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El Clásico: Where to watch Real Madrid vs.

Barcelona in USA

Millions around the world need to know how and where to watch Real Madrid play Barcelona.

Where to find El Clásico

WHO FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid
WHAT Copa del Rey Semifinal Leg 2
WHEN 3:00pm ET / 12:00pm PT • Wednesday, April 5, 2023

US viewers can watch the match on ESPN+. In the time since the change of broadcasters, El Clásico featured exclusively on ESPN+. This is perhaps to drive up subscriptions on the platform. However, the Supercopa de España semifinal in early 2022 was on ESPN.

El Clásico is a major game that pulls in viewers due to the talent on display each time these two meet.

This contest involves the biggest clubs and biggest players in the world of soccer. Many of the greatest to grace a soccer field feature in this game. For example, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Diego Maradona, Zinedine Zidane, Johan Cruyff and Alfredo Di Stefano are just a handful of players to play in this game’s illustrious history.

El Clásico’s seemingly unending drama encapsulates, supporters of Los Blancos or the Blaugrana. Or, you could be one of the millions of neutrals just interested in the fixture’s intensity.

Even though the Ronaldo vs. Messi era is in the past, the game still delivers in terms of intensity and importance, regardless of the competition.

The best way to watch Real Madrid versus Barcelona is through ESPN+.

Watch Real Madrid versus Barcelona on TV

ESPN acquired the rights to broadcast Spain’s top flight in 2021, having already held the rights to the Copa del Rey.

In this deal, ESPN airs the majority of the games featuring the two Spanish giants on ESPN+. That included the first Clásico of the 2022/23 season.

Watch El Clásico on ESPN+:

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There are instances of the provider placing games on one of the linear channels. For example, the Copa del Rey final from 2020/21 and the 2021/22 season opener, both of which included FC Barcelona, aired on ABC.

With a game of this magnitude, it makes sense to place the game where most people would be able to see it. However, ESPN+ likely gains subscriptions based solely on people wanting to watch Real Madrid play Barcelona.

Live stream Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

ESPN+ is available on practically any platform. For example, iPhone, Androids and phones and tablets access ESPN+ through the ESPN app.

This also applies to televisions with devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV or systems such as Xbox and PlayStation.

Streaming offers

As of the beginning of 2022, ESPN+ comes in at a monthly cost of $9.99. There is also an annual subscription available at the sign-up link.

However, the Disney bundle takes off a significant chunk of the prices for three related streaming services. At a base price of $13.99 per month, the Disney bundle provides access to ESPN+, Disney+ and Hulu. There are also increased pricing options for Hulu without ads or Hulu + Live TV, depending on user preferences.

The Disney bundle provides for the entire family at a largely reduced cost.

Who has won the most El Clásico matches?

El Clásico is one of the closest derbies in European soccer. Additionally, it is one of the most historic.

Over the rivalry’s history, some of the biggest names of the sport featured in the rivalry. Therefore, the leading scorers on either side are icons of the game.

For Real Madrid, two players actually take the crown for leading scorer in this stories rivalry. Alfredo di Stefano and Cristiano Ronaldo, legends of the Santiago Bernabeu, both have 18 goals. On Barcelona’s side, Lionel Messi is, unsurprisingly, the all-time leading scorer for the Catalans. His 26 goals leads all players in El Clásico scoring.

Messi also holds the crown for most appearances by a Barcelona player at 45. Interestingly, Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos also has 45 appearances in this derby.

The following statistics are specific to fixtures in El Clásico.

Real Madrid 101 52 419
Barcelona 99 52 413

In recent years, both Barcelona and Real Madrid have gone on runs of form in the derby. Most recently, Barcelona is on a two-game win streak over Los Blancos, coming in the Supercopa de España and the Copa del Rey semifinal first leg.

Recent game

After splitting the two first games of the season, Barcelona and Real Madrid drew one another in the Copa del Rey semifinals. The two-legged tie meant the two fierce rivals would play a total of five times in the 2022/23 campaign.

Earlier in the season, Real Madrid dominated Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu, winning the first league match between the two of the season, 3-1. After Barcelona got revenge in the Supercopa by the same score, it was Real Madrid’s turn to usurp its rivals.

Yet, despite Barcelona missing out on its three top scorers on the season, Real Madrid could not muster any offense of its own. After an own goal from Eder Militao in the first half, the visitors clung to their one-goal lead. Eventually, that was enough to win the first leg. The return leg is not until April 5.

There is, however, a game in between then in the league, when Real Madrid travels to Camp Nou on March 19.

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90,000 El Clasico right through. How it was – football.ua


19 Apr 2011, 17:16

On the eve of the second series of the white-blue-garnet confrontation, Football.ua talks about the cup part of it.

photo real-madrid.ru
19 April 2011, 17:16

When people talk about the most important football confrontation in the world, they usually remember the epochal matches of the championship or the meeting between Real and Barcelona in the Champions Cup. Cup meetings between Madrid and Barcelona remain, as it were, in the shadows. Meanwhile, the very first El Clasico – which was not yet called that – took place precisely in the framework of the cup tournament.

It happened on May 13, 1902. On May 17, the most important event was expected in Spain – the coming of age of King Alfonso the Thirteenth (that is, he became not only formal, under the mother regent, but also the actual head of state). Among other festive events, one kind person came up with the idea of ​​holding a football tournament. This man’s name was Carles Padros Rubio, he was born in Barcelona – but became one of the founders (and later president) of Real Madrid. And this tournament, called the Copa de la Coronación, was later renamed several times for political reasons and is now known as the Copa del Rey, the King’s Cup, the Spanish Cup.

So, on May 13, 1902, Catalan Barcelona and metropolitan Madrid entered the “field” of the Madrid hippodrome. (Brief reference – the creamy ones acquired their royal prefix “Real” only on June 29, 1920) By that time, Barça had already existed for 2.5 years, and the future Real only for two months – probably that is why the guests won this match (3 :1). It is noteworthy that the last goal, from the penalty spot, was scored by the founding father of Barcelona, ​​Joan Gamper.

1. 1902 semi-final
Barcelona – Madrid 3:1

And in the final of that fleeting tournament (only six matches, one of which was a “consolation final” for Madrid), Barça lost to Biscay, made up of Athletic and FC Bilbao players. The Copa de la Coronación is not included in the list of official Copa del Rey competitions, the local federation keeps the chronology from the next tournament. But it is simply impossible not to celebrate this historical event.

The next meeting between Madrid and Barcelona happened 14 years later – and was the longest in the history of the Cup Clasico. And more specifically about matches 19The 16th can be said to be the progenitors of that epic feud between white Madrid and blue garnet Barcelona. The teams alternately won their home matches and, under the then rules, had to play a replay to win. The third match ended with the biggest score in the history of El Clasico – 6:6, a double from Madrid was made by a certain Santiago Bernabeu, and for Barça the future best scorer of the team of all time, Paulino Alcantara, scored a hat-trick.

But in the fourth match, which Madrid won 4-2 at the Atlético stadium (losing 1-2 after the first half), those same riots happened. Barça, who, in her opinion, went crazy with the refereeing, which was biased in her opinion, left the field seven minutes before the end of the match. And then there was the Barcelona Cup final, where Real Madrid was given a real obstruction. Since then, any confrontation between Barcelona and Real Madrid is much more than just a football match.

2. 1916 semi-final
Barcelona – Madrid 2:1
Madrid – Barcelona 4:1
Madrid – Barcelona 6:6
Madrid – Barcelona 4:2

One of the first “traitors” became the hero of the next cup meeting between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Josep (or Pepe) Samitier i Vilalta became the second in the list of Barça scorers of all time, but his value was not measured by goals alone – he was the leader of that Barça, its soul. And this player, after 15 years in the team of his hometown, ended up in Real Madrid. But before that it was still far away, and at 19On the 26th, it was his 6 goals (two at home and four in Madrid) that brought Barca victory in El Clasico.

3. 1926 quarterfinal
Real – Barcelona 1:5
Barcelona – Real Madrid 3:0

And again, the meeting of the Spanish and Catalan capitals had to wait exactly ten years. (Cup meeting – because by that time the Spanish championship had already begun its history.) That was the first “classic” final – and it took place exactly at the stadium where Barça and Real Madrid will meet now. Another ex-Barcelonian stood at the Madrid gates, the legendary and divine El Divino – that was his nickname) Ricardo Zamora Martinez. And it was he who saved Real from a goal at the very end of the match, bringing his team victory and the seventh cup trophy. It was also the last Cup of the President of the Republic before the civil war…

4. 1936 final
Real – Barcelona 2:1

The next El Clasico Cup is still knocking on the hearts of every true believer with the ashes of Klaas. After the home victory, Barcelona waited in the hated after the defeat in the war, the abolition of the Catalan autonomy and the attack on the entire Catalan capital more than a warm welcome. What is worth only a visit to the locker room of the guests of the head of the local KGB with unambiguous warnings. Football players are people too, they perfectly remembered that during the war the president of Barcelona was easily and simply shot without trial or investigation. Therefore, they entered the field just to serve the number. And Real won its biggest victory in the history of relations with Barcelona. In addition, 12 goals were a repeat of the record 1916th.

5. 1943 semi-final
Barcelona – Real Madrid 3:0
Real – Barcelona 11:1

In the 1950s, especially in the second half of the decade, Real became the best not only in Spain, but in all of Europe. The magnificent team of Kopa and Puskas, Real Madrid and Di Stefano smashed everyone and everything, won the Champions Cup one by one. But in the Generalissimo Cup (so now – in honor of Francisco Franco – the cup tournament was called) with the “sworn” Madrid were catastrophically unlucky. Three times in decades, Real have met Barcelona – and all three times they ended up giving way, winning only one match out of six. Only at the very end of the “White Arrow era” (Alfredo di Stefano had such a nickname) did the capital’s team manage to win in the Catalan Cup.

6. 1953/54 semi-final
Real – Barcelona 1:0
Barcelona – Real Madrid 3:1

7. 1956/57 quarter-final
Real – Barcelona 2:2
Barcelona – Real Madrid 6:1

8. 1958/59 quarter-final
Real – Barcelona 2:4
Barcelona – Real Madrid 3:1

9. 1961/62 quarter-final
Real – Barcelona 0:1
Barcelona – Real Madrid 1:3

The 1960s were a complete disappointment for Barcelona. No championship after 19On the 60th, two Copa del Rey and two victories in the second-rate Fairs Cup – clearly not what they expected in the capital of Catalonia. Hardly a consolation was the fact that in 1968 Barca beat the main rival in the final – for the first time in the history of El Clasico. And she did it at his own stadium (in those years, the Cup final rarely traveled outside the capital), with his own hands (the only goal in the match was scored by the defender of Real Sunsunegi), and the hated caudillo Franco personally handed the trophy to the winners. It is also customary to call that final “bottle” – because after the end of the match the field was strewn with a battery of bottles. After that, Spain banned the sale of drinks in glass containers at the stadium.

10. 1967/68 final
Real – Barcelona 0:1

The next meeting of the giants in the Generalissimo Cup was forever remembered not so much by the game as by the name of the referee. Emilio Guruceta, one of the most promising referees at that time, was appointed to the second leg, Barcelona grand quarter-final. Real Madrid won the home game, but lost away after the goal of Carles Rexach. And at the 59th minute, the same episode happened that glorified Guruset and his name. The referee noticed a violation of the rules in the fall of the Blancos Amancio (it was there, but outside the penalty area, and the striker simply fell into the treasured rectangle) and set a penalty. Barca left the field, the coach barely returned the players to the field. The guests converted the penalty, the referee removed the host player for talking – and until the end of the match, the tribunes, seized with righteous anger, in their opinion, did not stop. Moreover, they threw the field with broken chairs. After the final whistle, the referee naturally gave a tear to the tribune room, and a few days later he was disqualified and sent to the Segunda for his softness in relation to the unbelted players of Barcelona. Subsequently, he returned to a high level, judged in Europe (as it turned out, not without a sin), and after his death in a car accident, a prize was established for the best referee of the season – which was called the Guruset Trofeo.

11. 1969/70 quarter-final
Real – Barcelona 2:0
Barcelona – Real Madrid 1:1

In the next twenty years, the giants intersected in the Cup of the country (which, after the death of Franco, again – and to this day – became known as the Copa del Rey) only three times. But all these three times happened at the very last, final stage. The first of this series of finals was a kind of revenge for Real. On February 17, 1974, Real Madrid suffered their biggest defeat at home in El Clasico. 5:0 – with such a score, the team of the great Dutchman Johan Cruyff defeated the hosts Santiago Bernabeu. The next meeting with Barcelona was the same Cup final. Needless to say, how Real Madrid wanted to win that match. In principle, as he wanted, he won, defeating the Catalans at Vicente Calderon. That was the last final of the Cup, which was presented by the caudillo himself – in a little over a year he will go to another world.

12. 1973/74 final
Real – Barcelona 4:0

The next grand final was only the second “provincial” after a long series of matches in the capital. At La Romareda, Barcelona of Diego Maradona and Bernd Schuster pulled out a victory in a difficult match only in the very last minute of the match. Needless to say, the brilliant Argentine had a hand in both goals? But the Blond Angel was remembered for his emotional gesture towards the opponent after the final whistle. And nothing, after five years he moved to Real Madrid.

13. 1982/83 final
Barcelona – Real Madrid 2:1

We will talk about the next, last “classic” final for today (which, by the way, took place in the same place where the first one took place and tomorrow’s “El Clasico in the final” – that is, in Valencia, on the Mestalla) we will talk in a separate article, so I will only I note that Johan Cruyff’s Barcelona beat Madrid’s Quinta del Buitre, effectively ending its glorious era.

14. 1989/90 final
Barcelona – Real Madrid 2:0

The last two matches between Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Copa del Rey happened in the last century. In the spring of 1993, Madrid, led by their new star, the Chilean Ivan Zamorano, beat the Catalans in their lair (and Ivan the Terrible himself scored a goal in each of the matches). And in the winter of 1997, at the earliest stage in the history of the El Clasico Cup, another Latin American was the soloist – the Brazilian Critter Ronaldo. And even though he hit the opponent’s goal only once, while Real Davor Suker, the leader of the attacks, scored twice – the final victory remained with Barcelona.

15. 1992/93 semi-final
Real – Barcelona 1:1
Barcelona – Real Madrid 1:2

16. 1996/97, 1/8th final
Barcelona – Real Madrid 3:2
Real – Barcelona 1:1

In the last 28 matches of the El Clasico Cup, Barcelona won 14 times, while Real Madrid celebrated victory in just nine matches. The Catalans are also in the lead in the overall result of the confrontations – they came out victorious in nine cases, Real turned out to be stronger seven times. The Blaugranas also have a slight advantage in the final matches – three wins against two for the Blancos. As you can see, Barça (who are still losing to Real Madrid in El Clasico championships) have a reason to consider themselves a cup team. But, of course, all this wonderful and fascinating story will have nothing to do with the sixth grand final of the Cup.

Volodymyr Mylenko, specially for Football.ua

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