Barcelona weather in may: Barcelona May Weather, Average Temperature (Spain)

Barcelona in May 2023 | Weather, Things to Do, Events & More

Rich in heritage and culture, Barcelona is a beautiful seaside city that is one of the famous tourist destinations in the world. Every year, millions of tourists visit the city to explore the museums, its architecture, beaches, nightlife, and culture. A trip to Barcelona is quite unique, regardless of which month you choose to visit. But if you are planning to visit Barcelona in May, then this guide will tell you top things to do in Barcelona, where to stay, what to eat, and more. Read on to find out what to expect in Barcelona in May!

Is May a Good Time to Visit Barcelona?

Barcelona in May is the start of the summer and the tourist season. You can not only enjoy sightseeing but also attend concerts, events, and chill on the beach. 

Why You Should Visit

  • The weather in Barcelona is warm and balmy due to the onset of the summer season.
  • You can enjoy outdoor activities such as heritage walks, hikes, water sports, and more in May.
  • There are many music events, live performances, and outdoor parties to attend in Barcelona in May.
  • You will find lots of exotic food and beverages to try.
  • This is the perfect time to enjoy the water and the beach as the sea temperature is perfect for swimming.

What to Look Out For

  • There will be more tourists since it is the peak season to visit Barcelona.
  • Most of the attractions and events will be crowded.
  • The prices of flights, hotels, activities, etc. will be on the higher side.
  • It is sunny so it can be slightly hot during the daytime.

Overview of Weather in Barcelona in May

May in Barcelona is the onset of the summer season. The temperature in Barcelona in May is warm and pleasant with clear and sunny skies for the most part of the month.

Average Temperature: High – 23℃, Low – 15℃

Average Rainfall: 27mm (Moderate chances of rain)

Daily Wind Speed: 6. 5mph. Light breezes from the north.

Temperature of the Sea: 20℃

Best Time to Visit Barcelona

More About Weather in Barcelona in May

How hot is Barcelona in May? 

Barcelona in May offers the best weather to explore this beachside city. With the summer setting in, the average temperature high is 23℃ and the average temperature low is 15℃.

Can You Swim at Beaches in Barcelona in May? 

Barcelona is famous for its beaches and summer is the best time to enjoy your time in the water. The average sea temperature in Barcelona in May is 20℃ which is ideal for swimming. 

Does it rain in Barcelona in May? 

The chance of rainfall is high for nine days in May but the rest of the days will experience clear, sunny skies. Fog and snow are highly unlikely in Barcelona in May.

Is Barcelona Windy in May?

A light breeze blows through Barcelona from the north with average wind speeds of around 6. 5mph, which is not at all windy.

12 Best Things to do in Barcelona in May

1. Visit Sagrada Familia

Gaudi’s Attraction | Cathedral

Designed by Antoni Gaudi, Sagrada Familia is an unfinished Roman Catholic church and one of the top attractions in Barcelona. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is known for its gorgeous architecture and is home to Gaudi Museum.

May Timings: Daily: 9AM to 7PM

from €47

2. Explore Park Guell

Gaudi’s Attraction | Park

Park Guell is nothing short of a fairytale land which is basically a green expanse that houses several amazing structures designed by Gaudi. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to beautiful structures such as The Nature Square, the Dragon Stairway, the Hypostyle Room, and more.

May Timings: Daily from 8 AM – 9:30 PM

from €10

3. Discover Casa Vicens

Gaudi’s Attraction | House Museum

Casa Vicens is a house museum that was earlier the first house designed by Antoni Gaudi. This attraction is the best place to learn about Gaudi and his amazing design talents. You can take a tour of this four-level building where Gaudi used traditional Catalan architectural techniques.

May Timings: 10AM – 8PM

from €16

4. Visit Casa Mila

Gaudi’s Attraction | House Museum

Casa Mila is a modernist building that is also known as La Pedrera due to its open-air quarry-like structure. It was the last private residence designed by Antoni Gaudi and is a popular UNESCO World Heritage Site in Barcelona. If you are an art lover, then you must visit this masterpiece by Gaudi.

May Timings: Open Daily, 9AM to 08:30 PM. Night tour: 9PM – 11PM

from €24

5. Head to Casa Batllo

Gaudi’s Attraction | Landmark Building

Another popular masterpiece by Gaudi, Casa Batllo is a must-visit UNESCO Heritage Site in Barcelona. This modernist building was inspired by the Mediterranean sea and one can different hues of blue throughout the design. This renovated building features a good ventilation system, a legendary roof, and interesting interiors that you have to explore at least once.

May Timings: 9AM – 9PM

from €35

6. Visit Musuems

Cultural Experience

One of the best things to do in Barcelona in May is visit the wide range of museums available here. From Picasso Museum to FC Barcelona Museum, there are many art and history-related museums to explore here. Visit these amazing museums to get a glimpse into Spanish culture and heritage.

Best Museums in Barcelona

7. Watch a Flamenco Show

Cultural Experience

A visit to Barcelona is incomplete without watching the stunning Flamenco traditional dance of Spain. This dance performance involves intricate dance moves, elaborate costumes, and the use of Flamenco guitar. Make sure you don’t miss out on this traditional Spanish dance on your visit to Barcelona in May.

8. Day Trip to Montserrat

Day Trip

If you love playing golf, then you can go on a day trip from Barcelona to Montserrat. Enjoy a Catalan lunch with premium wines in a vineyard where you can indulge in a golf game consisting of 18 holes. You will also find paddle tennis and a private swimming pool access on the grounds of the 10th-century medieval castle.

from €36

9. Visit Barcelona Aquarium


One of the best attractions to visit in Barcelona with family, Barcelona Aquarium is home to the only oceanarium in Europe. This aquarium features an underground tunnel where visitors can watch the live feeding of sharks. There are 14 themed exhibitions in this aquarium where you can watch different aquatic animals and learn more about them.

May Timings: Weekdays: 10AM to 08PM. Weekends: 10AM to 08PM

from €21

10. Enjoy a Hiking Tour

Nature & Adventure

If you wish to spend time in nature, then you should check out the hiking trails around Barcelona in May. The weather is warm and the skies are clear so, you will be able to admire the stunning views from these hikes.

11. Get on Montjuic Cable Car

Cable Car | Sightseeing

For a unique experience in Barcelona, don’t forget to take the Montjuic Cable Car ride. This cable car runs from Montjuic Park upper station to Montjuic Castle from where you can enjoy stunning views of Barcelona city.

Montjuic Cable Car

12. Take a Barcelona Food Tour

Cultural Experience

Barcelona is famous for its delicious cuisine so, what better way to experience this city than by going on a food tour. From paellas to bombas, there are a lot of delicacies to enjoy here on a walking food tour.

Barcelona Food & Drinks Guide

Festivals in Barcelona in May

Feria de Abril de Catalunya

Dates: May 1 – May 7

Feria de Abril de Catalunya is a week-long festival in Barcelona in May where you can have delicious food and a lot of fun. At this fair, you can watch some amazing dance performances, interesting cultural displays, a parade, exciting competitions, and amazing food and drink stalls.  

Know More

DocsBarcelona International Documentary Film Festival

Dates: May 17 – May 29

Venue: Auditoriums across Barcelona

For movie buffs, DocsBarcelona International Documentary Film Festival is one of the top things to attend in Barcelona in May. This festival allows you to see some amazing works in the form of documentaries. From movie conferences to film discussions, to masterclasses, there is a lot to do at this fun-filled event in Barcelona.

Know More

Events in Barcelona in May

Formula One Spanish Grand Prix

Dates: May 20 – May 22

Venues: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

One of the best things to do in Barcelona in May is to watch high-speed sports cars racing towards the finish line at the Formula One Spanish Grand Prix. You can not only watch the races but can also visit the racetracks, take photographs, and do a lot more at this event.

Know More

Feria BioCultura

Dates: May 5 – May 8

Venues: Palau Sant Jordi

Another top event to attend in Barcelona in May is Feria BioCultura that is held at Palau Sant Jordi every year. This exhibition features several eco-friendly and organic products in different industries such as tourism, furnishings, cosmetics, and more.

Know More

Know Before You Visit Barcelona in May

Travel Essentials

What to Wear

What to Pack




Time Zone: GMT +2

Currency: Euro EUR – €

Country code: +34

Emergency numbers: 112

What to Wear in Barcelona in May

  • Carry a light jacket or stole for the evenings when it is slightly cooler.
  • Wear summer clothes that are comfortable and won’t make you sweat, preferably made from cotton.
  • Wear shorts, skirts, tees, etc. during the day as it will be quite hot, carry lots of sunscreen.
  • Carry outdoor summer accessories such as hats, sunglasses, flip flops, scarves, and windcheater jackets to wear during the day.
  • Pack your swimming or beach wear if you are planning to spend a lot of time on the beaches in Barcelona.

What to Pack in Barcelona in May

  • Power Adapter: A type F plug (grounded) or a type C plug (non-grounded). 
  • Clothes: Shorts, trousers, skirts, light jackets, and a stole/scarf. Wear a windcheater jacket in the day to protect yourself from the wind or the sun.
  • Carry a pair of comfortable shoes as you would be walking a lot. 
  • Pack summer accessories such as a hat, sunglasses, etc., and sunscreen to protect yourself under the clear, sunny skies.
  • Also, pack a day pack that you can use to carry around your belongings when you explore the city.

Getting Around Barcelona in May

By Metro: Barcelona metro is one of the best ways to travel around the city as it has an extensive network and most runs underground. You can use the eight lines and 161 stations to reach most destinations in Barcelona. Metro map.

By Bus: Explore Barcelona by bus is extremely cost-effective. There are over 200 bus lines running late in the night that you can use to reach your desired destination in the city. City bus map.

By Cable Car (Funicular): Make use of the three cable car lines in Barcelona that you can hop onto and enjoy majestic views of the city. Two of these cable car lines reach Tibidabo while the other takes you to Montjuïc.

On Foot: You can also explore Barcelona on foot in May as the weather is warm and pleasant at this time. Many popular attractions are located close to each other.

Where to Stay in Barcelona in May

Discover the wide range of accommodation options in the magical city of Barcelona. Barcelona has something for every kind of traveler! Choose from comfortable budget hotels or opulent luxury stays depending on the type of trip you’re planning to have.

Luxury Hotels: Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona GL, Hotel Arts Barcelona, Mandarin Oriental Barcelona, Le Meridien Barcelona.

Mid-Range Hotels: Hotel Passeig de Gracia, Hotel Curious, SmartRoom Hotel, ibis Barcelona Meridiana. 

Budget Hotels: Hotel Monegal, The Corner Hotel, Violeta Boutique, Rodamón Barcelona Hostel, Hostal Mont Thabor, Yeah Barcelona Hostel

What to Eat in Barcelona in May

Paella: Paella is the national dish of Spain and is made from seafood, meat, and rice, and is the perfect dish to enjoy in Barcelona in May.

Bombas: A bomba is a potato croquette and is one of the top foods to try in Barcelona in May. It is served with two sauces – a white garlic sauce and a spicy red sauce. 

Esqueixada: Another popular summertime Catalan dish to try in Barcelona is Esqueixada. This dish is made from several ingredients such as olive oil, onions, tomatoes, vinegar, salt, and dried fish.

Escalivada: Escalivada is baked in embers of woodfire. It is made from bell peppers, olive oil, and eggplant. This dish is generally served with anchovies and toasted bread.

Hacks & Tips to Visit Barcelona in May

  • Barcelona in May offers the perfect weather for sightseeing and outdoor activities.
  • Make sure you cover your hands and knees when visiting the churches in Barcelona.
  • Since the weather in Barcelona in May is warm, pack light cotton summer clothes such as skirts, dresses, and capris.
  • This is the perfect time to spend hours on the beach so, keep sufficient time in your itinerary to enjoy the Barcelona beaches.
  • If you are going to be swimming or chilling on the beach a lot, then carry your beachwear and plenty of sunscreen.
  • Most shops are closed on Sundays in Barcelona so keep your shopping plans for another day of the week.
  • The best way to explore the streets of Barcelona and indulge in Spanish culture is by taking long strolls throughout the city.
  • Adhere to the dress code for nightclubs if you wish to visit and party in Barcelona.
  • Remember to check the event and performances schedule and if there is an entrance fee to attend them.
  • Book your flights, hotels, and activities in advance as this is one of the busiest months to visit Barcelona.

Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Barcelona in May

Is May a good time to visit Barcelona?

Yes, Barcelona in May offers the perfect weather for sightseeing, hiking, and enjoying outdoor activities in the city.

What are the best things to do in Barcelona in May?

Is it cold in Barcelona in May?

It is warm in Barcelona in May with the average temperature ranging between a high of 25℃ and a low of 15℃.

How hot is Barcelona in May?

Barcelona in May is pleasantly warm as it is the onset of summer. Expect temperatures varying between 15℃ and 25℃ in this month.

Can you swim in Barcelona in May?

Yes, the sea is perfectly warm with a temperature of 20℃ which makes it ideal for swimming and enjoying other water sports.

Is it sunny in Barcelona in May?

Yes, the summer season in Barcelona is sunny and clear for the majority of the days. 

What clothes to wear in Barcelona in May?

Since Barcelona in May offers warm weather, it is recommended to get summer attire. Pack cotton dresses, skirts, shorts, scarves, and a light jacket to put on in the evening.

Is it rainy in Barcelona in May?

You can expect rain for less than 9 days in Barcelona in May.

Is Barcelona expensive to visit?

Yes, Barcelona in May is slightly expensive as it is the start of tourist season and the weather is pleasant. This is why it is recommended to book your flights, hotels, and other activities beforehand to avoid paying high prices for last-minute bookings.

How safe is Barcelona?

Barcelona is a safe city to visit but there can be pickpockets and thieves in the crowds. So, be careful when attending parties or crowded events in Barcelona.

What can I see in Barcelona in May?

There are a lot of attractions to visit in Barcelona in May such as Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Barcelona Aquarium, Montserrat, and more.  

What are the major events in Barcelona in May?

A few major events in Barcelona in May that you cannot miss out on are Formula One Spanish Grand Prix and Feria BioCultura.

What is the average temperature in Barcelona in May?

The average high in Barcelona in May is 23℃ while the average low is 15℃.

What are the best things to do with Kids in Barcelona in May?

Barcelona offers lots of fun activities and attractions to enjoy with your kids too. Take the kids to museums to learn about the local history and culture, go on hikes, enjoy the beaches, or indulge in an outdoor adventure.

What are the main festivals in Barcelona in May?

Feria de Abril de Catalunya and DocsBarcelona International Documentary Film Festival are a few of the major festivals to attend in Barcelona in May.

Barcelona 2023 – What to wear in Barcelona in May?

28. 04.2023 – 30.04.2023


05.05.2023 – 07.05.2023


07.05.2023 | 09.00


What to wear in Barcelona in May?

Average Night temperatures in May are 16C /60C and and average Day temperatures are to 21C /70F. May is very much a spring month in Barcelona but if you come from colder climates it might feel more like summer.

The sea water for bathing will be be chilly but it’s possible to sunbathe on the beaches. 

In May we recommend you pack summer gear like shorts and t-shirts and maybe sandals but also bring a light fleece or anorak and light summer trousers as one can experience cooler winds in the evening and some rainy days.  

Warm hat and gloves etc are not need in May in Barcelona unless perhaps you are going to the Pyrenees mountains or inland locations which can still be chilly in early morning and evening in May.

This applies to half-day tours to Montserrat mountain or other day tours outside Barcelona including Tarragona, Girona, Pyrenees mountains etc.

What to wear for May nightlife

Barcelona is a casual wear city so wearing jeans and T-shirts is fine for most occasions.

However for top Barcelona night clubs and dinner restaurants we recommend guests wear smart casual.

The top Barcelona night clubs have a very strict dress code and expect nice shoes, long trousers and a smart shirt or polo-shirt. 

If you need to pick up new clothes in Barcelona then visit Barcelona shopping malls or consult our Barcelona shopping guide

Another dress tip for Barcelona is to wear the clothes you wear at home.

For some reasons when we travel we like to give our regular clothes a vacation and we dress up a bit in tourist gear but in Barcelona it’s better not to look too touristy when sightseeing because it can make you a easy mark for pickpockets who lurk around the popular tourist areas.

Read our safety article about avoiding Barcelona pickpockets.
Read our Barcelona weather page for more weather information.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Barcelona in May. 🙂 And thank you for visiting Barcelona.

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Weather in Barcelona in May 2023

Apr 24 – 24 MayFebMarAprMayJuneAugsenOctDec


June 2023

10010 10010 1 May

10010 100010 May 2 May 3 May 4 May 5
Temperature at night, °C 14 14 15 15 15
Temperature during the day, °C 26 026

17 19 19
Moisture, % 21

Pressure, mm 745 745 745 745 746
Wind, m/s 4 3 3 3 3
mm . 3 4 1.2 0.1 0.1
6 May 7 May 8 May 19 290 10 2
Temperature at night, °C 15 15 16 16 16
Daytime temperature, °C 18 19 19 9 18 90 2 6
Humidity, % 68 68 75 75 73
5 744
Wind, m/s 3 3 3 3 3
Precipitation, mm 21
0011 May 12 May 13 May 14 May 15
Temperature at night, °C 16 16 16 15
Day temperature, °C 19 19 19 18 18
025 73 68 67
Pressure, mm 745 746 745 746 747
Wind, m/s 2

3 6

3 3 3
Precipitation, mm 1. 2 1.1 3.5 0.2 0.2

9mm 6

9010 16 May 18 May 19 May 20
Night temperature, °C 16 16 15 15 16
Day temperature, °C 18 18 18 19
Humidity, % 69 68 69 73 68
Pressure, mm 745 745 746 746 1.5 1.7 2.9 0.8


May 21 May 22 May 23 May 24 May 25
C 17 17 17 17 18
Temperature during the day, °C 021

Humidity, % 62 61 61 64 72
Pressure, mm , m/s 4 3 4 3 3
Precipitation, mm May 26 May 27 May 28 May 29 May 30
Temperature at night, °C 17 17 17 17
Daytime temperature, °C 19 20 20 21 21
025 63 64
Pressure, mm 746 745 745 745 746
Wind, m/s 21

Precipitation, mm 0. 2 2.9 0.6 0.1 1.8

025 Temperature at night, °C

May 31
Temperature during the day, °C 21
Humidity, % 63
Pressure, mm 747
Wind, m/s 3

Rainfall mm 1

Weather in Barcelona in May 2023-2022 🌊 and water temperature at “365 Celsius”

Barcelona in early May, according to tourists, is an ambiguous place to travel. On the one hand, air temperature, sea temperatures, winds and precipitation do not guarantee a cloudless holiday. But on the other hand, if you know how to organize a pleasant vacation for yourself, minor vagaries of the weather will not bother you. The air temperature is already quite comfortable. If you like to swim in cool waters, then you can open the beach season in the Mediterranean Sea. In any case, the weather in Barcelona in May will not spoil your holiday in Spain, and what it will be like, you can find out more precisely from the weather forecast at the end of the month of April.

Temperature in Barcelona in May

Average day temperature: +19.2°C
Average temperature at night: +14.0°C
Sea water temperature: +17.1°C
Number of sunny days: 25 days
Rainy days:
3 days
33.5 mm

Monthly weather comparison in Barcelona
Water temperature in Spain in May

Should I go on vacation in May?


Barcelona is one of the main geographical points of Spain, where you need to visit to get to know the country. Therefore, it is worth relaxing in it in any month of the year. But May makes this holiday special. If you believe the statistics, then two-thirds of the month is sunny weather. In most cases, you will not have to worry about how to dress in Barcelona in May, because the weather rarely provides surprises. Of the entire month, only ten days are cloudy days, while cloudy weather usually lasts no longer than three days. This even has its advantages, since the sights of the city in different lighting conditions sometimes create the opposite impression. Try to capture them in different weather and compare the shots.

The weather in Barcelona in early May, like in other parts of Spain, can surprise you with dense and thick clouds for five days in a row, but no matter how cloudy it is, the temperature remains comfortable for walking. At 18-20 °C, it is convenient to explore the city and its surroundings in light outerwear.

But to ensure that your vacation is a success, purchase tours by the end of the month. Then the air warms up more strongly, the probability of precipitation decreases noticeably, and the Mediterranean Sea is ready to receive the first bathers on clean beaches.

    Please note:

  • Weather in Barcelona in April:
    rating 3.3 (out of 5),
    air +18.5°C , sea: +14.8°C,
    rain 2 days
  • Weather in Barcelona in June:
    rating 4.6 (out of 5),
    air +26.8°C , sea: +20.6°C,
    rain 3 days


  • for 3 days
  • for week
  • for 10 days
  • for 14 days
  • for the month
  • for weekend
  • water for 14 days
  • for 5 days
  • for 7 days
  • 2 weeks
  • today
  • tomorrow
  • water now
  • by month
  • seasons
  • Monthly comparison of weather in Barcelona 0755 June

  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November

Air temperature

The weather in Barcelona in the first half of May stays at around 18-19°C, but gradually increases and by the end of the first decade it is already 20-22 °C. This creates excellent conditions for city tours, long shopping, gastronomic tours to local restaurants. At night, the thermometer falls only 3-5 marks from daytime readings. Therefore, if, having arrived in the city in early or mid-May, you are planning night walks, think over what clothes to take in May before the trip. A warm sweater or windbreaker will obviously not be superfluous.

The ideal time for a city break is the end of the month. The air temperature can sometimes reach 26 ° C, but on average it stays at 22 ° C. There are still few tourists, as the beach season is not officially open. Therefore, you can freely explore the sights of the city, without too much fuss and hustle.

Water temperature in Barcelona in May

The sea in Barcelona in May, like in other Spanish beach cities, is still quite cool, because what can it be like swimming at a water temperature of 17 °C if you like warm sea. Although, we must pay tribute, there are lovers who consider this particular water temperature to be comfortable. For them, this period of the year is the perfect time to visit Barcelona and open the beach season. The low rainfall at this time also speaks in favor of this decision. It rains in May on average three days for the whole month.

The water temperature in Barcelona in May, thanks to good weather, gradually warms up and reaches 20°C by the end of the month. In such water, even slightly seasoned tourists who do not like too warm sea can swim. But even if swimming is not part of your vacation plans, you can have a good time on the beach. At this time, they are not yet overcrowded with tourists, clean and spacious. Therefore, it is not so important whether you are going to Barcelona in May to swim or wander around the city with excursions, you will get your dose of positive impressions.

Rating, rainy days and precipitation in May and other months.

The city’s rainfall rating for this month fluctuates between 3. 1 and 4.8 points. As already mentioned, during this period, about three rainy days fall per month, so the month took third place in the overall rainfall rating of months. Approximately the same figures for March and June. But there is relatively little precipitation – 33.5 mm, so May is ranked ninth in this indicator. Even in June there is more rainfall, not to mention March. But all the same, the weather in Barcelona in May, according to tourists, as well as throughout Spain, is still not as comfortable as it is in summer.

Wind speed

The average speed in May is 2.8 m/s with maximum wind gusts up to 4 m/s.

Climate summary

Day Day air temperature Water temperature
1 +20. 7°C +16.1°C
2 +17.4°C +16.0°C
3 +22.8°C +16.1°C
4 +18. 4°C +16.2°C
5 +20.3°C +16.8°C
6 +19.4°C +16.5°C
7 +20. 8°C +17.0°C
8 +22.3°C +17.3°C
9 +23.7°C +17.7°C
10 +23. 8°C +18.1°C
11 +20.7°C +17.7°C
12 +18.8°C +17.3°C
13 +14. 3°C +17.2°C
14 +19.6°C +17.3°C
15 +20.9°C +17.2°C
16 +20. 6°C +17.0°C
17 +20.4°C +17.2°C
18 +20.7°C +17.1°C
19 +20. 9°C +17.5°C
20 +21.1°C +17.3°C
21 +22.1°C +17.7°C
22 +21. 3°C +17.3°C
23 +22.7°C +17.3°C
24 +19.6°C
25 +19. 8°C +17.0°C
26 +20.4°C +17.5°C
27 +20.9°C +17.3°C
28 +19. 3°C +17.7°C
29 +20.3°C +17.5°C
30 +21.7°C +17.6°C
31 +22. 9°C +18.0°C

Reviews of tourists about the weather in Barcelona in May

About the advantages and disadvantages of the May weather in Barcelona, ​​say the reviews of tourists who visited there during this period of the year.

Alexander, 30 years old, Orel:

“We went to Barcelona on vacation in 2021 with the whole family: me, my wife and a child. We specially selected a tour for May, because we can hardly endure the intense heat. With pleasure we wandered around the city, sat in local cafes and restaurants. The air temperature in May is excellent, the sea is slightly cool, so it was not possible to swim far and for a long time in it. But we got our pleasure. Even the son periodically splashed in the water. Next time, if we decide to go to Barcelona again, we will go only in May!”

Vladimir and Maria, Kazan:

“We decided to spend the May holidays in Barcelona in 2019. We knew in advance that we would have to give up a beach holiday: the sea temperature in May (according to tourists) is quite cool. And indeed it is. But we did not regret the trip at all! The weather allowed us to see the Spanish Village, the Singing Fountains, the Palace of Catalan Music. I especially liked the visit to the Picasso Museum and the ascent to the “Jewish” mountain Montjuic. We went everywhere on our own, without a guide, so we saw everything we wanted and saved a lot. But they brought home a lot of emotions.”

Anton, 25 years old, Orenburg:

“I have been going to Barcelona regularly for three years in a row, especially for music festivals. Therefore, I am not particularly worried about what the temperature is in Barcelona in May, in all of Spain, what cloud cover or the average temperature of the water in the sea. Cool air, especially at night, plays into the hands of such events. They pass on huge stone platforms where a lot of people gather. Yes, and the music does not freeze. The only bad thing is that it is difficult to book a hotel near the venue, you have to do it in advance. But there is always a choice between upscale establishments and hostels.”

Barcelona in May: where to go and what to see

According to tourists, Barcelona in May is very romantic. At this time, trees bloom, filling the streets with a pleasant aroma, and their delicate flowers create an amazing contrast with Gothic temples and ancient buildings. There are many temples in the city, so even if they are not included in the plans of your excursions, you will still meet a couple. In addition to ancient buildings, the city will please with museums, monuments, parks and other attractions.

When deciding what to see in May in Barcelona, ​​be sure to stop by the Gothic quarter, where the mansions of the Spanish nobility of bygone times have been preserved. They were built on a grand scale and pomposity, which was characteristic of the Roman Empire. Most of them are well preserved to this day, so be prepared that you will want to take a lot of photos.

Among the religious buildings worth a look is the Sagrada Familia, which was built by the famous architect Gaudí. The 170 m high building resembles a mysterious cave, overgrown with stalactites and stalagmites. Keep in mind that there are always long queues at the box office for tickets. Especially when the weather in Barcelona in the second half of May becomes warm, and the last decade does not overshadow the rest with rain.

At the same time, walks along the Rambla pedestrian boulevard are good, where, in addition to small cozy restaurants and cafes, there are flower growers, artists, actors and mimes demonstrating their art. You can walk along this boulevard all day long and get new impressions every time. To keep them positive, always keep an eye on your belongings, especially bags and wallets. In a dense crowd of onlookers, pickpockets love to wield.

Barcelona is already gathering beach lovers at the end of May, although tourists say that the sea temperature is still too cold for swimming. But on the beaches it is already quite possible to sunbathe, even topless or completely naked. It is only important to choose the right place. In the latter case, we recommend the Mar Bella beach. For a family holiday, the Nova Ikaria beach is suitable, where locals like to relax. But in general, on the five-kilometer coastline of Barcelona, ​​you can find a place to stay for any request.

The weather in Barcelona at the end of May is exactly the kind that will allow you to comfortably enjoy the beauties of local parks, famous throughout Spain, although it is also comfortable to walk in them in the middle of the month. One of the most popular is Park Güell, where it is especially interesting for children to play. Almost all park sculptures, benches, buildings seem to have descended from the pages of fairy tale books. Stone trees, gingerbread houses, unusual shops – all this takes even adults into a fairy tale. The symbol of the city, the mosaic lizard, also lives here.

Holidays in Barcelona in May with children can be spent in the Port Aventura amusement park, which is considered the local “Disneyland” in Spain, and the reviews of tourists are simply excellent. It is located in the city of Salou, 100 km from Barcelona. A bus goes there regularly. Entry for the whole day will cost 45 EUR. You can spend several days in the park. Cafes, restaurants and even hotels operate here, and in May all the attractions and water slides just open.

If attractions don’t appeal to you, ancient temples and ancient castles are no longer interesting, you will still find something to do in Barcelona. It hosts various festivals and holidays all year round: film festivals, music, concerts and more. In addition, there are a lot of world-class museums, theaters, and art exhibitions. As for May, the annual Primavera Sound music festival, which attracts world-famous musicians, will become a significant event.