Best beach club in barcelona: 15 Best Beach Clubs Barcelona (2023)

Best Beach Clubs in Barcelona for a Relaxing Summer

The concept of a beach club in Barcelona is great for having a relaxed day next to the pool or the beach. 

As you know, Spain is very popular between Spaniards and other Europeans as a holiday destination. Beaches and calas can get incredibly crowded, so much so that sometimes people have to change locations to get a decent spot. 

A nice second option (or first if you prefer) is beach clubs. Beach clubs in Barcelona are indeed way more expensive than simply going to the beach, but for the price, you secure a beach chair or bed, towels, bathrooms, and a pool and get food right where you are. 

After reading this article, you will have nine new beach clubs to visit during the summer. Remember that most of them you have to book! Otherwise, you will be left out. 

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1. Purobeach 🏊

📍Pg. del Taulat, 262, 264

💻 Reserve your sunbed!” data-instgrm-version=”14″>

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Whenever I go to Barcelona, I drink at the Alàbriga Sea Club. Close to Sant Feliu de Guíxols, you can admire this building resembling a boat. This is a sea club and a luxurious Hotel & Home Suites, which opened a year ago.

Alàbriga Sea Club is an hour away from Barcelona’s city center. This beach club is open to the public (not only to guests), which is incredible. It was created to attract people from Costa Brava and Barcelona. 

They have a multifaceted offer ranging from lounges convertible into tables at lunch or dinner with a fantastic pool overlooking the sea. During the day, you can sunbathe, contemplate the beach of S’Agaró, or have one of their incredible cocktails. 

You should try their menu of Mediterranean dishes ranging from fish to rice. At night, it is time for candles, live music, and first-rate disc jockeys until two in the morning.

3. Go Beach Club 🍹

📍Carrer Port Esportiu, 14P

💻 Book your space!

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Go Beach Club is a space in Barcelona overlooking the Mediterranean Sea where the sun and the sea breeze make this space unique. It is one of the most famous beach clubs in the city.

They open from early April until early autumn from the first hour in the morning, every day of the week. You can enjoy one of their hammocks, sofas, or Thai Balinese. They even offer the possibility of booking the Balinese sofas or hammocks, with the service of towels, lockers, and access to changing rooms days before. 

You can enjoy the sun in a space with the best views, live music, a swimming pool, and the best service. As well as an indoor nightclub with the best Djs to parade.

It is an exclusive atmosphere and service to detail, a perfect plan to disconnect from the city’s chaos or share it with your family or friends. 

All this will make your visit a day to remember and enjoy the beach club experience! The prices range from €30 – €650.

4. La Daurada ⛱️

📍Plaça Trajo de Garbí, s/n, Moll de Ponent (Train R2S)

💻  Reserve your spot!

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La Daurada is a beautiful beach club, a large leisure facility by the sea with several spaces and establishments ideal for spending time. It has two restaurants, a bar, a discotheque; everything you can imagine is here. 

La Daurada Group has views of the Mediterranean Sea, with the most extensive gastronomic and cultural offer of the Catalan coast. It offers sophisticated, Mediterranean, and local cuisine designed by the renowned chef Javier Pradanas.

It is a huge beach club, and it has different concepts: The Events Room, open-plan and fully equipped for any occasion; the Terrace, which gives the sensation of being over the sea; and the restaurant’s La Dorada, with panoramic views of the coast, and La Marabanda, a private space with its own kitchen and saline pool facing the sea. 

It also has a disco and the Tintorera, with a small platform over the water to drink and enjoy the sea breeze.

This beach club is just an hour away from Barcelona, and to get there, you can take the R2S train. To book your space for the pool and Cala, you have to send an email (check the link above) 👉 and wait for their confirmation!

5. Nómada Beach Club 🐚

📍Platja d’Aiguadolç (Train R2S – Sitges)

💻 Make your reservation throguh WhatsApp 👉 660037487

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Another of my favorite beach clubs is the one next to the Far de Sant Cristòfol beach, where you’ll find a relaxing chill-out atmosphere, mojitos, and healthy activities.  

I thought their goal was very interesting, and you needed to know; “To create memorable moments for those who want to get away from the mundane,” they promise.

The best thing is the location, as the lighthouse is the light of nomads and San Cristobal, the patron saint of travelers. Here you will find activities for the whole day, from detox juice to start the day to the midday vermouth and spectacular dishes. 

You should try their bravas or fresh sea bass, which they offer throughout the day. You can do yoga, massage, or a popular açaí bowl. Groups of friends and families alike come here.

This boho beach club is very conscious of fair trade and environmental respect. They show it with reusable cups and garbage collection campaigns on the beach. 

They offer great plans such as monologues on Mondays and music from Tuesday to Saturday; both live and with DJs who bring rhythms from Cuba and Africa. You can even spend the night in its camping bungalow, El Garrofer, in safari tents, wooden lofts, or teepees.


Attention! When you call or write to make your reservation, remember to ask how long the beach bed will be available. The time may not be what you expect, so doing all the questions first is better.

6. Vai Moana 🌴

📍 Av. del Litoral (Metro: L4 / Bus h26)

💻 No reservation is needed

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If you are one of those lovers of frozen margaritas or daiquiri Vai Moana is the perfect place for you. After a day of surfing at Bogatell beach, as the beach club is right on the beach, this is the best option to invade you from the world for a few hours.

The Becah club is located in the neighborhood of El Poblenou. Vai Moana is full of Easter Island decorations. It is a place where you can relax while listening to the lapping of the waves, giving you the most authentic experience possible.

This beach club in Barcelona is a perfect place to eat incredible Mediterranean gastronomy. On the menu, you can find healthy options (for example, nothing is fried) and a menu for kids. 

Vai Moana is one of the few places in Barcelona to have a menu specifically designed for children, with options such as macaroni or mini hamburgers, because Bogatell beach is popular with families. Of course, they also have an adult cocktail selection on their menu.

More than a beach club, Vai Moana in Barcelona is a chiringuito with hammocks and beach chairs for clients. 

7. Salt Beach Club 🌊

📍Passeig del Mare Nostrum, 19

💻 Only available in summer

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Of all the beach clubs I’ve recommended, this one is my favorite due to its incredible views as it is located on the jetty gained to the sea by the W hotel. Thanks to this you have an astonishing view of the Barcelona coastline.

I’m sure you will fall in love with the feeling of a cocktail with your feet in the sand and the rhythm of DJ music. From here, I’ve seen one of the most incredible sunsets ever. If you want to see the sunset, I recommend you come with time in advance as it will be crowded. 

It is the perfect option after a long day of sightseeing. Delighting yourself with the play of sky and sea colors at sunset is simply spectacular. I can assure you this is the setting for unforgettable days and nights.

If the wait for the sunset is long, do not worry because you can have dinner there. Salt Beach Club, their menu offers salads, hamburgers, and cocktails so that your stay is even better. Many of the recipes are inspired by Californians. 

You should try the ‘mizuna,’ Japanese mustard greens with marinated red prawns, fennel, grilled carrots, Jerusalem artichokes, hazelnuts, and grilled tomato vinaigrette. They’ve also got a good burger menu with loads of toppings, such as the Salt, 300g of Catalan beef, with breaded mushrooms stuffed with cheddar cheese.

chiringuito is a beach stall where people go to eat, we have that word all around Spain, and we thought it was essential for you to have them in this list.

8. Chiringuito Escribá 🏊

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📍Av. del Litoral, 62

💻 Book your table

Escribá is one of the best pastry chefs in Spain. But who says a family of pastry chefs can’t make a good paella? 

They have opened a chiringuito run by the Escribà family. Many people say that their dishes are “indescribable.” You can eat various rice dishes, seasonal seafood, and excellent appetizers (the cured Spanish ham ‘airbags’ are a definite highlight). 

As I’ve said, Escribá is one of the best pastry chefs in Spain, that is why you should leave room for dessert because you can’t leave the table without having tried one of the cakes or sweets prepared by the family’s bakeries.

 9. Chiringuitp Pez Vela 🐟

📍Passeig del Mare Nostrum, 19

💻 Book your table!

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Chiringuito Pez Vela is my must-see every time I visit Barcelona. It is located in the W hotel, next to Salt beach club. Depending on your plan, you can go to the beach club or the chiringuito, all in the same place isn’t this great?!

It is in an incomparable seafront setting with simple cuisine built around fresh, grilled fish, rice dishes, and salads. It is beautiful as it is a deluxe chiringuito. 

It is said that this beach bar pays tribute to the authentic beach bars of the pre-Olympic days. It is a fantastic place to drink and listen to music.

Did any of these beach clubs in Barcelona catch your eye? I know these places are not the beach, but you must admit it is a fun and comfortable plan.

If you decide to go to any of these, comment! We would love to add your experience to this article so more people know what to expect from these beach clubs in Barcelona.

10 Beach Bars In Barcelona, Spain

Ruth Alexis 


Barcelona is the capital and largest city of Catalonia, Spain, as well as the second most populated municipality of Spain. A Roman city that became the centre for commerce and trade in Spain and continues to be an important economic and administrative centre today. Beyond its aforementioned roles, Barcelona is also a booming tourist destination, renowned for its rich cultural history and exciting nightlife. Tourists are drawn to the laid-back atmosphere of some of Barcelona’s bars, with those by the sand and sea being particularly popular for a good drink with friends after a day of fun at the beach. The following are 10 of the best beach bars in Barcelona, Spain.

1. Bambu Beach Bar

Posted by Bambu Beach Bar on Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Bambu Beach Bar is a vibrant, vegan- and vegetarian-friendly restaurant open from breakfast till dinner. From one of the many lounge chairs in Bambu Beach Bar, tourists can enjoy excellent views of the Mediterranean, while accompanied by excellent Mediterranean dishes with hints of a Spanish flavour. Service at Bambu Beach Bar is said to be excellent, with a team of young servers and chefs helming the beachfront. The bar is located on the Levante beach, a popular tourist destination close to many beachside hotels, making the Bambu Beach Bar a convenient stopover on a beach day for tourists and locals alike.

Bambu Beach Bar

Address: Playa de Levante, Barcelona, Spain 08019

Website: Bambu Beach Bar

Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday 6 pm – 3 am; Friday – Saturday 12 pm – 3 am

Average price for two people: Under 30 USD


Salt Restaurant and Beach Club

Posted by Salt Restaurant & Beach Club on Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Salt Restaurant and Beach Club boast an expansive indoor, air-conditioned space and a poolside dining area overlooking the blue Mediterranean. Salt is renowned not just for their cocktails but also for their food, including their gourmet burgers, crab salads and pasta. A kids’ menu of cheeseburgers and pasta is also available, making the Salt a family-friendly lunch stop during a family beach vacation. For companies looking to host an event by the beach, Salt offers their space up for private events and companies can work together with Salt’s very own event specialist to make the day a memorable one for all attending.

Salt Restaurant and Beach Club

Address: Passeig Mare Nostrum, 19-21, Barcelona, Spain 08039

Website: Salt Restaurant and Beach Club

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday closed; Sunday 1 pm – 1. 30 am

Average price for two people: Under 30 USD

3. The Coconut Club

Posted by The Coconut Club on Thursday, 5 July 2018

Next to Barcelona’s Somorrostro beach is the Coconut Club, furbished with tropical potted plants and the odd statue of a flamingo to exude a Caribbean vibe. This bar-restaurant near Barcelona’s Somorrostro city beach is popular not just with tourists but also locals looking for a break after a weekend trip to the beach. By day, The Coconut Club serves quality Caribbean food and cocktails starting at lunchtime; and by night it’s a pub that’s frequented by surfers and tourists looking to kick back and relax with a drink made by the Coconut Club’s mixologist. For those looking for more health-conscious options, the bar has been highly lauded for its healthy and delicious fare, with the ceviche and quinoa salad being just two examples.

The Coconut Club

Address: Ramon Trias Fargas 2, Barcelona, Spain 08005

Website: The Coconut Club

Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday 12 pm – 2.30 am; Friday – Saturday 12 pm – 3 am

Average price for two people: Under 30 USD

THE 5VE SOUL – Gòtic (Deluxe Apartment)


Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

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Renovated & Vintage en Barcelona


Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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Chic Penthouse in the center with private terrace


Barcelona, Spain

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Bonito, luminoso y céntrico/WIFI/10′ Rambla/Puerto


Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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Spectacular penthouse in the center


Barcelona, Spain

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4. La Deliciosa″>Posted by La Deliciosa on Sunday, 30 September 2018

La Deliciosa is a gourmet snack bar by the Platja de Sant Miquel beach in Barceloneta. La Deliciosa boasts a purely outdoor beach experience, with its patios and chairs located just a few feet away from the rushing waves. With its rustic, simple decor, La Deliciosa exudes a warm, laid-back atmosphere, complete with WiFi for you to share your beachside memories and televisions that broadcast the World Cup and other sporting events. Food-wise, the barbequed pork and croquettes were highly rated among visitors, with kid-friendly options for the young ones. Takeaway is an option for those on-the-go, and gluten-free and vegan options are also available for those with dietary requirements.

La Deliciosa

Address: Plaça del Mar, s/n, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Website: La Deliciosa

Opening hours: Sun – Thu: 10am – 10pm; Fri – Sat: 10am – 11pm

Average price for two people: Under 30 USD


Vitaminas Burger & Beach Bar

¿A ti también te pierden las hamburguesas como a nosotros? Entonces, tenemos que conocernos! #hamburguesasbarcelona #beachbarbarcelona #vitaminasburgerbar

Posted by Vitaminas Burger & Beach Bar on Monday, 18 August 2014

Vitaminas Burger & Beach Bar is a California-style beach bar which serves up delicious salads, burgers, tapas, cocktails and other delights.
Located next to Port Olympic, it is a beach club facing the port and the larger expanse of sea and surfers beyond. It prides itself not just on its good location but also on its excellent service, with a friendly and highly-trained team of young servers and chefs working hard to bring you good meals and drinks. The bar is open from 12 noon to 1 am every day so that visitors can drop by for a drink after a long day at the beach.

Vitaminas Burger & Beach Bar

Address: Moll de Gregal 3-4 Port Olimpic, Barcelona, Spain 08005

Website: Vitaminas Burger & Beach Bar

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 12 pm – 1 am

Average price for two people: Under 30 USD


Chiringuito BeGay

Posted by Chiringuito BeGay on Friday, 4 August 2017

Chiringuito BeGay is a bar that serves up Mediterranean delights and international cuisine alongside cocktails and spirits. It is located on Bogatell Beach, a popular weekend getaway location for locals and tourists alike. The bar also rents out sunbeds and umbrellas for those who do not wish to order any food or drinks. Besides its cocktails, the bar offers a great choice of beer, protein shakes, juices and coffee. Internationally renowned as a gay bar and the focal point of LGBT beach life in Barcelona, Chiringuito BeGay exudes an open and welcoming atmosphere and is located close to the Mar Bella nudist beach for anyone interested in full body tanning.

Chiringuito BeGay

Address: Platja de la Mar Bella, S/N, Barcelona, Spain 08005

Website: Chiringuito BeGay

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday closed; Sunday 12 pm – 12 am

Average price for two people: 6 – 30 USD


Absenta Bar

El kit del Absenta Bar
Foto by Nox Live

Posted by Absenta Bar on Saturday, 7 December 2013

Absenta Bar is known to many locals as one of the oldest bars in the Barcelona neighbourhood. With its antique lamps and paintings made by local artists, guests can enjoy a sip of cocktails while listening to the live Jazz and Blues band play a tune. The bar also offers more than 20 different types of Absinthe, a highly alcoholic beverage flavoured with anise. Here, the Absinthe is prepared in house, using traditional methods. The bar is open till 3 am every day for guests to enjoy uninterrupted, night-long conversations without having to be rushed out at any point. Outdoor and indoor seating is available.

Absenta Bar

Address: Sant Carles 36, Barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain 08003

Website: Absenta Bar

Opening hours: Sunday – Monday, Wednesday 5 pm – 1 am; Tuesday closed; Thursday – Saturday 5 pm – 3 am

Average price for two people: Under 15 USD


Mokai Beach Bar

¿Quién puede resistirse al chocolate, especialmente en los meses más fríos del año? En Barcelona puedes encontrar el ‘…

Posted by Mokaï Beachbar on Friday, 11 January 2019

Mokai Beach Bar is a beachfront restaurant and bar serving Spanish and Mediterranean fare. Indoors, the decor is rustic and simple, with beach-style wooden tables and rattan chairs. Outdoors, umbrellas and sunbeds are available for use, though tables are provided for larger families as well. The tapas, loaded nachos and prawn salad are all highly recommended by guests, and many visitors have lauded the bar for its excellent service and friendly staff. Non-Meditteranean fare such as burgers and pizzas are also available, with the pizzas made fresh in their wood-fired ovens. Location is wheelchair accessible with ramps and pavements, a plus point for anyone bring family members or friends with special needs along.

Mokai Beach Bar

Address: Passeig Marítim de Nova Icària, Barcelona, Spain 08005

Website: Mokai Beach Bar

9. Vai Moana

Posted by Vai Moana Barcelona on Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Vai Moana is a bar located at the famous Bogatell Beach, with a topical interior design inspired by Easter Islands complete with trees, wooden crates and rattan chairs. Vai Moana prides itself for its fun and casual atmosphere, with a team of young and energetic servers working to make your experience in the Barcelona bar an excellent one. Reservations can be made for up to 15 people, and free WiFi is provided for all guests. For those needing more entertainment, a TV is provided for sports events on the terrace, and sun loungers are available for guests wishing to enjoy a cocktail by the shore.

Vai Moana

Address: Playa Bogatell s/n, quiosc, 2 Barcelona, Spain 08005

Website: Vai Moana

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 10. 30 am – 7 pm

Average price for two people: 15 – 25 USD

10. Ice Barcelona

“Mi caaasa… teléeefono…” En icebar regresamos a los ´80 con esculturas referentes a películas y videojuegos de la época. ¡Y por supuesto música! Consigue tu entrada con descuento en

Posted by Icebarcelona on Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Open since November 2007, Ice Barcelona has become a must see in the Condal City. Frequented as much by locals as by tourists, the ice bar offers a unique, must-try experience— that of enjoying ice sculptures by the beach. While guests cool down at a temperature of -5ºC (20ºF) after a hot day at the beach, they can appreciate ice art designed by internationally renowned artists. Prepare to be fascinated by sculptures of dragons, tables and even slides, which visitors can have fun zooming down. Should visitors feel a tad cold, they can always pop out to the terrace, perfect for an al fresco cocktail right in front of the Mediterranean sea.

Ice Barcelona

Address: Pg Maritim de la Barceloneta 38A, Barcelona, Spain 08005

Website: Ice Barcelona

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 1 pm – 3 am

Average price for two people: 36 USD onwards

Many amazing beach bars in Barcelona

by Wikimedia Commons user
used under CC BY-SA 3.0

There are so many beach bars available for you to sit back, relax and enjoy a cocktail with friends and family over your summer vacation to Barcelona. Be sure to check out the above beach bars on your next trip to sunny Barcelona, Spain.

Disclosure: Trip101 selects the listings in our articles independently. Some of the listings in this article contain affiliate links.

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The beaches of Gava and Castelldefels – Costa Dorada

While on vacation in the Costa Dorada, it is simply impossible not to go to Barcelona for at least a day. And on the way back, you can stop by the beaches of Gava or Castelldefels, which are quite deservedly nicknamed “children’s” because of the gently sloping entrance, shallow sea and gorgeous sand. These two beaches are less crowded than the beaches within Barcelona, ​​although they are fast, convenient and far away. It is worth stopping by here on the way to the Costa Dorada, if, on the contrary, you are relaxing in Barcelona and going, for example, to Port Aventura. Read more about the beaches below.

Gava Beach

Just behind El Prat airport (so that you can get here even if you have a long transfer at the main Barcelona airport) is Gava Beach. There are three ways to get to the beach from Barcelona: by bus, commuter train or car.

Buses to the Gava beach – L94 and L95 – run from Plaza Catalunya. Considering that several bus stops are concentrated here at once, choose the one on which these bus numbers are indicated. You can pay the fare both with the driver and get there with a travel card.

If you want to take the suburban train, you need to leave from Sant Estasio station, line R2. Trains leave every 10 minutes.

By car, you need to go to Gava beach along the C32 highway, the journey time is no more than 20 minutes.

Note: Tips for renting a car in the Costa Dorada

Gava beach is a very pretentious place. Artists, politicians, businessmen love to relax here. At the same time, the beach is municipal, that is, completely free. Its length is about 3 km. It is quite wide, sandy, clean, with a shallow and gently sloping bottom. So, with kids it will be just fine here. The sea warms up in the Gava area also faster and better than in neighboring resorts. Precisely because it’s small here.

The beach is equipped with showers and toilets. You can rent a sun lounger and an umbrella.

If you want more amenities, Tropical Beach Club is located on the beach. On weekdays, admission costs 17 euros, on weekends – 25 euros. For this money, guests have access to the pool, sun loungers and umbrellas, a sauna, a gym and private access to the sea.

Castelldefels beach

Castelldefels beach is located just behind the Gava. You can get there in the same ways: by bus L95 (goes to the city center), which runs through Gava, by train (line R2) to the Plaja de Castelldefels stop, or by car along the C32 highway.

The length of the beach is 5 km. The bottom is shallow, the entrance is gentle, the beach is sandy. On weekdays it is calm and not crowded, very pleasant atmosphere.

Approximately every 500 meters on the beach there are traditional Spanish cafes – cherengito. All of them are equipped with a playground so that the children do not get bored while their parents eat. In the evenings, the Cherengito hosts concerts by local Catalan bands and performers. The average check in such eateries is 12-15 euros per person. But the most interesting thing is that one of the cherengito belongs to the famous football player Luis Suarez. The cafe is called Chalito. Leonel Messi and other stars periodically appear here. The cafe is open from 9.00 to 0.00.

Castelldefels beach


There are always information boards on the beaches. Pay attention to them, as they clearly spell out what is possible and what is not on the beach. For example, no animals are allowed on Castelldefels.

Police and emergency numbers can be found on the same stands.

Along the beaches of Gava and Castelldefels there is a whole constellation of hotels, villas, cottages where you can stay.

The best holidays in Barcelona: where to stay and what to see

Barcelona has been attracting the attention of holidaymakers from all over the world for many years. And among them there are many Europeans and residents of the CIS countries. Such popularity of the capital of Catalonia is not surprising, because Barcelona is not just a beautiful city that you want to visit. It has a mild climate, clean beaches, great music, delicious cuisine, rich history, amazing architecture and much, much more. We can talk endlessly about the advantages of Barcelona, ​​and every tourist will invariably find here something that will make his heart beat faster.

Most tourists go to Barcelona for a beach holiday. However, the city is able to offer you much more opportunities than it seems at first glance. Any trip to the capital of Catalonia invariably turns into interesting excursions, shopping, attending sports events, getting to know the local culture, architecture and music. Do not forget about the opportunity to ski on the majestic mountain slopes.

Choosing the best holiday in Barcelona

To make your holiday in Barcelona the most memorable, you must first decide on the purpose of your visit to the city. Among the tourists there are the following trends in visiting the capital of Catalonia:

  1. In summer, most people come here for a beach holiday. Barcelona is known for its warm climate, clean beaches and great resorts.
  2. In winter, shopaholics come to Barcelona from all over the world. At this time of the year you can meet people from all over Europe.
  3. Interesting excursions are held here throughout the year. Therefore, to visit the sights of the city, you can choose any time of the year.

Naturally, the most popular is the beach vacation in Barcelona . And this is not surprising, because there are many hotels and resort complexes along the entire coast of the Balearic Sea. Such diversity can simply confuse and turn your head. It is often difficult to choose the most suitable hotel for your vacation. There are two possibilities here:

  1. Stay at a hotel located not far from the beach in the city itself.
  2. Go to the suburbs of Barcelona, ​​where there are many popular resorts.
Popular resorts in Barcelona
Resorts in the capital of Catalonia Suburb
Barceloneta Costa Dorada
Bogatell Costa Brava
Nova Ikaria Costa del Garraf
Sant Sebastia Costa del Maresme

Separately, the suburbs of Barcelona should be noted. Each of them is an independent resort region, which has several beaches and all the conditions for a comfortable stay. If we talk about seaside holidays in Barcelona , then tourists should pay their attention to these regions.

Holidays in Barceloneta

Barceloneta is often referred to as Little Barcelona. This seaside area is highly popular with tourists and is part of Barcelona’s Old Town. Barceloneta stretches along the coastline, having an almost triangular shape and bordering on the port of Vel, the port of Olympique and the La Ribera quarter, which also belongs to the Old Town.

It is noteworthy that until about the middle of the XVIII century. Today it is a thriving tourist area that is famous for its beaches. In addition, there are residential areas. All this led to a developed infrastructure, the presence of hotels, well-groomed beaches, numerous restaurants and cafes. There is also a market, a park area, a museum and several attractions.

In total, there are 4 beaches in Barceloneta, which make up a single beach strip. The beaches are wide, with fine clean sand. They are cleaned regularly. A wonderful promenade stretches here, which is great for leisurely evening walks during your vacation in Barcelona .

Consider the beaches of Barceloneta in more detail:

  1. The most famous beach of Barceloneta is Sant Sebastia. This is the western beach, the hallmark of which is the huge glass sail of the five-star W Barcelona hotel. Not far from the beach there is a small park and a marina.
  2. Barceloneta. Its length is about 500 m with a width of about 80 meters, so there is enough space for everyone. A popular holiday destination among city visitors.
  3. Sant Miguel. Another sandy, wide and well-equipped beach. Its promenade is one of the liveliest places in Barcelona.
  4. Somorrostro. The last in the chain of beaches. Along it are many restaurants and small cafes. In addition, there are various entertainment venues, such as nightclubs, and even the Barcelona casino. By the way, on this beach there is a sculpture “Goldfish”, which is included in the list of attractions in Barcelona.

Bogatell Beach

If you are interested in a calm and measured vacation in Barcelona , then Bogatell Beach can be considered the “golden mean”. It is more suitable than any other for ordinary bathers who just want to relax on perfectly clean golden sand and renew their tan.

One of the features of Bogatell is that it is a municipal beach. Accordingly, staying here is absolutely free for everyone. You will only have to pay for additional services. For example, umbrellas, sun loungers, the rent of which will cost you an average of 5-6 euros. The territory of the beaches is equipped with toilets, safes for storing small items, changing rooms, showers with fresh water. Cafes and restaurants are located along the coastline.

Bogatell is about 650 meters long. The width of the beach is just under 50 meters. The beach was equipped for the 1992 Olympics, when a significant influx of tourists was expected. Therefore, in its vicinity there are several hotels from 1 to 4 stars.

Nova Ikaria beach

This beach is located next to Port Olympic, in the central part of the city. Nova Icaria is the most family-friendly beach in the capital of Catalonia. Therefore, having planned a vacation in Barcelona with children, feel free to stop at this option.

Nova Icaria offers tourists everything that is needed for a measured beach holiday – soft sand, clear water, convenient location. Yes, we should not forget that Nova Icaria is located in the center of one of the most picturesque cities in the world.

The beach is only 400 meters long. At the same time, it is never particularly crowded here. Due to the fact that the beach is separated from the rest of the coast by breakwaters, an atmosphere of solitude and tranquility is created here.

Not far from Nova Ikaria there is a green park with a beach. There are also play areas for children. The nearby Port Olympic has many restaurants and bars, as well as surf clubs where you can rent a variety of equipment. In addition, the beach is equipped for a comfortable game of beach basketball, volleyball and mini-football. Toilets, showers, changing rooms, drinking fountains should be noted as basic amenities.

Nova Icaria is famous for its excellent infrastructure. There is a cinema and a large shopping center within walking distance.

Sant Sebastia – the longest beach in Barcelona

The length of this beach is over a kilometer. Width reaches 90 meters. Sant Sebastia is located in the historical center of the city, which explains the rather large influx of tourists. But despite the attendance, the beach remains clean. It is distinguished by clean sand and clear water, and containers for collecting garbage are placed throughout the coastal territory.

Convenient location and cleanliness have made the beach very popular among domestic tourists. Not far from Sant Sebastia is Barceloneta – the beach mentioned above.

Regarding the infrastructure, there is everything you need for a comfortable holiday in Barcelona . There is a first-aid post, bars and restaurants, as well as a specially equipped area for visitors with disabilities. Sunbeds and umbrellas can be rented here. Near the beach there is a bicycle parking, a beach library and a playground. There is a separate area for nudists.

Sant Sebastia offers active tourists diving, water skiing or surfing the waves. Loud events and various festivals are often held here.

A brief overview of the resorts around Barcelona

Not far from Barcelona there are several resort areas that deserve no less attention than the capital of Catalonia itself. Consider the most popular options for holidays in Barcelona and its surroundings:

  1. Costa del Garraf. It is located near Barcelona and includes several small resort towns united by an endless beach area. Costa del Garraf is very popular among young people who are looking for the perfect balance between relaxing beach holidays and rich city entertainment.
  2. Costa del Maresme. It is located at the exit from Barcelona, ​​a little north. This region is known for its calm harbors with calm weather. The region is protected from strong winds by mountain slopes located nearby.
  3. Costa Dorada. Located south of Barcelona. It is famous for its developed beach infrastructure, for which the people are often called nothing more than the “golden coast”. The coast is gently sloping, there are almost no rocky cliffs here. Here is Salou, often called the resort capital of Catalonia with an endless coastline dotted with prestigious hotels.
  4. Another Barcelona. The capital of Catalonia allows everyone not only to bask on the beaches and arrange profitable shopping, but also to actively relax in the mountains. The region offers great prospects for all lovers of skiing, because in the vicinity of Barcelona there are three ski resorts at once: Molina, Masela and Andora Grandvalira. Therefore, in addition to excursions and shopping in the winter, there will also be something to do here.

What to see in Barcelona

The capital of Catalonia is a city with a great historical past, so in addition to a beach holiday, tourists will have something to do here. Consider the most interesting sights of the city, which should be visited during holidays in Barcelona :

  1. Cathedral. Magnificent neo-Gothic building. It was built between 1300 and 1400. Without a doubt, this is the main cathedral of Barcelona.
  2. Casa Batlló, popularly called the “house of bones”. Residential building, which is known among tourists for its “dancing” facade with stained glass windows and mosaics, as well as chimneys.
  3. Gothic Quarter. Located between Laietana and the Ramblas in the heart of the city. This place owes its name to several buildings made in the Gothic style, the construction of which was completed in the 15th century. Next to the ancient architecture, modern restaurants and nightclubs coexist perfectly.
  4. House of Mila. The building was designed by the architect Gaudí and included in the UNESCO List. There is a museum at the House of Mila. Also, tourists have the opportunity to climb to the roof of the building, from where amazing views open.

Renting a property in Barcelona

When planning a holiday in Barcelona , you should also think about accommodation. There are many options, and our experts will help you choose the best one. We will select a residential property according to the client’s requests, taking into account all his preferences. In addition, our specialists will help you resolve all issues related to the signing of a lease or sale agreement.

The average cost of renting an apartment in Barcelona is 1500 euros per month. For this amount, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment in the center of Sitges. A three-room apartment in Phuket will cost a little more.

Commission for the work of our employees is 5% of the cost of the object. This amount includes the following services:

  1. Selection of real estate in strict accordance with the requirements of the buyer.
  2. Selection of the most profitable investment projects and provision of professional advice.
  3. Assistance in obtaining a Golden Visa at all stages.

In addition to the services described above, which are included in the 5% commission, it is possible to provide other services at the request of the client.