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When I was in Barcelona for the first time, I bought the Barcelona Card. A great offer that includes free entry to many museums and attractions. After four days, I noticed that I did not do much of what I paid for. The small book and the map with the small dots don’t answer the question: what attractions near me did I pay for? I’ve written this app to solve this and a few mor problems for tourists.

– all functions of the Barcelona Attractions Map App are available without registration.

If you’ve bought a tourist card like the Barcelona Card, the included attractions are coloured on the map. The following cards are supported:
– Barcelona Card (3-5 days, many attractions included for free, many rebates)
– Barcelona Card Express (2 days, many rebates)
– Articket (art museums)
– Arqueoticket (archeological museums and excavations)
– without one of the cards above, attractions are displayed normal, all functions are usable.

In Munich, Munich City Pass and Munich Card are supported (both Turbopass)

For the individual attractions (if available and useful):
– Admission fee
– Online rebate
– Included in the Barcelona Card etc?
– Link to the official web site
– opening hours
– Link to the opening hours on the official website
– Available languages of the audio guide

Filtering for opening hours:
– show what’s open today, from now on
– show what’s open tomorrow
– show both
– show everything without time filter

– text search in attractions names and card names

– choose categories

Features for spontaneous decisions in Barcelona:
– Names of attractions and rebate are shown directly on the map. No need to play memory.
– tap on an attraction shows details
– tap on an attractions calculates the route from your position to your goal and the estimated time.
– available route modes: walk, public transport, drive

Planning features to prepare:
– mark attractions with a heart or “been there”. Both are shown on the map.
– marked attractions automatically are added to the planning list
– group your planning list, for example by days.
– choose a color for each group. Attractions of this group are rendered with this color on the map.
– free definition of your own places, like your hotel or AirBnB. Add a text and an emoji to your places. Both are shown on the map.
– tap on your hotel and the route from your position to your hotel is calculated.

Public transport:
– Realtime routing by integration with the local public transport agency TMB
– Routes are rendered using the official colors
– Route stops are shown on the map with names
– Departure stop is shown on the map with name, line, departure time and direction.
– Choose route alternatives without leaving the map. This makes it easy to choose the most interesting route.

Runs on devices that run at least iOS 13 or iPadOS 13.

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What you need to see if you are visiting Barcelona for the first time.

First of all, the map with the sights of Barcelona will surely recommend you:

Gothic Quarter , where most of the medieval monuments are concentrated.

Cathedral – a stunning example of Gothic architecture, diluted with the sonorous charm of Catalonia (admission – 2 EUR, open until 19hours).

Another very important landmark of Barcelona, ​​whose photos are truly fascinating, is Sagrada Familia (Sagrada Familia) , one of the most famous creations of the brilliant architect Antonio Gaudí (ticket price – 15 EUR, with an audio guide – 22 EUR).

Gaudí’s most interesting creation is the Mila House , which is both a residential building and an architectural monument included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The house is interesting not only for its extravagant wave-like facade, but also for its engineering solutions: the absence of load-bearing walls and a natural ventilation system. The entrance ticket costs 20.5 EUR (for children 7-12 years old – 10.25 EUR).

Barcelona’s sightseeing map will surely point you to Las Ramblas , the most famous street in the country, where the atmosphere of eternal celebration reigns.

Don’t ignore Palace of Catalan Music – a building of unique and difficult to define architectural style (ticket price – 18 EUR, open from 10:00 to 15:30).

Any list of Barcelona sights with names will point you to Spanish Village – an incredible complex in which professional architects have recreated buildings from more than 1. 5 thousand Spanish settlements from around the country.

Take with you a map of Barcelona attractions in Russian, where other places in this city that you simply cannot miss are marked:

  • museums of Picasso, Gaudi, the Olympic Games, military, maritime, historical;
  • theatres: National, Principal, Lliure;
  • old port;
  • fountains: Montjuic, Canaletes, Grand Cascade and Plaza de España.

Art Nouveau lovers should definitely visit the Eixample district – in the description of Barcelona sights, this place, located north of Plaza Catalunya, is devoted to many rave reviews.

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Excursions in Barcelona


Excursions in Barcelona

Barcelona Routes

Weather in Barcelona

What to see in Barcelona on your own in 1, 2, 3 days

Author: Irina

Dates (months) of our trips: May, September and November.
Both on tour and on your own

Where is the best place to relax in Spain by the sea? Of course, on the coast of Catalonia! We want to tell you about our favorite places to visit in Barcelona in a 1-3 day trip. Especially if you are not flying into the city itself. We have repeatedly studied routes to the sights of the city and for 5 trips have collected tons of photos and text for you. Where to go from Barcelona for one day? We will also talk about this and show it on our own experience.

You can spin endlessly on the architectural and cultural carousel of the city, but if you have only a day or three left, the routes should be clear and systematized. What to see in Barcelona in a short time, where to go and, most importantly, how to get to must see places? Last time in November we went there for 10 whole days!

Update in 2022: we published the article before the turning point, when travel suddenly became more difficult and expensive. Nevertheless, information about resorts, attractions and weather in Spain is not outdated – little can change with them. But entering and staying in Spain is a difficult task, but already possible. You can travel to Spain through third countries (for example, Hungary or Greece) or directly if you have a vaccination certificate issued in Europe. We have a large article on the rules of entry, which we try to update in a timely manner. We have corrected this article.


  1. Barcelona in 1 day – 2 days – 3 days
  2. Map with attractions
  3. Barcelona Metro
  4. Where to go from Barcelona?
  5. Barcelona Museums

Find out how to get from Barcelona Airport to the city center for €1!

The top 10 attractions in Barcelona are as follows:

  • Sagrada Familia (Sagrada Familia)
  • Rambla
  • Park Güell (and all the architecture of Antonio Gaudí)
  • Boqueria Market
  • Gothic Quarter
  • Barcelona Aquarium
  • Plaza de España (Museum of Catalan Art, Singing Fountains)
  • Mount Tibidabo
  • Spanish Village
  • Promenade and Barceloneta beach (included in the TOP 10 beaches of Barcelona along with nudist 🙂

Of course, it will be quite difficult to fit all these objects in one day in Barcelona. You will have to leave something for later, but the more there will be a desire to visit the city again.

Our advice: Registration of the Spanish Schengen >>

We advise you to go here at 6-7 in the morning – especially at the height of the season

Barcelona in 1 day trains arrive from neighboring resorts.

To see Barcelona in 1 day on your own, we offer this route :

  1. Plaza Catalunya,
  2. Park Güell,
  3. Rambla,
  4. Boqueria Market,
  5. Gothic Quarter,
  6. Sagrada Familia,
  7. Plaza de España.

Note: Do you know who is greeted with a sign at the airport? Those who order an individual transfer. In fact, it is profitable both in terms of money – when traveling with a company, and in terms of time – especially if you are in Barca for a day. We book a car with KiwiTaxi.

One of the main attractions of Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia. You can buy a separate ticket inside or get inside with a tour

1. We recommend planning breakfast in the Instagram cafe Brunch&Cake or the more comfortable Brunch Aribol located a 10-minute walk from Plaza Catalunya . The doors swing open at 9 am, so we run straight to the opening, otherwise there will be a queue. The popularity of the places does not spoil the quality of breakfasts at all, which you can eat to satiety for about €15-25 for two.

2. Those who are “prepared” can skip this point and immediately go down to the metro and take line L3 to Lesseps station. 15 minutes on foot, following the signs, and you are in Parc Güell , Barcelona’s iconic landmark. In the morning it is most comfortable here, there are few tourists, and the sun is not so hot. 17 hectares of greenery, steps up, steps down, observation platforms and Gaudí’s characteristic “gingerbread” style – a tour of the park, together with paid zones (10€), will take about 1. 5 hours.

3. Returning the same way to the Catalunya metro station, cross the square and find yourself on Rambla , the main tourist street of the city. Each visitor considers it necessary to walk a distance of a kilometer to the monument to Columbus . And in parallel, consider all the offers of the city’s souvenir and gift industry (at inflated prices) and evaluate the activities of street artists.

4. Here on the boulevard is Boquería market , where you should definitely look if you want to imprint an excellent piece of jamon, a portion of selected spices and fresh fruit on your independent exploration of Barcelona in 1 day.

5. Turning off the Ramblas, tourists enter Gothic Quarter . This is one of the oldest districts of the capital of Catalonia, its historical center, full of medieval architecture and chaotic streets. There are also objects that are not listed in the top attractions of Barcelona, ​​but, nevertheless, are considered the main points of visiting the quarter – Cathedral of Saint Eulalia , Royal Square, Santa Maria del Pi Church. A suitable place for lunch is the Four Cats cafe on Carrer de Montsio, 3. Gaudí and Picasso used to eat here.

6. It takes about half an hour to walk to Sagrada Familia . To save time, you can take the metro at Passeig de Gracia and take line L2 to Sagrada Familia. If you plan to go inside, purchase tickets in advance online, as On the spot, you will surely find huge queues at the box office. The basic version of the ticket costs €26 (with an audio guide).

7. If your one day in Barcelona falls on Thursday – Sunday, go in the evening at area of ​​Spain . From Sagrada Familia – take the L2 line to Universitat station, transfer to L1 and to Espanya station. At 21:00 the show of the Singing Fountains starts, gathering crowds of tourists every day.

However, if you are visiting the city from Monday to Wednesday, or the show starts too late, end your mini-tour with a stroll along the Barceloneta promenade.

Where to eat in Barcelona in the evening? A good place is Menssana on Carrer de Sardenya, where you can taste a mix of Mexican and Spanish cuisine.

In general, you can simplify your plans for the days ahead at once by taking a thematic tour from the locals:

Barcelona in 2 days

What to see in Barcelona for 2 days? Route :

  1. Mila House,
  2. Casa Batlló,
  3. Barcelona Aquarium,
  4. Museum of Catalan Art.
  1. house Mila is located at Diagonal metro station. The special style of the building – in the form of waves – gives a little surrealism and the impression of the mobility of the house, and the characteristic “gingerbread” top betrays Gaudí’s hand. Open for visiting from 9up to 18-30, entrance ticket for adults – €25, children 7-12 years old – €12.5.
  1. Five hundred meters up the road is Casa Batlló at Passeig de Gracia, 43. This is another example of the absence of any straight lines in the design of buildings from Gaudí, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is allowed to drop in from 9 to 18-30, having previously paid a ticket with a minimum price of €35.
  1. You can continue the route in Barcelona on foot to the largest in the European part of the world Aquarium located on Moll d’Espanya, Port Vell. Visitors find themselves literally on the seabed, fenced off from thousands of marine life only by a glass tunnel. Well, as if they didn’t come to see outlandish creatures, but vice versa 🙂 Entrance is from 10 to 19-20 (depending on the season and day of the week) and costs €21, children from 5 to 10 years old – €16, from 3 to 5 – €9
  2. Barcelona’s largest museum, National Art Museum of Catalonia , can be reached by metro from Espanya station and through the now familiar Plaza de España up to the majestically towering palace. During the summer, the museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm., the ticket price is about €12. However, a free visit is also possible, more on that below. For €2 you can go up to the observation deck.

If you have not yet decided how you will get to Barcelona and are thinking about a tour, then here are 3 verified sites for online booking of tours with 24h support:

  • Travelata
  • Level. Travel
  • Online tours

On our first trip to Barcelona, ​​Park Güell was still free, now in 2022 it is 10 euros per person

Barcelona in 3 days

On the 3rd day in Barcelona you can see the following route on your own :

  1. Barceloneta Beach,
  2. Mount Tibidabo,
  3. Spanish Village,
  4. Agbar Tower,
  5. Embankment.

Where to live these 3 days? We in Barcelona prefer both hotels and apartments, and we also lived in hostels, there are many good ones here. We are looking for on the RoomGuru service.

  1. If you didn’t manage to sunbathe on the Mediterranean coast in the previous days, then this morning is the best time for swimming and sunbathing at Barceloneta beach . Of course, subject to traveling in the summer 🙂
  1. Entertainment in Barcelona is still plentiful on the third day. One of the most interesting is the ascent to the mountain Tibidabo . Here are amusement park , opened in the 19th century, and a complex of churches Sacred Heart Church , and one of the best viewing platforms in Barcelona. Reaching the highest point is an exciting adventure. First you need to get to the Av Tibidabo station on the L7 line, transfer to the famous Blue Tram (4 € one way), which has been running along the route for more than a century, and arrive at the Plaça del Funicular stop, from where the old Barcelona funicular will lift you up (7.7 €).
    Please note that the Blue Tram and Funicular will not operate in 2022.
  2. Returning the same way to Plaça Catalunya and a little further on the metro to Espanya, you can get to Spanish Village . This place is Spain in miniature: village houses, shops, churches from every region of the country are collected in the quarter. The cost of visiting will cost about €14.
  3. Observation decks in Barcelona are also appreciated near the Glories metro station – here is a 34-storey skyscraper visible from everywhere Agbar tower . Well, or “Glowing Cucumber”, as they call it at night 🙂 It is possible to get in for free thanks to dozens of restaurants and cafes in the building.
  4. In the evening, you can go to the nightclubs of Barcelona, ​​lined up in a row along the Barceloneta embankment . Or you can just walk along the sea, enjoy the end of your visit to the capital of Catalonia and at the same time plan your next mandatory trip, because Barcelona, ​​in addition to the sights described above, still has something to surprise you!

Map of Barcelona with attractions

Below is a map of Barcelona with attractions in Russian. For your convenience, we have marked the main points of the Barcelona sightseeing itinerary that can be visited in 1, 2 and 3 days in different colors (blue, green and red, respectively), so that you have a rough idea of ​​​​moving around the city.

Tip: if you’re offline, the offline maps app is great for navigating the area! We personally tested it in different countries. Download a detailed map of Barcelona and transfer all waypoints to the app. Such an assistant, with marked streets, hotels, etc., will definitely not let you get lost 🙂 The main thing is to do everything in advance.

Barcelona metro

Another good guide to Barcelona that combines Barcelona sights and metro map 2022 on the map:



In Barcelona, ​​the metro is the most convenient form of transport, connecting with its network all corners of the city. On the above map, you can see for yourself that each attraction, as a rule, can be reached by subway.

In total, the capital of Catalonia has about 180 metro stations, spread over 12 lines. They (lines) differ by numbers – from L1 to L5, L9N, L9S, L10-L11 and FM. Since the metro system is integrated with the railways (following to the suburbs), there is a division into metro zones. All of Barcelona is in Zone 1.

How much is the metro in Barcelona?
Single one-way ticket, i. e. valid for both the metro and the bus, costs € 2.4. It is purchased at stations in special machines – you will not find people selling tickets outside the window in Barcelona 🙂

You can get a discount on the Barcelona metro if you want to travel around the city. For this, in 2022 there is a T-casual ticket, which for €11.35 provides 10 trips on any type of public transport. If you take a T-Familiar, several people can use this pass. The T-casual ticket does not apply to the L9 metro line and shuttles from the AeroBus airport.

You will definitely need a Barcelona metro map on the spot, so it is better to print it out in advance or download it to your phone. Recall that the opening hours vary depending on the days of the week: from Monday to Thursday 5:00-00:00, Friday and holidays 5:00-2:00, Saturday around the clock, Sunday 5:00-00:00.

Be sure to watch the sunset on Montjuic (Plaza España)

Where to go from Barcelona?

If you have a couple of extra days left, and you have walked around the city up and down, then you may wonder – where to go from Barcelona for 1 day? You don’t have to go very far for new “beach” experiences – the coasts of the Costa Brava (Lloret de Mar) and Costa Dorada, to the south and north of the capital, are rich in a scattering of golden sands and clear sea waves.

But if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary… In this case, we’ve selected sights near Barcelona that are sure to make you wonder, and some even freeze with fear.

The most convenient way to travel around Spain is by car – you have your own company and you don’t have to adjust to the schedule. We prefer to rent a car in advance on the Rentalcars website. The service scans the offers of all global and local rental agencies and pleases us with profitable options.

Our trip to Barcelona (Montserrat and Benedictine monastery)

Montserrat and Benedictine monastery . You can ride the funicular, marvel at the unusual shape of the rocks, listen to the oldest children’s choir in the world and touch the Black Madonna only 50 kilometers from Barcelona. To do this, you need to take the train from the R5 platform from the Espanya station to either the Aeri cable car or the Cremallera funicular. The cost together with transport upstairs is €21. 50 round trip. You can save at your own peril and risk – buy a train ticket only one way, and drive back as a hare (there are no turnstiles).

Tour: Montserrat with guide – for €45

Port Aventura and Ferrari Land . On our first trip here, I remember the ticket cost 42€, in 2022 — 55€. Will open in spring 2022. One of the most famous attractions in Barcelona, ​​the rides in these theme parks will tickle your nerves! Take at least the recently opened extreme slide Red Force, which will let you free fall from 112 meters. Our knees gave way for a long time … But even after several trips to Barcelona, ​​every time we come here, we still go to Port Aventura. 🙂

Favorite place – PortAventura

Figueres . Where to go from Barcelona in order to touch the heritage of Catalan art? To the town where Salvador Dali was born and rests! Moreover, hundreds of tourists’ feet pass over his grave a day, because. the artist is buried under one of the rooms of the famous Dali Theater Museum. You can get to Figueres for €12 by train from Estacio Sants station in 55 minutes or by car, covering 140 km.

Excursion: Dali Theater and Girona – interesting and unusual for €70

Girona . This city is divided by the river into two parts from different eras – modernity and the Middle Ages. In the old city, there are at least 5 museums, 8 temples and even Arab baths from the 12th century.

Our trip to Girona in May

All in all, this is really one of the must-see sights near Barcelona. From Passieg de Gracia station there are trains every half an hour to Girona; ticket price – 9€.

Trip to Girona for 10€

Empuriabrava . The city, dotted with water channels, through which the locals sedately move in boats, can be found not only in Italy. In Spain it is Empuriabrava. However, instead of gondolas, there are yachts, boats, boats belonging to the owners of villas and mansions built on patches of land, and professional yachtsmen. To get here, you need to drive to Figueres, and then take a bus for 4€.

Val de Nuria . This, of course, is no longer from the “what to see around Barcelona” section, because. the place is perhaps closer to Andorra 🙂 However, the picturesque mountains, clear lake, clean air and all-consuming serenity contrast so much with the landscapes and atmosphere of the capital of Catalonia that the 130 km long journey is worth it. If you have 3 days or more, stay longer! Get first by train on the R3 line from Placa de Catalunya to Ribes de Freser, and then by funicular train to a height of 1950 meters. The cost of a round-trip ticket is 30 €.

Andorra . Probably the most exciting adventure you can do from Barcelona! The neighboring principality welcomes all tourists with a Schengen visa in their passport. The distance from Barcelona to Andorra is about 200 km, and it takes ≈ 3 hours by car. How to get from Barcelona to Andorra by public transport? Only by bus from Sants station or El Prat airport for ≈ €30 one way.

To Andorra behind the mountains and shopping

Museums of Barcelona

Any route to the sights of Barcelona is not complete without … museums! It’s doubly nice to visit them for free, isn’t it? How to do it? 🙂

  • The most significant is National Art Museum of Catalonia (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya), which houses the collections of the former Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Art of Catalonia. You will be able to pass for free every Saturday from 15 to 18 and the first Sunday of the month.

We went to the main museum of Catalonia (did not like it)

  • The capital of Catalonia cherishes the memory of another outstanding artist and sculptor. Picasso Museum in Barcelona (Museu Picasso) occupies 5 mansions, ideally fitting into the architecture of the Gothic Quarter. Drop by every Sunday after 15:00 without a ticket.
  • Telling the history of the provincial capital in detail through numerous exhibits can Museum of the History of the City of Barcelona (MHCB). It is rarely open for free access – only on the first Sunday of the month.
  • Barcelona Museum of Modern Art (MACBA) is for those who have a passion for futuristic displays, mesmerizing art installations and sometimes blushing photographs. Free admission is practiced every Sunday from 15 to 20.
  • Well, why in the Chocolate Museum in Barcelona (Museu de la Xocolata) is allowed without a ticket only on the first Monday of the month – it’s quite understandable. Not enough chocolates that are awarded at the entrance to all visitors! 🙂

In general, if you give advice to tourists, it is better to go to Spain, as well as to Barcelona in general, for 7-10 days in order to have time to enjoy the sun, sea, steep rollercoasters and sights to the fullest.