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There are always a large number of taxis available at Barcelona Airport. They cannot be hailed randomly – it is necessary to join a queue, where you will be directed to a taxi that is waiting. There are taxi ranks outside both Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 2(T2) at Barcelona Airport.

Taxis at Barcelona Airport

There is a minimum charge for taxis from Barcelona Airport. The standard Barcelona taxis are black with yellow sides.

This page provides information on where to catch taxis from Barcelona Airport, taxi prices, supplementary charges, extra-large taxis, taxis with access for people with a disability, long-distance taxis, complaints procedures.

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Experience a personalised service as your driver awaits you at the designated meeting point, ready to assist with your luggage and take you away to your destination. A private transfers operate independently of the public transport system, ensuring a seamless journey even during transport strikes. A private transfer is a stress-free way to start your holiday.

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Where to Catch a Taxi at Barcelona Airport

There are taxi ranks located outside T1 and T2 (T2A,T2B and T2C) at Barcelona Airport. They are easy to locate just look for the signs for the taxi rank when you leave any terminal building which will point you in the right direction to the nearest taxi rank.

You will save time if you specifically follow the signs to the nearest taxi rank rather than just walking to where you see people queueing for a taxi. This is because the nearest taxi rank could either be to the left or the right as you leave a terminal building and may not have a queue you would therefore miss it and spend additional time walking to a busy taxi rank which is further away.

You are not permitted to flag down a cab anywhere. It is necessary to head to the railed taxi waiting area at the front of the taxi line. There you will find a staff member in a high visibility jacket. They will direct you to a taxi that is allocated to you.

Prices for Taxis from Barcelona Airport

It is important to remember that there is a minimum charge on taxis from the airport. This must be paid regardless of the length of the journey.

These are the rates when the journey is to a destination inside the Barcelona metropolitan area.

Supplement fare from the airport: €4.30
Rate per km (from 08:00 – 20:00): €1.21
Rate per km (from 20:00 – 08:00): €1.45
Minimum charge from the airport: €20.00

Taxi Fares From Airport

T1 fare: €40.00
T2 fare: €30.00

If you end destination is outside of Barcelona Metropolitan area the taxi rates are higher per kilometre. It would be best to confirm with the taxi driver approximately how much the taxi fee would be. You will also need to cover the cost for any tolls passed through however there are no tolls between Barcelona Airport and Barcelona city centre.

It is worth noting that there may be extra supplementary charges for holidays and late nights. See below for more details.

If you are staying in a hotel near to the Barcelona airport you may not need to catch a taxi to your hotel. Even if it is only a five minute journey there will be a minimum fare from the airport. Check when you are booking the hotel if they have a hotel shuttle bus running from Barcelona Airport. Most of the hotels close to the airport provide this as a complimentary service.

Minimum taxi fare from the airport: €20.00

Supplementary Taxis Charges

There are numerous potential extra charges that can be added to the initial ones listed above.

There are also extra supplements and we recommend you read our page on Barcelona taxis fares and supplements.

On entering the taxi, you can check the supplements on a sticker on the window in the back seat of the taxi.

Taxi Capacity

The majority of official taxi cabs in Barcelona are licensed to carry a maximum of 4 passengers. This includes the majority of the van taxis. According to the Institut Metropolita del Taxi around 10% of van taxis have a special license to carry up to 6 passengers. If you require one of these taxis you should ask the taxi attendant at the airport taxi rank to find you one. You could have some waiting time since these types of taxi are not as readily available.

If you are in the city centre and you want a taxi cab for up to 6 passengers then it is recommended that you call an official taxi company and specifically request for one. Hailing down a van taxi in the city centre in the hope they have a 6 passenger license is not a good idea because these types of taxi are not common.

Note that for van taxis there is an additional supplement for each person above 4 passengers.

Van taxi supplement: €4.30

Minibus Transfer Service

If you wish to reserve your airport transfer online before your trip you can follow the link below on how to reserve a minibus transfer for your party. Note that a minibus transfer is a privately operated service and not connected with Barcelona official taxi service.

Click to learn how to book your private minibus transfer

Complaints Procedures

If you plan on making a complaint about your taxi driver, ensure that you ask for a receipt (say “un tiquet, por favor“) at the end of your journey. All taxi drivers are obliged to give you a receipt upon request. The receipt will include essential information that you need to provide when compiling your complaint. See our frequently asked questions on how to make an official complaint about a Barcelona taxi service.

Taxis with Access For People With A Disability

The normal Barcelona Airport taxis are not suitable for travellers with wheelchairs or scooters. If you wish to require a taxi with access for people with a disability, a company called Taxi Amic can help you. For more information on how to contact them, see our holidays to Barcelona for people with a disability page.

How to Report Lost Property in a Taxi

If you think that you may have left something in your taxi, it is possible to contact a specific helpline dealing with this. Further details of what to do in these circumstance can be found in an answer to one of our Lost property in Barcelona Taxi FAQ.

Taxis from Barcelona Airport can be easy and convenient. Before choosing a taxi over other forms of public transport it is worth taking all aspects of the cost into account – including supplementary charges and the minimum airport charge.

If you have further queries about Barcelona Airport Taxis, you may find the answer that you are looking for in our special taxis section of Frequently asked questions on the Barcelona taxi service.

Secure Luggage Drop Off and Transfer Service

There is a secure luggage storage and transfers service that operates to and from Barcelona. This is a handy service were you can drop off your luggage and have it securely transferred to your final destination e.g. your hotel or other destination e.g. the cruise port. We have put together an article that explains in more detail this service.

Luggage Transfer Service at Barcelona Airport T1 & T2

Barcelona Airport Taxi and Transfers

Top-rated transfers from Barcelona Airport

You’ve stepped off the plane in the beautiful city of Barcelona, and the last thing you want to do is start trying to read signs in Spanish to navigate the crowded public transport. Instead, why not pre-book a private Barcelona Airport transfer with Welcome and enjoy a comfortable ride directly to your destination?

As soon as you land, your driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals gate holding a big sign with your name on it. They will then help you with your heavy luggage to your preselected vehicle, so you can begin your hassle-free transfer from Barcelona Airport.  

If your plane is delayed, there’s no need to worry. Our fully trained, English-speaking drivers receive live updates on your plane’s arrival time, so they’ll be waiting for you when you land. Once you’re sitting comfortably in your El Prat taxi, your driver will share tips and tricks with you, so you can enjoy Barcelona like a local. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy your relaxing ride into the city. 

You can still book a ride with Welcome Pickups within the city, or hail a Barcelona taxi from the street or at an official taxi rank.


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2H 10 MIN


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2H 30 MIN

A Welcome Barcelona Airport taxi tailored to you

At Welcome Pickups, we know the importance of keeping your group together when travelling to a new country. That’s why we have different Barcelona Airport taxi sizes that provide private transport for every group. Are you travelling with up to 4 people? Then our stylish sedans will be perfect for you. Is your group a little larger? Our spacious minivans can carry groups of up to 8 people with ease, and our minibuses can comfortably transport up to 12 travellers.


El Prat Barcelona Airport Taxi (Sedan)

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Directions for your Barcelona Airport transfer

Barcelona Airport, also known as El Prat (BCN), is the second busiest airport in Spain. It serves the busy city of Barcelona and also acts as a gateway to Costa Brava. Under normal traffic conditions, a transfer from Barcelona Airport to the city centre takes approximately 20 minutes. After meeting your driver, you will head towards C-31 and then take the B-10 exit towards Passeig Josep Carner Road. If you’re staying further away from the centre, your driver will then take the local streets to reach your hotel. It’s worth noting that most visitors prefer to stay in centrally-located hotels in order to access the phenomenal amount of attractions right on their doorstep, some crowd favourites include Serras Barcelona and Sixtytwo Hotel.

If you’re travelling elsewhere, Welcome frequently operates several popular routes from Barcelona Airport including Lloret De Mar, Tarragona, Montserrat and Sitges.

Why choose a Barcelona Airport taxi

Having to waste moments of your precious vacation trying to navigate complicated and busy public transportation networks can be extremely frustrating. Instead, book an airport taxi and enjoy a hassle-free ride to your hotel. Choosing a taxi gives you peace of mind that all your personal belongings are safe, you won’t get lost in the city, and you’ll reach your destination in comfort and in record time. 

Barcelona Airport taxis can take up to 4 people; some have a special licence to carry up to 6. Expect a waiting time, as you’ll need to find an airport attendant to find you a vehicle and only a small amount of taxis have this special licence. Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are also available on request from the taxi rank attendant and a few private companies with minibus transfer services are also available for larger groups.

Understandably, some travellers may not want to deal with waiting times and trying to organise transport on the ground. Take the stress out of your arrival by pre-booking a vehicle size of your choosing for your personalised transfer with Welcome Pickups.

Cost of a Barcelona Airport transfer to the city centre

Local taxi drivers don’t offer a flat-rate fee for transfers from Barcelona Airport to the city centre. Instead, the taxi driver will charge you using a taximeter based on the distance travelled. Having said that, the average price of a private transfer from the airport to the city is around €38 during the day and €42 late at night. Barcelona local taxi rates are calculated as follows:

Rate per km: €1.21

Rate per km (night rate): €1.45

Minimum fee: €7.00

For rides to and from the airport, be prepared to pay supplementary charges such as a €20 minimum fare and a service fee of €4.30. You’ll also need to pay an extra €1.00 per piece of luggage.

Benefits of an airport taxi booking with Welcome

Getting from Barcelona Airport to your hotel with ease and comfort is only the beginning. Let us do the heavy lifting and make your airport taxi booking with Welcome Pickups to ensure a fully personalised, door-to-door service with a guaranteed flat-rate fee. It doesn’t stop there though, you can take advantage of our 24/7 service, travel products and even our tailor-made experiences that allow you to enjoy Barcelona your way like our private sightseeing experiences with competitive prices.

Barcelona Airport taxi safety tips and scams to avoid

  1. A common trick used by dishonest drivers is trying to ask for more than the amount shown on the taximeter. You can dodge this by researching the price of transfers from Barcelona Airport beforehand and contesting if the price seems too high.
  2. Another typical scam to avoid is drivers telling you that their taximeter isn’t working. If this happens, you can refuse and find another taxi or negotiate a fixed price before you get in.
  3. Some taxi drivers might ask you to pay a false flat fare upfront. Always refuse to pay upfront as the driver may take advantage and leave you somewhere before you have reached your destination.
  4. If you’re paying your taxi driver with cash, make sure you count exactly how much you give and how much change you receive. Some drivers may use sleight of hand techniques to give you back less change.

Frequently asked questions

Is it easy to get a taxi from Barcelona Airport?

Absolutely. There are a large number of taxis at Barcelona Airport that are ready to drive you to the city centre in just 25 minutes. You can find taxi ranks located just outside of the exit doors at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 or pre-book a private transfer.

Do you tip Barcelona Airport taxi drivers?

It is not obligatory to tip your driver for your transfer from Barcelona Airport, but tips are always appreciated. If your driver was exceptionally friendly or you truly enjoyed your taxi ride, then feel free to leave a €1-€3 tip.

Where do I meet my Welcome driver?

As soon as you get off your plane at Barcelona Airport, your Welcome driver will be waiting to greet you at the arrivals gate holding a sign with your name on it. To ensure your meeting goes smoothly, you will receive an email with your driver’s name, phone number and photo a day before you’re due to fly.

What do I do if my flight is delayed?

No matter how delayed your flight into Barcelona Airport is, we guarantee that your driver will be waiting for you. All of our Welcome Pickups drivers receive live updates on your plane’s arrival time, so they will always be there when you are at no extra cost.

Is the cost of a Barcelona Airport taxi per person?

All prices are for the vehicle, not per person, so you can share your ride with family and friends for one set price. If you opt for a taxi that can take more than 4 people, be prepared to pay an added fee per extra person.

How do I find a Barcelona taxi during my stay?

You can find taxis in Barcelona waiting at ranks throughout the city, call a taxi company or book a private transfer. You can also easily hail a Barcelona taxi from the street if it has a green light on the roof and a sign saying “Libre” in the window.

Can I flag down a taxi at Barcelona Airport?

It isn’t possible to flag down a taxi at Barcelona Airport. You’ll need to head towards the taxi rank and wait in the queue. For those who need a wheelchair-accessible or larger vehicle, you can ask the taxi rank attendant to find the right taxi for your needs.

How much is a taxi from Barcelona Airport to Las Ramblas?

A transfer from Barcelona Airport to Las Ramblas costs approximately €30.

Taxi from El Prat Airport (Barcelona) to Barcelona on pre-order

Additional services

Can be purchased for a fee
depending on the route.

Drinking water

Child seats

Extra hour of waiting

Russian speaking driver

How the service works


You enter route
and choose a car
You can order a car of any capacity
– from Micro for two
to 19 seater bus.


Fill out the order form
and choose how to pay
Specify the date and time of the meeting,
choose the payment method.
After placing an order, confirmation of the trip – a voucher – will be sent to the mail

The driver meets you
with a sign at the airport
At the right time, the driver will be waiting for you
on the spot. He leads to car
and takes him to the hotel.

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We make sure everything goes according to plan

Waiting in case of
flight delay
90 minutes free waiting
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Free cancellation
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How to find and order a transfer?

In the search form, specify your route: in the “From” field, enter the place of departure, in the “To” field – the destination. You can select an airport, train station, city or hotel from the drop-down prompts, or enter the exact address of the place.

Next, specify the number of passengers and click the “Get Prices” button. Choose the appropriate transfer and fill out the order form.

How long before the trip can I make an order?

It depends on the vehicle class.

Minimum time for which we accept an order:

16 hours for Premium, Premium Minibus 6 pax and Minibus 10, 13, 16, 19 pax.

24 hours – for cars of Micro, Economy, Comfort, Minivan 4 pax, Minibus 7 pax classes.

You can place an urgent order if there are less than 16 hours left before the trip. We will try to find a driver and let you know if we can provide a transfer.

How can I check that my order has been accepted?

A voucher will be sent to the mail you specify when booking – a confirmation of the trip. It will contain the order number and other information about the transfer.

If you have not received your voucher, please contact Kiwitaxi support: write to support@kiwitaxi. com or call 8 800 200 32 92.

What should I do if my flight is delayed?

If your flight is delayed, please contact the driver using the phone number on your voucher. State your order number and new arrival time.

You can also report a flight delay to Kiwitaxi support: write to [email protected] or call 8 800 200 32 92.

How can I find my driver?

The exact meeting point will be indicated on your voucher. You will receive it by email immediately after placing your order.

If the trip is from the airport, the driver will meet you with a name sign.


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How to get from El Prat airport (Barcelona) to Barcelona

In addition to the transfer from Barcelona airport to the capital of Spain can be reached by train, taxi, bus.

Subway, bus, Renfe train runs to the city. It is convenient to buy tickets for all types of transport in vending machines that accept bank cards and cash. There are two metro stops on the territory of El Prat – inside terminal 1 and next to terminal 2. For trips from the airport, a special Uni Personal ticket is purchased for 4.6 euros. Trains run every 5-7 minutes, you will spend about 20 minutes on the way.

Aerobus to the stops Plaza Catalunya and Plaza España costs 5.9 euros. It departs every 12 minutes from 06:00 to 01:05. In addition to it, there are city flights No. L46, L77, L99 and night routes No. 16, 17, 18. You can buy a ticket from the driver. The largest banknote accepted on public transport is 20 euros.

The Renfe train leaves for the Catalan capital every 30 minutes, the ticket price is 4.5 euros. Landing – at the terminal number 2. The train runs from 6 am and stops at major traffic intersections, from where it is easy to get to any part of Barcelona. A trip by public transport will take from 40 minutes. If you do not want to stand in lines and make transfers with heavy suitcases, order a taxi or a private transfer.

Taxi from the airport to Barcelona

A taxi queue will be waiting for you right at the exit of the terminal. It is supervised by a special employee – it is he who determines which car you will get. The cost of traveling to the city is about 30 euros. The road, if there are no traffic jams, takes from 30 minutes. Take a printout of the address in Spanish with you, few people speak English here.

If you do not want to overpay for a taxi from El Prat Airport to Barcelona, ​​make a call by phone or through the application. Keep in mind that it is customary to pick up passengers here if they are traveling in the same direction. In this case, immediately specify how much the trip costs, and follow the counter. The taxi driver may ask you to pay for your luggage. This is a common practice when a tourist has several suitcases. The salon usually has prices.

Taxis in Spain are easy to recognize: they are black and yellow, equipped with checkers and counters. If the car is free, the roof light is green. When calling a taxi by phone, be sure to specify in which terminal you need a car.

Transfer from Barcelona airport to Barcelona

You order the service in advance, the driver is waiting for you in the arrivals area. The transfer price includes a meeting with a sign, waiting in case of a flight delay, assistance with luggage. The trip takes place on a pre-agreed route. The price of the transfer is fixed, even delays in traffic jams do not affect it. Toll roads are included in the price.

Reservations must be made online at least 16 hours before travel. If you are traveling with children, do not forget to order chairs. You can pay for the transfer with a bank card when booking or in cash to the driver. In the latter case, you will need to link the card to the order.

Kiwitaxi offers several classes of cars, from budget micro to comfortable premium. A large company will be comfortable in a minibus that can accommodate up to 19 people. If you have oversized luggage, contact the support service – they will help you find the right car.

About Route

El Prat Airport is about 12 kilometers from the city center. The roads are of excellent quality, with a perfectly even surface. The southern part of the city is usually reached by the Pau Casals C-32 toll highway or the N-340 and C-31 national highways. The Ronda de Dalt and Ronda Litoral highways lead north. Part of the road runs along the coast, where you can enjoy great views of the Mediterranean Sea and fresh air.

Barcelona El Prat Airport – Barcelona

Order a taxi and transfer from El Prat Airport (Barcelona) to a hotel or city center

Book a transfer from or to El Prat Airport Barcelona (Spain) using the taxi booking service.

The cost of the order does not change

Free hour of waiting

The driver will be at the airport with a sign

The driver will help with luggage

The cost of a transfer from El Prat Airport (Barcelona)

Those who are going to fly to Barcelona are primarily concerned about the issue of transfer – how to get from Barcelona airport to the town where you plan to spend your vacation, say, Salou or Lloret de Mar. Or how to get to Barcelona airport then from one of the nearest resorts or city center. However, Spaniards rarely say “Barcelona airport”, they are more familiar with “transfer to El Prat” or “taxi to El Prat” after the name of the airport. If you ask a local question, it is preferable to ask how to get to El Prat than to Barcelona airport.

from 20 216 ₽

from 17 689 ₽

from 15 162 ₽

from 12 635 ₽

from 7 488 ₽

from 10 108 ₽

from 17 128 ₽

from 12 635 ₽

from 16 473 ₽

from 20 216 ₽

Prices for a taxi to El Prat Airport (Barcelona) on pre-order

Transfer to Barcelona Airport, regardless of the mode of travel, will take between 20 and 30 minutes. The most economical will be travel by train – the ticket price for an adult is about 3 euros, the bus will cost 1.5 times more expensive. But you have to wait – public transport runs at intervals of 10-15 minutes.
With a lot of luggage or with small children, these modes of transport are, of course, inconvenient. Taking a taxi at Barcelona airport is much more comfortable. It does not need to wait like public transport (train and bus), and its services are available around the clock. Taxi ranks are located right next to the exits of the terminals, in addition, there are signs everywhere with information about the location of the parking lots. You can find out more about all the ways to get from Barcelona airport to the city in our guide.

All taxis at Barcelona airport are easily recognizable by their black and yellow color, they always have a price list (usually fixed on the back door), the final payment is made according to the meter. If you are near the T1 terminal, it makes sense to take a free shuttle to the T2 terminal, it will be cheaper to take a taxi from Barcelona airport to the city. Taxis do not stop in unauthorized places, passengers are taken only at parking lots.
How to get to Barcelona airport in another way? From both terminals there are large private buses (dark blue inscription on board “Aerobus”) with the designation of the route A1 and A2 and route No. 16, No. 17 and TMB No. 46. You can find out more about an independent trip to Lloret de Mar in our Airguide. And if you are going to the resort of Calella, be sure to check the current prices for trains. If you are going to Salou, then specify your route, because you will not get there directly from Barcelona airport, for example, by train. Find out everything you need to know about transport from Barcelona Airport to Madrid in the UniTaxi Airguide.

from 20 111 ₽

from 17 597 ₽

from 15 084 ₽

from 12 570 ₽

from 10 056 ₽

from 7 449 ₽

from 17 039 ₽

from 20 111 ₽

from 12 570 ₽

from 16 387 ₽

All transfers to El Prat Airport (Barcelona)
All transfers from El Prat Airport (Barcelona)

How to find and book a transfer from El Prat Airport (Barcelona)?

Barcelona Airport is located near the town of El Prat, the distance to the center is 14 km. In terms of passenger traffic in the country, it ranks second – 35 million people a year. Today, the airport has three lanes for receiving aircraft (including cargo) and two terminals. In fact, five, because the T2 terminal is divided into three independent ones with the letters A, B, C. There is a bus service between the terminals – the shuttle bus constantly runs and serves passengers for free.

Our cars in Spain

Transfer in Spain from El Prat airport (Barcelona) is served only by modern cars with professional drivers. A wide range of car classes, from economy class with a minimum cost and VIP taxi for business trips to roomy minibuses for group transfers.

Taxi from El Prat Airport (Barcelona)
Transfer by economy and comfort class sedan or by minivan is an analogue of ordering a taxi for a person, a couple or a family

Economy class


Comfort class


Minivan 4 pass


VIP Taxi from El Prat Airport (Barcelona)
VIP transfer in a sedan or executive class minivan – for business trips and wealthy tourists

Business Class


Premium class




Minibuses from El Prat Airport (Barcelona)
Transfer for a group of 5-13 people – an alternative to traveling by minibus, bus or train

7 passengers


10 passengers


13 passengers


Group transfer from El Prat Airport (Barcelona)
Taxi in Spain for people traveling in a large group from 13 to 19 people

16 passengers


19 passengers


13 passengers


El Prat Airport Barcelona on the map

Spain transfer reviews

Very smooth transfer from Madrid to Salamanca in a very comfortable Mercedes with a great driver – would definitely recommend UniTaxi for comfort and value for money.