Barcelona nightlife: Barcelona Nightlife • The best places to party in 2023

Barcelona Nightlife • The best places to party in 2023

The best bars, clubs, tours and (boat) parties

By Duncan Rhodes

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A complete guide to the nightlife in Barcelona, with a district by district guide to the best bars and nightclubs, and some unmissable events if you’re new in town – such as the VIP night tour and hedonistic boat parties.

It may lack the diversity of the London scene or the cutting edge of the experimental Berlin nightlife, but considering it’s only Spain’s second biggest city Barcelona certainly packs a helluva party punch – and whether you like to get high with the hippies, or get down with the glitterati you’ll find more than enough going on after the sun goes down… in fact, if you want to keep pace with the locals, you’d best be prepared to see the sun come back up again.

A metropolitan city of close to two million people (five if you include the whole urban area), there isn’t one area to sample Barcelona’s nightlife but rather a whole host of happening neighbourhoods to check out.

The the VIP Night Tour is the perfect intro to the party scene

Read on for the best barrios for going out and the best venues in each district, along with the general vibe… by the end of the article you’ll have all the info you need to start your own nocturnal adventures!

Going Out, District by District…

Below you’re find our tips on the best venues for going out in each of Barcelona’s main districts… so wherever you find yourself in the city, you can locate the best pubs and bars in the barrio.

Las Ramblas

A natural starting point for newcomers is of course Las Ramblas and – on either side of it – the narrow streets of the medieval Old Town. Barcelona’s busiest boulevard by day, Las Ramblas is also heaving by night, especially in the early stages of the evening when the street performers are still playing their trade and the pavements throng with locals and tourists heading out for drinks and dinner. Restaurants at this time are spilling over with customers fuelling themselves on tapas and other treats (although you’ll find better quality for cheaper elsewhere! Check our eating out section for suggestions), whilst the strip also has plenty of bars and clubs.

Boadas was the city’s first ever cocktail bar

Boadas cocktail bar, the Kiosk La Cazalla (the city’s smallest bar since 1829), and the ever-lively Old Irish Pub are some of the more well-known, whilst the homely, wood-panelled Wild Rover Irish Pub at the bottom of the boulevard is another great choice for a pint of the black.

The Gothic Quarter

Generally speaking Las Ramblas (above) is merely a crossing point to greener nightlife pastures, and for the more authentic local venues you’ll have to negotiate the labyrinthine alleys of the Gothic Quarter. Here you’ll find scores of sassy little spots hidden away in dark corners, such as the stylish Milk Bar, which has a great cocktail menu, the grungy Nevermind, a favourite with skaters, and the nostalgic Polaroid, full of 1980s memorabilia.

Naturally, you’ll also find a handsome selection of Irish and British pubs, like the friendly and flirty Flaherty’s, where you can mingle with (i.e. chat up) fellow tourists as you share a 3-litre beer tower.

Flaherty’s is a great hang out in El Gotico

Plaza Real (Royal Square) is a great place to orientate yourself in this neck of the woods, with famous clubs like Jamboree, Sidecar and Tarantos perennial faves with the backpacker crowd that congregate here. The latter actually hosts the flamenco part of this highly-rated Tapas and Flamenco Night.

A flamenco show can be a fun way to start a night out.

El Born District

For a slightly more sophisticated slice of Barcelona’s nightlife, the equally pretty, but slightly less touristy, El Born is also very central and here you’ll find all manner of trendily-attired nightowls crowding into cafes and bars – especially in the district’s heart, the Passeig del Born. Check out Miramelindo, for a Cava cocktail, or trawl the square and the surrounding backstreets for a slice of the action.

The cool kids prefer Clubhaus…

The district’s best nightlife venue though is found on the Avenida Marques de l’Argentera, a stunning new multi-purpose space with a distinct Berlin vibe. Clubhaus is a bar-restaurant, adult play centre (as in ping pong and karaoke – not swinging!) and nightclub in one two-storey, three-room venue. Perfect if you fancy boozing and carousing with Barcelona’s hip, creative set.

El Raval District

If you can’t identify with Born (get it?), then the edgier Raval is the other side of the Ramblas, where street kids play cricket or football and generally run riot as Bohemian imbibers stroke their side whiskers and order another chupito or two.

The heart of the district is the Rambla de Raval where hip bars like Ambar are interspersed with kebab joints, whilst a more glam crowd congregate at nearby cocktail bars, such as the moody and atmospheric El Museo Cocktail Bar. The street of Joaquim Costa is full of hip venues, and a great place to go bar-hopping.

Shaking up a cocktail at El Museo…

Meanwhile, in the area surrounding the MACBA museum, skate fashion rules supreme. Pierced and tattooed kids practice tricks on their boards before later heading down to the area around Carrer Nou de la Rambla, where legendary clubs like Moog (famous for tech/minimal DJs) and Sala Apolo (host of several midweek parties) are located.

…article continues after photo.

L’Eixample District

If the Gothic Quarter, Born and Raval make up Barcelona’s Old Town, then 80% of the rest of the city is made up of L’Eixample, which means ‘The Addition’. This grand, grid-patterned section of the Catalan capital rose up during the industrial revolution in the beautiful Modernista architectural style and is largely residential… but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on!

Finding a good bar in L’Eixample is more about knowledge than luck, on account of its huge size, but a great place to start is Belushi’s Bar, which is just off Plaça Catalunya (the city’s central square) and the perfect place to kick off the night before heading clubbing. Be prepared for a young international party crowd and liver-endangering drinks promos.

Young wild and free at Belushi’s

With a similar vibe to Belushi’s, the popular George Payne Irish pub is great bet to start or end the night, with sports screenings, generous drink promos and resident DJs playing until 2 or 3am depending on the night.

Meanwhile a slightly older and more mature (and we mean slightly) gather at CocoVail Beer Hall, an American-style boozer where 20 and 30 somethings share sturdy communal tables and order one (or dozens) of the 24 craft beers on tap. Another great place to warm up for the night.

For cocktails, with a good-looking local crowd, slide over to Slow Barcelona (which also has an suave club upstairs), where you can imbibe some of the best gin or vodka tonics in town, and check out live gigs at the weekends. In this area of town, near Diagonal, it pays to dress up a little fancier.

Kicking back in Slow, one of the city’s best cocktail bars

Whisky lovers travelling through Barcelona should look no further than the appropriately-named La Whiskeria, where you can sip on over 1,000 references of ‘liquid sunshine’, or enjoy a whisky cocktail amidst lovingly restored antique furnishings. While just a few blocks away, on the leafy Passeig de Sant Joan, an increasing number of hip venues are modernising the area: such as Firebug, a classy bar / restaurant with great food, vermouths and a very attractive brunch menu.

Finally the part of Eixample around Casanova street has been dubbed Gayxample, for obvious reasons. Trendy bars, restaurants and saunas abound, as well as the odd disco, like Metro or Arena.

Gracia District

A similarly alternative vibe to Raval prevails in the district of Gracia, but more locally dominated than the immigrant-inhabited ‘Ravalistan’. Here in Gracia you’ll find a very Catalan quarter oozing charisma and aspiring artists – with not too many tourists, except those lost on the way to Parc Guell.

There are many fine bars, like the Cuban-styled Bar Raim or old-fashioned Teatreneu that cater to the barri’s more Bohemian residents. Alternatively, if it’s a hot day and you’re broke, you can just hang out on one of Gracia’s many squares, such as the Plaça del Sol, with a tinnie. Illegal, but half of Barcelona will be doing the same.

Poble Sec District

And, shhhh, keep it quiet, but these days the once unloved district of Poble Sec (“Dry Town”) is considered a pretty hip barrio, with the likes of Maumau Underground and Rouge Bar attracting a savvy set of drinkers. For general boozing and carousing Carrer Blai is the centre of the district and these days it’s popular to enjoy a pintxos (Basque-style tapas) crawl at the many bars and terraces along the street.

The Port Olimpic (Beach Clubs)

For a more upmarket experience, put on your best glad rags and hail a cab for the Port Olimpic. This is the place to be in summer! Here a string of upmarket lounge bars, such as CDLC, Shoko and Bestial attract a well-heeled cosmopolitan crowd to sip cocktails on their beach terraces, before everyone moves indoors to get down and dirty on the dancefloor.

Most of these places close at 3am unfortunately but the infamous Opium, plus Pacha, keep going until 6am – of these Opium has the strongest claim to be the best club in the city, and is reliably packed to the rafters.

To be sure of getting in you would be wise to invest in a VIP Club Card, or during summer you can sign up for this VIP Nightlife Tour that ushers you into Opium like a rockstar.

Opium is one of several classy clubs on the Port Olimpic

For a memorable way to kick off any night at the Port Olimpic we suggest you start by dropping by the Ice Bar, for a dip in their sub-zero chamber. Everything in the chamber is frozen, and even the glasses are made of ice! Their terrace is also a cool place to hang out with a cocktail and you are right by all the clubs for heading out afterwards.

Chilling out at Ice Bar

Get on the Boat!

The Olympic Port is also where the epic Barcelona boat party aka booze cruise leaves from several times a week during summer… a must if you’re serious about having fun. DJs, BBQs, beers, babes in bikinis, hunks in trunks, swim stops, and lots more shenanigans. There are three different types of parties, from the Original Booze Cruise to the BBQ Catamaran boat, so check out our article to see which is best for you and reserve your spots. Tickets go fast during summer!

Don’t miss the boat parties! There are three to choose from.

Life’s a Beach (Chiringuitos)

If your beat-up zapatos are unlikely to get past the door of the swanky places on the sea front then you might be lucky enough to find a beach party going on at one of the chiringuitos (beach bars). These informal shacks can be found on every Barcelona beach. If nothing else is going on, just join the layabouts (there’s plenty of them in Barcelona!) strumming a guitar on the sand and smoking something not quite legal. Mind your possessions though as pickpockets operate on the beach at night.

More Clubs… The Big Hitters!

Exhausted already? Well there’s plenty more nightlife to come! If you thought the beach clubs at Port Olimpic were sleek (and you loved them!) then get in with the real cool Catalan crowd at upmarket venues like Sutton Club around Diagonal where the girls dress like film stars and the boys look like catalogue cut outs. Slightly more democratic is Otto Zutz, another vast arena of nocturnal mischief, in the same zone.

Otherwise you might try the legendary open air nightclub in Poble Espanyol – La Terrrazza, famous for beautiful people and house beats.

A night on the Razz…

Perhaps the best club for a guaranteed good time though is the mammoth Sala Razzmatazz with its five rooms playing everything from serious beeps and blips (The Loft) to cheesy rock and pop (the other four rooms!). The crowd is young, but at least there’s something for everyone here. Just be prepared to lose all your friends in its labyrinthine interior.

To be sure of getting into any of these places check out our page on club guest lists in Barcelona.

Nightlife Tours & Crawls

You never have to head out on your lonesome when in Barcelona, because there are several amazing tours and pub crawls you can join where you’re guaranteed to meet some fun people, as well as checking out some cool venues you’d never find otherwise.

1. VIP Nightlife Tour

To book an incredible nightlife tour of Barcelona, which takes you to several hip hotspots before getting you VIP entry into the exclusive Opium Beach Club, then check out Barcelona Party Tour. An official partner of Barcelona Life, their team organise amazing parties every Friday and Saturday night during the long summer season (usually from March to October). For just €54.95 you get a four-venue tour, free transport, free drinks and VIP entry into Opium… just email [email protected] with your dates and number of people and we’ll tell them to reserve you a space!

Take a VIP tour of the night scene. You can book it here.

2. The Barcelona Pub Crawl

If all this dressing up, pouting and posing sounds a bit too posh for you then why not simply get the beers in during this wild pub crawl. For just €20 you will embark on an amazing night out with expert guide, plenty of free drinks and free late night venue entry. This experience is not for wimps, with body shots, drinking games and late night revelry all par for the course, and there’s always an up-for-it and friendly crowd. For a slightly more civilised option check the other options on our list of the best bar crawls in town.

There’s always a fun crowd on the bar crawl!

Dresscode & Prices

We wouldn’t want to leave you without some advice on what to wear… well Barcelona is a notoriously hipster city, especially downtown, so if you’re bar crawling in Raval or Gracia and / or finishing the night in places like Apolo or Razzmatazz, then beat up trainers and band t-shirts are just fine. You’ll fit right in.

However, if you’re planning on getting into the venues around the Port Olimpic strip, and in the Zona Alta, you’ll need to wear something a little fancy to adhere by the dress code. Generally speaking, even here it’s fairly relaxed compared to some major European cities, like London or Paris. But if you’re a big and loud group of guys we’d definitely recommend being a smartly dressed big and loud group of guys, rather than a scruffy one. Smart shoes are a good idea, and a collar won’t hurt your chances, although neither are necessarily an absolute must if the overall appearance is chic. Better to play safe, however, than risk ruining a great night out.

To vastly improve your chances of getting in everywhere, whilst skipping the lines as well, a VIP Club Card can be a very wise purchase. It gives you VIP entry into 14 leading clubs for just €27, and can be delivered to your hotel usually within 24 hours of emailing us on [email protected].

Prices-wise on a night out, you won’t have to shell out more than €3 for a bottle of beer in your average bar, whilst club entry is typically between €10 and €20 and traditionally includes one free drink – so don’t throw away your ticket after the bouncer tears it in two, as often the other half will get you a gin and tonic! Once you’re in the club expect to pay €5-10 for a beer, and upwards of €10 for a mixed drink or cocktail.

Further Drinking

Right, you can consider yourself officially informed on Barcelona’s nightlife scene. For full listings, with photos, reviews and location maps, of all the best bars and nightclubs in the city check out our drink section, and for places for dining out our eat section has some great restaurant recommendations to start the night.

Just remember Barcelona parties all night, so go grab a siesta before you fiesta!

For more information on where exactly to be and when please consult our Barcelona weekly party calendar, with top suggestions on where to booze and boogie Mondays through to Sundays…

Other Things To Do…

There are plenty of other nocturnal past times in Barcelona other than just partying, so check out our complete list of things to do in the evening, from live music on the rooftops of Gaudi’s finest mansions, to nighttime paddleboarding…

The Next Day…

If you wake up feeling a little fragile the following morning never fear… it’s just an excuse to visit one of Barcelona’s best brunch spots. There’s a kind of unofficial competition going on throughout the city as to who fries the best eggs, bacon and pancakes and of course we’ve published some of our favourite venues, just follow the link above. Meanwhile if your brain is still functioning why not sign up for the highly entertaining After Party escape room and try and flee the scene of the crime before the police turn up with a heavy fine!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll wrap up this post with the answers to your FAQs… if you’re still searching for an answer to a nightlife-related question, pop it in the comments section below and I will respond to it.

Does Barcelona have a good nightlife?

Barcelona is one of the world’s best party cities, with jam-packed bars, late night beach clubs, sexy boat parties and regular street fiestas and music festivals, especially during summer. What’s more, it’s MUCH cheaper to party in Barcelona than London and New York, and the scene is easier to navigate.

What part of Barcelona has the best nightlife?

Port OIimpic is the best place for clubbing, as you’ll find several large beach clubs next to each other, such as Opium, Pacha, CDLC, Shoko and Catwalk. The best bars are usually found in the Gothic Quarter, El Born and Raval.

Is there a nightlife strip in Barcelona?

Port Olimpic serves as an unofficial nightlife strip, with fancy beach lounge bars and restaurants that turn into clubs at night. A more bohemian alternative is Plaça Reial in the Gothic Quarter, with r’n’b, jazz and rock clubs, and plenty of cool bars.

What time does nightlife start in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city and popular tourist destination, meaning there’s no set rule for when to go out. Restaurants and bars typically welcome customers from 8pm, while clubs tend to open at midnight and get busy around 1am, continuing until 6am.

What districts should I avoid in Barcelona?

Some people feel uncomfortable in Raval at night, while pickpockets operate in all of the Old Town districts (Ramblas, Gothic Quarter, Raval and Born). Physical danger is very rare in Barcelona, and being vigilant is usually enough to stay safe.

Is the beach in Barcelona safe at night?

People love to congregate on the beaches at night, either for a (technically illegal) drinking session on the sands, or to exercise on the promenades. People also make their way to various clubs and bars. In general the area is safe, but if you fall asleep drunk on the sands, the likelihood is you’ll wake up with empty pockets as opportunistic pickpockets are rife in the city.

What are the best nightlife activities?

How strict are Barcelona nightclubs regarding dress code?

Barcelona nightclubs fall into two categories: upmarket and casual. The upmarket clubs tend to be fairly strict on dress code, with hoods, caps, shorts and flip flops all damaging your chances of getting in. Most of the nightclubs on the Port Olimpic, and in the Zona Alta, fall into the upmarket category. The majority of clubs in Barcelona however are completely casual, and you can rock up with beat up sneakers, ripped jeans and a vest and you’ll fit right in.

What is the legal drinking age in Barcelona, Spain?

The legal drinking age in Spain is 18, and you can enter almost any bar and most nightclubs at that age. Some Barcelona clubs however have a stricter age policy, allowing only over 21s and over 23s to enter. While it is quite rare to be asked for ID in Barcelona, it is actually a legal requirement to carry a valid ID or passport in any case, so best to carry it with you.

About the Author

Duncan established Barcelona Life in 2009, whilst freelancing for the likes of Conde Nast, The Guardian, Easyjet Magazine, CNN Traveller and many more. His very first job in the city was to review the 70 best bars and clubs in Barcelona for the internationally published Party Earth series of guidebooks. As a consummate professional, he continues to damage his liver on a weekly basis, all in the name of nightlife research.

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The 3 BEST Barcelona Boat Parties for 2023

Summer is coming and that can mean only one thing: time to launch the notorious Barcelona Boat Parties!!! These booty-full booze cruises set sail several times a week in high season for a raucous romp on the Mediterranean that no self-respecting sea dog will want to miss. Girls in bikinis (definitely), guys in mankinis (hopefully not… but probably), top class tunes and enough beer to sink a ship – wait, float a ship – make for an unforgettable ride.

These Ibiza-style events are undoubtedly some of the best things you can do in the Catalan capital, and the Barcelona Life crew themselves are known to put on a little lippie and set sail on this hedonistic adventure on the high seas.

Each has a slightly different flavour, so check our guide below to see which is perfect for you.

The 3 Best Barcelona Boat Parties

Following the HUGE success of these events in recent years, we can share details of ALL 3 regular parties planned for 2023.

1. The Original Boat Party (€55)

A wicked and wild booze cruise– Thurs, Fri and Sat (summer) / Fri & Sat (spring, autumn)

2. Paella Lunch & Swim Party Boat (€69)

A sun-baked day party with DJ– Saturday afternoons (summer only)

3. Chilled Out BBQ Boat (€49)

A fun-filled BBQ with swim stop and drinks – Fri, Sat & Sundays (spring to autumn)

IMPORTANT TIP: Do please book early to avoid disappointment, as spaces sell out EXTREMELY FAST, especially during peak season! Our booking links take you directly to the boat operators’ websites, where you can book securely. You’ll get a confirmation email with all details you need (just remember to check your spam folder after booking!).

Looking for a private party? Then we can also help… just keep scrolling!

1. The Original Boat Party (€55)

Go wild with 137 other people on this beautiful party catamaran, as the DJ spins the best in house, dance, r’n’b and hip-shaking tunes. The bar is generously stocked, and there are 4 large glasses of refreshing beer, Cava, sangria or Vodka Hard Seltzer, included in the ticket price. This is the most hedonistic of all the events on this page, with a young and fun crowd.

Price: €55

Includes: Live DJ, 4 drinks tickets (*plus FREE nightclub entry back on land when you book using promo code: bcnlife).

Duration: 2 hours

When? Departs every Friday and Saturday at 4pm in February and March, and then at 7:30pm from April onwards. From June there’s also a Thursday boat. The booking calendar has the full schedule.

Best for: An amazing Ibiza-style party vibe

FULL DETAILS: Get more info here, or click the button below to access booking calendar.


Booking Tips: Click the button above, choose a departure or “Check in” date and your group size, and then follow the instructions. Just remember to use the promo code bcnlife for free VIP club entry, later that night! Any trouble and email [email protected] with your group size and dates and we will get right back to you. There really is limited space for each event, so do move quickly to avoid disappointment.

2. Paella & Swim Party Special (€69)

Combining the food and swim stop of the Chilled Out BBQ Boat (see below), with the party attitude of the Original Boat Party (see above), this is the event that has everything – and an ideal option if you’re keen to get the beers in whilst the sun shines. Take a splash in the Mediterranean, line your stomach with Spanish paella and tapas, and BBQ treats, and then enjoy a few cold beverages as live DJs spin the tunes.

Price: €69

Includes: Mediterranean buffet, paella, and BBQ lunch, DJ, swim stop, 4 drinks tickets (*plus FREE nightclub entry back on land with promo code: bcnlife)

Duration: 3 hours

When? Departs every Saturday at 1:30pm in high summer (or 4pm in low summer).

Best for: Anyone looking for great food, sun, sangria and swimming, all in one.

FULL DETAILS: Read more about your options here, or head to the booking calendar (below).


Booking Tips: Simply follow the link, choose a departure or “Check in” date and your group size, and then follow the instructions. And remember to use the promo code bcnlife for free club entry! Once reserved, you’ll get your confirmation email. Any issues get email us on [email protected].

3. Catamaran Out BBQ Boat (€50)

If jumping off the boat into the warm Mediterranean sea is your top priority, then select this 3 hour catamaran cruise, which sets sail several times a day during summer weekends, and is the only boat party to run on a Sunday. After about an hour, this beautiful vessel, which holds 60-90 people, will throw anchor and you can splash around in the water with floats, toys and snorkels to your heart’s content. Then its time to fire up the BBQ for a feast of sausage, burgers and plenty of veggie options and enjoy a refreshing beer or two (or sangria if you prefer).

Price: €50

Includes: BBQ, swim stop, 2 beers or sangrias per person, unlimited soft drinks.

Duration: 3 hours

When? Fridays (at 12pm and 3:30pm), Saturdays (at 11am, 2:30pm and 6pm) and Sundays (at 11am and 2:30pm) during summer. During spring and autumn, departures might be less often.

Best for: Chilled out vibe with cool people, sun, sausages, cervezas and swim stop.

OFFICIAL BOOKING SITE: Read more info and book here.


Booking Tips: The button above takes you to the organiser’s own booking platform. Simply use their calendar and off you go. You’ll get a confirmation email with your tickets! Any problems email us on [email protected]. com and we’ll do our best to help.

Still Confused?

Not quite sure what option is best for you? Need more info? In all cases, you can email us on [email protected] and we’ll be sure to help.

Not convinced this is the event for you? Keep scrolling for more photos and reviews.

Private Boat Parties

Need a ship all to yourself? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch! Because we can also help with private boat hire for birthdays celebrations, stag and hen parties and corporate events, with DJs, crew and entertainment. All group sizes catered for…

Check our list of available boats and catamarans to rent, or simply get in touch on [email protected] with your requirements, and we’ll be able to help.

Boat Party Photos….

The Catamarn BBQ Party runs every Sunday, spring through to autumn

Barcelona nightlife – Guide Barcelona ТМ

Barcelona nightlife is no worse than the city’s architectural delights, shopping and gastronomic entertainment. Fun in Barcelona, ​​not only because of the large number of entertainment facilities, but also because the tourists and students that fill the city are restless and active people.

What you need to know about Barcelona nightlife

In Barcelona, ​​it’s easy to find the right nightclub for you. And it does not matter what kind of music you prefer, you will find the widest selection of clubs of different directions in Barcelona. The nightlife of the Catalan capital adapts to you, always keeps abreast of your requests, hence the number of festivals, sessions and open airs, the most popular are Sonar and Primavera Sound.

In the summer, there are beach parties, as well as parties on the roofs of hotels, where you can dive into the pool between dances.

Of course, Moscow’s nightlife with its fireworks of endless drive is still out of reach, but every year Barcelona offers more and more diverse ways to entertain yourself at night. From Monday to Thursday, the nightlife of the Catalan capital subsides, although even these days you can find interesting offers. But closer to the weekend, the posters are full of popular names, and the eyes run wide from the opportunities presented.

About dress code and face control

Fans of glamor and pathos will be surprised by its complete absence among Barcelona residents; is present.

Smoking is not allowed in clubs in Barcelona, ​​in 2011 a law was passed banning smoking in public places.

The advantages of the innovation are much greater than the disadvantages. Firstly, the opportunity to meet the person you like in a relaxed atmosphere, and secondly, the clothes do not smell of cigarette smoke, breathing is much easier and freer.

What time does the nightlife in Barcelona start?

The nightlife in the Catalan capital officially starts at midnight, but the dance floor is empty until 2am, and the party is at its peak at 3am until the club closes. Most discos close around 6, and after-party fans can still be near the club, figuring out where to continue the party.

Where to hang out

Pre-party and bar hangouts

The Gothic Quarter and Las Ramblas are the perfect places to start your nightly adventure. There are so many romantic bars, cafes, restaurants with a good dance floor here that the legs themselves start dancing. It is always crowded here, because tourists love the atmosphere of the Middle Ages of the center of Barcelona.

  1. Clubs in the capital of Catalonia can be divided into two categories – summer and year-round.
  2. Summer features – an open terrace or a beach area with the opportunity to admire the seascape and relax overlooking the sea. The most pleasant thing here after a hot summer day is to plunge into the atmosphere of the freshness of the Spanish night, sea wind and adventurous spirit.
  3. As a rule, bars in Barcelona are open until 2-3 am, but you can find establishments where the fun continues until 5 am.
  4. If you like beer, the nightlife of the Catalan capital will offer you Irish and English pubs where you can taste decent beer and order in English.
  5. Wine bars invite lovers of this exquisite drink to taste Spanish collection wines, don’t be put off by the price of the offer, because most likely you will also be brought snacks, bread, and mineral water. Authentic Spanish dinner.

Barcelona nightclubs

Clubs in the capital of Catalonia can be divided into two categories – summer and year-round. There are places in Barcelona where you can just have a pleasant evening, and there are iconic establishments that are simply unthinkable for a real lover of nightlife not to visit.

Opium Mar nightclub Barcelona

Opium Mar nightclub is one of them. The popular club is located in the Villa Olimpica area, there is a beach nearby, which means you are guaranteed a wonderful pastime. Barcelona’s nightlife is in full swing here, with everything from the dance floor to the cocktail offerings organized in the highest class. World-famous DJs are not uncommon here. The level of parties here is quite high. We also advise you not to pass by Mojito Club, which attracts lovers of Latin American music and dance.

As a rule, entrance to all clubs in Barcelona is paid, 15-25 euros, depending on the club and the party. But every day club promoters open guest lists for free admission of their guests to many establishments. Basically, the policy of paid entry is designed for tourists, locals always go through the lists. So, you can go for free to almost all the best clubs in Barcelona, ​​having previously signed up in the guest list “Andrey”. What is a guest list and how to get there – read here.

  • How to avoid queues at Barcelona attractions. Tickets for the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell skip the line.
  • How not to be deceived by local taxi drivers. Order a taxi in advance with fixed rates online. The most reliable service for ordering a taxi is KiwiTaxi .
  • Excursions in Barcelona with locals will help you to get to know this city for real. The best way to get comfortable in an unfamiliar city is to walk around it with a person who has lived here for many years.
  • We advise you to take out travel insurance so that there are no unpleasant surprises while traveling to Barcelona.
  • Barcelona City Pass is a one-stop card that makes organizing your holiday in Barcelona easier and saves you a lot of time and money.
  • Barcelona hotels: are our selections and recommendations.
  • Bus Turistic is a tourist bus and a great way to get to all the necessary monuments of Barcelona quickly, with a breeze and comfort.
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Barcelona nightlife: 5 things to do


Barcelona is one of those cities that you definitely won’t hear bad things about. True, who do not ask – a complete delight. Not happy only with the city authorities of Barcelona, ​​​​who are now doing everything possible to reduce the effects of the influx of tourists and preserve the spirit of old Barcelona. We are on the other side of the barricades, therefore, for those who are ready to fall head over heels in love with this city, we are talking about the best party places in the capital of Catalonia.

July 02, 2019

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Champagne Can Paixano

Come to Barcelona and not
to taste cava, local champagne, is simply unforgivable. One of the most
popular places in Barca, where, without a twinge of conscience, you can drink this divine
nectar – Can Paixano. We note right away that the place is not at all prudish,
so leave your snobbery at home. A big, noisy and ready to have fun company should go here.

However, even if you are a lonely wanderer, finding a companion is not difficult – there are always a lot of people here, and acquaintances happen by themselves. The prices are more than affordable, the assortment is seductive, the service is lightning-fast, because the glasses are rushing one after another. Only cava, only hardcore.

Prices: glass of cava – about 1.5 euros, chicken sandwich – about 3 euros

Address: Carrer de la Reina Cristina 7, Barcelona

Schedule: Monday-Saturday 09:00 – 22.30, Sunday closed

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03 May 2017

Skate bar Nevermind

If you know that Nevermind is not just a 9-letter word, but also an album of one cult band, then you should definitely look here. Must-see for all fans of Kurt Cobain and those who are a true skater from Seattle at heart. Do not expect an extensive alcohol list from him, but what is the atmosphere itself worth.

There is even a small ramp for skaters near the bar, and a free bowl of popcorn is included with every order. This place is hidden from the perspicacious tourist eyes, because you can hardly meet foreigners here – mostly locals hang out here. So for an authentic atmosphere, delicious beer and good music, go here.

Address: Carrer Escudellers Blancs, 3

Bar Polaroid

If you feel nostalgic for the 80s, even if you weren’t born then, then you are here. Tetris, Alf, Pacman, posters on the walls, greatest hits 80-90-x – the interior will definitely not leave anyone over 20 indifferent.

The bar is located in the Gothic Quarter, close to all major attractions, so this is an excellent solution for relaxing after a busy day excursion program.

Address: Carrer dels Còdols, 29

Club Razzmatazz

According to locals, Razzmatazz is the best music venue in the city, often visited by world-famous artists. The location is not the most convenient, but the hardships along the way are justified.

There is a solution for every taste in music. In total, the club has 5 halls for each direction – rock, indie, techno and a lot of other directions sound within these walls. A paradise for music lovers and lovers of dancing until the morning.

Address: Carrer Almogàvers, 122

La Terrrazza Barcelona

A landmark on the Barcelona nightlife map, this club hosted the first open-air rave in the area. The perfect place for hot summer nights.

The location of the club is also very interesting. It is located in Pueblo Espanyol, an open-air architectural museum that contains models of masterpieces of Spanish architecture from different centuries.