Cometa restaurant: El Cometa Mexican Restaurant – El Paso, TX

Taqueria El Cometa – 22 tips from 239 visitors

  • “The flautas and tacos al pastor are the best !!! Highly recommended”(12 Tips)

    “Tacos al pastor, flautas are good.”(2 Tips)

22 Tips and reviews


  • taquitos
  • tacos
  • family-friendly
  • casual
  • good for groups
  • great value
  • authentic
  • crowded
  • lunch
  • (4 more)

  • Tacos al pastor, flautas are good. Place is always crowded and very noisy. Prices are reasonable. The wait for a table is excessive. We waited 45 minutes to get a table. The staff is slow.

  • I love their flautas! Great food and great service at a fair price

  • The flautas are IT!!! If you only try one dish, make sure you eat the flautas. Prices are really cheap too.

  • The tacos were the best to me. I thought the meat was juicier!

  • The flautas and tacos al pastor are the best !!! Highly recommended

  • It was delicious !! Same like Juarez …..just more expensive of course ….well worth it !!

  • The best Mexican taste place restaurant at late

  • Flauta are a must in this place!

  • Las Flautas for the win!!!

  • The flautas are the best, truly the BEST!

  • Great food style mexican food… I’m recommend this place to eat…

  • Great Mexican style food. .All good flavor…

  • I ♡ their flautas!

  • Really good mexican food..great

  • Food was good especially the flautas but service sucks…well my waitress at least.

  • Good food! Dont listen to Gilbert lol

  • Flautas! !

  • This place is absolute garbage… terrible service, expensive and little portions. Two thumbs down!

  • Muy buenas las flautas, las mejores de El Paso. ademas de estar abiertos hasta la madrugada.

  • Tacos de alambre delicious

  • Los de alambre con queso!

  • Esta muy RICO!!!

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Restaurant Comet in Moscow, Vernadskogo Ave., 16


Tanya Martynova

4 reviews

8 months ago


did not eat, I don’t know, the comet let down the hotel, there is no hot water.




Anatoly Ivanov

5 reviews

9 months ago


Excellent service. .Near metro station..and moderate prices




Evgeniya Shevchenko

10 reviews

10 months ago


I really liked the atmosphere of the restaurant, if you want to have a good rest and eat delicious food, this is the place to go.




Oleg Serov

1 review

11 months ago


I don’t know who writes positive reviews, most likely the employees themselves!
Khinkali are disgusting!!! Kharcho is below average. The waiters barely move. It is clear why they have an EMPTY HALL on Saturday evening and there is a man standing by the subway who advertises this cafe with all his might, trying to attract at least someone. I’m not a picky person and usually never write reviews, but this is terrible




Roman Fedorov

1 review

12 months ago


The environment is not bad, but the food is not tasty at all. Over-salted, over-peppered … Dinner buffet until 21.00, at 20. 00 there is nothing but side dishes at all and they didn’t even warn. Terrible. Better not to go





23 reviews

14 months ago


1 minute from metro! Illuminated sign “Khinkalnaya” – you won’t pass by!
Very cozy place!
Pleasant music. Buffet.
You can come together, you can come with a company, there are separate booths.
Caesar with chicken – delicious, whiskey – strong, coffee – bitter! I liked everything)




Mikael Blomqvist

4 reviews

15 months ago


Cool, I liked it very much. ..
The first impression, as it turned out, at the entrance.
Then there were small roughnesses, with which, in theory, you can live, but ….
Today I saw one cockroach, where could it come from!?
As for the work of the staff – unobtrusive and complete (good) cleaning on the visitor’s vacation. You get used to it. Diverse composition of guests. During the day there is almost no one. In the evening, liveliness is usual for such places, including those with the specifics of work. There is one kettle per floor. This is a minus. There is no microwave even one floor. Also a minus.
But with all the cons, I liked it. I recommend.




Alexander Mikhailov

4 reviews

16 months ago


Newly renovated, at least where I lived. TV 40 inch



Komet Cafe, street and activity in Novokuznetsk

on the street. Pavlovskogo, 13 in Novokuznetsk

About the company

The company works according to the schedule Mon-Sun 10:00-22:00 (more), located on the street. . Cafe “Kometa” specializes in cafes. Legal information is also provided: TIN 4217107476, PSRN 1084217006906, OKPO 87476777, OKATO 32431373000.

Working hours

Mon W Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
10:00-22:00 10:00-22:00 10:00-22:00 10:00-22:00 10:00-22:00 10:00-22:00 10:00-22:00

Now in Novokuznetsk — 17:03,
“Cafe Comet” is open.