Birds eye view of barcelona: Barcelona, a bird’s eye view

Barcelona, a bird’s eye view

The best way to admire Barcelona in all its beauty is from high above the city. This is where Barcelona reveals itself in total splendour. Standing on a plain surrounded by ridges and low peaks, its unequalled geographical location conceals countless viewing spots, or miradors, that make it a treat for the most inquisitive eyes. Shall we take a look?

Barcelona is a city that loves looking at itself. That’s why, whether you go there by day or night, alone or in company, in search of peace and quiet, or don’t want to completely get away from the hubbub and noise, you’ll always find a viewing spot nearby from where you can rediscover the city.

If you’re looking for the truly iconic image of Barcelona as it stretches out to sea, the Mirador de Sarrià won’t disappoint. The Mirador de Torre Baró offers a completely different view of the city below which is perfect for nature lovers. Gardens, water features and sculptures vie for space at the spectacular Mirador de l’Alcalde. The imposing Collserola Tower with its observation deck is a symbol of Barcelona’s cutting-edge architecture. Standing more than 560 metres above sea level, it is the highest point in the city. The Viewing spots section of our website features all the information you’ll need to discover the city from every angle.

Land ahoy!
The famous viewing gallery at the top of the Columbus Monument. is one of the city’s most iconic vantage points due to its symbolism and unbeatable location. Rising up at the end of La Rambla right by the sea, the figure of the explorer offers us impressive 360º views of the Barcelona he set sail from after his voyage to America. The viewing gallery stands 60 metres above the city and reveals the cathedral, the basilica of Santa Maria del Mar, the Olympic Marina and Montjuïc castle as you’ve never seen them before.

Through Gaudí’s eyes
And if you’re ready to look for new viewing spots, who better to guide you than this visionary architect? We invite you to follow us on the city’s most magical vantage point trail.
We suggest you begin at Park Güell one of Barcelona’s most spectacular urban vantage points. It has several areas offering elevated views of the city, such as the Turó de les Tres Creus, a monument inspired by prehistoric structures that boasts sweeping vistas 183 metres above the city; or the curving benches clad in trencadís mosaic offering impressive panoramic views that have become one of the iconic images of the city, framed by the towers of the Olympic Village and the blue Mediterranean.

And on the way back down, it’s time to cross off another must-see sight from your list. No visitor worth their salt can miss out on Gaudí’s masterpiece. Once the main tower of the Sagrada Família has been completed, it will stand 170 metres high and be Barcelona’s most elevated spot. At the moment, you can ride the lift to the top of some of the existing towers to enjoy the clearest 360º views of the city centre.

And before you head off to bed, treat yourself to the amazing views from La Pedrera. From its rooftop, you’ll be able to play at spotting the sinuous shapes and phantasmagorical figures behind its chimneys, which number more than 30. A true sculpture garden with strategically designed vantage points that will draw your eyes towards unseen views of Passeig de Gràcia or the outline of the floodlit Sagrada Família.
We could go on telling you about everything we’ve seen from our perches above the city, but there’s only one way to experience them: come along, climb high above the city and see it with your own eyes.

A bird’s eye view of Barcelona

Marc Atchison |

BARCELONA — The panoramic view that unfolds each morning outside my Gran Hotel La Florida window is simply breathtaking. Below my wrought-iron balcony, Barcelona’s skyline spreads out like a colourful Spanish fan — a sea of terracotta rooftops drifts off into an azure harbour dotted with ocean-going ships.

The scene has inspired poets, painters and at least one legendary writer — Ernest Hemingway apparently penned some of his most colourful accounts of the Spanish Civil War while a guest at the Gran Hotel La Florida in the late1930s.

The reason I’m afforded such jaw dropping views is because La Florida sits atop puny Mount Tibidabo, which, at just 512m, is the tallest hill in the Serra de Collserola, the rolling mountain range that backdrops this glorious Catalan capital.

Mount Tibidabo offers visitors sweeping views of Barcelona’s low rise cityscape and some of its most iconic landmarks are easy to spot — the spiers of Gaudi’s unfinished Basílica de la Sagrada Família and beautiful Barcelona Cathedral stick up in the valley below like pins on a map.

La Florida is not the only famous occupier of Mount Tibidabo. The lush hill that’s carpeted with a forest of pine, oak, olive  and pencil-straight Cypress trees is also home to a small amusement park, a Norman Foster-designed communications tower, Torre de Collserola, an observatory and lovely Cathedral del Sagrat Cor, an impressive church that crowns Tibidabo’s summit.

Above: Barcelona sprawls out below Gran Hotel La Florida, which sits atop Mount Tibidabo.

Sagrat Cor (Sacred Heart) is just a few minutes walk from the entrance of La Florida, and I share the path connecting the two with hikers and daredevil cyclists who test their skills on the steep, narrow cross-country trails that snake back into the valley.

The massive church, whose history dates back to 1806, is a Neo-Gothic masterpiece that’s topped with a bronze statue of the Sacred Heart. An elevator takes pilgrims to the very top (for 4 euros) where, from 575m above sea level, you get uninterrupted views of Spain’s most beautiful city.

Sagrat Cor’s interior features impressive murals, colourful mosaics, a neo-byzantine crypt and sculptures of famous Spanish saints.

The central interior mosaic depicts three scenes — the handing over of land to Saint John Bosco in the Basilica de la Merced, the Hermitage as the centre of the Romania del Ram (Roman language) and an allegoric group of angels offering the temple to the glory of God.

The interior of the upper temple is dominated by the Great Crucifix, which is illuminated with the natural light that streams through tinted windows. The temple’s gigantic organ bears the coat of arms of each of the Hispanic nations.

Outside the cathedral’s main entrance sits the whimsical amusement park, which was built in 1889 and still features some of the original rides. Don’t expect any bare-knuckle thrills  here — the views are heart-stopping, though.

The observation deck in Foster’s neighbouring communications tower rises 10 storeys and on a clear day visitors can see Montserrat, 70km away. Unfortunately, modern-day cellphone towers now share space with Foster’s eye-pleasing obelisk and their addition does not enhance Mount Tibidabo.


Above: Mighty Sagrat Cor church and its spectacular interior sit atop the mountain like a crown.

Getting to the attractions on Mount Tibidabo is all part of the fun. Most rely on a tram/funicular combination and the views afforded passengers en route are truly remarkable. The Mount Tibidabo funicular has been operating since 1901, making it one of Spain’s oldest.

Back at the Gran Hotel La Florida, I enjoy a glass of wine on a terrace overlooking the surrounding brilliance and make plans to have a traditional Catalan dinner in the property’s famed Bistro 1925. That’s the same dining room where famous guests like Hemingway, Rock Hudson, James Stewart and European royalty have broken bread.

The hotel, which suffered major damage during Spain’s Civil War when it was converted into a hospital, was restored to its original glory (with lots of modern additions) during a major 2003 renovation that was accomplished without sacrificing the original splendour.

In the 1950s, La Florida served as the weekend retreat for Barcelona’s rich industrialists and bureaucratic elite and rumour has it lots of cash changed hands during some high-stakes poker and baccarat games. Now, those who visit Mount Tibidabo and stay at Gran Hotel La Florida are the big winners.


Above: An legendary amusement park and a Norman Foster-designed tower, right, also sit atop Mount Tibidabo.


• Gran Hotel La Florida is just 11km from Barcelona’s city centre. It’s 70 fabulous rooms all feature glorious scenic views as well as marble bathrooms, oak floors and charming terraces. All rooms come with free WiFi. Rates start around $200 (Cdn) a night in off season. For more information, go to




About the Author

Marc Atchison is a veteran journalist and a seasoned traveller with more than 20 years of travel writing experience. As the former Travel Editor of the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper, and now Editor-in-Chief and Senior Writer for TraveLife magazine (Canada) and, Marc has been to over 100 countries in the world. Japan is one of his favorite destinations and he’s been there on numerous occasions.

Barcelona from a bird’s eye view

Barcelona is not only wonderful when you take your time strolling through its amazing streets and avenues, Barcelona is also magnificent from a bird’s eye view.

1.6 million people live in Barcelona, ​​which is quite a lot by European standards. The city is the capital of the autonomy of Catalonia. The suburbs are home to 3.2 million people, while the provinces have 5 million inhabitants.

Perhaps, for Spain, Barcelona is a significant tourist destination, successfully combining everything you need for a good holiday:

  • warm sea;
  • outstanding architecture;
  • mild climate.

In this article we will show you what Barcelona is like from a bird’s eye view.

Eixample District

Eixample or “New City” is the most populated area of ​​Barcelona. If you see this area of ​​Barcelona from a bird’s eye view, it will amaze you with the straight lines of the quarters. Until now, Barcelona adheres to such a layout, which undoubtedly distinguishes the city from a height.

The straight and wide streets of the Eixample, designed by the architect Ildefons Cerda, form rectangular blocks with characteristic sloping corners. The convenience of such a construction is undoubted, transport moves freely along the streets, well-lit and ventilated.

Eixample district

Thanks to the octagonal shape of the blocks, you can look around well, and the sloping corners play the actual role of free short-term parking spaces.

Diagonal Avenue is a street that crosses the city diagonally and is immediately noticeable from a height, because it touches the longest street in Spain with a length of more than 13 kilometers. Gran Vía is one of the most visible streets in Barcelona, ​​and from above too.

Aerial view of Barcelona

1 Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia from a height

Barcelona from a height shows us its symbol, its business card, surprising with the imagination and power of human thought. Sagrada Familia – the main creation of the architect Gaudí decorates the city from a height:

  1. According to the latest data, the construction of the temple will be completed by 2026. But this figure is not final and may well change.
  2. The complexity of the design, the individual processing of each stone involved in the construction, the absence of Gaudi’s drawings – everything interferes with the rapid construction.
  3. The famous architect devoted 40 years of his life to this brainchild, not dreaming of seeing it embodied.

Gaudi answered all the questions of his contemporaries: “I have a lot of time, since my main customer is the Lord, and he is in no hurry.” The architect’s ideas continued to be embodied even after his death.

Gaudi considered this construction site to be the main one in his life, at the end of which he behaved rather eccentrically, practically did not leave the workshop. Death found him under the wheels of a tram, no one recognized the poorly dressed architect, and help was provided too late.

Would you like to see the inside of the temple? Don’t forget to buy your tickets in advance. You can do this at the link on

2House Mila

Mila’s house is an amazing building that fascinates those who see it not only next to them, but also from a height. This residential building was the last work for Gaudí, who then devoted himself entirely to the construction of the Sagrada Familia.

In 1984, Mila House became the first building of the 20th century to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

You will be one of the first to notice the unique façade of Mila House from above.

3Spanish Square and Akbar Tower

Barcelona from a bird’s eye view will delight you with another attraction. Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina is located next to the Plaza de España. You will definitely notice it when admiring Barcelona from above.

The Agbar Tower is a prominent building in Barcelona that catches the eye from any point of view, because this building is covered with glass panels that can move on the signals of temperature sensors that change the appearance of the tower.

4Barcelona Olympic Port and Barceloneta Beach

During your sightseeing tour from above, you will definitely notice the Barcelona Olympic Port and Barceloneta Beach.

The W Barcelona Hotel has an outward resemblance to Dubai’s Burj Al Arab. This is an incredibly harmonious design of a multi-storey building that attracts attention from a height.

5 Stadiums, arenas and Montjuic

Columbus Monument

This place is no less remarkable:

  1. In 2011, the last bullfight in the history of Catalonia was held in the Arena Monumental. Today it is a prohibited event.
  2. You will definitely notice the incredible Camp Nou, a modern huge stadium, the largest in Europe, accommodating about 100,000 spectators at the same time. Fans of FC Barcelona are probably aware that this is the home stadium of FC Barcelona.
  3. Flying over Montjuïc, you cannot fail to appreciate the power of the Olympic Stadium. Lewis Companys, it was here that the competitions of athletes took place at 1992 year.
  4. At the top of Montjuic is located the Olympic area, which consists of the Olympic Park and the telecommunications tower, 136 meters high.
  5. Near the Olympic port, your attention will be attracted by the monument to Columbus and the square of the same name.

Port of Barcelona

The seaport of the capital of Catalonia has a 2000-year history! During this time, he managed to turn into one of the most important seaports in Europe, ranking 9th among the largest ports in Europe.

Barcelona Port covers almost 8 square kilometers and is divided into 3 main areas:

  • Port Vell;
  • commercial port;
  • logistics port.

Roman Abramovich’s yacht “Eclipse” can be seen here among the ocean liners. She is one of the largest private motor boats in the world.

How Barcelona is accessible from a bird’s eye view

Barcelona can be seen from a bird’s eye view by flying over the city in a helicopter. This service is provided by CatHelicopters. Flight cost from 79euro per person.

Photos: Stepanov Slava

  • How to avoid queues at Barcelona attractions. Tickets for the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell skip the line.
  • How not to be deceived by local taxi drivers. Order a taxi in advance with fixed rates online. The most reliable service for ordering a taxi is KiwiTaxi .
  • Excursions in Barcelona with locals will help you get to know this city for real. The best way to get comfortable in an unfamiliar city is to walk around it with a person who has lived here for many years.
  • We advise you to take out travel insurance so that there are no unpleasant surprises while traveling to Barcelona.
  • Barcelona City Pass is a one-stop card that makes organizing your holiday in Barcelona easier and saves you a lot of time and money.
  • Hotels in Barcelona: is our selection and recommendations.
  • Bus Turistic is a tourist bus and a great way to get to all the necessary monuments of Barcelona quickly, with a breeze and comfort.
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Amazing Barcelona from a bird’s eye view Aerial view: the beauty of Barcelona by helicopter

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Sunny Barcelona from a bird’s eye view is guaranteed to amaze anyone’s imagination and leave vivid memories for a long time. Traveling by helicopter over the capital of Catalonia and one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, you will see fabulous houses that look more like medieval palaces, intricate streets, neo-Gothic buildings and the strict geometry of quarters in the New District. Do not deny yourself such pleasure.


  1. How to see Barcelona from a bird’s eye view?
  2. Approximate routes and prices for helicopter tours in Barcelona
  3. Conditions for a helicopter flight in Barcelona
  4. Best seasons to see Barcelona from a bird’s eye view

How to see Barcelona from a bird’s eye view?

Barcelona from a bird’s eye view in the photo looks very impressive. In order for guests of the city to enjoy such a colorful view, they are invited to take advantage of a helicopter tour provided by companies involved in sightseeing air tours in the Catalan capital. From a height you can admire not only the legendary sights, but also panoramic views of quarters, ports and the sea coast.

Approximate routes and prices for helicopter tours in Barcelona

The duration of an exciting helicopter flight varies from 6 to 40 minutes, which determines both the length of a particular route and its price. For example, guests of the city can buy:

  • a 6-minute aerial tour of the coastal zone of the city over the beaches, the Olympic port and the fishing quarter, the statue of Columbus and other interesting places for four people will cost about 350 euros;
  • flight over the city and Mount Montserrat lasting 35 minutes, and the cost is about 318.40 euros per person – the air tour starts from the direction of the sea, then the main attractions of the city, and then you will fly over the Montserrat mountain range. This is one of the most mysterious areas of Catalonia, as there are numerous temples and chapels, including the famous Benedictine monastery of St. Immaculate Virgin Mary of Montserrat;
  • air tour over the center of the capital of Catalonia for twelve minutes with a view of the coast, the Sagrada Familia, the main highway, the Agbar Tower and other famous city attractions will cost 665 euros for four people;
  • Barcelona aerial view for 35 minutes costs about 340 euros per person. You will be able to appreciate the beauty of the Commercial Port, the Olympic Port, the Olympic Villa, Barceloneta, the Maresme Forum, the Agbar Tower, the Sagrada Familia, the Eixample area, the Diagonal highway, Montserrat, the Camp Nou, the Olympic Ring, Montjuic.

Every route starts and ends with a helipad. Of course, helicopter travel is not cheap, but you can not only see how incredible Barcelona is from a bird’s eye view, but also take photos and videos of its sights and panoramas.

Conditions for flying in a helicopter in Barcelona

When going on an air tour, travelers need to know that:

  • a maximum of four people can fly in one helicopter;
  • the maximum weight of the passenger must not exceed 110 kilograms, or you will need to pay for two seats;
  • Children under the age of four should not be taken on air travel.