Barcelona disney cruise: Top 10 Disney Cruises from Barcelona, Spain 2023/2024

Disney Mediterranean Cruise: Barcelona Cruise Ship Port

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Taking a Disney Mediterranean cruise is a great way to see Europe. Most cruises that tour the Mediterranean start in the Barcelona Cruise Port. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to visit Barcelona and see some amazing sites either right before or after your cruise.

The Barcelona Cruise Port is one of the largest in the Mediterranean. You will find that there are many ships coming into the Barcelona cruise ship port at the same time. This can make debarkation a little chaotic if you don’t know what you are doing or where to go.

Many people book a Barcelona Cruise excursion ahead of time, but if you don’t, you won’t have a hard time finding things to do on your own.

Getting to the city of Barcelona from the Cruise port is about a 15 minute walk.

Taking a taxi is the easiest way to get to Barcelona from the cruise terminals, but it can be also the most expensive way as well.

Another option to get into the city is the Port Bus.

This is a bus service that goes back and forth between the Cruise Terminals at the Adossat Quay & Columbus Monument that only works whenever there are cruises arriving to Barcelona.

A one way ticket costs 2,50€.

Storing Luggage at the Barcelona Cruise Port

Bags&Go has an office at the Barcelona cruise port. They can store your luggage and they will even transfer your bags for you.

This means you can drop off all your luggage and bags at the port with Bags&Go before you go sightseeing. BOOK NOW

We have been to Spain several times and have a great list of top things to see in Barcelona. Be sure to grab your Rick Steves Barcelona book and get ready for some amazing sites.

5 Top Things to See in Barcelona

  1. La Rambla. These tree lined streets are like an open air market and pedestrian area. You can easily grab dinner, see street performers, and do a little shopping all in one stop.
  2. Sagrada Familia. Probably one of the most beautiful cathedrals you will ever see. This magnificent church has been a work in progress since 1882. Designed by Antoni Gaudí, this Gothic Basilica is in the shape of a Latin cross and is filled with beautiful biblical imagery both inside & out.
  3. Park Guell. Sitting high atop the city is a picturesque park designed by Antoni Gaudí. Plan for lots of walking up hill, but the view and the beautiful architecture will be well worth it!
  4. Museu Picasso. This museum houses one of the most extensive collections of Picasso’s art. You will see the progression of his art from his youth, through his cubist period and beyond. If you can go on a Sunday do (it’s FREE on Sundays).
  5. Columbus Monument. While not the most amazing of sites in Barcelona, Americans will find value in this statue of the man who is noted historically for his trip across the Atlantic to the Americas. The statue is located at the site where Columbus returned to Spain after his first voyage.

Barcelona is full of wonderful things to do & see!  If you only have one day in Barcelona, make sure you plan your time wisely!

When it is time for you to make your way back to the Barcelona cruise port, just make sure that you give yourself enough time to get back. The last thing you want to do is miss your cruise!

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Disney Cruise Line Mediterranean Ports

Disney Cruise Line Mediterranean Ports

2007 European Disney Cruise Line Information

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Palermo, Sicily
  • Naples, Italy
  • Olbia, Sardinia
  • Civitavecchia, Italy
  • La Spezia, Italy
  • Marseille, France
  • Villefranche, France
  • Gibraltar, U. K.
  • Tenerife, Canary Islands
  • Cadiz, Spain

Barcelona, Spain is hosting the Disney Magic during its Mediterranean sailings. This port is the busiest in all of Europe and is conveniently located near the airport and several major hotels, many of which can be added onto your Cruise package for pre and post-night stays.

A destination in itself, Barcelona has beautiful beaches, cathedrals, museums, mountains as well as intimate cafes and world class shopping.

At L’Aquarium de Barcelona you can visit the displays housing marine habitats. There are 14 tanks dedicated to sealife found in the Mediterranean, including the Oceanarium which has a walk through tunnel.

Montserrat is home to the Benedictine Monk monastery as well as a Holy Grotto located in the mountain peaks. Should you choose to visit this destination while in Barcelona, with luck, you may be able to hear the world renowned Montserrat Basilica boys choir.

The spectacular La Sagrada Familia was begun in 1881 by architect Antoni Gaudi. The construction is ongoing but you can still visit this famous Basilica. When completed in 2026, it will have some of the world’s tallest church towers among it’s 18 spires.

La Rambla is known for its shops, restaurants and entertainment. This bustling street is the perfect place to find Catalan ceramics, designer fashion and fine leather goods


While Spanish is the official language of the country, Barcelona is located in the Catalania section of Spain where the Catalan dialect is spoken. You’ll find that most residents speak both languages. Here are useful words/phrases:









Adiós/Hasta Luego


Si us plau

Por favor

Thank you



You’re Welcome

De res

De nada

Good morning

Bon dia

Buenos días

Good afternoon

Bona tarda

Buenas tardes

Good evening

Bon vespre

Buenas tardes

Good night

Bona nit

Buenas noches

How much?

Quant costa?

Cuánto vale?

Pleased to meet you

Molt de gust









Barcelona uses the Euro. While most major credit cards are accepted, purchases under 10 Euros are customarilly made with cash.


Taxis are black and yellow and easily recognizable. When looking for a vacant cab, check to see if the green light on top is lit. Metered cabs are recommended when traveling from the airport as opposed to paying a flat rate. You’ll find that cash is needed when using taxi service.

Personal Safety

Bring your street smarts. Don’t carry large amounts of cash and keep your money concealed. Leave your important documents (passport, plane ticket, etc) in the ship/hotel safe. When walking along the streets, keep your purse on the inside, preferably with the shoulder strap across your chest. Be vigilant when in crowded areas. Pickpockets are notorious for frequenting Metro stations, open air terraces and lines to enter attractions. Men are advised to move their wallets to their front pockets.


Shore Excursions

The excursions are still a “work in progress.” Disney has been modifying them since their release. They have advised that they expect all changes to be completed by the first week of January. We’ll continue to update the excursions as these modifications are made.

Accessible Sagrada Familia and Gothic Quarter (4 – 4.5 hours)

Discover an enchanting seaside city filled with fabled art, architecture and world-class cuisine.
Price: Starts at $1,454 (for up to 5 guests)

Barcelona City Highlights (4 – 4.5 hours)

Explore the historic Old Quarter by coach and on foot—see the Barcelona Cathedral, the iconic La Sagrada Familia and more.
Adult Price: $54 (ages 10 and up)

Child Price: $44 (ages 3 to 9)

Infant Price: $0 (ages 0 to 2)

Barcelona Museum, Picasso and Old Quarter (4 – 4.5 hours)

Enjoy a walking tour through the Old Quarter—including stops inside the Picasso Museum and the Barcelona Cathedral.
Adult Price: $109 (ages 10 and up)

Child Price: $89 (ages 8 to 9)

Bike Tour Through Barcelona Olympic Area (3.5 – 4 hours)

Experience the highlights of Barcelona the fun way as you pedal around the city with a knowledgeable local guide.
Adult Price: $209 (ages 10 and up)

Child Price: $199 (ages 8 to 9)

Costa Brava and Girona (8.5 – 9 hours)

Explore Costa Brava’s rugged beauty with visits to the seaside village of Tossa de Mar and the medieval city of Girona.
Adult Price: $144 (ages 10 and up)

Child Price: $119 (ages 3 to 9)

Infant Price: $0 (ages 0 to 2)

Futbol Club Barcelona (4 – 4. 5 hours)

Hey, sports fans! Score big on this opportunity to go behind the scenes at the prestigious FC Barcelona Futbol Club.
Adult Price: $109 (ages 10 and up)

Child Price: $89 (ages 3 to 9)

Infant Price: $0 (ages 0 to 2)

Gaudi Tour with Sagrada Familia and Casa Batilo (5 – 5.5 hours)

Visit the modernist landmarks designed by Spain’s famed Antoni Gaudí—including the iconic La Sagrada Família church.
Adult Price: $199 (ages 10 and up)

Child Price: $169 (ages 3 to 9)

Infant Price: $0 (ages 0 to 2)

Kayaking at Sitges by the Sea (6 – 6.5 hours)

Visit the welcoming, swanky Mediterranean town of Sitges for exploration and kayaking.
Adult Price: $349 (ages 16 and up)

MNAC Museum of European Art (5 – 5.5 hours)

Immerse yourself in the architecture of Barcelona’s ruins, an Olympic venue and a vast collection of Catalan art.
Adult Price: $79 (ages 10 and up)

Child Price: $59 (ages 9)

Montserrat and Oller del Mas Winery (8 – 8. 5 hours)

Enjoy a wine tasting at a medieval estate—then journey to the Montserrat Monastery for lunch and a guided tour.
Adult Price: $369 (ages 18 and up)

Montserrat: Half Day (5 – 5.5 hours)

Take a tram 4,055 feet above the valley floor to tour the famed Benedictine Monastery Santa Maria de Montserrat.
Adult Price: $139 (ages 10 and up)

Child Price: $109 (ages 3 to 9)

Infant Price: $0 (ages 0 to 2)

Seqway Tour through Barcelona (3 – 3.5 hours)

Take in the sights and sounds of the city as you whiz alongside the seaside promenade to the Olympic Village area, the Parc de la Ciutadella and more.
Adult Price: $219 (ages 10 and up)

Sitges by the Sea (5 – 5.5 hours)

Journey down the sparkling Mediterranean coast to explore the charming seaside town of Sitges on your own.
Adult Price: $59 (ages 10 and up)

Child Price: $49 (ages 3 to 9)

Infant Price: $0 (ages 0 to 2)

Spanish Village Treasure Hunt (3. 5 – 4 hours)

Travel to Poble Espanyol, an open-air architectural museum featuring scale replicas of Spain’s most famed landmarks.
Adult Price: $119 (ages 10 and up)

Child Price: $89 (ages 3 to 9)

Infant Price: $0 (ages 0 to 2)

Vilarnau Winery (4.5 – 5 hours)

Venture to the Penedes region to tour the Vilarnau Winery and sample some yummy local snacks and Spanish cavas.
Adult Price: $89 (ages 18 and up)

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Cruise 5 nights from Barcelona on Disney Magic

All cruises on this itinerary are gone – look for other offers from Barcelona

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Countries: Spain, Italy, France
Company: Disney Cruise Line
Ship: Disney Magic

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  • 1 day


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Day 1, 6

Day 2

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Cruise price includes

9025 9025 9025 0026 Drinks
Accommodation in the cabin of the selected category
Full board meals in the main restaurants (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

7 Port taxes

The price does not include

Tips are paid at the end of the cruise based on the number of days on board
Tours are paid extra
Light alcohol is not included in the price
Cruise categories
  • Sea cruises
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • from Barcelona
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Disney Magic

Disney Magic

– A floating version of the wildly popular Disney theme parks.

– Babies of all ages, at least twelve weeks old, will have a great time aboard this ship.

– In the lobby is a bronze statue of Mickey Mouse, almost two meters in size, as a steering ship.

Disney Magic more

Deck plan of the Disney Magic cruise ship with 875 cabins, entertainment and dining options.

Select a deck and hover over a cabin to get detailed information about it.

Deck One

deck two

Deck Three

Deck Four

Deck Five

deck six

Deck Seven

Deck Eight

Deck Nine

Deck Ten

Deck Eleven

Deck One
Deluxe cabin with window (9D)
Deluxe inner cabin (10C)
Deck Two
Deluxe cabin with window (9B)
Deluxe cabin with window (9C)
Deluxe inner cabin (10B)
Deluxe inner cabin (10C)
Standard inner cabin (11C)
Deck Three
Deck Four
Deck Five
Navigator’s Deluxe Balcony Cabin (7A)
Deluxe cabin with window (9A)
Deluxe inner cabin (10A)
Deluxe cabin with balcony (5C)
Deluxe cabin with balcony (6A)
Standard inner cabin (11B)
Deck Six
Navigator’s Deluxe Balcony Cabin (7A)
Deluxe cabin with window (9A)
Deluxe inner cabin (10A)
Standard inner cabin (11A)
Deluxe cabin with balcony (5B)
Deluxe cabin with balcony (5C)
Deluxe cabin with balcony (6A)
Standard inner cabin (11B)
Deck Seven
Deluxe Balcony Cabin (5A)
Navigator’s Deluxe Balcony Cabin (7A)
Deluxe cabin with window (9A)
Deluxe inner cabin (10A)
Standard inner cabin (11A)
Deluxe cabin with balcony (5B)
Deluxe cabin with balcony (6A)
Deck Eight
Concierge Royal Suite (R)
Concierge suite with balcony (2 bedrooms) S
Concierge suite with balcony (1 bedroom) T
Deluxe Family cabin with balcony (4A)
Deluxe Family cabin with balcony (4B)
Deluxe Family cabin with balcony (4E)
Deck Nine
Deck Ten
Deck Eleven

Basic Guide to Disney Magic at Barcelona Cruise Port

Page Content

This page covers everything you need to know about the Disney Magic cruise ship at Barcelona Cruise Port.

Overview on the Disney Magic cruise ship
Disney Magic schedule arrival and departure times for 2023
COVID test requirements before boarding
Book services in advance (transportation, luggage transfer, etc.)
More information about Barcelona Cruise Port

Disney Magic cruise ship in the port of Barcelona

Review on Disney Magic cruise ship

Cruise ship name: Disney Magic
First voyage: 30 July 1998
Vessel length: 300 meters (984 feet)
Maximum passengers: 2,713
Number of crew: 945
Number of decks: 11
Maximum speed: 23.5 knots (43.5 km/h; 27.0 mph)
On board facilities: 12 restaurants, 8 nightclubs and lounges, 4 swimming pools, 7 shops, spas and salons, fitness center, a variety of sports and recreation, live shows and entertainment.

Disney Magic Arrival and Departure Schedule at Barcelona Cruise Port Pier

The table below shows the dates and times of arrival and departure of Disney Magic at the Port of Barcelona for the current year. The red sections of the table show past dates, while the white sections show future dates when the Disney Magic ship will arrive at the Barcelona cruise port. Arrival and departure dates and times are subject to change, so please check the Disney Magic website directly for these dates and times. The table below also lists the cruise terminals and marinas from which Disney Magic arrives and departs. This table is updated at the end of each month, so stay tuned.

Arrival date
Arrival time Departure date
Departure time Terminal / Pier
Date not confirmed

Pre-Boarding COVID Screening Requirements for Disney Magic Cruise Ship Passengers

We recommend that you follow the link(s) below to the official Disney website of the cruise ship company for the latest screening and vaccination requirements for cruising from Barcelona with Disney.