Best beach in barcelona: 17 Best Beaches in Barcelona

12 Best Beaches in Barcelona

Ah Barcelona, a beautiful Spanish city that’s bursting with life. The beaches in Barcelona are truly special, but can often be overlooked by travellers due to the plethora of other things to do in and around the city. With three gorgeously golden miles of coastline, a visit to Barcelona is calling out for some beach time. 

So yes, there really is even more to Barcelona than ‘just’ being the much-loved Catalonian heart of delicious food, crazy architecture and abundant gardens. With the best beaches in Barcelona you can expect deep azure waters dazzling in the sun, relaxed play zones for fun and amusement whatever your age, and outstandingly golden sand. 

Whether you’re after Med-side volleyball, tapas on the sand, or supping Sangria on a sun lounger, here is my pick of the best beaches in Barcelona.

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1. Barceloneta Beach

I feel I have to start with Barceloneta as it is the best known beach in Barcelona, and with good reason. It is, in terms of character, the Miami Beach of Spain. Expect pumping crowds of beachgoers, entertainment in the form of incredible people watching, and lots and lots of fun to be had on this 400m+ stretch of golden sand. If it’s a quiet beach that you are after, this isn’t it!

Barceloneta Beach, which is named after a very old fishermen’s neighbourhood, is still the place to come for the best seafood tapas. Indeed, some of the city’s best food, full-stop, is found right here. You can literally wander up to a beach hut which is serving paella that looks most delicious to you. 

There won’t be much sitting still at Barceloneta. Expect to partake in water sports galore. But if you do take to sunbathing then expect an audience!

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Bogatell Beach

Nestled between Nova Icària and Mar Bella, Bogatell is often listed as one of the best beaches in Spain.

Youngsters tend to flock to the livelier spots, leaving Bogatell with an older average age of visitors. The result is a remarkably tranquil feel for a city beach. However, don’t underestimate Bogatell for fun and vibrancy. You’ll find volleyball and ping pong, and plenty of willing locals ready to include you in their game. You can enjoy kitesurfing here too.

Bogatell is notoriously clean – all 600m of it. It was effectively re-created in the lead-up to the 1992 Olympic Games and even had sand brought in from Egypt! There are plenty of lifeguards to keep you safe (or provide the eye-candy) and there are lots of kiosks dotted along selling ice-cream and other edible treats.

3. Nova Icària

If the intensity of Barceloneta is too much for you and you’d rather seek out a quieter Barcelona Beach, then consider Nova Icària. This family-favourite beach covers another 400m of Barcelona coastline, and is a Blue Flag awarded calm beach.

Nova Icària is popular with families, particularly those with little ones. The waters here are safe and calm for cooling down. It may have a distinctly chilled out feel but there’s actually lots for families to do here.

There’s a playground as well as volleyball and ping pong. The water fountains provide lots of entertainment too. If you’re looking for more to do then Port Olimpic is next to it, with tonnes of water-based fun. 

A well-serviced beach, Nova Icària has lifeguards as well as full facilities including showers and toilets. There are various concessions but you can also go to nearby Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta for more substantial refuelling.

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Mar Bella

Not to be confused with the southern Spanish resort for the rich and famous called Marbella, Mar Bella is a wonderful beach in Barcelona. 

Clocking in at over 500m long, Mar Bella, another Blue Flag beach, is to the north of the city centre. As such, it doesn’t suffer from quite such extreme crowds as other Barcelona beaches.

It’s a great place to escape the hard-sell beach vendors that you can sometimes experience when trying to enjoy one of the busier beaches, particularly at the height of the season. 

There is a lot to do here including paddleboarding, kayaking and windsurfing. On the beach you’ll find the near-mandatory volleyball. While up on the promenade you’ll discover a perfect spot for rollerblading and skateboarding or scootering. 

Be warned that Mar Bella is a beach in two parts: one half is family-friendly complete with children’s playground, the other half is clothing optional. 

5. Nova Mar Bella 

Just to the north of Mar Bella is Nova Mar Bella which too clutches Blue Flag status. This is a wonderful tranquil beach with a large slide popular with children. It sits between the Selva de Mar and Bac de Roda breakwaters. The beach is family friendly but it’s quiet and calm, perfect for a day of unwinding on the sand and dipping in the sea.

It may be a tranquil beach but there are actually plenty of amenities here, including rentals for umbrellas and loungers, showers and lifeguards. There are also a number of concession stands ready to serve you whatever takes your fancy.

Nova Mar Bella is another beach that benefited as part of the 1992 Olympic Games rejuvenation project. 

6. Sant Sebastià

The backdrop to Sant Sebastià isn’t exactly one of the prettiest beach backdrops. But with 1,100 metres of sand and fun bordering the Med, and within walking distance of Barcelona centre, it’s worth your attention.

Expect a busy vibe, with a similar feel to Barceloneta. Indeed, if you’re heading here in the summer then head onto the sand early to secure your spot for the day.  

With sailing, paddleboarding, windsurfing and other water-based activities, there is plenty to keep the active members of your party busy. Those with mobility issues are also well-catered for here with volunteer-organised amphibious chairs.

When your stomach starts rumbling, there are often food vendors wandering meaning you don’t even need to get up!

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7. Somorrostro

Somorrostro has a fascinating past. It was once home to what could only fairly be described as a shantytown. Now, it is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque beaches in Barcelona. Now known for its high-end luxury culture, it showcases how redevelopment can work wonders. Indeed, you’ll find that it’s right next to some of the most opulent Barcelona restaurants and boutiques.

Somorrostro covers 520m and can be found near the infamous Gehry’s Golden Fish statue and it leads up to the Moll de Marina Pier. Central to the beach you can find Centre del la Platja (yes, literally Centre of the Beach). It’s a venue that offers all sorts of events ranging from environmental talks to games and activities for kids. 

8. Sant Miguel

Sitting tightly between Sant Sebastià and Barceloneta, Sant Miguel kind of morphs as part of these two characterful beaches. Centrally located, Sant Miguel is another Blue Flag Barcelona beach. It tends to attract those determined to sunbathe without break.

That said, any Brit who has tried to sunbathe with the best of the Catalonians and Spaniards knows that a break will be needed! No problem, head to Plaça del Mar if you’re in need of shade and refuelling. 

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9. Llevant

For me, Llevant is one of Barcelona’s loveliest beaches. It might be new, only created in 2006, but expect a palm-tree clad 375m stretch of golden sands. It even manages to hide its enormous (and convenient) parking facilities. It’s quiet and relaxing but I love the open vistas.

It’s also great because, as yet, it’s not bursting with the same intensity of amenities as the big brothers such as Barceloneta. Barceloneta and Sant Sebastià are perfect for an energised vibe, but sometimes we all want something a little more relaxed.

Here you’ll find all the basics you need such as toilets and lifeguards, as well as umbrella rentals. However, there aren’t a tonne of eateries.

Llevant is also great if you’ve got your pooch in tow. There’s a section of the beach cordoned off for dog owners which even features a drinking trough and dog showers!

10. Castelldefels

Technically outside of Barcelona itself, many will say that Castelldefels is nonetheless one of the best beaches in Barcelona. Just 20 minutes by train south of the city, here you’ll find a whopping 5 kilometres of golden sand and azure waves.

Popular with kite surfers and with windsurfing and sailing schools dotted around, there’s something to keep you busy.

Here you’ll find slightly more natural beauty than you tend to find with the city beaches, with a wonderful view of Parc Natural del Garraf. Nonetheless, there are lots of beach shacks for food options and the promenade is great for a leisurely amble or cycle. 

11. Ocata

Another beach just outside of Barcelona is Ocata. Quite narrow, it’s a good beach for keeping an eye on little kids! 

Ocata can be found 12 miles north of Barcelona in the town of El Masnou and offers the idyllic feel that is impossible to get with a city beach. It takes about half an hour to get to by train.

Despite being out of Barcelona, it rivals many of the Barcelona beaches for good food with lots of tapas bars and waterfront restaurants.

Discover the best Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona.

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12. Sitges

If you want a Barcelona beach holiday then I recommend doing two centres and including Sitges, which is just 35km away but includes 17 different beaches! There’s something for everyone here, from the vibrant Platja de la Ribera to the family-friendly Platja de la Fragata.

Have you visited any of these gorgeous spots? Let me know which is your favourite Barcelona beach in the comments or get in touch on social media.

If you’re visiting this beautiful city, browse hotels in Barcelona or book a sightseeing tour.

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8 Best beaches in Barcelona

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On the hunt for blissful beaches in Barcelona? We’ve got your next seaside day trip covered. White sand, turquoise waters and hours of fun await.

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  • 15 February 2021
  • • 11 min read

Barcelona’s glistening coastline is brimming with beautiful spots for a swim and sunbathe on your 2021 holiday. Don’t just get comfortable on the first spot of sand you see, head to one of the best beaches in Barcelona for turquoise waters, beach volleyball, chiringuitos (or beach bars) and views to die for. Being in prime location on the Catalonian coast means stunning beaches can range from being a walk to a day trip away. 

The great thing about Barcelona’s beaches is that there’s one for everyone. Whether that’s volleyball on Bogatell Beach, a party atmosphere at Barceloneta beach, or Mar Bella nudist beach to work on that flawless tan, we’ve rounded up the best beaches in and around Barcelona so you know exactly where you should be heading.

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1. Barceloneta

Getting to Barceloneta Beach: Easily walk or cycle to this beach from anywhere in the city, or take the yellow Metro line 4 to ‘Barceloneta’ followed by a 10 minute walk, or buses 59, h26, V23 or V25 directly to the shore. Barceloneta beach is a 10 minute cycle or a 20 minute bus ride (bus 59) from St Christopher’s Inns Barcelona.

This is by far the most popular beach in Barcelona, and with it being the city’s main stretch of coastline, you really can’t miss it. Barceloneta’s 4 kilometres of sandy shores constantly has a buzzing atmosphere as there’s just so much going on, from the market stalls to massage tables and countless restaurants, cafes and chiringuitos lining the coast beneath the palm trees. Sit back and soak up the atmosphere with a cocktail at Bambu Beach Bar, the place to be on any summer’s evening in Barcelona, or start your day with a coffee at Brunch & Cake By The Sea, right near the marina. Being so close to the city means Barceloneta is the busiest sunbathing spot of all the places on this list, but you can escape the crowds by heading into the sea on an SUP (paddleboard), windsurf or even a kitesurf. This bit of the coast is perfect for water sports fanatics. 

What our Barcelona Hostel Supervisor and all-round Barcelona expert, Adrián, has to say about Barceloneta beach:

Barceloneta is the beach I always recommend to hostel guests. Like many other spots in the city, this beach is a melting point of different people and activities. You can spend a few hours there and then be back to the city centre within minutes. You’ll probably feel the sand in your shoes and the salty smell of Mediterranean sea water on your skin all day, but just try to enjoy it! That’s how we do it here! If you prefer to spend the last hours of the day at the beach, and even stay there by night, this is an awesome spot.  

Check out the 

2. Mar Bella Beach

Getting to Mar Bella Beach: Take the yellow Metro line 4 and get off at Poblenou, then it’s a 12 minute walk to get to the beach. Mar Bella beach is a 30 minute journey from St Christopher’s Inns Barcelona.

Platja de la Mar Bella has made its mark by being one of the few nudist beaches in Barcelona. Its slightly more secluded location means you can work on your holiday glow, free of tan lines. The golden sand and bright blue Balearic waters are very popular amongst young people who you’ll see playing volleyball and football on the beach all day long. Mar Bella is also a go-to gay beach in Barcelona, with Chiringuito BeGay a popular meeting spot for members of the LGBTQ community to meet up for food and cocktails right on the seafront. Being right by the Poblenou, the coolest district in Barcelona, means the restaurants and cafes are going to be good. You may not get the beach views but you can still sit outside, smell the sea in the air and fill up on some delicious seafood at La Marea.

What Adrián has to say about Mar Bella Beach:

If I want to stay in Barcelona, the nudist beach of Mar Bella is my top choice. There is nothing like being able to sunbathe and swim in the sea without a swimsuit, and since it’s a bit secluded in order to protect our privacy, is also calm and quiet. Nevertheless it’s still in the urban centre. Attached to it, there is a LGBTQ friendly beach with a fancy “chiringuito”. Sometimes there are evening parties there, but even if you want a calm day, the Mar Bella nudist beach is your place. 

3. Nova Icaria

Getting to Nova Icaria Beach: Take the yellow Metro line 4 to Ciutadella Vila Olimpica and walk 10 minutes to the beach. Or take a bus: 6, 36, 41, 92 or 141. Nova Icaria is a 25 minute journey from St Christopher’s Inns Barcelona.

For those of you who get twitchy at the thought of sunbathing all day, this is the beach for you. Nova Icaria is right by Port Olimpic, so it’s super easy to get to from the city centre by bike and it’s also where you’ll find the most activities going on. There’s a whole dedicated sports area with loads of volleyball courts and table tennis tables set up on the sand, plus it’s the best beach in Barca to get up on a windsurf. Nova Icaria is also notorious for crazy clubs and bars, so if day drinking in the sun is your thing, head to La Carmelina for strong cocktails, a great atmosphere and beautiful sea views. Port Olimpic has some of the best seafront restaurants in Barcelona, including La Fonda del Port Olimpic which serves up the freshest seafood caught and sold by local fishermen every single day – a restaurant service known as ‘la compra’ (the purchase) in Barcelona.

4. Bogatell

Getting to Bogatell Beach: Take the yellow Metro line 4 to Ciutadella Vila Olimpica followed by a 15 minute walk to the beach. Or buses h26 or V27 followed by a 5 minute walk. Bogatell Beach is a 28 minute journey on public transport or a 15 minute cycle from St Christopher’s Inns Barcelona.

While Bogatell is still in the hustle and bustle of Barcelona, there’s a slightly more peaceful atmosphere around this beach than the likes of Barceloneta. It’s super easy to get to by bike from the centre, and the white sand and reasonably priced chiringuito make it a winner in our books. Play volleyball, go for a swim in the sea and head into the cool neighbourhood of Poblenou to explore once you’ve watched the sun set. Sitting right in between Nova Icaria and Mar Bella beaches, Bogatell is another great sandy beach for both sports lovers and sun worshippers. It was given a revamp back in the 90s as part of the urban planning scheme to give Barcelona’s residents more access to the waterfront, so the facilities are fairly up to date including some of its beachside restaurants like Xiringuito Escribà which serves some of the best paella in the city. 

What Adrián has to say about Bogatell Beach:

Bogatell beach has some awesome “chiringuitos” where you can eat paella or amazing seafood after sunbathing. It’s great for playing volleyball or if you want to be in the ocean you can go to the surf school for water activities. It’s also near the Poble Nou park, where many local families go on the weekend for lunch and picnics. You’ll also find one of our awesome skateparks right by the beach. 

Check out these 



Getting to Ocata Beach: Easily accessible via the R1 train from Plaça Catalunya (towards Mataro) to Ocata station. The journey takes 30 minutes. 

A little out of the city and away from the crowds of tourists, Ocata is one of the more serene beaches on the Catalonian coast. There will always be lots of other people making use of the wide sandy stretch but at one and a half kilometres long there’s plenty of space to set up camp and make yourself comfortable by the sea. Plus, towards the southern end there’s about 200m of nudist beach. The pristine sand, clear water and distinctly fewer vendors all make the 30 minute journey out of Barcelona so worth it. A few chiringuitos are dotted down the stretch if you fancy a glass of sangria or need a break from Barca’s summer sun seeing as there are no umbrella or sunbed rentals here. For some peace and quiet and a little more of a Catalonian adventure, Ocata is a wonderful option.  

6. Castelldefels

Getting to Castelldefels Beach: From Passeig de Gràcia take the R2S train to Platja de Castelldefels (30 minutes). From the station it’s a 3 minute walk to the beach. Castelldefels beach is a 35 minute journey from St Christopher’s Inns Barcelona. 

Although Castelldefels has become more and more popular amongst tourists, it’s still far enough away from Barcelona’s central beaches to be the perfect place to lie back and relax. Plus it’s huge! Get off the metro at “Platja de Castelldefels” NOT “Castelldefels” and head down to the sea and pick a lovely, squidgy spot on the sand to chill out with a good book or pop open a beer with your picnic. With the beautiful hilly landscape to your right and the number of behind you, you can always count on this one for a stunning sunset with an amazing atmosphere. You’ll find that mostly locals frequent Castelldefels, and it’s so huge that there’s always more than enough room for everyone, even on the busiest days. Grab a sunbed to hire, order a cocktail from Chiringuito Ananda (right on the sand) and head to Barba Rossa Beach Bar after sunset for burgers and cocktails with a rock ‘n roll vibe.

7. Sant Pol de Mar

Getting to Sant Pol de Mar Beach: Take the R1 train from Placa de Catalunya (just over an hour) and the beach is right outside the station. Sant Pol de Mar is just an hour and 5 minutes from St Christopher’s Inns Barcelona. 

The minute you set foot off the train at Sant Pol de Mar, you’ll see why it’s one of the best beaches near Barcelona. The crystal-clear water and rich, golden sand is so inviting you’ll wish the sun would never set. Being about an hour away from Barcelona makes Sant Pol de Mar the perfect beach day trip away from the city. This part of the coastline has a lovely rural holiday feel, being surrounded by old, white buildings and lush rolling hills while also having plenty of spots to eat and drink by the sea (we recommend the paella at Restaurante Banys Lluís). Once you’ve explored the multitude of small sandy coves dotted up and down the coastline, and you’re ready to escape the heat for a while, take a wander up through the town for gorgeous views and photo opportunities. There isn’t a whole lot in terms of facilities at Sant Pol de Mar, but that’s all part of its charm. 

8. Platja Gran

Getting to Platja Gran: Take one of several buses from Estacio Nord Bus Station to Tossa de Mar, followed by an 8 minute walk to the beach. Platja Gran beach is an hour and 45 minute journey from St Christopher’s Inns Barcelona.

On the southernmost tip of the Costa Brava, Platja Gran in Tossa de Mar is a real hidden gem amongst tourists. Being surrounded by historic architecture and the beautiful Catalonian town of Tossa de Mar makes Platja Gran an incredible choice of day trip from Barcelona for history lovers. The 12th century medieval castle (or Vila Vella) is the star of the show, sitting on the southern end of the golden sandy beach and looking like a real life sand castle. Walk to the top of the hill to explore the castle’s fascinating architecture and breathtaking ocean views, before heading to La Roca de Tossa by the beach for delicious local Spanish cuisine and wine. Platja Gran isn’t the place to go to party, and the beach does get busy pretty quickly, but for more than just a day of sunbathing it’s an incredible destination near Barcelona to visit. 

Check out our map of the best beaches in and around Barcelona

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The beaches of Barcelona and its environs – choose the best

Spain is famous for its architecture and jamon, but travelers are also conquered by its beaches, and there are 579 of them in the country, many of them marked with the Blue Flag. Only in Catalonia there are 10 beaches, 7 are marked with the Blue Flag. We have prepared for you an overview of the best beaches in Barcelona with photos and descriptions. We hope the information will be useful and you will find the best place for relaxation.

Photo: aerial view of Barcelona beaches

General information

All the beaches on the map of Barcelona have several distinctive features:

  • the beaches are municipal, that is, the entrance is free;
  • the coast is landscaped, all beach infrastructure is available;
  • there are souvenir shops, shops, cafes. bars;
  • it is not necessary to take a deck chair, an umbrella for rent, it is convenient to relax on a towel on the soft sand.

Many beaches are convenient for tourists – public transport goes to each one. It is comfortable to walk barefoot along the shore – there is fine, soft sand under your feet. Lifeguards are on duty everywhere, medical stations work.

Important! On the beaches, cases of minor thefts have become more frequent, do not take large sums of money, expensive things and jewelry with you.

San Sebastia

Rightfully included in the list of the best beaches in Barcelona. Features:

  • awarded the Blue Flag – clean, well maintained;
  • the coastline is wide and long enough, so the beach can easily cope with a large flow of travelers;
  • there are no annoying merchants, it is quiet and calm here;
  • convenient location – next to another beautiful beach – Barceloneta, as well as the famous aquarium.

Good to know! San Sebastia is not a nude beach in Barcelona, ​​but there is a separate area where you can sunbathe topless.

The infrastructure of the beach corresponds to its high status, some may not like the lack of safes and the amount of entertainment seems to be insufficient.

The beach can be reached by bus V15, 39. Walk from the bus stop for a few minutes.

Sant Miguel

Located between the beaches of Barceloneta and San Sebastia. By the way, Sant Miguel is also marked with the Blue Flag. What is remarkable:

  • clean sand;
  • gentle descent into the sea;
  • on the way to the shore, vacationers admire the moored yachts;
  • presents a standard set of entertainment and services, in addition to the rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, there is a bicycle rental, restaurants are open.

As for the shortcomings, first of all, it is a large number of tourists, noisy barkers for a massage.

Tip! Experienced travelers for holidays with children call Sant Miguel the best, since there is a smooth descent into the sea, there is a place for playing with sand.

Public transport follows the beach:

  • metro line 14, Barceloneta station, then you have to walk about a quarter of an hour;
  • bus V15, 39, the stop is nearby, it takes only 5 minutes to walk to the coast.

Bogatell Beach

The length is 700 meters, the coast is completed according to the requirements of the most demanding tourist. The beach was reconstructed at the end of the last century, since then it has been considered one of the best in the Catalan capital.

Features and recommendations about the beach in Barcelona Bogatell:

  • cleaned daily;
  • fewer travelers than other Catalan beaches;
  • the sea is clean, the beach has been awarded the Blue Flag for several years;
  • is adapted for the rest of respectable travelers and small children, including people with disabilities.

Many note that Bogatell is one of the few places in Barcelona where there are no annoying sellers and massage parlors, where vacationers are invited quite loudly and intrusively.

The descent into the sea is gentle, toilets are installed, there are fountains with drinking water. If you do not like passive recreation on the shore, basketball baskets are installed for you, there is a volleyball net, tennis tables, and a playground awaits the kids.

Good to know! Wi-Fi is better on Bogateli (compared to access points on other beaches), so photos from your vacation can be posted on Instagram right on the beach.

You can get to the beach by metro line 14 to Llacuna station or by bus h26 to Pg Calvell – Rambla Del Poblenou stop. In the first case, you will have to walk a quarter of an hour, and in the second – 7 minutes.

Beach equipment rent from 8 € to 10 €.

Nova Mar Bella

It is immediately necessary to clarify that in the capital of Catalonia there are two beaches with almost identical names – Mar Bella and Nova Mar Bella. So, Mar Bella is the only official nudist beach in the resort. It is almost impossible to see topless tourists on the beaches of Barcelona, ​​only on Mar Bella, in specially designated areas of San Sebastia and Bearcelonetta. Otherwise, this is a wonderful place for beach relaxation.

Nova Mar Bella is located away from the center of Barcelona, ​​recognized as one of the best in the resort.


  • Blue Flag for impeccable cleanliness;
  • most vacationers – local residents, guests of Barcelona, ​​often do not get here;
  • there are bars, cafes on the coast, prices are lower than on the central beaches;
  • toilets, showers, changing rooms, a medical center are available for public use, rescuers and police work;
  • available entertainment – volleyball court, diving, playgrounds for children.

The descent into the sea is smooth and clean – no stones. Of course, there are sellers, masseurs, but the police are looking after them, so they are not as annoying as on other beaches.

Important! The only significant drawback is that there is no Wi-Fi on the beach.

Road to the beach – metro line 14, Selva De Mar station (about 20 minutes walk) or bus h26, V27, Pg Taulat stop (about 10 minutes walk). Free parking near the beach.

Somorrostro Beach

As a rule, many travelers traditionally relax on the Barceloneta beach, however, not everyone considers a noisy and crowded place to be the best. Lovers of a more relaxed environment can move to the neighboring Somorrostro beach. Advantages:

  • not many tourists;
  • the coastline is well maintained and clean;
  • beach in the center of Barcelona, ​​close to public transport.

In addition to the traditional range of entertainment on the beach, there is a library, and everyone is invited to the surf school. In addition, there is an information center where you can buy an exciting tour, but the Wi-Fi is not strong enough.

Important! The best nightclubs are built along the coast, this fact explains the large number of young people here.

The metro line L4 follows the beach, the road to the coast takes 12 minutes, as well as buses 59, D20, then you have to walk just a few minutes.


The beach is mostly urban, many people find it homey and cozy. Since the Levant is located far from the city center, so few tourists come here. However, there are quite a lot of people here.

  • The beach is clean, sand and water are cleaned regularly.
  • There are a lot of people, so it’s hard to find a free corner.
  • There is a separate area for guests with pets.
  • There are practically no sellers and barkers for massage.

Guests also note the excellent livability of the coast, Wi-Fi works, besides this.

Important! Entry into the sea is quite sharp, there are stones at the bottom.

Road to the beach:

  • metro line L4, it will take about a quarter of an hour to reach the coast;
  • buses h26 (Diagonal Mar stop) or T4 (El Maresme stop), in both the first and second cases, you need to walk 10 minutes to the coast.

There is a parking lot nearby, but in the afternoon there is usually no free space on it.

Nova Icaria

Nova Icaria has been awarded the Blue Flag, but the water is often dirty because of the nearby port. Most of the garbage accumulates near the pier, however, there are a lot of people here.

The shore is full, but there are no dressing rooms, and traders scurrying along the shore complete the picture.

Travelers with children like to spend time in Novaya Ikaria, this is facilitated by a smooth entry into the sea, a clean coast, the presence of children’s attractions and animators. For adults, a volleyball court was built, tennis tables were installed. However, experienced tourists recommend choosing a beach near Barcelona, ​​not in the city, for families with small children.

Way to the beach – by metro, line L4, from the station you need to walk a quarter of an hour, but it is better to go by bus 59or h26, stop Av Icària – Av Bogatell, the beach is nearby – only 5 minutes on foot.

Barceloneta Beach

The oldest and busiest beach in Barcelona. When the embankment was being reconstructed, Barceloneta was also updated. Now it is a safe, clean place, one of the best in Barcelona, ​​where a full range of tourist services is provided. Young people often come here to relax, there is a special area where nudists sunbathe.

Good to know! You can get to the beach on the yellow metro line.

Barceloneta is located on the coast of the Barcelona district of the same name, next to Sant Miguel, and one of the main tourist avenues of the capital of Catalonia, the Ramblas, is also within walking distance. Its length is about 500 m, the coast is well equipped for many hours of relaxation. There are rental centers for beach and sports equipment. The shore is regularly cleaned, so it is pleasant to walk on fine sand. The entry into the sea is gentle, playgrounds are installed. Adults can play volleyball, table tennis, football, rollerblading. In the evening, youth parties, discos, colorful performances are held. Restaurants on the beach offer a decent selection of seafood dishes.

Despite the well-groomed, well-developed infrastructure, experienced tourists who have visited other beaches of the Catalan capital, the question is – where is good in Barcelona? – not always called Barceloneta. First of all, because of the crowds, the noise.

Good to know! Barceloneta beach in Barcelona can be found near Sant Miguel and Somorrostro.

The route to the beach is by metro, line 4, buses or tram.

Costa Brava

Just imagine, only a century ago this picturesque place was admired only by local fishermen, but today the Costa Brava is a luxurious resort where numerous tourists flock.

Tip! The best time to visit the beaches near Barcelona on the Costa Brava is from mid-June until the end of October.

Of course, Barcelona is prestigious, but if you value peace and tranquility, walks, you will undoubtedly like the beaches of the Costa Brava. Now in more detail about each of them.

From Santa Susanna to Blanes

This is the best and favorite resort place of respectable European tourists and pensioners. In high season, the resort is crowded, as it is located next to Barcelona. There are no problems with infrastructure and entertainment (including night entertainment), but there is with silence and romance.

Tip! The most popular beaches are Pineda de Mar and Calella de la Costa.

Llloret de Mar

This part of the resort is surrounded by mountains and pine trees. A few practical recommendations:

  • picturesque, secluded places – at the edge of the beach, on the border with Tossa de Mar;
  • budget housing can be found in neighboring villages.

Directly in Llloret de Mar, there is an excellent infrastructure, numerous hiking excursions to the mountains start from this resort town.

Tossa de Mar

This is where the best beaches around Barcelona are located. There is a clean coast, elite restaurants, hotels, and the resort is especially decorated with an old fortress that has survived to this day. In the vicinity of the town there are many bays, dense vegetation. Since all the benefits of civilization end in Tossa de Mar, it is not crowded here.

Good to know! The highest prices for housing in August. Some tourists, wanting to save on accommodation, settle in campsites and tents.

Sant Felu and Palamos

This is a huge beach that unites several small towns. A chain of hotels has been built on the shore with a view of the sea surface. The promenade resembles the promenade in the capital of Catalonia. The resort is designed exclusively for beach relaxation, there is not much vegetation here, since most of the territory is occupied by buildings.


This is an old fishing village, where white houses under red tiled roofs are still preserved, galleries of arches approach the shore, which makes the resort visually similar to Italian and Greek settlements.

The beach is beautiful – with fine, soft sand, clear water. Immediately outside the town begins a pine forest, picturesque hills rise.


A once tiny village turned into a fashionable resort nestled among pine trees. A beach in a small bay, where amazing nature is still preserved, since civilization here is represented only by small hotels.


This place on the Costa Brava combines beach relaxation, walks in the pine forest, and the best opportunities for diving in the sea.

Important! In the forest, tourists are advised to stick to specially marked trails and not to go deep into the thicket.

Tourist places – the fortress of Torroella de Montri, located on the top of the hill, as well as the Montgri massif.


The most distant town from Barcelona, ​​it is notable for the house-museum of Salvador Dali. However, from the point of view of beach relaxation, the place where the master was born and worked is not attractive in any way, since it is located in a remote bay. But Cadaques is located in a picturesque bay, it is a beautiful town with white houses and an old church. To get to Cadaques, you need to take the train to Figueres, and then transfer to the bus.

Costa Dorada

The Costa Dorada is located in northeastern Spain. Namely, in the province of Tarragona. The length of the coastline is 200 km. The name means “Golden Coast” in translation.

Interesting fact! The resort has a good geographical location, as it is protected from cyclones and strong winds.

A trip to the Costa Dorada guarantees tourists not only excellent beach relaxation, but also unforgettable impressions from excursion programs, rich nightlife and exquisite taste of local wines.

There are several well-known amusement parks in Spain, a water park and a zoo on the coast. As for entertainment, there are great diving spots here, as there are sunken ships, planes and picturesque reefs at the bottom.


The administrative center of the region on the Mediterranean coast with a rich history and architectural heritage of the Roman Empire, well-developed infrastructure.

La Pineda

Lively resort town, famous for its numerous attractions, including water park and disco.


Modern resort, which today is considered the pride of the entire Costa Dorada. Here, tourists are waiting for wide comfortable beaches, alleys of palm trees, decorated with fountains, well-developed infrastructure (more than a hundred hotels, shops, restaurants, karting center, supermarkets and parks).

Tip! Young people choose to relax in the part of Salou, located closer to Cambrils, while families and pensioners prefer to stay near La Pineda.

Also on the Costa Dorada, near Barcelona, ​​there are the following resorts:

  • Cambrils is a modern resort with all tourist amenities;
  • Miami Playa – a fashionable town with 12 km of beaches, surrounded by coniferous forests;
  • Hospitalet del Infante – a leisurely, calm town, which is surrounded by picturesque bays and bays, there is a yachtsmen’s club;
  • L’amella de Mar is a typical fishing town where tourism is actively developing, the length of the coastline is about 14 km, a gastronomic festival is held annually;
  • La Ampolla is an old town, located next to a protected area, the resort is famous for its beautiful beaches and restaurants serving a rich selection of seafood dishes.

We traveled to the best beaches in Barcelona and the surrounding area. Each of them deserves attention. Discover the beaches of Barcelona and make the most of your trip.

All Barcelona city beaches described in the article are marked on the map.

The best beaches in Barcelona:

Author: Julia Matyukhina

TOP-8 best beaches in Barcelona according to tourists reviews

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Barcelona is a huge metropolis that attracts tourists with unique architectural monuments, entertainment and golden beaches.
Barcelona’s magnificent sandy beaches are also a highlight of the city. Nine city beaches with a total length of 4.7 km are visited by almost 3.5 million tourists a year. According to National Geographic magazine, in 2011 Barcelona was recognized as the best beach city in the Mediterranean. All city beaches have the Blue Flag – an award confirming the purity of the water and the safety of swimming.

Sea water is tested regularly. In recent years, the municipality of the city has made a lot of efforts to create the most comfortable conditions for vacationers.

The beaches of Barcelona – a landmark of the city

Each of the 9 city beaches has the following conditions:

  • rental of beach equipment (umbrellas, sun loungers)
  • swimming area marked with boundary buoys
  • there are lifeguards on the beaches and there are lifeguard towers
  • first aid station
  • nearby police station
  • public toilets and showers adapted for people with disabilities
  • chiringuito (restaurants and bars on the beach), as well as stalls with drinks and ice cream
  • information service and public address system

In general, we can say that the southern beaches of Barcelona are more crowded and active – the reason for this is the proximity to the city center. The northern beaches are calmer and rarely crowded – they are visited mainly by locals.

Officially, the beach season in Barcelona lasts from mid-March to mid-November (November 15 is usually the dismantling of beach equipment). From June to the end of September there is a tourist boom.

The beaches are easily accessible by public transport. Along the entire Barcelona promenade runs the yellow metro line – L4. You can use the T4 tram line, which also runs along the coast.

Llevantbeach – Llevant Beach

This is the northernmost and youngest beach in Barcelona. The equipment of the beach was completed in 2006, its length is 375 meters, width – 59 meters. The boundaries of Llevant Beach are defined by two breakwaters – Selvade Mar and Zoo.
For lovers of active beach recreation there are tables for table tennis and a volleyball court. Bambu Beach Bar serves a selection of refreshing cocktails and Mediterranean-inspired snacks. Llevant Beach has Wi-Fi access and a playground.

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The beach invites everyone; all conditions for the recreation of visitors with disabilities have been created here: allocated parking spaces, special signs, adapted toilets and showers, wooden decks for entering the sea. The promenade along the sea is equipped with a path for cyclists, and there are also four “Bicing” bike rental points near the beach.
You can get to the beach by metro, reaching the stations: Selva de Mar, El Maresme or Fòrum

Nova Mar Bella Beach

Nova Mar Bella Beach

Nova Mar Bella Beach appeared in 1992 as a result of the refurbishment of the Barcelona promenade during preparations for the Olympic Games.
This beach stretches from the southern border of Llevant Beach to the Bac de Roda breakwater and is considered one of the quietest in the city, as the main part of the visitors are residents of the nearest area of ​​Sant Marti.
The area is 500 by 45 meters, the promenade along the beach leads to the Barceloneta area. Nova Mar Bella beach is especially popular with women – they are always more than half of all vacationers here. Volleyball can be played on a specially equipped playground, and a bicycle path continues along the beach.
Metro stations: SelvadeMar or ElMaresme

Mar Bella – Mar Bella Beach

Mar Bella Beach

South of Nova Mar Bella Beach is Mar Bella Beach – it also appeared in 1992, its length is 512 meters and its width is 42 meters. Mar Bella Beach has an excellent infrastructure with a wide range of services and especially attracts lovers of water entertainment.
Large water sports center – Base Nautica – located in the western part of the beach, offers rental of catamarans, kayaks and surfboards, as well as private windsurfing courses.
You can use the services of the Vinas Dive diving center and go on a boat trip or dive under the guidance of an experienced instructor. There are also bicycle rentals nearby, where you can ride along the path along the beach. Luggage storage on Mar Bella beach allows you to relax “light”.

The beach is limited by the breakwaters Bacde Roda in the north and Mar Bella in the south. The Bac de Roda breakwater has a playground and a beach volleyball court. In the high season, there is a beach library – books and magazines are provided free of charge. Facilities for sports activities include a skate park, basketball hoops and ping pong tables.

Nudism is legal on this beach in Barcelona. A small hill with thickets of bamboo fences off the designated area for naturists.

Metro stations: SelvadeMar or Poblenou

Bogatell Beach – Bogatell Beach

Bogatell Beach

One of the safest beaches, extremely popular with kite surfers. The length of the beach is 640 meters, along it runs a path for cyclists, which is also enjoyed by lovers of jogging and rollerblading. Bicycles can be rented at nearby Bicing locations.
Clothes and personal belongings can be left in the storage room. A playground is equipped for children. Vacationers can play beach volleyball or table tennis, warm up on horizontal bars and gymnastic equipment and, of course, go windsurfing or kite surfing.
Bogatell is a quieter area, in contrast to the beaches located close to the center of the old city – here vacationers will not be disturbed by the noise from bars and restaurants. Bogatell Beach stretches from the Mar Bella breakwater to the Bogatell breakwater. For the convenience of guests, there is a Wi-Fi zone.
Metro Station: Llacuna

Nova Icaria Beach – Nova Icaria Beach

Nova Icaria Beach

Quiet and very clean beach that borders the Olympic Port. Near the beach there is a beautiful platform with stone benches – it is in harmony with the general landscape and was created more for architectural ensemble reasons than for the convenience of vacationers. The small length of the beach (about 400 meters) is compensated by its width (63 meters), which makes this place ideal for sporting events.
Bars and restaurants are located right on the beach line. Nova Icaria is an attractive place for lovers of water sports. You can have a bite to eat in the beach cafes, which offer excellent views of the sea. Across the street from the beach, Chiringuito Las Sardinitas serves Spanish tapas, grilled sardines and a variety of fish dishes.

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In the immediate vicinity of the beach is the most popular tourist restaurant La Fonda del Port Olimpic, which serves excellent traditional paella and other Mediterranean dishes.
In the high season (from June 1 to September 15), volunteers work on the beach to create comfortable conditions for people with disabilities – a separate area is allocated for them at sea. Kids will not get bored on the playground, and for especially busy people there is always wireless Internet.
Metro Stations: Ciutadella or Bogatell

Somorrostro – Somorrostro Beach

Somorrostro Beach

The next 4 beaches are located south of the Olympic Port in the residential area of ​​Barceloneta. All of them are equipped for people with disabilities and are kept clean and tidy.
Not so long ago this area was part of the Barceloneta beach, but Somorrostro has gained its historical independence. The 522 meters long sand strip extends from the Mollde Marina to the Espigo del Gas breakwater.
The beach is easily accessible by public transport and there are many Bicing bike rentals nearby. In this part of the coast there is the Center De La Platja maritime education center, which during the high season organizes sports events for vacationers, educational excursions and thematic exhibitions.
Metro Station: Barceloneta or Ciutadella

Barceloneta Beach – Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta Beach

This is the oldest beach in Barcelona, ​​the closest to the city center, making it the most visited by tourists. There is a bike path along the beach, there is a playground for children, there is Internet access. On the waterfront there are cozy restaurants offering fish and seafood dishes and snacks in the Catalan style.

Bars, shops and sports centers will allow you to choose entertainment to your taste and will not let you get bored. The calm landscape of the Mediterranean city is broken only by two skyscrapers in the background – Hotel Arts and Mapfre Office. Restaurants are predominantly American style.

It takes about 20 minutes to get to the beach from the metro station.
The length of the beach is 422 meters. Sports facilities include horizontal bars and beach equipment, a volleyball court. Volunteers provide assistance to people with disabilities.
Metro: L4 – Barceloneta or Ciutadella

Sant Miquiel Beach – San Miquel Beach

San Miquel Beach

The name of the beach comes from the church of San Miquel, built in 1755. This beach has existed in Barcelona since very ancient times, there are always a lot of vacationers here.
The length of the San Miquel beach line is 420 meters. Very lively place with lots of activities. In the neighborhood – the always bustling Placa del Mar, restaurants and cafes, scooter rentals and surf equipment stores.
Metro stations: Barceloneta or Cuitadella

Sant Sebastia Beach – Sant Sebastia Beach

Sant Sebastia Beach

The beach is located in the Ciutat Vella area and has a length of 1085 meters and a width of 75 meters. Very large beach, popular with locals and foreign tourists. Sports clubs on the beach offer equipment for water activities.

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From here you can go to Montjuic hill: across the road from the beach is the San Sebastia tower, where the funicular station is located.