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Master’s and postgraduate degrees

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Master’s and postgraduate degrees offering

Knowledge area· Arts and Humanities· Engineering and Architecture· Health Sciences· Sciences· Social Sciences and Law

Why studying a master’s degree or a postgraduate course at the UB?

Wide range of courses

We offer more than 50 master’s degrees, and more than 800 own master’s degrees and postgraduate courses. We have training programs in various modalities (face-to-face, semi-face-to-face, and virtual) that respond to almost all training needs for university graduates, practising professionals, and general public.

Excellence and international prestige

We lead over national universities in the best global university rankings (Academic Ranking of World Universities – ARWU and Best Global Universities Rankings).

Academic referent

Our UB-specific master’s degrees and postgraduate courses are innovative, broad-reaching and multidisciplinary. whatever your choice of course, it will prepare you to face an ever-changing world in which lifelong learning and digital literacy will become increasingly important.

Leaders in research 

We have more than 7,100 scientific publications (Web of Science), 1,029 active research projects, 250 consolidated research groups, 16 UB research institutes, and 700 doctoral theses read in the academic year 2021-2022.

Employment prospects

We are the best national university in terms of employability (QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022), and we have a 89% job insertion rate (Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency).


We have more than 3,578 agreements with foreign universities and institutions. Approximately 1,400 mobility destinations at universities around the world.

Access to doctoral studies

University master’s degrees provide an introduction to academic research and are your gateway to doctoral studies.

General grant and other financial aid

If you are taking a university master’s degree, you can apply for the Spanish Ministry of Education general grant or a collaboration grant with one of the UB’s university departments. You can also apply for other sources of financial aid, such as the bkUB special grants, UB collaboration grants or the Màster+UB grant.

Libraries and digital services

The UB has 16 libraries with the European seal of excellence (European Foundation for Quality Management) with more than 300,000 loan items available. They offer more than 2.2 million information resources, more than 38,000 electronic journals, and access to 250 specialized databases.

Living in Barcelona

Barcelona is the best Spanish city to study in and is in the top 35 student cities in the world (QS Best Student Cities 2022). We have more than 100,000 sq m of facilities for sports and health: take part in leagues, train outdoors, sign up to directed activities, and much more. You can also participate in different cultural activities and student representation associations.

What do UB students think about it?

Thanks to the master’s degree and everything I have learned, I have finally been able to be in a better place to work and it fulfills everything I was looking for.

Cristian Moreno
Master’s degree in Leadership and Management in Nursing


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UB Alumni discounts

Save 10% on UB master’s and postgraduate courses.

​​​​​​​As a membre of UB Alumni (Master’s fee) you can benefit from a 10% discount on the price of master’s and postgraduate courses at the UB and the Institut de Formació Contínua. See terms and conditions

Bachelor’s degrees – Studies portal

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Bachelor’s degree offering

Knowledge areaArts and HumanitiesEngineeringHealth SciencesSciencesSocial Sciences

Why study a bachelor’s degree at the UB?

Excellence and international recognition

We are national leaders in the most prestigious university rankings (Academic Ranking of World Universities – ARWU i Best Global Universities Rankings). We participate in the League of European Research Universities (LERU), formed by Europe’s 23 best research universities. We are the only Spanish member.

Academic benchmark institution

More than the 31% of the first-choice applications for undergraduate study at Catalan public universities are for a place on one of the UB’s 72 bachelor’s degrees.

International and national mobility programmes

We have own and affiliated halls of residence, as well as a own university residence. Apart from housing, you can experience personal and collective growth.

Employment prospects 

We are the best national university in terms of job insertion (QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022): the last confirmed employment rate was 87% (AQU Catalunya). We offer more than 200 activities for improving students’ employment prospects.

General grant and other financial aid 

If you are taking a bachelor’s degree, you can apply for the general grant offered by the Spanish Ministry of Education, a MATRC economic accreditation, and the Equity grant, both issued by the AGAUR. You can also benefit from the UB’s grant and financial aid programmes to assist your studies.

UB services

At the University of Barcelona, we have 16 libraries with the European seal of excellence (European Foundation for Quality Management), a sports service with more than 100,000 sq m of facilities, a personalized Student Support Service, and the possibility of studying up to 33 languages and advanced Catalan courses.  

SDGs and the 2030 Agenda

We are in the top 10 universities of the world in quality education (SDG #4 of the 2030 Agenda). We offer subjects related to entrepreneurship, bioethics, gender equality, science and technology, striving to promote a collaborative, responsible culture of critical and ethical thinking.

Living in Barcelona

We have own and affiliated halls of residence, as well as a own university residence. Apart from housing, you can experience personal and collective growth.

What do UB students think about it?

I knew that I wanted to study something about to facilitating people’s access to things, that is, as a public service.

Núria Palomar
​​​​​​​Bachelor’s degree in Information and Documentation

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App Tria UB

The app that guides you in accessing UB degrees

With the TriaUB app you will have information and advice for choosing a degree, notifications and reminders of the most important dates, tips for passing the university entrance exams (PAU), frequently asked questions, maps with the locations of the faculties and information on open doors days.

Download the app available for Android and iOS.

tuition costs – UniPage

Barcelona, ​​Spain

UB provides undergraduate and graduate programs. The minimum tuition fee is 1194 USD. Admission process.

The information is for informational purposes only. Check the prices and requirements on the official website of the educational institution.

About the university

The University of Barcelona (UB) is a public non-profit educational institution. UB is located in Barcelona, ​​Spain. This is one of the oldest universities in the country, founded in 1450. UB cooperates with the European University Association (EUA), Coimbra Group, International Forum of Public Universities (IFPU), International Research Universities Network (IRUN), OpenCourseWare Consortium (OCW).

The university was highly rated by the QS international ranking of the best universities and won 184 positions in the world. The university is one of the best in the world in the arts and humanities, life sciences, natural sciences, social sciences and management, engineering and technology. The university occupies the 93rd place in the top of the independent international ranking of THE world universities.

The admission committee of the university conducts a set of undergraduate and graduate programs.



0 35 Natural Sciences

Destination Rank in QS 2023
Life Sciences 57 65
Anatomy and Physiology 78
Art and humanities 97
social sciences and management 108
agriculture and forestry 128
Accounting and Finance 232

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Tuition fees at the University of Barcelona

The academic calendar at the University of Barcelona is divided into semesters, like in many other universities in Spain. But for convenience, the cost of training is calculated per year. The cost of studying for local residents at the University of Barcelona starts from 1,194 USD per year. Students from other countries pay a minimum of 4,377 USD per year. The university provides tuition assistance to some students through financial aid programs. They are available to both locals and foreigners. For up-to-date information on the cost of education for each program and scholarships, check the official website of the educational institution.

When choosing an educational institution, it is important to be aware of the additional costs: hostel rent, transportation, teaching materials, meals and personal expenses.

Applying for a Master’s program at UB

When selecting students for Master’s programs, the admission committee of the university pays attention to the student’s academic performance in the undergraduate program. To confirm the level of English, you will need an IELTS or TOEFL language exam. The minimum IELTS score for admission is 5.5. TOEFL – 72 points or higher.

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Campus of the University of Barcelona

The urban campus of the University of Barcelona provides students with countless opportunities for work and leisure. From gatherings in a coffee shop with a laptop to internships in large companies. Barcelona has a very well developed entertainment infrastructure. The main thing is that the rhythm of the big city does not distract you from your studies. The educational institution has its own library. Here students do their homework or just have a good time reading an interesting book. Student life at the University of Barcelona is filled with intercultural activities, as not only local students study here, but also students from abroad. The exchange of knowledge and experience, networking and new acquaintances – all this is an integral part of the student body.

What to do after the University of Barcelona

To stay in the country for another year after graduation, graduates need to extend their student visa or apply for a job search visa. Graduates from the University of Barcelona find jobs quickly, in part because the university has a good reputation among employers according to the QS World University Rankings. Look for more immigration options in our article.

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Best University of Barcelona – all faculties and prices (UB)


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  • History
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  • Composition
  • School Infrastructure
  • Faculties
  • Tuition Fees
  • Admission Process
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The University of Barcelona is one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. Its history began in 1450. Since that time, the university has been on the list of the best educational institutions in both Spain and the world.

The University of Barcelona was opened on November 3, 1450.

Advantages of studying in Barcelona

Among the key advantages of studying in the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia are:

  1. Affordable cost, in relation to other European countries, the United States of America and Great Britain.
  2. Opportunity to learn 1-2 foreign languages ​​at any faculty.
  3. Providing an international diploma, which has a special status and looks prestigious for employers.
  4. Comfortable learning environment.

Additional advantages include Barcelona’s geographic location, favorable climate, rich cultural heritage and developed infrastructure.

The state education system is constantly developing and improving. Therefore, Spanish scientists often make major discoveries, and students from metropolitan universities find themselves in the best laboratories in the world. Their inventions become useful for all mankind.

Universities in Spain are superior in terms of educational standards to institutions in other countries. There are fewer students in classrooms equipped with useful gadgets. The curriculum is compiled taking into account all modern trends.

University address:

The official coat of arms of the university.

University of Barcelona
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585
Barcelona, ​​España. Index 08007
Of. website:
Tel.: +34 93 402 1100.


medical school Estudi General, but it has not received official recognition from the authorities.

King Alfonso V was a generous patron of the arts. He invested a lot in the development of education and creativity, so he recognized the Estudi General school as a city educational institution.

The formation of an educational institution continued until the end of the 14th century, which led to the emergence of several schools under the patronage of the city authorities and the Dominican monastery of St. Catherine.

Barcelona University Ranking

The University of Barcelona is over 500 years old and continues to be a popular university with a progressive education system. The institution competently combines the advanced achievements of modern science and technology with the centuries-old experience of previous generations.

In many rankings, the university occupies a leading position:

  • The Times Higher Education ranked it 174th in the list of the 200 best universities in the world.
  • QS World University Rankings considers the institution the most prestigious in Spain, 73rd most popular in European countries and 166th worldwide.
  • The Global Universities Ranking gives the university 1st place in Spain, 26th in Europe and 90th in the world.
  • According to the Center for World University Ranking, the university ranks 1st in the country, 32nd in Europe and 116th in the world.
  • According to the Shanghai ARWU ranking: 1st in Spain, 65th in Europe and 176th in the world.

University ranking.


The university has 7 campuses, 2 park areas, dormitories and parking places. As part of academic cooperation, the university participates in international programs, concluding up to 3,000 agreements per year. The achievements of Barcelona students are highly appreciated all over the world.

The structure of education consists of all cycles of higher education institutions:

  1. Undergraduate.
  2. Master.
  3. Postgraduate studies.

Undergraduate programs last from 3 to 6 years. To obtain the status of a master, 1 year of study is required, and for a doctor of science – from 3 years.

In addition, the University of Barcelona has advanced courses and other projects for people who want to learn all their lives.

Infrastructure of the educational institution m area and consists of 16 faculties. Also, there are 8 educational centers on the territory of the university, and the total number of students who can simultaneously study at the institution reaches 90 thousand.

The number of researchers and teachers – 5311.

Students are provided with access to a library with 1.8 million books and sports departments with a total area of ​​​​up to 100,000 square meters. m. The budget for research for the year is 62.7 million euros.


The university has 16 faculties:

  • Physics.
  • Geological.
  • Math.
  • Pedagogical.
  • Legal.
  • Biological.
  • Library and archival business.
  • Medical with departments of dentistry and nursing.
  • Chemical.
  • Psychological.
  • Philosophical.
  • Pharmaceutical.
  • Economy and business.
  • Geographical and historical.
  • Fine arts.
  • Philological.


At the universitat de Barcelona there are a lot of different study programs for students:

  • balaclava – 73 programs;
  • magistracy – 144 programs;
  • doctorates – 48 programs;
  • postgraduate education – 654 programs;
  • advanced training courses – 97 programs;
  • courses “lifelong learning” – 599 programs.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees at the University of Barcelona depend on several factors. First of all, the complexity and duration of the curriculum, as well as the student’s citizenship, are taken into account. At the same time, the cost of programs at elite faculties, including pharmaceutical, legal and medical, is much lower than in universities in the US, Australia, Canada and European countries.

To obtain a bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Pharmacy, you will need to pay approximately 2146 euros per year. When entering under a special quota, the cost reaches 8584 euros per year.

The medical program costs 2,000 euros per year. Due to the leading positions in world rankings and democratic prices, the University of Barcelona is becoming a popular university for students from around the world.

Table with prices for a year of study at different universities in Spain for foreigners on the example of popular faculties:

Universities Faculty of Tourism Faculty
management and
business administration
Faculty of Spanish Philology Art
Faculty of Law Faculty of Medicine
University of Andalusia 758 € 758 € 758€ 758 € 758 € 758€
Santiago de Compostela no 3,700 € 3,650 € no 3,700 € €5,180
University of Valladolid 775 € 780 € 810 € no 975 € 1,730€
University of Burgos 775 € 780 € 810 € no 975 € 1,730 €
University of Alicante 995 € 910 € 910 € no 835 € no
University of Valencia 995 € 910 € 910 € 990 € 835 € 1,270 €
University of Barcelona* €1. 525* €1.525* 1,525€* €2.155* €1.525* €2,380*
University of Salamanca 1,550 € 2,115 € 1,600 € 2,290 € 1,950 € 3,450 €
Carlos III University of Madrid 6,825 € 6,825€ no no 6,825 € no
University Rey Juan Carlos Madrid 6,825€ 6,825 € no 6,823 € 6,825 € €8,190
Complutense University Madrid 6,825 € 6,825 € 6,820€ 6,825 € 6,825€ 8,195 €

Admission process

As a public institution, the university admits students to study in accordance with the regulations and laws of Spain.


Taking into account the basic education of the applicant, the admission process is carried out in 3 categories. The first involves applying after school based on a high school diploma. The document must be legalized by translation into Spanish. The legalization process is determined by the state and the educational system where the certificate was issued.

There are 2 types of procedure in total:

  1. Homologation.
  2. Obtaining a Credencial de Acceso permit.

In addition to the document on completion of school, representatives of some countries take the Unified State Examination.

The following admission option is adapted for students with incomplete higher education. The university recognizes only those courses that are part of the general educational program in Spain. Before submitting the application, the applicant needs to receive information about the procedure regulations.

The last way is admission on the basis of a bachelor’s degree. An applicant from another country must complete the diploma homologation or wait for partial recognition of the program.

Master’s degree

A bachelor’s degree or its translated equivalent must be presented as a basis for completing a master’s degree. The document is legalized and adapted to the regulations of the university. In addition, there is the possibility of submitting a primary application. Other requirements are determined by the training program and include the submission of a motivation sheet, a letter of recommendation and a resume.

Postgraduate studies

To enroll in graduate school, you should carefully study the doctoral programs. Then you need to get feedback from the department and start looking for a teacher who will be interested in your doctoral thesis. In addition, you will need to prepare a draft dissertation proposal. Depending on the faculty, the requirements for the design of the project may vary.

The admission process requires special responsibility and preparation. But this is justified by the opportunity to become a student of a prestigious university with a worldwide reputation.

Ranking of all higher education institutions in Barcelona

Other popular universities in the Catalan capital include: 2 8.4



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2 Universitat 80002 6






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Student reviews


Leah, 27 years old , St. Petersburg:

“Graduated from the Faculty of Biology in Barcelona. I note that admission to this university is a laborious and lengthy process, which must be approached responsibly.