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Barcelona Taxis Information | Taxi Fares and Useful Tips

Taxis in Barcelona: Overview

For “taxi lovers”, Barcelona should be a heaven on earth. More than 11.000 taxis traverse the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, providing top-rated and modern services. What’s more, their cost is considered affordable compared to other European cities! Taxi ranks lie everywhere in the city while hailing a Barcelona cab from the street is far from challenging.

On the other hand, Barcelona’s public transportation system is very efficient. However, who might prefer using the public bus or the subway on a rainy day, during the night, after a few drinks, or when in a rush? Barcelona black and yellow taxis offer door-to-door rides and are being seen as the most convenient and safe way of transport. Just look for a taxi vehicle with the distinctive green light on (marking it free) and enjoy your transfer!

Barcelona Taxi Fares

Barcelona taxis are metered. Thus their final fare is indicated by a taximeter and consists of an initial fare and an extra cost based on the traversed distance. Moreover, extra charges may apply depending on the time of day, the departure point (airport, cruise port, etc.), or the destination.

In general terms, taxis in Barcelona are not pricey. Do you want to know what exactly to expect? Are you going to travel from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on a weekday? Then, tariff 1 will apply, meaning that you will be charged 2.30€/2.30$ for the initial tariff and 1.21€-1.21$/km for every kilometer of the traveled distance. On the other hand, if your transfer takes place during the night (8:00 am – 8:00 pm) or on a weekend/ holiday, although the starting fee will be the same, the cost per km will rise to 1.45€/1.45$. In any case, the exact amount to be paid is the one written on the taximeter at the end of the journey.

Payment Methods

You can easily pay the taxi fare using cash, credit/debit cards, or even taxi apps. However, even though every taxi should be equipped with a card POS system, it might be broken, or its connection might be lost. Hence, you should always be prepared to pay in cash. Note that Barcelona taxi drivers are obliged to have change for up to 20€/20$. Therefore, you should carry some small bills with you.

How to Hire a Taxi in Barcelona

More than 200 taxi stands are at your disposal in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, lying in the busiest areas of the city, outside shopping centers, museums, theaters, etc. The safest way to hire a taxi is to head to the nearest taxi stop and take the first cab waiting in line. Keep in mind that you can’t hail a taxi from the street near the taxi stands, as the taxi drivers are obligated to wait in line for their turn.

Alternatively, you can stop a Barcelona taxi on the street simply by lifting your hand. Empty Barcelona taxis have a green light switched on their roof. Hence, you won’t face any difficulty in standing out one of them. Finally, phone or SMS bookings are other options, while popular taxi apps (Join Up Taxi, MyTaxi, etc.) offer their services in Barcelona.

How to Distinguish Barcelona Taxis

Barcelona taxis are black and yellow. Nevertheless, how is it possible to distinguish a non-official taxi with the same colors? First of all, official taxis in Barcelona have a distinctive taxi sign on their roof with a green light on it, on when they are empty and off when they already have passengers. Moreover, they are equipped with a taximeter, clearly displayed, as well as with the taxi’s ID plate and the driver’s identity card. Last but not least, they have a sticker on their back windows, with all the extra charges and fares written on it.

Barcelona Taxis to Barcelona El Prat Airport

Barcelona airport taxis offer safe and comfortable transfers from BCN Airport to Barcelona city center. The 25-minute ride to the heart of Barcelona costs approximately 35-40€ (35-40$), as the final fee is formed by a taximeter. Note that there is a minimum charge of 20€/20$ for transfers from or to the airport, as well as that a 4.30€/4.30$ surcharge is applied for airport rides.

Useful Information about Barcelona Taxis

  • Barcelona taxis are metered. Thus, you should always check if the taximeter is reset and on when entering the cab.
  • You should always ask for a receipt, as all the taxi driver’s data is written on it. Thus, you can use it if you want to make an official complaint or have forgotten something in the vehicle.
  • All the rates should be displayed on a sticker placed on the back window of the vehicle.
  • The 4.30€/4.30$ surcharge also applies for transfers from and to the Cruise Port. 
  • Rides from the main stations have a 2.50€/2.50$ extra fee. 
  • On special nights (23-24/6, 24-25-31/12, 1/1), taxis charge an extra 3.10€/3.10$.
  • The rides outside the Metropolitan Area have different price tables.
  • There are special taxis in Barcelona that can carry up to 8 passengers. However, there is a 4.30€/4.30$ supplement fee for those vehicles. Moreover, pre-booking is necessary.
  • There are also special vehicles for persons with reduced mobility. Pre-booking is necessary in that case too.
  • Although extra charges may apply for luggage, there is no extra fee for wheelchairs and strollers.
  • Toll fees are being added to the final taxi fare.
  • Barcelona taxis cannot be hailed on the street if they are close to an official taxi stand.
  • Tipping isn’t obligatory, but it’s surely appreciated!
  • The numbers on the taxi sign indicate the fare type, depending on the day and time. They are there just for the traffic police to see.

How expensive are taxis in Barcelona?

Barcelona taxis are considered affordable. They are metered, and hence, there are no fixed prices for the transfers inside the city zones. In general terms, the flag price is 2.30€/2.30$, and the charge per km is 1.21€-1.21$/km for weekdays from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, and 1. 45€/1.45$ for night rides, weekends and holidays.

Is there a taxi app in Barcelona?

There are numerous taxi apps in Barcelona. Hailo, MyTaxi, Pide Taxi and  Cabify are only some of them.

Do taxis take credit cards in Barcelona?

Barcelona taxis accept payments in cash or via credit/debit cards. However, you should always check with your driver before starting your journey. Furthermore, it is always advisable to carry some cash with you in case there is a problem with the POS connection.

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Barcelona Taxi Fares And Supplements

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Q: How are the Taxi fare prices calculated in Barcelona? Are the taxi fares calculated by person or by taxi? What are the supplements?

A: All taxi fares are calculated by taxi. The only exception is for van taxis where there is an additional supplement per person above 4 passengers. The majority of Barcelona official taxis (including van taxis) are licensed to carry a maximum of 4 passengers. However some van taxis have a special license to carry up to 6 passengers. If you require a taxi that can carry 6 passengers it is best to call a taxi firm directly to request one. Alternatively at the airport you can request the taxi attendant to find you a taxi with a license of 6 passengers. You may have a longer wait since only around 10% of taxis are licensed to carry 6 passengers.

Barcelona Taxi Rate per kilometre
Rate (08:00 – 20:00):
Rate (20:00 – 08:00): €1.45

Minimum fee: €7.00

Supplement above 4 passengers
Per person: €4.30

Supplements to the final meter price are added due to the following factors.

1. BCN airport pick up or drop off: €4.30
Minimum fare: €20.00

2. Pick up or drop off at the Barcelona Cruise terminal:  €4. 30

3. Pickup or drop off at the Fira exhibition centre: €2.50

4. Pickup or drop off at a transport station e.g. Estació Sants rail station, Franca station, or Nord bus station: €2.50

5. Catching a taxi at a taxi rank or for reserving a taxi on the phone. This supplement varies depending on the time of day.
Price range: €3.40 – €4.50

6) Taxi rides on special celebration nights (e.g. Christmas day) between certain hours have a supplement.
Supplement hours: 20:00 – 08:00
Supplement: €3.10

7) There is a supplement for each piece of luggage (or other item) placed in the boot.
Luggage in the boot supplement
Per piece: €1.00

8) All taxis have a minimum fare.
Minimum fare: €7.00 


All supplement prices will be displayed at the passenger window of the taxi at the back of the cab. When the taxi stops you will see the meter price and then the taxi driver will press a supplements button on the meter to increase the fare to the final price inclusive of the supplements.

We recommend you always request a receipt before you leave the taxi. This is useful for many reasons not least if you leave something in the taxi you will have all the information you need to identify your specific journey. You can then ring up the taxi company, give them the details on the receipt, and they would be able to identify your lost property. It is also useful should you need to make a complaint.

To request the taxi receipt in Spanish say this:

“Quiero un ricibo” or “Quiero un tiquet”

All official taxi drivers are obliged under Spanish law to provide you with a receipt on request. The taxi has a small machine that is linked to their taxi meter and it will print out all the information you need.

How To Raise An Official Complaint For Overcharging

You should only ever pay the price on the meter. You will see the meter price plus a separate amount for the supplements. It is against the law for the taxi driver to ask for more money than is displayed on the meter. If you have any problems please see the following page that explains how to make an official complaint about a Barcelona taxi.

How to raise an official complaint about a Barcelona taxi service.

If you lose any property in a Barcelona taxi call the following number quoting the information given on your taxi receipt:

Barcelona Taxi Lost Property:

Tel: +34 93 707 0600

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How to catch and how much does a taxi cost in Barcelona? – Barcelona10

Passenger traffic in Barcelona is governed by city regulations. All taxis in Spain require a meter to be installed, and all payments for the trip are made based on the readings of the taximeter.

How to hail a taxi in Barcelona?

The cost of travel

Travel Tips

How to get a taxi in Barcelona?

There are several ways to find a car: with a wave of your hand, a phone call, go to a special parking lot or place an order online. If a passenger stops a taxi with a wave of his hand, the cost of the trip will increase by an average of 4 €. At Barcelona airport, it is forbidden to hail a taxi in this way, you need to find one of the taxi ranks located next to the T1 and T2 terminals and stand in line.

In the case of ordering a taxi by phone, the amount of the invoice will include the journey of an empty car to the place where the client is waiting for it. Therefore, the most profitable way to take a taxi is to get into the car at a special parking lot. They are located near the commercial centers, service areas and tourist places of the city. When boarding, the passenger must choose the car that is closer to the exit zone from the parking lot.

Cost of the trip

To calculate the cost of the trip, 3 tariffs are applied, the value of which depends on the day of the week and time of day. They change once a year. In addition to the main tariff, there are additional surcharges for entering various objects, driving on toll roads:

  • T1 is valid on weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00. Landing – 2.10 €, per km – 1.07 €.
  • T2 is valid on weekdays from 20:00 to 08:00 and on weekends/holidays from 06:00 to 20:00. Landing – 2.10 €, per km – 1.30 €.
  • T3 is valid on weekends from 20:00 to 6:00. Landing – 2.30 €, per km – 1.40 €.
  • Entrance to the airport, seaport – 3.10 €.
  • Luggage larger than 55X35X35 cm – 1 €.

A trip around the city will cost at least 7 €, to the airport – 20 €, to the amusement park PortAventura – 155 €.

Travel Tips

In Barcelona, ​​as in other cities, you can encounter dishonest taxi drivers. The most common methods of deception: intentionally lengthening the route and driving with the taximeter turned off. So always make sure the meter is on. Pre-ordering a taxi will also reduce the possibility of trouble.

The activity of a taxi is tightly controlled, so a negligent taxi driver in case of complaints from passengers may lose their license. If the passenger considers the cost of the trip unreasonably high, he has the right to file a complaint on the official website of the Barcelona City Taxi Institute. To do this, it is enough to remember the personal number of the taxi driver or the number of the car.

To avoid being scammed, you must use the services of official taxis. They can be easily recognized by the appearance of the cars: they are painted black with yellow stripes on the sides. The fact that the taxi is free is indicated by a burning green “beacon” on the roof of the car.

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Transfers and taxis in Barcelona with Russian-speaking drivers

Russian-speaking drivers

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Price list


Direction Cost (1-4 people) Cost (5-6 people) Cost (7-8 people)
Barcelona – Hotel in Barcelona 40 € 50 € 67 €
Barcelona – Seaport 40 € 50 € 67 €
Barcelona – Barcelona Airport 40 € 50 € 67 €

Costa Brava

Direction Cost (1-4 people) Cost (5-6 people) Cost (7-8 people)
Barcelona – La Roca Village 65 € 85 € 105 €
Barcelona – Calela 77 € 95 € 115 €
Barcelona – Pineda de Mar 80 € 100 € 120 €
Barcelona-Santa Susana 90 € 105 € 128 €
Barcelona-Blanes 100 € 120 € 140 €
Barcelona – Malgrat de Mar 95 € 115 € 135 €
Barcelona – Lloret de Mar 105 € 125 € 145 €
Barcelona – Tossa de Mar 120 € 140 € 160 €
Barcelona – Sant Feliu de Guixols 125 € 145 € 165 €
Barcelona-Sagaro 120 € 145 € 165 €
Barcelona – Playa de Aro 120 € 140 € 165 €
Barcelona – San Antonio de Calonge 128 € 145 € 165 €
Barcelona-Palamos 130 € 150 € 170 €
Barcelona – Palafrugell 137 € 157 € 177 €
Barcelona – Begur 145 € 165 € 185 €
Barcelona-La Escala 155 € 170 € 190 €
Barcelona-Rosas/Empuriabrava 165 € 185 € 203 €
Barcelona-Girona 110 € 130 € 150 €
Barcelona-Girona Airport 120 € 130 € 160 €
Barcelona – Figueres Dali Museum 160 € 175 € 200 €

Costa Dorada

Direction Cost (1-4 people) Cost (5-6 people) Cost (7-8 people)
Barcelona-Castelldefels/Gava 40 € 50 € 70 €
Barcelona – Sitges 70 € 90 € 115 €
Barcelona-Calafell 90 € 105 € 130 €
Barcelona – Coma Ruga 90 € 110 € 130 €
Barcelona – Tarragona 115 € 140 € 160 €
Barcelona – Reus Airport 125 € 140 € 160 €
Barcelona-Reus 125 € 140 € 160 €
Barcelona-Salou/PortAventura 125 € 145 € 170 €
Barcelona-La Pineda 125 € 145 € 170 €
Barcelona – Cambrils 125 € 145 € 170 €
Barcelona – Miami Playa 135 € 155 € 180 €
Barcelona – Infant Hospital 140 € 160 € 180 €
Barcelona-Valencia 360 € 380 € 400 €


Direction Cost (1-4 people) Cost (5-6 people) Cost (7-8 people)
Barcelona – Andorra la vella 210 € 230 € 265 €
Barcelona-Escaldes-Engordany 220 € 250 € 270 €
Barcelona – Encamp 225 € 255 € 278 €
Barcelona – La Massana 220 € 250 € 279 €
Barcelona – La Canillo 230 € 260 € 289 €
Barcelona – La El Tarter 240 € 270 € 290 €
Barcelona – Soldeu 240 € 270 € 297 €
Barcelona – GrauRoig 250 € 275 € 300 €
Barcelona – PasdelaCasa 260 € 280 € 300 €
Barcelona – Arinsal 230 € 260 € 297 €

Long distance transfers

Direction Cost (1-4 people) Cost (5-6 people) Cost (7-8 people)
Barcelona – France – Carcassonne 400 € 450 € negotiable
Barcelona-Zaragoza 350 € 370 € negotiable
Barcelona-Madrid 575 € 600 € negotiable
Barcelona – Benidorm 540 € 650 € negotiable
Barcelona – Alicante 590 € 700 € negotiable
Barcelona – Pais Vasco 650 € 750 € negotiable
Barcelona – Galicia 1100 € 1250 € negotiable

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