Barcelona cards: Barcelona Card – The Official City Pass 2023

Barcelona Card – The Official City Pass 2023

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Discover the best of Barcelona with the Barcelona Card. Enjoy free unlimited use of public transport (including the airport train), free entry to the city’s best museums and exclusive deals and discounts.

  • Benefits
  • What it is
  • Where to buy
  • How to use

Free travel

Unlimited free travel by bus, metro, (airport-)train.

Free entry

Visit Barcelona´s best museums free of charge.

70+ discounts

Save up to €320 on visits, tours, shopping and nightlife.

Free travel guide

Essential information about all tours and attractions.

Skip the queues

Skip the lines at Barcelona´s most popular attractions.

Price discount

Save a few euros if you buy the Barcelona Card online.

The card is activated on the first use, so no need to worry about the card expiring before your arrival in the city.

The Barcelona Card is the official tourist pass of Barcelona. It looks like a credit card, is incredibly easy to purchase and helps travelers save time and money during their holiday.

The Barcelona Card is a 3-in-1 transport card, museum pass and discount card.

Holders of the Barcelona Card enjoy unlimited free travel by public transport, free entry to Barcelona´s best museums, 70+ deals and discounts on visits, tours, entertainment, shopping, dining and nightlife.

Not only does this coveted card get you through the door to great Barcelona attractions, it can also help you skip the queues entirely at many of Barcelona´s most popular sights – saving valuable time on a tightly packed trip.

Plus the card comes with a handy city guide available in six different languages outlining all the great deals included (think Gaudí’s monuments, the Sagrada Família and Camp Nou).

In all, the card boasts over €320 in savings for those dedicated travelers who really work it.

Getting your hands on a Barcelona Card is pretty straightforward: cards can be purchased at tourist information offices in Barcelona (full price) or online (discount) prior to your trip.

The card is activated on the first use, so no need to worry about the card expiring before you arrive in Barcelona.

Use the booking form on the left to place a quick, secure order. After purchase, a voucher will be emailed to the given address and is ready to be printed and exchanged for the physical card.

There are multiple sites in Barcelona where you can trade in the voucher for the freshly minted Barcelona Card, including Barcelona Airport and Plaça Catalunya (see the full list here).

Explore beautiful Barcelona on a budget – all it takes is one little card!

Using the Barcelona Card is quite easy as well: the card is activated when you first use it, for example on public transport or at the entrance of one of the participating attractions.

Keep in mind that the Barcelona Card is valid for consecutive days – not 24-hour periods. For example, if you activate a 5-Day Barcelona Card on Monday at noon, it will expire on Friday at midnight.

Now go take the Barcelona Card challenge and see how many unforgettable attractions you can hit before you card expires!

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Frequently Asked Questions – Barcelona Card

What is the Barcelona Card?

The Barcelona Card is the official tourist pass of Barcelona. The card is essentially a 3-in-1 transport card, museum pass and discount card. The Barcelona Card package also includes a free map and small travel guide. In all, the card helps visitors of Barcelona save time and money during their stay in city.

What are the benefits of the Barcelona Card?

The Barcelona Card allows you to save money on transport, entrance fees, entertainment and gifts, save time by avoiding long lines at popular attractions and see more with over 320 euro in deals and discounts.

What discounts does the Barcelona Card offer?

The Barcelona Card offers more then 70 discounts on attractions & museums, visits & tours, leisure & entertainment, bars & restaurants, transport and shopping. The total value of all discounts is over 320 euros. You can view the complete list of discounts here.

Is the Barcelona Card worth it?

Whether buying the Barcelona Card is worth it depends mainly on your travel plans and need for convenience. As a rule of thumb: the Barcelona Card is a good deal if you plan on traveling by public transport and visiting various museums and attractions per day. Below are a few things to keep in mind if you´re considering buying the Barcelona Card:

  1. The cost of the card The only way to be sure the Barcelona Card is worth the investment is to go through your plans and work out how much it would cost on entries, tours and transport. Compare the total with the costs per day of the Barcelona Card and see if the card is a good deal. Keep in mind that the 4 and 5-Day cards offer the best value.
  2. Save time The Barcelona Card does not only offer monetary value: it also allows you to save time by skipping the lines at popular attractions and at public transport stations.
  3. Freedom and flexibility In many cases the Barcelona Card sells on convenience: it lets you do what you want, whenever you want it without having to worry about buying extra museum or transport tickets.

In all, if you´re visiting Barcelona on a shoestring budget, do the math and see if the cost vs. the savings are worth it. If you value freedom, flexibility and convenience the Barcelona Card is probably a great deal.

What is the difference between the Barcelona Card and the T10 Transport Card?

The T10 is a 10-ride ticket that can be used in Barcelona´s public transport system.The Barcelona Card is a much more comprehensive tourist card. Not only does it include unlimited travel on public transport, it also allows you to visit many museums for free and enjoy 70+ discounts.

What is the difference between the Barcelona Card and the Tourist Bus?

The Barcelona Card allows you to travel for free on public transport, including the bus, metro, trams, regional trains and airport train. The sightseeing bus tours from Barcelona Bus Turistíc are not included in the Barcelona Card.

What does the Barcelona Card cost?

The price of the Barcelona Card depends of the number of days it´s valid. Children receive an additional discount on the purchase price.

Have a look at the price per day when comparing the different cards. For example, a 5-Day Barcelona Card is €5 cheaper per day then a 2-Day card. Please refer to the pricing table to see all prices of the Barcelona Card.

Where can I pick up the Barcelona Card?

After your purchase you can pick up the Barcelona Card in one of the tourist information offices in Barcelona or at Barcelona Airport. Don´t forget to bring the voucher you received via email and a valid ID.

City Pass, Barcelona Card, Art Ticket and Arqueo ticket

Discount travel cards are the smartest way to save money in Barcelona. They allow you to see all the most interesting things in the city and spend 20-30% less.

There are cards for connoisseurs of museums and paintings, but for most tourists, the Barcelona City Pass, which was launched in 2016, is an instant hit with smart travelers.

Barcelona City Pass

Developed in 2016, the card is ideal for first-time visitors to Barcelona and those planning to actively visit local attractions.

A card with a special code is issued electronically and sent to you by e-mail. You don’t have to go anywhere to get it. She will live in your phone.

  1. Arrived
  2. Showed phone instead of ticket
  3. Pass further or get a 20% discount on the ticket price
  4. That’s how it works!

The lines at the most popular places in the city will not worry you, because you will not stand in them.

The Barcelona City Pass costs 99 euros, but with it you will receive:

  • ticket to the Sagrada Familia;
  • ticket for a bus tour of Barcelona for 1 or 2 days;
  • ticket to Park Güell;
  • transfer from the airport and back;
  • and (most importantly) 20% discount for visiting ALL of the most interesting places in the city, including:
    • Camp Nou tour
    • house Mila
    • Casa Batlló
    • Aquarium of Barcelona
    • excursions to Figueras and Girona
    • guided tour of the Picasso Museum
    • opportunity to see Mila House at night
    • Spanish Village
    • Dali Museum
    • Wax Museum
    • Montjuic Funicular
    • Barcelona Zoo
    • Gaudí Experience
    • Barcelona Aquarium
    • Trip to La Roca Village Outlet Village
    • Hola Barcelona transport card
    • Isla Fantasia Water Park
    • Port Aventura Park and Ferrari Land
    • a bunch of other museums (full list here)

The more properties on this list that you are interested in, the better your Barcelona City Pass will be.


  • free use of public transport is not included in this special offer.

You need to buy an additional Hola card for 2 days for 14 euros or use the T-10 ticket.


Barcelona Card

This card is well suited for those who plan to pay great attention to the various themed museums in Barcelona. You can choose for how many days you need the card (from 2 to 5 days) and focus entirely on museum displays.

Main benefits:

  • free admission to 26 museums
  • free public transport and airport transfers (and back)
  • You can save 240 euros per person by visiting all the sites operated by this program.
  • discounts from 20 to 40% on visits to other museums


Arqueo ticket

What is included in the price:

  • Archaeological Museum (regular ticket price 6€)
  • Museum of Egyptian Art (€11)
  • Historical Museum (ticket price €7)
  • Maritime Museum (admission price €4. 50)

If you are planning to visit 2 of the 4 sites included in the list, it makes sense to consider buying a ticket.

Order (13€)

Barcelona Art Ticket

If you come to wander around art galleries and museums, then this is your option.

The price includes admission to the following sites:

  • National Art Museum
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Miro Foundation Museum
  • Anthony Tapies Foundation
  • Barcelona Center for Contemporary Culture
  • Picasso Museum

Order (30€)

Tourist maps of Barcelona. I Need Spain

When planning your trip to the Catalan capital, consider purchasing the Barcelona Tourist Card and other tourist discount cards that this travel-friendly city has to offer.

Barcelona Card

This is the most popular tourist card for those who have already visited the Catalan capital and this time want to explore the city’s lesser known sights. It is important to figure out how many days you need discounts for travel and museums and galleries, and then purchase a card online before you start your trip, as in this case it will be cheaper. Usually tourists prefer to buy a Barcelona tourist card for two days, but there are also 3- and 5-day options among the options. With the Barcelona Card, you can visit sixteen museums for free, and all the rest are at an impressive 20-40 percent discount. Discounts of this level cannot be obtained with any other advertising coupon from those that are distributed in the city or in the museums themselves, since they usually do not exceed ten percent.

The main advantage of the card is that you can use city transport for free, as well as transfers and trains from and to the airport. If you have enough time to go around all the objects indicated on the map, you can save about 240 euros per person. The cost of the Barcelona Card starts from 20 euros, depending on the number of days and the place of purchase. By purchasing a card online, you can pick it up immediately upon arrival at the airport at one of the tourist information points.

Barcelona City Pass

The City Pass card is fundamentally different from the Barcelona Card, especially in terms of the set of attractions that can be visited. This includes a ticket to the Sagrada Familia, which is not included in the Barcelona Card, a ticket to the Park Güell, and a 1 or 2 day tour in the tourist bus. In addition, the card contains not only a transfer from Barcelona airport, but also from Girona, which is not available in other cards. Visiting the rest of the city’s museums implies a 20-40 percent discount, but, alas, free travel on public transport is not included in the list of bonuses, and you will have to pay for it separately. The cost of this Barcelona tourist card is about 65 euros depending on the number of days, for children – 37 euros. Like other cards, it is better to purchase it online, in which case you will additionally get the opportunity to skip the line to museums and galleries.

Hola, BCN!

This transport card is valid for the number of days you need, from two to five. With it, you can use the Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) metro and buses, the Generalitat urban network, the Renfe trams and suburban trains. Also included in the price is a pass for the road to Barcelona Airport. In essence, this is a ticket for public transport with an unlimited number of trips within 2-5 days. It will allow you to go around not only the whole of Barcelona, ​​but also its surroundings, saving time and money. Buy Hola, BCN! online, and then print the voucher and exchange it for a card at the tourist information desks right at the airport.

Articket BCN

For those travelers who appreciate the cultural component of the Catalan capital, this Barcelona tourist map is ideal. With it you can visit the National Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of the Miró Foundation, the Antoni Tapies Foundation, the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona and the Picasso Museum for free.