Asian food in barcelona: The Best ASIAN FOOD In BARCELONA: Fusion And Traditional

The Best ASIAN FOOD In BARCELONA: Fusion And Traditional

One travels to Barcelona with visions of delicious gazpacho, paella and tapas in mind. As specialists in intimate food tours, we can assure you this will be the case! But did you know that there is also a thriving, first-class international food scene in the city as well? ¡Sí señor, sí senora! 

Where to find the best Asian food in Barcelona

We looooove food, from all over the world. Here we are serving up a list of our favourite Asian restaurants in Barcelona. Craving a hearty hot pot? Can’t wait to have authentic bibimbap or a spicy curry bowl? We’ve got you covered.

For many years, finding an authentic Chinese restaurant in Spain was “more difficult than meeting the Pope” (that’s how we express in Spanish that something is almost impossible to accomplish). However, in the last decade, all kinds of truly excellent Asian restaurants offering cuisines from many parts of the continent have become available for the foodies of Barcelona.

From Indian tandoor to Japanese miniature cuisine. All is possible in Barcelona.

In fact, not many people know this, but there is a fairly big Chinatown in Barcelona, in the area of Dreta de l’Eixample. It’s not touristy and well worth a visit (especially at Chinese New Year when parades and other activities take place in Eixample, Born and near the Arc de Triomf). For good curries (mainly from India and Pakistan) you should head towards the neighbourhood of Raval. Sadly, this part of the city does not always enjoy a great reputation, but it does hold some gems in terms of cuisine.

Our top Asian restaurants in Barcelona

Here is a list of our personal top favourites (as ever, and especially as a result of the economic impact of the pandemic, always check before travelling as opening hours have been subject to changes):

Liuyishou Hotpot

Hot pot (a simmering pot of seasoned stock and/or oil which cooks meat, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, dumplings, or seafood) was new to locals in Barcelona not that long ago. But now it has become the hip thing to do, especially for group celebrations. This branch of Liuyishou, part of a well-loved global chain, is very large and you can book a private room for you and your friends. Really tasty food and very reasonably priced.

  • Address: Consell de Cent, 303
  • Website: Liuyishou Hotpot

Hot Pot at Liuyishou is the best way to warm up on cold days. Photo by Liuyishou Restaurant

Can Kenji

Kenji Oueno moved to Barcelona from Kyoto in 2003. Inspired by the izakayas, Japanese tapas bars, he opened his own restaurant, a small and charming place in Dreta de l’Eixample. He combines Japanese recipes with the occasional Mediterranean touch. You will be nicely surprised by the menu. The wine list consists mostly of local and adventurous wines produced in small wineries.

  • Address: Rosselló, 325
  • Website: Can Kenji


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This is a new discovery in the neighbourhood of Raval. A friend of ours (a chef) can’t stop talking about it. I quote: “Real authentic Indian food with an unreal depth of flavour”. We should add that they do traditional with a modern and adventurous touch, like their butter chicken burger (pav).

  • Address: Carrer dels Àngels, 12
  • Website: Mirch

Delicious Butter Chicken Pav, fusion Asian cuisine at Mirch. Photo by Mirch Restaurant

Koy Shunka

This Michelin-starred restaurant takes you back to Japan. It is located two minutes away from the Catedral of Santa Eulalia, a must-see when in Barcelona. They provide two tasting menus and a large a-la-carte menu as well. Take your time and enjoy. You won’t regret it!

  • Address: Carrer d’en Copons, 7
  • Website: Koy Shunka

Marvel at the art of sushi at Michelin-starred Koy Shunka. Photo by Joan Brebo


If you walked by this place you might not catch its appeal from the outside. But don’t judge a book by its cover! It’s an informal restaurant, yes, but you will have really good Korean BBQ, bibimbap (a delicious mixed rice dish) and potato noodles. Authentic and well-priced, but beware, there are no desserts! They have a couple of tables outside, which is something you’ll appreciate in the hot Barcelona summer.

  • Address: Roger de Flor, 137
  • Website: Yalujiang


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Casa Xica

And for a full-on fusion of Asian and Mediterranean, we suggest Casa Xica, a very cute, small place in Poble Sec. It is run by a Catalan couple of chefs that travelled for a long time around Asian countries. Upon their return, they started this project and won the title of the best restaurant in Barcelona by Time Out in 2015. Besides their delicious dishes, you will taste really surprising, natural, locally-produced wines.

  • Address: Carrer de la França Xica, 20
  • Website: Casa Xica

It’s oysters time at Casa Xica! Photo by Casa Xica

If you are a fan of Asian food, I am sure you won’t be disappointed with this list of the best Asian restaurants in Barcelona. Give them a try and let us know how it went in the comments.

Where to eat Asian food in Barcelona | Thai, Japanese & More

One of the best parts of traveling is the chance to try traditional and authentic food, which is mostly different from what our taste buds are used to. We all dream of escaping our routine and hopping on the first flight to an exotic country, but let’s face it, it’s not that easy.

Sometimes you just need a little imagination and without even stepping foot outside the city you can get a taste of a faraway land. With this guide, we take you on a gastronomic journey around the best Asian restaurants in Barcelona… fasten your seatbelt! Here are a few of the best places within easy reach from the city center.


  • L’Olla de Sichuan
  • Mosquito
  • Wakasa Tasca Japonesa
  • Asian Ways
  • Machiroku
  • Bangkok Cafe
  • KoKu Kitchen

L’Olla de Sichuan

In this Chinese restaurant in the Gracia district, you will discover another Chinese cuisine: the hot-pot style of Si Chuan and Yunnan. It is a gastronomy where vegetables can get into the spotlight.

You will of course find the traditional spring rolls, noodles and meat on the menu, but also lotus, bean sprouts and especially “old eggs”. This strange dish is actually a salad whose main ingredient is a black egg… surprising but it’s worth the detour! For vegetarians: this restaurant offers a wide variety of plates of vegetables.

Plaça del Doctor Letamendi, 11 & Carrer d’Aragó, 224




The combination of Asian food and local craft beer is hardly a bad one. And that’s what you’ll find at Mosquito. It’s a hip little den where you will find delicious Asian morsels on offer. The specialism here is dumplings but the menu is quite diverse – including small plates like kimchi and gyozas. What to do is order quite a few dishes, tapas style.

Like the last two restaurants in the list, this is another place where you will find very good value for money. Despite enjoying a delicious meal, the bill might pleasantly surprise you when it arrives. Sister restaurant, Red Ant Noodle Bar, just around the corner is also worth a look. In that place, you’ll find a better selection of ramen and soups.

C/ dels Carders, 46,



Wakasa Tasca Japonesa

Japanese culture and cuisine are often changed in attempts to create a fusion of cuisines. If you want a traditional Japanese meal while feeling like you’re in a manga, then this is exactly what you need to try. Again, this place is quite small as it only serves 5 tables, so be sure to book well in advance. A lovely Japanese couple from Osaka will introduce you to the menu (which arrives on magnetic boards, illustrated with cute drawings) and explain the elaborations of each dish.

Don’t come here thinking to eat fast and leave, here it’s about enjoying the experience slowly to really appreciate the quality of the food. Start your meal with a particular and not so easy to find dish: Renkon Kimpira, lotus flower root, something really particular and exotic. Also on the menu is high quality evergreen sushi and many other amazing Nipponese delicacies that make the perfect choice for your next courses…

Carrer de Napols, 287


Asian Ways

Asian Ways is a fantastic budget option for Asian food in central Barcelona. There’s a selection of the most popular Asian dishes on offer: Pad Thai, steamed gyozas, crispy duck, fresh Vietnamese rolls, ramen. And all of them are executed pretty authentically.

One of the best things about this spot is the prices, which give you great value for money when you consider the quality and flavours on offer. Don’t expect to be paying a lot more than 50 Eur for a meal for two people. Our tip is the Arroz Bibimbap from Korea, which must be one of the best available in town.

Av. del Paral·lel, 92



There’s no shortage of sushi restaurants in Barcelona, but some of them are overpriced and a touch overelaborate. If you want some good quality straightforward sushi that won’t cost an excessive price then this is your place.

The atmosphere in Machiroku used to be somewhat plain (not far from an authentic Japanese tavern) but they have just moved to a nicer venue in Gótic that gives you even more reason to go and has a nice open entrance that looks out onto the pedestrian walkway. Select the sashimi, which is always made from the freshest fish. The tuna belly nigiris, which are blowtorched for a bit of extra flavour, are our tip.

Carrer de les Magdalenes, 23,


Bangkok Cafe

There aren’t that many great Thai restaurants in Barcelona, but this is one of the best, All you have to do is take a trip to the adorable street that houses this restaurant. In fact it is a small “passatge” with a few small colorful bars and restaurants. The restaurant is considered the most authentic Thai place in town.

Among the must-try dishes you will find ravioli, steamed dumplings, with fish or meat and spicy duck with vegetables – the most exotic choice. Be careful with your order, their food is known to be extremely spicy! Now that you know all this, you just have to go to Bangkok Café to taste this delicious cuisine.

Bear in mind this one is a little bit further out in Sarrià, although still not too far from the centre.

Carrer d’Evarist Arnús, 65


KoKu Kitchen

And lastly to our recommended Ramen spot. Koku Kitchen is a touch difficult to find, tucked away in a tiny alley in Gótic, but it’s worth getting there for the top-quality Ramen.

You’ll find quite a few different varieties on offer, all good. And the laid-back atmosphere, just on the right side of hipster and quite local in flavour, adds to the experience. KoKu Kitchen has another restaurant in Born, which is also good and a little easier to find.

Carrer d’en Carabassa, 19



Enjoy! And if you fancy something a little more traditional, but with a distinctive slant, then you can always try our Historical eBike Tour.


Five of the best Chinese restaurants in Barcelona. Spain in Russian

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The Chinese New Year is approaching. How do you look forward to meeting him while tasting the traditional dishes of this country in Barcelona?

Out of China

Opened in the Catalan capital in 2002 and has since become a popular destination for tasting a variety of Chinese traditional dishes. Local farm products become an excellent base for them. Have you ever tried Chinese dumplings? In Out of China, you will definitely find many kinds. A nice bonus will be a stylish interior in a traditional style with interesting details.

Address: Carrer d’Aribau, 112

Chen Ji

You won’t find traditional decorations and dragons in this place, but you will be pleased with low prices here. From nine in the morning until midnight, you can eat a portion of noodles, soup or traditional dumplings for about 5 euros. You can take it with you and arrange a festive dinner at home.

Address: Carrer d’Alí Bei, 65

China Crown

If you want to celebrate Chinese New Year in style, then go to the China Crown restaurant. Firstly, it is located in one of the creations of Gaudi – Casa Calvet, and secondly, they offer dishes of imperial Chinese cuisine. The team, led by chef Tim Wang, serve up what Chinese emperors ate 400 years ago. For New Year’s Eve they usually prepare a special menu starting at 65 euros per person.

Address: Carrer de Casp, 48

He Cheng

Again we return to more budgetary, but no less popular options. Here you can treat yourself to homemade Chinese food. The menu is extensive, and the portions are large, so it’s better to come here with a large group to have the opportunity to try several dishes.

Address: C/ de la Independència, 361

Dim Sum Cantonesas

Dim sum are light dumplings with various fillings, served in small portions. In Spain, they are jokingly called Chinese tapas. A great opportunity to try different toppings, and also leave room for Chinese desserts. Regulars advise you to definitely try dumplings with ginger and beef, crispy rolls with pork and radish (chiu chao).

Address: C. de Cartagena, 221

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