Founded by the Greeks in the 6th century BC, the ancient town was later occupied by the Romans. It was abandoned in the 3rd century AD and nature took its course. Sand devoured the city and it was only uncovered centuries later, in 1908. Excavation work continues to this day.

It’s a moving experience, walking between the old walls and columns, reflecting on what life was like in ancient times. Take time to admire the Roman mosaic floors and sit in silence in the grand amphitheatre. The onsite Archeology Museum is a must-do while you’re there too. While you’re in the area, be sure to check out the Alt Emporda wine region which was named after Empuries.

How to get to the Ruins of Empuries from Barcelona:

The drive to the Ruins of Empuries takes a little over an hour and a half and passes by Girona. Taking the bus to the Ruins of Empuries can be done, but it requires changing buses in Figueres or Girona, and the whole journey will set you back over 3 hours.

Alternatively, a tour will get you there – but for a shorter length of time, as it also showcases other highlights of the region. Check the tour options here.


Montserrat mountain is as distinctive as it is imposing – rising up to 1,236 m at its highest peak. The mountain lives up to its name (Montserrat translates to “saw mountain” in Catalan) with its jagged rock formations creating the appearance of a giant serrated handsaw. The mountain has been shaped over time by wind and water, creating the unique formations you see today. 

Montserrat is a popular place for hiking and there are trails for most levels of fitness. Take the funicular and explore the mountain at your leisure. A little more than halfway up the mountain rests the Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey.

A sacred place, and home to the Virgin Mary of Montserrat (also known as the Black Madonna). Hoards of pilgrims descend on the monastery every year, but you don’t have to be religious to appreciate the beauty of the buildings.

A trip to Montserrat is an excellent addition to your Barcelona itinerary!

How to get to Montserrat from Barcelona:

The journey from Barcelona is fairly straight forward, so long as you plan your trip to Montserrat in advance. Trains to Montserrat from Barcelona leave from the Espanya rail station. Look for the Line R5 headed towards Manresa. You can buy train tickets at the station, and you also have the option to buy tickets here for the cable car up to the monastery also.

Alternatively, driving to Montserrat from Barcelona takes around an hour. You can either park at the bottom of the mountain and take the cable car or rack railway up the mountainside, or drive directly to the monastery. There is a large car park next to both the cable car and the rack railway stations.

Top Tours of Montserrat:

Tossa de Mar

The stunning seaside town of Tossa de Mar is a must-do day trip from Barcelona. Stroll through the charming network of cobbled streets until you find the pièce de résistance, the vast pale sand beach known as Platja Gran.

It’s one of many beaches in the area, and where most visitors end up sunning themselves. The other beaches are a little harder to reach but worth the effort. And all the beaches are amazing for swimming and snorkelling. Platja Gran is framed on one side by La Vila Vella Castle – you can’t miss it!

The medieval walled town of Vila Vella is an enchanting place to discover by foot. Walk around the old town walls, and admire the breathtaking view from the top. If you get tired from the walk up, or if you’re travelling with kids, you can take the tourist train back down – and enjoy a short tour of the town while you’re at it!

How to get to Tossa de Mar from Barcelona:

If you’ve got a car, the route to Tossa de Mar is fairly straight-forward, just follow the coast! During peak times this road can get busy though, and you’ll save a bit of time if you take the longer but fast E-15 (tolls apply).

For those needing to take public transport, the train doesn’t go all the way into Tossa de Mar, so your best bet is the bus which takes around 2 hours ( as opposed to around 1 hour 20 to drive). Or even simpler, book a tour from Barcelona!

One of the most convenient day trips from Barcelona is the beachside town of Premia de Mar. This old seaside town manages to hold onto the charm of yesteryear, while seemingly embracing the grungy culture of today. A short train ride from Barcelona will deposit you right at the beach – a beautiful long stretch of white sand with safe areas for swimming.

When it’s time for lunch, just pop up to one of the beach bars or walk a little further to the marina where you’ll find amazing sushi at Offu Sushi Bar. At night the locals congregate in cafes and bars until late, children play in the squares and music floats in the air. It’s the authentic Catalan experience, that has apparently been overlooked by tourism.

How to get to Premià de Mar from Barcelona:

Getting to Premià de Mar from Barcelona is a piece of cake. You can drive there in under an hour, or take the train which takes a smidge more than half an hour! Trains depart frequently from Barcelona and deposit you right by the beach.


You’ve likely already seen photos of Girona, even if you don’t realise it. The colourful houses that line each side of the Onyar River adorn postcards and photo albums in every corner of the world. The charm of Girona extends beyond this idyllic scene though.

The old town centre is rustic and enchanting, with new discoveries at every turn. Be sure to wander the Jewish Quarter, which has been lovingly preserved. Walk the medieval city walls for a fresh perspective, and pay a visit to the Arab baths.

Consider visiting the city in May when the annual flower festival (Temps de Flors) takes place. The week-long festival has been running since 1954 and continues to get bigger and better every year. It’s a unique and fun way to get to know the city’s attractions as you walk from one installation to another, stopping to take in the incredible displays of floral art.

How to get to Girona from Barcelona:

Getting from Barcelona to Girona is a fairly easy exercise and you have plenty of options also! Driving is the most flexible option. Just take the A7 from Barcelona to Girona. It’ll take you about an hour and 20 minutes to reach Girona by car.

Trains run frequently from Barcelona to Girona and it’s a much quicker way to transfer between cities than driving. The train will drop you in Girona in around 40 mins. Buses also do the route to Girona, but are less frequent than trains and take longer.

Colònia Güell

A fascinating place to visit, Colònia Güell is just a quick drive from Barcelona, making it an excellent choice for a short day trip (if you were pushed for time you could even combine it with a trip to Montserrat).

The purpose-built industrial village was founded in 1980 by Eusebi Güell who moved his textile mill to the area. He commissioned Antoni Gaudí to build the colony’s church, but Gaudí only got as far as completing the crypt before the plan became undone.

While Gaudí didn’t get to realise his project, it still serves as a working church and it stands as a remarkable insight into the artist’s plan for la Sagrada Família. The crypt became a UNESCO site in 2005. Nearby, you can see the abandoned factory workers’ houses and castle ruins.

How to get to Colònia Güell from Barcelona:

Driving to Colònia Güell and Gaudí’s Crypt takes around half an hour from Barcelona city centre. Taking the train takes roughly the same amount of time. Take train lines S33, S8 and S4 and get off at Colonia Güell station.


With its proximity to Barcelona and prime seaside position, you’d be forgiven for thinking Sitges was just like any other beachside town running the length of Spain’s northwestern coast. But you’d be wrong. The town’s manicured feel and cosmopolitan vibe aren’t manufactured, they’re the result of Sitges being the top spot for rich Barcelonians’ holiday homes for centuries.

It’s no hidden gem though, during the summer months the population quadruples. And in Autumn, horror and fantasy film lovers flock to Sitges for the International Film Festival. Alongside the traditional charm, you’ll find free-spirited values. There’s an underlying bohemian vibe, and it’s a welcoming haven for the gay population – with several events held throughout the year.

How to get to Sitges from Barcelona:

It takes just under an hour to drive to Sitges from Barcelona. Take the C-32 southbound. Or ditch the car in favour of the train which will get you there in around half the time! Trains run frequently from Barcelona to Sitges – look out for the R2S line. Buses also run between Barcelona and Sitges and take around 45 mins to reach their destination.

Check the MonBus website for timetables.


Most famous for its Roman remains, Tarragona is a very popular day trip from Barcelona. Founded in 218BC, Tarragona showcases artefacts from throughout its turbulent history. From the waterfront amphitheatre to the Monumento a los Castellers, Tarragona packs a hefty dose of culture.

There are plenty of things to do and see in Tarragona. Explore the old city with its labyrinth of alleyways and discover the city’s own version of La Rambla – a more authentic version of its northern counterpart. The National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona will take you on a journey through time, and when you’re done exploring you can wander through the Parc de l’amphithéatre to the golden sandy shore beyond.

How to get to Tarragona from Barcelona:

To visit Tarragona as a day trip, taking the train is your best bet. Trains run frequently, and the high-speed service will deliver you city to city in only half an hour! Driving, on the other hand, will take you almost three times as long – without the potential traffic holdups! You can also jump on a bus, but I’m not sure why you’d pick this option when it takes around 1.5 hours each way.

Top Tours of Tarragona:


When visiting Begur you may feel as if something is different, there is a unique flavour to this off-the-beaten-track town. I didn’t find out until after our second visit that Begur has ties to Cuba, and many of the colonial houses here were built by Begurencs who had returned from the Caribbean with spare change in their pockets.

It’s a lovely place to discover at leisure, as you entertain fantasies of buying your own holiday house. At the top of the village, you will find the crumbling Begur castle. The Castle dates back to the 11th century, but now only the foundations remain. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful place for a walk and you’ll be rewarded with some of the best views in the region.

Nearby Begur, you’ll also find plenty of the region’s finest beaches, including all but one (Cala Fonda) of my favourite beaches listed below.

How to get to Begur from Barcelona:

To drive to Begur from Barcelona, take the A7 towards Girona, then merge onto the C35 towards Begur. Driving takes approximately an hour and a half, more if there’s traffic. Alternatively, buses cost around €20 and take 2 and a half hours to reach Begur.

PortAventura Park

This one is for anyone with kids or anyone who loves behaving like one! PortAventura is actually made up of three different theme parks, earning it the title of the largest theme park in Spain. There’s PortAventura Park with its thrilling rides, entertaining shows and even world’s within a world. You can visit Polynesia, China and Mexico without stepping foot outside of the park!

Then there’s the aquatic park – perfect for cooling off in summer or indulging your love of water slides. It even has its own beach, complete with lapping waves. Ferrari Land is the latest addition and adds an Italian thrill to the park, complete with a replica Colosseum! Ferrari Land is for lovers of speed and is home to Europe’s highest and fastest rollercoaster.

How to get to PortAventura Park from Barcelona:

Drive, bus, train – all roads lead to PortAventura. It’s an easy hour and a half drive from Barcelona, or take a leisurely ride on the train for roughly the same length of time. See the train information here. The bus takes slightly longer, at around 1 hour 45 mins. See the bus timetable here.

Buy Your Transfers and Tickets to PortAventura Here:


A town of museums, Figueres has a lot to offer the visitor who wants to explore Catalonia beyond the beaches.

The most famous attraction in Figueres is the Dalí Theatre and Museum. A museum dedicated to, and created by, Salvador Dalí in the town where he was born. The Dalí Theatre and Museum is a truly unique space, with the works on display carefully curated by the artist himself. Dalí himself was even buried in the museum in 1989, his body lays in a crypt below the stage floor.

Other museums include the kids favourite Museu del Joguet de Catalunya (toy museum), the Museu de la Tecnica de l’Emporda (technology museum) and the Emporda Museum (cultural museum). The town’s 18th-century fortress, Castell de Sant Ferran is also worth a spot on your itinerary.

How to get to Figueres from Barcelona:

Once again, taking the train or driving are your two best bets for visiting Figueres as a day trip from Barcelona. Both take about the same length of time, but driving could end up costing you more when you factor in tolls and petrol costs.

Best Beach Day Trips from Barcelona


Aiguablava is a picture-perfect beach located near Begur on the Costa Brava. The turquoise water is shallow and calm, making it a great beach for younger swimmers.

You can even watch older kids splash around on the shore while enjoying a cool drink at one of the beach bars. It’s a popular spot in summer for anyone wanting a cool dip in the sea, or to go kayaking and paddleboarding.


The beach at Tamariu is one of my favourite on the Costa Brava. Another family-friendly beach, it’s popular, but not yet overridden by tourism. It used to be a fishing village, and colourful dinghies can still be found resting in the sand. It’s large enough not to be crowded, and because it’s not reliant on tourism, you can still dine the beachside cafe’s in the heart of winter.

Platja Fonda

Platja Fonda is one of those beaches the locals would rather you didn’t know about. Tucked between rocky cliffs, it’s the perfect place to find a little tranquillity during the busiest months.

The sand is darker and grittier than other beaches nearby, but with that comes the advantage of not getting it stuck to everything! The darker shade of sand also gives the water a unique teal colour, making it even more inviting. This beach is not ideal for families, as you must walk down around 100 steps to access it.

Sa Tuna

Sa Tuna is a hidden oasis near Begur. It still has the lovely, authentic village feeling that is missing from some other beach resorts on this stretch of coast. The steep hillside that surrounds it doesn’t allow for overdevelopment.

It’s a lovely place to visit in any season. In summer, it has a more lived-in feeling, but come winter you can wander the charming laneways entirely undisturbed. The beach is small and picturesque, and you can walk the coastal pathway, past the candy-coloured houses, to nearby Cala de Aiguafreda.

Cala Fonda

Known as Waikiki beach to the locals, Cala Fonda is a stunning white sand oasis among the lush green bush and burnt orange cliffs that surround it. It’s located near Tarragona and is a little tricky to get to, but that makes the reward all the more enjoyable! And it’s this remoteness that means it can be a lot quieter than some other beaches along the Costa Brava.

There are no facilities at Cala Fonda, which adds to its charm, but also means you need to come prepared. Bring water & food, sunscreen & towels, and a good book – then you’re set for the day! Relax into the serene scenery and experience the true magic of the Meditteranean.

Wow, so there you have it! When I started writing this post it was going to be the ten best day trips from Barcelona but that number quickly grew as I realised how many great places we’ve visited in close proximity to the city.

Catalonia is so rich in natural beauty, colourful culture and fascinating heritage, it’d be a shame to only see a small part of it. I hope you find this guide helpful in planning your next Barcelona holiday!

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10 best day trips from Barcelona – Lonely Planet

You could spend weeks in Barcelona and never run out of neighborhoods to explore, things to do, food to try and bars to hop.

But for a taste of Catalan life beyond the metropolis – or simply for a change of pace – take a day trip from Barcelona to experience the mountains, beaches and pretty little towns that are just a short ride away.

Here are the best day trips from Barcelona.

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1. Savor divinely beautiful views in Montserrat

Travel time: 1 hour, 20 minutes

The mountain of Montserrat is home to Catalonia’s holiest site, the monastery of the same name. The views are spectacular – take walking shoes – and season permitting, you might be able to catch a choir performance inside the basilica. Afterward, ride the funicular or take a walk down to the Santa Cova, the spot where La Moreneta – a holy effigy of the virgin – was found, or up to the Sant Jeroni peak for a splendid view of the valley below.

How to get to Montserrat from Barcelona: The R5 line trains operated by FGC run half-hourly to hourly to and from Barcelona’s Plaça d’Espanya station. Next, get the AERI cable car to the monastery from the Montserrat Aeri stop. Alternatively, take the R5 to the next stop (Monistrol de Montserrat), from where cremallera trains run up to the monastery every 20 to 40 minutes.

Collserola park is a great place to escape the hustle of Barcelona with excellent walking and cycling trails © Arthur Debat / Getty Images

2. Escape the city clamor in Collserola

Travel time: 15 minutes

Barcelonins seek out the vast Parc de Collserola up in the hills for an escape from city life. Walking and cycling trails run throughout the park, which is dotted with farmhouse-style restaurants. Pick up a map of the various routes from the info center at Carretera de l’Església 92, close to the Baixador de Vallvidrera FGC train station. From here, those with a bit of energy can walk across the hills to Sant Cugat and take the train back to Barcelona from there.

How to get to Collserola from Barcelona: Get the FGC suburban train from Plaça de Catalunya, Carrer de Provença or Gràcia to Baixador de Vallvidrera.

Colorful Girona is just over an hour’s train ride from Barcelona © Oleg_P / Shutterstock

3. Walk through a rainbow in Girona

Travel time: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Girona’s old town is a tight huddle of ancient arcaded houses, grand churches and sloped cobbled streets, with the grand cathedral looming over it. Until the virtual expulsion of the Jews in 1492, Girona was home to a huge Jewish community, and the Museu d’Història dels Jueus tells their story.

For a different slice of history, visit the 12th-century Banys Àrabs (“Arab Baths”), which was used as a filming location in Game of Thrones, and the pretty Romanesque Monestir de Sant Pere de Galligants. Stroll along the Onyar River to look at the colorfully painted houses that flank it or to reach the newer part of town, where you’ll find some excellent tapas bars. If your pockets are deep enough, Girona also has one of the world’s best restaurants, El Celler de Can Roca.

How to get to Girona from Barcelona: Take the train from Barcelona, which runs about every 30 minutes.

Want some help? Let Elsewhere plan your next trip.

4. Get surreal in Figueres

Travel time: 2 hours

Figueres has some handsome Modernista architecture, a sprawling 18th-century castle (Castell de Sant Ferran) and a delightful little toy museum, the Museu del Joguet, but it is best known for the Teatre-Museu Dalí.

A former theater, it was converted by Dalí himself into a palace of surrealism, protected by tall red walls that bristle with giant eggs, Oscar-like statues and plaster croissants. Inside you’ll find paintings, a collection of jewelry designed by Dalí and some entertaining trompe l’oeil installations. A Teatre-Museu Dalí ticket will get you free entry to the Museu de l’Empordà, a fantastic art and archaeology museum that’s considered one of the best in the region.

How to get to Figueres from Barcelona: Figueres train station, 800m (0.5 miles) southeast of the center, has half-hourly trains to and from Barcelona.

Sitges is a welcoming and buzzy beach town © Orbon Alija / Getty Images

5. Sunbathe and party in Sitges

Travel time: 40 minutes

The pretty, whitewashed town of Sitges is perfect for seafront promenading and sun-worshiping, so in warmer weather, you’ll find the most central beaches quite crowded. Luckily, there are quite a few to choose from, so pick your spot for a morning of sunbathing (or skinny dipping off the nudist beach) before choosing a seafood restaurant nearby.

It’s not all about the sea in Sitges. If you have an interest in contemporary art and in the Modernisme movement, the classy old center’s array of elegant buildings – many housing museums – is well worth some of your time. The town also has great nightlife and a vibrant LGBTIQ+ scene. One of Spain’s best Carnaval celebrations is held here (dates change annually), and October brings the Sitges International Film Festival to town.

How to get to Sitges from Barcelona: From 5am to 10pm, regular trains run from Barcelona Passeig de Gràcia and Sants.  Monbus runs from Barcelona every 15 to 50 minutes.

6. Relax in friendly and welcoming Vilanova i la Geltrú

Travel time: 45 minutes

Just down the coast beyond Sitges (there is a lovely, hour-long walk along the cliffs you can do to reach it), Vilanova i la Geltrú is a larger, more down-home version that has long dedicated its efforts more to fishing and industry than the leisure business, and has a pleasantly unpretentious air.

If you want to spend the day on the beach, Vilanova i la Geltrú is an excellent place to do it. There are some decent, wide beaches (head right to the south for a lovely little cove) and an interesting railway museum, the Museu del Ferrocarril. 

How to get to Vilanova i la Geltrú from Barcelona: From 5am to 10pm, regular trains run from Barcelona.

Tarragona has lots of lovely restaurants in the square surrounding the cathedral © frantic00 / Getty Images

7. Revel in Roman ruins in Tarragona

Travel time: 1 hour

Of a similar size and scale to Girona, Tarragona is known for its Roman remains. Since the Museu d’Història de Tarragona – which comprises the main Roman sites – tends to be busiest from mid-morning onward, it’s best to start with its Amfiteatre Romà and the Fòrum Provincial or the excellent Museu Nacional Arqueològic de Tarragona, which gives a useful overview of the city’s impressive Roman past.

Afterward, head for the grand cathedral, followed by lunch in one of the many restaurants thereabouts or in the fishing neighborhood of El Serrallo, where you’ll find many fine seafood restaurants.

How to get to Tarragona from Barcelona: The train station is a 10-minute walk south of the old town near the beach, with services to and from Barcelona every 10 to 30 minutes.

8. Step back in time in medieval Montblanc

Travel time: 2 hours

Montblanc is a good-sized medieval walled town with a decent selection of places to eat and sleep. It’s worth a visit on its own merits; however, ideally, you should go with a car to fully explore the Cistercian Route, a triad of stunning monasteries within easy reach of one another, at Poblet, Vallbona de les Monges and Santes Creues. You’ll need to set off early if you are hoping to see all three.

How to get to Montblanc from Barcelona: Five trains a day run from Barcelona Passeig de Gràcia and Sants; the first is around 7am.

9. Find a buried treasure in Colònia Güell

Travel time: 40 minutes

Apart from La Sagrada Família, Gaudí’s last big project was the creation of a utopian textile workers’ complex for his magnate patron Eusebi Güell outside Barcelona at Santa Coloma de Cervelló. Gaudí’s main role was to erect the colony’s church, Colònia Güell, although he only managed to finish the crypt, which is open to visitors. Its mostly brick-clad columns that support the ribbed vaults in the ceiling are inclined at all angles in much the same way that trees in a forest lean and are key to understanding the physics behind his magnum opus, the Sagrada Família.

How to get to Colònia Güell from Barcelona: Take FGC lines S4, S8 or S33 to Colònia Güell.

Vic is a great medieval town to explore on a day trip from Barcelona © BearFotos / Shutterstock

10. Shop the local markets in Vic

Travel time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Vic, with its attractive historic center and some fine restaurants, dominates the flatlands of La Plana de Vic to the south of the Pyrenees and is an easy train ride from Barcelona. Plaça Major, the largest of Catalunya’s central squares, is lined with medieval, Baroque and Modernista mansions. It is still the scene of regular markets, hence its other name, Plaça del Mercadal.

How to get to Vic from Barcelona: Regular rodalies trains (line R3) run to and from Barcelona.

Excursions from Barcelona – Catalonia, Andorra, South of France

In the section “ Excursions outside of Barcelona ” we present our individual car excursions in Catalonia, Andorra, the South of France.

Note : The following thematic excursions outside of Barcelona are also presented in other sections of the site:

1) Excursions to Montserrat

2) Salvador Dali Museum Tours

A tour of the picturesque towns of the Catalan hinterland is a real immersion in the Middle Ages. It is worth driving away from the Catalan capital for only 100 km, as
the magic time machine turns on, and you find yourself in the 15th century. Majestic and eternal mountains, centuries-old forests, for which human life is not a term at all, but elusive in
the fleetingness of its moment; small towns, as if frozen in the Middle Ages – and in this form exist in today’s day… (more about the tour of the medieval towns of Catalonia)

The duration of the tour is 9 hours. Price: 1-3 people – 380 €, 4-5 people
– 420 €, 6 people – 510 €, 7 or more people – on request. Guide only – 250 €. Book an excursion


During the excursion “Medieval Girona” we will visit one of the most picturesque cities of Catalonia, located 100 km north of the Catalan capital.

50 years older than Barcelona, ​​100 km closer to France, Girona arose at the confluence of four rivers – Ten, Onyar, Güell and Galligants, where the famous Roman road Via passed
August. .. (details)

Duration of the tour “Medieval Girona” – 6 hours. Cost: 1-3 people – 300 €, 4-5 people – 340 €, 6 people – 400 €, 7 or more people – on request. Guide only – 170 €.Book a tour


An excursion to the Catalan towns of Besalu and Rupit (and, as a bonus, Castelfollit de la Roca!) Is nothing more than a more “concrete” version of our own excursion “Medieval outback

This excursion is intended for those who are not familiar with the Catalan wilderness at all. In this case, people need to show the brightest, and all three of the above-mentioned towns: Rupit, Besalu
and Castelfollit de la Roca are quite suitable for this category… (details)

The duration of the tour is 9 hours. Price: 1-3 people – 380 €, 4-5 people
– 420 €, 6 people – 510 €, 7 or more people – on request. Guide only – 250 €. Book an excursion


The excursion to Cadaqués, Port Lligat and Cape Creus is intended for those who: 1) love beauty in all its manifestations; 2) is not afraid of narrow roads and mountain serpentines;
3) has already been to Catalonia, but has not yet reached the very edge of the Catalan land; 4) wants to see how the gigantic ridge of the Pyrenees rises from the waves of the Mediterranean; 5) in love with creativity
Salvador Dali is not averse to experiencing the strongest effect of “déjà vu”, being surrounded by landscapes sung by the Catalan genius 6) likes to have a good and tasty lunch, and after a walk among
the most unusual rocks on earth, or vice versa. .. ( more about excursions to Cadaqués, Port Lligat and Cape Creus )

The duration of the tour is 13 hours. Cost: 1-3 people – 430 €, 4-5 people – 470 €, 6 people – 590 € , 7 or more people – on request. Book an excursion


During the excursion “Monastery of Poblet and medieval Mont Blanc” we will visit the famous Cistercian monastery of Poblet, founded by Count
Barcelona by Ramon Berenguer the Fourth back in 1151, glorious for his Royal Pantheon and deservedly included in the list of UNESCO sites, as well as the medieval Mont Blanc, which managed to
despite wars and destruction, to preserve its historical appearance to the present day…. (more information about the excursion to the monastery of Poblet and Mont Blanc)

The duration of the tour is 9 hours. Cost: 1-3 people
– 380 €, 4-5 people – 420 €, 6 people – 510
€, 7 or more people – by
request. Guide only – 250 €. Book an excursion


A trip to the Priorat wine region, located in the south of Catalonia, surrounded by mountain landscapes of marvelous beauty.
Priorat is one of the two wine regions in Spain (along with Rioja) whose wines are of the highest quality category. During the trip, we will visit a private winery, employee
who, in love with his profession and who knows much more about winemaking than everyone else, will introduce us to the history of this winemaking paradise during an interesting excursion. Vineyard visit
(departure to the fields) and, of course, a thoughtful tasting in a cozy atmosphere are a must… (more about excursions to the Priory) .

The duration of the tour is 9 hours. Cost: 1-2 people – 380 €, 3-4
person – 420 €. Book an excursion

An excursion from Barcelona to Andorra is an opportunity to visit not only another country, but also another world. The parliamentary principality of Andorra, lost in the Pyrenees,
somewhere on the border between France and Spain – a complete misunderstanding, at first glance. Well, judge for yourself: you drive through the whole country in half an hour, there is no airport (there is not enough place where
could be placed), the railway, for the same reasons, is also absent. For an entire country, there are exactly 60 taxis and the same number of policemen; the prison is a former hotel, and even the football field of Andorra
– the smallest in the world. How, tell me, can you live like that!? It turns out that you can – and even clover! .. (more about excursions to Andorra)

The duration of the tour is 13 hours. Cost: 1-3 people – 480
€, 4-5 people – 540 €, 6 people – 600 €, 7 or more people – on request. Book an excursion


During the tour we will visit the largest medieval walled city in Europe – Carcassonne. Destination – France, Languedoc-Roussillon region, Votochnye department
Pyrenees, about 80 kilometers from Toulouse. A trip for the whole day, from morning to evening – but it is worth it in every possible way. If romance is not an empty word for you, but the times of the Middle Ages, for all
their barbaric cruelty, seem inexplicably attractive to you, you need to go to Carcassonne – the largest in Europe, included in the UNESCO list of medieval
walled city…. (more about excursions to Carcassonne)

The duration of the tour is 12 hours. Cost: 1-3 people – 550 €, 4-5 people – 620 €, 6 people
– 690 €, 7 or more people – on request. Book an excursion


Excursion “Catalonia – the land of archers”. You have to spend the whole day on the territory of a private archery club, surrounded by beautiful mountain
landscapes. Clean air, beautiful views, real Catalan food (breakfast and lunch), bow and arrows – what else do you need for happiness? Full immersion in the era of Robin Hood and his Catalan brethren
– excursion in the “All inclusive” format. .. more about the tour “Catalonia
– land of archers”

The cost of the excursion “Catalonia – the land of archers”: 2 people – 410 €, 3 people – 490
€, 4 people – €570, 5 people – €650, 6 or more people
– upon request.


During the tour, we will visit Andorra, and, in addition to the standard program, we will join the fun offered by the Naturlandia amusement park. Do you know that
is “Tobotronk”, for example? I’m sorry, what? Never even heard the word? We, to our shame, have been for a long time too – although we have been in Andorra with excursions for a long time and regularly. And then suddenly came across
on the Internet to an indignant American who has already lived in Andorra for three years and also does not know how to get to this same “Tobotronc”. We need to find out, we decided – and found out … (more about the excursion to Andorra with a visit to the Naturlandia park)

The duration of the tour is 16 hours. Cost: 1-3 people – 550 €, 4-5 people – 610 €, 6 people – 670 €, 7 or more people – on request. Book an excursion


An excursion to the medieval Vic will give us the opportunity to see the “real” Catalonia, hidden behind the folds of the mountains and living away from the noise of big, glamorous and eternally
hurrying cities. When I say “far away”, I do not mean distance, but a way of life. Vic, located just an hour from Barcelona, ​​is a truly “real” Catalan city that,
it just so happened, overlooked by the general tourist community arriving in Catalonia from abroad. And the guides for the most part also somehow do not favor him – and, in my opinion, completely in vain. This is one of my favorite “regional centers” of the Catalan hinterland, and in Vic
Indeed, there is everything that is necessary for any self-respecting ancient city. (more info) .

excursions – 9 hours. Cost: 1-3 people – 380 €, 4-5 people – 420 €, 6 people – 500
€, 7 or more people – on request. Book an excursion


The excursion, first of all, is intended for those who have already been to Catalonia, perhaps even more than once, and managed to
visit the most “loud” sights of our region. We dare to assure you: these tourist “hits” list of interesting places in Catalonia is by no means
exhausted. It is worth turning a little away from the beaten tourist paths, and new exciting discoveries are waiting for us, such as, for example, a castle
Cardona and Salt Mountain… (details)

The duration of the tour is 9 hours. Cost: 1-3 people – 380 €, 4-5 people – 420 €, 6 people – 510 €, 7 or more people – on request. Book an excursion


During the excursion to La Garrocha we will get acquainted with the world of Catalan volcanoes. Did you know that on the border with the Eastern Pyrenees, in the Catalan region
La Garrocha is the most extensive volcanic zone in the entire Iberian Peninsula? On the territory of the national park with an area of ​​​​12,000 hectares, at different times they spewed out smoke,
ashes and hot lava flows from as many as fifty volcanoes, thanks to which the entire towns of this region literally stand on “gold” – black basalt tufa… (more about the tour “La Garrocha – in the land of volcanoes”)

The duration of the tour is 9 hours. Cost: 1-3 people – 380 €, 4-5 people – 420 €, 6 people – 510
€, 7 or more people – on request. Book an excursion


During the route “Mountain lakes of the Pyrenees” we will visit one of the most beautiful places in Catalonia – the National Park of Aigues Tortes y Lago San Mauricio (Parc Nacional
d’Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici), located in the heart of the Pyrenees.

There, surrounded by powerful mountain ranges and crystal clear Pyrenean lakes, we will be able, firstly, to ride in mountain taxi jeeps, and secondly (and most importantly) to go by one
of hiking mountain routes, which abound in the park… more about the trip to

trips – 13-15 hours. Cost: 1-3 people – 470 €, 4-5 people – 540 €, 6 people – 600 €, 7 or more people – on request. Order


Excursion from Barcelona to Val de Nuria (Vall de Nuria) – an alpine valley lost among the mighty Pyrenean ranges – with
check-in to the medieval Catalan town of Ripoll – a wonderful opportunity for the whole day to immerse yourself in the primitively beautiful atmosphere of the Pyrenees, against which urban crowding and
fuss begins to seem something frankly ridiculous … more about the excursion to Val de Nuria and

excursions – 11 hours. Cost: 1-3 people – 420 €, 4-5 people – 460 €, 6 people – 520
€, 7 or more people – by
request. Book an excursion


A trip to the outlet “La Roca Village”, located just 35 km from Barcelona – a great opportunity to replenish your wardrobe with quality items at a very
attractive prices. Shopping for guests of Barcelona is perhaps not the most informative thing, but it is certainly pleasant and useful. Located 35 km from Barcelona, ​​built in the style of
“Catalan modernism”, this complex includes shops of 150 world-famous shopping brands. .. (more about
trip to Roca Village)

Trip duration: 5-7 hours. Price:
1-3 people – 240 €, 4-5 people – 280 €, 6 people – 330 €, 7 or more people – on request. Book an excursion


It would seem that the Costa Brava coast can hide the unknown, the picturesque landscapes and excellent beaches of which have long been mastered and rightly loved.
tourists? Meanwhile, there are secret corners and secret beauties that have not yet become the property of the broad masses of vacationers on the Costa Brava – and what else! As part of the tour, we will visit several
amazing in beauty and authenticity of the towns and make sure that the Costa Brava is not only a resort paradise, but also a place with a long and glorious history… (more about excursions in the towns of the Costa Brava)

The duration of the tour is 9 hours. Cost: 1-3 people – 380 €, 4-5 people – 420 €, 6 people – 500
€, 7 or more people
– upon request. Book an excursion


A trip from Barcelona to a jousting tournament with dinner and flamenco will be a pleasant addition to a cultural holiday in the Catalan capital.
Who among us did not read chivalric novels in childhood? The valiant knight Ivanhoe, the gentle and ardent Roena, magnificent tournaments in the presence of crowned persons, uncompromising fights before
victorious end, intrigues, conspiracies, poisonings, betrayal of some and nobility of others . .. In the end, good is always
evil conquers, and the noble gentleman is awarded the coveted reward – the hand and heart of his beautiful lady. Knight’s Tournament in Valtordera Castle – a little trip to happy years
childhood…( more about the trip to the jousting tournament with a medieval dinner and flamenco)

Trip duration: 6 hours. Cost: 1-3 people
– 290 €, 4-5 people – 330 €, 6
person – 400 €, 7 or more people – on request. Order


“New Catalonia” – the lands of Tortosa and Lleida, conquered in the middle of the 12th century by Ramon Berenguer the Fourth, Count
Barcelona, ​​among the Muslims. These lands, which were in the “wild”
condition, it was necessary to master, populate, cultivate, strengthen the Christian religion on them – this is how the monks of the most powerful religious order in those days appeared on the scene –
Cistercian… (more about the tour of the Cistercian monasteries and New Catalonia)

excursions – 9 hours. Cost: 1-3 people – 380 €, 4-5 people – 420 €, 6 people – 500 €, 7 or more people – on request. Order


During the tour “Tarragona and Reus” we will visit Tarragona –
the capital of the province of the same name in the south of Catalonia, due to the rich Roman heritage included in the list of UNESCO sites, as well as nearby Reus – the city in which the great
Catalan architect Antonio, and where there is a wonderful museum dedicated to the life and work of the brilliant architect… (details)

The duration of the tour is 9 hours. Cost: 1-3
person – 380 €, 4-5 people – 420 €, 6 people – 500
€, 7 or more people – by
request. Book an excursion


On the Costa Dorada (Gold Coast), a little over an hour from Barcelona, ​​this wonderful amusement park, built in 1995 and occupying
first place in attendance in Spain and sixth in Europe. The park is really good: both with a variety of thematic zones, and with its attractions, many of which are champions among
like themselves. (more about the trip to PortAventura)

The duration of the trip is 9 hours. Cost: 1-3 persons – 350 €, 4-5 persons – 380 €, 6 persons
– 440 €, 7 or more people – on request. Book an excursion


An excursion to Collioure with a visit to oyster farms is one of those trips that are meant for the eyes and the stomach, not the ears. A delight for the eyes – the most picturesque Collioure, sung by Henri
Matisse and Andre Derain, who managed to visit the residence of the Templars and the kings of Mallorca, still accommodating many artists’ workshops in its narrow streets … But gourmet delights
await us at nearby oyster farms, where the quality and price of the freshly mined oysters and the quality of the delicacies will take any gourmet’s soul straight to heaven. ..(read more about
excursions to Collioure with visits to oyster farms and oyster tasting)

The duration of the tour is 10 hours. Price: 1-3 people – 440 €, 4-5 people
– 500 €, 6 people – 560 €, 7 or more people – on request. Book an excursion


Note: Rates are based on the start and end of all tours in Barcelona. The price of each excursion includes: guide, driver,
cars, all transportation costs (toll roads, fuel, parking). The price of entrance tickets is not included in the cost of excursions.

The price is not for one, but for a certain number of people. For example: the total cost of the excursion “Medieval Catalan outback” for up to 3 people inclusive will be 380
euros, for up to 5 people inclusive – 400 euros, etc. Up-to-date information on current discounts can be found here.

Excursions are conducted on comfortable cars and minibuses equipped with air conditioning. It is possible to conduct car tours on VIP transport (the cost in this case
negotiated separately). Any tour option presented on the site, as well as a route in accordance with your individual wishes, can be ordered using
our contact information or below


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Excursions in Barcelona in Russian

Visiting Barcelona is a great idea for a vacation! Spain welcomes tourists from all over the world all year round. A lot of Russian-speaking travelers arrive in this country. And especially for them, TravelBarcelona offers excursions in Barcelona in Russian! A Russian-speaking guide will make walking around places of interest interesting and informative. Get the most out of Catalonia and its surroundings!

Barcelona with a Russian guide!

Coming to another country as part of a study trip, I want to see, learn more about local attractions, traditions, and peculiarities. It is easier to appreciate the color of Spain if you book excursions in Barcelona in Russian. After all, without knowing the language, you can miss a lot of details. And not a single Spanish phrasebook will help you master the language at the proper level in the shortest possible time.

The benefits of having a Russian speaking escort are obvious. You can walk, visit interesting places and not think about the little things. When ordering such a service, tourists are offered a well-planned excursion program, within which an interesting route will be built, informative stories about certain sights will be told.

List of excursions

Barcelona sightseeing tour

A fast and fun way to get to know Catalonia is the Barcelona sightseeing tour from Travel Barcelona.


Excursion to the winery Torres

Spain is a country with a very developed wine culture. Therefore, as part of a trip to Barcelona, ​​you should definitely choose an excursion to Torres wine cellars.

Read more

Excursion to Montserrat

An hour’s drive from Barcelona is a place of great beauty and grandeur – Mount Montserrat! This attraction is especially …


Excursion from Barcelona to Andorra

To escape from the hustle and bustle and find yourself in places of fabulous and true beauty, an excursion from Barcelona to Andorra in Russian will help you! Andorra is a small …

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Excursion to Carcassonne from Barcelona

Do you want something impressive during your trip to Spain? Then, it is worth choosing an excursion from Barcelona to Carcassonne and an oyster farm!


Excursion from Barcelona to Tarragona

For tourists who want to get the most out of their trip to Spain, our company organizes excursions from Barcelona to Tarragona.

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Excursion to the Salvador Dali Museum

You can’t imagine getting to know Spain without an excursion to the Salvador Dali Museum! A visit to this place will allow you to touch the secrets left by…

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Excursion to San Miguel del Fay

An excursion to the monastery of San Miguel del Fay is a great opportunity to get to know Spain better! Coming to the country for the first time, you want to see many things and …


Knightly Tournament in Valtordera Castle

You can see historical Spain by going to a knightly tournament near Barcelona! Knightly competition is an unusual spectacle …


Walking tour of Barcelona

Walking around Barcelona and getting vivid impressions is easy! TravelBarcelona offers walking tours of Barcelona in Russian.

More details

Barcelona tour

All Barcelona tours are available to clients. Get to know the country, have fun, bring home fascinating stories about Catalonia and …

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Barcelona at a glance!

Sunny Spain will give you a lot of impressions! Indeed, in the vastness of this country there is a lot of bright, interesting, curious in terms of new discoveries. Visit the Gothic Quarter, the Picasso Museum, the Ramblas, the Dali Theatre-Museum. There are hundreds of places in Barcelona and its environs where it will be interesting to visit travelers who have arrived in the country for the first time or even as part of their next visit.

You can see the beauty of Barcelona, ​​get to know the sights as much as possible in 3-4 hours. If the excursion route is planned by a professional assistant, you will not have to waste time. The absence of a language barrier is a guarantee of mutual understanding, ease of communication, the ability to ask questions and receive comprehensive answers to them.

Russian-speaking guides from TravelBarcelona

A person who has lived in Spain for a long time and is well acquainted with its sights can make the trip exciting and interesting! How many times, being in another country, did you have to turn to passers-by to ask about the route? Have you ever had difficulty understanding a tour that is being conducted in a language other than yours? TravelBarcelona has taken into account all these points and offers tourists a simple solution – the service “excursions in Barcelona in Russian”. Take advantage of the offer and get the most out of your trip!

Prices for excursions in Barcelona, ​​Andorra, France

Attention! The prices shown in the table below are fixed. We do not charge an advance payment when ordering this service. Payment is made in cash at the end of the tour. To order an excursion, call +34 602 40 34 09 or write to WhatsApp, Viber.

Tour name 1-3 pers. 4-5 pers. 6-7 pers. 8-49 pers. Duration
Barcelona sightseeing tour 250€ 270€ 320€ Negotiated 5 hours
Excursion to Montserrat 250€ 270€ 340€ Negotiated 4 h 30 min
Excursion to San Miguel del Fay 245€ 265€ 330€ Negotiated 4 h 30 min
Excursion to Carcassonne and oyster farms 485€ 540€ 590€ Negotiated 9-10 a. m.
Excursion to the Salvador Dali Theater Museum 330€ 390€ 450€ Negotiated 5 h 30 min
Excursion from Barcelona to Tarragona 285€ 335€ 390€ Negotiated 5 h
Barcelona walking tour 120€ 170€ 230€ Negotiated 3 hours
Barcelona tour 250€ 270€ 320€ Negotiated 5 hours
Excursion from Barcelona to Andorra 460€ 520€ 595€ Negotiated 8 hours
Tour of the Torres wine cellars 70€ 90€ 110€ Negotiated
Excursion to the jousting tournament in the castle of Valtorder 105€ 125€ 145€ Negotiated

Transfer prices without waiting and without guide

Title 1-4 pers.