Барса матчи: Расписание матчей команды “Барселона”

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Ak Bars – CSKA: score 4:1, result and review of the first match on April 17, playoffs of the Gagarin Cup, score in the series 1-0

Daily review

The decisive battle for the Gagarin Cup started in the capital of Tatarstan – the first match of the series between Ak Bars and CSKA turned out to be very bright, explosive and emotional.

The hosts won 4-1 thanks to Stanislav Galiyev’s winning goal and took the lead in the series 1-0.

4 – 1

Galiyeva’s puck on the majority brought victory to Ak Bars in the first match of the final

Ak Bars


The Gagarin Cup Final 2023 is a clash of not only two hockey systems, but also two cinematic stories in their own way. On the one hand – Zinetula Bilyaletdinov, who returned to the Ak Bars coaching bridge at a difficult moment for the team and managed to first win the Eastern Conference and then reach the final. On the other – Sergei Fedorov, a former great player and, as it turned out, an equally great coach, who led CSKA to the second final in a row, winning the Gagarin Cup in the 2021/2022 season. Against the background of master Bilyaletdinov, Fedorov has a little less coaching experience, and many experts called the Zinetula Khaidyarovich factor perhaps the main advantage of Kazan in this series.

Ak Bars and CSKA are unrealistically skillful teams. Expert predictions for the final

Expert column

On the side of CSKA – the stability of the composition, the presence of winning experience for most of the team’s players. Plus, under Fedorov, the army team did not lose a single playoff series in two seasons, and in the last final they generally managed to return from 1-3 in the series. However, before the start of the five-year-old final between Ak Bars and CSKA, it was Muscovites who were considered favorites, but then lost in five matches.

Bilyaletdinov, before the first match of the final, did not change the squad that closed the series with Avangard – Nikita Dynyak and were absent from the open training session, but he managed to recover and took his usual place in the fourth top three. Fedorov had to do without Andrey Svetlakov: his position was closed by Matvey Guskov, on the flank of the fourth attacking combination came Prokhor Poltapov, and Semyon Pankratov was announced as the 13th attacker.

CSKA of recent years is often referred to as a machine, and at the start of the first match of the finals, it was decently dispersed – the army team seized the game advantage, which they managed to transform into an earned majority. True, it turned out to be extremely unsuccessful: Artyom Lukoyanov read Mikhail Grigorenko’s program , intercepted the puck and realized a one-to-nil exit. Immediately, the Muscovites screwed up with the shift, worked in the minority and equalized the score – Grigorenko corrected for his mistake. Formally, he scored already in equal compositions, but he came out of the penalty box Daniil Zhuravlev did not have time to help his own, so this puck can be considered the result of the army majority. Most clearly, the advantage of the guests in the first period is illustrated by the number of shots on target – 17 against nine Kazan. In the attack, CSKA spent seven minutes, while Ak Bars spent a little less than three.

Coaching genius, as you know, is in the details. Bilyaletdinov demonstrated it perfectly – in the majority, instead of , Vadim Shipachyov, who did not have on face-offs, released Kirill Semyonov. He won the point and changed, and Shipachev sawed the perfect pass for a throw to Stanislav Galiyev – 2:1. Ak Bars started up and pressed the opponent: after an almost perfect counterattack , Ilya Safonov hit the crossbar, another Kazan majority turned out to be very dangerous, only a goal was missing. CSKA responded with Grigorenko’s exit (well, yes, who else?) at the gate Timur Bilyalov, , but the leader of the army did not hit the target. The hosts had more chances, Muscovites kept 9 in the game0011 Adam Reideborn – by the way, ex-player of Ak Bars. Yes, in several episodes he let go of the puck, giving the attackers a chance to play on rebounds, but he himself successfully eliminated them.

One of the shifts of the fourth three “Ak Bars” in the third period lasted, it seemed, for an eternity – had to go through three passes in a row and several sharp positional attacks of the army. The most dangerous moment was at Vladislav Kamenev: he was taken to throw at close range, and Bilyalov reacted. Kazan scored in the counterattack just in time – Alexander Radulov and Dmitry Voronkov realized two-to-one exit. The latter, however, finished off already twice: from the first throw, Vladislav Provolnev, who was lying on the ribbon, took over the first throw, , and the second one reached the goal. Kirill Panyukov’s goal put CSKA in a catastrophic situation – minus three and less than seven minutes before the end of the third period. The army team could not get out of it: Ak Bars took the first match of the Gagarin Cup final.

#Gagarin Cup


Three stars

Timur Bilyalov
Saved 35 shots, made several super saves, tied with Emil Garipov in terms of victories for Ak Bars in the playoffs (28).

Dmitry Voronkov
Scored the puck, hit seven shots on target, won 66% of faceoffs.

Alexander Radulov
He became a co-author of Voronkov’s goal, had six power moves (the best indicator in the team).

Smart Puck Data

Best pass percentage – Yaroslav Dyblenko (CSKA), 90.5%.
Most accurate passes – Artem Sergeev (CSKA), 29.
The best percentage of single combats won – Matvey Guskov (CSKA), 81.8%.
Most martial arts won – Pavel Karnaukhov (CSKA), 10.b
Most possession time – Darren Dietz (CSKA Moscow), 1:44.
The longest distance covered is Vladislav Kamenev (CSKA), 4707 meters.
The highest total xG – Dmitry Voronkov (“Ak Bars”), 0.66.
xG of the winning goal – Stanislav Galiev (“Ak Bars”), 0.041.
Team xG – 1.8 – 2.1.

highlights matcha

Photo report of the match

#review of the day

#Gagarin Cup 2023

#HC Ak Bars


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statistics of personal meetings – 04/10/2021 – Sport on REN TV

Real Madrid and Barcelona will play on April 10 as part of the 30th round of the 2020/21 Season Examples. The next episode of El Clasico – the legendary confrontation between the two strongest Spanish football clubs – will take place at the Alfredo di Stefano stadium in Madrid. REN TV channel will show the Real Madrid-Barcelona match live, and a live broadcast will also be available on the Ren.tv website.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona: watch live stream

Looking forward to the most anticipated match REN TV invites you to remember the history of the confrontation between Real Madrid and Barcelona. The teams met 278 times, Barca had 115 wins, Real Madrid had 101, and 62 draws. Note that the biggest draw took place in April 1916 in the semi-finals of the Spanish Cup (6:6).


Photo ©

TASS/PRESSINPHOTO via www.imago-images.de

Sample (Spanish Championship)

Real Madrid and Barcelona have met 181 times in La Liga, the Creamy have won 74, Barça 72, 35 matches ended in a draw. The players of the “royal club” scored 291 goals against the opponent, “Barcelona” bypassed them in this indicator, the club’s assets – 289heads.

Spanish Cup

Clubs played 35 games for the Spanish Cup. Barça had 15 wins, Real Madrid had 12, and 8 more matches were drawn. As part of this tournament, Barcelona players scored 67 goals, the Royal Club scored 65 goals that hit the opponent’s goal.

Spanish Super Cup

A total of 14 matches were played. Barcelona had 4 wins, Real Madrid players were luckier, they have 8 wins. Two matches “Real” – “Barcelona” ended in a draw. Barça players converted 18 goals, Real Madrid players scored 30.

Spanish League Cup (1983 – 1986)

Barcelona and Real Madrid have met six times during this tournament. For the “royal club” these matches were not successful. Barça won twice, four more matches were drawn. Barcelona have 13 goals, Real Madrid have 8.

UEFA Champions League

Barcelona and Real Madrid have played 8 matches in the UEFA Champions League European Cup. “Real” won three times, “Barcelona” – two times. Creamy scored 13 goals, Barça 10.

Another match between the two strongest Spanish clubs was held in the International Champions Cup, won by Real Madrid (2:3).

“Real” and “Barcelona” also played 32 friendly matches, 18 times luck was on the side of “Barcelona”, and only 4 times won the “royal club”, 10 matches ended in a draw. Real Madrid scored 41 goals, while Barca scored 80.

The clubs met once again in the Coronation Cup, with Barcelona winning 3-1.

Head to head statistics
FC Barcelona FC Real Madrid
Wins 101
Goals 451 483
Match average 1.62 1.74
Biggest wins 11:1 7:0

Primera CI CL SKI Champions League KIL 0199

181 35 6 14 8 6
Real Madrid wins 74 12 0 8 3 0
Barcelona wins 9019 9019 9

15 2 4 2 96
Draws 35 8 4 2 9019 3 9019 8 2
Real Madrid goals 291 65 8 30 13 8
Barcelona goals 289 67 13 18 9019


Photo: © TASS/PRESSINPHOTO via www. imago-images .de

What shape are Real Madrid in now? Real Madrid beat Atalanta in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League, and also won the first quarter-final against Liverpool. In the last five rounds of La Liga, Real Madrid shared points with Real Sociedad (1:1) and Atletico (1:1), then defeated Elche (2:1), Celta (3:1) and Eibar (2:0). Wards Zinedine Zidane in 29 matches were able to score 63 points and took third place in the standings, only two points separate them from Barcelona.

Sergio Ramos, Dani Carvajal, Rafael Varane and Eden Hazard will miss the El Clasico of the Creamy due to health problems.

Photo: © TASS/Joaquin Corchero

Barcelona’s outfit

Barça’s players were knocked out of the Champions League, losing to PSG in the 1/8 finals. In the national championship, “Barcelona” issued a series of 6 victories, the players beat the team “Elche” (3:0), “Seville” (2:0), “Osasuna” (2:0), “Huesca” (4:1) , Real Sociedad (6:1) and Valladolid (1:0). The Catalan club came close to the leader of the tournament, Atlético Madrid, they are separated by only one point.

Defender Moussa Wage, midfielder Coutinho, forward Ansu Fati and substitute goalkeeper Neto were not included in the squad, they will miss El Clasico due to injuries. Defenders Sergi Roberto and Gerard Piqué can enter the field.

Of the last 10 matches in the Example, four were won by Barcelona, ​​three – by Real Madrid, three more games ended in a draw.

Date, time of the start of the match “Real” – “Barcelona”

El Clasico broadcast on REN TV will begin on April 10 at 21:50 Moscow time. REN TV will be the only federal channel that will show the next episode of the confrontation between the two cult clubs. Vladimir Stognienko and Alexander Kuzmak will commentate the match.

According to most football fans, El Clasico is one of the most iconic events in big-time football. Matches “Barcelona” and “Real” traditionally gather an audience of millions around the world.