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Bogatell Beach – Barcelona – Spain

number 71 in the city


Local name:
Platja del Bogatell

Bogatell Beach is located on the north side of the Olympic Port. It is a wide, sandy beach, considered very safe. First of all, middle-aged people come here. It is also willingly chosen by tourists. There is a volleyball court on the beach, and there are also bars.

The beach was laid out in preparation for the 1992 Olympic Games. Bacelony authorities decided then to make large parts of the coast available to tourists. The beach has a well-developed infrastructure. There are deckchairs and umbrellas, showers. The beach is under the supervision of lifeguards. There are many bars and restaurants in the vicinity.


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    Bogatell Beach


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    Paseo Maritimo del Bogatell



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    Barcelona-Bogatell-Nova-Icaria – Where to Play Beach Volley

    If you want to play beach volley & party in the evenings.

    Set up your nET

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    Why Barcelona to play Beach Volley?

    • All levels, All year long beach volley, International vibe, After beach volley activities​
    • Overcrowded or too hot in the afternoon during summer​

    Best time, season, weather to play beach volley in BARCELONA


    “”Barcelona is the best place for all year long amateur beach volley for me”​”

    Jean France

    FAQ Beach Volley in MANHATTAN BEACH (California, US)

    What is the best season for beach volley on this beach?

    Sept to October, and March to June. I also found February very peaceful – only a few nets on the beach, no cafe, restaurants.

    How it the sand, water?

    There are several beaches in Barcelona for beach volley (Poblenou, Bogatell, Nova Icaria). There are all made with articificial sand, and well maintained. In most places sand is deep enough for diving without hurting yourself. 

    Is it easy to play beach volley in when you travel alone?

    It is super easy. Either come on the beach and ask if players are needed. Or best there are multiple meetup/facebook groups, class for beach volley in barcelona.

    How it the after beach volley life?

    @Simply fantastic. Cafes, restaurant on the beach. Small shops nearby. Having a drink on the beach in Barcelona after a long day of beach volley is the best feeling in the world!”

    How to reach beach volley spots?

    The best is to come by bike. But you can also drive, or take the metro (10 mins walk). When Barcelona’s beaches get to busy to set up a net, you can always head to  Castelldefels beach by train where space is not an issue for a volley net.

    Map of MANHATTAN BEACH Beach Volley Spots

    Extra links

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    • Piratas Beach volley club Barceona

    • Sunset Beach Camp

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    Barcelona beaches, the best and located near the center — Touristim

    The Catalan capital Barcelona is famous for its best beaches no less than its architectural sights. As in most other Spanish Mediterranean resort towns, the beaches here are mostly sandy, slightly deep, with calm waters even in fresh weather. Guests of Barcelona can soak up the warm subtropical sun and enjoy the gentle sea from May to mid-November, but the most comfortable stay will be from June to September.

    In total, there are more than a dozen large beaches in the capital of Catalonia. Some of them are located a little further away (for example, Sitges), the road to them takes at least an hour, but there are not so crowded. We will consider in detail the four main sections of the coast, the total length of which exceeds 4 kilometers, located in close proximity to the center of Barcelona. This quartet is formed by the beaches of Barceloneta, Ikaria, La Marbella and Bogatell.

    Barceloneta Beach

    Barceloneta is the main beach of the resort, as it differs from others by its extremely advantageous geographical location – right in the city center. Although it can also be reached by metro (on foot from the metro station of the same name to the coast, you can walk in just 8 minutes), do not be too lazy to prefer the walking route to transport. Area information Barceloneta is the most picturesque area of ​​Barcelona.

    This beach offers not only sea sports, sun loungers and the opportunity to soak up the clear water. The infrastructure of Barceloneta is extremely developed, there are a lot of bars and cafes in which it is so nice to hide from the evil tropical sun on a hot day.

    La Nova Icaria beach

    Despite their abundance, the beaches of Barcelona in the high season can hardly accommodate everyone. Therefore, lovers of a more secluded holiday should prefer Barceloneta Ikaria. This beach is also located in the very center of the city, and walking distance from the metro station Ciutadella Vila Olimpica takes fifteen minutes on the strength.

    Although the surrounding landscape on La Nova Icaria is not so impressive, there are all conditions for a comfortable beach holiday. This place is especially popular with families with children.

    Marbella Beach

    If you are a youth, not an overly impressionable person and not suffering from hypocrisy, then Marbella is the beach just for you. At first glance, it does not stand out with anything special, except for a luxurious promenade for walkers (common with Barceloneta). But in fact, Marbella has much more interesting features.

    This beach has long been chosen by nudists. If earlier it was unofficially considered a nude resting place, today a separate section of Marbella has been allocated for nudists, carefully sheltered from prying eyes by a bamboo fence. The nearest metro station to the beach is Poblenou.

    Bogatell beach (Bogatell)

    It is hardly possible to say something special about Bogatell. This is a well-groomed section of the coast, located a little away from the center, but close to the Olympic Port area. It is adjacent to Morbella, from which it is separated by a massive stone breakwater. Bogatell has a full list of amenities for a comfortable stay – parking, gastronomic establishments, a promenade and more.

    To get to any of the beaches of the resort of Barcelona, ​​you need to use the yellow (eastern) line of the city’s metro. However, it is much more interesting to walk all the way and enjoy the view of the Catalan capital from the sea.

    Barcelona beaches: photo, location, hotels, infrastructure

    Ten best beaches in Barcelona: location, infrastructure. All about beach holidays in Barcelona 2023 and the most famous beaches of the city.

    Barcelona is one of the ten most popular tourist destinations. Such success is partly due to the ability to combine a rich cultural program with a first-class vacation on the seashore. The beaches in Barcelona are free. At the same time, they are equipped with rescue towers and everything necessary for outdoor activities. People come here not only to sunbathe and swim: there are cycling and walking paths near the shore, numerous cafes and restaurants. And although Barcelona is a port city, local beaches are regularly awarded the Blue Flag for the cleanliness of the water and the coast.

    Catalan climate allows you to relax on the sea most of the year. The beaches open already in April: summer cafes, rental of beach and sports equipment begin to work. At the end of May, the high season begins, which lasts until mid-September, and then gradually flows into the velvet season. From October to April, the beaches are closed, and the entire infrastructure is “frozen” until the new season.

    There are ten beaches in Barcelona with a total length of 5 kilometers. They differ from each other in size, service and contingent of tourists.

    San Sebastian Beach

    Barcelona Beaches – San Sebastia

    The beach is located in the western part of the coast and is popular mainly with locals. Nearby is the Old Town – the historical district of Barcelona, ​​​​so in the summer tourists come here who decide to combine sightseeing with relaxing on the beach. The beach is well equipped. There are umbrellas and sun loungers, cafes, sports and playgrounds, first aid stations and even a public library.

    San Sebastia is accessible for people with disabilities. They offer bathing chairs, comfortable changing rooms and showers, as well as a special service. Beaches of Rhodes (photo, location) → Miguel, named after the nearby church of Saint Miguel. Its main feature is the picturesque rocks on the shore, so people come here not only to swim, but also to admire nature. And since there are almost no nightclubs and noisy establishments, Sant Miguel is also suitable for families.

    Barceloneta Beach

    Barcelona Beaches – Barceloneta

    The next beach is Barceloneta, the most famous and popular in Barcelona. It is located near the city center and is often crowded with tourists and locals during the summer. Oddly enough, but at the same time it remains clean and regularly receives the Blue Flag. Its popularity is explained not only by its proximity to the center: there are all conditions for active leisure. Tourists are waiting for volleyball and football grounds, tennis tables and a ski area for fans of skateboarding and rollerblading. The beach has a gentle entrance to the water, a pleasant sandy bottom and good playgrounds.

    Barceloneta would be perfect for families with children if it wasn’t so noisy. Its other unpleasant feature is the lack of locker rooms. This must be remembered when going here on vacation.

    Somorrostro Beach

    Somorrostro is a popular beach in Barcelona

    Somorrostro separated from Barceloneta in 2010 and is now considered the most “party” beach in the city. Many nightclubs and discos attract young people here, and free WI-FI attracts tourists who do not want to part with the Internet even on vacation. But people often come here with small children, for whom there is a rental of all kinds of buckets and spatulas for playing on the shore.

    The main attraction of Somorrostro is the statue of the Golden Fish, the Olympic symbol of Barcelona in 1992.

    Nova Icaria beach

    Barcelona beaches – Nova Icaria

    Next beach – Nova Icaria. It lies almost in the center of the coastline of the city and is distinguished by its small size (length 400 meters) and golden sand. The beach is quiet, so couples come here willingly. Fans of water sports can rent kayaks and surfers here, while gourmets can visit local restaurants.

    Bogatell Beach

    Barcelona Beaches – Bogatell

    Bogatell Beach appeared in 1992 during the Summer Olympics in the city. It is considered one of the cleanest, most modern and safest beaches in Barcelona. In addition to the usual service, vacationers are waiting for safes for storing personal belongings and electronic displays with the temperature of sea water and air. Bogatell is popular with mature tourists and parents with small children. There are conditions for playing sports: volleyball and basketball courts, table tennis and much more.

    There is a free library on the beach with classical and modern literature.

    Mar Bella Beach

    Mar Bella Beach, Barcelona

    Mar Bella Beach is located next to Bogatell and was also created for the guests of the Olympics. It lies in the eastern part of the coastline and is popular with residents of the Sant Marti area. There are few bars and restaurants, so the beach is calm and not noisy. There are basketball and volleyball courts for sports fans, and a skateboarding and roller skating area for young people. There is also a yacht club here, where those who wish are offered to take a sailing trip.

    Mar Bell has good playgrounds. But going here with children, you need to remember that here is the unofficial nudist beach of Barcelona.

    Nova Mar Bella Beach

    Barcelona Beaches – Nova Mar Bella

    The next beach is Nova Mar Bella, equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas. Young people from the Sant Marti area come here, local women and fishing enthusiasts who sit with fishing rods right on the breakwaters. There are fewer opportunities for sports here than on Mar Bell. But next to the beach is the popular El Boo restaurant, which offers visitors excellent seafood dishes.

    Levante Beach

    Levante – a little-known beach in Barcelona

    Levante – the youngest and smallest beach in Barcelona.