Barcelona august: Barcelona in August 2023 | Weather, Things to Do, Events & More

Barcelona in August 2023 | Weather, Things to Do, Events & More

Barcelona, the Catalan capital, features centuries of art, culture, and history. The city’s legacy is visible not only in its architecture but also in its cuisine. If late evenings are your style, you won’t have to face a dull night because the city has a thriving nightlife. Furthermore, Barcelona’s beaches offer stunning vistas and clear blue waters. Planning to visit Barcelona in August. Our detailed guide has all the information you would need for a fantastic trip.

Is August a Good Time to Visit Barcelona?

August is the height of the tourist season, and the city is bustling. If you want to tour the city and enjoy its nightlife, this is the best time to visit. As the temperature rises, more people opt for nocturnal escapades, revealing a very appealing aspect of Barcelona.

Why You Should Visit

  • Because of the great weather, August is the perfect month to visit Barcelona’s best beaches
  • Another obvious benefit of pleasant climate is that you’ll be able to spend more time at Barcelona’s main attractions
  • Have endless drinks at the city’s best rooftop pubs
  • Some top-notch music events and Barcelona’s iconic barrio celebrations are organized in August

What to Look Out For

  • Since August is peak tourist season, the city is the most crowded during the month
  • Expect considerable waiting time at most tourist attractions due to the crowd
  • Hotels and flights are expensive when compared to other months
  • August is the hottest month of the year and you can expect high temperatures

Overview of Weather in Barcelona in August

Visit Barcelona in August if you enjoy the heat and sunshine. It’s the hottest month of the year, so expect balmy weather, clear blue skies, and calm seas throughout the duration of your vacation.

Average Temperature: High – 28.9°C Low – 21°C

Average Rainfall: 64 MM (approximately 5 days in the month)

Daily Wind Speed: 6.9mph

Temperature of the sea: 26°C

Best Time to Visit Barcelona

More About Weather in Barcelona in August

How hot is Barcelona in August?

The maximum temperature in Barcelona in August is 33° C, making it the hottest month of the year.

Can You Swim at Beaches in Barcelona in August?

Yes, August is one of the best months to swim at the beaches in Barcelona courtesy of the balmy weather.

Does it rain in Barcelona in August?

On average, it rains for about 5 days in Barcelona in August with an average rainfall of 64mm.

Is Barcelona Windy in August?

Throughout August, the average hourly wind speed in Barcelona is nearly steady, staying within 0. 2 miles per hour of 6.9 miles per hour.

Top 12 Things to do in Barcelona in August

1. Sagrada Familia

Gaudi’s Attraction | Cathedral

The creation of the Sagrada Familia took several decades, and as a result, it incorporates a variety of construction and architectural approaches. Despite the tourist influx in August, it is one of Antoni Gaudi’s finest works and a must-see.

August Timings: Daily from 9 AM – 8P M

from €47

2. Park Guell

Gaudi’s Attraction | Park

The city of Barcelona is brimming with Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces. Park Güell is another. The historic park features some of Gaudi’s most iconic creations. Make your way to Park Guell in August for a fun family picnic.

August Timings: Daily from 8 AM – 7 PM

from €10

3. Casa Vicens

Gaudi’s Attraction | House Museum

This UNESCO World Heritage building is one of Antoni Gaudi’s popular masterpieces. The building is presently used as a cultural center and museum. Visit the beautiful landmark on a bright August afternoon to truly appreciate the colors and design.

August Timings: 10 AM to 8 PM

from €16

4. Casa Mila

Gaudi’s Attraction | House Museum

Casa Milà, often known as La Pedrera or “the stone quarry,” is another excellent example of Barcelona’s exceptional architecture. Antoni Gaudi worked on this project before moving on to the Sagrada Familia.

August Timings: Daily from 9 AM to 8 PM

from €24

5. Casa Batllo

Gaudi’s Attraction | Landmark Building

Casa Batlló is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Barcelona icon, a must-see for anybody interested in Gaudi’s work and modernism at its best. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country with 1 million visitors each year.

August Timings: Daily from 9 AM to 6 PM

from €35

6. Montjuic

Cable Car

This hill is located to the south of Plaça Espanya and to the west of Las Ramblas and El Raval. The cable car will take you to the castle on the mountaintop for a few minutes for a wonderful view of Barcelona.

August Timings: 10 AM – 8 PM

Montjuic Cable Car

7. Poble Espanyol

Cultural Experience

This charming countryside setting allows you to visit an open-air museum showcasing all Barcelona and Catalonia have to offer. Participate in the one-of-a-kind activities available in August for a really unforgettable experience.

August Timings: Timings Defer Daily

from €14

8. Barcelona Aquarium


The world’s largest aquarium must be on your August agenda. Hundreds of aquatic lifeforms can be found at L’Aquarium Barcelona. The heat of August may make it ideal for a visit to the cool, indoor L’Aquarium Barcelona.

August Timings: Daily from 10 AM to 9 PM

from €21

9. Flamenco Show

Cultural Experience

A Flamenco show is a must-see for everyone interested in learning about Catalan culture. There are a number of package options available that include a Flamenco show, a lunch, and a walking tour of one of the nearby towns.

August Timings: Daily from 5 PM to 10:30 PM

10. La Rambla Street

City Street

Considered Barcelona’s most popular street, La Rambla is wonderful to explore in August owing to the great weather. Tablao Cordobes in La Rambla is a great choice since it perfectly mixes authenticity and old-world charm.

A Guide to La Rambla Barcelona

All Rights Reserved by John

11. Gothic Quarter

City Street

A stroll along the charming Gothic Quarter on a lovely August night will be delightful. This busy walkway has ancient buildings from the Roman period and homely cafés and bars.

A Guide to Gothic Quarter Barcelona

12. Museums

Cultural Experience

Barcelona is home to some of the most renowned museums in the world. The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Picasso Museum, and the Joan Miró Foundation are a few of the most popular ones.

Best Museums in Barcelona

Festivals in Barcelona in August

Grec Festival

Date: 10 Jun – 15 Aug 2021

Grec, arguably the most affluent of Barcelona’s major festivals, welcomes a diverse range of artists to perform theatre, dance, music, and more in spectacular venues throughout the city, including the titular Grec Teatre. The Greek Theatre, which opened in 1929 as a recreation of the Ancient Greek amphitheater in Epidaurus, is a beautiful setting to watch current drama beneath the stars.

Read More

Gràcia Festival

Dates: 13 – 19 August

Every August, the streets of Barcelona’s Gràcia district come alive with a week-long celebration that transforms the neighborhood. In Barcelona’s busy calendar, La Fiesta de Gràcia is a much-anticipated event. If you’re in Barcelona in August, make a point of visiting Gràcia, the city’s uptown neighborhood, to discover what this distinctive event is all about. The idea behind the Gràcia festival is that streets around the neighborhood vie for the title of the best-decorated street.

Read More

Events in Barcelona in August

Casa Batllo Magic Nights

Venue: Casa Batllo

Date: Every day

There’s no greater performance location than Gaudi’s spectacular Art Nouveau mansion’s rooftop, whether you’re visiting Barcelona in August or at any other time.  Not only can you enjoy rare evening access to one of Barcelona’s most spectacular views, but you can also attend a performance on the Dragon Roof Terrace. Rock and roll, jazz, opera, soul, flamenco, and other genres are all represented in the concerts.

Read More

Festival Mas i Mas

Date: July 29 – Aug 31

This concert festival features over 200 performances spread over six iconic Barcelona venues. There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than to listen to live music, whether it’s a flamenco show in Tarantos or classical music at the Palau de la Musica. Check out a variety of jazz, flamenco, hip-hop, gospel, funk, rock, and other genres performed by local and international performers.

Read More

Know Before You Visit Barcelona in August

Travel Essentials

What to Wear

What to Pack




Time Zone: GMT +2

Currency: Euro EUR – €

Country code: +34

Emergency numbers: 112

What to Wear in Barcelona in August

Wondering what to wear during Barcelona’s hottest month? Read on.

  • Since August is the hottest month of the year in Barcelona, light, breezy attire, such as shorts, skirts, crop tops, and just about anything cotton, as well as beachwear, is recommended.
  • Sandals and flip-flops are an excellent choice if you plan on heading to the beach every now and then.
  • If you plan on strolling around the city, make sure to wear light shoes.
  • Protect yourself from the sun by bringing an umbrella and sunscreen.

What to Pack in Barcelona in August

  • Power adapter: A power adapter of type F (grounded) or type C (ungrounded) is required
  • Clothes: Tank tops, shorts, and breezy cotton shirts 
  • You don’t need to carry any thick winter apparel to Barcelona in August.
  • Shoes that are light and comfortable to walk in
  • You’ll need an umbrella if it rains.
  • A daypack with enough space to carry all of your belongings throughout the day

Getting Around Barcelona in August

The city of Barcelona boasts a fantastic public transit network. Check out your options below:
By Metro:
Barcelona’s transportation network has been well-planned by the local administration. The metro system is by far the most convenient way to get around the city. 

By Bus: The FGC and tram are both dependable and quick. You can also take one of the 1000 buses that run throughout the city.

By Cab: Cabs are another alternative, although they are the most expensive of the bunch.

By Cycling: Bikes are an excellent choice if you care about the environment. Barcelona has bike lanes that are well integrated and various bike parks.

Where to Stay in Barcelona in August

Refer to our curated list of hotels and pick the one that’s right for you.

  • Budget Hotels: Alimara Barcelona Hotel, Four Points by Sheraton Barcelona Diagonal, U232 Hotel
  • Mid-Range Hotels: Casa Camper Hotel Barcelona, Olivia Balmes Hotel, Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel
  • Luxury Hotels: Hotel The Serras, Hotel DO: Plaça Reial, Mandarin Oriental

What to Eat in Barcelona in August

Be sure to try out these local favorites and treat your taste buds to an explosive array of flavors.

  • Escalivada: Escalivada is a traditional Catalan dish where peppers, eggplant, and onions are precisely sliced and arranged on a huge platter after being carefully roasted.
  • Fideua: Fideua is best characterized as paella with pasta instead of rice. The spaghetti is then combined with seafood and cooked until it is scorching hot and crispy.

Hacks & Tips to Visit Barcelona in August

  • Get a Barcelona Card as soon as you arrive in the city to take advantage of the city’s unified payment system for all modes of transportation.
  • On your walks around the city, stop by roadside kiosks for some fresh fruit juices. They come in handy in the heat of August.
  • Even in the peak season, visit the Collserola park on the outskirts of Barcelona to avoid the crowds and have a relatively tranquil picnic.
  • To ensure your reservation for popular attractions in the city, such as the Sagrada Familia, purchase tickets online well in advance.
  • Pickpockets should be avoided whenever you leave your accommodation. During the high season, they become particularly active near tourist attractions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Barcelona in August

Is August a good time to visit Barcelona?

If you don’t mind the heat and excessive crowd, August is a fine month to visit Barcelona.

What are the best things to do in Barcelona in August?

Is Barcelona cold in August?

No, August is peak summer in Barcelona and the temperature remains above average throughout the month.

How hot is Barcelona in August?

August is the hottest month of the year, so expect sunny weather, beautiful blue skies, and calm seas during your vacation.

Can you swim in Barcelona in August?

Yes, August is one of the best months to swim in Barcelona, along with July and September.

Is it sunny in Barcelona in August?

Yes, since August is the hottest month of the year, you can expect sunny weather throughout the day.

What clothes to wear in Barcelona in August?

Considering the hot weather, you can stick to shorts, round neck T-shirts, shorts, tank tops, and similar cotton clothing.

Is it rainy in Barcelona in August?

On average, it rains for about 5 days in the month of August.

Is Barcelona expensive to visit?

While Barcelona can be pricey, the amount of money you spend is dependent on your eating, lodging, and travel choices.

How safe is Barcelona?

Barcelona is often regarded as one of the world’s safest cities. You can travel solo or in a group without worrying about your safety.

What can I see in Barcelona in August?

In August, you can visit Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia, Casa Vicens, Barcelona Aquarium, and other tourist attractions.

What are the major events in Barcelona in August?

In August, the Grec Festival and Festival Mas i Mas are two of the city’s most popular events.

What is the average temperature in Barcelona in August?

The maximum temperature in the afternoon is roughly 29°C, while the average minimum temperature is around 23°C.

What are the best things to do in Barcelona in August with kids?

Some of the best things to do with kids in Barcelona in August include visiting Tibidabo Amusement Park, Montjuïc Magic Fountain, Chocolate Museum, and Barcelona Aquarium.

Visiting Barcelona in August (Festivals, Weather, Activities…)

It’s hot in the city…

By Duncan Rhodes

Editor’s Choice

1. Festa Major de Gracia

2. Boat Parties

3. Sea Kayaking

4. Montserrat & Wine Tasting

8. Sailing Trips

11. Espadrilles Workshop

13. La Tomatina

Many residents flee Barcelona in August due to the sweltering temperatures and high influx of tourists… but those that stay – or arrive – will find plenty of things to do this summer, such as attending the epic Festa Major de Gracia!

You could accuse Barcelona of losing its local life in August, and converting itself into a full-scale tourist museum… but those accusations would be far wide of the mark. Sure, residents lucky enough to own a second home will no doubt decamp to the coast, or cooler territories inland, for much of summer, while some more staid shops and restaurants close their doors in August, but the vast majority of locals will be ‘stuck’ in the city – and there will be plenty going on to keep them occupied. The same of course goes for visitors, who will have a fantastic opportunity to attend some local fiestas, and can also enjoy some maritime tours and activities to help them keep cool (this isn’t the month to cram in 8 hours of city sightseeing a day!).

Cooling off in style!

Nightlife lovers are particularly well catered for in August, as the city’s street terraces will be alive with well-dressed drinkers and diners, Monday to Sunday, many of whom will make their way to the Port Olimpic later at night, where clubs like Pacha, Catwalk and Opium throw open their doors. Be warned though, if you want to party at sea you’ll have to move quickly to board one of the city’s legendary boat parties!

Before we get into specifics, let’s check the weather and answer some other frequently asked questions about visiting Barcelona in August.

What’s the Weather Like in August?

Before we continue, we answer all your weather-related questions…

Is it hot in Barcelona in August?

The average daily high during August is 29 degrees Celsius, but don’t be surprised if it the mercury soars into the 30s. Given that Barcelona is a humid city, things do a get a bit sticky around here this time of year. At night the daily low is 23 degrees, and short pants are the order of the evening.

What are the chances of rain?

Most sources agree that August has 5 rainy days, although bear in mind that means 5 days featuring precipitation… not five days where is rains non-stop.

What should I pack for August?

You will mostly want to wear short pants and t-shirts day and night, although gentlemen hoping to go clubbing might want to pack a light pair of chinos or light cotton trousers (long jeans are almost unwearable in August in Barcelona). Sunscreen and aftersun are no brainers obviously, although you can pick them up at the supermarket or many corner stores.

Festivals & Things To Do

Not sure what to do in Barcelona this August? Keep reading…

1. Attend the Festa Major de Gracia

Party like the locals during this free-to-attend street festival that is beloved by toddlers and teens, and parents and pensioners alike. Different streets compete to win the prize of the best-dressed pavements, following a mix of local and pop culture themes… so expect to find anything from grand nautical set pieces to bizarre homages to popular kids programmes, like Paw Patrol. Decorations aside, entertainment comes in the form of live music, DJs and pop-up bars, while you can also find parades, workshops and demonstrations of health-and-safety-defying Catalan traditions like castellers (human castles) and correfoc (fire runs). Just wander into the Gracia district between 15th and 21st August inclusive, and follow your nose to find the action.

2. Party on a Boat!

A great way to stay fresh in August is to sign up for a boat party, where cool sea breezes help keep the body temperature low. The BBQ parties that take place during the day all feature a swim stop, where you can cool off by jumping into the sea, while the evening parties focus on keeping punters cool by serving them plenty of beer and sangria. You can read about the various options on this page. If they sound like fun to you, best to grab your tickets ASAP because they tend to sell out a couple of weeks in advance.


3. Sea Kayaking on the Costa Brava

Arguably the very best way to stay fresh in August is to sign up for one of two kayaking day trips that leave Barcelona every day during summer. Your destination is the Costa Brava, or ‘Wild Coast’, a land of breathtakingly beautiful bays, craggy cliffs, sweet-scented pine forests and clear turquoise and emerald waters. You will take to the latter on a lightweight kayak, which is the perfect way to explore the nooks and crannies of the coast. The ocean spray and breeze will keep you fresh, not to mention the chance to slip out of your kayak and go for a swim – including in some of the sea caves you will encounter en route. There’s a 6 hour and 8 hour day trip. The latter offers you a bit more time in the water.


4. Visit Montserrat (+ Wine Tasting!)

Montserrat means ‘jagged mountain’ in Catalan, and the name of this stunning mountain range, some 40 miles north west of Barcelona is well-earned. It appears like a sleeping dragon in the distance, with a crest of spikes. Aside from being an area of stunning natural beauty, Montserrat is also home to a sacred abbey of Benedictine monks that dates back to medieval times and pilgrims from around the world make the journey to see the Black Madonna statuette kept there. Such is its allure, that Montserrat counts as Barcelona’s number 1 day trip, and a host of tour companies will take travellers there in the company of a knowledgeable local guide. Arguably the best is this half-day tour (5 hours), which can be extended into a 7 hour tour with organic wine tasting and tapas lunch (just select the correct option on Get Your Guide). There are several great wine regions in the area of Montserrat, so this a good opportunity to combine two activities in one day!


5. Hit the Sands…

If you’re visiting in August, chances are you’re a beach person, and in Barcelona you’ve got plenty of patches of sand to choose from. From the legendary Barceloneta beach, which stretches from the W-Hotel down the Port Olimpic, to the slew of beaches on the northern side of the Port Olimpic, such as Nova Icaria, Bogatell and Marbella beach (which has a small nudist section), you won’t run out of space to put down a towel. After soaking up some rays, be sure to retire to one of the city’s relaxed chiringuitos for a smoothie or chilled cerveza. More beach options here.

6. Do Gaudi… But in the Evening!

If you don’t fancy hitting the city streets when the sun is hottest, then fret not… you can visit two of Gaudi’s most magnificent mansions by night instead! La Pedrera (also known as Casa Mila) is famous for being constructed without a single straight line, and its undulating façade is one of the most sought-after sights in the city. During La Pedrera Night Experience you not only get a guided tour of the apartments, patios and attics, but you finish on the rooftop with a spectacular display of sound and light projected on the building’s iconic curves. The nearby Casa Batllo has it’s own nocturnal option: their Magic Nights tickets include both an evening tour of the edifice followed by a jazz or blues concert on the rooftop.

7. Visit An Art Museum

Get out of the sun and into a nice air-conditioned building this summer, by visiting one of Barcelona’s top-notch art museums. Pablo Picasso, Antoni Tapies and Joan Miro all have their own dedicated vaults in the Catalan capital, while you can enjoy medieval and 20th century art at the National Museum of Catalan Art, or more modern offerings at MACBA or the newly-opened Moco Museum. If you fancy a day trip you can even take the train to Figueres and visit the Salvador Dali Theatre Museum. Before you make your decision check out our guide to the best museums in town, and also which tourist cards can save you money.

8. Go Sailing…

Diving off starboard is definitely the best way to refresh yourself this time of year, and Barcelona Life work with the a fantastic sailing partner who offer really affordable private charters, with qualified captain. The price for a sporty 8-metre yacht is just €250, while its €350 for a 10-metre yacht and for €450 you can hire a premium 12-metre yacht! Not bad! Don’t have the money for a private trip, you can check our full range of sailing tours available in Barcelona here.

Luxury Motor Boat

If you can’t be fussed with the tugging of ropes and hoisting of jibs, you can book this gorgeous motor yacht via The boat features sun deck, lounge and stocked mini-bar and you can bring your own additional drinks and music.

9. Pay Homage to August’s Namesake!

What could be more fitting that visiting Barcelona’s Temple of August (or what remains of it), during the month named after the Roman Emperor? Only four columns remain of what would have been a sizeable 37-metre-long place of worship, but given that they are close to 2,000 years old these remnants are still impressive – and free to visit. If you’re interested in Roman history, I’d highly suggest you visit the main branch of the Barcelona History Museum (MUHBA), where you can see almost the entire layout of the ancient Roman town Barcino, which came to be today’s Barcelona. You can also read more on our full page article on the best museums in town.

10. Visit the Ice Bar

Ok, time to trump all my previous heat-beating suggestions…. Barcelona’s Ice Bar is conveniently situated on the beach and a drink in their subzero chamber will definitely stave off the heat stroke. They maintain a temperature of between -5 and -10 degrees Celsius in there! Tickets for the experience cost €16. 50 and include a free drink (from a glass made of ice!), and protective clothes. Afterwards you can relax on their beachside terrace. Website here.

11. Make Your Own Espadrilles!

With summer in full swing you’re going to need some specialised footwear for the beach! The espadrille is Spain’s iconic sandal, first popularised by Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso and still warn today by models and royalty alike. During this workshop in the Gothic Quarter you will fashion your own personalised pair of the sandals, in a style that suits you. The English-speaking artisans are very friendly, and will give you all the materials, advice and refreshments you require. The class takes place daily at 9am and costs €65 when you book via Barcelona Life (usual price €79). Email us on [email protected] to book.


12. Attend the Festa Major de Sants

Second only to the Festa Major de Gracia in terms of summer revelry, the Festa Major de Sants is another chance to attend one of Barcelona’s district parties. Expect decorated streets, DJs, workshops, live concerts, castellers and no shortage of boozing and carousing. Most of the action takes place in the streets just behind (west of) Sants Train Station, although there are also some stages in and around the Industrial Park.

13. La Tomatina

One of Spain’s most legendary festivals, and surely the world’s biggest food fight, La Tomatina takes place at the end of August each year. You’ve no doubt seen the photos of folks dressed all in white, going at it with big juicy Spanish tomatoes, which are unloaded from the backs of lorries especially for the occasion. The action takes place in Buñol, a small town near Valencia, but you can attend easily enough by signing up for one of Stoke Travel’s trips from Barcelona. Choose between three days boutique camping trip with open bar, brunch and everything else you need to enjoy the festival for €270… or do it as a day trip: in which case you jump on board their coach, party hard at the festival, and then sleep it off on the coach ride back. Price €95. Click on the link for full details.

Keep Reading…

This list you’ve found is but a small sample of epic things to do in the city, so check our full list to ensure you make the most of your stay in the sensational Catalan capital.

About the Author

Duncan established Barcelona Life in 2009, whilst freelancing for the likes of Conde Nast, The Guardian, Easyjet Magazine, CNN Traveller and many more. From interviews with Ferran Adria to revealing the secrets of the city’s poetry brothels, he knows the city inside out… and shares all his best tips right here.

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Barcelona in August, rest and weather in Barcelona (Spain)

Temperature indicators rising to unprecedented heights tell tourists that August has come to Barcelona with hot sand beaches and a sea resembling fresh milk.

Sagrada Familia rises majestically against the azure sky as a symbol of the Catalan capital, solemnly welcoming its guests in the heart of Spain. What awaits tourists in the capital of Catalonia during the hottest period of summer?

Holidays in Barcelona in August: the pros and cons of traveling

Always cheerful and festively dressed, Barcelona in August looks especially beautiful: during the siesta everything freezes, and only a light breeze sways the palm leaves, and the sun is reflected in the bright architectural mosaics buildings of Gaudí.

But in the evening the city comes alive and entertains its many guests in all sorts of ways, and therefore the reviews about the holidays in Barcelona in August are the most positive.

What attracts thousands of tourists here at this time of the year?

  • Very warm sea allows you to relax on the beaches of Barcelona even with kids.
  • World famous sights worth seeing.
  • The summer sales season is in full swing and Barcelona is one of the trendiest European cities.
  • Lots of entertainment for all tastes, festivals and events available for tourists.
  • Delicious local fruits and delicacies.

It is also worth knowing about the peculiarities of this time of the year in the capital of Catalonia, so that the rest is comfortable and does not cause inconvenience.

  • The intense heat does not allow for long walks and being on the beaches at lunchtime.
  • During the siesta period in the middle of the day (which is 2-3 hours), many shops and cafes are closed, so there will be nothing to do except sleep in a hotel room.
  • A very large influx of tourists, and, as a result, an increase in prices for holidays.

To avoid inconvenience during your trip, stock up on sunscreen, plan your day in advance, and a few months before your trip, take care of buying a tour (air tickets and hotel reservations if you are planning an independent trip).

  • To Barcelona with children: an author’s review

Weather in Barcelona in August

The Spanish summer is in full swing, and therefore the weather in August-September calls travelers to the Barcelona beaches and drives them off the streets for the afternoon siesta. The air temperature during the day reaches +33°C – +35°C, and at night it drops a little – up to +25°C – +27°C.

The weather in early August is not much different from July – it is still hot both in the daytime and in the evening. But it happens that the temperature in Barcelona in mid-August becomes lower and is around +20°C – +25°C.

This isn’t always the case, so it’s a good idea to check the short-term weather forecast before you travel to make sure you have the right wardrobe.

The weather in Barcelona at the end of August usually remains hot, with air temperatures of +26°C – +28°C, but it can get a little cold as autumn approaches.

Air and water temperature

Barcelona’s mediterranean climate ensures high humidity, which makes high temperatures hard to bear – it’s not for nothing that the Spaniards have a siesta time. The average daily temperature in Barcelona in August is +29°C, average night time is around +22°C.

Air temperature in Barcelona in August

Daytime temperatures in August can vary and fluctuate between +26°C – +35°C, at night the temperature is slightly lower and ranges from +20°C to +30°C. So you can count on hot nights. Night temperatures rarely drop below +20°C, but there have been such cases.

Sea water temperature in Barcelona in August

Given the high air temperature, it is easy to guess that the sea off the coast of Barcelona warms up very well, and the average water temperature rises to +25.5°C, so lovers of the warm sea can enjoy it from the heart.

Precipitation amount

Rains, at least for a short time refreshing the hot city, do not happen often in August – about 4 – 5 days throughout the month. The average rainfall in August is about 24.5 mm. An umbrella, of course, may come in handy, but it is likely that it will remain lying at the bottom of the suitcase, since the time of your stay will not be rainy.

Sunny, cloudy and cloudy days

Cloudy days in August will not upset you too much, because they are issued for about a week along with cloudy ones. But for the rest of the month, the bright sun shines here, and not just shines, but heats up the streets, squares and golden sands of Barcelona beaches. Therefore, do not forget to use sunscreen and do not neglect the siesta.

Beach holidays

The end of summer is the time to enjoy the warm waves of the Mediterranean Sea and the sandy beaches of the Catalan capital.

Choose a place for a beach holiday according to your taste – a bustling coastline with restaurants, discos and entertainment, or quiet beaches for families with children, where it is never too crowded. Indeed, in Barcelona there is such an opportunity.

The total length of the area equipped for a beach holiday is about 5 kilometers, there are about 10 most famous beaches in Barcelona. Be careful if you go on vacation with children – nudists can safely sunbathe near some beaches.

One of the cleanest and safest beaches is Bogatell beach . Its length is about 700 m, and it is preferred by couples with children.

However, there are basketball and volleyball courts, tennis tables and other sports equipment for outdoor activities. Nearby is the beach Nova Ikaria – another quiet and peaceful place for a family holiday.

Sightseeing holidays: where to go in August

Given the weather conditions of the hottest month of the year, exploring the city on foot will have to be postponed to the evening, when the air is a little fresher and the sun is no longer so scorching.

Of course, you want to spend most of the day in the heat on the beach by the water, but the sights of Barcelona are so amazing that they simply must be seen. Therefore, plan your day in advance and go to admire the sunny capital of Catalonia.

  • Barcelona Golden Quarter . In early August, when the air is hot to the limit, the walk should be postponed until the evening. But once the heat subsides a bit, head to the Golden Quarter, which brings together over a hundred buildings designed by Antonio Gaudí and other architects.

    These are residential buildings of an unusual architectural form, and the area where they are located is called an open-air museum. Here you can see the Casa Batlló – the most romantic of its buildings, the House of Leo Morera – with mosaics, stained glass windows and sculptures, the House of Amalie with carved bay windows and unusual lanterns on the balconies.

    Next to these houses is the Perfume Museum, where you can visit for 5 euros until 20.00 on weekdays and until 14.00 on Saturday.

  • Ciutadella Park. Luxurious park with the main attraction – the monumental fountain Cascade, which is more than a hundred years old, made in the form of a triumphal arch with figures of Venus and Aurora, will leave an unforgettable impression and refresh on a hot day in mid-August.

You will also have the opportunity to take a boat trip on the lake located here and visit the most beautiful zoo with rare species of animals.

And, looking into the Castle of the Three Dragons, you will find yourself in the zoological museum, which is located here. So this tour will be very interesting for children.

Don’t miss out on the Barcelona City Pass, a card that gives you up to 20% discounts on tickets to attractions, saves you from queuing, provides airport transfers, a tour bus ride and other great deals.

Read more about savings options in Barcelona in this article .

  • Design Museum . If your trip was at the end of August and it was a rainy day, spend it at the Design Museum. It combines the collections of the Museums of Ceramics, Decorative Arts, Textiles and Clothing and the Museum of Fine Arts, with a total of about 70 thousand exhibits.

    It will start to surprise you right from Gloria Square, where it is located: a two-level modern building built in the best traditions of energy saving with natural light. It will be interesting for adults and children of senior school age who are interested in modern design trends.

  • Maritime Museum . One of the most popular among tourists, this museum was opened almost a hundred years ago. The exhibits of the museum halls tell about the history of navigation, representing various vessels – from small fishing boats to modern liners.

    The decoration of the museum is a copy of the royal sailing galley, 60 meters long, with the original decoration pattern and decorations displayed in the bow. This excursion will impress even those who have never been interested in seafaring.

Barcelona Children’s Route

Holidays, events and festivals

The hot summer in the Catalan capital continues, and the bright sunny city welcomes guests with joy. Moreover, there is absolutely no shortage of holidays in Barcelona in August.

If you want to join the locals and feel like a part of this city, come here in the last month of summer to have fun, taste local delicacies and once again admire the ingenuity of the Catalans in inventing holidays.

In mid-August, the long-awaited and beloved festival Major de Gracia is held here. It is dedicated to the celebration of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary.

The name comes from the district of Grazia where it is held. This is a kind of competition of street decorations, when the inhabitants of each street decorate it on a chosen theme, and they take this event with all seriousness.

Of course, the celebration is accompanied by various shows and performances, a huge selection of street food and just mass fun and good mood. Be sure to come – you won’t be bored!

At the end of August, the baton of street festivals is taken over by the next district of the city – Sants . 22 streets with original decorations will not leave you indifferent.

But, besides this, the guests of Barcelona can expect a fire show “Running fireworks”, traditional Catalan towers made of people, and an obligatory procession of giant puppets. Have fun and show this holiday to children – it will definitely impress them.

Things to do with children in Barcelona


Summer sales are in full swing, so for shoppers this is a golden time. By the end of the month, discounts reach a maximum of 70 – 80% and make it possible to make very profitable purchases. But, on the other hand, it is worth remembering that towards the end of the season, the assortment of goods in stores is significantly reduced.

Shopping malls with food courts are waiting for visitors throughout the whole week, except for Sundays – on this day most of the shops are closed.

When shopping in August, get ready for queues and large crowds of tourists – this month is very popular with travelers.

You can also find bargains in outlet stores near the city and in trendy boutiques on Barcelona’s famous shopping streets.

  • What to bring from Barcelona as a gift?

Prices for vacations

Considering the huge influx of tourists, the time of mass holidays and the popularity of the travel season, we can predict the rise in prices for holidays in August in Barcelona. So be prepared for lines, crowded beaches and slightly higher prices.


Air ticket prices are rising during all three summer months – by August they increase by another 10 percent compared to the previous July. There is practically no shortage of tickets, since in the summer there are not only direct flights, but also many charters are connected. But tickets booked a few months before the trip will help save.


Tour operators are also in high demand for travel and vacations in August, offering perhaps the highest prices of the summer period. A tour for a week will cost 20-25% more in August than it cost in July. It is worth taking care of the trip in advance to take advantage of the opportunity to choose the best room and save some money.

  • Barcelona hotels for families with children


Seasonal increases in food prices do not usually occur, although in August, due to the large number of tourists, they may rise slightly.

For fruit cuts in the market, you will need to pay 1.5 – 2 euros per glass, cutting from jamon will cost about three. For a kilogram of meat delicacy, you will need to pay about 100 euros.

Breakfast in a cafe, consisting of coffee and pastries or a jamon sandwich will cost 2-3 euros, and you can refresh yourself with traditional cold tomato gazpacho soup by paying 4 euros.

Tips for families with children

When traveling as a family with kids, you need to remember the hot Spanish sun and use sunscreen, do not neglect the siesta and stock up on hats for the whole family.

For walks with a stroller in parks or squares, choose the evening, and it is better to go to the sea in the morning. By following these well-known rules, you can save your baby from troubles in the form of heat stroke.

These rules also apply to older children, especially since there is plenty of outdoor entertainment for them, take at least Barcelona Zoo , Tibidabo Amusement Park or Water Park .

We hope that our recommendations will be useful for you and will make your meeting with sunny Barcelona unforgettable. May bright Spain remain in your heart for a long time, and memories of your vacation will call you here again.

Barcelona in August 2023 – Holidays and weather in Barcelona, ​​Spain

August in Barcelona is especially hot and stuffy, but it usually gets better by the end of the month. The sea warmed up during the summer, so you can swim as much as you want. Find out everything about your vacation in Barcelona in August on the Tour-Calendar!

Table of Contents

In August there are many tourists and hot weather in Barcelona

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Weather in Barcelona in August

Barcelona is a big city, so in August it is not only hot, but also stuffy. By the end of the month, the summer heat, as a rule, subsides, and it becomes easier. The thermometer during the day in Barcelona rises to +26..+30°C, and sometimes even higher. It is also very warm at night – about +19°C. The sea temperature in August reaches the highest point of the year – around +26 ° C, so swimming will be comfortable for both adults and children. In August in Barcelona it sometimes rains a little, but very rarely, and after a few hours there is no trace of it. Humidity is increased – 75%, which affects the general perception of hot weather.

Day temperature


Night temperature


Water temperature



70 mm 903

02 8 days

Sunny days

26 days



Day length

14 hours

14 day weather forecast for Barcelona →

Weather archive for 2020, 2021 and 2022 →

What’s on in Barcelona in August?

August is a very special time for Barcelona. Most of the local population travels to resorts or somewhere to the north, so if you do not take into account tourist places, then there are fewer people in Barcelona. The already measured life of Barcelona residents literally fades in August, only sights, bars, restaurants and beaches are teeming with restless visitors. So in August you can not only follow the beaten “tourist path”, but also try to get to know the “other” Barcelona.

Beach holidays

For a beach holiday in August, the weather in Barcelona is just perfect, however, a lot of people flock to the city’s beaches: both tourists and locals – everyone wants to get a long-awaited relief from the heat.

Another interesting video where a girl talks about Barcelona beaches on a hot August day.

Summer sales

It is in August that summer discounts reach their peak, so fashionistas and fashionistas can make their forays into boutiques and replenish their collections of shoes, clothes and accessories.

Holidays and festivals

We think it’s no secret that Barcelona is a city that always celebrates something. Despite the fact that August is the time of holidays for locals, Barcelona does not rest! In mid-August, Barcelona celebrates the feast of Assumpció de Maria (Assumption of the Virgin Mary). At the same time, the “Fiesta de Gracia” holiday breaks out in the Gracia quarter for a whole week, when the inhabitants of the streets and houses compete in the originality of their design. And from evening until late at night, the people in Gracia joke throughout the fiesta, join us!

What are the prices for holidays in Barcelona in August?

Prices for tours to Barcelona in August are among the highest for the whole year. And no wonder, because the last month of summer is the time of holidays in Russia and Europe.

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How to relax in Barcelona in August on your own

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