Concert halls in barcelona: The 15 Best Concert Halls in Barcelona

The 15 Best Concert Halls in Barcelona

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Ioannis Papapetrou: One of the most beautiful places to be and enjoy an interesting show…You should book tickets online and be 1 hour before the show… How beautiful is the Palau de la Música Catalana?!?! We love the many different colours!

The Telegraph: Day two – 9am: Have a coffee downstairs at the Palau de la Música Catalana concert hall (0034 902 442 882; to sneak a peak at the lobbym or book a guided tour for the whole thing.

Juan Barguñó: Excellent concert hall. Its acoustics are outstanding in all its different concert halls.

Renee Ja: Wonderful concert hall!

Fahad Almarzouqi: Nice pictur

Imanol Atchet: One of the best venues for shows. Great sound and lighting.

Oh-Barcelona. com: The Sala Apolo is a nightclub that also acts as a concert hall for some great DJ’s and musicians. We recommend Nasty Mondays Read more.

Cecília Papi: nasty mondays and crapy tuesdays!!!!

Shannon Pants: great venue

Fabio C: Gracias, Jeff Mangum!

Christian Córom: Buena acústica, butacas amplias y cómodas, buen escenario con una gran boca y buenas instalaciones. Es un gran auditorio.

Mari Carmen Oliver: Copas a buen precio y gran variedad de tapas. Uno de los pocos sitios que merece la pena del Prat.

Gabri Guerrero: Una de las salas de concierto con mejor sonido de Bcn (y programación)

Jaime Marin: Buen ambiente. Buenas copas

Queralt Capsada: Café cultural con conciertos y otros eventos, mayoritariamente gratis. El sitio es muy chulo!

Sigrid Sanchez: Garito encantador!!

Volcom Entertainment: Don’t miss the Riverboat Gamblers, Sum 41, The Black Pacific and Veara here on 11/11!

Zulima S: The Cramberies!

Mat Collis: Ok sounding for an arena

Marcel Massana: THE BAD PLUS

Megan LaTigán: Altamente recomendable!!

Luis Urea: Aquí vinimos al auditorio a una de las presentaciones del festival de jazz. Eso sí, para señal abajo es un bunker

Eva Snijders: The Lluire has a new terrace garden AND a new restaurant. Fab!

Abby Moussouamy: Plays of great quality, you can attend any with your eyes closed and won’t be disappointed. The restaurant is quite nice.

Joaquin Mante: Un Enemic del Poblé

J P Obleas Crespo: Incredible views of Barcelona, a lot of open space for sports and leisure. The interior of the building is awesome and really well taken care of.

Kent Rudd: Comfortable live arena. FC Barcelona Regal face a tough test tonight against 2011 NBA Champions, the Dallas Mavericks. Enjoy the game if you’re attending! We’ll be rooting for Juan Carlos Navarro and his teammates too!

Seçil: This is my favorite club in Barcelona. Flamenco and jazz music is so beautiful.

Britt B: Rock n roll jam Sunday nughts. The best.

Seçil: Perfect flamenco night and jazz

Dan Blaylock: The ONLY club in Barcelona to go to! Different rooms, different music, chatty locals and rooftop terrace to enjoy the vibe. Will be returning!

Charles Edge: Very international. Always slammed. Good vibes. Young crowd.

Tony Tacacci: good place for rocking Read more.

F HH: Awesome show, the artists are good entertainers! The wine is also good 🙂

Ceara Pixie: Perfect for a pick me up. The have a lunch time deal. Beer and a roll for 5 euros

Rafał Malinowski: Awesome little place to eat something, drink beer/wine and listen to some music.

Deniz Yetimoğlu Karslı: A really sweet village-like place where you should spend time wondering. There are also lovely cafes inside. Poble Español is like a small village in the middle of Barcelona uniting all different styles of Spanish architecture in one small place. Perfect venue for concerts and gigs on a nice summer night. Read more.

Andrés Ortiz: not really an important attraction for tourists, almost a scam

Beth Gossip: Really funky bar with great music and cheap-ish drinks. Nice mix of people. The barman is fast & efficient and €4 gets you a nice whiskey on the rocks.

Yury Krasnoshchekov: Good place if you wanna listen to jazZz and drink beer )))

Natalia Poletaeva: Great place and very relaxing atmosphere! Jam &Jazz sessions every friday and saturday. Local beer for 3 euros and very helpful barmen

11 Best Live Concert Venues in Barcelona (Pictures)

Barcelona’s cinematic streets are a playground for culture, where swings and slides are replaced by chic galleries and concert halls. Throughout the city there are a collection of music venues, blasting out everything from soul-filled jazz to the hottest in indie rock. Most of the gigs kick off early evening, playing to laidback crowds sipping on drinks and, in some places, tucking into tapas. A few strum away into the early hours of the morning, but those that take place in bars and clubs pack up at midnight to make way for the clubbing crowd. Here are some of the best gig venues in Barcelona to keep your musical mind happy.


Jamboree is Spain’s foremost Jazz club. Hundreds of internationally famous artists have performed hereSanti Guerrero/

This popular jazz landmark has seen hundreds of famous musicians grace its basement stage, tooting out soulful classics and upbeat tunes. The club’s name means ‘tribal reunion’ in Zulu, and its intimate atmosphere certainly reflects this.


Razzmatazz is a huge concert venue and club, each room features a different style of musicSala Razzmatazz/

Barcelona’s pivotal club also doubles up as a live music venue, showcasing some of the world’s best talent at any given time. The likes of the Arctic Monkeys to Bananarama have whipped the crowds up into a frenzy here in the five-roomed labyrinth.

Luz de Gas

Luz de Gas is a Barcelona nightlife classic that acts a concert venue in the evenings and a club later at nightLuz de Gas/

Set inside an old music hall that has been primped and preened into a new life, this live concert venue is doused in class with chandeliers and traditional friezes. It hosts gigs from international artists and charity concerts for local causes, as well as nightly residences from DJs of all different genres.


Barcelona’s Auditorium is the place to go for orchestral and classical musicL’Auditori de Barcelona/

Sprawling over 42,500 square metres, this huge cultural venue is the perfect place to sample some local music. The building itself is a work of art, designed by Rafael Moneo in the 80s, but it’s the classical concerts that really give it its name – particularly those from the in-house Catalonia Higher School of Music.

Palau de la Musica

El Palau de la Musica offers great music in a magnificent modernist setting

Barcelona’s best-loved classical concert venue is hidden away inside an ornate modernisme building in the trendy El Born district. Its monthly programme covers a grand selection of shows, from chamber concerts and orchestral performances, to piano recitals and operatic shows. With a number of rooms dotted throughout its interior, there are plenty of places to catch a tune or two whilst you’re there.

Teatre Grec

Barcelona’s Greek theater is wonderful to visit on a summer nightJosep Aznar/

Nestled in the magical mountain of Montjuic, this ancient Greek amphitheatre was actually built in 1929 by Ramon Reventos, a Catalan architect. Today it hosts a collection of concerts and music gigs throughout the summer months under the clear blue Spanish skies.

Harlem Jazz Club

You may have guessed it by now, but Barcelona likes its jazzHarlem Jazz Club/

This jazz bar’s name precedes it, giving age-old history to one of the city’s most legendary jazz clubs. Set down the winding streets of the Gothic Quarter, it’s ramshackle surroundings give it that extra soulful oomph. Live gigs take place in the early evening, before saxophones and trumpets are replaced by infectious dance tunes.

Sala Apolo

Apolo’s “Nasty Mondays” are hugely popular among Barcelona’s college students and expat community

Sala Apolo is made up of two venues, Apolo 1 and Apolo 2, each of which boast their own distinct schedules. Apolo 1, an old theatre space with high ceilings and plenty of red velvet, plays host to classical concerts and popular music gigs, whilst Apolo 2 acts more like a club with a darker ambiance and a banging sound system.


Heliogabal is a tiny venue in Gracia with an eclectic live music calendar featuring Spain’s top indy actsHeliogabal/

Heliogabal is a small bar in the Gràcia neighborhood that’s a gathering spot for Barcelona’s hipsters and audiophiles. The establishment’s line up of performances falls on the unknown and eclectic side, with the spotlight often shining on local indy rock and pop acts that you’ve probably never heard of but are great nonetheless. If you want to discover new music, this is the place to be.

Classical concert halls in Barcelona

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The people of Catalonia are very proud of their musical heritage. This is reflected in the wonderful and innovative buildings where you can listen to classical music in Barcelona. There are many different places where you can enjoy music in a pleasant environment. It is worth finding out the program of events in various institutions in advance, as you may have to make early bookings because tickets for good concerts sell like hot cakes. Programs are best taken in the institutions themselves or on the relevant websites, the addresses of which are listed below.

Palau de la Musica Catalana

Entrance to the Palau de la Musica Catalana

Perhaps the most famous concert hall in Barcelona. Spectators flock to the El Born area to enjoy the luxurious interior of this institution, as well as the music. Every month, an extensive program is organized here with choirs, orchestras, piano concerts, and sometimes even music seminars are held here. Most of the concerts take place in the concert hall, which can accommodate 2,146 people. However, more modest concerts are held at the Sala Petit Palau.

As an iconic hall for Barcelona, ​​it hosted celebrities in classical music within its walls. The Orfeó Catalá choir is also based and performs here. The hall is also famous for its progressive Catalan views, which is reflected in the diverse musical repertoire. Musicians such as Katie Melua and Matthew Herbert performed at the centenary celebration.

Statue at the restaurant in Palau de la Musica Catalana

Read more about the building’s history, guided tours, and amenities in our “Overview of the Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona”.

Palau de la Música Catalana
Carrer Palau de la Música, 4 – 6
08003 Barcelona, ​​España.

Tel: +34 93 295 7200 (ticket sales), +34 93 295 7200 (information)
Metro: Urquinaona Station (Coas Line, L1) and (Yellow Line, L4)

Ticket sales:
Tel.: +34 93 295 7200

Website: www. (very user-friendly website)

Ticket Office Hours:
Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 21:00
Saturday: 09:30 – 21:00
Sunday and Holiday: 09:05 – 1305 – 1305


Facade of the L’Auditori building

L’Auditori was open at 1999, the Barcelona Orchestra or OBC (Orquestra Simfónica de Barcelona I Nacional de Catalunya) is based here. The building is strikingly different in its modernism from the ornate and ornate Palau de le Musica. It was designed by the famous architect, Rafael Moneo (Rafael Moneo). This building is not as soulful as the Palau de la Musica, but in itself it is an impressive example of modernist architecture and was originally designed as a concert hall with excellent acoustics.

The building consists of three main halls: Pau Casals (capacity 2,200), Oriol Martorell (capacity 600) and Tete Montoliu (capacity 400). Pau Casals was conceived so that at any place in the hall, the audience could enjoy the same high-quality acoustics.

In 2006, the administration announced its intention to promote a wide variety of musical genres. The main focus is still on classical music, but variations are possible. The hall is renowned for its open-minded approach to music and performances in styles such as jazz, flamenco and chanson.

L’Auditori has also opened a new museum Museu de la Música – an interesting place for all music lovers. There are many different instruments from all over the world on display.

Right next to L’Auditori is the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya ( This is one of the most prestigious theaters in Barcelona. The theater is a must see, built by Ricard Bofill,

Lepant, 150
08013 Barcelona, ​​España.

Tel: +34 93 247 9300
Metro: Marina Station (Red Line, L1) or Monumental Station (Purple Line, L2)

Tel: +34 91 198 2284 (for calls from Spain) / +34 90 215 0025 (for calls from abroad)

Website: Buy tickets online – www.

Ticket office hours:

Month Day Time
January – December Monday closed
Tuesday – Friday 17:00 – 21:00
Saturday 10:00 – 13:00 and 17:00 – 21:00
Sunday Open 1 hour before the concert

Sunday morning:
Opens one hour before the start of the concert and closes until the end of the concert
Sunday evening/night:
Opens one hour before the start of the concert and closes with it

Accessibility for the disabled: To book tickets, call +34 93 247 9300

Auditori Winterthur

Building Auditori Winterthur

The full name of this concert hall is “Centre Convencions Auditori AXA -Illa Diagonal” and it is located in a shopping center in the Diagonal area, located a few kilometers north of Plaça Catalunya. This is a hall with only 650 seats, so it is a cozy alternative to the larger concert halls described earlier. The hall is often rented out for corporate events, so finding information about the performance program is not easy. They do not have a website other than the AXA website which does not have this information. However, on websites of music fans such as, you can find out about the events held in this concert hall.

Entrance to Auditori Winterthur

Auditori Winterthur
Avenida Diagonal, 547
08029 Barcelona, ​​España.

Tel: +34 93 290 1102
Metro: Maria Cristina (Green Line, L3)
Website: AuditorioAXA

This article has described some of the finest concert halls in Barcelona. However, classical music venues are booming in the city, and there are plenty to choose from. Worth knowing what’s on at CaixaFórum in Montjuïc, where concerts take place alongside art exhibitions and lectures. Taktre Gran Teatre del Liceu is described in detail in our guide to opera houses in Barcelona.

Caixa Forum
Avenida de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6-8
08038 Barcelona, ​​España.

Metro: España Station (Green Line, L3) and (Red Line, L1)

Gran Teatre del Liceu
La Rambla, 51 – 59
08002 Barcelona, ​​España.

Metro: Liceu Station (Green Line, L3).

Barcelona concert venue guide

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Barcelona is known worldwide for being a vibrant city with some of the best nightlife in Europe. For this reason, serious musicians definitely come here during their tours. This city is also home to very interesting and fresh talent. If possible, find out which bands will be playing on your trip to Barcelona and book your ticket. The evening can be unforgettable.


Facade of the Razzmatazz club building

This is one of the best places for live performances, with perhaps the most intense program. Mainly the institution is famous for being a world-famous super-club. However, it’s also a great live performance venue, with great sound and an incendiary atmosphere.

The establishment is very large, with five halls of different sizes, each of which can host its own events. On weekends there are always club nights, and sometimes live performances are held in large halls – Razzmatazz Club and The Loft. However, on weekday evenings, in any halls, even in small ones, you can listen to music: Lolita, Pop Bar and Rex Club.

Choose from any popular genre of music from rock to hip-hop and pop. Many musicians, both world-famous stars and local talents, play live here.

The location is not the most central – in the industrial area of ​​Poblenou, so on a weekday you may have to skip the encore to catch the last metro train.

Almogavers, 122
08018 Barcelona, ​​España.
(Razzclub, Pop Bar & Rex Room)

Carrer Pamplona, ​​88
08018 Barcelona, ​​España.
(The Loft & Lolita)

Metro: Marina or Bogatell (Yellow Line, L4)

Tel: +34 90 215 0025


Apolo 1 entrance

The first thing to note is that Apolo is divided into two parts – Apolo 1 and 2. This can be confusing because these halls are advertised separately and often under different names. Apolo 2 often appears on posters with the name “[2]” and Apolo 1 is called “Nitsa Club” on weekends. But this confusion is worth it because both clubs are great.

Apolo 1 is the largest of the two clubs. If you approach the entrance of the club from Paral.lel street, it will be right in front of you. From the inside, the place is a beautiful 1940s-style dance floor with red lighting, velvet, and old seating along the walls. An excellent setting for an eclectic array of bands that perform here in the evenings. For a diverse and friendly audience of all ages, everything from rockabilly to electro plays here.

Apolo 2 is a more modern hall that has recently been renovated. The entrance is located a little further down the street from the front of the building. Performances in this institution have become fashionable among bands and DJs, so lesser known and modern bands can be seen here.

Sala Apolo
Carrer Nou de le Rambla, 113
08004 Barcelona, ​​España.

Apolo [2]
Nou de la Rambla 111
08004 Barcelona, ​​España.

Tel.: +34 93 441 4001

Metro: Paral.lel Station (Green Line, L3)

Website: Apolo
(Tickets can also be bought on other websites, but it depends on who is performing, so check with the Apolo website – )

Sidecar Factory Club

Sidecar Factory club sign

Club Sidecar is located in the basement, on the famous and central Plaça Reial next to La Rambla. Despite being in the most touristic area, the club has a tough vibe and is popular with the locals. This means real rock and roll, subdued lights, a smoky dance floor and cave-like passages. Rock musicians playing blues, rock and indie love to perform here. After live performances in the style of indie rock classics on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the institution turns into a nightclub.

It is worth noting that choosing a club with a more central location, sound quality will have to be sacrificed for the sake of convenience. Clubs in central Barcelona are subject to severe volume restrictions. Because of this, the best sound can be found in venues far from the city center.

Sidecar Club
Plaça Reial, 7
08002 Barcelona, ​​España.

Email Mail: [email protected]
Metro: Jaume I Station (Yellow Line, L4), Liceu Station (Green Line, L3)

Website: www.sidecarfactoryclub. com


Bikini Entrance

The Bikini Club is a pleasant surprise hidden in the quiet streets of Les Corts. There are always a lot of incendiary people here, and the club rarely does not give bright emotions. Don’t be discouraged to find it – after passing the huge mall, you will see a hidden club in the courtyard at the back of the mall. This is a very modern establishment, with two halls separated by a partition, which is removed during concerts and when the establishment turns into a nightclub.

This venue is renowned for having the best sound in Barcelona and often hosts international dance groups and musicians with hip-hop and jazz music. Drinks are overpriced but that’s normal for upscale establishments.

Bikini Club
Avenida Diagonal, 547
08029 Barcelona, ​​España.

Tel: +34 93 322 0800
Email Postal: [email protected]
Metro: Stations Maria Christina, Les Corts (Green Line, L3)

Website: Bikini Club
Tel: +34 90 215 0025

Other concert venues in the city

In this guide, we have mentioned some of the most famous concert venues in Barcelona, ​​but don’t forget there are many more! Other lesser-known places will not disappoint you either – Harlem Jazz Club for jazz fans, Luz de Gas for blues and rock lovers, Jamboree for lovers of Latin and tropical rhythms.