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Barcelona Aerobus Map | Pick-Up & Drop-Off

The Barcelona Aerobus map is a must-have for travellers visiting the city. Here is a detailed guide about the Barcelona Aerobus map route to get an understanding about all stops for a  seamless experience, during your journey to and from the city. 

Barcelona Aerobus Map | Where to begin? 

If you’re arriving at El Prat airport, you have the option to catch the Aerobus at either Terminal 1 (T1) or Terminal 2 (T2) based on the destination you’d like to go to. There are clearly marked signs located outside the arrivals gate at both terminals. Once you step outside, look out for the big blue bus with “Aerobus” splashed across the side. 

Know more about Barcelona Aerobus timings

Guide to Finding Your A1 Bus Stop at Terminal 1

Guide to Finding Your A2 Bus Stop at Terminal 2

Barcelona Aerobus Map | Airport to City Center  

The Barcelona Aerobus stops covered by both A1 and A2 are the same. The only difference is that they have different starting points. The A1 Aerobus starts from Airport, T1 and A2 Aerobus starts from Airport, T2. They have four stops on the way to the Barcelona city center: 

  1. Plaça España
  2. Gran Via – Urgell
  3. Plaça Universitat
  4. Plaça de Catalunya (City Centre).

Barcelona Aerobus Map | Drop off Points From the Airport

Check out the Barcelona Aerobus Map route for the drop off points from the airport to find your arrival destination

Barcelona Aerobus Map | City Center to Airport 

Visitors catching a departing flight can get on the bus at any of these three stops 

  1. Plaça de Catalunya – located right in front of the Corte Ingles store, across the road from the pedestrianized Avinguda del Portal de l’Angel shopping street. 
  2. Sepulveda-Urgell
  3. Plaça España

All three stops are covered by both A1 & A2, the only difference being the destination of arrival. While the A1 Aerobus goes to Terminal 1 airport, A2 Aerobus arrives at the Terminal 2 airport.

All Your Questions About Barcelona Aerobus Map Answered

Barcelona Aerobus Map | Pick Up Points to the Airport  

Find out the Barcelona Aerobus Map route of the bus stops from Barcelona city to reach the El Prat airport. 

Book Your Barcelona Aerobus Tickets

AEROBUS Barcelona Airport Transfer

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Aerobus Barcelona Tickets | Pick-up and Drop-off

  • Enjoy a seamless experience to and from the Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport and the city centre at an affordable price.
  • The AEROBUS operates 24/7, 365 days a year, including weekends and public holidays. Buses depart from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 every 5-20 minutes, ensuring you don’t wait for too long.
  • Get dropped off at Pl. Catalunya, Pl. Espanya, Gran Vía-Borrell, or Pl. Universitat directly.
  • If you’re travelling back to the airport, hop on from any of these bus stops – Plaça de Catalunya, Carrer Sepúlveda or Plaça España,
  • Board a comfortable, Wi-Fi-enabled bus that has USB ports and a television set to make sure you are entertained throughout.
  • With ample space, you can store away your luggage and sit comfortably while riding the bus.
  • You can select between one-way or round-trip tickets that take you to/from the Barcelona airport easily.
  • If you choose the Round Trip variant, save the redeemed ticket received at the start of your journey and show the same before your return trip.


  • Pick-up and drop-off
  • Free Wi-Fi, television and USB
  • Video surveillance system
  • 35-minute drive

This ticket has the following options that you can choose from:

  • Single Trip
  • Round Trip
  • It is mandatory at all times to wear a mask and cover the nose and mouth in a proper manner.
  • Access will not be allowed to persons who are not wearing a mask correctly or who are not wearing them without the appropriate exemption certificate.
  • This service is available from both Terminals (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2) of Barcelona-El Prat Airport.
  • Because of operational reasons, the journey might be longer than 35-minutes.



Placa Catalunya -> Carrer Sepúlveda -> Plaça Espanya -> vial sortida T1 planta 2 -> vial arribades T1 planta 0


Terminal 1 to Placa Catalunya

vial arribades T1 planta 0 -> Plaça Espanya -> Gran Vía-Borrell -> Placa Universitat -> Placa Catalunya



Placa Catalunya to Terminal 2

Placa Catalunya -> Carrer Sepúlveda -> Plaça Espanya -> vial aeroport T2B


Terminal 2 to Placa Catalunya

vial aeroport T2B -> vial aeroport T2C -> Plaça Espanya -> Gran Vía-Borrell -> Placa Universitat -> Placa Catalunya

  • These tickets can’t be cancelled. However, you can use them any time within the next 3 months.
  • These tickets are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.
  • Avail of this combo to enjoy AEROBUS transfers from Barcelona-El Prat Airport, and explore Antoni Gaudi’s iconic Casa Batlló with a timed entry ticket.
  • Select a one-way or round-trip ticket and travel to various locations including Pl. Catalunya, Pl. Espanya, Gran Vía-Borrell, and Pl. Universitat.
  • Take advantage of the onboard amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi, USB ports, plenty of legroom, and luggage space.
  • Unleash your inner art connoisseur at Casa Batlló featuring a sculpted balcony, skeletal foyer, dragon back model, and reptilian roof.
  • Unravel Gaudí’s ingenious work with an audio guide. Experience the Gaudí Cube, an immersive 3D set-up with projections, binaural sound, and motion sensors.


AEROBUS Barcelona Airport Transfer

  • 35-minute bus transfer
  • Single-trip transfers from airport to the city
  • Round-trip transportation (optional)
  • Wi-Fi, USB, and TV

Casa Batlló

  • Timed entry to Casa Batlló
  • Audioguide
  • Access to Gaudí Cube (360°)

AEROBUS Barcelona Airport Transfer

  • Tip: This service is available from both Terminals (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2) of Barcelona-El Prat Airport.
  • The AEROBUS Barcelona Airport transfer service is available every day of the year, with frequent departures from the airport scheduled at 5-minute intervals.
  • Click here for AEROBUS Barcelona Airport route map.

Casa Batlló

  • Check out the cathedral’s unique glass on each floor, which produces a hypnotic underwater atmosphere.
  • Facilities: Wheelchair Accessibility, Pram/Stroller Accessibility, Pushchairs.
  • Tripods, photography for commercial purposes, and heavy luggage are not allowed.
  • This experience is suited for people who have a hearing disability written text since there is written text available from the audio guide in multi-lingual languages.
  • This experience is suited for guests with hearing disabilities as the audio guide is available in multiple languages in written format.
  • This experience is suited for guests with visual disabilities.
  • These tickets can’t be cancelled or rescheduled.

What is Barcelona Aerobus?

Barcelona is one of Spain’s biggest cities and the fifth most populous urban area city in the EU. Its warm and mild climate, eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and developed tourist infrastructure makes it one of the best cities in the world to visit. Aerobus is an express shuttle service that runs between Barcelona’s airport and city center. One of the most convenient ways to transverse from the city to the airport, it is one of the most feasible options you can take. The Aerobus offers a lot of space for luggage, has more frequent shuttles, and is faster than the other travel options between the airport and the city! Learn all about your Barcelona Aerobus Tickets and what you can do with them!

Operating Hours

Aerobus Barcelona operates from 12 AM – 12 AM.

Why Buy Barcelona Aerobus Tickets?

  • The Aerobus is the quickest and most convenient mode of transport to and from the airport to Barcelona’s city centre.
  • It is available all days of the year, including public and national holidays. An Aerobus departs every 5 minutes, which completely eliminates any waiting times.
  • The shuttle service takes just 35 minutes to travel between El Prat Airport and the city centre of Barcelona, making it one of the fastest ways to travel between these points.
  • The shuttles are available at both terminals of the airport and will take you to Pl. Espanya, Gran Via Urgell, Pl. Universitat, or Pl. Catalunya.

Know more about Barcelona Aerobus stops

Your Barcelona Aerobus Tickets Explained

Aerobus Barcelona – Single Ticket

Aerobus Barcelona – Return Ticket

Barcelona Aerobus Tickets | Visitor Information

  • Once the booking is complete, you will receive an email confirmation with your mobile voucher.
  • Display it at the meeting point with a valid photo ID to the driver, who will be waiting with a name card.
  • If you choose the Round Trip variant, please save the redeemed ticket received at the beginning of your journey and show the same before embarking on your return trip.


Your tickets are valid up to 6 months after the date of purchase. Return tickets are valid until 15 days after the date of travel.

Best Way to Buy Barcelona Aerobus Tickets 

The best way to buy Aerobus Barcelona tickets is online.

  • Convenience: You can avoid long queues and hassles by purchasing a ticket in advance.
  • Extended Validity: Purchasing online tickets gives you a validity period of 6 months, compared to the 1-hour validity you get with purchasing tickets at the site. 

Discounted Aerobus Barcelona tickets

Children under the age of 4 can travel on Aerobus Barcelona for free. 

Barcelona Aerobus Experience

Barcelona has an enviable public transport system and this tight network features many options for you to travel around the city. Most popular amongst these is the city’s Aerobus experience. Now travel conveniently to and from the Barcelona Airport and the city centre at an affordable price. Choose between a single or return transfer tickets depending on your choice and hop on A1 from Terminal 1 or A2 from Terminal 2 based on where you arrive. The buses arrive every 5 to 10 minutes and run 365 days a year.

Equipped with ramps accessible to wheelchairs users and free Wifi facility on-board, visitors can now make the most out of their experience whilst enjoying the stunning view of the city.

Find out everything you need to know about the Barcelona Aerobus timetable

Aerobus Barcelona Logistics

Here’s some technical information you need to know about the Barcelona Aerobus.

Aerobus Barcelona Timings

Travel Lines & Timetable



1. What is the Barcelona Aerobus operating hours?
A1 Schedule – City to T1
Jan to Dec, Mon to Sun, 5 AM to 10:30 PM, every 15 mins
T1 to City
Jan to Dec, Mon to Sun, 5:37 AM to 11 PM, every 15 mins
A2 Schedule – City to T2
Jan to Dec, Mon to Sun, 5 AM to 12:30 AM, every 10 mins
T2 to City
Jan to Dec, Mon to Sun, 5:35 AM – 1 AM, every 10 mins
2. How many lines of Aerobus Barcelona are currently operational?
Currently, only one Aerobus line is operational, from and to terminal 1 of the Barcelona-El Prat Airport.
3. What is the average time per journey from/to airport terminal 1?
The average travel time per journey is about 35 minutes.

Itinerary from T1 & T2

Airport T1 or T2 (depending on where you arrive)
Plaça España
Gran Via – Urgell
Plaça Universitat
Plaça de Catalunya

Itinerary from City Center
Plaça de Catalunya
Plaça España
Airport T1 or T2 (depending on which terminal you depart)

Know more about the Barcelona Aerobus map routs

  • Barcelona Aerobus ticket prices start at €5,90 for a single ticket. It is €10,20 for a return ticket.
  • Both tickets cannot be cancelled, however, are valid for 6 months. Return tickets are valid for 15 days after the arrival date.
  • Please note that there are no special children tickets. But children under 4 years travel for free.
  • Public transport tickets and discount cards including the Barcelona Card or the Hola Barcelona Transport Card are not valid on the Barcelona Aerobús.
  • Wifi – Visitors can access free Wifi inside the Barcelona Aerobus
  • Wheelchairs – The Barcelona Aerobus is wheelchair access to all users
  • Television – Passengers can catch the latest news and entertainment highlights via the television service provided inside the Barcelona Aerobus
  • USB – Charge your phones with the handy USB installation made inside the Barcelona Aerobus.

Handy Tips

  • Pets are allowed onboard the Aerobus. Please make sure to keep them in appropriate carrier boxes.
  • An on-board TV is available within the Aerobus to give you some useful information regarding Barcelona and its must-see destinations. 
  • All the buses are adapted for people with reduced mobility. Wheelchair users can access the Aerobus with the help of ramps. 
  • There is free WiFi available onboard.
  • The Aerobus operates between 5:45 AM and 11 PM from Terminal 1 of the airport to Placa Catalunya. If your flight lands at any other time, you will need to find an alternative means of transport to reach Barcelona. 

All Your Questions About Aerobus Barcelona Answered

Frequently Asked Questions about Barcelona Aerobus Tickets

Is it safe to use Aerobus Barcelona post-COVID-19?

Yes, it is to travel on Aerobus Barcelona, thanks to the safety measures in place. Aerobus Barcelona also only accepts online reservations at the moment. 

Are Barcelona Aerobus tickets available to purchase online?

Yes. You can book your Barcelona Aerobus tickets online as they now accept only digital reservations.

What is the cancellation policy on my Barcelona Aerobus ticket?

Your Barcelona Aerobus ticket cannot be canceled, amended or rescheduled.

Are there any discounted tickets available for my Aerobus Barcelona ticket?

Children under the age of 4 can travel on Aerobus Barcelona for free. 

Do children have to purchase Barcelona Aerobus tickets?

Children under the age of 4 can travel free of charge on the Aerobus, as long as they are accompanied by an adult. Children above the age of 4 must pay a full price ticket. 

Does Aerobus Barcelona run daily?

Yes, Aerobus Barcelona runs 365 days a year, rain or shine. 

Can I carry bulky luggage such as a stroller on Aerobus Barcelona?

Yes, you can carry bulky luggage such as a bicycle or stroller on the Aerobus. However, do note that if the bus is full, you must wait until the next bus to transport your luggage.

How many stops does the Barcelona Aerobus make?

On the way from the airport to Barcelona’s center, there are 4 stops. In the direction from Barcelona center to the airport, there are a total of 4 stops, including the airport.

What are the 4 stops in the city center?

The 4 stops in the Barcelona city centre are Pl. Espanya, Gran Via Urgell, Pl. Universitat, and Pl. Catalunya. 

Do I need to print my ticket to take Aerobus Barcelona?

You are not required to print your ticket to use the Aerobus. Just display the PDF of your ticket on your mobile phone to the bus driver while boarding.

Does Barcelona Aerobus operate late at night?

No, the Aerobus does not operate after 11 PM.  

Can pets be transported on Barcelona Aerobus?

Yes, pets are allowed on Barcelona Aerobus, as long as they are carried in cages or boxes that don’t disturb the other passengers of the bus. 

Is the Barcelona Aerobus accessible by wheelchairs?

Yes, Aerobus Barcelona is accessible by wheelchairs with the help of a ramp. The bus is also adapted for individuals with reduced mobility. 

Aerobuses (Shuttles) at Barcelona Airport

Another option to get from Barcelona Airport to the city center, Plaça Catalunya, is to use Aerobuses. These are shuttles that transfer from the airport to the center of Barcelona and back. Airbus has the advantage of more regular service intervals, a larger luggage capacity and fewer stops along the way and therefore shorter travel times compared to conventional buses.

Airbus A1 goes to Terminal T1, Airbus A2 goes to Terminal T2, respectively, and makes three stops at T2A, T2B, T2C.

The main bus stops in the center of Barcelona are at Plaza Catalunya (Plaça Catalunya) and Plaza de España (Plaça Espanya), which are major transfer hubs.

A ticket to both T1 and T2 costs €5.90 for a single trip and €10.20 for a round-trip ticket and is valid for 15 days.

All shuttles are equipped with a wide retractable ramp and wheelchair access. The ramp is installed on the middle door of the bus.

Free Wi-Fi and USB chargers are available on the bus.

Airbus. Stops

Plaza Catalunya (Plaça Catalunya) is the bus stop of various carriers. You need a stop located in front of the El Corte Inglés department store exit. The department store will be on your right if you enter the square from the Ramblas. This is the busiest stop on the Airbus. During rush hours, a representative of the Aerobus company is on duty at the stops, who can help passengers with boarding the right Airbus. Boarding for Airbus A1 to Terminal T1 and Airbus A2 to Terminal 2 takes place in two separate queues.

The line to board the Airbus to T1 is closer to the front of the stop if you are facing the Rambla. The line for the Airbus to T2 is right behind it.

The Aerobus stop at Plaça Espanya will be second from the right if you come to the square from Avenida Parallel. Airbuses A1 and A2 stop at the same stop. Since buses constantly alternate, check with the driver which terminal the bus goes to.

Airbus. Route

Airbus A1

From Barcelona Airport From the center of Barcelona
Airport, Terminal T1(Terminal T1) Plaça Catalunya
Plaza España Sepúlveda – Urgell
Gran Via – Urgell metro station Plazas of Spain (Plaça Espanya)
University Square (Plaça Universitat) Airport, T1 (Terminal 1)
Plaça Catalunya

Airbus A2

From Barcelona Airport From the center of Barcelona
Airport, Terminal T2B (Terminal T2B) Plaça Catalunya
Airport, Terminal T2C (Terminal T2C) Sepúlveda – Urgell
Plaza España Plazas of Spain (Plaça Espanya)
Urgell metro station (Gran Via – Urgell Gran Via) Airport, Terminal T2C (Terminal T2C)
University Square (Plaça Universitat) Airport, Terminal T2B (Terminal T2B)
Plaça Catalunya


Stop map

Airbus. Opening hours (schedule)

Airbus A1

From Barcelona Airport From the center of Barcelona
05:35 – 07:20 every 10 minutes 05:00 – 06:40 every 10 minutes
07:30 – 22:20 every 5 minutes 06:50 – 21:45 every 5 minutes
22:25 – 01:05 every 10 minutes 21:50 – 00:30 every 10 minutes

Airbus A2

From Barcelona Airport From the center of Barcelona
06:00 – 06:40 every 20 minutes 05:30 – 06:50 every 20 minutes
07:00 – 23:00 every 10 minutes 07:05 – 22:25 every 10 minutes
23:10 – 01:00 every 20 minutes 22:40 – 00:30 every 20 minutes

Travel time from terminus to terminus approximately 35 minutes .

Airbus. Buying a ticket

You can buy tickets for any Airbus on the bus itself from the driver or from vending machines installed in front of Terminals T1 and T2.

If you buy your Aerobus ticket directly on the bus, please note that plastic cards are not accepted for fares and drivers do not accept banknotes over €20.00 . We advise you to prepare the amount required for the fare in advance.

Aerobus ticket vending machines are blue and accept cash and credit cards. It is possible to purchase several tickets for one payment.

Informative video about buying tickets

All fares are valid until the next change.

How to get to Barcelona Airport (El Prat

You can get to Barcelona Airport from the city by train, metro, city and express bus. The fare is from 1. 13 €.

  • What to see in Barcelona

to Barcelona Airport

The diagram shows only transport to Barcelona, ​​but from the airport you can also leave for many suburbs, as well as neighboring cities or resorts.Below, each type of transport will be described separately.0003

AeroBus from Barcelona Airport

  • Cost: €5.9 round trip €10.2
  • Travel time: 35-50 minutes to Plaza Catalunya

    009 Working hours:

    departs every 5 minutes from 05:42 to 23:38 from the airport, back from Sants station from 05:13 to 23:14.

AeroBus has two buses A1 and A2 from Plaza Catalunya to the Airport. The number at the end indicates the arrival / departure terminal, so A1 goes directly to Terminal T1, and A2 only goes to Terminal T2.

  • Tickets for can be purchased online here and here.

Bus stop :

  • from the airport metro station Urgell, Pl. Espanya and Pl. Catalunya
  • Airport Pl. Catalunya, Pl. Espanya, Urgell metro station and Universitat metro station.

Metro from Barcelona Airport

Since a metro ticket to the airport is much more expensive than a regular metro ticket, it is more profitable to buy a Hola BCN unlimited pass from 2 to 5 days, which includes travel to / from the airport. Cost from 15€ for 48 hours.

  • Single ticket price: 4.5€
  • Travel time: approx. 00

From February 2016 Barcelona Airport can be reached by metro. metro line L9S has been launched to the airport with stops at terminals T1 and T2.

Metro stations in terminal T1 are located underground on the ground floor, and in terminal T2 at the exit from the airport. To find them, follow the METRO signs.

You can buy tickets from the machine at the metro station. To travel from / to the airport, you need to buy a special ticket Airport ticket for 4. 5 €. The ticket allows you to transfer to other lines without leaving the metro.

This is the most affordable transport if you want to avoid traffic jams, but there is a small drawback – the metro line L9S does not go to the city center, so you have to change at the station Torrassa to line L1 to get to the center.

Barcelona metro opening hours:

The metro starts at 5:00, but closes at different times, there are also days when the metro works around the clock.

  • Weekdays Monday to Thursday: to 24:00
  • Fridays and public holidays eves: to 02:00 at night
  • Saturdays: 902 24 hours a day 7

    RENFE train to Barcelona Airport

    • Cost: from €1.13
    • Travel time: 19 minutes to Sants station
    • Opening hours: departure every 30 minutes from 5:42 to 23:38 from the airport, back from the station Sants from 5:13 to 23:14.

    The R2 NORD commuter train runs to Barcelona Airport to Terminal T2, boarding gate from T2 through the tunnel on the second floor. To find it, follow the signs for TRAIN.

    From Terminal T2 to Terminal T1 you can take a free bus that leaves every 4-7 minutes during the day and every 20 minutes at night. Travel time between terminals is 14 minutes.

    You can buy one-time tickets for the RENFE train from the machine in front of the platform for 4.6€. If you still use public transport, it is better to buy a T-casual ticket for 11.35€ for 10 trips or a T-familiar for 10€ for 8 trips (T10 is no longer for sale). Then the fare will be in the region of 1.13-1.25 €. The ticket allows you to transfer to other lines without leaving the metro.

    Main stops of train on the way from the airport to Barcelona: El Prat Estació, Sants, Passeig de Gràcia, El Clot. Travel time to Sants19 stationminutes.

    City bus from Barcelona Airport

    During the day from the airport to Plaza Espanya (Pl. Espanya) in 30-40 minutes you can take bus 46, and at night in 50-60 minutes by bus number N16 and N17 to Plaza Catalunya (Pl .Catalunya).

    If you actively use urban transport (metro and buses), it can be advantageous to buy an unlimited travel pass Hola BCN from 2 to 5 days. Cost from 15€ for 48 hours.

    Fares: 1.13-1.25€ if you buy a T-casual ticket for 11.35€ for 10 trips or a T-familiar for 10€ for 8 trips (T10 is no longer for sale). A single ticket costs 2.4€. A ticket for 75 minutes allows you to make transfers, but you can only make one trip on the metro.

    You can buy one-time ticket from the bus driver, and T-casual or T-familiar at the airport in special machines with a TMB badge or a newsstand.

    Bus 46 to Plaza España
    • Opening hours: departs from 5:30 am to 11:50 pm from the airport and from 4:50 am to 11:50 pm from Plaza España.
    • Departure from Terminal T1 and Terminal T2. On the way out of the city, the bus first stops at T2, and then at T1.
    Bus N16 to Plaza Catalunya
    • Opening hours: Departure from 23:30 to 4:30 from the airport.
    • Departure only from Terminal T2, the bus does not reach Terminal 2, but goes further to the suburbs to the town of Castelldefels.
    Bus N17 to Plaza Catalunya
    • Opening hours: Departure from 23:00 to 4:00 from the airport.
    • Departure unlike N16 from both terminals.

    Taxi from Barcelona Airport

    The best option for those traveling with a large company or with bulky luggage, as well as for those who love comfort and want to get to the hotel as quickly as possible. You can order a transfer on the Russian-language website KiwiTaxi and you will be met with a sign at the airport or they will come to pick you up at the specified address. The language barrier will also not be a hindrance, because.