Beaches of barcelona spain: 8 Best Barcelona Beaches for Year-Round Sun, Fun and Everything Else

8 Best Barcelona Beaches for Year-Round Sun, Fun and Everything Else

Foto: ShutterstockPlatja de la Barceloneta

Whether you want to enjoy the Med or simply lounge in the life-giving sun, these are the very best beaches in Barcelona


Barcelona’s many attractions are beloved worldwide (those museums are spectacular, really spectacular), but it might just be the blind luck of weather that stands out as Barna’s most magnificent feature. Barcelona gets more than 300 days of sunny weather every year, you know. The summers are hot and humid, and the winters are not a million miles away from what is considered summer in the UK. Brits flock to Aberystwyth beach when the temperature hits 20; what will they do when it is in the mid-thirties in Barcelona?

They’ll do the same, obviously, just in Barcelona. It has 4.5 kilometres of coastline, a gorgeous strip of land offering up the Mediterannean at every point, with gorgeous sands waiting for loungings, games and everything else. There are so many things to do here that it can be dizzying, so look after yourself and head to the best beaches in Barcelona for some relaxation.

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Best Barcelona beaches

Foto: Pere Tordera

1. Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta is the city’s most famous (and traditional) beach. It’s named after the seafaring neighbourhood par excellence, built during the 18th century by Barcelonans expelled from La Ribera in 1714. In addition to its maritime past, Barceloneta also had strong connections to the metallurgy and gas industries, which are still reflected in some of the names found in the area as well as by the Gas breakwater that divides the beach in two. The construction of the seafront promenade at the end of the last century connected this old neighbourhood with the Olympic Port. It also meant the loss of the popular beach bars where locals made paella on Sundays prior to the Olympic frenzy. These days you’ll find other types of restaurants and services in the area below the promenade.

Length: 422 metres
Transport: Bus V17, V19, 47, 59, D20; Metro L4 (Barceloneta & Ciutadella)
Services: Bathrooms, accessible showers, lifeguard, volleyball court, playground, lockers, beverage vendors, restaurants, information point, Barcelona WiFi, bicycle rental, and beach umbrella and lounge chair rental.

Foto: Scott Chasserot

2. Llevant Beach

This beach was born following the removal of the cement blocks of the Prim breakwater, part of the transformation of the area now known as Diagonal Mar. Because it’s so new, Llevant is the one with the fewest facilities and services. But this also means Barcelona’s youngest beach is often the most relaxed and quiet. A big, open lot that doubles as a parking area makes it easy to access the beach by car.

Length: 375 metres
Transport: Bus h26, V29, V31; Metro L4 (Selva de Mar & El Maresme|Fòrum)
Services: Parking, accessible bathrooms and showers, police station, lifeguard, information point, Barcelona WiFi, volleyball court, and beach umbrella and lounge chair rental.


Foto: Scott Chasserot

3. Sant Sebastià Beach

The beachfront of Ciutat Vella, next to the port, also includes what was historically known as Sant Miquel Beach, which corresponds to a large section of the coastline along the Barceloneta neighbourhood. We’re talking more than a kilometre of sand and sea, walking distance from the city centre, and a beach where locals and visitors come together. The part furthest to the south-west, at the foot of the W Hotel, provides a perfect view of the entire Barcelona coastline, from the three chimneys to the huge solar panel in the Fòrum grounds to the Olympic Port and Barceloneta Beach in between. The area in front of the swimming pools is an unofficial nudist beach, and there’s a gay area as well. In the mornings and around lunchtime, you’ll find lots of nightclub employees flexing muscles on this beach.

Length: 1,085 metres
Transport: Bus V15 & V19; Metro L4 (Barceloneta)
Services: Bathrooms, accessible showers, police station, lifeguard, beverage & ice cream vendors, information point, Barcelona WiFi, and lounge chair and beach umbrella rental.

Foto: Scott Chasserot

4. Mar Bella Beach

At the beginning of the 20th century, this part of the coast already had baths, the Baños de la Mar Bella, but eventually they were destroyed in a storm. At the time, the city’s residents held this strip of beach in high regard, but it fell on hard times in the middle of the last century. The coastal renewal process that began with the 1992 Olympic Games brought back the beaches of Mar Bella and Nova Mar Bella. The former combines two very different areas: a nudist beach at one end and a children’s playground (with a very original slide) at the other. You’ll also find young people playing football and volleyball.

Length: 512 metres
Transport: Bus h26, V25, V27, V31; Metro L4 (Selva de Mar)
Services: Parking, accessible bathrooms and showers, lifeguard, police station, information point, Barcelona WiFi, volleyball court, basketball court, playground, workout area, ping pong tables, skate park, lockers, beach library, beverage vendors, and beach umbrella and lounge chair rental. Nudist area.


Foto: Scott Chasserot


 Nova Mar Bella Beach

The name Mar Bella is a reference to the area that La Barceloneta is built on. A ‘marbella’, written as one word, is the name given to land reclaimed from the sea, such as the terrain providing the basis for this seaside neighbourhood. The name, split in two, was given to these two beaches. Nova Mar Bella is a favourite among women (60 percent of beach-goers) and young people. It’s the perfect beach if you or anyone in your group is disabled, because the walkways cross the sand all the way to the sea, plus volunteers are on hand to lend assistance, and there’s even a lift if needed. Keep in mind, however, that the service must be requested in advance at the information centre on the beach, and the disabled person must be accompanied by someone over the age of 18.

Length: 420 metres
Transport: Bus V27, V29, V31 & h26; Metro L4 (Selva de Mar & El Maresme|Fòrum)
Services: Accessible bathrooms and showers, lifeguard, police station, information point, volleyball court, ice cream and beverage vendors, and beach umbrella and lounge chair rental.

6. Bogatell Beach

Bogatell Beach owes its name to an old stream that once ran from the uptown area of Vilapicina down the avenue of the same name all the way to the sea. The centre of Bogatell was home to fishermen who lived amidst the stench rising up from the municipal sewer that flowed into the sea here. Like most of the Barcelona coastline, the beach at Bogatell was completely overhauled during the 1980s and these days it’s one of the most popular. According to municipal studies, the average age of beach-goers at Bogatell is the oldest of all the beaches: 38. A good number (30 percent) are visitors to the city.

Length: 702 metres
Transport: Bus V25, V27, V31, h26, 59; Metro L4 (Poblenou & Llacuna)
Services: Accessible bathrooms and showers, lifeguard, police station, information point, Barcelona WiFi, volleyball court, workout area, ping pong tables, basketball court, beach football, playground, lockers, beverage vendors, and beach umbrella and lounge chair rental.


Foto: Shutterstock

7. Nova Icària Beach

The 19th-century city planner Ildefons Cerdà had his own utopian dream of a city. He’d planned on calling it Icària like the ideal island imagined by the utopian-minded socialist Étienne Cabet. During the 19th century, several utopian followers of Cabet had settled along the old road leading to the Poblenou cemetery. The Olympic dream brought back this Nova Icària, or New Icaria, now one of the most popular beaches. It’s 400 metres in length and lies right in the middle of the Barcelona coastline. Along with Bogatell Beach, it’s one of the calmest. It also boasts the most services and has lots of leisure options. For decades, the area now occupied by the beach was known as Somorrostro, where thousands of families lived in improvised homes lacking even the most minimal amenities. The beach has erased almost every trace of its existence, but a nearby street honours the memory of Carmen Amaya, the legendary dancer who was born there.

Length: 415 metres
Transport: Bus V21, V23, V27, h26, 59, 136; Metro L4 (Ciutadella & Bogatell)
Services: Parking, accessible bathrooms and showers, support for the disabled, water fountains, lifeguard, police station, information point, volleyball court, playground, lockers, Barcelona WiFi, beverage vendors, and beach umbrella and lounge chair rental.

Foto: Scott Chasserot

8. Zona de Banys del Fòrum

You can go and bathe at the Fòrum, but this isn’t a beach in the traditional sense. In fact, it’s a sandless space reclaimed from the sea by means of a cement structure. In the Fòrum baths area, a section of sea has been enclosed and tamed to create a large, shallow, saltwater pool. You might not know that under its layers of asphalt and cement, the Fòrum buried the Camp de la Bota, the name given to the seafront area between Barcelona and Sant Adrià that represents a tragic chapter in Catalan history. Under Franco, it served as an execution site for people who opposed the dictatorship. A memorial along the esplanade leading to the baths honours the more than 1,700 victims.

Length: 375 metres
Transport: Bus B20, B23, h26, V29, V31, V33, 136; Metro L4 (El Maresme|Fòrum)
Services: Parking, accessible bathrooms and showers, lifeguard, waterski area, boat access, information point.

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    The 6 BEST Beaches in Barcelona (2023 Edition)

    When you think of Barcelona, the first things that come to mind are most likely iconic sights such as Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, and Casa Milà. While those are all incredible spots to visit, Barcelona is also home to miles of picturesque coastline and boasts some pretty gorgeous summer weather – you’ll kick yourself if you leave without checking out the best beaches in Barcelona.

    Much of Barcelona’s seafront buzzes with a carnival-like atmosphere: hawkers sell beer to thirsty beach-goers, while musicians and street performers vie for the attention of tourists and locals that frequent the shoreline. What’s great about Barcelona’s beaches is that they’re a mere 15-minute walk away from the city area. Even if you’re looking to head to a less crowded beach, they’re all pretty accessible by public transportation, so you have no excuse for not taking advantage of the summer sun in Barcelona.

    While all the beaches feature golden sand and sparkling waters, each has a different vibe. From party people to those looking to unwind at a quiet beach with a book in hand, there are an array of Barcelona Beaches for everyone. Most of the beaches also offer plenty of water sports, restaurants, and fun beach games, so you can happily spend the entire day lounging by the ocean. Don’t know where to start? Our guide to the best beaches in Barcelona has you covered.

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    Table of Contents Show

    • When To Go To Beaches in Barcelona
    • Most Popular Beach In Barcelona | Barceloneta Beach
    • Best Beach For Swimming In Barcelona  | Sant Sebestia
    • Most Beautiful Beach In Barcelona | Ocata Beach
    • Cleanest Beach In Barcelona | Bogatell Beach
    • Quietest Beach In Barcelona | Mar Bella Beach
    • Family Friendly Beach In Barcelona | Nova Icaria Beach

    When To Go To Beaches in Barcelona

    You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to the best beaches in Barcelona.

    The best time to head to the beaches in Barcelona is during the summer season from May to July. This is the hottest time of the year, which means one thing: beach season! While the queues may be longer and the prices higher, there’s nothing like hitting the beach on a warm, sunny day in Barcelona. If you’re thinking about staying at a hostel in Barcelona during this time, make sure to book well ahead!

    Summer in Barcelona starts to heat up in May, with temperatures reaching 23 degrees celsius. The long, sunny days attract travelers in their numbers and you’ll notice an influx of tourists from May onwards. By the time July hits, you’ll get that glorious tan going, with temperatures reaching 30 degrees celsius.

    Just remember to always pack high SPF sunscreen along with a water bottle to stay healthy and hydrated among the humidity. During this summer period, there are also plenty of outdoor events happening around the city, so don’t forget to spend some time checking them out.

    Most Popular Beach In Barcelona | Barceloneta Beach

    Barceloneta Beach is the most popular beach in Barcelona.

    • Who It’s For: Party goers and those looking to meet people from all around the world. If you’re heading to Barceloneta Beach, prepare yourself for crowds and an abundance of sellers roaming the beach.
    • Don’t Miss: Head to the nearby Barceloneta district for some delicious seafood and the best paella in Barcelona.

    Barceloneta Beach is arguably the most vibrant and exciting stretch of sand and sea, and offers a wide variety of entertainment options and seafood eateries. Start your day at Barceloneta Beach feasting on some fresh seafood at one of the many chiringuitos – also known as seaside huts – before taking a dip in the ocean.

    For adventure enthusiasts, why not try your hand at kite-surfing or take part in the other extreme watersports on offer. As the day draws to a close, walk to the city for a taste of Barcelona’s nightlife. Barceloneta Beach is one beach that needs to be on your Barcelona itinerary.

    Where to Stay

    Best Airbnb: Bego’s Airbnb

    This Airbnb has a charming interior, two-bedrooms, and is close to plenty of trendy stores, bars, and restaurants. In the morning, make breakfast in the little kitchen area before taking a short two-minute stroll to the beach.

    Best Hostel: Hostal Nuevo Colon

    Just a short walk from Barceloneta Beach, Hostal Nuevo Colon provides excellent service along with a cosy room that allows for a comfortable stay. Some rooms come with balconies so you can soak in the views of Barcelona.

    Best Hotel: Hotel 54 Barceloneta

    This design hotel is stylish and chic and the rooms feature modern decor and innovative lighting. After a day at the beach, admire views of the port from the hotel’s terrace.


    Best Sailboat: Juans’ Airbnb

    If you’ve always wanted to sleep on a sailboat, now’s your chance. Set sail on this stunning sailboat that comes with four bedrooms. Wake up to incredible sunrise views as you lounge on the sunbed with a cocktail in hand.

    Where to Go

    Pasa Tapas

    If you’re looking for some delicious fresh seafood, Pasa Tapas is the place to go. There are no frills about this spot, but the paella is fantastic, there’s a buzzing atmosphere, and the service is excellent. [image credit]


    El Pacifico

    Right near the beach is El Pacifico – a beachside restaurant serving up traditional Spanish food along with delicious cocktails and a great selection of wine. As you sip your drink on the restaurant’s terrace, you’ll also get an amazing view of the beach and the boardwalk of Barceloneta. [image credit]



    This is the place to head to if you’re looking for some of the best seafood in the Barceloneta area. The restaurant boasts a gorgeous interior, and you can even see the chefs working on your meal. Don’t forget to pair your meal with something from the comprehensive wine list. [image credit]

    What to Do

    Learn Standup Paddling and Surfing

    Book a lesson, and you’ll learn both standup paddling and surfing all in one day. You’ll also get some one-on-one time with the instructor while they teach you the basics, so there’s no need to feel anxious!


    Explore Barceloneta’s Fish Tapas and Seafood Market

    This unique tour will take you off-the-beaten-track and into Barcelona’s fishing culture. Discover the vibrant food market before having a delicious seasonal lunch with fresh farm-to-table produce, along with natural wines from Spain. The tour concludes with an unforgettable experience and exclusive access to La Barceloneta fish market.


    Explore Barcelona by Foot

    With Barceloneta Beach being so close to the city, take some time to explore Barcelona’s remarkable history, layout, architecture, and vibrant culture. This experience is the perfect introduction to Barcelona and provides you with some insider local tips for everything you need to know about the city.

    Best Beach For Swimming In Barcelona  | Sant Sebestia

    • Who It’s For: Those that want a bustling atmosphere, yet prefer to stay away from the crowds, Sant Sebestia is the perfect balance of the two. It’s also nudist-friendly and accessible for those with disabilities.
    • Don’t Miss: The fantastic sporting facilities. There’s everything from a volleyball court to a plethora of extreme sports.

    Sant Sebestia is situated on the eastern end of the city and is both the oldest and longest beach in Barcelona. It’s part of Sitges – a relatively small town that’s home to over 17 beaches, and one of the best places to visit on a weekend trip to Barcelona. While the beach does attract tourists in their numbers, you’ll also see many locals at this iconic spot.

    In comparison to Barceloneta Beach, Sant Sebestia isn’t as crowded, and is well-suited for swimming. The atmosphere is laid back, with paddleboarders and sailboats skimming along the horizon. Of course, you’ll find lots of dining options along the sand as well.

    Where to Stay

    Best Airbnb: Laura’s Airbnb

    You’ll get a private room in this cozy apartment that’s in a fantastic location. After a day at the beach, take in the views of Barcelona’s main cathedral from the balcony or cook yourself a meal in the fully-equipped kitchen.

    Best Hostel: Safestay Barcelona Sea

    Offering a superb location, Safestay Barcelona Sea is close to plenty of beach bars and seafood restaurants. The cafe at the hostel is a great place to hang out after a day at the beach.

    Best Hotel: W Barcelona

    Get the celebrity treatment at W Barcelona with avant-garde design and picturesque views. Sip a cocktail at the rooftop bar or relax at the beach club and restaurant. The hotel has two pools, direct beach access, and a spa with a range of treatments for those looking to unwind.

    Best Turkish Schooner: Paula’s Airbnb

    This lovely Turkish Schooner has four bedrooms and is the perfect option for individuals that are passionate about the sea and sun. Made with unique wood furnishings, the cabins are comfortable and there’s a spacious deck area where you can enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sunset.

    Where to Go

    Makamaka Beach Burger Cafe

    This popular beach cafe serves as a 70’s-inspired watering hole for locals and travellers to share burgers and cocktails. It has a lively atmosphere and is the perfect place to catch up with friends before hitting the beach. [image credit]


    La Estrella Herida

    This unique sculpture pays homage to the fishing district of Barcelona and consists of four cubes stacked in a disorderly fashion. Constructed with four steel-blocks, this eye-catching sculpture is worth a look while you’re at Sant Sebestia beach. [source: iamalexfroloff (Shutterstock)]


    Pez Vela

    Take in incredible views from the terrace while indulging in fresh appetisers, salads, and seafood paellas. Using only the highest quality ingredients, highlights include the fresh catches of the day along with steaks cooked on a smoky charcoal grill. [image credit]

    What to Do

    Learn Surfing in Barcelona

    Get your surf on with a professional instructor who will teach you all the ins and outs of riding the waves. Start by learning the basics before progressing to more advanced techniques and hopefully you’ll be standing by the end of the lesson. Your experience also comes with photos that you can take with you as a memento.


    Try Sunset Paddle Surfing

    If you’ve never done paddle surfing before, it’s a great experience that you’ll definitely want to cross off your list. For this particular paddle surf, you’ll be paddling as the sun sets with gorgeous views of Barcelona in the distance. We can’t think of a better way to end the day!


    Test your balance with SUP Yoga

    Stand-up yoga (SUP) involves doing a series of yoga positions on a SUP table in the middle of the ocean. While it’s certainly not easy, it’s incredibly rewarding and a great workout. Book a class and your instructor will teach you everything you need to know for a great session.

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    Packing cubes for the globetrotters and compression sacks for the real adventurers – these babies are a traveller’s best kept secret. They organise yo’ packing and minimise its volume too so you can pack MORE.

    Or, y’know… you can stick to ziplock bags.

    View Our Fave CubesOr Check Out the Sacks!

    Most Beautiful Beach In Barcelona | Ocata Beach

    We love summer in Barcelona!

    • Who It’s For: Couples looking for more privacy or those that are looking for a quieter beach outside of the city centre.
    • Don’t Miss: Visiting Iglesia de Sant Pere – the oldest surviving Parish church located near Ocata Beach.

    Situated north of Barcelona and only a half an hour train ride from the city, Ocata Beach is tranquil, pristine, and filled with gorgeous golden-white sand. It’s the most beautiful beach in Barcelona and is also quieter than the other beaches – making it the perfect peaceful getaway.

    The beach is long, wide, and incredibly spacious. Since it attracts fewer tourists than some of the other beaches, there aren’t as many dining and entertainment options in the area. However, wander around, and you’ll still be able to find some chringuitos serving up fresh seafood and refreshing drinks.

    Where to Stay

    Best Airbnb: Ivana’s Airbnb

    This charming loft is a fantastic place to stay in Ocata Beach. The space is modern and stylish, and Ocata Beach is right on this lovely Airbnb’s doorstep.


    Best Apartment: Platja, playa, plage….

    Just a short distance away from Ocata Beach is this spacious apartment that has everything you need, from a living room area to a fully-equipped kitchen. You’ll even get gorgeous views of Ocata Beach from the comfort of your own apartment.

    Best Hotel: Hotel Torino

    Stay at Hotel Torino for comfortably appointed rooms featuring wooden furnishings. Guests can enjoy local cuisine with fresh produce at the on-site restaurant, grab a drink at the bar, or check out the nearby restaurants and nightlife options.

    Best Villa: Casa Alella

    If you’re travelling with a larger group, why not splurge on a villa? This beachfront accommodation comes with an outdoor swimming pool, garden, complimentary private parking, and a hot tub. There are a total of five bedrooms and three bathrooms, along with a living and dining area.

    Where to Go

    La Nècora d’Or

    One of the best places to get seafood at Ocata Beach is at this very restaurant. Everything on the menu is incredibly tasty, but special mention goes to the grilled squid and mussels marinara. [image credit]


    Cinema La Calandria

    If you’re looking for a quick break from the sun, head over to the cinema where you can sit back, relax and take some time out to unwind. [image credit]


    Chiringo Calima

    Grab a refreshing drink and some shade at Chiringo Calima before heading back out to the beach. This beachside restaurant has an inviting atmosphere and is a great place to relax. [image credit]

    What to Do

    Learn to Skateboard

    If skateboarding has always been on your bucket list, cross it off by booking this unique experience. You’ll learn how to skate and even get to try out all the different boards. If you’re a seasoned skateboarder, you can opt to skateboard with your professional host at night.


    Get Someone to Capture your Moments

    With Ocata Beach being the most beautiful beach in Barcelona, there’s no better spot to capture some unforgettable moments. In this experience, you’ll have your very own videographer, who’ll capture and edit all the footage. All you need to do is book your experience.


    Experience Live Sax and Sunset Sailing

    Sail on the Mediterranean Sea while soaking up the views of the sunset and enjoying the sounds of the saxophone. Admire the beautiful landscape of Barcelona as you sip on some drinks while enjoying the company of your loved ones. Book this unforgettable experience that’s truly unlike any other.

    Cleanest Beach In Barcelona | Bogatell Beach

    • Who It’s For: Those looking for a more laid-back beach in Barcelona.
    • Don’t Miss: Walking up the Rambla del Poblenou for its terrace bars and restaurants

    Bogatell Beach is the perfect beach to head to for those that just want a relaxing afternoon basking in the sun and enjoying the sound of the crashing waves. This beach generally attracts an older crowd and is comparatively smaller than the other main touristy beaches in Barcelona.

    Play a game of ping pong or volleyball at this beach, or explore the various green spaces that have been incorporated within this area. Don’t forget to pick up some ice cream or refreshing horchata – an icy milky drink made from tiger nuts – to complete your experience.

    Where to Stay

    Best Airbnb: Jane’s Airbnb

    Situated in a quaint area, this Airbnb comes with a balcony that looks out onto the streets of Barcelona and the ocean. The stunning apartment is filled with natural light and has one bedroom and a washing machine.

    Best Hostel: Unite Hostel Barcelona

    Rooms are clean and spacious at this hostel; there’s even a shared lounge area with bean bag chairs for a relaxed vibe. Unite Hostel Barcelona also organises special events such as movie nights and complimentary yoga for guests.

    Best Hotel: Acta Voraport

    Acta Voraport is a fantastic hotel to stay at for modern facilities and plush beds. There’s also a restaurant, outdoor swimming pool and bar within the hotel, as well as a sun terrace for guests to lounge at.

    Best Yacht Property: Ona Set Maritime Tours’ Airbnb

    Featuring three bedrooms, this classic power yacht is a great place to stay to explore the coastal waters of Barcelona. Dance the night away to your favourite music and take photos of Barcelona’s skyline as your backdrop.

    Where to Go

    Beach Tennis Barcelona

    If you’ve never played beach tennis, give it a shot on Bogatell Beach. If you don’t feel like enrolling in a class, you can take a sneak peek at other individuals having a go at the game. [image credit]


    Vaia Moana Barcelona

    Inspired by Easter Island, this restaurant has a relaxed and tropical atmosphere that matches the vibe of Bogatell Beach. Have a refreshing cocktail at the beach bar or sunbathe on one of the restaurant’s sunbeds as you chill out in style. [image credit]


    Parc del Poblenou

    This gorgeous park lying at the end of the old Olympic Village is a great place to stroll through while taking in the greenery. Don’t forget to check out the lake before taking a breather at the esplanade. [source: DFH Photo (Shutterstock)]

    What to Do

    Join a SUP Yoga Detox Flow Class

    Unleash your inner zen by doing a yoga flow class while balancing on a SUP board. After the workout, unwind, and relax with your newfound friends by sipping on some detox smoothies.


    Stretch Out with Sunrise and Sunset Beach Yoga

    There’s nothing quite like a gorgeous sunrise and sunset, especially at Bogatell Beach. Start with an invigorating vinyasa flow practice with a gorgeous backdrop – the ideal activity to the beginning or end of your day.


    Have Fun Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

    Start off your afternoon with a traditional Spanish lunch which you’ll enjoy with your host before hitting the water. Your friendly guide will take you out to the beach for a relaxed kayak and paddleboarding session while taking in the gorgeous views of the ocean.

    Is This the Best Daypack EVER???

    We’ve tested countless day packs over the years, and now we’ve found our absolute favourite: the traveller-approved Osprey Daylite Plus.

    Want more deetz on why we love it so damn much? Then read our comprehensive review for the inside scoop!

    View on OspreyView on REI

    Quietest Beach In Barcelona | Mar Bella Beach

    • Who It’s For: Those looking for a nude beach without a party atmosphere.
    • Don’t Miss: Going on a sailing trip along the seafront or taking a beautiful morning sunrise stroll to this peaceful beach in Barcelona.

    Mar Bella Beach is known for its peacefulness and is a great beach to head to if you’re looking for some respite from both crowds and sellers.

    This beach has plenty of opportunities to participate in watersports like windsurfing and kayaking. It’s also one of the more spacious beaches in Barcelona, so you’ve got plenty of room to sunbathe, rollerblade, and relax. If you’d like, you’re also welcome to go clothes-free at Mar Bella Beach as it’s a nudist beach.

    Where to Stay

    Best Airbnb: Lilya’s Airbnb

    This bright and airy apartment comes with three bedrooms and a cosy living room and kitchen area. You’ll have access to plenty of restaurants and bars nearby, and the apartment also offers a washing machine and dryer.

    Best Hostel: Amistat Beach Hostel Barcelona

    A great hostel to meet new people, Amistat Beach Hostel Barcelona has spacious common areas that include a games room and a large terrace. There’s also complimentary pasta available in the shared kitchen; you can even request packed lunches to take with you to the beach.

    Best Hotel: Poblenou B&B

    This bed and breakfast has a lovely terrace area that’s the perfect spot to start your day in Barcelona. Rooms have modern decor, and some even come with their very own balcony. Don’t forget to explore the cafes and bars nearby!

    Best Apartments: Sealona Beach Loft Apartments

    These gorgeous lofts come with floor-to-ceiling windows for plenty of natural light. They’re situated in the Poblenou area, close to plenty of fantastic restaurants. The furnishings within these lofts are impeccable and have an urban-chic style.

    Where to Go

    Skatepark de la Mar Bella

    Whether you’re skateboarding yourself, or just here for the show, Skatepark de la Mar Bella is definitely worth dropping by. [image credit]


    Chiringuito MAMMA BEACH

    A great spot to unwind at with fantastic cocktails and delicious burgers. You’ll get a great view of the beach and exceptional service to go along with your tasty meal. [image credit]


    Calisthenics Park

    Hit up the calisthenics park at Mar Bella Beach for a sweaty workout. This outdoor gym has pull-up bars, high bars, and all sorts of other equipment to get your calisthenics workout, strength training, and bodyweight workout in.

    What to Do

    Go on a bike tour

    Want to balance out a lazy day at the beach with some activity? Explore the sights and sounds of Barcelona on this bike tour that will take you through this magical city to discover its secrets and history.


    Sail on a classic boat

    Escape from the hustle and bustle of Barcelona on this classic sailing vessel. Feel the thermal wind that blows along the Spanish coast and soak up the rays. You’ll get to enjoy some Catalan white wine along with tapas and snacks on this adventure on the high seas.


    Be a captain for a day

    Always wanted to sail your own yacht? Now you can! In this experience, you’ll spend the day on the ocean, learning the ropes from a professional skipper.

    Family Friendly Beach In Barcelona | Nova Icaria Beach

    • Who It’s For: Families and those who want a beach in Barcelona that’s a little more peaceful. If you enjoy volleyball, you’ll love Nova Icaria Beach.
    • Don’t Miss: Ciutadella Park that’s just a short walk away. It has a fountain, the Barcelona Zoo, and the Museum of Natural Science.

    Nova Icaria Beach is one of the more tranquil beaches in Barcelona – making it an ideal spot for families. Although it’s on the quieter side of things, the beach still has access to a range of great restaurants and bars. It’s also one of the more well-equipped beaches in Barcelona and has facilities that range from a ping-pong table to volleyball courts and more.

    Where to Stay

    Best Airbnb: Misha’s Airbnb

    This airy Airbnb has one bedroom and a sofa bed. The kitchen and living room area is spacious, and there’s plenty of natural light due to the floor-to-ceiling windows. The common areas of this Airbnb also include a playground for children.

    Best Hostel: Ant Hostel Barcelona

    Ant Hostel has a bright and clean interior with a minimalist design. Rooms come with parquet floors and a private bathroom. Head to the shared kitchen to make some breakfast in the morning before walking to Nova Icaria beach.

    Best Hotel: Hotel SB Icaria Barcelona

    A great place for some relaxation, Hotel SB Icaria has a gym and sauna as well as an outdoor pool with a sun terrace and hot tub. Rooms are stylish and modern, and there’s an elegant restaurant on-site that serves up Mediterranean market cuisine.

    Best Beach Apartment Villa: Lina’s Airbnb

    Perfect for families, this beach apartment villa can accommodate up to six guests and comes with a cosy living room area and newly renovated kitchen. Private parking is available, and Nova Icaria beach is just 30 metres away.

    Where to Go

    Beach Facilities

    Nova Icaria Beach boasts some of the best beach facilities in Barcelona, so you definitely need to check it out. It has two volleyball courts, a ping-pong table, and even a playground for children.


    Xiroi Ca la Nuri

    This is a great casual place that serves up fresh seafood. Try one of the delicious paellas or grab some sweet potato fritters with truffle honey. It’s also a fantastic place to enjoy views of the ocean with good music. [image credit]


    Parc de la Nova Icària

    This iconic park was one of the green spaces built around the Barcelona Olympic Games. With large wooden bridges, gentle grass slopes, and Chinese weeping willows, it’s a great spot to wander around and soak in the greenery. [source: sanguer (Shutterstock)]

    What to Do

    Head on a bike tour

    Ideal for all ages, this bike tour is great for first-timers and takes you around the highlights of Barcelona. From the picturesque Art Nouveau district to the historic city centre, this bike tour covers it all.


    Take a new family portrait

    Your professional photographer host will provide you with a one-on-one photography experience in Barcelona. Choose to have your photo taken by Nova Icaria Beach, or seek out one of Barcelona’s landmarks and secret squares.


    Hang out with Huskies

    If you’re a family that absolutely loves pups, this experience will take you to the Husky House Cafe for some one-on-one time with huskies. Meet four delightful huskies while enjoying a cup of coffee and some pastries.

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    Final Thoughts on the Best Beaches in Barcelona

    It’s no surprise that Barcelona is rated as having some of the best beaches in the world! Whether you’re looking for a quieter beach or something that’s more family-friendly, Barcelona has it all. Each of these beaches in Barcelona comes with their own distinct characteristics, but at all of them, you’re sure to find the best of Barcelona’s warm Spanish hospitality, along with powdery sand and sparkling waters. Don’t forget your sunblock!

    And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links. That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!

    10 Barcelona Beaches

    Home / /

    Mikhail Schwartz


    Visiting the local beaches is one of the main points for most tourists during their stay in the city. After all, you must admit that the combination of cultural and educational walks with the opportunity to relax on good beaches and swim in warm clear water makes the rest really cool.

    Beaches and the Olympic Port

    Which beautiful Catalan city is located on the Mediterranean coast? It is included in the list of the ten most popular tourist destinations in the world. It leaves no one indifferent with its majestic history, beautiful architecture, gourmet cuisine and vibrant nightlife. And right in the city there are 10 golden beaches. What is this city?

    Yes! This is Barcelona! By the way, take a look at the guide to Barcelona here.

    Visiting the local beaches is one of the main points for most tourists during their stay in the city. After all, you must admit that the combination of cultural and educational walks with the opportunity to relax on good beaches and swim in warm clear water makes the rest really cool.

    The beaches of Barcelona on the map

    The beaches in Barcelona, ​​as in all of Spain, are free and well equipped. You just have to choose: do you just want to soak up the hot Spanish sun or still try yourself in beach sports.

    1. Sant Sebastia Beach

    Beach near the famous W sail hotel

    The cleanest beach in Barcelona is Sant Sebastià. Its length is just over a kilometer, which makes it the longest in the city. Since the beach is located in the historical center of Barcelona, ​​it is always noisy and crowded. However, both citizens and tourists love to relax on its purest sands. Enough space for everyone!

    The beach has everything you need for a comfortable stay, from sunbeds and umbrellas to first aid stations. There are many restaurants and bars along the coast, there is an equipped playground for young visitors on the beach, and older vacationers may be interested in Barcelona’s marine sports clubs or an unusual project – a beach library, whose books will not let you get bored.

    How to get to Sant Sebastia beach?

    The nearest metro station to the beach of Sant Sebastià is Barceloneta, on the L4 line. However, buses 17, 39 and 64 will take you closest to the beach (stop – Pg Joan de Borbó-Pl del Mar).

    2. Sant Miguel beach

    Sant Miquel beach, photo by simonerogora

    Sant Sebastia, smoothly passes into the next beach – Sant Miquel. It received this name thanks to the church of San Miguel del Puerto, which was built back in 1753. This small beach, only 400 meters long, is one of the oldest in the city. It stretched from Place Del Mar to l’Almirall Aixada.

    Cozy and small in size, Sant Miquel always attracts a large number of tourists who, after long walks in the city center, are drawn to swim in the sea. As on other beaches, all conditions for a good rest are created here.

    How to get to the beach of Sant Miguel?

    Take the metro to Barceloneta station.
    Buses 17, 39 and 64 to the Pg Joan de Borbó-Pl del Mar stop or buses 45, 59 to the Almirall Cervera stop.

    3. Barceloneta beach

    Barceloneta is the oldest beach in the city.

    Among other beaches in the city, Barceloneta is the most famous and most popular. Can you imagine how many people there are during the high season? Despite this, the beach is constantly maintained at a high level of cleanliness (it has a blue flag mark).

    The ancient sandy beach of Barcelona, ​​with a smooth entrance to the sea and a chic sandy bottom, is attractive for both foreign visitors and local residents. Barceloneta is very popular among young people, as there are many sports grounds for playing football, volleyball, tennis, as well as rollerblading and skateboarding. On Paseo Maritimo, stretching along the beach, you can choose a suitable restaurant and have a delicious meal.

    How to get to Barceloneta beach?

    Take the L4 metro to the Barceloneta station, it will take 5-7 minutes to walk to the coast.
    Buses 45 and 59 stop right on the beach, Platja de la Barceloneta stop.
    Walking from the edge of La Rambla to Barceloneta takes about 20 minutes.

    4. Somorrostro beach

    Somorrostro – beach with golden fish, photo by Antonio Rosa

    Somorrostro beach is the most recognizable in the city thanks to the statue of the Golden Fish located here – the symbol of the Olympics 1992 years old Previously, this sandy area belonged to the Barceloneta beach, but in 2010 it was decided to rename it Somorrostro, in honor of the poor area of ​​​​Barcelona, ​​which existed here until the middle of the 20th century.

    Now wealthy foreign youth prefer to have a rest in this place. And it is not surprising that many trendy clubs and restaurants are located here (Shoko, Opium Mar, Sotavento, CDLC).

    How to get to Somorrostro beach?
    • Metro L4 to Ciutadella / Vila Olímpica.
    • Bus 36, 45, 59, 71 to stop Pg. Marítim – Trelawny or take bus 71 to Pg. Maritim-Hospital del Mar.
    • Take the T4 tram to the Ciutadella|Vila Olímpica stop.

    5. Nova Icaria Beach

    Children’s fun on the Nova Icaria Beach

    Not far from the city center, just behind the Olympic Port of Barcelona, ​​there is a wonderful beach with soft golden sand – Nova Icària. It attracts both family people who love a relaxing holiday, and groups of young people looking for entertainment.

    In the small area of ​​Nova Icària, just 400 meters away, there is a playground for children, several volleyball fields, tennis tables and many points with water entertainment equipment: kayaks, diving and surfing equipment. This beach is famous for a huge variety of bars and restaurants, which are visited not only by tourists, but also by gourmets of Barcelona.

    How to get to Nova Icaria beach?

    The nearest metro station is Ciutadella / Vila Olímpica, line L4.
    Take bus 36, 41, 92 to Av. Icària-Àlaba, or by bus 71 – to the stop Àlaba-Bogatell.

    6. Bogatell Beach

    Bogatell is one of the best “Olympic” beaches in Barcelona, ​​photo by villelite

    Since Bogatell is one of the most modern beaches in Barcelona, ​​the range of services provided here is as diverse as possible. From the point of view of security and organization of recreation, this is one of the best beaches in the city. There are special safes for storing valuables, public telephones, an information board showing the time, air and water temperature.

    Beach lovers appreciate Bogatell’s cleanliness and tranquility. For supporters of outdoor activities on the beach, basketball baskets, volleyball nets, ping-pong tables and other sports equipment are provided. It is separated from neighboring beaches (Nova Ikaria and Mar Bella) by two stone breakwaters.

    How to get to Bogatell beach?
    • Take the L4 metro to the Poblenou stop.
    • Take bus 26 and 36 to the Taulat-Ciutat de Granada stop or bus 6 to the Roc Boronat – Doctor Trueta stop.

    7. Mar Bella Beach

    Mar Bella Beach

    Mar Bella is another beach that appeared after the improvement of the city coast associated with the preparations for the 1992 Olympic Games. It is located in the eastern part of the Barcelona coast and stretches for 500 meters in length.

    There are not many noisy bars and restaurants here. The beach is popular with residents of the nearby Sant Martí area, but since Mar Bella has a specially designated place for a nudist beach, guests of the city who prefer nude relaxation tend to come here.

    More nudist beaches in Spain →

    Like other beaches in Barcelona, ​​for the comfort of vacationers, many services are provided, there are various sports grounds (including a football field), there is even a yacht base – Base Nautica.

    How to get to Mar Bella beach?
    • Metro L4 to Poblenou station.
    • Take bus 26 to stop Pg. Taulat-Bac de Roda, or by buses 36, 71, 141 to the Llull-Bilbao stop.

    8. Beach Nova Mar Bella

    Nova Mar Bella Beach

    Another nice quiet beach with golden sand where you can relax and sunbathe is Nova Mar Bella. It is popular among the youth of the Sant Marti area and the surrounding suburbs.

    There are fewer sports facilities on Nova Mar Bella than on previous beaches, however, do not worry, you will definitely find everything you need for a good beach holiday here.

    How to get to Nova Mar Bella beach?

    You can take the metro L4 to the Selva de Mar station.
    Or take bus 26 to stop Pg. Taulat-Provençals or take buses 36, 141 to the Llull-Selva de Mar stop.

    9. Levant Beach

    Llevant is the farthest sandy beach in Barcelona, ​​photo by sedagos

    Llevant is the most remote beach in Barcelona. This is a small beach, only 380 meters long, opened only in 2006. Despite the distance from the city center, the beach offers a standard set of services, and you do not have to worry about anything.

    Llevant beach is chosen by those who are used to relaxing comfortably, but without a large crowd of people. Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the beach volleyball court, ping-pong tables and water sports on offer.

    How to get to Levant beach?
    • For T4 tram stop El Maresme.
    • For metro L4 station Selva de Mar.
    • For bus 26 stop Pg. Taulat Provencals.
    • For buses 36 and 141 stop Llull – Diagonal Mar.

    10. Aquatic center – Zona de banys Fòrum

    Banys Fòrum bathing area (photo: Gerard C.)

    In addition to the usual beaches, Barcelona offers another place for swimming – Zona de banys Fòrum. Like any other beach on Banys Fòrum, you can sunbathe and swim in the sea water. The main difference of this place is that there is no sand here, and you need to enter the water using a special ladder.

    This swimming area is a good alternative to regular beaches, especially for people with disabilities.

    How do I get to the Banys Forum bathing area?
    • Take metro L4 to El Maresme | Forum.
    • Take the T4 tram to the Fòrum stop.
    • Take bus 36, 141 to the stop Metro Maresme/Fòrum.

    Hotels near the beaches of Barcelona

    I advise you to stay in these hotels near the beach:

    Occidental Atenea Mar- Adults Only ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    The hotel is located close to the sea. Nearby is Port Olympic and a supermarket, 10 minutes walk to the metro. There is a gym, saunas and a swimming pool on the roof of the second floor.

    W Barcelona ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    The hotel has direct access to the beach, swimming pool and spa. It takes 15 minutes to get to the metro.

    Hotel Arts Barcelona ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    The hotel is located next to Port Olimpic, surrounded by shops and lively bars. Barceloneta Beach is 250 meters away and Ciutadella Park is 300 meters away. Arts Hotel’s 5 restaurants serve delicacies from Spanish, Mediterranean and international cuisine. The hotel bar offers dozens of champagnes and an extensive wine list. Breakfast is served in a café with a cozy terrace. The hotel has a gym, two swimming pools and a spa.

    Beach season in Barcelona:

    April 12 – beaches open.

    April 12 to May 30 and September 15 to 28 are low season. The beaches are open from 10:30 to 18:30. The entire beach infrastructure is starting to work: rent of sun loungers, umbrellas, public toilets, bars are open …

    from May 31 to September 14 – high season.
    The beaches are open from 10:30 to 19:30.

    from November 15 to November 30 – the closure of beaches and all beach infrastructure (all amenities are removed).
    from October to April – the beaches are closed.

    10 best beaches in Barcelona – photo, map, how to get there, reviews

    For those who are going to spend their holidays in sunny Barcelona, ​​we have prepared a review of the 10 best beaches in the city, where you can have a great rest and spend your free time from excursions. We will also tell you about the rules on the beach, which should be followed. By following them, nothing can overshadow your stay and you will get a lot of positive emotions. Don’t know when the beach season opens in Barcelona? All answers are in our article.


    • 1 Sant Sebastia
    • 2 Sant Miguel
    • 3 Bogatell
    • 4 Levant
    • 5 Forum Bathing Area – Zona de banys del Fòrum 60
    • 7 Nova Mar Bella
    • 8 Beach Barceloneta beach
    • 9 Somorrostro
    • 10 Nova Icaria
    • 11 Beach season in Barcelona
    • 12 Rules for visiting the beaches of Spain
    • 13 How to save money in Barcelona?
    • 14 Barcelona beaches on the map

    Sant Sebastia

    This beach is one of the oldest in Barcelona and was once a fishing area. Today it is the most popular holiday destination among tourists and among the local public. Despite some remoteness from the city center, this largest beach is always full of lovers of sunbathing and soaking up the sea.

    The beach of Sant Sebastia has gained such popularity because of its geographical position in a cozy bay, distinguished by the cleanliness and transparency of the coastal sea. In addition to natural advantages, this beach characterizes comfort and maximum amenities for vacationers. First of all, it concerns people with disabilities. In particular, each of these people can take help with swimming.

    People with limited mobility will be helped to get to the water, splash in the sea, as well as get out of it and get to their place along a special path. In addition, there are specially equipped locker rooms and showers equipped with special chairs and lifts in the area for people with disabilities. There is a sports center at the service of water sports lovers, where everyone can go diving or surfing at will. Fans of measured relaxation will enjoy the beach library and free internet access.

    For children, there is a playground, where everything is arranged so that children are interested and less bored. There is also the opportunity to have a delicious lunch in nearby cafes and restaurants or just have a bite to eat in any of the neighboring shops.

    A full range of beach services is available to guests. Rescue and medical services function here, and local police officers monitor the order. To get to the beach, you can use the metro and go to the Barceloneta station, as well as city buses – 14, 16, 17, 39, 40, 45, 51, 57, 59, 64 and 157.

    Sant Miguel

    It owes its name to the 18th century church of Sant Miguel del Port, which is located nearby. This beach, along with San Sebastian and Barceloneta, is one of the city’s oldest recreational areas. Sant Miguel is modest in size with a length of 400 m. However, its location in the central part of the city creates the conditions for the growing popularity of the beach.

    Always lively Sant Miguel attracts many tourists with the opportunity not only to soak up the sun, but also to taste a variety of fish and seafood dishes in several excellent restaurants located nearby.

    Guests can rent sun loungers and beach umbrellas, as well as use showers and public toilets. There is Wi-Fi on the beach, as well as an information center. If necessary, you can contact the local medical center. There is also a pharmacy, an observation tower and public fountains. The beach of Sant Miguel has ideal conditions for a family holiday. It is especially convenient to relax here with kids, because in this cozy place there is not such loud music and less noise from various kinds of entertainment, unlike other beaches.

    Therefore, Sant Miguel is quite suitable for those who are looking for peace and quiet. It is here that you can completely relax, enjoying the soothing sound of the oncoming waves. The beach is easily accessible by city bus 10, 14, 16, 17, 36, 39, 40, 45, 51, 57, 59 and 64, metro along the yellow line, and tram. If you take the metro, then you need the Barceloneta or Ciutadella station. If your choice is a tram, then you need to get to the Ciutadella-Vila Olímpica stop.

    View prices for tours to Barcelona


    Located a little further from the center. Therefore, there are fewer people on the territory of Bogatell and much calmer than on the central beaches. In addition, there are much fewer annoying beach vendors. The beach area is clean and tidy. As on all beaches in Spain, the attendants are cleaning at night.

    Guests have free showers, some of which are equipped with chairs, which is convenient for the elderly and disabled. Those wishing to have a bite to eat without leaving their place of rest can look into the cafes and restaurants located nearby to taste local cuisine and satisfy their hunger.

    Bogatell belongs to the municipal beaches, and the entrance to its territory is free. The beach is distinguished by a well-established infrastructure. For a small fee, you can use the umbrellas and sun loungers rented.

    Vacationers can use the toilets, comfortable changing rooms and lockers with safes for valuables free of charge. Equipped for the 1992 Olympics, the beach was created for the convenience and comfort of visitors. In particular, information about the temperature of air and water in the sea, as well as the exact time, constantly appears on the interactive scoreboard.

    Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the well-equipped sports ground. For families with children on the beach there is a children’s play area. Bogatell Beach can be reached by the yellow line by metro to Poblenou or Llacuna station, as well as by city buses. In addition, you can go to the beach by bike along a specially equipped bike path along the coast.


    Farthest from the central part of the city. This beach has been welcoming tourists since 2006. Showers, changing rooms, toilets, sun loungers and umbrellas, sports and playgrounds are a standard beach set, thanks to which visitors to the Levant can sunbathe and splash in the sea in peace and comfort. The advantages of Levant Beach are a small crowd and excellent service. You can take the metro to the Selva de Mar station, or use the city bus, as well as the tram.

    Forum Bathing Area – Zona de banys del Fòrum

    Barcelona City Park Forum has its own private beach, the main feature of which is the paved area of ​​the artificial beach and a wide staircase leading directly to the sea. Such a creative beach appealed to both residents and visiting tourists.

    And all because there is no annoying sand, and a comfortable wide staircase allows you to easily enter the sea, which is very convenient for people who have health problems. In addition, Banys del Fòrum’s infrastructure is of high quality. The Water Center can be reached by public transport.

    Mar Bella

    It was equipped for the opening of the Olympics and immediately became popular among lovers of the sea and the sun. Everything here is designed for convenience and comfort. On the beach playground, children will find plenty of entertainment for themselves, and fans of sports games can have a great time on the sports ground, skateboarding ground and yacht club. The western part of the beach belongs to nudists and is separated from the general area by a sand dune overgrown with bamboo. In addition, Mar Bella has recently been chosen by boys of non-traditional sexual orientation.

    This beach has become the most fun beach in Barcelona. There is always great music and a lot of young people. However, this does not mean that only men relax on the beach. Almost everyone can relax here. The beach is remote from the center, so it is better to get to it by taxi. You can also use public transport services.

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    Nova Mar Bella

    It was also created during the reconstruction of the embankment for the Olympics, after which the new place for recreation immediately gained popularity among young people. In addition to the standard beach infrastructure, there are containers not only for collecting, but also for recycling garbage. Therefore, cleanliness and comfort reign on the beach.

    There are many shops, cafes, bars and restaurants along the entire beach.

    On the beach there is always the opportunity to find entertainment to your liking, taking part in various excursions and walks on kayaks or under a sailboat. Cyclists can safely leave their vehicles in the appropriate car park. This beach was chosen by nudists who rest in a specially designated area here. You can go by bus, as well as by subway.

    Barceloneta beach

    The oldest and most popular among city dwellers and tourists. During the general reconstruction of the embankment, the beach was renovated and has now gained fame as the cleanest and safest place to relax.

    It provides a full range of excellent services for the relaxation of all visitors to Barceloneta. By the way, the audience going to the beach is quite motley. Lots of youth. On the beach there is a specially designated area where nudists sunbathe. You can take the subway on the yellow line.


    This beach, which takes its name from an old part of Barcelona, ​​has gained popularity among foreign youth. Once upon a time, the poor and the poor lived in this area of ​​the city, and today an exceptionally glamorous audience rests on the Somorrostro beach.

    Fortunately, there are luxurious restaurants and prestigious clubs nearby. On a glamorous beach for a glamorous audience, due to a variety of services, everything has been created to make vacationers comfortable and convenient. You can go to the beach using public transport, and even by bike.

    Nova Icaria

    Loved by city dwellers and tourists. Despite the proximity to the center, the beach is clean and peaceful. A large number of amenities and the cleanliness of the beach are highly appreciated not only among holidaymakers, but also internationally. Nova Ikaria is marked with the Blue Flag. Whole families prefer to relax on this beach. The beach is easily accessible by any type of public transport.

    Beach season in Barcelona

    All Barcelona beaches begin to welcome tourists from 12 April. The off-season falls on the days: from 12 to 21 and from 26 to 27 April, from 1 to 30 May and from 15 to 30 September. At this time, all beaches are open from 10.30 to 18.30. During the off-season, all public toilets are open. A full range of beach services can be obtained at this time in the territory of Bogatell, Barceloneta and Nova Mar Bella.

    From May 31 to September 14 there is a high season. At this time, the beaches accept vacationers from 10.30 to 19.thirty. Public toilets on the beaches operate in the same way, but they close an hour earlier than the beaches. All beaches are closed from 15 to 30 November. All beach infrastructure ceases to function and all portable beach equipment is completely removed. The beaches close from October to April.

    Rules for visiting the beaches of Spain

    For the stay of pets on the beach, the owner is charged a fine of 1.5 thousand euros. Do not use soap or shower gels in showers. Active games can only be started in specially designated areas.