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Each year thousands of football fans from all over the world flock to Camp Nou – the home of Barcelona FC.

Barcelona FC’s Camp Nou Stadium

With the stadium’s capacity of almost 100,000 people, the grounds are a Mecca for football fans around the world. I visited the stadium on a normal Thursday afternoon in February to find out all about the now infamous Barcelona FC Stadium and Museum Tour. This tour is the most popular of all tours in Barcelona. There was no match taking place on the day that I visited, but still crowds of fans were at the stadium, paying their respects to the ‘shrine to football’ in Barcelona. It’s true to say that Camp Nou is more than just a stadium, just as Barcelona FC is said to be ‘more than just a club’.

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An Overview of the Tour

What I realised after taking the Barcelona FC stadium tour was that you get a real feel for what it must be like behind the scenes at the club. You can see what it would be like from the players and managers point of view which adds a whole new dimension to your experience when watching a match or interview.

Sit in the VIP chairs

The Barcelona FC Camp Nou Experience tour ticket gives you access to the ‘behind the scenes’ action at the club as well as access to the FC museum and the multimedia centre.

The tour is ‘self-guided’, meaning that there are no tour guides. Rather, you will be guided through the museum by bright yellow barriers, ensuring that you go the right way around the tour. Security guards/attendants are dotted along the route and can direct you if necessary, however they are unable to answer fact-based questions about what is on show.

Club photos on display

Information about the tour is provided on boards along the route. However if you want to gain a more in-depth knowledge of everything on the tour, audio-guides are available and I recommend you get one of these. These can be purchased at the start desk of the tour. For more details on the audio-guides, please see below.

Stops on the Camp Nou Experience Tour – Self-Guided Tour of Barcelona FC’s stadium:

  1. ‘Virtual Experience’ – a ten minute 3D putting the FC stadium tour into context.
    Inside the 3D Virtual Experience

    There is a 3D show at the start of the FC Stadium tour. This show is most likely to appeal to children, who will be excited by the 3D effects. Presumably, to appeal to all nationalities, no words are provided. It is intended to give you a sense of what it is like to be on the pitch during the match – images of famous football matches are shown in this 3D show.

  2. Football player visitor’s changing room

    Here you have an opportunity to walk around the stadium’s away team changing room facilities. You may be surprised at how basic they are. I think the idea might be not to give the away team too many advantages!

    The communal bath

    I would like to have been able to see the changing rooms of the home team. According to the audio-guide these are far more impressive, including a meeting room, a spa, a treatment room and a pharmacy.

  3. FC Chapel

    FC chapel.

    This was inaugurated in 1958 and blessed by Pope John Paul II in 1982. A last minute chance for the players to say a prayer or two.

  4. Players’ tunnel to the pitch.

    Walking up the tunnel gives you a rush of excitement. It is an opportunity to feel how the players feel as they run up onto the pitch before a big game with 100,000 roaring fans at the end of the tunnel. Of course, the stadium is empty on the day, but with a little imagination you are there.

  5. The Benches (or ‘Dug Out’) – The Benches at the side of the Pitch.
    View from the press box

    If you are like me then this may be considered to be the most exciting part of the tour. This is the closest that you will get to the pitch itself – as if in the shoes of the team managers. Unaware of how impressive this would be, I was wowed by the 105 by 68 metre pitch and the 48 metre high stands. Imagine this filled with 100,000 passionate fans and you have an awesome back-scene perspective to a match at Barcelona FC from the eyes of the team leaders.

  6. Barcelona FC press room.
    Press room

    This area seats 120 journalists. It is where press conferences happen before and after matches. Two players face the press after each match, chosen in relation to what has happened in their lives both on and off the pitch.

  7. Mixed Zone – the press area for post-match comments from the teams.

    The site of those interview moments that you’ve seen a thousand times on the sports news. “Well, Alan, I think we played a good game”. Here you will recognise the blue background and the sponsor’s logos. It is a buzz to see it in the flesh.

  8. Foundation room – corporate hospitality area.

    The area where sponsors mingle in comfort before and after the match.

  9. Miró lithograph.
    Miró ‘Barcelona FC’ lithograph

    A piece of art produced by the artist Miró in honour of Barcelona FC.

  10. 5 star plaque.

    This was awarded to the stadium in 1999 for its facilities. Similar to a 5 star hotel rating, but for the sporting world.

  11. Barcelona FC presidents plaque.

    This plaque displays the names of all of the Presidents of the club, from its beginnings to the present day.

  12. Presidents box

    This is an opportunity to get the best views of the pitch. This is the area of the stadium where the President sits with his guests of honour. What an opportunity to feel like the club president or Victoria Beckham.

  13. Press boxes
    View from the press box

    These 29 cabins sit 35 metres above the playing field. They are where the commentators broadcast from a match. Whilst there you can really picture the commentators discussing the game or going crazy when a goal is scored.

  14. Barcelona FC Museum
    Classic posters inside the museum

For more information on what is available at the museum please see below:

Review of museum.

It is worth noting that the tour of the stadium, minus the museum is comprehensive and could take a couple of hours. If you plan on doing a thorough visit of the museum as well you may want to bring a snack for energy.

Review of FC audio-guide

The audio guide handset

You can purchase the audio-guide at the entrance to the Barcelona FC Camp Nou Experience Tour.

The audio guide consists of a small pack that can be hung around your neck and one earpiece that is hooked around your ear. The tour is controlled in the same way that you can control a CD Walkman – each stop of the tour has a number that correlates to a number on the audio-guide. It is your job to press play and scroll to the number of your choice when you reach that correct location. It is also possible to listen to each section as many times as you choose to. This is useful if there is information that you have missed and would like to hear again.

When hiring the guide pack you will be asked to provide some kind of I.D. to act as a deposit. It may be worth ensuring that you have a bank card so that you don’t have to hand over your passport.

I found the audio-guide to be a welcome addition to the trip. It helps to put into context what you see at each stop. It also provides you with more detail than what is available on the information boards.

Barcelona FC Museum and Stadium Tour Price
Adults: €31.50
Children: €26.00

Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Dutch.

Book your Camp Nou Experience tickets online to avoid the queues

Click to book your tickets online for fast track entry to the Camp Nou Experience tour at Barcelona FC Stadium

Review of Museum

The Museum is split into three sections:

  1. The Historic Museum section of FC Barcelona Museum.

    This is the largest part of the museum. It leads you on a chronological journey through the history of the club, starting with its birth in 1899.

    One of the many trophy cabinets

    If you are more interested in cups than history, you won’t be disappointed. Cabinets crammed with the club’s major achievements are on show are here.

    The all-important Champions League Cup is also there. It can even be touched, for a price. There is a photo opportunity in the museum, where you and your friends can hold the cup aloft for a photograph. This can be purchased at the exit from the museum.

    European Champion’s League Cup

    If you don’t want the photograph, you are not obliged to buy it. So, there’s nothing stopping you from getting up close and personal to the Champions League Cup, even if you don’t have a spare money in your back pocket!

  2. ‘Futbol art’ Collection section of FC Barcelona Museum

    This section is slightly more vague. It houses much memorabilia to do with sport – everything from old table football tables to football memorabilia and artworks.

  3. Temporary Exhibition section of FC Barcelona Museum

    This section of the museum constantly changes. On my visit there was an exhibition about Joan Gamper – the man who founded Barcelona FC.

Overall, the museum is focused on visual displays. I felt that a careful balance had been struck to ensure that information is provided without an overload. It covers all aspects of the club in detail and follows a logical order.

How to purchase tickets for the Barcelona FC Museum and Camp Nou Experience tour

Avoid queuing, buy your Barcelona FC tour tickets online

FC stadium tour tickets can be purchased most easily online. The advantage to purchasing online is that you have priority access over normal tickets purchased on the day. With the online tickets you go to an express entrance at the FC stadium which is specifically for internet purchases – the details are given on the ticket when you purchase it online. Because the internet tickets have been purchased in advance there is no need to queue. In addition with this type of ticket you do not need to print out the ticket itself you can simply show your booking voucher on your smartphone at the entrance.

We recommend to purchase these online tickets at least 4 to 7 days in advance of your visit.

Although you can purchase these tickets up to 3 days before you intend to visit it will depend on availability. If however you book at least 4 to 7 days ahead you will not have any problems. Of course you can buy these tickets several months in advance if you wish.

You can visit the stadium any time during opening hours of the tour.

Once you have made your booking you can either print out your tickets or bring your smartphone along to show your E-tickets. Make sure that you also bring photographic I.D with you such as a passport or driving license as you may be asked for this when presenting your internet tickets.

We recommend buying online from the link we have provided below if you want to avoid the entrance queues especially during the peak seasons April – September.

Book your Camp Nou Experience tickets online to avoid the queues

Click to book your tickets online for fast track entry to the Camp Nou Experience tour at Barcelona FC Stadium

Buying tickets on the day

If you want to brave the queues purchase tickets on the day from the ticket booth at Access 9.

Opening Hours for Access 9:

Month Day Time
January – April Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 18:15
Sunday 10:00 – 14:30
May – October Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 20:00
Sunday 09:30 – 19:30
November – December Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 18:15
Sunday 10:00 – 14:30

The Camp Nou Experience tour will satisfy football lovers from all over the world. The tour gives you unfettered access to ‘behind the scenes’ action – you will see where it all happens during the matches. The Museum tour is concise, entertaining and will appeal to a wide range of fans of all ages. On my visit it was easy to see why Camp Nou is one of Barcelona’s number one tourist attractions and a must visit for any serious football fan visiting Barcelona.

If you are interested in attending a football match at Barcelona FC and would like to find out how to purchase your tickets in advance of your trip see our article on How to purchase Barcelona FC match tickets.

Luggage Storage

Click to see luggage/bag storage facility near FC Barcelona Camp Nou Stadium

Location map showing the walking routes to Camp Nou Football Stadium from the nearest metro stops.

 Alguer Nou Hotel

Badal Metro

 NH Stadium Hotel


Camp Nou Football Stadium
Aristides Maillol

Maria Cristina Metro

Collblanc Metro

Les Corts Metro

BSM Tanatori Les Corts Car Park

Ronda Park Car Park

This map is copyright registered and protected and may not be copied.

F.C. Barcelona & CAMP NOU Stadium Private Tour

€ 295

A must for any football fans! See all the sites related to F. C. Barcelona in the old town and enjoy the historical sites of the Gothic Quarter. We end with a tour of the Camp Nou Stadium and Barça Museum reliving the glories of one of the best soccer teams in the world.


4 hours (not available on match days)


1 to 7: € 295
More than 7: contact us
Prices are per tour, not per person
Optional | Add 1 extra hour for lunch/dinner: € 75 extra
Price does not include the entrance fees to Camp Nou, transportation (taxi or public transport), food or drinks and the guide’s food (if lunch/dinner time is included)
See information for private chauffeured tours


English, Spanish, Catalan

Meeting point

Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar

We can also collect you at your hotel if it is located near the first attractions we visit.

+ More details

Tour itinerary

Santa Maria del Mar / Gothic Quarter / Las Ramblas & Canaletes Fountain / FC Barcelona Museum / Barça Stadium (Camp Nou)

+ More details

End point

Camp Nou stadium



“We love Dani for his passion about FC Barcelona, and we absolutely enjoyed our tour at Camp Nou with him. What a great experience for us football fans! Runner Bean really helps make our trip so much more memorable!”Read on Trip Advisor


“A fabulous two trips with Dani from Runner Bean Tours. Knowledgeable, excellent English, great admin.”Read on Trip Advisor


“Very easy to work with this company. Responsive, prompt and personable in all communications.”Read on Trip Advisor

Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar

We can also collect you at your hotel if it is not too far from the attractions.

How to find the guide

Your guide will be Dani (our Barça expert) and he will be waiting at the front entrance of the basilica of Santa Maria del Mar wearing a bright green vest and a name tag.

Santa Maria del Mar

We start the tour in El Born and at one of the landmarks of the city. This imposing basilica is much loved by locals and it is probably the only church in the world where the passion for Barça can be found. Find out how.

Gothic Quarter

We will explore the nooks and crannies of the Gothic Quarter where traces of the Roman City can still be found.  The medieval alleys of this area all converge in Plaça de Sant Jaume, the place where Barça players are received by their people after each of their big achievements.

Las Ramblas & Canaletes Fountain

This is the world famous boulevard of Barcelona and here you can find the fountain where Barça supporters meet to celebrate its triumphs since the 1930s. Just around the corner, we will find the exact location where the FC Barcelona was founded.

FC Barcelona Museum

After a metro/taxi trip, we visit the museum of FC Barcelona to enjoy all the trophies and memorabilia of one of the best soccer teams in the world.

Barça Stadium (Camp Nou)

The biggest football stadium in Spain and one of the biggest in the world. We will see the press conference room, the changing rooms where the famous soccer players gather and, of course, the field where everything happens.



Tours Barcelona Spain 2023, ✈ hotel reservations and prices for holidays, 11210 trips

  • High season

    April – November

  • 2…+ 26 °C

  • Currency


  • lazy place for travelers. Fairy-tale houses in Park Güell, medieval streets and the Picasso Museum will attract attention for a long time.

  • Football is what thousands of tourists come to the home of FC Barcelona.
  • The original railings, colorful stained-glass windows, mosaics, stucco and velvet in the Palau de la Música Catalana add to the already beautiful works that sound in the building.
  • Unusual flower and souvenir shops, bright pastry shops are always open on the Rambla, and mimes perform their performances on every corner.
  • Description of hotels
  • About the resort
  • Tours to this resort

About the resort

  • Reasons to go

    • Attractions. The monument to Christopher Columbus on the Rambla, the fabulous houses in the Parc Güell, the medieval streets and the Picasso Museum attract crowds of tourists. Barcelona is a traveler’s paradise.

    • Gorgeous beaches. Scenic views, clear water and bright sun – what you need for a beach holiday. On the Mediterranean coast, everything is provided for the comfort of tourists: sun loungers, bars, volleyball courts and even libraries. Tours to Barcelona will delight those who like to soak up the sun.

    • Shopping. Twice a year there are sales in Barcelona. From January 7 to March 6, the winter sale lasts, and from July 1 to August 31, the summer sale. During these periods, stores make discounts from 20 to 70% on the entire range.

    • Football. Barcelona is the birthplace of the famous FC Barcelona, ​​whose game people come to watch from all over the world.

    • Atmosphere of fun. Here people don’t need a reason to enjoy life. Every day, gymnasts, acrobats, itinerant musicians, mimes and circus performers put on spectacular performances on the streets. A tour to Barcelona will give tourists a sense of celebration.

  • Do you know…

    • There is a free Wi-Fi network almost everywhere in the city. This makes life easier for tourists. For example, you can easily find your way to your hotel in Barcelona.

    • Among vacationers, the most popular beach is Barceloneta – a quarter with narrow streets and restaurants between the main port and the Olympic Village. For a peaceful and secluded holiday, look elsewhere. For example, the calm Bogatell beach.

    • The locals are hospitable and open to communication, you get charged with positive energy from them.
  • Travel hacks

    • There is a free shuttle bus between the Barcelona Airport terminals. The trip lasts 5-7 minutes.

    • A ticket for the sightseeing bus costs 23€ for a day and 30€ for 2 days. From 9:00 to 20:00, he carries tourists to the main attractions of the city. You can relax after the tour in a hotel in Barcelona.

    • When shopping for souvenirs in the Gothic Quarter and the Ramblas, keep in mind that supposedly local items often come from China.

    • The presence of a queue in a restaurant indicates a high level of the establishment. Here tourists will find delicious cuisine and quality service.

  • What to drink/eat?


    Paella. A dish of rice, vegetables, seafood or chicken meat.

    Fideua. Prepared from vermicelli, mussels, shrimps, tomatoes, sweet peppers and olive oil.


    Gazpacho. Cold soup of tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic and spices.

    Escalivada. A dish of oven-baked eggplants, sweet peppers, onions and tomatoes.


    Jamon. Cured ham.

    Butifarra sausages with beans, honey, lemon and cinnamon.

    Catalan style tomato bread. Toasted bread is rubbed with juicy tomato and poured with olive oil.


    Horchata. Local sweet drink made from nuts.

    Sangria. National low-alcohol drink made from wine and fruit.

  • What to buy?

    • Football paraphernalia. Football fans will appreciate gifts from the FC Barcelona store. Tourists buy team players’ uniforms with their autographs. Also in the store are boots, socks, badges, backpacks, posters with football paraphernalia.

    • Porron pitcher. A glass or clay vessel for storing wine, shaped like a teapot.

    • Leather shoes. Quality products will last for years. In small workshops, shoes will be made to order, and in shopping centers there are world-famous brands. A trip to Barcelona during the sales season will allow you to enjoy shopping.

    • Fan. Will save in the summer heat during the holidays, and then complement the home interior.

    • Olive oil. In Barcelona there are various varieties starting from 6€.

    • Cosmetics. Soaps, lotions and creams on a natural basis cost 5-10€.

    • Barcelona lace. A memorable souvenir will be appreciated by women of fashion. The cost of the product is from 5 to 500 €.

  • Tax Free

    VAT rate – 13%. The minimum purchase amount is 90€ per day in one store.

  • Where to photograph/what to photograph?

    • FC Barcelona Museum. Here vacationers will learn about the history of the club, see trophies, balls and players’ football uniforms. The museum displays the boots in which Ronald Koeman scored a goal against Sampdoria in 1992.

    • Palace of Catalan Music. Refers to UNESCO heritage. Original railings, colored stained-glass windows, mosaics, stucco and velvet give the building a special grandeur. Thanks to the architecture of the palace, you feel harmony when listening to music.

    • House of Mila. Residential building with an original facade and cozy courtyards. The roof is adorned with statues, and the balconies resemble seaweed.

    • Pedralbes. Elite area of ​​Barcelona. Tourists will have a walk through lush parks and gardens, the Royal Palace, the Güell mansion and a visit to an ancient monastery.

    • Gothic Quarter. Narrow streets of the Middle Ages, columns, cathedrals and palaces with amazing architecture. Everything here breathes history.

    • Spanish village. A complex of structures in the open air. Architects traveled to over 1,600 cities and villages across the country to recreate replicas of interesting buildings and monuments.

  • Where, why?

    • Art – Picasso Museum. The museum presents 3800 works of the master. Sometimes there are exhibitions of contemporary artists.

    • Underwater World – Aquarium of Barcelona. Specializes in the conservation of the fauna of the Mediterranean. The aquarium recreates an ecosystem with coral reefs, coastline, algae and caves. While walking through the tunnel, tourists will see sharks swimming by. During the tour to Barcelona you are guaranteed bright emotions.

    • Good mood – Las Ramblas. Unusual flower and souvenir shops, bright pastry shops are open here, mimes stand on every corner, passers-by smile at each other. The street of happiness stretches from Plaza Catalunya to the Old Port.

    • Views – Mount Montjuic. The observation deck overlooks the picturesque landscapes. The local art museum and the dancing fountain, which shimmers with different colors to the music, deserve special attention.

    • Animals – zoo. Rare species of animals live here, including the Iberian wolf, bottlenose dolphins, snow leopard. Children will enjoy watching lemurs, elephants, cheetah, panther and tiger kittens.

  • Geography and Landscape

    Barcelona is a Mediterranean port and the capital of Catalonia. The climate is Mediterranean.

    The landscape is mountainous. The highest point is Mount Tibidabo (512 m).

  • Emergency numbers

    Police: 091.

    Municipal police: 092.

    Ambulance: 061.

    Fire service: 08008 9008 003

    Embassies and consulates of the Russian Federation

    Consulate of the Russian Federation in Barcelona:

    Avenida Pearson 34-08034, Barcelona

    Phone: +34 (93) 280 02 20, +34 (93) 280 54 32.

    Fax: +34 (93)

    55 41.

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Camp Nou Tour and FC Barcelona Museum

Cost of the tour – 80 Euro (1-3 people)

Duration – 2 hours

Number of people

Duration Cost Note
1-3 2 hours 80€ Tickets are paid separately
4-6 2 hours 100€ Tickets are paid separately
8-12 2 hours 150€ Tickets are paid separately

For football fans and lovers of the Spanish club FC Barcelona, ​​we offer an exciting excursion to the famous Camp Nou Stadium.

Camp Nou is popular among football fans from all over the world, as well as for ordinary tourists. A true tourist pilgrimage is the FC Barcelona Museum. Admirers and loyal fans strive to touch the history and trophies live.

The Catalans themselves do not get tired of singing the praises of their native club, the slogan placed in the stands “More than a club” echoes in the soul of every fan of Barcelona.

In the museum you can see cups, all the awards of the football club and Messi’s famous golden balls. To commemorate your visit to the legendary place for football fans, you can take a photo with Messi himself or with the FC Barcelona club in full force. At the exit, you will receive an excellent memorable photo that you will proudly take home!

The external gloss of the football field and the stands is undoubtedly impressive and attractive, but the special spirit of Camp Nou life is imbued with rooms that are accessible only to players and staff during matches. For example, you will be able to visit the dressing room provided to away teams, inspect the mixed zone and look at the field from the commentators’ booth. You can enter the field through the corridor in which the players are waiting for the start of the game and exit.

The Barcelona FC Museum is equipped with an interactive room where you can linger for a while to relax on comfortable sofas, while not tearing yourself away from the tour. Sofas in the interactive room are not in vain, do you want to watch all the goals of Barcelona? You have such an opportunity: the best moments of the team’s game are collected especially for you. And in the interactive hall you can listen to the team’s anthem, even in several languages. The interactive hall is really worthy to stay in it for a long time.

The museum collected all the awards of the football club, by the way, there is not only the Intercontinental Cup won by Barcelona. Also in the FC Barcelona Museum are personal belongings of the players.