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West Airport

You can receive alerts for this route by text and/or email. Please fill in your preferred contact method below. If you’d like alerts delivered both ways, please fill out both fields below.

You can receive alerts for this route by text and/or email. Please fill in your preferred contact method below. If you’d like alerts delivered both ways, please fill out both fields below.


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Chimney Rock Rd @ Dryad DrChimney Rock Rd @ Gasmer DrFondren Meadow Dr @ Braes CrossingFondren Meadow Dr @ Erin DrFondren Meadow Dr @ Fondren Lake DrFondren Meadow Dr @ S Gessner RdFondren Meadow Dr @ W Airport BlvdGasmer Dr @ Burdine StS Post Oak Rd @ Mc Dermed DrS Post Oak Rd @ Meyer Park BlvdS Post Oak Rd @ W Bellfort AveS Post Oak Rd @ Willowbend BlvdS Post Oak Rd @ Willowbend BlvdS Post Oak Rd @ Willowbend BlvdS Willow Dr @ Gasmer DrS Willow Dr @ Ricecrest DrS Willow Dr @ S Post Oak RdW Airport Blvd @ Bob White DrW Airport Blvd @ Braesridge DrW Airport Blvd @ Chimney Rock RdW Airport Blvd @ Fondren RdW Airport Blvd @ Hillcroft AveW Airport Blvd @ Kirkside DrW Airport Blvd @ Kitty Brook DrW Airport Blvd @ Landsdowne DrW Airport Blvd @ Mc Lain BlvdW Airport Blvd @ Preakness WayW Airport Blvd @ Rampart StW Airport Blvd @ Sandpiper DrWEST LOOPStep 3) Select a Day:


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    $1. 25

    For all Local Bus customers who aren’t eligible for a discounted fare.

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    About Route 7

    Hours of Operation

    Hours of Operation

    Day of Week First Trip Starts Last Trip Ends
    Mon. -Fri. Between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. Between 10 p.m. and midnight
    Saturday Between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. Between 10 p.m. and midnight
    Sunday Between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. Between 10 p.m. and midnight


    Popular Destinations

    Popular Destinations

    Name of Destination Intersection or Stop
    Westbury Community Hospital South Willow @ Gasmer

    Name of Destination Intersection or Stop
    West Loop Transit Center West Loop @ Braeswood

    Name of Destination Intersection or Stop
    Westbury High School Chimney Rock @ Gasmer

    Transfer Options

    Transfer Options

    Below are connecting routes along the 7.
    During most hours each day:

    • Red routes run at least every 15 minutes
    • Blue routes run every 16-30 minutes
    • Green routes run every 31-60 minutes

    West Bellfort



    Chimney Rock / S. Post Oak



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    The discounted fare is 60 cents.

    The following passengers ride free:

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    These digitally displayed passenger information enhancements are part of the METRONext Moving Forward Plan, to create a better customer experience.


    If you don’t require assistance, enter through the front doors, pay your fare and choose an open seat. Please avoid sitting in the priority seating areas for the elderly and people with disabilities, marked by the International Symbol of Access
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    Dulles Airport Will Be Connected To Washington’s Metro System Today

    Dulles International Airport’s long-awaited Washington Metro connection will launch today with the official opening of the Silver Line’s Phase 2 extension. The new line will allow Dulles travelers to connect to central Washington in less than an hour.

    Dulles connects to Washington Metro

    The 18.5km Silver Line extension is a big deal for Dulles International Airport (IAD), offering passengers and employees easy access to the Washington metropolitan area. The first train is set to depart Downtown Largo at 12:51 local time on Tuesday, passing through IAD and Washington D.C. on its way to Ashburn. The inaugural eastbound service from Ashburn will depart at 14:00 on the same day.

    Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

    Jack Potter, President and CEO of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, said,

    “This has been a vision for Dulles Airport for 70 years. We know it’s going to be great for the airport, for our employees, for all of our passengers.”

    Six new stations have been added to the line – Reston Town Center, Herndon, Innovation Center, Washington Dulles International Airport, Loudoun Gateway and Ashburn. The full length of the line – between Ashburn and Downtown Largo – will take over 90 minutes to travel, while the journey from Dulles Airport to Metro Center in downtown Washington D.C. will take 53 minutes.

    The new metro station is connected to IAD’s baggage claim area via an underground walkway which will be around a five-minute walk to complete. The majority of the airport’s bus connections will stop once the Metro line is up and running, including the 5A and Washington Flyer Silver Line Express, although the Fairfax bus system will still operate two services.

    Attracting new airlines

    As Jack Potter noted, passengers have grown to expect convenient transit connections from major international airports, something IAD has not been able to offer until now. This will also play a key role in attracting service from airlines, particularly low-cost carriers.

    Photo: WMATA

    Potter said,

    “We’re now able to reach out to airlines that wouldn’t look at us before, like the low-cost international carriers. They have an expectation that they’re going to have transit to downtown and transit to the Metro area. Keep in mind, low-cost, those people want to travel as reasonably as possible. They’re excited about it, and you’re going to see some new service coming our way in the coming months and years.”

    The United Airlines hub has seen a lot of its domestic traffic ceded to nearby Reagan National Airport over the years. With its new metro line, it could entice some of this traffic back.

    A troubled project

    The Silver Line’s Phase 2 extension has been riddled with problems over the years, setting back its opening by over four years. The project was approved way back in 2004 but has suffered several complications over the years, including cracks discovered in concrete panels.

    Photo: Getty Images

    The final cost of the extension is estimated at $3 billion, which is $250 million over budget. Some aspects of the project are still being tweaked, particularly the passenger experience, including a proposal to allow bag check-ins at the station.

    Are you happy to see Washington Dulles International Airport’s new metro connection launch? How important do you think it will be for the airport? Let us know your insights in the comments.

    Vnukovo Airport Station: for its construction, the pedestrian crossing to the terminal from the bus stop was closed, how to get there, the bypass scheme for passengers when they open – March 2, 2023

    All news

    An explosion occurred in a residential building in Moscow. It has nothing to do with household gas.

    Transport collapse and the military on the streets. We show how the first rehearsal of the parade took place on May 9,

    The city center was blocked in Moscow. We tell you why it happened

    The Colonel and his Victoria. Couple with 39-year difference in age has got three children and builds her own museum

    “They can cripple or even kill.” The State Duma proposed introducing criminal liability for scooters

    “The first order was from Los Angeles”: how a Russian housewife created a brand of children’s dresses – look at outfits for 25 thousand

    The measles outbreak in Moscow continues. Students of another university were transferred to a remote location

    Employees of the capital’s Ministry of Emergency Situations are transferred to emergency mode. Let’s talk about what it’s about0003

    Prosecutors canceled unjustified mobilization of 15,000 Russians: SVO news for April 25

    A Muscovite went on vacation, leaving her little children at home alone. The police are checking

    An aggressive passer-by swore at a child in a hat with the letter Z — OMON raided him later at night

    A Muscovite wrote a statement to the police against her daughter, who spoke out against the SVO

    Activists demanded to deprive singer Tamara Gverdtsiteli of Russian citizenship

    In Moscow, an 11-year-old boy on a scooter was shot down at a pedestrian crossing. Publishing video

    A girl gave birth and killed a child on the MCC train. Telling if she was arrested

    Don’t Freeze Me: 14 Foods We Spoil in the Refrigerator — They Should Be Stored in a Different Way

    Some streets in Moscow will be temporarily blocked and bus routes will be changed. We tell you exactly which ones and when

    The State Duma proposed to suspend the decision of the draft board. Explain what it means0003

    Writes for 100 points and sues officials. An adult man takes the exam every year – he told the secret of success

    Rostic’s restaurant opened in Moscow. We show updated prices and designs

    A criminal case was opened against the leader of the “Accident” group – what Alexey Kortnev says

    The government withdrew the bill on raising taxes for Russians who left

    “Her condition is stable and serious.” Manager Natalia Vlasova spoke about the health of the artist0003

    Watch the birds and the sun. According to folk signs on Radonitsa, we determine what summer will be like

    The building of the Russian Academy of Advocacy caught fire in the center of Moscow

    They will prepare for the Victory Parade. In Moscow, the FSO will close Red Square for visitors

    “Quadcopters sent for examination.” Three drones with cameras found in different parts of the Moscow region0003

    “There are a lot of Muslims. ” A resident of Korolev asked Ramzan Kadyrov to help with the construction of a mosque in the suburbs

    “Jap created the image of a frostbite.” Journalist Eva Merkacheva talks about Russian crime bosses

    Scooters, rings, blue markings. Pass the test for knowledge of the new traffic rules

    “For a cutlet for a stump”: MSK1.RU correspondent infiltrated “Vkusno – and that’s it” and assembled a Big Hit burger with her own hands

    Free parking will be introduced in Moscow on holiday weekends. But there are a couple of exceptions0003

    “Remove trees on the line of contact.” The curators of the construction of the understudy of Kutuzovsky Prospekt talk about cutting down the apple orchard

    Easy to confuse with allergies: all the symptoms of covid “Arcturus” in one picture

    “Do you think it’s comfortable to pray on the street?” A Muslim woman was indignant at the reaction of Muscovites to the construction of a mosque

    “Swarming, entangled in balls. ” In Moscow and the Moscow region, snakes crawled out to people

    Part of the streets in Moscow will be temporarily blocked. We tell you where and when it will be impossible to pass

    “I went to the toilet and gave birth there.” The prosecutor’s office published a video of the interrogation of a girl suspected of killing a newborn on the MCC train

    All news

    decided to close part of the pedestrian crossing from 1st Reisovaya Street to the airport terminal. This is necessary to connect the metro station Solntsevskaya line with Vnukovo. This was told in the Complex of Urban Planning Policy and Construction of Moscow.

    The only way to get from the airport is to the Aeroexpress train station. Passengers who frequently fly from Vnukovo told MSK1.RU that a covered underground passage leads there from the minus the first floor of the airport. And now it’s not clear how to get to the stop: there is a 4-lane road nearby and everything is fenced off by the construction site of the metro.

    — An alternative route has been prepared for the passage of passengers from the side of 1st Reisovaya Street to Vnukovo Airport and for exiting the city from the terminal. The passage will be carried out along the ground section with a controlled pedestrian crossing opposite the hotel, – said Yury Kravtsov, General Director of Mosinzhproekt JSC.

    Apparently, we are talking about the nearest hotel DoubleTree by Hilton Moscow – Vnukovo Airport. Thus, passengers who come to the bus stop from the side of 1st Reisovaya Street will have to cross the roadway. As auto expert Maxim Yedryshov noted to MSK1.RU, this should not create additional problems for drivers.

    “I think that the organization of a controlled pedestrian crossing will not have a very strong impact on the traffic situation there,” Yedryshov told MSK1.RU.

    This is how the project should look like the Vnukovo Airport station on the Solntsevskaya metro line


    At the same time, Andrey Bochkarev, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for urban planning policy and construction, assessed the degree of readiness of the future station lobby as high. He spoke about this on the website of the department.

    — In general, concrete laying at the Vnukovo Airport station is almost three-quarters complete. The high readiness of the main structures of the lobby allows us to start a set of works to connect them to the underground passage, which will allow passengers from the metro to get directly to the airport terminal, Bochkarev said.

    The opening of the Vnukovo Airport station is planned before the end of 2023.

    In Moscow on March 1, the Bolshaya Koltsevaya metro line was fully launched. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin took part in its launch. The first passengers told what they think about the new line. The grand opening took place at Sokolniki station: we show how it looks. The Nagatinsky Zaton station also has an interesting design: there are huge fish on the walls and people come up to rub them.

    The most up-to-date information about the life of the capital can be found from the Telegram channel MSK1.RU and our group in “ VKontakte “.


    • April 17, 2023, 19:00

      In Vnukovo, the pedestrian exit from the airport terminal was blocked. We tell you how to get to the bus stop

    • April 11, 2023, 11:32

      A public transport stop has been moved near Vnukovo Airport. Telling what has changed

    • March 13, 2023, 18:51

      Aeroexpress trains will not run all day. We tell you when and what other restrictions await Muscovites

    • March 02, 2023, 16:22

      “Like at Stalin’s funeral. Really scary.” Muscovites talk about crowds on the BCL

    • March 02, 2023, 14:49

      Why did passenger traffic jams form on the BCL and when will they end? Expert explains

    • March 02, 2023, 13:57

      Crowds at the entrance and stylish new stations. We show in the video report how BKL 9 was opened in Moscow0125

    • March 02, 2023, 10:45

      After the opening of the BCL, a ground transfer appeared at Tekstilshchiki. Showing where to go

    • March 02, 2023, 10:06

      Morning collapse on the BCL. Telling what happened

    • March 02, 2023, 08:30

      Wavy media screen, futuristic style. What the BCL Rizhskaya station looks like in Moscow

    • March 02, 2023, 07:00

      Neo-brutal style and black and white colors. What does the Pechatniki BCL station look like in Moscow

    • March 01, 2023, 21:35

      Let’s go guys! Everything you need to know about the opening of the BCL is in one video No, we just show. Photo report from inside the new station of the Nagatinsky Zaton LCL

    • March 01, 2023, 19:03

      “Just horror!” Muscovites complain about the traffic jam at the BKL stations

    • March 01, 2023, 17:52

      How to use the BKL for free? Publish detailed answers

    • March 01, 2023, 16:54

      In the style of Malevich’s paintings and Soviet posters. How the new Sokolniki station looks from the inside

    • March 01, 2023, 16:36

      Huge fish on the walls and luminous arches. We show the most beautiful at the opened BKL stations

    • March 01, 2023, 15:54

      “We used to spend an hour, now there are only 5 stops.” Muscovites about the opening of the BKL

    • March 01, 2023, 14:57

      Selfies in the lobby and crowds at the doors. We show how Muscovites rushed to inspect the new BCL 9 stations0125

    Dmitry Tolstosheev

    Andrey BochkarevMetro Solntsevskaya metro line Vnukovo Metro station AL0

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Media News2

Media News2


Specialists are completing the installation of the superstructure of the metro bridge across the Likova River between Pykhtino and Vnukovo Airport stations

Installation of side slats is almost completed.


Moscow State Duma deputy Golovchenko: The design of the road network of the TiNAO takes into account the development of the rail frame of Moscow

The road network of the TiNAO is being designed taking into account the development of the prospective MCD-4, which will make it possible to connect the growing rail frame of Moscow with settlements in new territories.


At the Vnukovo Airport metro station, work began on backfilling pit

Builders will fill in the pit systematically, as the engineering systems are brought to the surface of the station.


The bus stop “Vnukovo Airport” is transferred from April 12 to Vokzalnaya Square

Changes related to the construction of the Vnukovo Airport metro station.


Part of the underpass of terminal A of Vnukovo airport will be closed on April 10

This is due to the construction of a metro station.


In 2023, landscaping will be carried out near the Vnukovo Airport metro station

This was announced by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.


The section of the Solntsevskaya metro line from Rasskazovka to Vnukovo Airport is more than 70% ready

It is planned to be commissioned by the end of 2023.


The eighth meeting of the working group on the introduction of TIM in construction was held in the capital

Approximately 200 urban facilities are being renovated or built using TIM.


Sergey Levkin noted the results of the

job fair held in the capital

About 2,000 young builders and architects were guests of the meeting.


Valery Golovchenko: The launch of the BKL metro will have a positive impact on the city’s economy in the long term

The launch of the Big Circle Line (BKL) of the Moscow Metro will ensure the economic growth of the city in the long term.


Breeding center for cultivation and improvement of potatoes will be opened in the village. Tolstopaltsevo

It will be located at: st. Sovetskaya, 4, building 1.

more details

Installation of equipment for traction step-down substation 9 completed at Vnukovo Airport metro station0226

Connection of all equipment with cable and wire products is carried out.


A five-story parking lot

will be built in Vnukovo

There are currently no buildings on this site.


Alexander Kozlov: Construction of social facilities within walking distance is of decisive importance for TiNAO

Walking distance to social facilities is of decisive importance for the TiNAO. Alexander Kozlov, deputy of the Moscow City Duma, announced this in an interview with journalists from the Moscow City News Agency.


MHD Vice Speaker Orlov: The launch of the BKL metro has become an important milestone in the development of the capital’s transport

The launch of the Big Circle Metro Line is a major milestone in the development of the capital’s transport system. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Moscow City Duma Stepan Orlov in an interview with journalists from the Moscow City News Agency.


From the metro station “Airport Vnukovo” it will be possible to get to the passage connecting with terminal

Work on the connection of the station to the crossing will be carried out from March 2 to June 15.


Metro station in Vnukovo officially named

It will be called “Vnukovo Airport”.


The city without bidding will provide a site for the construction of a sports complex in Vnukovo

A total of 13 such facilities will be built in the capital.


Valery Golovchenko: The majority of residents of TiNAO

are interested in the construction of the Troitskaya metro line

About 15 km of tunnels were laid in 2022, including on the new Troitskaya metro line, the construction of which will help residents of the Tinao to quickly get to the place they need.


Deputy of the Moscow City Duma Kozlov: New sports facilities in the TiNAO are being built in accordance with the requests of residents

New sports facilities in the settlements of the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative districts of the capital are being created taking into account the needs and interests of residents. This was reported to the City News Agency “Moscow” by the deputy of the Moscow City Duma Alexander Kozlov.


Part of the walls and floor of the Vnukovo metro station under construction was faced with granite

Rows of slabs are spaced to accommodate aluminum panels that will look like stainless steel.


Sobyanin: Investors will build nine industrial complexes and technoparks in Moscow

They will create almost 10 thousand jobs.


Andrey Bochkarev: The first school in Moscow under the program of integrated development of territories will be built in 2023

Work is currently underway to install a noise barrier.


A temple will be built in Vnukovo in honor of the holy martyrs Vera, Nadezhda, Lyubov and their mother Sophia

Its height will be 28 meters.


Builders carry out monolithic work at the future Vnukovo metro station

Preparations are also underway to connect the existing pedestrian crossing to the station under construction.


A production and warehouse complex will be built in Vnukovo on Zavodskoye Highway

In addition to warehouses, it will be able to accommodate pharmaceutical, light, food and construction industries.


The construction of the Vnukovo metro station will be completed in autumn 2023

Andrey Bochkarev, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Urban Policy and Construction, spoke about this.


Completed construction of a logistics complex near Vnukovo Airport

It is located in the village of Tolstopaltsevo.


On the metro bridge across the Likova River, the installation of the superstructure of the track

is underway

Axle side slats 95% complete.


Finishing work in the passenger area of ​​Vnukovo metro station completed by 18%

The opening of the station is scheduled for 2023.


In Vnukovo, a land plot for capital construction

was put up for auction

It is located in the communal area of ​​Vnukovskoye Highway.


Railway workers are modernizing the Vnukovo substation

This is necessary to ensure the power supply of MCD-4 trains in clock mode.


A hotel for 30 rooms

was put into operation on Voiskovaya Street

It is located near the airport.


Vnukovo will temporarily restrict the movement of vehicles from December 1

The restriction will be introduced on the access road to Vnukovo airport.


At the Vnukovo Airport metro station, the readiness of the main structures is more than 70 percent

Currently, monolithic work has been completed in the area of ​​the traction step-down substation and is nearing completion in the lobby.