Beach bars in barcelona: Top Beach Bars in Barcelona

Top Beach Bars in Barcelona

Ah, summer in Barcelona. Sightseeing at the Sagrada Familia, strolls along Las Ramblas, and beach, beach, beach. There’s no better way to relax after a long day of discovering the Catalan capital than by kicking back with a cool cocktail and some traditional Spanish tapas at one of the many beach bars in Barcelona. These popular hangouts, which can be found all along the seven main Barcelona beaches, come in many different shapes and sizes, from the popular “chiringuitos” to the biggest clubs and pubs lining the shore. Here you can dig into a delectable meal, enjoy a cheeky drink or two or simply chill out with the magical Mediterranean as your backdrop!

El Xiringuito de Escribà Beach bar at Barcelona

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The chiringuitos of Barcelona are a favorite among visitors and locals alike during the warm summer months.   Best described as open shacks built on the sand where patrons can unwind during the day and party at night, they make for a great place to relax from dusk ‘til dawn.  These cool beach bars offer a wide variety of drinks and snacks, ranging from authentic tapas to some of the best seafood in the city. With some chiringuitos hosting live DJ sets, you can even enjoy a memorable beach party or catch some summer sports on the big screen TVs!

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Whether you’re renting one of the many beach apartments in Barcelona and are looking to frequent these summer hotspots daily, or you’re just in search of a place to shake off the heat, head to one of these top chiringuitos or beach bars in Barcelona:

El Xiringuito de Escribà

El Xiringuito de Escribà, located on the beautiful Bogatell Beach, offers a delicious take on typical Mediterranean cuisine as well as some fresh seafood dishes. This bar-restaurant has a menu of cool cocktails to enjoy with your meal and is situated on one of the trendiest beaches in Barcelona. Be sure to save some room for dessert, as this venue is renowned for satisfying that sweet tooth!

Where to find it: Avinguda del Litoral, 42.  Metro L4-Ciutadella/Vila Olímpica Website:

IceBarcelona in Barcelona


In search of a truly unique night out? If so, look no further than Icebarcelona! This ice bar is situated just steps from the beach, making it one of the top spots to cool down on a hot summer night. No need to bring a jacket, for as soon as you walk in, you’ll be handed a cozy winter coat and gloves. Don’t miss your chance to take a seat on one of the Park Güell-style benches while you enjoy your drinks that come served in frozen ice glasses. This one’s a great place to “chill” out!

Where to find it: C/ Ramón Trias Fargas, 2. Metro L4 -Ciutadella/Vila Olímpica Website:

Shoko in Barcelona


Shôko, one of Barcelona’s best known nightclubs, is situated right on the beachfront, a location that allows for beautiful seaside views as you sip on your drink of choice. The unique décor adds an extra special touch, and with dishes ranging from European to Asian, you can’t go wrong with dinner and drinks at this chic locale. Don’t miss the amazing theme parties at Shôko, a club that is a regular host to all-star international DJs like Felix de Housecat and Sammy Jo from the Scissor Sisters.

Where to find it: Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 36. Metro L4 -Ciutadella/Vila Olímpica Website:

Princesa 23 Beach Bar in Barcelona

Princesa 23

In the middle of the Barceloneta Beach promenade, you will find Princesa 23. The location of this chiringuito right on the sand makes it one of the most frequented in town. This place serves refreshing cocktails at reasonable prices and we recommend you stop by after 7pm to grab a discounted mojito or caipirinha as you watch the sun go down.

Where to find it: Barceloneta Beach. Metro L4 -Ciutadella/Vila Olímpica Website:

El Boo Beach Club

If you’re looking for a place with a more local atmosphere, then head to El Boo, one of the coolest beach clubs in Barcelona. A favorite among Barcelona residents, you can find this chiringuito situated on a small pier between the Mar Bella and Nova Mar Bella beaches, making it a perfect place to relax by the Med.We recommend reserving one of their seaside hammocks or VIP beds so you can catch some rays in style.

Where to find it: Espigó de Bac de Roda, 1. Metro L4 – Poblenou Website:

El Boo in Barcelona

Mochima Bars

The Mochima Bars are a great place to enjoy a few drinks, morning, noon and night. This chain of chiringuitos can be found on both the Mar Bella and Nova Mar Bella beaches and both happening huts are bit hits with the local crowd. Dig into the variety of Mexican-style snacks on offer, sit back with a refreshing “bebida” and if you are looking for a memorable Sunday night out during summer, head here for one of their free beach parties with live DJs!

Where to find them: Take Metro L4 to Poblenou and head along the beaches

So, whether it’s a relaxing afternoon under the Spanish sun you’re after or a full-on fiesta at one of the liveliest spots in town this summer, there will definitely be a beach bar in Barcelona for you!

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Barceloneta – area and beach in Barcelona

Video: Barceloneta


  • Highlights
  • History of the Barceloneta area
  • Barcelona History Museum 9002
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Getting there


Today, housing in Barceloneta is in high demand among students. The reasons for this are a large number of libraries, sports grounds, a modern sports center, green areas and the picturesque Joan de Borbo promenade. Many choose the coastal area because of the fresh sea breeze and because from here you can reach the city center in just 10-15 minutes. Walking along the Barceloneta embankment, it is easy to go to the tower of St. Sebastian and take the cable car to the Montjuic hill in the cable car.

The streets of modern Barceloneta resemble narrow corridors built in the form of a “grid” and run parallel and perpendicular to the port. There are four squares in the quarter, and the entire tourist infrastructure is located along the perimeter of the main building.

The oldest buildings in Barceloneta are over 250 years old. In the western part, on Plaça de Pau Vila, 3, the former naval palace Palau de Mar has been preserved. Today, a museum of the history of Catalonia is open in a four-story stone mansion. In the center of the district, on Carrer de Sant Miquel, 39, rises the beautiful parish church of San Miguel del Port, built in 1755 in the Baroque tradition.

History of the Barceloneta area

The development of Barceloneta began in the middle of the 18th century with the construction of a new pier, so fishermen and sailors first settled in this part of the city. The area was considered quite poor, and its inhabitants huddled in barracks without any amenities.

Then the authorities decided to build capital houses in Barceloneta. The project of the new quarter was prepared by the Dutchman Prosper Verbom. It provided for straight streets and alleys built up with buildings of the same height with similar facades. It is noteworthy that despite subsequent adjustments and reconstructions, the quarter largely retained its original appearance.

In 1992, before the Olympic Games, hosted by the capital of Catalonia, Barceloneta was renovated and landscaped. The industrial enterprises and warehouses that existed here were closed, and Barceloneta turned into one of the tourist districts of the city.

Beaches of Barceloneta

The coast is divided into four beaches – San Sebastian, San Miguel, Barceloneta and Somorrostro. The sandy beach of Barceloneta stretches from the Olympic Port to Carrer Almirall Cervera for 1.1 km. Its width reaches 89meters, so there is enough space for everyone.

Thanks to its well-developed infrastructure, Barceloneta Beach suits both families with young children and young people. There are many good restaurants, bars and cafes along the beach strip. There are toilets and showers on the beach, a lifeguard team and local police are on duty every day in the summer, and various entertainments for children open in the season. Those who wish can rent a sun lounger and parasol for 10 €, as well as get a massage. For those who love outdoor activities, there are volleyball and mini-football courts on Barceloneta beach. Behind the sandy strip stretches a long promenade, where rollerbladers, skateboarders and cyclists spend their time.

San Sebastian beach adjoins Barceloneta beach from the south. It is the largest in the area. Somorrostro beach is located near the Olympic port. It has a length of 0.5 km and is easily recognizable by the original sculptural composition “Fish”.

Museum of the History of Catalonia

The museum, which tells about the history of Catalonia from ancient times to the 20th century, was opened at the initiative of the government in 1996. The museum building is the oldest building of the seaport, restored in 1992 year.

Archaeological finds, medieval weapons and coins, maps and old photographs are exhibited in spacious halls. In addition, seasonal exhibitions are held here. Many expositions are interactive. Museum guests can try to grind grains with hand millstones or cut animal skin with a stone knife.

The Museum of the History of Catalonia is open to visitors on Tuesday and Thursday to Saturday from 10.00 to 19.00, on Wednesdays from 10.00 to 20.00, and on Sundays and public holidays from 10.00 to 14.30.

Cafes and Restaurants

As a true fishing district, Barceloneta is known for its excellent fish cuisine. Local chefs perfectly prepare grilled fish, paella and fideua with fish and seafood, shellfish dishes and other culinary delights that can surprise even the most sophisticated gourmet. A lot of fish restaurants are open along the promenade Joan de Borbo, which is called the “front street” of Barceloneta.

The most popular restaurant, Can Majo, is located at Carrer de l’ Almirall Aixada, 23. Here you can try cuttlefish ink risotto. Despite the fact that the prices in this restaurant are high, it is highly rated among residents of Barcelona and tourists, so places here need to be booked in advance. Tables are made from large wine barrels at the old restaurant Ramonet, while the noisy and cheerful Casa Costa is the choice of those who like dishes prepared according to old recipes of traditional Catalan cuisine.

Many tourists who come to Barcelona prefer to cook at home. Fresh products are sold in small shops, supermarkets “DIA”, “Caprado” and “Condis”, as well as in the Barceloneta market, which is located on the square of the poet Bosca.

Getting there

Barceloneta stretches between the main port and the Olympic Village. The quarter starts from Joan de Borbo Boulevard and ends at Maritim Avenue. It is easy to get here on foot from the metro stations “Barceloneta” or “Ciutadella Vila Olimpica”. In addition, buses No. 36, 45, 59 run to this part of the city., D20, N0, N6, N8, N28, V15, V27.

Barcelona beaches | About Spain from a guide

The beaches of Barcelona attract tourists and locals all year round. Here you can have a great time.

Without a doubt, one of the best things about Barcelona is the weather. The city boasts 300 sunny days a year!

During the hot summer months, any Barcelona resident will tell you that the best idea is to enjoy the 4.5 km coastline. In the summer, you can easily spend the whole day on the beach until the sun goes down. However, at night life on the beach does not stop, at this time bars, restaurants and discos come to life.

Introducing you to the best beaches in Barcelona.


    • 9012 9008 1

total information

In Spain absolutely all beaches are free . Sun loungers and umbrellas are available upon request. Toilets, showers, changing rooms are free of charge.

All Barcelona beaches are easily accessible, well maintained and equipped with all necessary services.

Getting from the center to the beaches of Barcelona is very easy (on foot, by metro, by tram, by bus or by bike). I do not recommend coming to the beaches of Barcelona by car, because it is very difficult to find parking.

All beaches have a wide range of services: lifeguards and doctors work, there are showers and changing rooms, rent of sun loungers and umbrellas on the central beaches. Services are available during the swimming season from the beginning of May until the end of September.

The beaches of Barcelona are clean and cleaned daily throughout the year.

Security and flags on the beaches of Barcelona

Unfortunately, pickpockets are not uncommon on the beaches of Barcelona. It is better not to leave your belongings unattended and not to take valuables with you. When you go swimming, ask other vacationers to look after your belongings.

During the swimming season pay attention to the flags placed on the beach.

Green flag means that swimming is allowed on the beach, there is no danger.

Yellow flag on the beach means that swimming is allowed, but with restrictions. Restrictions are introduced due to pollution, dangerous animals (most often jellyfish), moderate waves.

The red flag on the beach means swimming is strictly prohibited. It is used when swimming in the sea is a big risk. Violators of the ban face a fine.

Black flags , which are not very common, indicate that the beach is closed. When there is a black flag, you will not be able to enter the beach under any circumstances.

Black flags are usually set up when a storm causes a lot of damage to a beach.

Information about the current state of the beaches in Barcelona can be found here

There are 9 major beaches in Barcelona. 4 of them (Bogatell, Nova Mar Bella, San Sebastian, San Miguel) in 2020 were marked Blue Flag Award . This award is given annually to the best European beaches, the waters of which meet the highest quality standards and are suitable for safe swimming

The beaches of Barcelona are close to each other, in some cases separated only by a breakwater.

From May to September there are lifeguards and medical aid stations on the beaches of Barcelona.

There are many restaurants along the promenade where you can eat delicious food and admire the seascape.

There are also typical chiringuitos, small beach bars that offer drinks and tapas.

Barcelona Beaches: San Sebastia

San Sebastian Beach is located in the Ciutat Vella area. Together with the beach, Barceloneta is the oldest in the city. It is one of the busiest beaches in the city and one of the largest. Its length is 660 meters. There are many nautical sports clubs here. In summer, an open-air cinema is organized on this beach, admission is free.


Parking, toilets, showers, security service, drinks and ice cream kiosk, information point, rental of umbrellas and sun loungers.


Getting there

Metro: Barceloneta line L4, about 15 minutes walk from here.
Bus: 47, 59, D20, V15, V19 and tour bus.

Barcelona Beaches: La Barceloneta

La Barceloneta Beach is located in one of the most traditional areas of the city. It is one of the most popular among locals and tourists. In the summer there are always a lot of people here. Street vendors take the opportunity to offer the famous mojitos.


Parking, toilets, showers, security service, disabled access, volleyball court, children’s playground, luggage storage, drinks kiosks, restaurants, information point, bicycle rental, umbrella and sun lounger rental.


How to get there

Metro: Barceloneta line L4, about 10 minutes walk from here.
Bus: 47, 59, D20, V15, V19 and tour bus.

Barcelona Beaches: San Miquel

It is one of the oldest in the city. Located between the beaches of La Barceloneta and San Sebastian. Its length is about 420 meters. The beach is next to Plaza del Mar. This is a very popular place on the coast of Barcelona. The beach of San Miquel takes its name from the church of the same name, San Miquel del Port.


Parking, toilets, showers, security, volleyball court, kiosks with drinks, rental of umbrellas and sun loungers.


How to get there

Metro: Barceloneta line L4, walk about 10 minutes.
Bus: 47, 59, D20, V15, V19 and tour bus.

Barcelona beaches: Somorrostro

Somorrostro beach owes its name to the Somorrostro barracks area, where about 15,000 people lived in very difficult conditions. The barracks disappeared only in 1966.

Somorrostro beach is always crowded and fun these days.


Parking, toilets, showers, security, volleyball court, kiosks with drinks, rental of umbrellas and sun loungers.


How to get there

Metro: Ciutadella Villa Olímpica, line L4 and walk about 10 minutes.
Bus: 47, 59, 136, D20 and tour bus.

Barcelona Beaches: Nova Icaria

Nova Icaria Beach is one of the quietest, most peaceful beaches in Barcelona with excellent infrastructure. This beach is perfect for families.


Parking, toilets, showers, security, volleyball court, children’s playground, luggage storage, kiosks with drinks, rental of umbrellas and sun loungers.

Where is

How to get there

Metro: Ciutadella Villa Olímpica line L4 – Yellow, about 12 minutes walk from it.
Tram: Ciutadella Villa Olímpica (T4), walk about 10 minutes.
Bus: 59, h26, V23, V27 and tourist bus.

Barcelona Beaches: Bogatell

Bogatell Beach is located in the San Martin area. Its length is 700 meters. It is one of the beaches that have been redone since the restoration of the Barcelona promenade in 1990s. It has everything you need for recreation and sports. For example, ping-pong tables, a football field in the center of the beach and a volleyball court.


Toilets, showers, security service, volleyball court, gymnastics area, ping-pong tables, basketball net, beach soccer, luggage storage, drinks kiosks, rental of umbrellas and sun loungers.


Getting there

Metro: Llacuna (L4 – Yellow) and walk about 15 minutes.
Bus: 59, h26, V23, V27 and tourist bus.

Barcelona Beaches: Mar Bella

Mar Bella Beach was created as part of the renovation of Barcelona’s coastline in preparation for the 1992 Olympics. This beach is very popular among young people. The beach has an area for nudists.


Parking, toilets, showers, security, volleyball court, gymnastics area, ping-pong tables, skateboard area, luggage room, beach library, drinks kiosks, umbrella and sun lounger rental. Nudist beach.

Where is

How to get there

Metro: Poblenou, line L4 about 15 minutes walk.
Bus: h26, V27, V31 and tourist bus.

Nova Mar Bella Beach

This beach was also created as part of the reconstruction of the area for the Olympic Games. This is one of the favorite beaches for everyone who comes by car. There is a large parking lot near the beach. There are usually not many tourists on this beach, mostly locals. The beach is quite calm, suitable for families.

Where is

How to get there

Metro: Selva de Mar line L4 – from the metro on foot about 12 minutes.
Bus: h26, V27, V31 and tourist bus.

Barcelona beaches: Llevant

Llevant beach was created in 2006. It is one of the newest in the city. The beach is located in the Sant Marti area and is equipped with various equipment.

Llevant Beach has a pet friendly area.


Parking, toilets, showers, security, volleyball court, rent of umbrellas and deck chairs.


How to get there

Metro: Selva de Mar, line L4, about 12 minutes walk from here.
Bus: h26, V27, V29, V31 and tourist bus.

About the best beaches near Barcelona in this article

Bathing area of ​​the Forum

There is no sand and no beach as such, but swimming is allowed. You can get to the water through a special passage. Here you can practice water sports. Be careful, because a colony of sea urchins lives here, so it is recommended to swim in suitable shoes.


Parking, toilets, showers, security, water skiing, boat departure, information point.


How to get there

Metro: Besòs Mar line L4, walk from the metro about 15 minutes.
Tram: El Maresme (T4) and walk about 15 minutes.
Bus: h26, V29 and tourist bus.

Barcelona Beaches: Forum

The Forum Beach is a little further than the Forum bathing area. This is a rather remote and secluded beach.