Cool bars in barcelona: 21 Best Bars in Barcelona

21 Best Bars in Barcelona

For a city in a country with such a long history of winemaking, you might be surprised to find out that Barcelona’s bar scene also punches well above its weight. Modern cocktail bars are opening up every other month, bumping up against globally recognized icons that have been open for almost a century and modest little vermuterias, where local vermouth flows from the tap like a river. And who could forget the gin and tonic? This seemingly rudimentary mixed drink is a national obsession, and is perhaps best enjoyed in many of Barcelona’s al fresco bars, where the crowds spill out onto the streets. For the cocktail enthusiast, Barcelona is one of the hottest tickets in Europe right now. Read on for our list of Barcelona’s best bars. Salud!

  • Martin Mendez



    These days, wherever you are in the world, it’s not uncommon to find a bar where every drink comes with some sort of over-the-top service ritual: smoke, fire, dry ice, you name it. That’s the deal at Paradiso, which is hidden behind a fridge door inside a pastrami shop in the trendy El Born neighborhood. Giacomo Giannotti’s beautiful menu is packed with seasonal delights with ingredients sourced from the Santa Caterina market. Drinks can take a while to make—artistry of this sort doesn’t come quickly—but bartenders are friendly and the place is never too crowded.

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    The BoweryArrow


    The 19 main cocktails at The Bowery are concocted as much for your eyes as your taste buds, with glassware so imaginative that we challenge anyone to safely stack it in a dishwasher. Take L’Atlantique: a seaweed-infused gin with ginger, cardamom, and frothy pineapple that appears in a glass squid with supermodel-length legs. Bluff Induce—a mix of brandy, honey, and salted chocolate that could double as medicine if it weren’t for a further dollop of Bacardi—is served in a lab-style test tube. There’s also a truly staggering (in every sense of the word) whiskey list, including single malts, rye whiskey, bourbon, and Japanese varieties.

  • Courtesy Clubhaus



    Walls splashed in graffiti, a pool table that doubles as a co-working hub, and stone pillars stamped with neon lightning bolts: Clubhaus’ urban, electric aesthetic is like downing a tequila shot and walking into the pages of magazine. Before its opening in March 2019, there was nothing like it in Barcelona: a space that could do cocktails, karaoke, table tennis, street food, and mini-golf. The entrance level (called the Show Room) specializes in espresso martinis (pick rum or tequila), plus Negronis in 50 cl bottles designed for sharing, and downstairs is where you’ll fine the games zone. A heads-up: The Badass (Don Julio Tequila, Casa Amigos Mezcal, and red pepper sherbet) is probably best not mixed with the dartboard.

  • Courtesy Caribbean Club

    Caribbean ClubArrow


    Opened in 1974 as a rum bar, Caribbean Club looks a bit like the inside of a boat; that is, a really small, galley-like boat that would make most modern speakeasies feel as spacious as a theme park. The nautical theme continues with dozens of tomes about Cuba and a lineup of the tropical cocktails. As you might expect, Caribbean rums in their many forms are the draw here: pitch-perfect shaken daiquiris, silky El Presidentes, and rum Old Fashioneds stirred with love.

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    Solange Cocktails & Luxury SpiritsArrow


    Solange is a sleek James Bond-themed bar with a moneyed crowd of regulars and tourists—it’s in the pulsing Sant Antoni district, after all—so please, dress the part and leave the sweatpants at home. But even with a 007 backbone, many drinks turn away from the expected Vespers and Martinis—they’re quite pretty, and pretty fruity. Bartenders are very nice, and they’ll gamely help you navigate the somewhat confusing menu.

  • Adrian Morris

    Ideal Cocktail BarArrow


    Ideal, which has been around since 1931, is all about the classics: a dry Martini, a Horse’s Neck highball, a big dram of whisky to close out the night. Led by third-generation owner José María Gotarda (who might be working the bar on occasion), the team here consists of real pros who look the part in their requisite white jackets. Ask to meet Guillermo, who has stood behind this bar for 32 years, or Sergio, his admirable deputy. Don’t expect any fireworks, but what they do, they do well.

  • Courtesy Soho House Barcelona



    Although Cecconi’s is technically a Soho House property, you don’t need to be a member to drink or dine here—which is great news, if you’re looking for a place to post up for a few hours and answer emails with a cocktail in hand. The menu doesn’t offer anything too exciting, but does do some excellent, if standard, aperitivi, including a great Sbagliato and delightful riffs on the Americano and the spritz. There’s also an intriguing Bloody Mary available during weekend brunch.

  • Pau Esculie

    Bobby GinArrow


    The global gin craze is in full swing, and nowhere is that more on show than at Gracia’s Bobby Gin, which boasts 80 different varieties, as well as seven different tonic waters. Unsurprisingly, every single person here is clutching an oversized wine goblet filled with a monstrous G&T, which many consider the best in town—no small feat for a country that has elevated the seemingly humble mixed drink to a cultish status. Tar staff is open and engaging, and more than happy to guide you to the right gin to suit your palate.

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    Dry MartiniArrow


    It’s no surprise that Dry Martini is considered a temple to its namesake cocktail. In the middle of the bar, a bartender stands on a raised pedestal when preparing each Martini; meanwhile, an electronic counter displays the number of Martinis that have been made throughout the bar’s history. (For the record, we ordered No. 1,077,209.) Don’t bother with the newfangled cocktails—you’re not here for a shiso mojito or a (gulp) cherry Martini.

  • Allegra Theimer

    Bar SauvageArrow


    The sister joint to Creps al Born—and located directly across the street—Sauvage has a similar upbeat vibe with a similarly beautiful crowd of revelers, but it’s not nearly as crazy. A creative menu features Latin spirits and fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables. There’s also a tasty-enough Bloody Mary (called a Vampirella) and a smooth Old Fashioned. When it’s open, the downstairs room is where the party gets down.

  • Courtesy Can Cisa

    Can CisaArrow


    One of Barcelona’s best wine bars, Can Cisa specializes in natural wines. It’s got a comfortable, inviting vibe, with a long communal table and an entire wall of industrial-steel wine cages that house just a portion of the more than 700 selections on the encyclopedic menu. You’ll be able to sample fare from the attached Bar Brutal, which serves some of the most eclectic food in the city—so come hungry.

  • Courtesy Tandem

    Tandem Cocktail BarArrow


    Tandem is a quiet little joint that doesn’t see a lot of action—just small groups and couples minding their own business. Open now for some 30 years, this place could be considered a Barcelona classic; it attracts an older clientele that appreciates the finer things and wants to avoid too-trendy spots. The menu reads a bit cryptically, but don’t let that deter you from ordering a classic cocktail.

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  • Courtesy The Alchemix

    The AlchemixArrow


    At this Asian-Mediterranean restaurant and bar, don’t expect a long drinks list, nor any umbrella-topped classics. Instead, the core menu consists of 11 cocktails that play on texture—foam, smoke, crushed ice, glazes, even caviar. For just the right amount of theater, Mrs. Pots & Little Chip—an icy, gin-based tipple inspired by Beauty and the Beast—is served from a smoking teapot that emits the scent of rose, lychee, and hibiscus. The taste isn’t twee; rather, it’s bittersweet perfection. Order one of the seven snacks—called Alegbra Bocas, or Happy Mouths—delicate, precise, one-bite morsels (like gyozas). They won’t soak up all the booze, but they may just keep you upright.

  • Allegra Theimer

    Creps al BornArrow


    Creps al Born is a raging party in a tight, bumper-to-bumper space. It’s not a club by any stretch, but if you want Barcelona’s most upbeat and rowdiest cocktail bar, you’ve found it. Like too many bars around town, the house cocktails here are unnecessarily complicated. Stick to the spicy Margarita, a tasty and straightforward creation, the Piña Colada, and the Bitter & Twisted, which has Campari, grapefruit, and passionfruit. Aside from that, most people down fruity highballs and mojitos—in between shots, of course.

  • Adrian Morris

    Hemingway BarcelonaArrow


    This small, cute bar is a great new addition to the Barcelona cocktail scene. It’s not pushing the boundaries of mixology, but it does good, solid drinks in an ultra-pleasant environment. The cocktail menu tends to be confusing and convoluted, so feel free to go your own way; you won’t be disappointed by a classic Negroni. You’ll also leave with some new friends—it’s hard not to get to know your neighbors when you’re practically sitting on top of them.

  • Adrian Morris

    Collage Cocktail BarArrow


    Collage is a civilized cocktail bar in El Born, an otherwise rowdy party neighborhood. The split-level space offers a nice respite from the madness that takes over these streets, and its eclectic knick-knacks and mismatched furniture add to the charm. The place does drinks well, but its original creations are a little hit and miss. There is, however, a successful reimagining of some classics, including an excellent El Presidente featuring Tuscan vermouth.

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  • Courtesy Senyor Vermut

    Senyor VermutArrow


    This spot in La Nova Esquerra de l’Eixample is absolutely no frills, but the lack of bells and whistles doesn’t deter locals, who visit regularly and tend to hang out here all day. It’s not uncommon to see groups spilling out onto the street, giving the place an ultra-convivial vibe. Inside, it’s all about vermut rojo, served over lashings of ice with a big wedge of orange. For something more refreshing, help yourself to an icy draft beer.

  • Adrian Morris

    Boadas CocteleríaArrow


    Set just off the madness of Barcelona’s main tourist thoroughfare—La Rambla—Boadas is one of the city’s (and one of the world’s) most famous bars. Opened in 1933, it oozes old-world charm, decked out in dozens of framed photos of its founder during its halcyon days. There’s nothing fancy about this place, and the regulars like it like that. Whatever you do, don’t order a newfangled mixology drink; rather, stick to the classics, like Martinis and gin and tonics.

  • Courtesy Old Fashioned G+T

    Old Fashioned – Gin Tonic & Cocktail BarArrow


    Situated in the sleepy neighborhood of Gracia, Old Fashioned is a tiny little joint, catering to only 30 people at a time. True to its name, the bar serves 15 variations of its signature cocktail and 30—yes, 30!—riffs on the gin and tonic. The Al Capone (whisky, vermouth, Campari) is delicious, as is the vieux carré, a New Orleans classic. The dapper young bartenders are cordial, attentive, knowledgeable, and passionate about what they’re doing.

  • Courtesy Tuxedo Social Club

    Tuxedo Social ClubArrow


    This speakeasy is so hidden that it only provides the latitude and longitude coordinates for its location. Behind a roller door, then behind a bookcase, you’ll be asked for your membership card—don’t worry, you can join on the spot, free of charge—and led into a tiny, yet open and inviting, room. This is a classic bar in every way, complete with a cute pocket-size menu that boasts a number of recognizable and vintage cocktails.

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    Two SchmucksArrow


    Situated down the hopping little thoroughfare of Carrer de Joaquin Costa, Two Schmucks is a very casual place that’s perfect for a low-key quiet drink during the week. On weekends, the crowd flows out into the streets, cocktails in-hand. You’ll find a concise list of thoughtful mixed drinks, like an amazing Pina Colada–inspired clarified milk punch with curry. Cocktails are simple, creative, and well executed, and you’re in good hands with whatever you request.

Top Coolest Bars in Barcelona


Barcelona is home to some of the highest rated and coolest bars in the world.

We are talking secret doorways, desserts served with your cocktails, old fashioned unheard of locations, and bars made completely from ice

Whether it be a cocktail, some traditional sangria, a good old beer or purely the entertainment of a spectacular venue, read on to find the best bars in Barcelona.

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The top 9 coolest bars in Barcelona

It’s no secret that Barcelona has some of the best nightlife around. If you find yourself out on the city streets at night, you’re highly likely to come across some pretty lively bars. Below are a few of the best ones to look out for.

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Paradiso: ‘The pastrami bar which hides a secret’

Paradiso was ranked 19th in the world’s best 50 bars. The owner, Giacomo Giannotti, and his team spent the good part of a year designing this menu, and speaks for itself.

In Paradiso, you will walk into what appears to be a pastrami bar, in which you can walk through the cabaret entrance which is disguised as a refrigerator, into the incredible dark and mysterious bar. 

The cocktails in Paradiso are presented in the most theatrical way. Ensuring that the presentation is unbeatable, Paradiso is the place to go for an unforgettable experience

Address: Carrer de Rera Palau, 4, 08003 Barcelona

  • Bar Paradiso in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Drink at bar Paradiso in Barcelona, Spain.

The Antic Theatre: The Palau de la Música’s fun neighbour!

The Antic Theatre can be found next to the Palau de la Música Catalana, it is filled with locals and serves very reasonably priced drinks, serving beers at 2€ and wine at 3€. Although a small and hidden bar in Barcelona, they have a garden area and inside terrace giving you an incredible view of the enormous courtyard.

The perfect location on a hot day, they provide everything from live music, to poetry and theatre

Address: Carrer de Verdaguer i Callís, 12

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  • Outside at the Antic Theatre in Barcelona, Spain.

Creps al Born: Cocktails and a crepe?

Creps al Born provide you with the fascinating combination of the finest alcoholic beverages and cocktails served with delicious French crepes

Creps al Born is a local pick, located in the heart of El Born. They serve everything from classic cocktails to their own signature cocktails, created by professional mixologists, as well as both sweet and savoury pancakes and are renowned for their cheery and friendly staff, and unique and cosy atmosphere.  

Address: Passeig del Born, 12, 08003 Barcelona

  • Creps del Born in Barcelona, Spain.

Bobby’s Free: You can only enter with the secret password…

Bobby’s Free looks from the outside as your everyday barbershop, when you enter, you won’t see any drinks or bar stools. In Bobby’s Free, you have to provide the ‘barber’s’ secret passport to enter, which changes every month. Don’t worry, this can be found on their Instagram and Facebook! 

Once in their bar, you’ll see that it has a classic 1920s prohibition vibe, with an outrageous selection of gins and cocktails to try. They are in easy access for all you G&T lovers, you can find them close to both the Passeig de Gràcia and Plaça de Catalunya. 

Address: Carrer de Pau Claris, 85

  • Gin tonic at Bobbys Free in Barcelona, Spain.

Bar Mariatchi: The very first clandestine bar in the city!

Located in the backstreets of the Gothic Quarter, Bar Mariatchi was one of the first clandestine bars to open in the entire city. Squatters would occupy buildings which owners could no longer afford to run and transform them into underground drinking dens. 

Today, there’s no chance of finding yourself at the centre of a police raid like in the past! Its tagline is ‘bad parties, worse hangovers’, and it regularly hosts musicians for some live events alongside some tasty drinks.

It’s definitely one of the bars in Barcelona with the most street cred.

Address: Carrer dels Còdols, 14

  • Drinks at Bar Mariatchi in Barcelona, Spain.

El Bosc de les Fades: Fancy a fairytale?

El Bosc de les Fades is less of a bar and more of an enchanting forest, making you feel like you just fell into a fairytale. In fact, the name of the bar literally translates to ‘The Forest of the Fairies’. The place is surrounded by leafy trees and mythical creatures, and they serve everything from coffees to delicious mojitos. 

El Bosc de les Fades can be found just a short walk from La Rambla, in the Museu de Cera, Barcelona’s famous wax museum. For a unique and magical experience, el Bosc de las Fades is the place for you. 

Address: Passatge Banca 5, 08002 Barcelona 

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  • Interior at El Bosc de les Fades in Barcelona, Spain.

Manchester Bar: Bucket hats at the ready…

If you’ve ever visited Manchester then you can probably guess what this bar entails… bucket hats, parkas at the ready. This place is your go- to for the Mancunian music scene, located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter.  

Manchester Bar is decorated with iconic black and yellow stripes of the Haçienda, an old Mancunian club from the 80s and 90s. 

In this bar, you can enjoy whatever beverage you like, whilst jamming to the likes of The Stone Roses, Joy Division and Happy Mondays. Both tourists and locals love this little hidden gem in Barcelona, and whether it be solely a cheap drink or some Mancunian culture education you’re after, this is the place for you. 

Address: Carrer de Milans 5, 08002 Barcelona

  • Nightlife at Manchester Bar in Barcelona, Spain.

IceBarcelona: Subzero temperatures on the beach in Barcelona?

Barcelona is not the place you would imagine to experience subzero temperatures, but in the IceBarcelona, your surroundings will be maintaining -5ºC (20ºF). You may sit and relax with your cocktail, surrounded by ice sculptures and furniture made with ice.  

A ticket price to this bar includes a warm coat, gloves and a drink, meaning you don’t have to worry about ruining your party outfit. This place is a hit amongst both tourists and locals, and the most unusual part about this bar is that it is actually located on the beach… if you want your heart warming in subzero fun, this is the place for you. 

Address: Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta 38 A, 08005 Barcelona

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  • Ice bar IceBarcelona, Spain.

Futballárium: Football Fanatics prepare yourselves

Barcelona is nonetheless a football mad city, Futballárium is literally a bar which is entirely dedicated to the sport. They have memorabilia plastered on every wall, making them a football lover’s dream. 

Futballárium is a family- owned business and a relaxed venue in which you can enjoy both delicious food and a wide range of beers, whilst of course watching whatever live football is showing at the time.  

They are situated in Les Corts, just a couple of steps away from FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium (which we recommend visiting), this is not one you want to miss if you’re into football!

Address: Carrer de Benavent 7, 08028 Barcelona 

Futballarium in Barcelona, Spain.

These are a just a few of the best bars in Barcelona to try out. The city is teeming with incredible things to do and places to visit, check out some of our other posts below for more places to explore:

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40 of the best bars in Barcelona from unusual to secret

Hospitable bars in Barcelona are popular places for tourists and residents of the resort city. The establishments offer a large selection of drinks in combination with an atmosphere of lightness and fun. A selection of institutions with a good reputation will allow you to choose a place to spend your leisure time.

Barcelona bar overview


  • Best bars in Barcelona
    • The 44 lounge and restaurant
    • Schilling bar
    • London bar
    • Boadas
    • La Vinya del Senyor
    • Sor Rita bar
    • Bar la Ovella Negra
    • Bar Mundial
    • Dry Martini
    • Marsella Astave

    • Dos Trece
    • Marmalade
    • Betty Ford’s
    • La Casa de la Pradera
    • Foxy
    • Clemen’s
    • La Tasqueta de Blai
    • Joel’s Oyster Bar
    • La Peninsular
    • Vinitus
    • Limehouse
    • Collage
  • Barcelona’s secret and unusual bars
    • Casa Almirall
    • Beirut 37
    • 33|45
    • 7 Jasime Beriestain


      0007 Polaroid bar

    • La Plata
    • Old Fashioned
    • El Armario
    • L’antic Teatre
    • El Mariachi
    • The Front Room0010
    • Map of Barcelona Bars

    Best Bars in Barcelona

    Catalonia’s capital has restaurants for all tastes, from classic sports pubs to sophisticated gastrobars with panoramic views of the coast.

    One of the components of the concept of such institutions is the abundance of alcoholic beverages. Each of the bars tries to attract guests with a well-chosen wine list or unusual cocktails. The menu is made up for the assortment of alcohol, and the interior is selected in accordance with the theme of the establishments.

    Night bars are especially popular with the public. The kitchen is fully functional here, so you can order not only alcohol, but also snacks and hot dishes.

    Features of the bars open in the capital of Catalonia:

    • location close to busy streets and tourist sites;
    • the presence of vegetarian and gluten-free dishes on the menu;
    • stylish interior, which design agencies are working on;
    • special services – for example, intimate atmosphere, beer from our own brewery, original serving of food and drinks;
    • acceptable prices for most residents and guests of the city, affordable average bill.

    The 44 lounge and restaurant

    The establishment is located next to the central pedestrian La Rambla, a few meters from the La Boquería market. Its wide terrace leads to a hall divided into 2 zones.

    Near the Boqueria market, The 44 lounge and restaurant.

    One of them has a lounge bar. The other is a Mediterranean restaurant. The restaurant’s menu includes appetizers, hot dishes and desserts.

    Good selection of cocktails. In the evenings, the best DJs of the city perform in the lounge bar.

    Address: Carrer de les Floristes de la Rambla, 12, 08001 Barcelona, ​​Spain

    Office hours:

    • Monday-Saturday: 10:00-03:00
    • Sunday: 10:00–00:00

    Schilling bar

    The establishment is located in the historical center of Barcelona. This is a pleasant place to relax with a gothic interior and subdued lighting. It offers breakfasts, lunches and dinners, soft drinks and strong drinks. Closer to midnight, a regular audience gathers.

    Cozy Schilling bar.

    Address: Carrer de Ferran, 23, 08002 Barcelona, ​​Spain

    Website: Cafeschilling

    London bar

    The iconic Catalan modernist bar was opened in 1910. Live music and a bohemian atmosphere transport visitors back to Ernest’s time Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro.

    London bar in the style of Catalan modernism.

    In the morning, locals spend their time here with a cup of coffee. In the evenings, music plays in the hall and tourists relax. You can order drinks at the bar or wait for table service. Drinks are paid immediately after serving. The atmosphere in the bar is friendly and the prices are affordable.

    Address: Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 34, 08001 Barcelona, ​​Spain

    Website: Londonbar


    Opened in 1933, this Art Deco cocktail bar is located in the Rambla, serving the wealthy and the city’s celebrities. . Bartenders in tuxedos treat their work like an art.

    Boadas for elite guests.

    They prepare classic cocktails and create expensive signature drinks to order. Guests not dressed elegantly may be denied entry.

    Address: Carrer dels Tallers, 1, 08001 Barcelona, ​​Spain

    Website: Boadascocktails

    La Vinya del Senyor

    Located in the old Gothic quarter, this establishment offers tastings of wines from all over the world and a good selection of snacks. Soft subdued light creates a homely atmosphere, and long benches instead of chairs make it possible to comfortably accommodate a large company. The terrace offers a view of a local landmark – a medieval church on St. Mary’s Square.

    La Vinya del Senyor near Saint Mary’s Square.

    Address: Plaça de Santa Maria, 5, 08003 Barcelona, ​​Spain

    Website: Lavinyadelsenyor

    Sor Rita bar

    The outrageous Blue Moon pub is a place of relaxation for liberated youth and tourists. The interior of the establishment is made in the Art Deco style. Women’s dress shoes are nailed to the ceiling. The walls are decorated with frescoes depicting idols of the 20th century.

    Sor Rita bar is always crowded.

    There is a stuffed bull in flamenco costume. The establishment is open from 20:00. It is recommended to come to the opening in order to have time to take a table and order a signature cocktail.

    Website: Sorritabar

    Address: Carrer de la Mercè, 27, 08002 Barcelona, ​​Spain

    Bar la Ovella Negra

    Lively brasserie – a meeting place for students, tourists and sports fans. In the large hall, under which the warehouse was converted, live music is played.

    Bar la Ovella Negra converted from a warehouse.

    The decisive football matches are shown on the screens. There is table football and darts with an electronic scoreboard. Popular drinks on the menu are beer and sangria.

    Address: Carrer de Zamora, 78, 08018 Barcelona, ​​Spain

    Website: Ovellanegrabcn

    Bar Mundial

    This homely place has been operating in the old quarter of the city since the middle of the last century. Its peculiarity is marble tables on metal bases and walls decorated with tiles, on which there are many photographs depicting boxing fights.

    Bar Mundial with large photo gallery.

    Tapas bar offers light snacks, seafood dishes, fruit desserts. From drinks – juices, lemonades, chilled beer and wine.

    Address: Plaça de Sant Agustí Vell, 1, 08003 Barcelona, ​​Spain

    Website: Mundialbar

    Dry Martini

    The establishment attracts an elegant and wealthy audience. Here you can order branded dry martinis, vodka-based cocktails, homemade liqueurs, gin (90 varieties of this drink are presented).

    Dry Martini with a high service culture.

    Tapas menu is offered for alcohol. Operating for over 35 years, the bar maintains the original English style and focuses on high standards of service.

    Address: Carrer d’Aribau, 162, 166, 08036 Barcelona, ​​Spain

    Website: Drymartini


    The institution has been operating since 1820 and is considered the very first bar in the city. The atmosphere of the 19th century has been preserved here, which is emphasized by the carved shutters of the sideboard, centuries-old dust on bottles placed along the walls, and a greenish absinthe stain on the counter. Marsella bartenders were the first to offer this drink to visitors, and the tradition continues.

    Marsella is the oldest bar in Barcelona.

    Address: Carrer de Sant Pau, 65, 08001 Barcelona, ​​Spain


    The cocktail bar is located in the Gothic quarter of the city. This is a place for a relaxing holiday in a small company. It looks like a cave with low ceilings and spectacular lighting.

    Bar Avesta in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter.

    The walls are decorated with a collection of paintings and mirrors. The furniture is made of wood and decorated antique. Quiet music enhances the mysterious atmosphere. The house’s signature drink is Panther’s Milk. Its recipe contains alcohol and is kept secret.

    Address: Carrer de Marquet, 2, 08002 Barcelona, ​​Spain

    Dos trece

    This establishment with two rooms is located in the historical part of Barcelona. Its laconic interior contributes to a relaxed holiday. It serves local wines, coffee, beer. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays

    there are days of Mexican cuisine. National snacks and vegetarian dishes are available for order any day. In the bar you can hear music belonging to different styles.

    Taste local wine at the Dos trece bar.

    Address: Carrer del Carme, 40, 08001 Barcelona, ​​Spain.

    Website: Dos trece.


    A small bar with an open veranda is visited by a fashionable public. Its peculiarity is the club interior, bright decor and spectacular lighting. This is a cozy place for an evening pre-party and morning brunch. The menu includes dishes of European cuisine, cocktails, strong alcoholic drinks. In the back of the hall there are tables for playing billiards.

    A cozy Marmalade bar for a trendy hangout.

    Address: Riera Alta, 4-6.

    Website: Marmalade.

    Betty Ford’s

    This iconic bar is located near the Museum of Modern Art. Frescoes with extravagant images, projections of retro films, caricatures and pleasant music create a relaxing atmosphere

    . The menu includes several ales, cocktails, wines, snacks and burgers. The institution is visited by students, surfers, representatives of bohemia. Most of the guests are celebrated after midnight.

    Betty Ford’s bar in Barcelona.

    Address: Joaquin Costa, 56.

    La Casa de la Pradera

    The tapas bar in the Raval quarter has a friendly atmosphere and affordable prices. This is one of the few establishments in the city where a free snack is served with the ordered drink. It is visited by young people aged 25-35 who prefer to have fun and listen to good music after a working day.

    La Casa de la Pradera – a bar for young people.

    Address: Carrer de les Carretes, 57.


    A welcoming bar with a veranda with a special atmosphere and an eclectic interior.

    The menu includes local beer, sangria, mojito, light snacks.

    You can take a table on the street or in the back of the hall, where there are soft sofas with pillows. Here you can listen to rock hits or watch a football match on the TV screen.

    The Foxy bar offers both outdoor and indoor seating.

    Address: Riera Alta, 59.

    Website: Foxy.


    Opened in 1969 in the Boquería market, this family bar offers Mediterranean and Catalan cuisine, spirits and soft drinks. The service at the bar is quick and polite, and the food is fresh and well prepared.

    Clemen’s Bar is located in the Boquería market.

    Address: Mercado de la Boquería, La Rambla, 91.

    La Tasqueta de Blai

    The gastropub in Poble Sec offers a large selection of pintxos (similar to canapés). Products (meat, croquettes, seafood, vegetables) are placed on slices of bread and connected with a skewer. When visiting an institution, a ritual is observed.

    Guests are given a clean plate at the entrance. People choose pintxos according to their taste and order a drink. Payment is made after counting the number of sticks left on the plate.

    At La Tasqueta de Blai you can choose any kind of snack.

    Address: Blai, 17.

    Website: La Tasqueta de Blai.

    Joel’s Oyster Bar

    A small, cozy bar specializing in oysters – fresh, marinated, topped with cucumber or trout caviar.

    Special offers from the chef – sets of 3 or 6 oysters and a glass of sparkling wine. The bar menu also includes lobsters, king crabs, shrimp served cold.

    Joel’s Oyster Bar – oyster bar.

    Address: Plaza Sant Josep, 13, La Boqueria.

    Website: Joel’s Oyster Bar.

    La Peninsular

    Authentic, family run establishment located close to the city’s waterfront. The menu includes seafood from a fresh catch, Catalan dishes, liqueurs, beer, wines. A small cozy hall with 10 tables, subdued lighting and quiet music provide a pleasant stay.

    La Peninsular with 10 tables.

    Address: Carrer del Mar, 29.

    Website: La Peninsular.


    The bar is popular with locals and tourists. It serves seafood dishes, offers a wide selection of tapas, wines and beer drinks. At the bar there is a showcase with ice, where fresh seafood is presented.

    Customers can point to any of them and it will be cooked quickly. You can sit at a table inside the establishment or on the outdoor terrace.

    The Vinitus bar offers seafood dishes.

    Address: Carrer del Consell de Cent, 333.


    Opened in 2014 in one of the busiest areas of the city (El Born). This is a noisy place with an original interior and red lighting in the hall.

    The menu includes several varieties of gin with traditional or unusual flavors (pork roast, fruits, vegetables, tea). There is a good selection of cocktails and snacks.

    The Limehouse bar has red lighting in the hall.

    Address: Carders 31.


    The 1950s-style cocktail bar is part of the eponymous complex, which occupies two floors and includes a social club, a lounge area and an art gallery.

    People come to the institution to communicate and listen to good music. Here you can watch the mixing of cocktails, try unusual author’s drinks.

    In addition to long drinks, guests are served creative shots based on tequila and mezcal. Appetizers include cheese fondue, mango ceviche, and goat cheese meatballs.

    Cocktail Bar Collage.

    Address: Consellers 4.

    Website: Bar Collage.

    Barcelona’s secret and unusual bars

    There are establishments in the city that are skillfully hidden from prying eyes and are known only to regular customers. Visiting such places of rest is an opportunity to diversify your leisure time and get vivid impressions.

    Casa Almirall

    Opened in 1860, this establishment is one of the oldest and best preserved in the city. Its interior is designed in Art Nouveau style and reminiscent of the Bohemian atmosphere of the 19th century. The space is divided into 2 zones. One hasn’t changed much since its opening.

    Another was furnished in 1977 with low tables and cushioned chairs. The bar offers a good selection of local house wines and spirits. They serve spicy snacks and Spanish cuisine.

    Cafe Almirall is divided into two zones.

    Address: Joaquin Costa, 33.

    Website: Casa Almirall.

    Beirut 37

    Opened in the eccentric Raval district in September 2014, it serves drinks, tapas, coffee and cocktails from 7pm to 3am. An extravagant interior, loud music, and an atmosphere of fun set you up for a relaxed holiday.

    Cafe Beirut 37 is always crowded.

    Address: Joaquín Costa, 37.


    A trendy place located in the lively Raval district, but little known to tourists. The space is divided into 2 zones, decorated in loft and eclectic style with vintage furniture. In the hall on the left are exhibitions of paintings by artists.

    Canvases can be purchased if desired. The atmosphere of the bar promotes easy communication, dancing, relaxation in the circle of a noisy company. The menu includes signature cocktails, wines and spirits. The selection of snacks is limited.

    There are paintings on the walls of bar 33|45.

    Address: Joaquin Costa, 4.

    Website: 33|45.

    Jaime Beriestain

    The café-bar was opened by the Chilean designer Jaime Beriestain in 2013. The space filled with air and light invites you to relax. The kitchen is open all day.

    The menu includes European, Spanish, Mediterranean dishes. A map of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is presented. Takeaway food is available.

    Jaime Beriestain Café & Bar.

    Address: Pau Claris, 167.

    Website: Jaime Beriestain Cafe Bar.

    Madam Jasmine

    One of the most colorful establishments in the central Raval district was named after a local resident whose fate was dramatic. Many elements of the decor from the entertainment venue she owned are preserved in this bar. Behind the bar are

    bartenders with black nail polish. Among the visitors – freaks, transvestites, same-sex couples. The menu includes sandwiches, salads, cocktails. Prices for food are below average in the city, nice music plays. The warm homely atmosphere is conducive to communication and relaxation.

    Madam Jasmine in the central district of Raval.

    Address: Rambla del Raval 12.

    Polaroid bar

    Gothic pub opened in March 2009. For drinks, cocktails, Latin American and craft beers, rum, vodka are offered here. Citizens come here to listen to good music and watch movies. The atmosphere of the 1980s has been recreated – Barcelona youth choose their own music and films of the past.

    Gothic pub Polaroid bar.

    Address: Codols, 29.

    Website: Polaroid bar.

    La Plata

    Small tapas bar in the Gothic Quarter specializing in Mediterranean cuisine. The owner of the establishment offers guests dark author’s vermouth and cocktails based on it.

    You can spend the whole evening in La Plata or stop by before visiting the restaurant to experience the Spanish flavor, order light drinks and snacks.

    Small tapas bar La Plata.

    Address: La Merce, 28.

    Website: La Plata.

    Old Fashioned

    The vintage-style cocktail bar offers a good selection of signature spirits based drinks. A cozy atmosphere and quiet music are conducive to private communication. The work of professional bartenders complements the impressions of a pleasant stay.

    Old Fashioned offers a large selection of handcrafted cocktails.

    Address: Santa Teresa, 1.

    Website: Old Fashioned.

    El Armario

    The name of a small bar located in El Raval is translated from Spanish as “wardrobe”. On the way to the main hall, guests pass by the owner’s clothing collection.

    The menu includes Mediterranean, European, Spanish cuisine, light snacks. There is a wide range of wines, as well as spirits and soft drinks.

    El Armario try Spanish cuisine.

    Address: La Riereta, 11.

    L’ antic Teatre

    The bar terrace of the small antique theater is recognized by the locals as one of the most comfortable in the city. The resting place is located in the courtyard, in the center of which a large tree grows.

    The institution is visited by musicians, actors and other bohemians. The atmosphere is conducive to philosophical conversations. The menu includes local dishes, wines, vermouths.

    L’ antic Teatre – a bar with a large tree.

    Address: Verdaguer i Callis 12.

    Website: L’ antic Teatre

    El Mariachi

    Mariachi is a musical genre of Mexican folk music, recognized in 2011 as an intangible cultural heritage. The fact that the bar is named after him is evidenced by paintings depicting guitars located at the entrance.

    Light snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails are served here. Fashion bands perform regularly.

    The establishment is located in a busy area, but the entrance to it is difficult to see.

    Bar El Mariachi.

    Address: Carrer dels Codols, 14.

    Website: El Mariachi.

    The Front Room

    The establishment occupies a small room and is open from 2 am, when most places of recreation are closed.

    They offer a good selection of drinks and entertainment. Popular music plays until dawn.

    The Front Room.

    Address: Carrer de la Marina, 19(metal door opposite Carrer d’en Carabassa 5, Barrio Gotico).

    Website: The Front Room.

    El Paradiso

    The speakeasy bar is hidden behind a secret entrance. From the street you can see the cafe Pastrami, which serves sandwiches with smoked ham, mackerel and fish. The entrance to the secret establishment is hidden behind the door of the old refrigerator, which is located in the hall. The small bar El Paradiso plays quiet music.

    Bartender Giacomo Gianotti serves the bar. His signature Mediterranean treasure cocktail is made with vodka, elderberry liqueur and agave syrup. The drink is served in a sea shell in a haze of thyme and rosemary aromas.

    Secret bar El Paradiso.

    Address: Rera Palau, 4.

    Website: El Paradiso.

    La Confiteria

    An elegant vintage-style bar that has been operating in the prestigious Sant Antoni area since 1912. Diners can take a table located on the veranda or inside the establishment.

    The bar regularly hosts cheese and wine tastings. There is a good range of signature cocktails, wines and soft drinks. The menu includes light snacks and desserts.

    Vintage bar La Confiteria.

    Address: Sant Pau, 128.

    Website: La Confiteria.


    A tapas bar with a terrace was opened in the Barceloneta quarter in 1955. It is crowded because the establishment maintains a high quality of food and level of service. The bohemian interior reminds of past times: beautiful chandeliers,

    marble tables, wooden chairs, exquisite decor elements. The menu includes appetizers based on seafood and cheeses, hot dishes. From drinks – homemade wines, beer, strong alcohol, lemonades.

    Tapas bar Jai-ca.

    Address: Ginebra 7.9.

    Website: Jai-ca.

    Pipa club

    The door to the private club is hidden from strangers and leads to a large private apartment. A strict guard at the entrance does not let everyone in. To get to DJ performances, tango class and stand-up evenings, you need to purchase tickets.

    Sometimes the Pipa Club works only as a bar, but even then you can get into the institution only with a club card or with friends who have permission.

    Private club Pipa club.

    Address: Placa Reial, 3.

    Website: Pipa club.

    Location of bars in Barcelona on the map

    Most establishments are concentrated in the historic city center and the Gothic quarter, where the main attractions and museums are located. Eccentric bars are found in El Raval. Noisy and iconic – in Eixample. Newfangled and beachy – in El Born and Barseloneta. The map will allow

    to determine the location and clarify the opening hours of establishments. The uniqueness of Barcelona is that for any budget and preferences, you can find the right place to stay. The atmosphere of the bars energizes and allows you to find out how the capital of Catalonia lives.

    Bars in Barcelona.


    Barcelona Guide to Barcelona Water Parks in Spain


    Barcelona Tasty Catalan Food in Barcelona

    Best Bars in Barcelona – Guide Barcelona TM

    ov. Barcelona has one bar for every 500 inhabitants, which is the national average. Bars in Barcelona are a meeting place and an opportunity to discuss everything that happens: from football to the illness of a neighbor, from political issues to discussing problems at work.

    I would like to introduce you to the best bars in Barcelona, ​​where both tourists and locals like to gather, in which the incessant hum of voices discusses the most interesting and important issues that concern many, in which the waiters are efficient and helpful, and the hospitable hosts are always happy See you.

    1The 44 Lounge & Restaurant

    The 44 Lounge and Restaurant

    If you’re planning to explore Barcelona’s bars, don’t miss this one. The huge range of great alcoholic drinks at The 44 Lounge & Restaurant will surprise you. The watermelon daiquiri at this establishment is simply mind blowing. However, you will definitely be lucky with any cocktails in this Barcelona bar. They are cooked with pleasure in The 44 Lounge & Restaurant, and they turn out delicious.

    This bar in Barcelona appeared 6 years ago and enjoys well-deserved wild popularity among local regulars in the Raval area.

    In addition to the wine list, here you can:

    • have a very good lunch;
    • to drink coffee;
    • meet friends;
    • to discuss the latest news.

    Modern interior, cheerful audience and cozy atmosphere – everything attracts cocktail lovers at affordable prices. This is one of the most atmospheric bars in Barcelona, ​​the perfect place for a pre-party. Open daily from 10:00 am to 3:00 am.

    Address: The bar is located on Calle Carme 33 in the center of Barcelona.

    2While exploring the bars of Barcelona, ​​check out Casa Almirall

    Casa Almirall – one of the best bars in Barcelona, ​​located on the same street as the previous one, just a little further.

    Casa Almirall opened in 1860.

    Here you can feel the antiquity in everything, in the special chic of design, in the halftones and twilight of the halls, in which the features of bygone eras are felt. The marble tables at the entrance are reminiscent of Parisian cafes, and at the back of the hall there are sofas designed for solitary conversations. Amazing white wine, jazz sounds and local olives – the perfection of Spanish style and a mixture of classics and modern trends.

    Undoubtedly, you will be attracted by the professionalism of the waiters, they are a model of restraint and style. Don’t forget to visit this bar in Barcelona, ​​it will leave you with a special experience.

    3Sor Rita Bar

    Sor Rita – a bar of solid kitsch:

    • shoes on the ceiling;
    • luminous altars on the walls;
    • frescoes of saints and whores;
    • mating barbies and kens;
    • leopard and zebra tapestries.

    Sor Rita Bar is one of the craziest bars in Barcelona.

    This place in the Gothic Quarter looks like something out of a Pedro Almodovor movie. After a while, the head starts to feel dizzy from alcohol, variegation and unexpected little things noticed nearby.

    The music of the best performers of the 80s will definitely make you sing along, and on the choruses you will already sing along with everyone.

    Tarot night is held here at 9 pm on Mondays. A 30 minute session and a drink will cost you 10 euros. On Thursdays there is a gin night, the prices are quite reasonable, so there are a lot of visitors. This bar in Barcelona will make you plunge into the world of madness and drive.

    Address: it is located near the Drassanes metro station, on Mercè 27 street.

    * – find out more on the website.


    If you’re looking for bars in Barcelona with a sense of inner harmony, check out Marsella. It is very sincere and comfortable here. Antique chandeliers and mirrors, dim light, marble tables waiting for regular customers who are sure to drop in here to drink absinthe and remember how it was here 5, 10, 15 years ago. Believe me, only Barcelona Marsella will give you such sensations.

    Marsella opened in 1820 and still glimpses of the nineteenth century in a dusty bottle, in a Victorian chandelier, in the elegance of a chiseled stem of a glass.

    The audience here is very colorful – from a representative of the bohemia of Barcelona to a student company. Everyone will have their own approach, be sure to pay attention to you.

    The tobacco-yellow walls of this Barcelona bar could tell a million amazing stories, I think you would definitely hear the names of Picasso, Dali, Hemigueya.

    Marsella solidified its iconic status and became a must-see for any tourist guide after Woody Allen filmed a scene here for Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

    It’s hard to say what is the most attractive thing for visitors of this bar, but there is no doubt that absinthe is its hallmark. There are a lot of fans of the drink in Spain, among them almost all outstanding artists who say that this potion changes their view of the world. Absinthe became especially popular at 19century, when its hallucinogenic effect attracted a large number of artists. Today, this drink is banned in many countries, but in Spain you can watch the production of this miraculous drink in the Marsella bar.

    Absinthe + sugar + a bottle of water for preparation costs 5 euros. If you decide to drink more than 2 glasses of this drink, be careful. And in the morning, be sure to ask your friends how the evening ended, what new acquaintances, and maybe even love you could find. After all, one of the indisputable properties of absinthe is the ability to increase the circle of your acquaintances and completely forget about it the next morning. People who love to profit at the expense of others are also well aware of these properties of absinthe and the specialization of this excellent drinking establishment.

    Address: This bar in Barcelona is located on the street. Sant Pau, 65, metro Liceu.

    5Avesta – one of the coziest bars in Barcelona

    leche de pantera

    Small, cozy, quiet Barcelona bar in the Gothic Quarter. If there are two or three of you, this is the best place to stay. Large companies will be cramped and awkward here, so it’s better to find another place.

    The low wooden ceilings make you feel like you’re visiting gnomes.

    Be sure to try “panther’s milk”, the name of the best drink of the establishment. We will keep the recipe for this drink a secret. Try it, tell us what, in your opinion, is the main component of harmless, at first glance, milk.

    The very first bottle you drink will prove to you the strength and power of leche de pantera, as its name sounds in Spanish. And if you really liked the delicate taste of an invigorating drink, you can buy it to go. By the way, the owner, a very gallant and pleasant lover of Zarathustra, and also a numismatist, will surely stand behind the bar. The music playing in the bar is also usually his choice, which you will appreciate.

    Address : st. Marquet 2 Subway Drassanes

    To see the best hotels nearby, follow the link on Booking. com.

    6Dos Trece

    Magnificent interior, noisy audience and large halls are the main advantages of this bar in Barcelona. The wine list here is one of the best in town. In the afternoon, they offer here – menu del dia – a set lunch, very satisfying, inexpensive and tasty. Later, two spacious halls are filled with lovers of strong drinks. The lower hall also hosts shows, concerts and tango lessons on Mondays. Such bars in Barcelona are in particular demand among Barcelona residents.

    Address: you can find a bar in Barcelona on Carme street, 40, metro Liceu.


    A beautiful establishment with a lot of advantages. A modern interior, a glamorous audience, girls in short skirts – everything attracts lovers of cocktails sold for 5 euros. This place also has a billiard table.

    Marmalade is one of the most modern and elegant bars in Barcelona.

    Drop by for 15 minutes, be surprised you don’t notice that the bar is already closing.

    Address: location of this institution – Raval district, st. Riera Alta, 4, Metro San Antoni or Liceu

    8Betty Ford’s

    Ironically named after the first lady and wife of President Gerald Ford, who founded the drug treatment center named after herself – a favorite place for Hollywood celebrities who want help in the fight against heavy drinking , bar. One of the best bars in Barcelona is located in the Haute Raval, next to the MACBA Museum of Contemporary Art.

    There are no crowds of tourists here, pleasant music, informal atmosphere, relaxing atmosphere give this place a special charm. Delicious burgers, a pint of ale, drunk with pleasure, will make you fall in love with this place and its Australian owner even more. A huge selection of cocktails will make you think, and an attentive bartender will definitely tell you which one to choose. It is absolutely impossible to resist here (literally and figuratively). The cost of cocktails is about 7 euros.

    The audience is very diverse. Unfortunately, after midnight it’s a bit crowded and there are no burgers, because the kitchen is open until 23.00.

    Opening hours – until half past one in the morning on all days except Friday and Saturday. These days the bar is open an hour longer. It opens at 11.00, on Monday – at 18.00.

    Address : st. Joaquin Costa, 56, Metro Universitat

    9La Casa de la Pradera

    Carretes is an inconspicuous street in the Raval quarter, which tourists often do not notice, but in vain, there are very cozy places here. For example, La Casa de la Pradera is a tapas bar with affordable prices. La Casa de la Pradera is one of the few bars in Barcelona where you get a tapas with your drink.

    The prices for drinks are pleasantly pleasing – €1.20 for a small beer, wine from €2. The owners of the bar are gay guys, the audience here is often similar. Fun and great music are guaranteed.

    Stop by La Casa de la Pradera on your way for a night of adventure and grab a flyer for free admission to MOOG, Barcelona’s favorite techno club in Gotico. This Barcelona bar is open until 2:30 am every day except Friday, Saturday when it closes at 3.

    10When exploring the bars of Barcelona, ​​don’t forget Foxy

    Foxy is a rock bar located 10 minutes from the Rambla. If you turn off the Rambla onto Carme and walk all the way to the end, you will definitely find this bar:

    • narrow space;
    • red walls;
    • youth crowds (closer to midnight).

    All this can stun you. We recommend then having a mojito on the terrace of this bar in Barcelona. In the back of the hall, soft sofas and ottomans are waiting for you, where you can hang out for a long time to the rock hits of the 70s, 80s and 90’s. It attracts everyone who wants to listen to rock music and drink a couple of cocktails.

    Address: Riera Alta, 59, metro San Antoni.

    • How to avoid queues at Barcelona attractions. Tickets for the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell skip the line.