Barcelona map of spain: Barcelona Map – Interactive Map – City maps of Barcelona

Barcelona Map Spain Latitude & Longitude: Free Maps

Barcelona Map Spain Latitude & Longitude: Free Maps

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Map of Barcelona, Spain

Please note that the first map is a static map of Barcelona, Spain provided by Openstreetmap, it is free to copy, modify and use as per their terms of use. Right click on the map of Barcelona to save your free map of Barcelona, Spain.

I have also added a Google Map showing the location of Barcelona, Spain which can be found below the free street map.

I will be making this map clickable so you can zoom in and out and add a marker to your location, place of business etc.

Barcelona, Spain

Name: Barcelona
Type: city
Country: Spain
Continent: Europe
Municipality: Barcelona
Population: 1615908

Latitude: 41.382561
Longitude: 2.177135

Please note that the above information on Barcelona is to be used as a guide only. If you notice any errors in the map or the population of Barcelona is incorrect then please contact us. The Barcelona Map is CC-BY_SA 2.0 OpenStreetMap, it can be downloaded for free.

Want to add this small map showing the location of Barcelona in Spain on your website, in a forum etc etc? Just copy the code below and paste it to where you want the map to show.
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