Climate of barcelona: Barcelona Climate, Weather By Month, Average Temperature (Spain)

Climate In Barcelona, Spain

Reeling in the beautiful climate of Barcelona, Spain can be your lifetime treasure. The weather of Barcelona can appease any tourist. It is highly predictable so you are safe from any unwanted strokes of mercury. The charming climate of Barcelona, Spain compliments the charm of its cultural and architectural edifices.

Barcelona is very near to sea, so the temperature is pleasant most of the time. Warm and cool gusts of wind from the sea pacify the extremity of Barcelonan summer and harsh winters.

Temperate will be the ideal word to define the climate of Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona relaxes under the dazzling Mediterranean sun in the warm months of summer and enjoys cool winters.

The most striking thing about weather conditions here is the temperature. Barcelona enjoys an annual average temperature of around 16-degree Celsius. When you consider the Barcelona weather averages, you will notice that Barcelona has an annual average rainfall of around 50mm, with the typical weather being sunny and rainfall occurring more or less in all the months.

Tourists on a visit to Spain are effusive in praise about the Barcelona weather. Summer in Barcelona can be very hot and humidity levels can rise up to 70%. But the cool sea breeze serve to bring down the temperature and make for an enjoyable ambience to acquire that healthy just-back-from-the-beach tan.

The usual average temperature in the summer months in Barcelona reaches 29 degree Celsius while the mercury rises up to 35 degree Celsius in the hottest month.

There are always Met predictions about light showers during the early summer days.

The hottest month of Barcelona is August when the city dwellers move to cooler resorts outside the city and most of the shops, restaurants and bars close down their shutters.

The best weather in Barcelona is autumn when the temperature remains within 15-21 degree Celsius. The autumn forecast of Barcelona consists of sunny weather sprinkled with some rare showers.

The autumn is the best season for seeing the sights for the whole day and climbing trails.

Barcelona is famous for its placid winters, which is ideal for tourism. The whole northern hemisphere shivers under the chill of winter while the climate of Barcelona is a happy respite. The average winter temperature of Barcelona is 12 degree Celsius, which can drop to 10 degree Celsius sometimes.

January is the coldest month in the climate in Barcelona, Spain. The forecast for the winter weather in Barcelona includes frequent showers and a rare snowfall. Therefore, it would make sense to carry warm clothing and rainwear along with you.

Spring presents quite an agreeable phase of the Barcelona weather. Spring here sees an average temperature that spans from 13-degree to 20-degree Celsius. It is no wonder, spring is a thriving tourist season in Barcelona.

One distinguishing feature of the climate in Barcelona, Spain is the well-demarcated seasons. The best time to visit Barcelona is during the months from March to June and during September and October. These are the times when weather conditions are neither too hot nor too cold and the current weather in Barcelona (Spain) is always “just perfect”.

In fact, the Barcelona climate exemplified by bright, sunny and mild weather conditions is thought to be ideal for golf. You can aim for your holes, clad in shirts even in November and February.

When you cross the city limits of Barcelona you will experience diverse weather condition. The coastal areas have warm summers. June to September experiences the highest number of tourists. Tarragona while blisters under sizzling heat, Girona is warm and comfortable making it a comfortable relief place during the hot summers for the city dwellers.

Barcelona with its temperate climate is liberation for the tourists from the sultry south and chilly north. Even in the month of December you can enjoy lovely sunsets in the Mediterranean waters from Barcelona. Be assured to get a warm welcome in the comfortable Barcelonan climate all the time.

Climate in Barcelona – Visit Barcelona

Barcelona is a Mediterranean, coastal city with a temperate and sunny climate. This gives annual temperatures above 16°C / 60. 8°F, with mild winters and hot summers. The city has an annual rainfall of 700 mm and spring and autumn are the rainiest seasons. We’ll tell you more about the different seasons below:


  • March: 15.9°C/60.62°F Maximum | 7.8°C / 46.04°F Minimum
  • April: 17.8°C / 64.04°F Maximum | 10.8°C / 51.44°F Minimum
  • May: 23.6°C / 74.48°F Maximum | 15.2°C / 59.54°F Minimum
  • June: 24°C / 75.2°F Maximum | 16.2°C / 61.16°F Minimum

A light jacket and sunglasses are the essentials you’ll need to pack for spring in Barcelona. Mornings can be warm and sunny, so put on your sunglasses and take the time to wander through the parks and gardens that are in flower. Mornings are also the perfect time to do open-air sports, like jogging or cycling. The temperatures are lower at night and you may need your jacket if you want to keep enjoying the city. It often rains without warning in March and April, so don’t get caught out! If you’ve forgotten your umbrella or extra clothes, make sure you visit the city’s open-air retail district, the Barcelona Shopping Line, which is one of the biggest in Europe. It is packed with shops surrounded by sublime architecture. You’ll find what you’re looking for at some of the city’s unique, centuries-old shops and shopping centres and the retail quarters in every borough. Make your slip-up a new experience!


  • June: 24°C / 75.2°F Maximum | 16.2°C / 61.16°F Minimum
  • July: 29.4°C / 84.92°F Maximum | 20.5°C / 68.9°F Minimum
  • August: 29.9°C / 85.82°F Maximum | 21.1°C / 69.98°F Minimum
  • September: 26.1°C / 78.98°F Maximum | 17.4°C / 63.32°F Minimum

Barcelona’s coastal location is one of its main attractions. But, in spite of this, the temperatures can be a bit stifling in summer. There’s no need to worry! There are amazing beaches where you can cool off and feel the Mediterranean sea breeze while you practise water sports. The days are long, so there are many more experiences to enjoy, like treating yourself to an ice cream, enjoying the terraces and pavement cafés, and sampling the Catalan dishes the hotels and restaurants serve up until late in the evening. Swimwear, cool clothing and comfortable footwear will ensure you get the most out of the celebrations, concerts, and neighbourhood festivals, such as Gràcia and Sants.


  • September: 26.1°C / 78.98°F Maximum | 17.4°C / 63.32°F Minimum
  • October: 20.7°C / 69.26°F Maximum | 12.0°C / 53.6°F Minimum
  • November: 27.9°C / 82.22°F Maximum | 11.4°C / 52.52°F Minimum
  • December: 12.4°C Maximum | 6.2°C Minimum

Are you planning to visit Barcelona in autumn? Of course, the climate isn’t as reliable but there are things to do to in all weathers. If it rains, you can take shelter with a cup of thick hot chocolate at one of the city’s granjas. If it’s a sunny November day, you can head to the beach for an aperitif by the sea. Autumn is also the grape harvest season and the time of year when the wineries near the city offer authentic wine and food experiences. If the weather’s bad, make the most of your visit and enjoy Barcelona’s cultural offering: UNESCO World Heritage sites, entertainments and concerts for all tastes, over 40 museums covering different areas of interest, photography exhibition centres, art galleries… Every cloud has a silver lining… and great culture too!


  • December: 12. 4°C / 54.32°F Maximum | 6.2°C / 43.16°F Minimum
  • January: 13.3°C / 55.94°F Maximum | 6.8°C / 44.24°F Minimum
  • February: 16.5°C / 61.7°F Maximum | 9.0°C / 48.2°F Minimum
  • March: 15.9°C / 60.62°F Maximum | 7.8°C / 46.04°F Minimum

Although winter is the coldest time of the year, most afternoons in Barcelona bring warm sunshine and the streets are thronging with people. The clear, cloudless skies give us better views of the city from any of its viewing points. Winter is synonymous with snow and mountains. Snow in Barcelona? Not in the city, but close by: just 90 minutes away by public transport you’ll find the ski resorts of La Molina and Masella, which offer more than 145 km of slopes to satisfy your thirst for an adrenaline rush with just one ski pass. If you prefer to stay in the city, from November onwards you can experience Barcelona’s innovative Christmas. Do you want to know what it’s like? We’ll tell you here about the 10 reasons that make it unique.

Have you decided when to come? We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Climate in Barcelona: find out what the weather will be like during your holiday

  • 018 Some factors can turn just a good trip into an unforgettable one: cultural and entertainment offer, local cuisine , accommodation, weather… If you are planning a weekend or more day trip to the Catalan capital, we have great news for you – you do not have to worry about any of these aspects. Even about the weather in Barcelona.

    It’s no secret that Barcelona has more than enough interesting sights, as well as great restaurants where you can taste delicious traditional dishes Catalan cuisine . It will also not be a problem to find a good place to stay in Barcelona, ​​as our apartments near with beach include everything you need for your perfect holiday. As for the weather, then this will not be an obstacle.

    So that you pack only the clothes you really need in your suitcase, this post about the climate of Barcelona will be very helpful for you. In addition, we will recommend some of the best apps so you can know the temperature and rainfall in advance. Record!


    As you probably know, Barcelona has a mild mediterranean climate but with one peculiarity: urban microclimate . This means that the temperature in Barcelona can be up to 7°C higher than in other neighboring cities. In addition, the city’s position north of the Mediterranean basin gives it other characteristics, such as a very short dry heat period.

    Barcelona has four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, all of which are perfect for visiting the city.

    Winter , which lasts from December to March, is short, with rather cool temperatures and little rain (usually 10 to 15 cloudy days). During this period, the average mark on the thermometer is about 10 ° C, maximum 13 ° C. Night frosts usually occur less than than one week 2 year , which is more common in areas located at higher altitudes, near the Collserola mountain range and on the streets near the Besos river in the north. In the city center, they are almost not observed. Most low temperature , which when0022 or was recorded in city Barcelona , is 90 022 – 021 ° C , registered at the Fabra Observatory (at 450 m).

    Snow is atypical phenomenon in city , it is extremely rare and does not even touch the ground. As a rule, snow occurs only in Tibidabo, the highest point in the municipality. The heaviest snowfall since recorded weather began decades ago, on Christmas Day 1962 years old. It was followed by other snowfalls, much less, in 1985, 1993, 1999, 2010 – in this year the height of snow cover in the center and on beaches Barcelona was 5-6 cm, from 10 to 15 cm in the surroundings located higher, and about 30 cm in Tibidabo. Also, a small snowfall was recorded in 2018.

    As for summer , it is a long and warm season with high humidity. In July and August, maximum temperatures during the day usually hover around 30°C. Yes, there may be exceptions: for example, when the southwest wind blows (lebeche or gabino, which is known in Catalan as llebeig or garb í ) from the sea to the hinterland, the thermometer mark can reach 40°C. Historical record highest 22 to Barcelona was in district Raval , a exactly , 39.9 °

    C. however C. C. if you going to come to Barcelona in the summer , cost with a light jacket and thin long trousers as nights in June and September can be chilly.

    As for spring , temperatures range from a maximum of 15° C in March to 25° C in June. In autumn the weather is still pleasant, with temperatures reaching a maximum of 21°C until the end of September and around 15°C until the end of November and early December. Also, it may not be sunny every day, and it is likely that you will encounter rain. So if you’re going to visit Barcelona during these months, take an umbrella with you and pack your demi-season clothes, something warm to throw on, and short-sleeved T-shirts in your suitcase in case the days are particularly warm.


    As for the rain, we have a little surprise for you: so much same rains , as in London , if is not greater than ? Do not panic: in the Catalan capital it is 600 liters per year per 1 m 2 are concentrated within a few days, unlike what happens in the British capital. Another important difference from the main English city is the amount of sun. As you might guess, Barcelona wins by having over 2500 solar hours in .

    Autumn is the rainiest time of the year. The months with the most rainfall are October with around 100 liters and September with frequent storms and cold torrential rains, as well as some days in the spring.

    Conversely, the most dry months is July and and from 20 90 When traveling, an umbrella is always better. Therefore, you can’t go wrong by booking Lugaris Apartments in Barcelona with pool. You can almost always use it!


    Even though you already know what time of the year is best for your holiday in Barcelona, ​​it’s still worth keeping an eye on the weather forecast. To do this, we offer the following free mobile apps for Android and iOS to better plan your trips and sightseeing in Barcelona.

    • App Alertes. The Catalan Meteorological Service has created this personalized alert service that tells you in real time when it’s raining in your selected Catalan cities. There are data from more than 160 weather stations.
    • El Tiempo de AEMET. The State Meteorological Agency has its own application with which you can find out in detail what the weather will be like in any corner of Spain.
    • El Tiempo en The Public Broadcasting Agency provides you with a 7-day forecast for 8,000 Spanish cities – including Barcelona and other municipalities in its province – and another 2,000 cities in other countries. Check the weather in any city in one move in real time, watch beautiful animated images, and add all the places that interest you to your favorites list. This will be very helpful if you are planning excursions to Catalonia .
    • tumeteo BCN. This is one of the leading weather information apps in Spain, redesigned and very easy to use. Access to data from over 200,000 locations worldwide.

    We hope this information will help you plan your trip to Barcelona better. However, if you have any questions or would like to send us your comments, we are happy to hear from you or offer advice. So feel free to send us your messages!

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    Barcelona CLIMATE

    Air temperature

    Month Absolute minimum Average low Medium Average high Absolute maximum
    January -10. 3 (1891) 6.0 9.4 14.2 23.8 (2018)
    February -7.7 (1956) 6.3 10.0 14.6 21.8 (2016)
    March -3.0 (1890) 8.2 12.1 16.4 27.9 (2001)
    April -2.7 (1910) 10.6 14.4 18.6 26.9 (1945)
    May 2.4 (1947) 13.9 17.7 21.7 33.4 (2001)
    June 6.9 (1936) 17.9 21.7 25.5 35.5 (1947)
    July 10.4 (1909) 20.8 24.6 28.3 36.6 (1983)
    August 9.5 (1944) 21.4 25.2 29.1 38.4 (2003)
    September 6. 2 (1902) 18.1 21.9 25.9 33.0 (1983)
    October 0.0 (1892) 14.5 18.1 22.3 32.4 (2011)
    November -5.4 (1890) 9.6 13.1 17.8 26.4 (1985)
    December -8.0 (1962) 6.7 10.0 14.7 22.0 (1981)
    () ()


    Month Norm Monthly minimum Monthly maximum Daily maximum
    January 35.3 0.0 (1934) 154 (1979) 60 (1946)
    February 32.0 0.0 (1943) 168 (1944) 78 (1982)
    March 39.9 0. 0 (1957) 152 (1969) 65 (2017)
    April 39.0 0.0 (1947) 169 (1969) 79 (1971)
    May 39.1 1.0 (1942) 250 (1977) 131 (1972)
    June 23.8 0.0 (1928) 124 (1933) 71 (1989)
    July 24.9 0.0 (1947) 176 (1959) 156 (1959)
    August 48.6 0.0 (1927) 180 (2007) 94 (1963)
    September 72.9 0.0 (1945) 435 (1959) 187 (1953)
    October 74.4 0.0 (1968) 501 (1951) 175 (1987)
    November 42.4 0.0 (1948) 356 (1983) 102 (1983)
    December 32. 9 0.0 (1941) 312 (1971) 106 (1971)
    () () ()

    Number of days with solid, liquid and mixed precipitation




    type of precipitation Jan Mar Apr May Jul Aug sep Oct Nov dec

    Wind speed, m/s




    Jan Mar Apr May Jul Aug sep Oct Nov dec

    Repeatability of different wind directions, %




    guide Jan Mar Apr May Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov dec

    Air humidity, %




    Jan Mar Apr May Jul Aug sep Oct Nov dec

    Snow cover




    month Jul Aug sep Oct Nov dec Jan Mar Apr May
    number of days
    height (cm)