Barcelona coworking space: Inside Barcelona’s 11 best coworking spaces

Inside Barcelona’s 11 best coworking spaces

Tech and creative startups are having a welcome impact on Barcelona’s local economy. In the face of low wages and an insecure job market, more and more young people see the advantages of entrepreneurship and going it alone. As a result, Barcelona coworking spaces are mushrooming (current estimates put the number at around 100) and they cater to all tastes and professional dispositions, from small locales with an open kitchen and communal tables, to large complexes with private offices and in-house experts offering mentoring and business advice.
We’ve picked out the best.

La Vaca Coworking

Via Facebook

An enormous old cowshed in the boho Poble Sec neighbourhood now hosts a coworking space where the emphasis is as much on play as it is deadlines. In your downtime, you can play in games of pool, see art exhibitions, practice yoga or join a midnight runners meet-up who converge there on Mondays. Industrial lifts and columns add order to the organic layout that caters to a diverse community, from artists to engineers.

Best for: Runners, newcomers
Cost: €15 day pass; 150 euros for a flexible desk; 190 euros for a fixed desk.
Where: Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, 19, 08004 Barcelona


Via OneCoWork

With original artwork, plush furnishings, craft coffee corners on every floor, and a gym, OneCowork feels more like a luxury hotel than a workspace. Situated in a building completely transformed by local architecture firm Scob near the busy Plaça Catalunya, highflying finance and tech teams occupy private, glass-enclosed offices, while the ground floor lobby is open to hot desks and events.

Best for: Movers and shakers
Cost: €25 day pass; 200 euros for a flexible desk; 300 euros for a fixed desk.
Where: Carrer d’Estruc, 9, 08002 Barcelona


Courtesy Cahoots

Minimalist industrial chic predominates in this enormous, converted warehouse in Sant Antoni – a central district known for its budding food scene. Architect Oriol Hostench has left plenty of room to move underneath the building’s original vaulted ceiling, with stripped back walls and rough concrete floors surrounding a central garden nourished by a skylight.

Best for: Foodies, gamers
Cost: €15  day pass; 135 euros for a flexible desk; 180 euros for a fixed desk.
Where: Carrer de Floridablanca 92, 08003 Barcelona


Courtesy of Zamness

Designed by Nook Architects (who have their studio in the space) Zamness typifies Poblenou district’s cool factor. The architects found a 300 sqm space in a building from the 1970s with large windows and industrial columns, and completely transformed it using their signature style of bright colours, burst of plants and a sunny Mediterranean vibe.

Best for: architects and designers
Costs: from €125 a month
Where: Carrer de Zamora, 46, 08005 Barcelona, Spain

Blitz Coworking

Blitz Coworking

This coworking space in Barcelona’s Gràcia district has taken over the old performance space of Sala Beckett (now in acclaimed new digs in Poblenou). Industrial rafters, plenty of natural light and outdoor terraces accommodate a small coworking community that is mostly tech-led.

Best for: digital entrepreneurs
Cost: from €90 euros (afternoons only) up to €200 per month for fixed workspace and 24/7 access
Where: Carrer de Ca l’Alegre de Dalt, 55, 08024 Barcelona

Coco Coffice

Courtesy of Coco Coffice

Described by the owners as a ‘postmodern interpretation of an office’, Coco Coffice is a coffee shop where you don’t have to feel guilty about spending hours using the wifi (you are charged by the hour, not consumption). Behind the pretty duck-egg blue façade is a cosy communal workspace, a kitchen with free organic nibbles and a presentation room.

Best for: writers and students
Cost: €3 per hour (drink and snacks included)
Where: Carrer de Manso, 17, 08015 Barcelona

Makers of Barcelona (MOB)

Courtesy of MOB

One of Barcelona’s first coworking spaces, MOB has developed into a strong community and, with a buzzy café and lively cycle of events and talks, a reference point for networking. The energy is palpable as you walk into the ground floor of this early 19th-century building, with small start-ups toiling away in semi-private offices and lone workers lounging on sofas with their laptops.

Best for: networkers, PRs and communication professionals
Cost: from €80 per month for afternoon access, up to €190 per month for 24/7 access and a fixed desk
Where: Carrer de Bailèn, 11, 08010 Barcelona


Betahaus Barcelona coworking space on Carrer de Vilafranca

With branches in six European cities, Betahaus has as strong cross-cultural flavour with small and not-so-small teams of tech and creative workers over six floors in this industrial building in Gràcia. It has been designed for flexibility, whether you want to work alone in a booth, share a table with your co-workers, or hold a presentation or talk in the wood-lined ‘brain rooms’.

Best for: trans-European teams
Cost: €25 for a day pass up to €176 per month for 24/7 access and a fixed workstation
Where: Carrer de Vilafranca, 7, 08024 Barcelona


Courtesy of Aticco

This mammoth (3,000 sqm) Barcelona coworking space is large enough to accommodate services such as bike lockers, a gym and showers, and has a wrap-around terrace with impressive inner-city views, where regular events are held. Inside there is plenty of room to manoeuvre between the communal worktables, event areas and private booths for Skype calls.

Best for: those that like to socialise
Cost: from €159 per month for a half day hot desk up to €275 for a fixed desk
Where: Ronda Sant Pere 52, Ático, 08010 Barcelona

Valkiria Hub Space

Courtesy of Valkiria Hub Space

Situated in the heart of 22@ – Barcelona’s own little Silicon Valley – Valkira Hub Space focuses on digital entrepreneurship, which includes business mentoring and talks on how to make your millions. In contrast, its open-plan office has a homely appeal, with ad hoc furniture and hanging plants, and the onsite bistro in a popular local lunch spot.

Best for: those in search of a business angel
Cost: €30 for a day pass up to €200 euros per month for a fixed workstation
Where: Carrer de Pujades, 126, 08005 Barcelona


Photography: Salva López

From a meticulously converted factory space that could be mistaken for a designer furniture showroom, Montoya promotes a ‘curated community’ of select creative beings. The upper floor has an art events space and Scandinavian-style showers, so you can freshen up after a morning dip at Poblenou’s beach, which is a 10-minute walk away. Take a tour of Montoya on The Spaces.

Best for: arts entrepreneurs and influencers
Costs: price on application
Where: Carrer d’Àvila, 32, 08005 Barcelona

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10 Best coworking spaces in Barcelona, Spain

betahaus I Barcelona – Coworking Space in Gràcia

Rating 9.4/10 | Carrer de Vilafranca, 7, Barcelona | Website

+ betahaus provides a great space for work or events with a friendly community, great terrace views and several floors available to work, each equipped with great lighting
+ The energy in this space is amazing whether you’re having lunch on the terrace or networking with fellow workers in the common spaces.
– The furniture is a bit older however it is handmade, recycled and reused making this something of a positive note as well.

MOB Bailén

Rating 9.3/10 | Carrer de Bailèn, 11, Barcelona | Website

+ MOB Bailén offers a beautiful, open and fresh workspace ideal for organizing events.
+ The space even features an incredible 3D manufacturing area.
+ Featuring a nice conference room and lightning fast Wi-Fi speed, the only downside is a lack of natural light.
– It can feel a little bit overcrowded at times.

CREC Coworking Barcelona Poble Sec

Rating 9.2/10 | Carrer de Blesa, 27, Barcelona | Website

+ CREC Coworking Barcelona Poble Sec can be found in an excellent location with great staff, plenty of room to work and lots of natural light.
+ Plenty of outlets, fast internet connection and a relatively quiet workspace make this a great environment for productive work.
– While the internet is fast, the connection can be flaky at times.

La Vaca Coworking Barcelona

Rating 9.2/10 | Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, 19, Barcelona | Website

+ La Vaca Coworking Barcelona features a beautiful interior with a meeting room, a few private soundproofed rooms for calls, high-quality audiovisual kits and even a pool table for a little work day fun.
+ The team is helpful and approachable and the space includes high-class facilities including a well-equipped kitchen.
+ The space is very active in providing interesting and fun activities for visiting workers.
– The workspace lacks natural light (this applies mainly on the basement area and the kitchen, the main space is really bright and has direct natural light from the ceiling) and can be noisy at times

CahootCoworking Barcelona

Rating 9. 1/10 | Carrer de Floridablanca, 92-94, Barcelona | Website

+ CahootCoworking Barcelona is an awesome workplace with friendly staff, a perfect location and great ambience.
+ Featuring high speed internet access the space also includes plenty of meeting rooms and office desks.
– During the summer the space can get quite hot and stuffy and in the winter can get a bit cold so be sure to dress according to the weather!

Kubik Barcelona

Rating 9.0/10 | Carrer de Luis Antúnez, 6, Barcelona | Website

+ Kubik Barcelona offers workers a nice, pleasant coworking space with plenty of activities including workshops, conferences, lectures and courses.
+ The space has a great atmosphere with ample space and a diverse range of professionals from all sorts of backgrounds.
+ At Kubik Barcelona you’ll find a space to learn and share with friendly people willing to help you.

Meet BCN coworking

Rating 8.9/10 | Rambla de Catalunya, 125, 3º 2ª, Barcelona | Website

+ MeetBCN has the loveliest people, a tranquil environment, comfortable individual workspaces and wonderful meeting rooms.
+ Visiting workers can expect excellent treatment, nice facilities and fast internet.
– The space is a little hidden and tucked away, but is overall located in a great spot in the center of the city.

Talent Garden Barcelona

Rating 8.7/10 | Carrer de Muntaner, 239, 3º A, Barcelona | Website

+ Talent Garden Barcelona is a warm and open coworking space, perfect for focusing on work with friendly staff and fellow workers.
+ The Community Builder is ready to listen to any requests and help you with any questions you may have.
+ The location is excellent and can be easily accessed via public transportation.

Sky 4 Office Coworking

Rating 8.4/10 | Carrer de Roger de Llúria, 20, Barcelona | Website

+ Sky4 Office Coworking offers a large, modern workspace with lots of natural light and a completely equipped office with English speaking staff.
+ A beautiful space, Sky4 Office Coworking is ideal for work, meetings and workshops.
+ The services are excellent and there is a very pleasant atmosphere throughout the space.
+ The location is great, very central and situated in the heart of the commercial district of Barcelona.

The Office Coworking Barcelona

Rating 8.2/10 | Carrer Calàbria 149, entresol 1a, Barcelona | Website

+ The Office Coworking Barcelona features a pleasant atmosphere, professional work environment and a modern and cozy atmosphere.
+ The prices are good for a downtown coworking space with a strategic location.
+ Overall the space is very nice and offers a quiet place to work free of distractions.

An effective offsite retreat combines work and play, so why not supplement your meeting in coworking space with team-building activities in Barcelona?

What makes a great coworking space?

A big part of our work at Surf Office is finding the right coworking spaces for our clients. We’ve spent many hours searching for the best spots in each of our destinations and even came up with our own Surf Office rating system. According to our system, a great workspace must have: natural light, fast internet, comfortable chairs, a conference room, great location, affordable prices, and a buzzing community.

Co-working centers in Barcelona. Spain in Russian

New times, new challenges, new solutions. Almost every modern person at least once in his life is visited by the desire to start his own business or leave his chair in the office anthill for the freelance life of a freelancer. However, it happens that an entrepreneurial initiative “breaks into everyday life”, that is, such banal obstacles as the absence of an office or a place to meet potential clients.

Now this problem is easily solved, thanks to coworking centers (collective offices equipped with office equipment, where you can rent a workplace for one day or several months. The co-working movement originated in the United States in 2005, when programmer Brad Newberg came up with the idea of ​​renting a co-working space, and has since spread around the world.

In Barcelona, ​​”coworking” has long been a philosophy. This is not only a physical, but also an intellectual space where business ideas are in the air, take shape and become a reality. Among the coworking centers in Barcelona, ​​you can find both large innovative platforms for business development and cozy offices shared by freelancers and simply talented and pleasant people. What is right for you? Find out in our guide to the best co-working spaces in Barcelona.

CREC, one head is good, coworking is better

This intellectual community is located in a former industrial park and, in addition to a spacious co-working center, has meeting rooms, relaxation and therapy rooms, and a photo studio. It also hosts various training courses and trainings for professional and personal development. If you have something to say to the world, you can arrange your events in equipped auditoriums at CREC. Residents of the coworking center receive the right to a workplace, a personal locker, meeting rooms, WiFi, consultations and a subscription to a fitness club. Check out the CREC program if you don’t want to miss out on events like photo shoots for new coworkers or vermouth parties.

€100/month (Mon-Fri 15:00-22:00)
€155/month (Mon-Fri 08:00-15:00)
225 euro/month (Mon-Fri 08:00-22:00)
Address: Carrer Blesa 27, 08004 Barcelona.

IMPACT HUB BARCELONA, blurring the boundaries

Impact Hub Barcelona is part of a global network of over 60 centers around the world that aims to change the world for the better with human talent. This is 800 m2 for inspiration, collaboration, knowledge and creativity. Mobile workspaces and conference rooms with a capacity of 5 to 80 people await experienced entrepreneurs and start-ups, investors, innovators and creative professionals. In addition, at training events, for example, you can learn how to negotiate more productively or discover alternative business strategies. Not to mention the privileged location of Impact Hub Barcelona on the historic Plaza Real in the Gothic Quarter.

Hub Basic €15/month
Hub connect €25/month
Hub €100,180/month
Residents €250/month
Address: Plaça Reial 18, Barcelona.

Espai Born, creative space

This exclusive design co-working center is located in the heart of the picturesque and bohemian district of Born. Here you will find a collective office of 20 m2 with a library, a conference room prepared for meetings with partners or master classes. A street-facing showcase gives creators and entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to present their work or products to the general public. The co-working center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. According to the permanent residents of Espai Born, you can work here with a smile on your face and in a productive atmosphere, which cannot but have a positive effect on the results.

Mini €80/month
Standard €140/month
Pro €200/month
Address: Carrer Vigatans, 11, Barcelona.

Valkiria Hub Space, business as an engine of change

Valkiria Hub Space is the nerve center of Barcelona’s business world. Its area is 1500 m2 and includes co-working areas for individual and group work, conference rooms and a developed infrastructure for holding a variety of events. Its creators say: “We believe in the entrepreneur because he is the engine of change.” The purpose of the innovation platform was to create an interdisciplinary space that motivates the creative interaction of business community members. For its guests, Valkiria Hub Space offers OpenOffice (an open area and 8 permanent jobs), OpenSpace (an open area and 24 shift jobs), as well as private offices. The Co-Baby initiative allows parents to combine their entrepreneurial activities with caring for children. In addition, one of the goals of the Valkiria Hub Space is to encourage business initiatives among women.

½ day €70/month
Full day €120-180/month
Address: Carrer Pujades 126 (Poble Nou), 08005 Barcelona.

Betahouse Anti-Negligence

Betahouse is another alternative for people who are used to working from home in a bathrobe and slippers. If you are looking for a comfortable workplace and good company, this six-floor modern co-working center can offer you a team office, an event room, a ground floor patio, Skype meeting rooms and a terrace with breathtaking city views. Halls “for brainstorming” have everything you need for effective intellectual work. And for lovers of manual labor, there is a real workshop here. Betahouse also cares about the health of its guests. On the third floor, a neurologist is receiving.

Club €79/month
Fullhouse flex €159/month
Fullhouse fix €229/month.
Address: Carrer de Vilafranca, 7. (08024) – Barcelona.

MOB Makers of Barcelona, ​​three dimensions of creativity

The 1000 m2 MOB Makers of Barcelona coworking center can not only accommodate all your ideas, but even… bring them to life in 3D. It is here that the first FabCafe in Europe is located, where you can print the model you need on a 3D printer with a cup of coffee. MOBMakersofBarcelona is not only a co-working center, but also a business engine that allows you to take the project through all stages, including the release and testing of the prototype and implementation on the market. The creators of MOBMakersofBarcelona themselves call it a fitness center for the intellect, owned by a creative community with boundless imagination. Here you will find numerous workshops, courses and innovative learning platforms.

Traveler €20/day
Ten €100/month
½ Movil €80/month
Full Movil €120/month
Super €220/month
Address: Calle Bailén 10, 10, 10, 10 Barcelona.

Talent Garden Barcelona, ​​International Coworking Center

Talent Garden is a network of co-working centers specializing in digital and tech projects. Currently, the network already unites 500 people in Europe and the USA. The center in Barcelona is designed for 35 participants, who receive at their disposal equipped workplaces, three closed conference rooms and a recreation area, and, in addition, can use campuses in other cities of the network from Luxembourg to New York. TAG Barcelona is a place where digital professionals can collaborate, grow and develop their projects. A program of events designed to improve the skills of the residents of the center will also help them in this.

TAG Night €150/month
TAG Flex €180/month
TAG Full €250/month
Address: Carrer de Muntaner, 239, 08021 Barcelona
Website: talentgarden. org/

Pipoca, share and conquer

At Pipoca Coworking Center you can start your day with a cup of coffee and popcorn and finish with a barbecue or a game of ping-pong. This collective office is located in the heart of Barcelona next to its main artery, La Rambla. Its creators see their goal not just in renting out jobs, but above all in encouraging a spirit of creativity, partnership and innovation. And most importantly for this – a pleasant atmosphere! All tariff plans include Internet access, use of a scanner, printer, kitchen, and a hammock. In addition, you will find here a meeting room for 6 people.

Pipoca fija €180/month
Pipoca flexible €150/month
½ Pipoca €90/month
Address: Carrer Portaferrissa nº1-08 2CP

Nidok coworking.

Work from home? Forget!

This co-working center focuses on the plastic and visual arts. In addition to the collective office, there is a photo studio and an art gallery, where various exhibitions are held every month. At the workshops that are held here, you can learn, for example, what to do and what not to do at a casting or how to work with a model on a shoot for a fashion magazine. The brightly lit work area consists of tables for one or two people. The tariff plans also include the use of the conference room, internet, calls and coffee.

½ day €120/month
Full day €150/month
24/7 €170/month
Double (2 people) €220/month.
Address: C/ d’En Grassot nº 97, 08025 Gracia, Barcelona.

RavalCo , whirlpool of ideas

Freelancers and creatives come to this affordable Raval co-working space to exchange ideas, share space or develop joint projects. In addition to the coworking center, there are rooms for events or seminars, a relaxation area and a small kitchen. Internet access, virtual office, use of a printer, scanner and fax, as well as a landline phone are provided. If you come in company or stay more than two months, the coworking center offers special prices. Trial visit is free.

€18/day, €59/week
Half day €89/week
Community €99/week
Dedicated €129/week.
Address: Sant Vicenç 21, 08001 Barcelona.

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The best co-working spaces in Barcelona. Spain in Russian

The development of remote work has caused an increase in the number of coworking spaces, that is, spaces where you can work comfortably, hold workshops with colleagues, and find like-minded people to create joint projects. The Spanish visa for digital nomads becomes an excuse to move to Barcelona and work from here.

We, the experts of the “Spain in Russian” service center, are already helping with the collection of documents for obtaining a digital nomad visa. We are ready to accompany you at all stages of the journey to obtaining a visa.

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In the meantime, we are collecting documents for obtaining a Nomad visa together with you, we want to remind you that Barcelona is a city with a large number of co-working spaces, so here everyone will find an ideal workspace for themselves for daily work or visiting only on certain days. And here are the best of the best.

Utopicus Placidia

This co-working space is located in a historic building in the Gracia district and is a project with a unique design. In addition to cozy and stylish work areas, there are also conference rooms, training rooms, event rooms, and offices for those who work with a large team. Utopicus Placídia cares not only about the comfortable work of guests, but also about their relaxation, so social areas, a wellness area and even a meditation area were opened. In addition, children and pets are welcome here. While you work productively, they will have a great time in special entertainment areas.

Address: Plaça de Gal la Placídia, 1-3

Meet BCN

Engineer Isabelle Perez worked remotely from her home for several years and realized the need to work with like-minded people while still being a freelancer. Thus was born Meet BCN co-working space, delighting with its stylish design with bright details, high ceilings and natural light pouring from huge windows. Professionals from different fields choose to work here, so during the holidays, you can always share your experience and communicate sincerely.

Address: Rambla de Catalunya, 125, 3º 2ª


This co-working space can be safely called the most international in the city, as it brings together digital nomads from different countries on two floors. There are also private offices and spacious conference rooms. Pets are always welcome at Cahoot as well.

Address: Carrer de Floridablanca, 92-94

Felisa Cowork

Behind the blue door hides a warm, welcoming atmosphere that gives all guests the support they need to develop their most ambitious projects.