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Jobs in Barcelona for Russians and Ukrainians in 2023

Barcelona is an amazingly beautiful Spanish city that impresses with its architectural sophistication and color. Spanish citizens living in the capital of Catalonia have a special mentality, culture and traditions. Hundreds of thousands of tourists from different parts of the world visit Barcelona every year to enjoy local museums, cuisine and well-groomed Mediterranean beaches. However, many foreigners dream of employment in Spain. The lion’s share of labor migrants, in addition to the main city of the country – Madrid want to find a job in Barcelona.

Barcelona enjoys a very favorable geographic location, which has contributed to the growth of trade and the development of Spanish business over the years. The economy of the Catalan region brings the country up to 20% of GDP and is a strategically important component that ensures the well-being of the country. Jobs in Barcelona for Russians and Ukrainians in 2023 are available in a variety of fields – from industrial production to architecture and design. The specifics of employment, job search options, current vacancies and salaries in Barcelona in 2023 will be discussed further.


  1. Features of employment in Barcelona
  2. How to find a job in Barcelona
  3. Jobs and salary in Barcelona

Features of employment in Barcelona

The positive factors from long-term labor migration to Barcelona, ​​which involves obtaining a residence permit in Spain, are the aesthetic pleasure of being in one of the best cities in Europe and the way to make good money. Average salaries in Catalonia are higher than in the countries of the former Soviet Union and in many states of the European Union. The city has a developed infrastructure, a high-quality healthcare system and a level of education. Many Spanish universities rank high in international rankings.

One of the most prestigious is Autonomous University of Barcelona . In general, the climate, the way of life of the Catalans and the surrounding atmosphere is very rosy. What is the world-famous football team worth and the opportunity to visit the matches of the Spanish La Liga. However, in order to successfully find a job and move to Barcelona, ​​Russian-speaking citizens from the CIS countries, including Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, need to understand some of the features associated with employment in this city. For example, the eternal language barrier .

Working in Barcelona without knowledge of the language is almost impossible . Officially, Spanish and Catalan languages ​​are used in the city. Moreover, most of the residents prefer to communicate on the latter. In the business and tourism industry, English is widely used. In general, in order to occupy a worthy job in Barcelona in 2023, a foreigner must have the skills of at least one of the above languages. The next moment is related to competition in the local labor market . The population of Barcelona in 2023 is about 1.6 million people . This is the second figure in Spain after Madrid.

In addition, the capital of Catalonia is considered one of the most densely populated cities in Europe . Over 17% of local residents are from other countries. Unemployment in Spain this year is about 16%. Directly in Barcelona, ​​the situation is approximately the same, although over the past few years the situation has improved markedly. Fixed growth of jobs in agriculture and industry, decline in services and construction. For vacancies in Barcelona, ​​Russians will have to compete not only with local residents and EU citizens, but also with labor migrants from Morocco, Pakistan, China and many other countries.

The main difficulty for the applicant is the preliminary search for an employer and the conclusion of an employment contract . Without this, it is impossible to move and officially carry out professional activities in Barcelona. The Spanish company applies to the local Ministry of Labor for the issuance of work permit to a foreigner, after which a work visa is issued at the Spanish Consulate within a month. Usually the document is issued for 12 months with the right to extend. After 5 years, you can get permanent residence.

A positive decision to grant a work permit in Barcelona is made if the foreigner has a profession in short supply or there are no candidates for a vacancy among Spaniards and Europeans (EU countries). Application processing time can be up to 6-8 months . Within 30 days of moving in, every overseas worker must register with Social Security and obtain a NIE card from the local police station. Employment conditions in Barcelona are different for EU Blue Card holders, seasonal workers and au pairs.

How to find a job in Barcelona

Spain’s economic and employment problems make it very difficult to find a job in Barcelona. Few foreigners manage to find a highly paid place. First of all, carefully prepare your resume and cover letter . Translate documents on education and qualifications into Spanish in advance. Additional certificates confirming experience and professionalism are a big plus.

Improve your language skills, especially English and Spanish . Knowledge of other languages, such as German or French , is very welcome. Many international companies have offices in Barcelona. Write job offers to employers directly. Pay attention to large firms in the field of high technology, manufacturing of industrial goods and medical products. For example, pharmaceutical companies – Almirall Prodesfarma, Esteve and Uriach .

Visit the capital of Catalonia for tourism purposes. Try to make business contacts, chat with locals and immigrants, especially Russian speakers. Even a simple walk through the streets or a cup of coffee in a bar can bring unexpected positive results in your job search in Barcelona. Be active on the Internet. Go to thematic forums and groups in social networks. Look for like-minded people and be interested in the experience of other labor migrants.

Job search in Barcelona

Professional social network –

Spanish Public Employment Service jobs –

Popular job search sites in Barcelona

Websites of famous newspapers in Barcelona

The Metropolitan

Barcelona Connect

If you cannot find a job in Barcelona on your own, contact an official recruitment agency. Be careful with domestic intermediaries, especially in case of insufficient knowledge of the language. The resource will help you find a recruiting company in Barcelona.

Jobs and salaries in Barcelona

Despite certain difficulties in Spain, Barcelona remains an economically powerful European city. Various industries are well developed here, including manufacturing, automotive, banking, tourism, logistics, agriculture, pharmaceutical production, art, high technology, trade, services and much more. Therefore, in comparison with other Spanish regions, there are jobs in Barcelona in 2023 for foreigners.

However, the cost of living in Catalonia, in particular the prices of real estate and utilities, is very high, and salaries are relatively low, in contrast to more developed Western European countries. For example, Germany and the UK. The minimum wage for Spanish specialists is 1080 euros per month . The average salary in Barcelona in 2023 is about 1800-2000 euros per month after taxes. It all depends on the level of qualification, profession and employer.

Jobs in Barcelona for Russians and Ukrainians in 2023 will be for experienced workers in the field of IT and telecommunications. There are more than 2,000 companies operating in these areas in the city. It is worth paying attention to the chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, medical, construction and biotechnology industries. Advanced knowledge of English will help you get a job as a call center operator or teacher. Students are often offered seasonal jobs in Barcelona in the tourism sector.

Qualified specialists from abroad are paid more than 1500 euros per month . Unskilled workers can find work in Barcelona as waiters, cook assistants, bartenders, hotel maids, nannies, carers. The average monthly salary in these areas does not exceed 800-1200 euros , and the competition is very significant. Moreover, it is currently difficult to find a legal job in such professions.

The author (expert) of the article is Ksenia R.


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Looking for a part-time or temporary job in Barcelona.

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In this article, we will tell you how to find a part-time job in Barcelona. We will tell you about the types of work, search places, required documents, and also give advice that will help you quickly find a job.

Barcelona is truly an international city. I have lived here for more than a year and I am still amazed at the number of people from all over the world who constantly come and go from the city. Because of this, Barcelona is such a transit point – students come here for a year to study, travelers stop here for a short time before moving on, and immigrants come here in search of a new home.

Therefore, finding a temporary or part-time job in such a small town can be very difficult. It is with this thought that you should start looking for a job in Barcelona. Not with a defeatist attitude, but with determination and tirelessness that will help you cope with the search. And remember that the job search itself is a great way to get to know Barcelona. You will have to go out and meet people, get to know the city in order to find a job – searching as such can be an exciting experience.

I have compiled a list of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for a job in Barcelona.

Are you already in Barcelona?

If you are going to Barcelona and are looking for a job before you arrive in the city, there are a few things you need to plan ahead of time. If you know that you will be traveling to Barcelona in order to find a job, then you should carefully study this issue before the trip. This way you will find out about the possibility of working on the TEFL program (teaching English to foreigners) or as an Au Pair (see below).

If you have already arrived in Barcelona and are looking for work, you will need to be more practical. It makes sense to walk through the areas of Barcelona (barrio) and pay attention to shop windows with job advertisements, ask around about work in bars and shops, and also ask friends. Don’t forget that in Barcelona, ​​who you know is very important – use any connections you have made during your stay in the city as a potential job opportunity.

Do you speak Spanish (Castilian) or Catalan?

A little Castilian will come in handy when looking for a job in Barcelona. If you know Catalan – even better! This will help you get a job in the service industry – bars, hostels and restaurants.

If you can’t speak Spanish yet, it’s best to look for work in a place where knowledge of your native language can come in handy. This could be TEFL or private tutoring, or telephone sales (see below). Alternatively, some tourist-oriented bars and restaurants may employ English-speaking staff, even if they do not speak Spanish, since most of the customers in such places will be English-speaking. For example, Irish bars.

Where did you come from?

Residents of the European Union

  1. If you are an EU citizen, all you need is a NIE number to start your job search in Barcelona (see below for how to get this number).
  2. If you take a temporary job, your employer will officially have to deduct 24% of your salary from tax. This tax can be refunded when leaving Spain, if you submit a special application. Before leaving Barcelona, ​​it is best to check with the tax office what documents will be required for a tax refund.

Workers from outside the European Union

  1. Even if you plan to work temporarily in Barcelona, ​​you will still need a work visa to work in Barcelona.
  2. Before arriving in Barcelona, ​​you will need to obtain an entry visa from the Spanish Visa Application Center in your country.
  3. Upon arrival in Barcelona, ​​you will need to apply for a work permit at the immigration office.

Paseo San Juan, 189
08037 Barcelona, ​​España.

Tel: +34 93 520 1410

La Vanguardia

Search job ads in Barcelona

Jobs in Barcelona can be found simply by asking others – chat with friends, ask questions in bars and shops. However, do not forget about the Internet and newspapers.


Barcelona Connect Classified


Magazines and newspapers:
Metropolitan (magazine in English)
La Vanguardia newspaper (published on Sundays)

Jobs offered in Barcelona

– TEFL (Teaching English to Foreigners)

Speakeasy Language School

You can take an intensive course or a regular course and qualify to teach English as a second language. You can take courses either in your home country or already in Barcelona.

Teaching a foreign language is one of the safest, safest and most profitable ways to earn some money in Barcelona. You can find a job before arriving in the city or upon arrival. You need to look for work in various language schools in the city.

Website: TEFL

– Au Pair

Another reliable and safe option for Barcelona is to work as an Au Pair. In some cases, in order to get a job as an Au Pair, you must apply a month in advance. It is worth considering this before the trip. Working as an Au Pair will give you the opportunity to live with a Spanish family, which will help you learn Spanish. However, you will have some time restrictions such as curfews – you will no longer have the same freedom as in another job.

Here is one of the websites:

Website: Au Pair International

– Nanny

Babysitting can provide a more informal way of earning. If you want to earn extra money, you could offer to help children with a foreign language by talking to them in it and teaching them.

– Tutoring

Just because you haven’t taken the TEFL courses (see above) doesn’t mean you won’t be able to teach your language in Barcelona. There are many people in the city who would like to learn a foreign language such as English and would be willing to pay a private tutor – usually these are lessons for one person. This will require you to take the initiative because you will need to look for your own customers – post ads in stores, libraries or cafes, and post ads on such websites.

If you are not sure that you can teach language and grammar, then offer your services as teaching on a “conversational” basis. Also feel free to mention the presence of any specialty. If you have a degree in law, architecture, etc., you can try to find clients among certain groups of people and ask for more money for your services.

It is very important not to forget about caution in such work. Meet your students in public places such as bars or cafes.

– Telephone Sales

Many people who have just arrived in Barcelona and can’t speak Castilian yet find jobs in the remote sales departments of international companies. This will be a stable job for you until you learn Castilian.

It is worth noting that you will be working in a team of people who speak your language, which in itself will not help you learn Castilian or Catalan.

Go here: Avis Budget Career

– Barcelona Bar Jobs

Many people, myself included, think that there are a lot of bar jobs here. Unfortunately, it is not. There are many bars in the city, but there are also many people who want to work there. If you want to get a job in a bar, it’s very important to personally go to bars and talk to people face to face. Prepare a resume showing your work experience in this field (they don’t care if you’ve ever won the “Scientist of the Year” award!) and take it to as many bars as possible. Make friends – you’ll get a job sooner if you’re already known.

If you can get a job in a bar, it will help you improve your Castilian and make friends. Just keep in mind that they pay little for such work.

– Distribution of flyers (flyers)

This is a job for those who need money urgently. On the face of it, the job of distributing flyers for bars and clubs is simply a blast. To get a job there, you need to go directly to the club or bar – English and Irish bars often need people.

Work for percentages – you sign your flyers, and the salary will depend on how many of your flyers people bring to the club or bar.

Be aware that you may have to work outside at night. If possible, ask if it will be possible for you to choose a place of work where you will feel safe and among normal people. It’s important not to agree to go where you don’t want to.

Practical advice for finding a job in Barcelona.

Register in Barcelona

Barcelona Police Station (NIE Number Center)

– When applying for a job in Barcelona, ​​you will most likely be asked for your NIE number. This is a Barcelona resident number.
– You can get it from the police station at Paseo Juan de Borbó 32 in Barceloneta.
– Reception hours at the station daily from 09:00 – 21:00 – you need to come early to avoid standing in lines.
– What you need to bring with you: a copy of your passport, a pen and a completed application form (questionnaire can be found here application for a NIE number at the Ministry of the Interior

In general, finding a temporary job in Barcelona can be difficult but rewarding.