Barcelona opium: Opium Barcelona. El mejor restaurante y discoteca situado en la playa de Barcelona

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The Club

Opium Barcelona is one of the most famous nightclubs in the city. Founded in 2007, it has become one of the TOP spots on the night scene, with a wide variety of live music and internationally renowned DJs.

Opium Barcelona’s music ranges from house and techno to pop and electronic music. The DJs that play at Opium are some of the most renowned in the world, and the club is considered one of the best venues for dancing and enjoying impressive parties.

The nightclub boasts spectacular architecture and interior design, making it a hot destination for partygoers. Opium Barcelona nightclub has various VIP areas for private events and group parties, as well as more than one bar and restaurant area to relax and enjoy a cocktail between dances.

The nightclub has a capacity for around 3,000 guests, and they tend to fill up every night of the week, especially on weekends. The clientele is mainly young people, with many tourists and foreigners. The atmosphere is fun and exclusive, and the people are fashionistas and VIP partygoers.

In summary, if you are looking for an unforgettable party experience in Barcelona, ​​Opium is an excellent option. With its impressive architecture, its wide variety of music and its internationally renowned DJs, it is one of the most recommended places in the city’s night scene. The atmosphere, the large capacity of the disco and its young and cosmopolitan clientele make it an ideal place to spend an unforgettable night.

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Free Entry for Barcelona Clubs • VIP Guestlists for Opium, Sutton, Shoko and more.


Beat the bouncers at Barcelona’s best clubs…

By Duncan Rhodes

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We look at the options for guaranteeing that you get in the party…. from adding your name on the list, to purchasing VIP passes.

We’ve all been there. Stood in the wrong queue for the best nightclub in town for an hour, only to get to the front and have the bouncer say “I don’t like your shoes”. Suddenly a potentially great night out is ruined. Meanwhile those smart enough to get themselves on the club’s guestlist are not only sailing by without a long wait, but they get free entrance and the royal treatment from the usually rude-as-hell security guards.

If you’re coming to Barcelona to party and are looking for free or VIP entry to all the best clubs in town then you’re on the right page. Even the most exclusive nightclubs in BCN can often be entered for free if you know who to contact and you are ready to adhere by a few simple rules (like getting there on time). You will still have to pay attention to the dress code, but when you’re on the guest list in Barcelona your chances of getting in to any given place rise from 50/50 to around 95-99%.

Even the most exclusive nightclubs in BCN can often be entered for free if you know who to contact and you are ready to adhere by a few simple rules…

To be even more sure of getting in, and skipping even the guest list queues (which can be as long as the normal queues!), then you might prefer to invest in a special club pass called the VIP Club Card. This gets you into 14 top venues, so also has the benefit that you can switch places if you don’t like the music or vibe of your first choice. Many of Barcelona’s best clubs are next to each other on the Port Olimpic, so travel time between venues isn’t an issue.

And if you really want the superstar VIP treatment you can reserve a table with champagne or bottle service at all the top hot spots. Naturally the bodybuilders on the door will be ushering you in like rock stars, and the club cuties will be trying their hardest to wiggle their way into the VIP room/zone to help you drink that bucket of iced Cava.

Keep reading to find out more…

Barcelona Club Guestlists

Below you’ll find a list of the most prestigious nightclubs in Barcelona and who to contact to get on the guest list. Where appropriate we’ve given a few hints about the necessary dress code.

Opium Mar Guest List

Barcelona’s hottest spot right now, if you’re planning a night out at Opium it’s almost essential to get yourself on the guestlist. A fantastic beach front venue, with huge dance floor, open air terrace, and several VIP rooms/zones, Opium is one of a select few to have a 6am license on the Port Olimpic (most of the others shut at 3am), which means pretty much everyone tries to get into here at some point in the night. Wearing trainers or a T-shirt seriously reduces your chance of entry (even if you’re on the list) and it’s best to arrive before 1am. On Fridays and Saturdays from April to October you can get on the guestlist by joining the Barcelona Party Nights tour, a popular nightlife experience that shows you some of the best places in the city, introduces you to some like-minded young party people, and ends with VIP entry into Opium. If you are planning on going midweek or during winter, then check out the agencies and VIP Club Card options that we mention further down the page…

Inside the VIP zone…

Pacha Guest List

Right next door to Opium, the world-famous clubbing brand is packed throughout the year with electronic music lovers and party animals, dressed to kill. With two dancefloors and a beach terrace playing R’n’B, Pacha offers a guaranteed great night out, and so it’s best to have a plan on how to get in. You can either use a guestlist agency (see below) to get try and get in for free, or another option is the VIP Club Card, which costs €27 (for one night, cards that work longer also available) but enables you to switch between all of the top clubs in the city.

Feel the passion at Pacha

Sutton Club Guest List

Another of Barcelona’s most in demand clubs, Sutton is the opposite end of town to Port Olimpic – up by the posh end of Diagonal, where the locals who like to dress up go partying. The door staff here are particularly picky, and even the guestlist queues can be enormous. Make sure you’re name’s down (click the link above to find out how to do this), and get there early – around 1am should do it.

The night gets blurry at Sutton

We’ll bring you some more info on how to get on the guestlist for CDLC, Shoko, Bikini, Hyde Club, La Terrrazza and a host of other venues ASAP, so check back soon. For now see below for some more options…

VIP Passes

VIP Nightclub Card

A fantastic option if you’re in Barcelona for a short time and want to try more than one club a night is the VIP Club Card… for just €27 you can switch venues between 14 of the city’s hottest nightspots (you will find five or six in a row by the beach so you won’t have to walk far!) without queuing or paying any extra. Even better grab one for the weekend for €40. The cards will be delivered direct to your hotel or apartment. The card works for Opium, Pacha, Shoko, CDLC, Catwalk, Bling Bling, Hyde and La Terrrazza, amongst others. To book yours email us on [email protected] and we’ll pass your enquiry on to our partners who will get back to you normally within 24 hours. More info on the cards here.

Access this party with the VIP Club Card

Our partners can also book your VIP table with bottle service, usually for €200-300, at any of the top clubs. Just send your request to us on [email protected] and we’ll forward it to them!

Guestlist Agencies


The local nightlife connoisseurs at YouBarcelona are your best connection for beating the queues and getting into virtually every happening party in the city – and usually for free! Every day of the week they recommend several select club nights and you simply have to sign up via their website to get on the guestlist, and arrive by the given time to be sure of getting in for free. On top of that their site gives you information about the dress code, directions and what style of music you can expect, to guarantee you have a fantastic night out. You can sign on to almost any Barcelona guest list using their website

Nightlife made easy with You Barcelona

Meanwhile, for a complete look at every aspect of the nightlife in Barcelona check our article. For a day-by-day (well technically night-by-night) guide of where to be in BCN check our party guide.

Planning a special event? Click here for the perfect venues for birthdays, hen parties, corporate drinks and much more.

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Club Opium in Barcelona, ​​Spain

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Sofitel Barcelona Skipper


Hotel in Old Town, Barcelona
(0.1 miles from Club Opium)

The luxurious 5-star Sofitel Barcelona Skipper is next to Barcelona’s Olympic Port, just 100 meters from the beach. It offers free Wi-Fi and 2 outdoor pools.




225 reviews

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Hotel Arts Barcelona

Hotel in Barceloneta, Barcelona
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This design hotel is located in the center of Barcelona, ​​with rooms overlooking Barceloneta Beach. It features 2 outdoor pools and a luxury spa with panoramic city views….



Very good

1,421 reviews

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Serras Barcelona


Hotel in Old Town, Barcelona
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Enjoying from an ideal location right opposite the sea in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, Serras Barcelona is a 5-star hotel with a rooftop infinity pool and with our Restaurant Informal by our Michelin…




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€ 602

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Pension Ciudadela

Old Town, Barcelona (0.6 miles from Club Opium)

Ciudadela is located opposite Frances Train Station in Barcelona, ​​100 meters from Ciutadella Park.




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h20 Madison 4* Sup

Hotel in Old Town, Barcelona
(0. 7 miles from Club Opium)

h20 Madison 4* Sup is located in Barcelona. It features an outdoor pool, terrace, restaurant and bar.




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€ 270

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Vila Olimpica Skyline

Sant Marti, Barcelona (0.5 miles from Club Opium)

Vila Olimpica Skyline is a self-catering accommodation with free WiFi located in Barcelona, ​​240 meters from Nova Icaria Beach and the promenade.




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Nightclub Opium Barcelona – Guide Barcelona ТМ

Opium Barcelona is one of the most popular and incendiary nightclubs in the metropolis. This institution deservedly gained its fame thanks to a very good location in Barcelona and the unique atmosphere that hovering in this club, the creators of Opium Mar clearly guessed right with the style of interior solutions and DJ trends.

Partying at Opium Mar Barcelona gives an unforgettable experience and the desire to come back and repeat everything. Moreover, it is not difficult to find Opium Barcelona, ​​it is located in the beach area, the territory of the club is extensive and the same opportunities for enjoying the nightlife of Barcelona.

What to expect from a nightclub

Opium Mar Barcelona is very well located, so it is both a daytime restaurant and a nightclub. Every day you can drop in here during the day to dine on the best dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine and be inspired to further exploits, contemplating the expanse of the sea that surrounds Barcelona.

During the day it is calm, imposing and representative, but at night everything changes and the change in the mood and atmosphere of the club will surprise you. Until the morning, alcoholic drinks flow like a river and popular dance rhythms play here. A huge terrace will give you the opportunity to freshen up and draw a new charge of energy from the sea element, and the dance floor is already calling you back to the movement, forcing you to return to the rhythm of the club’s nightlife.

Music offered by the world’s best DJs, not forgetting Barcelona, ​​immerses you in the world:

  • house music;
  • R&B;
  • lounge;
  • Deep House and other destinations.

The sea breeze will move with you as you dance. Happiness, drive, positive gives you Opium Mar Barcelona. And the opportunity to taste wonderful dishes attracts even more attention of guests. You won’t find such a great night out in Barcelona anymore.

Opium Mar Barcelona is constantly hosting fashion shows, parties, banquets and presentations.

The professionals working in this institution will always listen to your every requirement and will definitely hold the event at the highest level. Drinks with alcohol cost from 12 euros. The gogo show will enliven the atmosphere and cheer you up.

How to enter the nightclub Opium Barcelona for free

You can enter this nightclub for free using the “Andrey” invitation list. When asked at the entrance, you answer that “Andrey” is on the list, nothing more needs to be said. There is no need to specify personal details, the named name of the list will be your entry ticket to Opium Mar Barcelona according to the list. This password is valid from Monday to Wednesday and Sunday until 2 am, and from Thursday to Saturday is limited to 1 am.

Opium Mar Barcelona is easy enough to get on the list if you don’t be late. We recommend arriving about an hour before closing. The club is popular in Barcelona, ​​there are queues, keep in mind one more thing – the appearance is strictly evaluated, the classics are preferable.

  1. Sign up for the “Andrey” list by writing a letter to [email protected] (you will be signed in automatically) indicating the number of people, the name of the nightclub and the date. If it is not possible to send an email, you can write to WhatsApp +34 692 448 261 or in private messages to Andrey. If you are more than 6 people, we advise you to break up into groups of maximum 5 people and enter separately.
  2. Club Opium Mar Barcelona has a classic dress code. Go to the club in shorts / T-shirts / flip flops, as well as sneakers, sneakers, etc. You can not. Elegant – classic version – what you need. The dress code for guys includes closed shoes (shoes, moccasins), shirts, stylish trousers or jeans. For girls – dresses, preferably heels, jeans, blouses.
  3. Come to this nightclub strictly before the designated time. Since there are long queues at the entrance according to the lists during the season, we advise you to arrive 45 minutes – 1 hour before the closing of the list. It often happens that people are late and as a result do not pass for free.

We want you to get a lot of positivity and energy, so we strongly recommend this club in Barcelona.


Barcelona, ​​Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 34

See the best hotels nearby at on

How to get to Opium Mar Barcelona

  • Metro: Ciutadella / Vila Olímpica station, yellow line L4 (on Friday the metro is open until 2:00, on Saturday all night)


The cost of entry without a list is 20 euros.

Or free of charge according to the list Andrey. All information on how to enter Barcelona nightclubs for free is here.

Opening hours of the night club

The club is open:

  • Sunday – Friday from 23:45 to 06:00;
  • Saturday from 23:45 to 07:00.

Location Opium Barcelona

  • How to avoid queues at Barcelona attractions. Tickets for Sagrada Familia and Park Güell skip the line.
  • How not to be deceived by local taxi drivers. Order a taxi in advance with fixed rates online.