Barcelona cava bar: Top Cava Bars in Barcelona That Wine Lovers Shouldn’t Miss – Devour Tours

Top Cava Bars in Barcelona That Wine Lovers Shouldn’t Miss – Devour Tours

In Barcelona, you don’t need a holiday to pop open a bottle of bubbly. Cava is the region’s famously delicious sparkling white wine and is a staple of the Barcelona tapas culture.

El Rincon de Cava

This spot is definitely one of our favorite cava bars in Barcelona. As its name suggests, The Cava Corner, this place is tucked back on an unassuming street in Poble Sec. But if you’re looking for good cava and tasty tapas for a shockingly good price this is your spot! Glasses of the Catalan bubbly start at €0.85 and bottles start at €4.

Address: Carrer de Blasco de Garay, 53

La Vinya del Senyor

With an epically long wine list and a gorgeous terrace, you could spend all day lounging at La Vinya de Senyor. It is possibly one of the most well-known cava bars in Barcelona. On the off chance that the wine doesn’t entice you, then the view will. La Vinya del Senyor faces the impressive Gothic church, Santa María del Mar. Inside the bar is fairly tiny so we recommend taking advantage of the Barcelona sunshine on their terrace. Undoubtedly one of the best cava bars in Barcelona!

Address: Plaça de Santa Maria, 5

Bodega Maestrazgo

This is without a doubt one of our favorite cava bars in Barcelona. Not only that but this emblematic wine shop in the heart of the Born neighborhood has an endless array of incredible wines lining the shelves. At the back of the shop find one of the cutest wine bars in Barcelona and a real neighborhood gem.

Address: Sant Pere Mes Baix, 90

We visit Jose at Bodega Maestrazgo for some of the best wine advice!

Xampañería Can Paixano

One glance in the Xampañería and you’ll see this is the place to be for cava and tapas in Barcelona. Located in the Barceloneta district we love this spot! The standing-room-only bar is almost always packed shoulder-to-shoulder with people expertly balancing their cava glasses and bocadillos (small sandwiches). It is absolutely worth battling the crowd though for some cold, sparkling cava and those bocadillos.

Address: Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 7

El Xampanyet

El Xampanyet is cava’s version of your traditional Spanish cervecería. There are no frills here and you won’t miss them! Located a short walk from the Picasso Museum, El Xampanyet serves up a huge variety of cavas by the glass. With great cava and stellar tapas, it’s the perfect spot to start a night of revelry in Barcelona.

Address: Carrer de Montcada

This blog post was originally posted on August 7, 2014, and was updated on February 29, 2018.

Explore two icons of Catalan heritage—the Montserrat Monastery and cava—in one perfectly planned day on our Montserrat & Cava Winery Tour: Day Trip from Barcelona with Lunch.

The 15 Best Places for Cava in Barcelona

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Alan Poensgen: – close to the harbour- great bocadillos with anything imaginable- comes with cava- always packed with tourists- great value for money- closed on sundays

Andrea Metzler: Cute place with cheap, delicious house made cava. Tapas and sandwiches that you eat standing at the bar. Gets really crowded during peak hours.

Lulu Davies: Love the vibe and atmospheres with combination of local and tourist . We had a bottle of cava and 3 delicious snacks for less the €15. Great place to chill with some cava and good crowd between meals!

Cat Gao: super small and crowded, but the food is delicious. get there early to beat the crowds! the house cava, chorizo, jamón, and goat cheese stuffed peppers are must-trys.

Jucinara Schena: Great tapas and with it just order a bottle of cava 😉

Grace S.: House cava, pork and peppers, peppers and goat cheese, anchovies, mini clams, calamari with pesto,

Ieva Andrukaitytė: Get either their chorizo or jambon y camember sandwich – both great and also try their cava rosso. An exceptional and cheap meal. Only standing places.

Paul McKeown: Fantastic anchovies and saltibocca really enjoyed the cava (brut natur) for breakfast at 9am! Come early and get a spot close to the end of the bar

Stephraaa: Love this place! Really good tapas and cava cava cava! Super simple and authentic. Love it!

Holadays Barcelona: Perfect setting for an outdoors glass of cava in front of the Santa Maria del Mar church!

ryan opaz: Great wines by the glass, but better yet amazing prices on the “high-end” Cavas!

Eigil Moe: Best Cava place in Barcelona.

Jason Marlow: Great place to sample different types of high quality ham and have a glass of cava.

Jon Chan: Just ask for a sampling of Jamon and a glass of cava.

Susanna Soo: Nice Jamon sampling place. Get a plate to share with glass of wine and cava! The manchego is pretty good too.

Mery Poppins: the best “sangria de cava” from barceloneta and the beach bars… i could even say.. the best sangria de cava from barcelona….

Katrin: Really crowded! But there’s good sangria de cava and delicious food 🍹

Mery Poppins: Best sangria d cava in town

Babba Canales: LOVE this place! Trendy, great food and amazing sangria. Try the cava Sangria, probably the best I’ve ever had!

Martin Hedevag: Try the Cava Sangria, Carpaccio with Parmesan, Tuna with guacamole, cheese platter, sausage platter and mozzarella with tomatoes. Amazing stuff.

Rıza Yücel: Very nice place, find a table from outside. Must try cava sangria and sausage on toast.

Andrea: Cocktails, wine, cava and tapas 🙂

Rodrigo Rezende: Cavas, cold beer, good music, jamon and Paker to help us!! 😀

Aleksandra Garbacz: Fancy a meal in la Pepita but not willing to wait and hour for a table? Head to its sister venue – La Cava and ask for Pepita’s menu. Psss, don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret!

Michael Eriksson: The oyster bar all the way in the back is great for a glass of cava while taking in the atmosphere of place.

Cornelia Altrichter: What a great place love the tapas and the amazing cava

Bogdan Serban: Cava is a must.

Yvonne Duffield: Great wine shop, large selection of wine and cavas and even some artesan beer (try Rosita). Excellent friendly service, too.

Aleksandra Garbacz: My favourite Barceloneta supplier of liquors for all sort of occasions. Great selection of wines, cavas and other bubbles. They’ve got sangrias from casa lolea 🥰

Jenny Kokshina: Very nice service and wide selections of wine. They always recommend something good!

Roser Pijuan: Cava i pernilet, boniiisim!

Daniel Jimenez: Desayuno de inmersion al catalán: tosta de pantumaca y brie con copa de cava. Lástima que quieran independizarse…

Johanna RV: Perfecto para hacer un break con una copita de cava + una coca de jamón con queso brie

Thomas Vanreusel: Best paella and cava ever!

Katerina Charara: Best paella in barcelona. Beautiful restaurant and great service. If you are two and do not want to spent a lot of money you can take one paella and cava 1/2. You get full 🙂

Dalida Kassymova: Paella with seafood, tapas assorti, cava

Sharon V: The patatas bravas are the best! Cheap cava and wine and their scrambled egg and chorizzo sandwich was incredible.

Garry Tan: Ox tail foie gras terrine was great. So was the king crab ravioli. House Cava was really crisp.

Susan Cannon: Rose Cava was exceptional! Only delicious tapas are available before 8pm when dinner service starts.

Devie Mohan: Probably the best cava sangria in the city and definitely the best seafood by the beach. The paella is simply superb.

Ham M: Excellent paella and cava sangria!

148 Check us out!: Awesome seafood, one of my best restaurant in BCN have the Pica Pica to start, monkfish is good too, and a bottle of Privat cava (not too sweet and perfectly balanced). A must

John Stevens: The Cava Rosso is very good. This together with the tasteful tapas, you will be more then happy you’ve been here.

Abdullah Al-Awadhi: Best sangria and cava.

Tom Moore: Love their no. 3 cava sangria.

What is kava? Factory museums in Barcelona – Barcelona10

Tourists are usually “sold” the idea that the traditional Barcelona alcoholic drink is sangria (the correct emphasis, by the way, on the second syllable). In fact, residents of the Catalan capital consider cava to be their drink – sparkling wine in taste is not much different from champagne from neighboring France.

Every 9 out of 10 bottles of cava comes from the Penedès region south of Barcelona. Sparkling wine began to be produced there two centuries ago – the technologies borrowed from the masters from Champagne, plus the mild Mediterranean climate, which turned out to be ideal for the ripening of white grapes, gave an excellent result. Cava began to be increasingly appreciated outside of Spain: as statistics show, it is Spanish cava, and not French champagne, that is the most exported sparkling wine on the planet.

Where to try cava in Barcelona?

Where to buy kava and how much does a bottle cost?

Where are the kava factories located?

Where to try cava in Barcelona?

Cava is offered, perhaps, by all establishments in the city. The price for a glass is comparable to the cost of wine, that is, from 2.5-3 euros and more, depending on the institution and the quality of the drink.

One of the most authentic places to try cava is the bar Xampanyeria . However, you should not expect either refined interiors or luxury service.

In Xampanyeria, not only are there no tables, on some evenings in this establishment it is quite difficult to find a free seat while standing. This is offset by more than moderate prices for kava, the quality and choice of which is highly appreciated even by locals.

Where can I buy kava and how much does a bottle cost?

The price of cava differs dozens of times for different manufacturers – the most budgetary (and quite tolerable) option, for example, will cost you 1.5 euros per bottle in Mercadona supermarkets. Freixenet, the most famous Catalan brand of sparkling wines, has a price tag starting from 5 euros. Recommended brands are Cordoniu, as well as Blancher, which grew out of a small family winery. You can buy kava in large supermarkets, like the same Mercadona. Both the choice and the prices there will be reasonable. If you are not ready to rely on the label, but want to taste the drink first, then the ideal option is a tour of the kava factory. Getting there for budget travelers, however, is not so easy.

Where are the kava museums located?

The main problem for tourists is that the large kava museums take mostly group tours. And for booking excursions-tastings from private farms, you will need at least an average level of Spanish. This is used by many travel agencies, driving up prices for kava tours.

At factory Freixenet , a guided tour for one adult costs 15.50 euros. You can book a tour on the Freixenet website by clicking on the inscription Reserva ahora tu visita” . Guided tours are available in English, Spanish and French. In addition, Freixenet organizes special tours for families with children, as well as private tours – which are easier to book by calling the phone number listed on the site.

The other largest cava factory, Codorniu , can also be visited with a tour, take a train ride through the wine cellars and thoroughly study the process of making sparkling wines. The cost of the tour is 20 euros. You can book via this link.

An alternative would be the Vinseum museum dedicated to winemaking, which is located in the same Vilafranca del Penedès (the capital of the Penedès region). From Barcelona to this town there are trains, the schedule of which can be checked on the website of the railway carrier Renfe. Trains leave twice an hour and travel time is just under an hour. The cost of visiting the museum – 7 euros, tasting – 20 euros.

Tour in Russian is offered by winery J. Miquel Jané in Vilafranca del Penedès. You will walk through the vineyards and workshops, go down to the cellars and taste four drinks, as well as local cheeses and other delicacies. Book this tour in advance using this link.

Book the jeep safari tour through two thousand year old vineyards and tastings of the best drinks here. True, without English or Spanish, in this case, nowhere. But it will be an unforgettable day around Barcelona.

Have a good trip to the vineyards!

Bars and clubs in Barcelona: wine bars, tapas bars, champagne bars

Catalans’ favorite pastime is going to bars. There is even an expression in Spanish0017 “ir de tapas” , which means “to move from establishment to establishment and drink in each of them.”

It’s no surprise that bars are literally everywhere in Barcelona. There are especially many of them on the local Arbat, street Rambla . Prices here are usually higher than in other areas of the city, and service suffers.

So that you do not make a mistake with the choice and do not overpay in vain, we have written a digest about the coolest bars and wineries in the city.

Vamos! Let’s go! Go!

Popular places in Barcelona
  • Champagne Can Paixano
  • Ciudad Condal tapas bar
  • La Vinoteca Torres
  • Beer’linale bar
  • CocoVail Beer bar Hall
Barcelona places with a twist
  • Bar El Mama
  • Bar NBA Cafe
  • Bar El Bosc de les Fades
  • Bar Nevermind
Alternative ways to drink
  • Supermarkets
  • Wine shops
Bar tour in Barcelona

    Popular places in Barcelona

    Champagne Can Paixano

    A cult place for locals and tourists. Here, be sure to try cava – sparkling wine, the national Catalan drink. In the evenings, there are a lot of people in the champagne shop: you will have to try not to hurt your neighbor with your shoulder. A glass of cava will cost 1.5 euros.

    Julia alcohol blog

    tells how to order in such a noisy place:

    You can negotiate with the bartender without problems, the main thing is to shout Cava! , you don’t even have to specify which one, and show the number on your fingers. In a moment, glasses will grow in front of you, a bottle will flash in the air with its green glass – and voila – your glass is not just full, you want to straighten out without lifting it into the air.

    Photo provided by Julia, author of

    Tapas bar Ciudad Condal

    Traditional Barcelona tapas bar with a large wine list. Tapas bars are places where only drinks and tapas are served. It can be olives, chips, some simple dish or a mini sandwich. Ciudad Condal is very popular: in order to be guaranteed to get here, you need to book a table in advance. A mug of beer will cost 2.5 euros, a pitcher of sangria will cost 12 euros.

    Olya_dragonfly, tripadvisor user, warns about queues and slow service:

    It all started with a queue, instead of the designated 45 minutes, they waited 1.5 hours.

    La Vinoteca Torres

    A cozy bar where guests are served by the owners themselves. The menu has a large selection of drinks from the Torres winery. The La Vinoteca Torres collection has very rare wines, but you won’t find them on the menu. If you want to buy a valuable bottle, tell the bartender about it.

    Bar Beer’linale

    Classical Spanish beer house. The range of beers is impressive: 30 craft taps and over 150 bottled classics from all over Europe. In addition to a large selection of drinks, reasonable prices please.

    CocoVail Beer Hall

    If you want to watch football with beer, you are here. The bar specializes in craft.

    Alex020377, tripadvisor user, talks about the format of the establishment:

    The format is this – the general queue to the bar (goes quickly), you order, they give you the beer right away, give you a number, you put it in front of you on the table, the waiter then looks for you on it and brings food.
    There are separate tables, there are common long tables, there are bar counters.

    Barcelona places with a twist

    Bar El Mama

    A vibrant burlesque establishment. The main feature is the artists and magicians who will entertain you all evening. The menu includes cocktails, wines, spirits. Prices are above average.

    Bar NBA Cafe

    Stylish themed place for basketball fans. On the ground floor you will find hand and footprints of famous basketball players – a great place to take a photo as a keepsake. The menu includes beer and cocktails. For one drink, give about 10 euros.

    Bar El Bosc de les Fades

    The establishment is decorated in the form of a magical forest. Here you can taste wine, beer and cocktails.

    Tripadvisor user Jackie F explains how the atmosphere here is magical:

    The murmur of water, lights and installation of trees created the feeling that you were in a fantasy world, far from the hustle and bustle of a big city.

    Bar Nevermind

    Representatives of youth subcultures gather here. The place is especially popular with skaters. The bar even has a small playground where visitors learn to do tricks on the board. A mug of delicious beer will cost only 1-2 euros.

    Alternative Ways to Drink


    Buying your favorite drinks is best at local supermarkets. Most often, bloggers mention Carrefour, Lidl, Dia, Al Campo. The main rule is to choose big stores. Prices are much higher in small shops.

    Here is the cost of alcohol in Barcelona supermarkets:

    • Beer. The price for 0.5 liters starts from 1 euro . Pay attention to the Spanish brand INEDIT. A bottle of this beer will cost as much as 3 euros, but it’s worth it. Licorice, orange peel and coriander are added to the drink. Also try the local Estrella Galicia 1906, Ambar Export, Mahou Maestra, San Miguel 1516.
    • Wine. Cost – from 2 euros per bottle of . Even for the money you get a decent drink. If you want something more refined, buy wines from 8 euros and up. For 15 euros you will be sold excellent wine in a gift box.
    • Vodka. Catalan shops have a small selection of vodka. Yes, and drinking it is completely unprofitable: the price for a bottle starts from 8 euros.

    Do not forget that from 22:00 to 07:00 The sale of alcohol in Barcelona is prohibited.

    Drinking in public places is prohibited. Fine – from 30 to 600 euros.

    Wine shops

    There are a huge number of them in Barcelona.

    We will only talk about the most popular:

    • La Vinacoteca. Producer and seller of wines. The assortment includes more than 3000 items. There are rare collectibles. Address : Carrer de Valencia, 595.
    • Vila Viniteca. One of the oldest wineries in Barcelona, ​​has been operating for over 80 years. The range of classic Spanish and imported wines. Address : Carrer dels Agullers, 7.
    • La Carta de Vinos. Representative of the French network. In addition to wines, here you will find accessories and furniture for wine lovers. Address : Calle Sombreres, 1.

    La Vinacoteca

    Barcelona Bar Tour

    For travelers who want to drink at several places in the evening, we have compiled a route of 10 km and 4 places. On foot you will pass it in 4 hours.

    Pickpockets and robbers go hunting in the evening, so it’s not safe to walk from bar to bar. To get to the right place without incident, rent a car with a driver. He will drive up when you need, and will wait for you at each establishment.

    • Start your evening with the legendary Can Paixano champagne. Drink some kava here.
    • Then go to CocoVail Beer Hall. The journey will take 10 minutes. Skip the craft beer here.
    • Continue your evening at El Mama. You will arrive in 7 minutes. You can increase the degree and try a strong cocktail or vodka.
    • Finish your journey at the Nevermind Skater Bar. You will reach it in 15 minutes. Now, are you brave enough to hang out in such a hot spot?

    Time flew by unnoticed – sorry, but it’s time to go home!


    Sitting in bars is part of the culture of the Catalans. Therefore, if you want to feel the atmosphere of the eternal holiday that reigns in Barcelona, ​​be sure to go to places popular with locals. And don’t forget to bring some sun and warmth home – buy a bottle of sparkling wine in one of the wineries.