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✈ Airport Shuttle from Barcelona Airport to City

Airport Shuttle Services from Barcelona Airport

There are three shuttle options available to get you from the Barcelona El Prat Airport to the city centre of Barcelona. There is a dedicated airport bus line, named the Aerobus, as well as a public bus and two night buses. The public buses are the cheapest option, only 2.15€ per ticket but they take the longest too, around 60 minutes. The Aerobus is a little pricier at 5.90€ but has a much quicker travel time of 35 minutes. Public buses depart regularly – between every 20 and 30 minutes but the Aerobus is more frequent, between every 5-10 minutes.

Aerobus to Pl. Catalunya

The Aerobus is the fastest shuttle method to get to the city centre. With departure times every 5 minutes during peak hours, it is also the most convenient of the options. There are two lines, A1 and A2 which operate in Terminal 1 and 2 respectively. There are most frequent at Terminal 1 however. The Aerobus takes you to Pl. Catalunya in the city centre which is a great area for sightseeing, eating and catching the sights. The bus also stops at Pl. Espanya, Gran Via-Urgell and Pl. Universidad.


Trip Duration



40 Min

Availability 05:00am – 01:00am

The bus timetable is always the same, 365 days a year despite holidays and weekends.

Bus 46 to Pl. Catalunya

The public bus from the airport to Pl. Catalunya runs between terminals 1 and 2 before stopping at various points along the route to the city. The stops are convenient transport stops to take metros or buses from. The bus only operates within daytime hours, however the night buses have the same ending point and are available outside of the public bus operation hours. It is always best to leave extra time for your travel as traffic can affect the journey time.


Trip Duration



60 Min

Availability 05:30am – 11:50pm

Night Buses N16 & N17 to Pl.


The nightbus or ‘Nitbus’ system to Pl. Catalunya is best for those travelling very early or late as the cost is cheap and the route length bearable, if not a little long. The night buses stop regularly and therefore can have many desirable stop points along the route should you need to get off along the way for further transportation. The downside to public buses is that there are not always suitable luggage spaces available as they are not designated airport shuttles.


Trip Duration



50 Min

Availability 10:00pm – 05:00am

The N16 runs from 11:30pm to 05:00am.

The nightbus is only available from Terminal 1


AeroBus Schedule


Bus 46 Schedule


N17 Schedule


N16 Schedule


Convenience and Availability

Although there are multiple transport options to get you from the airport, the local buses can be long and troublesome if traffic is involved. As well as this, they have multiple stops. The best option is the Aerobus shuttle, despite it being a little pricier, the journey time is almost halved by this method. You will need to be aware that you will have to take a night bus after day hours which can mean long wait times too.

Barcelona Airport Shuttle ticket information

Tickets are available for purchase in advance online for the Aerobus, however they are available to purchase on the bus also. Tickets (unless they are multiple journey) are available for other buses on the bus, in cash.

You can purchase a ‘T10’ ticket which covers both public buses and trains/metros for up to 10 journeys from ticketing booths at the airport.

Where to catch your Barcelona Airport Shuttle

The Aerobus leaves from both Terminals 1 and 2, whereas the night bus and bus line 46 will only leave from Terminal 1. All bus stops are located outside of the arrivals hall. Following the signs for ‘buses and taxis’ out of the airport, you will be led underneath the terminal building to the stop for the Aerobus and other bus lines.

There will always be a bus available to catch at the airport, whether day or night you can be sure to find one.

Barcelona Airport Shuttle to Hotel

Although there are multiple options of transport to the city centre, they are not extremely varied and do not provide door to door service like a taxi or private ride. This can be problematic for those with lots of luggage as it could mean a change of transport or walking; adding extra time and cost to your journey.

Welcome Pickups transfer

Book a trained, English-speaking taxi driver to pick you up at the same price as a regular cab from the line

Welcome Pickups offers an elite service for transportation from the airport to the city at the same price as a regular taxi. Welcome drivers await your arrival at the terminal and provide a reliable and safe ride with an English speaking driver. While you drive, your guide will introduce you to the city and provide you with local information before dropping you at your desired location. Welcome services are pre-booked, so you can ensure that your ride is sorted by the time you arrive.

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Sedan Car

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Book a taxi transfer


See other transportation options

Frequently asked questions

How much is a taxi from Barcelona airport to city?

A taxi from Barcelona El Prat Airport does not have a flat fee, so any charges will be on the taxi meter rate and therefore are subject to variation. Things like public holidays or night-time transfers may incur extra fees. You can expect to pay around 35 – 40€ for the journey. Bear in mind that there is a starting fee of 20€ from the airport.

Is there a train from Barcelona airport to city?

There are train and metro services available from Barcelona Airport. The train is the best option to reach other stations for onward transportation within Barcelona and beyond. The train is located at Terminal 2 and the cost is 4€.

Is there a Welcome Barcelona airport taxi from BCN airport to the city centre?

Of course there is! Traveling into the city with a Welcome taxi is the ideal transfer. If you are in a rush, and want to avoid the busy airport crowds, hiring a Barcelona airport taxi is the best option. Is the fastest and most convenient option especially if you have children with you or many luggage’s.

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What else can you do in Barcelona

Transfer Options in Barcelona

Barcelona Airport Shuttle Bus | Lines, Timetables & Tickets

Shuttles and Buses from and to Barcelona Airport

There are two types of buses connecting El Prat Airport to the city center, the TMB Bus 46 and the Nitbus N16-N17, and the express bus option serving the airport, the well-known Aerobus.

The TMB and the Night Buses

During the day, the Metropolitan Bus 46 handles the transfers from and to Barcelona Airport. The bus departs from both terminals and reaches Plaça España in Barcelona city center in approximately 40 minutes. The Bus 46 can adequately serve the needs of persons with reduced mobility but has limited storage space. Therefore, it’s not the ideal option if you travel with lots of baggage.

During the night, there are also buses running from and to El Prat Airport. Explicitly, the N16 bus links BCN T2 to the city center, while N17 BCN T1 to Barcelona downtown.

The Metropolitan Buses Time Schedule from BCN Airport

Bus 46 runs approximately every 15-20 minutes, depending on the roads’ congestion, from 4:50 am to 11:50 pm. The bus reaches its final stop at Plaça España in about 30 minutes from T2 and 35 minutes from T1. However, if the traffic is heavy, the travel time may rise to 40 minutes and 55 minutes, respectively. Despite this fact, it still provides faster services than the train. Indeed, if you are landing at T1, you won’t have to use the free shuttle bus to the T2 Train Station.

The N16 bus operates from 11:30 pm to 5:00 am, with frequent routes. In fact, it passes every 20 minutes and needs 40 minutes to its ending stop. On the other hand, N17 is available from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am.

How Many Bus Stations are there at Barcelona Airport?

There are 3 bus stops at BCN Airport, one at T1 and two at T2. The T1 bus stop is right outside the main exit of the terminal building, next to the Aerobus stand. From that point, you can either get on Bus 46 during the daytime or take Bus N17 if you are traveling at night.

Terminal 2 has two bus stops, lying outside the B and C sections’ exits. These are your points of interest if you are arriving at T2 and planning to hop on Bus 46 or N16.

Bus Tickets from Barcelona Airport

The tickets for the metropolitan buses are cheap enough (certainly more affordable than the Aerobus tickets), costing 2. 40€/2.40$ for a single ride. Tickets are available from the driver once entering the bus, via the automatic ticket machines, or online.

If you are planning on using public transportation for your transfers, then you should opt for the T-Casual ticket, which allows you to travel 10 times inside the Metropolitan Zone 1, using any public means of transport and paying only 7.95€/7.95$. Alternatively, the Hola Barcelona Travel Pass gives you unlimited access to all the public transportation means for 48, 72, 96, or 120 consecutive hours.

Other Buses from and to El Prat Airport

Although Bus 46 and Night Buses N16 and N17 are the main lines linking the airport to the city center, other bus lines also leave from the BCN bus stops, connecting the airport to different districts of the city. What’s more, many intercities (Mon-Bus, Sarbus, Bus Garraf, etc.) and international (Flixbus, Directbus, etc.)  buses pass through the El Prat.

Bus Line Departure Destination Airport Stop
Bus 46 Pl. Espanya Barcelona Airport T1/T2
Bus 99 Castelldefels Barcelona Airport T1
Bus L77 Sant Joan Despí Barcelona Airport T1/T2
Bus PR1 El Prat de Llobregat Barcelona Airport T1/T2
Bus PR2/PR3 El Prat de Llobregat Barcelona Airport Corporate Aviation Terminal
N16 Plaça de Catalunya Castelldefels T2
N17 Plaça de Catalunya Barcelona Airport T1
N18 Plaça de Catalunya Barcelona Airport T1/T2

The Fast and Famous Aerobus

Aerobus is the express bus that handles the passengers’ transfers from and to the airport. The light and dark blue buses with the distinctive “Aerobus” sign on them leave the airport almost every 5 minutes (during the night, the routes are scarcer though) and reach downtown in approximately 25-30 minutes, as their in-between stops are limited. Aerobus is fully equipped to serve persons with disabilities, has spacious storage capacity, and provides free Wi-Fi and USB charging ports. What’s more, Aerobus vehicles are being monitored for safety reasons.

Overall, two Aerobus lines are serving BCN Airport, A1 departing from terminal 1 and A2 from terminal 2. When heading to El Prat Airport, it is highly important to check out these numbers to reach the right terminal building.

Aerobus Time Schedule from BCN Airport

One of the main advantages of the Aerobus lines is their frequency. Buses depart almost every 4-10 minutes from both terminals (approximately every 20 minutes in the early morning hours) and reach Pl. Catalunya in about 35 minutes, and Pl. Espanya in 25 minutes, depending on the roads’ conditions. Moreover, the two bus lines run around the clock. Thus, whatever time of the day you are landing at El Prat Airport, an Aerobus will be there to transfer you to your destination.

Where are the Aerobus Airport Stations?

Aerobus A1 handles transfers from and to terminal 1 of the BCN Airport. Hence, the Aerobus stops are to be found in front of terminal building 1, both at Arrivals and Departures levels. On the other hand, Aerobus A2 makes two stops at T2, one outside the T2B section and one outside the T2C area.

Aerobus Tickets from Barcelona Airport

The only drawback of choosing Aerobus for your transfer is its price, as an Aerobus ticket is more expensive than the ordinary ticket used for metropolitan buses. However, if you take into consideration the frequency of routes, the limited in-between stops, the 24/7 services, and the storage capacity, then there’s little doubt that this is the top value-for-money option.

Thus, a one-way ticket from Barcelona Airport to the city center costs 5.90€/5.90$, whereas a round trip 10.20€/10.20$. Children up to 4 years of age travel for free.

Tickets are available online, via the automatic vending machines using cash or credit cards, from the T1 information desk, or from the driver inside the bus. In case you decide to buy your ticket when entering the bus, make sure you carry small bills with you as the driver is obligated to give change up to 20€/20$.

How much is the bus from Barcelona Airport to city centre?

A ticket for Bus 46 or the Night Buses N16 and N17 leaving BCN Airport and heading to the heart of the city costs 2.40€/2.40$. On the other hand, the more expensive yet highly efficient Aerobus costs 5.90€/5.90$ for a one-way ticket and 10.20€/10.20$ for a return one. 

Can you buy Aerobus tickets on the bus?

Aerobus tickets can be bought online or via automatic vending machines. However, you can also buy your tickets from the driver once entering the bus. In that case, you should carry small change with you.

Where does Aerobus stop in Barcelona?

Two Aerobus lines leave from the airport, A1 from T1 and A2 from T2. Besides that, the two lines have the same route with limited stops, especially outside the Metropolitan area. Their final stop is Plaza Catalunya.

We drive from El Prat Airport to Barcelona. Spain in Russian

At night, taxis have a special rate, and the cost increases by about ten euros. The higher rate also applies on weekends and public holidays.

Finally we got from El Prat to Barcelona to Plaza Catalunya and now we summarize and compare:

  • city bus no. 46, takes a long time, ticket price – 2.15 euros;
  • express bus “Airbus”, it takes 25 minutes, the ticket price is about 6 euros;
  • metro, it takes 25 minutes, the ticket price is 4. 5 euros;
  • taxis, go with the breeze if you can afford to spend 30 euros and if the taxi drivers are not on strike that day.

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