Cheap accommodation in barcelona: The 10 best cheap hotels in Barcelona, Spain

Budget Accommodation in Barcelona –

The three-star Hotel Astoria offers predictable service and style at affordable rates.


€70 & up

Overall, a hotel should have more services than hostals, hostels, and pensions. However, from our research in Barcelona we’ve learned that this is not always the case. Hotels are usually more expensive than other accommodation options but do not, for the most part, offer larger rooms.

Expect other perks though, like telephones in the room, 24-hour reception, Wi-Fi (not always included in the rate), breakfast (though expect to pay for it, €10 and up), handicap-accessible rooms, and standardized interior design. Of course, four-star hotels offer all of these things (and more), but we don’t recommend any four-star hotels on EuroCheapo!

What to expect in hotel rooms

The nice thing about a hotel is that they offer reliable service and most have private bathrooms in every room. It may be worth paying a bit more for this convenience alone.

Also, uniform interior decoration is the norm at hotels; no bizarre paintings of clowns on the walls or doily-clad antique furnishings often encountered at hostals. Count on rooms equipped with telephones, televisions, an occasional minibar, air conditioning, heating, soundproofed windows, as well as toiletries (shampoo and soap) and perhaps a sewing kit.

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The Hostal Gat Xino offers rooms with private bath and a touch of style.

Hostals and Pensions

€40 & up

The word “hostal” looks like “hostel,” as in youth hostel, but they’re not the same thing. Hostals are like hotels but some of the rooms won’t have bathrooms en suite. Most of the time hostals do not serve breakfast, although there are exceptions to this rule.

The same is pretty much true for pensions, though quite a few pensions will offer breakfast or coffee and tea. Think of them as a cross between an inn and a hotel, but not quite a B&B. Many times it is less expensive to book a hostal or pension than a hotel, and the services will be very similar.

Hostals and pensions are both given star ratings, just like hotels. Generally speaking, the more stars, the more services they offer.

Hostal and pension rooms

Here is where we find the greatest variety of room types in Barcelona. A hostal room might have a bathroom en suite, then again, it may have a shared bathroom and only a sink en suite. We’ve even seen a few that had a shower and sink en suite, but the toilet outside the room and down the hall. You need to ask.

If there is a bathroom in the room, the rate will be more expensive, so if you don’t mind sharing your loo, then this is a good way to save money. Shared bathrooms in hostals and pensions will not be communal like they are in youth hostels. Usually they are just “normal” bathrooms with a shower and toilet and little else. It can be a pain if there are only a couple shared bathrooms and many guests trying to shower, etc.

If an en suite bathroom is not available, the next best choice is to at least have a sink and mirror in your room. Don’t expect shampoo, although there may be a small bar of hand soap.

As far as other amenities go, it’s unpredictable. Many hostals will not have telephones or televisions (due to the noise caused by TVs, which may bother other guests through thin walls) in the rooms. Many also don’t have air conditioning, but will have fans and radiators for heating in the winter.

Hostal Levante is a good example of this “services enigma,” as they offer air conditioning in some rooms, fans in others, some en suite bathrooms, no televisions, but towel dryers and heating. Go figure!

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The Hostel One Paralelo offers stylish communal areas and group activities along with cheap beds.


€20 per person & up

These are the classic youth hostels with dorm rooms, lockers, communal showers, and lots of backpacker types chilling in the lounge area. All of the hostels that we review offer private rooms, and many offer meals and activities, as well.

For the most part, hostels are open to all age groups. Indeed, you do see all ages (especially families with children) in hostels, although hostels are undeniably most popular with the high school and university-age set.

Hostel rooms

In Barcelona’s youth hostels, you can expect rather spacious rooms with between four and 10 beds, which will most likely be bunk-beds. Sometimes rooms will be separated by gender, but if this is important to you make sure to ask ahead.

Usually there are male and female bathrooms, which will have several shower stalls and sinks. This is the case at HelloBCN and Itaca, but over at the Hostel One Paralelo bathrooms are not gender-specific.

Rooms should have lockers inside or just outside the door (a better plan for those coming back at 3 a.m.!). Most youth hostels provide “chill out” areas and lounges for mingling with other travelers.

Read about our favorite hostels in Barcelona.


€90 & up

Short-term vacation apartments are popular in Barcelona. Many hostals and pensions may also have apartments to rent, so be sure to ask if this interests you. Booking an apartment is a smart approach for saving money in the city. This is especially the case for families and large groups who can save money by cooking in the apartment.

The issue is that some apartments don’t have Wi-Fi and, of course, there is no one on site to help you out in case of a problem. You’re usually on your own.

What to expect in the apartment

Apartments are a bit like hostals and usually run by hostals on the side, so many of the above hostal guidelines apply here. However, if you rent an apartment you’re sure to have a kitchen, though it may not have an oven and could have little more than a two-burner stove. The kitchen should be stocked with dishes, cutlery and basic pots and pans.

Apartments should also have a dining area, a living room (sometimes these will be two in the same) and a bedroom. Some may have balconies or even terraces. When it comes to televisions, air conditioning, heating and WiFi, it is best to ask ahead. Most will not have telephones. Bathrooms will have towels, but will not usually have shampoo or soap.

To see apartments available for your travel dates, do a search in the box above.

The swanky Fashion House is a “hostal.”

What to expect overall

One of the complaints we most often hear is that rooms of all types of accommodation in Barcelona are cramped. Sadly, this is pretty much standard unless you go four-star or pay extra for a “suite.” There are few hotels that offer spacious rooms, as there simply isn’t much space in mountain-locked Barcelona.

Expect itty-bitty showers, limited storage, and rooms with little more than a desk and a bed. Also, many budget hostals and pensions will not have elevators (hotels will), so ask about this if you travel with lots of luggage or if climbing stairs is an issue.

Also, Barcelona can be an incredibly noisy city. If you’re a light sleeper, always ask for an interior room and sacrifice the balcony views of La Rambla.

A note about star ratings

Star ratings are endlessly confusing. We’ve been to two-star hostals that have been better than three-star hotels. “No star” hotels are generally the most basic in town, while four-star hotels offer the most number of services and amenities.

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About the author: Regina W. Bryan is EuroCheapo’s Barcelona-based correspondent. Read her reviews of hotels in Barcelona and her regular posts in EuroCheapo’s Barcelona blog.

Cheap Hotels in Barcelona | Barcelona City Guide

Trendy Yet Economical

Close to City Center

Near Prime Attractions


Hotel Market Barcelona

This trendy budget hotel is located right next to the Sant Antoni Market, where you can get your dose of cheese, charcuterie, and other delights during your stay.

Why Choose this Hotel?
  1. It’s got modern and chic interiors coupled with a delightful restaurant on the ground floor.
  2. There are several restaurants and bars nearby.
  3. if you’re lucky to snag a room with a balcony, you can catch the beautiful Spanish sunset in the evenings.

Facilities: Paid parking service nearby, free wifi, bar/lounge, laundry service, and more.

Price: From €39 per night

Contact: +34 933 25 12 05

Address: Carrer del Comte Borrell, 68, 08015 Barcelona

Reservations: Official Website

Google Maps | Tripadvisor

Chic&Basic Born Boutique Hotel

This quirky boutique is an old palace that has been converted to a hotel.

Why Choose This Hotel?
  1. Located in the neighborhood of El Born, this boutique-style is among the Barcelona hotels that offer personalized service to all its customers.
  2. The rooms come with glass showers that change color to suit your every mood.
  3. There are many popular landmarks nearby, such as the Santa Maria del Mar, the Maestro de la Guitar, the Picasso Museum, and the Gothic Cathedral.

Facilities: Parking, wifi, gym, coffee shop, salon, and more.

Price: From €53 per night

Contact: +34 932 954 652

Address: Carrer de la Princesa, 50, 08003 Barcelona

Reservations: Official Website

Google Maps | TripAdvisor

Abba Rambla Hotel

The Abba Rambla Hotel is one of the most unique budget hotels in the Barcelona Gothic Quarter.

Why Choose This Hotel?
  1. Its contemporary and modern architecture makes it an unforgettable place.
  2. The Barcelona Port is just a few meters away.
  3. Close to other famous landmarks such as Avenida de Barcelona, Gran Teatro, Ciutat Vella, and the Boqueria Market.

Facilities: Paid parking, breakfast, free wifi, bar/lounge, massage, vending machine, and more.

Price: From €70 per night

Contact: +34 93 329 94 50

Address: C/ Rambla del Raval, 4C, 08001, Barcelona

Reservations: Official Website

Google Maps | TripAdvisor

Hotel Acta Mimic

The Hotel Acta Mimic is an innovatively designed 3-star hotel in the building that housed the old Teatro Colon.

Why Choose This Hotel?
  1. One of the best cheap hotels in Barcelona for travelers, Acta Mimic is located in the heart of the Raval neighborhood.
  2. Raval is a central location that is bustling with lively streets and growing in social and cultural importance.
  3. It is very close to Las Ramblas and Avinguda Paral-lel, which is known for its many restaurants and theatres.

Facilities: Paid parking, breakfast, free Wi-Fi, rooftop terrace, solarium.

Price: From €60 per night

Contact: +34 93 329 94 50

Address: C/ Arc del Teatre, 58, 08001, Barcelona

Reservations: Official Website

Google Maps | TripAdvisor

Ciutat de Barcelona

The privileged location of this hotel ​​next to the Picasso Museum is an invitation to live all kinds of experiences.

Why Choose This Hotel?
  1. One of the hotels in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, this hotel is just a few steps away from many entertainment options.
  2. It is also close to the Picasso Museum, Barcelona Cathedral, and many more of the city’s main attractions.
  3. The open terrace and rooftop swimming pool is the best dose of relaxation you can get.

Facilities: Free Wi-Fi, bar/lounge, sauna, rooftop pool, babysitting, car hire, and more.

Price: From €64 per night

Contact: +34 932 69 74 75

Address: Carrer de la Princesa, 35, 08003 Barcelona

Reservations: Official Website
Google Maps | TripAdvisor

Hotel Oasis

Hotel Oasis is one of the best budget Barcelona hotels that offers its visitors many luxuries at an affordable price.

Why Choose This Hotel?
  1. Its central location grants easy access to many popular tourist attractions across the city.
  2. Some of its standout features are its outdoor pool with a poolside bar and its very own nightclub.
  3. Nearby attractions include the Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar, Palau Güell and Casa Milà – La Pedrera.

Facilities: Paid parking, breakfast, free wifi, bar/lounge, nightclub/DJ, outdoor pool, rooftop terrace, and more.

Prices: From €72 per night

Contact: +34 933 19 43 96 |

Address: Pla de Palau, 17, 08003 Barcelona

Reservations: Official Website

Google Maps | TripAdvisor

Bany’s Orientals

Looking for beach hotels in Barcelona? Then Bany’s Orientals is our top pick for you.

Why Choose This Hotel?
  1. This beautiful 18th-century building is just a ten-minute walk from the beach.
  2. It is also home to one of the oldest family-owned restaurants in Catalonia – Senyor Parellada – where you can get a taste of some authentic local cuisine.
  3. Nearby attractions include Las Ramblas, Gothic Quarter, Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar, and more.

Facilities: Free wifi, restaurant, beach, laundry service, and more.

Price: From €66 per night

Contact: +34 932 68 84 60; [email protected]

Address: Carrer de l’Argenteria, 37, 08003 Barcelona

Reservations: Official Website

Google Maps | TripAdvisor

Hotel Acta Antibes

Looking at a place to stay where everything is at an arm’s reach? Acta Antibes is the one for you then!

Why Choose This Hotel?
  1. The Hotel Acta Antibes is a 2-star budget hotel that is affordable and comfortable.
  2. It is close to the Sagrada Familia, Arc De Triomf, and Plaza Monumental.
  3. Public transport is easily accessible from this hotel.
  4. Aside from these advantages, there are several restaurants, shops and supermarkets close by, making it a convenient location for all your needs. Image Credits

Facilities: Paid public parking on-site, free wifi, breakfast buffet, laundry service and more.

Price: From €67 per night

Contact: +34 932 32 62 11; [email protected]

Address: C/ Diputacio, 394, 08013 Barcelona

Reservations: Official Website

Google Maps | TripAdvisor

La Casa Gran Bed and Breakfast

On a busy city street with shops and cafes, this relaxed B&B in a venerable building is a 9-minute walk from the nearest metro.

Why Choose This Hotel?
  1. Safe local residential building with umpteen restaurants, shops, Hop on Hop Off bus stop and metro station close by.
  2. Catalan breakfast is served in a laid-back dining area, or on an airy outdoor patio.
  3. 2 km from La Rambla, a sprawling pedestrian mall, and 4 km from Park Güell.

Facilities: Free wifi, free breakfast, pet-friendly, parking, wheelchair accessible

Price: From €100 per night

Contact: +34 636 89 74 29

Address: Avinguda Diagonal, 439, 08036 Barcelona

Reservations: Official Website

Google Maps | TripAdvisor

TOC Hostel & Suites

Situated in the heart of the city, TOC Hostel & Suites is an excellent choice if you’re looking for hostels in Barcelona

Why Choose This Hostel?
  1. Want to make some friends, enjoy delicious tapas, while relaxing by a pool? Then TOC Hostel is the perfect choice for you!
  2. You can also enjoy the comfort of a private room at affordable prices.
  3. The rooms come with fingerprint access control systems to ensure top security for guests. Image Credits

Facilities: Free WiFi, computers for guests, female-only rooms, bar, cafe, free city tour, shared kitchen, pool, sundeck, washing machines, and more.

Price: Private double room: From €72 per night | Shared room: From €18 per night

Contact: +34 934 534 425 ; [email protected]

Address: Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes 580, 08011 Barcelona

Reservations: Official Website

Google Maps | TripAdvisor

Sleep Green – Certified Eco Youth Hostel Barcelona

Love nature and care for the environment? Look no further than Sleep Green Hostel.

Why Choose This Hostel?
  1. If you are on a budget and also environmentally conscious, the Sleep Green – Eco Youth Hostel in Barcelona is the perfect option
  2. The hostel is centrally located and is walking distance from popular attractions like the Placa de Catalunya and Las Ramblas
  3. Each dormitory features just between 4 to 6 beds and has a balcony and comfortable mattresses
  4. This hostel has been awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for four consecutive years

Facilities: Free Wi-Fi , Laundry, 24-hour Front Desk, Non-Smoking Rooms

Price: €41 per night (2 adults)

Contact: (+34) 635 669 021, info@sleepgreenbarcelona. com

Address: Ronda Universitat 15, Pral-1, 08001 Barcelona

Reservations: Official Website

Google Maps | TripAdvisor

Alberg Kabul Youth Hostel

Kabul Youth Hostel is a great choice for people young at heart!

Why Choose This Hostel?
  1. If you are looking to stay in a lively setting and are on a budget, this party hostel is a great choice
  2. The hostel features a central location and is walking distance from Las Ramblas and the Gothic Quarter
  3. It is located right above a nightclub so you can party all night long without worrying about how to get back
  4. If you’re a music festival buff, you can have your very own mini music festival at the hostel with its famed EDM parties

Facilities: Free Wi-Fi, Free Breakfast, Locker facility

Price: €38 per night (2 adults)

Contact: +34 93 3185190, [email protected]

Address: Plaza Real 17, 08002 Barcelona

Reservations: Official Website

Google Maps | TripAdvisor

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Looking for affordable housing in Barcelona/Badalona

Looking for affordable housing in Barcelona/Badalona for a month or two. I smoke Google, I watch airbnb. If you have suggestions, please write in the comments.

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Affordable accommodation in Barcelona

Daily and monthly (1-3 months) rooms for rent in a spacious apartment in the very center of Barcelona, ​​5 minutes from the main street – La Rambla, 10 minutes – from Catalunya Square.
The apartment has 4 rooms, 3 for rent, we live in one ourselves, a large living room, a huge terrace with a hammock, you can use the kitchen, there is everything you need for a comfortable stay: hairdryer, iron, washing machine, Wi-Fi. Near the house is the Boqueria market, a lot of…

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Extremely cheap accommodation for 2 weeks in Barcelona

Any conditions

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Comfortable and affordable accommodation in Barcelona.

Comfortable and affordable accommodation in Barcelona! (15-18E)
I rent 3 rooms in Barcelona. Price 15-18E per person per day. The apartment is located opposite the Sagrada Familia. Metro station, taxi platform, bus stop 10 meters from the front door. Large supermarkets, cafe bars, restaurants everywhere and everywhere. very lively place.
The apartment has everything you need: washing machine, ironing board, iron, hair dryer, TV, Wi-Fi internet, telephone.
No prepayments and…

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Recommend cheap accommodation in Barcelona

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where to find cheap accommodation in Barcelona?)

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I’m going to Europe for the May holidays. Does anyone have any experience with finding a place to live. Please advise. I’m afraid in such big cities in early May there will be no cheap hotels / hostels and I will stay on the street (((
I would like to find inexpensive accommodation for a couple of days near the center)

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Spain, Barcelona / Tell me a picturesque place for a week-long vacation with the family on a small budget

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How to plan a trip from Krasnodar for two?

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How to find an apartment in Barcelona for vacation 27. 08 to 05.09.2017, not expensive, with the opportunity to see the sights and relax on the sea.

Arrive Barcelona-El Prat 27.08-00.30 for 9 nights (5.09-21.00 we leave) We want to rent an apartment, not expensive, with all amenities, for two adults, different beds, with a good view (we want to live like local residents, not in the hotel) Eat in a cafe, or at home. We want to see the sights of Barcelona, ​​and relax by the sea. Convenient transport location.

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Inexpensive real estate in Barcelona – the best offers of cheap overseas real estate –

  1. home

  2. Property in Spain

  3. Catalonia

  4. Barcelona

  5. Inexpensive real estate

9 ads


  • new to old

99000 €

Commercial property in Barcelona, ​​Spain

61 m 2

Commercial property in the Sants area of ​​Barcelona.
The total area is 61 sq.m.
Tenant – electric scooter repair shop
The contract was signed on January 10, 2021 for a period of 10 years.
The mandatory period is 2 years.
The amount of rent per year is 7,200 euros.
Comunidad quota of 714 euros per year and property tax in…



129,900 €

Apartment in Barcelona, ​​Spain

70 m 2 4 3 1

Apartment in a quiet area at a very competitive price. Apartment with three bedrooms, one bathroom, separate kitchen and living room located in a quiet area of ​​Barcelona, ​​Bon Pastor. Close to metro station and bus stops. Nearby is Makinista shopping center – one of the largest shopping centers in Spain. The microdistrict has everything…



145,000 €

Apartment in Barcelona, ​​Spain

70 m 2 4 3 2

Beautiful apartment in Malgrat de Mar. Maresme. Barcelona
“Apartment in a great location on the first line of the sea!
It has a common closed recreation area with a swimming pool and a garden, a tennis court, playgrounds for children, etc.
All the necessary infrastructure in the area
Total area 75 m² usable area 70 m²
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms



135,000 €

Shop in Barcelona, ​​Spain

84 m 2 5% per annum

Loan from 2.5%

Safe profitable investment. 5% return guaranteed. Commercial space for sale in the city center, where the store is located. The store has been operating for 20 years and recently the contract was extended for another 10 years. The property is located in a pedestrian street with a lot of commercial activity, directly in front of it are the gardens of Sant Pau del Camp and…


138,000 €

Commercial property in Barcelona, ​​Spain

125 m 2

Commercial property next to the metro station. Sant Andreu area. The room is large, 125 m2, completely located on the first floor.
Two very large showcases and columns in the middle of the room, can be rented out as one room, or divided into two. Everything is in good condition, new light wiring, new water distribution, air conditioning. In…


140,000 €

Commercial property in Barcelona, ​​Spain

Premises on the ground floor in the Gracia area. The well-known central area of ​​Barcelona, ​​​​a quiet area where the middle class lives mainly.
An excellent room with a facade of almost seven meters, high ceilings. Located a few meters from the metro station and next to the bus stop. Rented until the end of 2021. Profitability 5%….



149,000 €

Shop in Barcelona, ​​Spain

111 m 2

Center of Barcelona, ​​low price, very advantageous property. Profitability 5-8%.
For sale commercial space of 111m2 in the center of Barcelona. An excellent investment option at a bargain price. The buyer can use the object for his business or for rent. Rental profitability will be 5-8%. We will help to hand over the object in…


139,500 €

Commercial property in Barcelona, ​​Spain

85 m 2

7.5% return! Commercial premises on two levels, entrance from the street. Good showcases, perfectly visible from the street, the room is very bright.
Located in a quiet urban area of ​​Guinardo, with a high population density. On the street where the premises are located, there are shops, banks, service departments, etc.
139.000 €


137 500 €

Cafe, restaurant in Barcelona, ​​Spain

84 m 2