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Disfrutar – Barcelona – a MICHELIN Guide Restaurant


  • Villarroel 163, Barcelona, 08036, Spain
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  • Villarroel 163, Barcelona, 08036, Spain
  • €€€€


MICHELIN Guide’s Point Of View

Two MICHELIN Stars: Excellent cooking, worth a detour!

This restaurant is characterised by the inventive spirit of the three chefs at the helm (Eduard Xatruch, Oriol Castro and Mateu Casañas), who have made creativity their watchword. Clearly their time working alongside Ferran Adrià at El Bulli really made an impression!
What’s so special about this place? The food itself is highly innovative. Playing with shapes, textures and flavours, the chefs exhibit an indisputable craftsmanship. Moreover, a constant stream of innovations emerges from their laboratory, such as their “solid bubbles” or, even more remarkably, a “living table” that changes as the meal progresses (by reservation only). Two tasting menus are proposed: “Classic”, comprising the signature dishes of the house, and “Festival”, which showcases the latest seasonal creations. One of the pairing options is alcohol-free.

Facilities & Services

  • Air conditioning
  • American Express credit card
  • Credit card / Debit card accepted
  • Mastercard credit card
  • Particularly interesting wine list
  • Visa credit card
  • Wheelchair access

+34 933 48 68 96

Opening hours


1 PM-4:30 PM

8 PM-12 AM


1 PM-4:30 PM

8 PM-12 AM


1 PM-4:30 PM

8 PM-12 AM


1 PM-4:30 PM

8 PM-12 AM


1 PM-4:30 PM

8 PM-12 AM





The Best Restaurant in Barcelona? (2023)


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With molecular gastronomy & modern techniques, Disfrutar Barcelona delivers an experience like no other.

Here’s my review of what Disfrutar is really like!

Disfrutar Barcelona is without a doubt one of the most innovative restaurants in the world. The 2 Michelin stars prove that, but this place offers so much more than just delicious fine dining.

Even though I ate here in 2017, it has been playing on my mind ever since. I don’t say this lightly, but it is the best meal I’ve had in my life. Period. Nothing has come close since and I can’t wait to go back again one day. It really is that good.

When I visited, my partner had already been to Restaurante Disfrutar once before and she set the bar extremely high. “Genuinely, it’s the best meal I’ve ever had. And that’s all I’m going to say to you. You’ll just have to form your own opinion.”

So, with no preconceptions apart from the food being exceptional, I went into Disfrutar in Spain with a blank slate. I knew it would be good, but I just didn’t know how good.

Put it this way though, this really is one of the best restaurants in Barcelona. If you’re already booked in to eat here, I promise you you’re in for the meal of your life.

Rose petals with gin and a frozen lychee at Disfrutar
Chloe tasting the walnut puree at Disfrutar

One of the many sherry pairings at Disfrutar
Fish roe and oil at Disfrutar

Disfrutar Barcelona review

Disfrutar has been breaking new ground ever since it opened in December 2014.

Seen as a spin off from elBulli (a 3-Michelin starred restaurant many considered to be the best in the world), former chefs Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch have kept the memory of elBulli alive by continuing to try different flavour combinations and textures that few others would dare. Their culinary imagination knows no bounds, and these ideas manifest themselves in every single dish at Disfrutar.

This lead them to receive their first Michelin star in 2015, and a second soon after in 2017. This has cemented Disfrutar not only as one of the best restaurants in Barcelona, but in the world. I wouldn’t put it past them to pick up a 3rd Michelin start in the future.

Each dish that came out at Disfrutar looked like it was taken straight from a modern art museum and put onto a plate. And one thing they really encourage here is taking photos – this is #foodporn after all.

Disfrutar’s signature olives
Frozen egg yolk and transparent almond

A healthy green super soup
A deconstructed ceviche

What is the price of Disfrutar Barcelona?

The Disfrutar Barcelona price isn’t exactly cheap. In fact, it’s very far from cheap. But I will say this, I actually think it’s fantastic value for money. That’s because the Disfrutar menu is pretty extensive!

There are two menus at Disfrutar: the 19-course ‘Classic’ menu for €150 and a 28-or-so-course extravaganza called the ‘Disfrutar Festival’ for €190. We chose the second, obviously. We wanted to taste the whole range of food here and an extra 8 courses is exactly what we wanted. If there’s one thing for certain, you won’t leave feeling hungry that’s for sure!

I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you by going into every single dish – that’s part of the beauty of dining at Disfrutar Restaurant.

However, I will say this though – it is a meal that will stick with you for years to come. I genuinely mean this, but for me there wasn’t a bad dish – I really love big bold flavours and they were certainly that.

Oh, and if you want a vegetarian menu make sure you call ahead! If you’re vegetarian, the Disfrutar tasting menu price is the same as above. But the good news is they cater to vegitarians at the same high level as their normal menu.

c/Villarroel, 163

Tel:  (+34) 933 48 68 96

If you’re looking for Disfrutar reservations, head to www. disfrutarbarcelona.com

Cauliflower and salmon sushi with cod roe
Salty walnut candy with tonka beans and whiskey

Cocoa and mint cotton
Open ravioli with soya beans and oyster

What does Disfrutar mean in English?

I didn’t realise this, but Disfrutar in English means ‘enjoy’, which is just the perfect name for this restaurant as I enjoyed every mouthful!

As I’ve said, this really is a festival of flavours and textures, and unlike many other Michelin restaurants I’ve been to, it’s a very laid back and relaxed atmosphere. They really want you to enjoy yourself which is why it’s one of the top restaurants in Barcelona.

The best restaurant in Barcelona?

With Chloe saying it was the best meal she’s ever had there was nowhere else to go.

As for me, was it the best meal I’ve ever had? Hands down. I don’t even have to think about it.

In the four and half hours we were there (yes, lunch took four and a half hours!), it was a culinary odyssey like no other taking me to places I never knew existed.

I could wax lyrical about Disfrutar all day long but it really is a place you’ve got to experience for yourself. Just make sure you let me know what you think of it afterwards.

As for awards, according to the Macarfi Guide, the years 2016, 2017 and 2018, Disfrutar has been the Best Restaurant in Barcelona. So there we go.

And if that doesn’t peak your curiosity, hopefully these photos will!

Also, if you’re travelling around, here are some of the best Spanish foods to try in Spain. Some of these dishes are absolutely delicious so I really recommend trying a few!

Photos of Disfrutar Restaurant

Have you ever been to Disfrutar Barcelona before? If so, let me know what you thought of the experience in the comments below!

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Four year old Disfrutar debuts in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants top 20


Four year old Disfrutar debuts in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants top 20.


31 June 2018

Aspire Lifestyles was honored to present the highest award for a new entry to the restaurant, the first time on the list at the highest position – in 2018 this restaurant was Disfrutar in Barcelona at number 18. Three Chefs, Oriol Castro, Edouard Xatruh and Mateu Casañas, have a long history with El Bulli and are now well machine lubricated, constantly striving for creativity as a team and striving to make Disfrutar even better every day. They took the time to speak with Ann Hill, restaurant director of Aspire Lifestyles, about creativity, hospitality and their impact.

Aspire Lifestyles: Aspire Lifestyles has been honored to present you with the highest award for your new work. Entering #18 is great! How did you feel?

Disfrutar: We did not expect this, and it was a real honor for us. And we are so happy about this award and proud of the whole team.

Aspire Lifestyles: You three are from El Bulli and you obviously have something special on the team. Do each of you have a specialty or do you create a joint work? What does each of you bring to the table?

Disfrutar: We create together. We always say that we are lucky because we are “one” chef with six arms, six eyes and three brains… We have been working together for over 20 years, we respect each other professionally and love each other personally. The three of us together add so much more. Our culinary philosophy and our approach to creativity are the result of many years of collaborative work. We have a lot of “discussions” about how to move forward, what works and what doesn’t. We are honest enough in our views, sincerity is vital.

Aspire Lifestyles: What is the most important culinary value you teach and emphasize in your kitchen?

Disfrutar: For us, creative honesty, regular production and self-criticism of the results are essential for the team to function properly. And, of course, we work hard to build a team, because everyone is fundamental. We really believe in our team.

Aspire Lifestyles: What was your most memorable place to eat (city/country)? For what?

Disfrutar: No doubt Japan. Culturally very different from Europe. Their unique way of understanding the cuisine and all the different foods they have was a nice surprise to “discover” Japan when we first arrived.

Aspire Lifestyles: What do you think of bloggers and social media patrons versus established restaurant critics?

Disfrutar: We respect both. Reputable restaurant critics have the knowledge and experience they’ve been working on for years. Taste takes many years of training, and it’s important to travel and sample as much as you can manage to judge. But like we said, we also respect bloggers because we can all write about food. These are different ways to appreciate the gastronomic world.

Aspire Lifestyles: What was the most interesting ingredient, technique or dish you’ve experienced while traveling that inspired you to cook?

Disfrutar: There are many of them, but one of them may be “flattened”. (Note: flattened transparent, odorless, edible film). In fact, we discovered the splat when we were at elBulli on one of our trips to Japan. We started with splat at elBulli and now at Disfrutar we still use it. Over the years we have created new dishes, and recently splat helped us create a new technique. Using flattened, we can make mille without flour.

Aspire Lifestyles: Do family and friends without a chef invite you to their home for dinner and cook for YOU?

Disfrutar: Yes, of course! And as guests, we are very grateful!

Aspire Lifestyles: What restaurant, hotel, person or place has most inspired you to feel the sense of hospitality?

Disfrutar: We take it for granted that Julie Soler is our referent when it comes to the meaning of hospitality. Everything we’ve learned from him during our years at elBulli is what we now use at Disfrutar. But, we must say that in terms of hospitality, El Celler de Can Roca is also a reference.

Aspire Lifestyles: people come to your restaurant for special occasions that become life moments. For the three of you, this is a description of your daily work. What makes for a really great day at work and can you tell us what stands out?

Disfrutar: The most important thing for us is that customers leave the restaurant with a smile and are satisfied with the Disfrutar experience. And if we are talking about the organizational level, both the food and the service, then a great day is when we were able to improve something. We mean: to end the day better than we started in terms of quality.

Aspire Lifestyles: One night you can take 5 chefs (current or past) to dinner at any restaurant in the world. What chefs do you take with you and where do you take them (other than your own restaurant)? Why these chefs and why this restaurant?

Disfrutar: With us will be: August Escoffier, Juan Marie Arzak, Michel Guerard, Michel Bra and Ferran Adria. We choose these chefs because if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing now. And we took them to the beach, and we cooked embers and cooked fish and shellfish.

Aspire Lifestyles: How has your entry into the World’s 50 Best Restaurants changed your life?

Disfrutar: It didn’t change our lives (haha!). As we said, we are very happy to be in the top 50 restaurants in the world, it is a great honor, but our daily life is the same. We continue to work on improving every day.

Disfrutar in Barcelona was named “One to Watch” 2017 among the 50 best restaurants in the world

Restaurants in Spain: Disfrutar in Barcelona was named “One to Watch” 2017 among the 50 best restaurants in the world


April 8, 2023

Special Disfrutar, Transparent Carbonara Pasta |
© Francesc Guillamet / Disfrutar

Parmesan cheese coquitos egg yolk and truffle on Disfrutar |
© Francesc Guillamet / Disfrutar

Restaurant Barcelona, ​​which serves clear gelatin pasta and invites guests to wash their hands in whiskey as they eat their tasting whiskey pie, has been named Restaurant of the Year 2017 to be watched by a panel of gastronomic tasters. Led by the alumni trio El Bulli, Disfrutar was awarded the Miele One to Watch award by the same group that organizes the World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards.

Chefs Mateu Kazanas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruh on Disfrutar. |
© Francesc Guillamet / Disfrutar

Chef Ferran Adria’s Restaurant El Bulli in Catalonia, Spain, closed in 2011 at the height of its popularity, was arguably one of the most exclusive restaurants in the world of its time. After leaving the legendary restaurant chef Mateu Kazanas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruh teamed up to open their own businesses.

Disfrutar, which means “to enjoy” in Spanish, is their second restaurant after Compartir (“to share”), which is located in the coastal town of Cadaqués. Their sophomore work earned the chefs their first Michelin star in 2016.

Disfrutar follows in the footsteps of El Bulli with modernist cuisine. © Adri Gula / Disfrutar

In keeping with their training at El Bulli, the menu at Disfrutar upholds the principles of modernist cuisine and is described as “avant-garde, theatrical and inventive”.