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Barcelona Sants Train Station | Spain Railways

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Where is the Barcelona Sants Station Located?


Carrer del Rector Triado, 75, 08014, Barcelona, Spain

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The Barcelona Sants Station is the largest and busiest railway station in Barcelona and one of the most important transport hubs of the Catalonia region (and Spain in general). It serves as the main station of Rodalies de Catalunya (regional rail service) as well as many long-distance international routes. Moreover, the Sants Station is a station able to accommodate the high-speed train AVE which is one of the most efficient and comfortable ways to travel around Spain. Sants is a comparatively “young” station, built at the end of the 1970s in an urban minimalist style. All Sants’ train platforms are located underground while the upper floors are used for the ticket offices, shopping and hotel areas, and other facilities.

The Busiest Rail Station of Catalonia: Barcelona Sants

Spain’s Barcelona Sants is, indeed, one of the most significant starting points for an impressive number of domestic and international routes. Check out the video to get a sneak peek of the interiors and learn more about how the Sants station looks from the inside and what facilities it offers.



Getting Around Barcelona’s Sants Railway Station


How to get to the Barcelona Sants station?

The Barcelona Sants railway station has a convenient location in the western part of Barcelona. The station can be easily reached by public transport, including buses and metro. The Barcelona Sants metro station is called Sants Esacio and is reachable by traveling on the Blue (L5) or Green Line (L3).

What facilities to find on the Barcelona Sants train station?

Sants is quite a modern station which offers a wide range of top-notch facilities, corresponding to a large number of passengers passing through the station every day. Thus, here you can find the ticket office and ticket machines, various shops, a pharmacy, cafes, information desks, ATMs, and WCs. Plus, Sants provides car rentals and a parking lot.

Is there free WIFi on the Barcelona Sants rail staion?

Yes, several free WiFi hotspots are available in the station, so you can get access and connect while there.

Where to leave the luggage on the Barcelona Sants?

The Barcelona Sants luggage storage service is available at additional cost. Lockers of different sizes are located in the parking garage of the station.

How to get from the Barcelona Sants station to the airport?

There’s a direct connection between Barcelona Sants and the city’s major airport, El Prat. The airport train station is located within a 5-minute walking distance from the main entrance of Terminal 2. In case you need to get to Terminal 1, you need to take a shuttle bus outside the train station. RENFE trains run approximately every half an hour in either direction and the average travel time takes around 20-25 minutes.

How many platforms are there on the Barcelona Sants station?

Sants has 7 underground platforms, each having a separate entrance. We recommend coming to the station a bit earlier in order to have enough time to find your departure platform and not to miss the train.


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Popular trains departing from Sants Station Station

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Barcelona Sants Train Station – SPANISH TRAINS

Barcelona Sants Railway Station

The building with 7 underground platforms was constructed at the end of the 1970s following the urban minimalist style and got its name after the district where it’s situated. Since then, the Barcelona Sants Station serves as one of the most significant railway joints of the Catalonia region and even entire Spain. 

Being the busiest train hub in the city, the Sants Station provides both regional and long-distance international connections linking all major destinations of the country with the beautiful town of Barcelona.

The Barcelona Sants Station is also the key terminus for AVE high-speed trains, the fastest trains running on the Spanish railways.  ​You can find more information about train routes in Spain at Spanish trains.

Address: Placa dels Paisos Catalans, 1, 7, 08014 Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Main Station Overview

What to find on the station?

The Sants station is a modern complex that offers plenty of great facilities for the convenience of travelers: 

  • Ticket office and ticket machines
  • Information desk
  • Various shops and cafes
  • Pharmacy
  • Parking lot
  • Car rental service
  • Bathrooms
  • ATMs
  • Luggage storage

​Public Domain, [source]

​Public Domain, https://commons.,_121_xxx.jpg [source]​


The Sants is the primary railway station in Barcelona for national and international destinations. Another significant train hub worth mentioning is the Franca Station which is nestled in the east of the city.


You can quickly get to the station from the El Prat Airport using Renfe service. Trains reaching the airport depart from the Barcelona Sants Train Station every 30 minutes and will bring you to the final destination in just 25 minutes.

How to get there?

​Thanks to its convenient location in the western part of the city, you can get to the Barcelona train station using public transport. 

  • Metro: to reach the station by subway, you need to follow the Blue (L5) or Green Line (L3) and get off the train at the Barcelona Sants metro station
  • Walk: it will take you about 10 minutes to reach the complex from Placa de Espanya
  • Parking info: as there is a 4-story car park located at the back of the building, it’s not a problem to find a parking space. The park is 24/7 open and can accommodate 926 cars 

How to get from Barcelona to La Figuerosa (station)


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Take the Barcelona-Plaza De Cataluna train at the Renfe Viajeros station.

Travel time 2 hours 32 minutes Fare from €12 Distance 140 km.

Carrier: Renfe Viajeros.

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Get off at Tarrega.

Apanhar um táxi em Tarrega.

Travel time 6 min. Fare from €14 Distance 6 km.

Carrier: Taxis Tàrrega.

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Get off at La Figuerosa (station).

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Take the ALSA bus at the Barcelona stop.

Travel time 1 h 59 min. Fare from €12 Distance 137 km.

Carrier: ALSA.

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Get off at Tarrega.

Take the Cots Alsina bus at the Tàrrega stop.

Travel time 8 min. Distance 7 km.

Carrier: Cots Alsina.

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Get off at La Figuerosa.

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By car

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Travel time 1 h 15 min. Distance 114 km.

Get off at La Figuerosa (station).

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What is the cheapest way to get from Barcelona to La Figuerosa (station)?

The cheapest way to get from Barcelona to La Figuerosa (station) is by bus. The trip will cost approximately €12. Travel time will be 3 hours 7 minutes.

What is the fastest way to get from Barcelona to La Figuerosa (station)?

By car is the fastest way to get from Barcelona to La Figuerosa (station). Tickets cost around €27. The trip will take 1 hour 15 minutes.

What is the distance between Barcelona and La Figuerosa (station)?

The distance between Barcelona and La Figuerosa (station) by road is 114 km, which is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. on the way by car.

How long does it take to travel from Barcelona to La Figuerosa (station) by car?

Driving from Barcelona to La Figuerosa (station) will take you about 1 hour 15 minutes.

Train from Madrid to Barcelona: fast and overnight trains

Page Content

This article is about the RENFE trains between Madrid and Barcelona. AVE high-speed train, Combinado train and night train to Costa Brava (Estrella). We found out for you where you can board one of these trains, their schedule, ticket prices and discounts, the duration of the trip, what services are provided in the car, and most importantly, where tickets are sold.

Transport from Madrid airport

How to organize your transport from Madrid airport to / from the center of Madrid

Where does the Madrid to Barcelona train leave from?

Atocha Station

There are three trains on this route. Night train Estrella “Costa Brava”, which runs from the Madrid-Chamartin station to the Barcelona-Sants station. The AVE (high speed train) and the Combinado train depart from Madrid Puerta de Atocha Station. Unless you want to take the night train, you will most likely take the AVE as it runs during the day.

To get to Atocha station by metro, you need to go to the following station:
Metro: Atocha RENFE (Blue Line, L1)
To get to Chamartin station by metro, go to the following station:
Metro: Chamartin (Blue branch, L10)

What time does the train Madrid – Barcelona leave?

All trains run daily. The AVE train reaches its destination in 3 hours, while the Costa Brava train travels all night and makes many stops, making the same journey in 9hours.

There is only one Costa Brava train, it leaves at 22:50 – check the RENFE website for the latest timetable. Barcelona is not a final station, so be careful not to oversleep it.

Combinado is a daytime train, it takes 6 hours. There is only one Combinado train, it makes 14 stops and departs daily at 11:40 (check the schedule on the Renfe website at the following link).

Official timetable for Renfe trains from Madrid to Barcelona

Cost of train tickets from Madrid to Barcelona

High-speed train (AVE) Ticket prices depend on the train departure time and where the tickets were purchased. It makes sense to buy tickets on the RENFE website – there you can get a good discount on the standard ticket price at which they are sold at the station box office.

Ticket prices for the AVE train on the RENFE website

Costa Brava train (night train)

Cost of tickets for the Costa Brava train on the RENFE 9 website0003

Advantages of a train over an airplane

Trains are comfortable and there is enough room to stretch your legs. Plus, on daytime trains, you can have lunch in a restaurant or a snack in a cafe. For me personally, the train is a more measured and calm mode of transport – you don’t need to arrive for registration in a few hours, and you can also admire the landscapes outside the window, although I must admit that these very landscapes between Madrid and Barcelona, ​​to put it mildly, do not make much impression.

Duration of trip from Madrid to Barcelona

The high-speed train (AVE) takes approximately 3 hours to travel from Madrid to Barcelona.

The duration of the trains on the route can be viewed on the website RENFE

The Costa Brava train takes about 9 hours to travel between Madrid and Barcelona. You can use the same link to view the timetable for this train.

The Combinado train travels between Madrid and Barcelona in 6 hours.

Train Services Madrid – Barcelona

First class tickets for the AVE train entitle you to free parking at the departure station. If you are traveling one way – parking is allowed for 24 hours, round trip – 48 hours. Before boarding the train, all passengers must pass through a security checkpoint. Please note that these points close 2 minutes before the train departure.

Other amenities on trains

Club class, first class (preferente) or standard (turista)
Toilets and seats for the disabled
Cafe and restaurant
Free drinks and lunch in the restaurant for the first class
Free magazines
TV, music

First class tickets for the Costa Brava train entitle you to park. One way ticket – 24 hours; round trip – 48 hours), free magazine and cafe services.


official website

Once on the site, click on the English flag to go to the English version of the site. (The site is also available in other languages).

Buying tickets

Tickets can be booked by calling
+34 91 232 0320 or directly on the RENFE website.

Tickets are also sold at some travel agencies. If an agency offers such a service, they put up a RENFE ad in the window.

Buy tickets for RENFE trains online:

At the above link, on the official website, you can purchase train tickets. You will need to register, but this requires an ID number. You can use your passport number, or if you are in Spain for permanent residence, then you must have a special Spanish identity card, use his number. It also offers the opportunity to print tickets purchased online. If you want to get a discount on tickets, then you should buy them on the Internet, and not at the box office at the station.

If the system does not accept your Spanish ID number, try dialing only numbers without letters.

Ticket Customer Service:
+34 91 232 0320 (booking)
Tel: +34 91 919 0504 (for international calls)

Tickets can only be collected at the station by the owner of the card with which they were purchased and upon presentation of a photo ID.

There is an electronic queuing system at the ticket office at Atocha Station, you will need to take a special number. Then you will need to wait for your number.

If you booked tickets by phone, you will need to redeem them at least 24 hours before the train departure, otherwise you will lose your reservation.

Train from Madrid to Barcelona – Station Information

Calle Agustín de Foxa
28036 Madrid, España.

Parking lot

Parking near Chamartín Madrid

Opening hours: 04:30 – 00:30
Redemption of booked tickets: 07:00 – 20:00
Ticket sales: Monday – Sunday: 02:30 06:30 15 Cameras storage: 07:00 – 23:00

Metro: Chamartin (Blue Line, L10), under renovation.